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Techrights Plans for Easter and Beyond (Plus Updates About the FSF and the EPO)

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Summary: We're still in transition between desktop operating systems and maybe soon server operating systems as well; but in the meantime there's something important to be said about the FSF and the EPO

A COUPLE of days ago Richard Stallman identified a number of areas of importance or urgency for Free software ("The state of the free software movement"). As far as we're aware, there's no official copy of his talk yet. After the first minute or two he moved to audio-only mode by turning off the camera, probably due to bandwidth constraints.

Stallman covered a number of important topics. Those impact human rights and civil rights. The technical difficulties aside (seems to be a connection issue rather than the fault of Free software), the talk left the main FSF channel infested with IRC trolls. "Libera chat netsplited" [sic] according to bnchs, so "most of the channels are now 0-20 users" and "they have forced registration because of the trolls from yesterday's RMS talk..."

At the moment we're mostly organising for the post-Easter Friday period and I've just finished 3 nights (1-9AM) at work, so after the quietest week in years (least number of posts) we're hoping to get our previous pace back.

"This coming weekend we plan to do a lot of coverage regarding the EPO and regarding patents in general."yesterday we published 2 videos urging EPO workers to participate in the staff survey, noting that the deadline is today. Well, that deadline has just been extended. To quote: "Due to the still exceptional working conditions of numerous colleagues throughout the organization and in order to give everyone the time to read the questionnaire under the best possible conditions, the deadline for submission has been extended. You can fill in the questionnaire and/or modify your answers until 22 April 2022. We are well aware that you may have more urgent priorities at the moment. However, we ask that you take the time to complete the survey before the extended deadline, if you have not already done so. Your participation is important to get a good idea of the level of psychosocial risk in the Office. This is more important than ever."

This coming weekend we plan to do a lot of coverage regarding the EPO and regarding patents in general. I've been teaching myself OBS Studio (see video at the top) for a couple of days. While it's improbable I'll do any livestreams (it's doable, but lacks any practical advantage), this can make the videos a lot better. Sound quality is still highly deficient.

SUEPO on psychosocial risk
"Your participation is important to get a good idea of the level of psychosocial risk in the Office. This is more important than ever."

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