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EPO Advertises European Patents and Jobs Based on Deliberate Falsehoods (Lies)

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Summary: The workforce of Europe's largest patent office (notably patent examiners from all across Europe) is being robbed by corrupt management that illegally transformed the EPO into a gambling vessel, exploiting longstanding impunity to destroy not only the Office but also the European economy

THE EPO is shrinking. They might be pretending to hire here and there (they do recruit a few), but more people leave than are joining and internal documents from the António Campinos era have already leaked, showing intent to shrink the workforce while increasing so-called 'production' (by granting invalid patents in violation of the EPC; yes, many European software patents too!). The attack on workers started in the Benoît Battistelli era. He was shameless about it and Campinos does the same thing in a more closeted fashion.

"This is considered illegal, but since the EPO does illegal things without any consequences to anybody, why not do the illegal internally, in addition to externally?"It's hardly surprising that the EPO is shrinking the compensations not only to staff but also former staff (pensioners), in effect breaking promises made to them many decades ago. "Safeguard your rights against the zero adjustment [de facto reduction w.r.t. inflation rates] of salaries and pensions in 2022," said colleagues to EPO pensioners [HTML] and employees [HTML], supplying them with means of protesting against what's happening. "The new salary adjustment procedure has caused a loss of purchasing power for all staff and pensioners of the EPO," they noted. "Its application for 2022 has even resulted in a freeze of salaries and pensions. Looking at the rising cost of living, this zero adjustment - visible in the salary slips and pension statements for January 2022 - is all the more significant."

This is considered illegal, but since the EPO does illegal things without any consequences to anybody, why not do the illegal internally, in addition to externally?

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