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Summary: Today I moved to a more spacious desk and added a bunch of equipment to compensate for a failing SSD

TODAY was a very unusual day. None of this was planned, but a solution for the failing SSD was long overdue. I took precautionary measures to avoid catastrophic data loss, but short of literally replacing the storage nothing would work properly. Postponing and procrastinating was a disaster waiting to happen. I also needed quite a lot of storage, so I ended up buying a low-budget machine, cobbling together all the machines from noon till evening time, taking the opportunity to also turn the dining room into an office, which is generally a lot safer as there's no carpeting. There will be several practical benefits in the long run and at the moment I control 9 screens and 6 computers with one mouse and one illuminated (external) keyboard that I'm accustomed to. It is mechanical. Tomorrow will be a very busy day because of data migration, so I don't anticipate much output. Today was a long-term investment that can pay off for months to come.

Incidentally, today I finally became a KDE Neon user. I was always intrigued by and curious about this distro, now I can warmly recommend it to KDE lovers. I also really liked Linux Mint Debian Edition, which is only days old. Shame on Mozilla for turning Firefox into adware; I hadn't imagined it would get this bad. I think several distros should consider making Falkon or LibreWolf the default Web browser.

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