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Sugar-Coating Microsoft's Crimes

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Summary: Microsoft keeps vindicating all those people who argued that Microsoft had never really changed; whether it's the company's attacks on Free/Libre Open Source software in GitHub or the ruthless abuses against rival Web browsers, it seems clear that the company breaks the law and encourages others to break the law too

The Edge of insanity The Windows of darkness The Teams of the devil The Gates of hell

Cult of vendor lock-in Religion of back doors Copyleft as "cancer" Sharing as a crime

The forces of Redmond As government insiders Intruding your business Expelling the 'infidels'

Different faces, same panic, same strategyChasing a skirt and a dress On the Lolita Express Patenting vaccines amidst international mess

The real boss is neither Nadella or Sweaty Ballmer Defrauded shareholders getting dumb and dumber

Software freedom shines through the clouds No, not clown computing, which is a con for the crowds

GitHub decapitated as developers flee Edge going 'full Rambo', spying for a fee

Schools going Gentoo Microsoft going "me too!" Faking the finances while the company goes down the loo

(Speaking of #MeToo our series about GitHub will resume on Monday)

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