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20-22 Vision: António Campinos Still Pillaging and Plundering EPO Staff

Video download link | md5sum 1e213292a4180bdcc911e8c5d70aabba Plundering EPO Workers During Pandemic Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Just like Benoît Battistelli was exploiting terror attacks to crack down on EPO staff António Campinos uses COVID-19 to take away basic rights and financial 'rights' (as enshrined in the EPC) from EPO staff despite the Office saving an enormous amount of money (operational costs) owing to the new measures

THE EPO's Central Staff Committee (CSC) speaks of "New Ways of Working and Occupational Accidents," noting [PDF] that there are "[d]rastic restriction[s] in place". The authors explain the situation as follows: "Should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident on the Office premises, or while on duty travel, or on the way between your place of work and your residence, this accident can be classified as an occupational accident. In case of any accident, the medical related claims are channelled through the health insurance (Cigna) and are covered up to the foreseen ceilings. If an accident falls within the occupational accident category, the medical costs not covered by the health insurance are borne by the Office."

"With teleworking, the qualification has been drastically restricted for accident occurring at your home to “an injury due to fire or malfunction of EPO equipment (laptop, screen, power cord, electrically adjustable desk)”. National legislations are more reasonable and the EPO should align."

"This is the gradual and systematic erosion of labour and human rights."I've decided that, as a person who has worked from home for 15 years, I'd prefer to do a video on this matter. It's a widely known issue; the companies are getting away with savings they do not pass to staff; repairs and maintenance of people's home (office is left to the workers (to foot the bill and cope with the stress). Insurance companies continue to get paid without actually covering anything and management passes the savings typically to itself, not to workers. This is the gradual and systematic erosion of labour and human rights. Working from home sounds Utopian on the surface, but in practice there are 'trade-offs' and managers tilt the table to ensure all the benefits are taken away from staff, imposing all sorts of new spyware on workers while denying breaks, reducing pay, and so many other things. As if they do the workers a "favour" by merely complying with national regulations at a time of health crisis (pandemic).

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