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The United States Government Should Quit Bailing Out Microsoft at Taxpayers' Expense

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Summary: Contrary to a deliberately-misleading media narrative, Microsoft isn't succeeding (except at graft, or taking money from the public purse) but is exacerbating inequality by taking away from the poor to sustain its own bodyweight

THE company that cheats on taxes and cheats shareholders wants us to think of it as a "success story"; but at whose expense? This company, which is deeply connected to the US government, had many layoffs (at least 4,000) in 2020, this new report (shown above) reveals yet more dead products, and not so long ago we saw the Donald Trump administration bailing out Microsoft instead of poor people without a home. What on Earth is an outsider supposed to think?!

There was also the "JEDI" scandal under Trump, the TikTok affair, and many other dirty dealings by which Trump sought to pass assets worth tens of billions if not hundreds of billions... to Microsoft. Is this capitalism? No. Sounds like a story from the Soviet Union.

"Maybe it's time to recognise that some of these entities are mostly "Agents of Empire" (of a deeply parasitic nature) and Microsoft is among them."As I note in the video above, Biden has not done any better, as the "HoloLens" military contract shows more of the same grifting and misuse of public funds. Remember that when we talk about HoloLens we talk about a company whose workforce was canned; yes, all staff laid off (it ended fast) shortly after Microsoft had 'bought' it and for years we've seen nothing of it in the market, only the occasional puff pieces. There's no need in the military for this; in fact, recent reports said there was reluctance to adopt this at all (its on the ice; there's resistance), which makes one wonder if $22,000,000,000 from Biden to Microsoft was just an elaborate scam, using some fluff and hype to justify subsidies from US taxpayers to Microsoft. Where does this end? When will this stop? Microsoft boasts a fake share price amid rotting/dying products (including Windows) and it's hoping to secure its future with imperialism through espionage (spying on the world, at the forefront of the NSA). These covert subsidies are clearly draining the economy (30 trillion dollars in debt) while the general public chews up debt and inflation. As a matter of fact, this "TOO BIG TO FAIL" (or let fail) mentality/mindset is no longer limited to banks and other financial institutions. This is why such tech "giants" (propped up by the government) are desperately clinging on to medical data and "defence" systems (like nukes in IBM's case). Maybe it's time to recognise that some of these entities are mostly "Agents of Empire" (of a deeply parasitic nature) and Microsoft is among them.

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