Bonum Certa Men Certa

Twitter is Silencing Victims of Sexual Abuse to Protect Violent Men Who Assault Women (Also: GitHub/Microsoft Employees Too Have Complained About the Perpetrator)

Last month: FSFE Misuses FSFE Budget to Issue Frivolous Takedown Requests Against Critics

This is how Twitter handles abuse against women (silencing them on behalf of the criminals):

Twitter Streisand

Summary: Microsoft's Balabhadra (Alex) Graveley, Chief Architect of GitHub Copilot, is trying to 'delete the Internet' and basically silence people whom he abused over the years prior to his arrest; Twitter helps him do that...

Here is what Twitter basically hides from people, as it concerns the victim of a violent man (arrested for assaulting women) with aggressive lawyers:

@tsunamino [former GitHub], Director of engineering, is also ignoring this issue.

Alex is also an @ycombinator alumni.

Alex’s friend @Aaron_Muszalski, founder of @ABurningWish, blocked me on FB after I showed him these messages.

Alex always had ways to rationalize his behavior. He tried to leave me without a car at concert after deciding it was boring, then later started yelling at me about how I was trying to make him fall off the wagon in front 4 people I know.

Alex would repeatedly insult and degrade me throughout the relationship, then tell me he never said it and if I persisted that he said it, but I was only pretending to have hurt feelings to hurt him.

Alex's former managers the @signalapp based @mobilecoin #cryptocurrency agree that this behavior is abusive and is not out of character.

A group anonymous @github employees have reached out to me and told me that several coworkers have complained about his abusive behavior at work even before my tweets. Nothing is being done. #HostileWorkplace #github #ice

Yes, my dad really did kill himself for those that are wondering. Alex kept pressing me for details after I told Alex my dad had passed away on our 2nd date, including the exact method he used.

Alex is currently trying to claim that we were never that serious & he's engaged and moved on. We did not date long but it was very intense. Alex constantly pressured me to move in together and to marry him which I wanted to wait. I suppose he does that with all his relationships

After pressuring me to choose a house for him to buy that I would live in, (something that made me uncomfortable) he started getting angry he didn't have a space in my home and starting leaving popcorn and other food for his specific diet.

Add @boop to the list of fake allies that support #sexualviolence with silence and participation in the #boyclub.

This came as a result of calling out a man that continues to support the man that assaulted me.

Microsoft is also attempting to cover the whole thing up. Chronic abuse has long been tolerated (more than one victim) and GitHub's CEO very well knew what was going on.

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