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Links 26/04/2022: LineageOS 19 and WordPress 6.0 Beta 3, More Goodbyes to Twitter

  • GNU/Linux

    • PurismHow to Power Your CS Labs with PureOS

       With PureOS and Librem hardware, you can build a premium CS lab without premium licensing fees. Using community-driven freedom-respecting software, schools can take learning beyond the classroom, into students’ homes, and ultimately into the industry.

      Let’s learn how Free and Open Software like PureOS is a perfect choice for educational institutions.

      Many schools are dependent on proprietary licenses with short lifecycles. As a result, IT staff and teachers are compelled to upgrade at the end of a support contract. It also makes it hard for students to get their hands on the software outside of class.

      At the same time, many proprietary offerings from Windows itself to applications like Photoshop will offer discounted prices for students just to get them familiar and trained on these systems that require a lifetime of licensing.

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • Make Use Of7 Reasons Why Linux Isn't Dominating the Desktop OS Market

         Linux is free, and that's enough for it to capture the whole OS market like wildfire. But why hasn't it happened yet?

        Linux is a free OS that has gained significant popularity over the last 10 years or so. It has improved a lot in terms of interface, features, and services during these years.

        Yet, as of this writing, Windows has the highest market share at 87.56%, followed by macOS at 9.54%. Linux has a market share of just 2.35%, and Chrome OS has 0.41%. Linux is pretty dominant in the server market, but we are just discussing the desktop OS here.

    • Videos

      • VideoA First Look At Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS - Invidious

        Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS has landed! Pop is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution that sports a really nice GNOME desktop environment with many custom modifications created by the Pop team. In fact, Pop might be the best GTK-based desktop Linux distro available right now. Move over, Ubuntu. There's a new king.

      • VideoUbuntu 22.04 Completely Broke AppImages - Invidious

        Ubuntu 22.04 seems like a fairly positive release but it does have a slight issue, Ubuntu decided to stop shipping Fuse2 as a default so AppImages don't work out of the box but it's much worse than that.

      • Linux Made SimpleLinux Lite 6.0 RC1

        Today we are looking at Linux Lite 6.0 RC1. It comes with Linux Kernel 5.15, based on Ubuntu 22.04, XFCE 4.14, and uses about 600 - 800 MB of ram when idling. Enjoy!

      • VideoLinux Lite 6.0 RC1 Run Through - Invidious

        In this video, we are looking at Linux Lite 6.0 RC1. Enjoy!

      • VideoXubuntu 22.04 LTS overview | elegance and ease of use. - Invidious

        In this video, I am going to show an overview of Xubuntu 22.04 LTS and some of the applications pre-installed.

    • Applications

      • Ubuntu 22.04: List of torrent clients

        The BitTorrent protocol is used for peer to peer file sharing and it’s an extremely efficient way of downloading and sharing files with groups of people. While file sharing with BitTorrent is normally associated with video files like movies or TV episodes, it’s also common for Linux developers to offer a torrent download of their distribution.

        Torrents are great for downloading large files because they are split into smaller chunks and downloaded from multiple peers in the torrent “swarm.” Being able to download from a lot of different sources simultaneously should mean that your download bandwidth is completely saturated, resulting in a very quick download of large files. When all of the file chunks are done downloading, the file is reconstructed automatically.

        In order to download something via BitTorrent, you need to have a torrent client installed on your system. On Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish, there are quite a few options to choose from. Some have a graphical interface and some only work on the command line, but they all have their advantages and quirks. In this article, we’ll go over some top picks for torrent clients to help you choose the right one for your needs. We’ll also show how to install each of them and open up a .torrent file.

      • 5 Best Mastodon Clients for Ubuntu and Other Linux

        Are you planning to leave Twitter and join Mastodon? Use these free and open-source Mastodon clients for your Linux desktop.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • ID RootHow To Install VMware Workstation Pro on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install VMware Workstation Pro on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, VMware Workstation is a widely used virtualization software that permits users to run multiple x86 or x86-64 virtual machines. With a virtual machine application like VMware, you can run another operating system inside your current operating system. Each virtual machine runs an isolated operating system environment, including Windows, or Linux variants, and uses a portion of your system processor and memory.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the VMware Workstation Pro virtualization on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint.

      • 15 basic Linux networking commands you should know

        Whether you are a system administrator or a person who uses Linux as the daily drive operating system, you might encounter network issues once in a while. Even if you can do some configurations from the Settings window, command-line tools are more powerful and have more features. You can use these tools to easily configure, monitor, secure, and manage networks.

      • ByteXDHow to install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Ubuntu

        Oracle VirtualBox is a software that lets you emulate guest systems under a virtual environment with your same hardware.

        VirtualBox guest additions is a set of drivers and applications shipped with VirtualBox that enhance the performance of the guest OS, which includes mouse pointer integration, time synchronization between the host and the guest OS and accelerated video performance, also it adds some features like bidirectional clipboard, drag and drop as well as other useful features.

        This article explains how to install VirtualBox guest additions on Ubuntu.

      • How To Upgrade To Pop OS 22.04 LTS - OSTechNix

        Good news for all Pop!_OS users. The latest version of Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS (long-term support) is released on April 25, 2022, just four days after the release of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. This is an LTS version, so you will get general support until the release of the next LTS version. Though pop os uses Gnome 42 as the base, system76 decided to go with the "System76 COSMIC UX" interface. In this brief guide, let us discuss what are the major new features in Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS and how to upgrade to Pop OS 22.04 from Pop OS 21.10 and older versions.

      • Android AuthorityHow to take a screenshot on any computer - Android Authority

        Taking a screenshot is a necessary functionality on computers and phones today. However, taking a screenshot on a computer can be a bit more complicated than on a phone. To help you out with that, we’ve made this guide to take a screenshot on Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Mac computers.

      • How to Install Icinga2 on RHEL, Rocky and AlmaLinux

        Icinga2 is a feature-rich open-source network monitoring and alerting application that is a fork of the Nagios monitoring tool.

        It was built to address the shortcomings of Nagios and introduce new features such as an improved and modern user interface, a REST API for integrating new extensions without the need for making changes to the Icinga core, and additional database connectors.

        Icinga2 monitors the availability of hosts as well as services. Some of these services include SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH. It also monitors network devices such as routers and switches.

      • nixCraftHow To Search Multiple Words / String Pattern Using grep Command on Bash Shell
      • ELinuxSome useful commands for Account migrations in Cpanel server
      • Julia EvansNew zine: How DNS Works!

        I mentioned earlier that my friend Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan and I built Mess With DNS together in December. That was really fun, so Marie and I decided to work together on this zine too – we paired on it for about an hour every weekday for almost 4 months. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have finished the zine without her.

      • Ubuntu 22.04 Change login screen background

        If you are like most users, you will want to customize your Ubuntu 22.04 system to make it feel more personalized. One of the most obvious ways to do this is to change your desktop wallpaper. You can also take it one step further and change the background of your login screen.

        In this tutorial, we will go over the step by step instructions to change the login screen background on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish GNOME desktop. This will involve the download of a Bash script to allow us the ability to change it.

      • Things to install on Ubuntu 22.04

        This tutorial explores various software that you can install on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish. There is a variety of things that can be installed on Ubuntu 22.04, hence we have divided all the software into two categories: Ubuntu user and DevOps.

        We not only provide you with ideas of what can be installed but also link to tutorials that take you through the installation process.

      • Ubuntu 22.04 GPG error: The following signatures couldn’t be verified

        The Ubuntu 22.04 GPG error: The following signatures couldn't be verified is the most common error when attempting to include third party package repositories to the apt package manager. The GPG error should rather be treated as a warning against potential package installation from unknown sources. Therefore, the GPG error message prompts the user to verify and manually import the third party signature belonging to relevant package developer.

        In this tutorial, you will see how to remedy this error so that you can install the software from your intended PPA repository on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish.

      • Ubuntu 22.04 list services

        Many processes run as services managed by systemd on your Ubuntu 22.04 system. In this tutorial, you will learn how to list and change state for systemd services and unit files on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish Linux Server/Desktop.

      • Ubuntu 22.04 NTP server

        NTP stands for Network Time Protocol and is used for clock synchronization across multiple computers. An NTP server is responsible for keeping a set of computers in sync with each other. On a local network, the server should be able to keep all client systems to within a single millisecond of each other.

        Such a configuration would be necessary if, for example, the systems needed to start or stop a task in unison at a precise time. In this article, we’ll show you how to configure an NTP server on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish and how to configure a client system to sync its system time with said server.

      • Install Microsoft fonts on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish Desktop

        In this tutorial, we will perform the installation of Microsoft’s core TTF fonts on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish Desktop. This includes fonts such as Andale Mono, Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Times New Roman, Trebuchet, Verdana, and Webdings. These fonts have been around for many years and see constant use in all sorts of publications, so they are great to have as an option on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish.

      • How to Burn ISO to DVD on Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop

        If you have an ISO file, such as Linux installation media, it is possible to create a DVD media from the file. In this tutorial, you will learn how to burn an ISO image to DVD using Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish Linux desktop.

      • How to install Kubernetes on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish Linux

        Kubernetes is leading software in container orchestration. Kubernetes works by managing clusters, which is simply a set of hosts meant for running containerized applications. In order to have a Kubernetes cluster, you need a minimum of two nodes – a master node and a worker node. Of course, you can expand the cluster by adding as many worker nodes as you need.

        In this tutorial, we’re going to deploy a Kubernetes cluster consisting of two nodes, both of which are running Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish. Having two nodes in our cluster is the most basic configuration possible, but you’ll be able to scale that configuration and add more nodes if you wish.

      • Configure sudo without password on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish Linux

        Are you tired of having to provide your administrator password when you use sudo? In this tutorial you will learn how to configure sudo without the password on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish Linux. This means that the sudo command will not prompt you to enter password hence rendering your sudo command completely without a password.

    • Games

      • GamingOnLinuxLoop Hero gets controller support, looking good on Steam Deck | GamingOnLinux

        Loop Hero, the fantastic deck-builder from Four Quarters and Devolver Digital now has controller support, making it work even better on the Steam Deck.

        A big update is on the way too, which they say stalled around the 80% mark but work on that will continue again as almost "all graphics and code are finished, mostly texts/sounds/balance remain". Until then though, this small update to work with controllers / gamepads is a nice addition to an already great game.

        On the Steam Deck, Valve gave it a Playable rating previously but this should bump it right up to Verified status as the control system and icons were the issue which is now solved. Feels really good on Deck too, and the developer solved a problem I reported very quickly.

      • GamingOnLinuxClassic Sonic games being delisted to make way for Sonic Origins | GamingOnLinux

        A sad day for preservation and emulation, as SEGA has announced that they will be delisting the classic Sonic games.

        Why? Well, they have Sonic Origins coming out on June 23. So they will be delisting Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD on May 20. If that alarms you, then you might want to grab them from the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics collection (you can buy them individually). That whole collection supports Linux too, and comes with roms, which it appears Sonic Origins will not (on both counts).

      • GamingOnLinuxDune: Spice Wars is out in Early Access, works on Linux and Steam Deck | GamingOnLinux

        The battle for Spice has begun on the sandy planet, with Dune: Spice Wars from Shiro Games and Funcom officially out on Steam in Early Access. Good news for fans of 4x RTS games, as it appears to work great with Steam Play Proton out of the box with no additional tweaking needed. This has been tested on both my desktop with NVIDIA and my Steam Deck with AMD.

        "Conquer Arrakis through political maneuvering, military dominance, sabotage, and wise resource allocation. The spice must flow, but as you struggle to wrest it from the grip of opposing factions, the planet itself threatens with coriolis storms and colossal sandworms. Lead the honorable Atreides, brutal Harkonnen, opportunistic Smugglers, or survivalist Fremen, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Specialize your faction by appointing various iconic characters as your councilors."

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

    • Distributions

      • New Releases

        • Raspberry Digital Signage 18 released – Binary Emotions

          Raspberry Digital Signage is an operating system designed for digital signage installations on the Raspberry Pi: it displays a full-screen browser view restricted to a specified resource. It shows web resources from Internet, local network or local folders (so you can use the Pi itself as the source webserver).

          Raspberry Digital Signage comes with the latest Chromium builds (featuring HTML5 capabilities), so you can display more attractive resources, more easily.

      • IBM/Red Hat/Fedora

        • Red Hat OfficialImplement DevOps, agile, and SRE practices with new transformational learning curriculum

          The evolution of technology is accelerating like never before. Individuals must remain ahead of the learning curve to ensure they have the skills and tools needed to achieve success throughout their company’s digital transformation journey. Through strategic partnerships with our customers, Red Hat has built best practices around people, process and tools to match the needs of our customers’ current and future growth.

          Red Hat Training has consistently evolved our curriculum in tandem with the changing needs of our customers. Our learning portfolio has traditionally focused on product enablement, with a goal to teach customers how to operate our software.

          Recently, we launched a new category of courses aimed at transformational learning. This new curriculum sources real-world insights from our field sales and services engagements, with the intention of demonstrating how adoption of open culture, site reliability engineering and devops breeds innovation.

        • Red Hat OfficialEven more to look forward to at Red Hat Summit 2022

          Every year, the main stage at Red Hat Summit overflows with inspirational, educational and actionable content, industry-shaping news, and innovative practices from our customers and partners. From hybrid cloud, containers and cloud-native app platforms to management, automation and more, speakers from around the world, across industries, sectors join us to share how they're using open tools to build better solutions—for themselves and their customers.

        • PR Newswire2022 Call for Code Global Challenge Urges Developers to Create Solutions that Accelerate Sustainability and Take On Climate Change
        • A win for open is a win for all: Interview with The Open Organization

          The Open Organization is a Red Hat-supported community project that is dedicated to exploring how open principles change the ways we work, manage and lead. We were fortunate to get to speak with Bryan Behrenshausen, Community Architect for the Open Organization in the Open Source Program Office at Red Hat, about this inspiring project and get his perspective on all things open source.

        • The Register UKRed Hat uncorks Application Foundations for cloud-native development

          Red Hat Application Foundations, a set of software services for organizations developing container-based applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, is out.

          Application Foundations builds on Red Hat's OpenShift, which has evolved into a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for development and deployment based around containers and Kubernetes.

          This adds to the existing suite of services with the goal of providing a toolkit for integrating application and data services as part of an infrastructure modernization strategy, Red Hat said.

      • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

        • UbuntuLXD 5.0 LTS is now available

           The stable release of LXD, the system container and VM manager, is now available. LXD 5.0 is the fourth LTS release for LXD, and will be supported for 5 years, until June 2027. LXD 5.0 comes preinstalled with Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS released last week, and for Ubuntu Desktop users, it’s only a couple of commands away. This release significantly steps up LXD’s abilities in comparison to LXD 4.0 LTS, especially when operating in clustered environments.

        • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Switches Back to X.Org with NVIDIA Driver

          Ubuntu 22.04 LTS now defaults to X.Org with NVIDIA proprietary driver as requested by NVIDIA.

        • Linux MagazinePop!_OS 22.04 Has Officially Been Released
          System76 has officially released the latest iteration of Pop!_OS. This time around, the operating system is based on Ubuntu 22.04 and includes plenty of improvements. Although the changes found in 22.04 aren't nearly as dramatic as those in past releases, this new version still offers plenty to get excited about.

          The Pop!_OS COSMIC desktop is based on GNOME 42, but has been stripped down to align with the vision System76 has with its desktop. This means the look and feel of the desktop will remain fairly consistent with what you experienced since COSMIC was first introduced. In fact, although GNOME 42 migrated away from Gedit and GNOME Terminal, Pop!_OS is sticking with those two apps for the time being.

        • Ubuntu 22.10 Code Name Revealed - "Kinetic Kudu"

          A list of known details of the upcoming Ubuntu 22.10 release and its official code name.

        • 9to5LinuxUbuntu 22.04 LTS Gets First Kernel Security Update, Three Vulnerabilities Patched

          Dubbed as the Jammy Jellyfish, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS arrived last week on April 21st as Canonical’s 9th long-term support (LTS) series, which means that it will be supported with software and security updates for the next five years, until April 2027.

          The Jammy Jellyfish release is also powered by a long-term supported kernel, namely Linux 5.15 LTS, and today it was updated from the version available in the live/installation image to fix three security flaws.

        • The Register UKUbuntu Unity and Ubuntu Cinnamon hit 22.04 too ● The Register

          Two unofficial Ubuntu remixes came out on the same day as the official flavors: Ubuntu Unity, a 12-year-old wunderkind's revival of what used to be the official Ubuntu desktop, and Ubuntu Cinnamon, which is Linux Mint's flagship desktop environment.

          Ubuntu Cinnamon is the older of the two and first appeared in 2019, while Ubuntu Unity came out in May 2020, soon after the release of Ubuntu 20.04.

          Ubuntu Unity was created by youngster Rudra Sawaswat, and has the macOS-like desktop that was Ubuntu's standard offering from 2011 until the company pensioned it off in 2017.

          To be fair, this was not the first unofficial remix to keep Unity going. That was UMix from TeejeeTech, whose first release was based on Ubuntu 18.04.

    • Devices/Embedded

    • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

      • Michel Alexandre SalimGoodbye Twitter: all in on the Fediverse

        Quitting cold turkey is hard, but if you’re like me and down to mostly reading certain people whose only presence is Twitter, Nitter is a Twitter front-end that let you read Twitter without maintaining your own account, or being tracked by Twitter.

        There is a nice list of bots on Awesome Mastodon that automatically post news, and BirdsiteLIVE lets you bridge any Twitter account to ActivityPub.

      • Linux JournalSelf-Hosted Static Homepages: Dashy Vs. Homer | Linux Journal

        Dashy is a 100% free and open-source, self-hosted, highly customizable homepage app for your server that has a strong focus on privacy. It offers an easy-to-use visual editor, widgets, status checking, themes, and lots more features. Below are the features that you can avail yourself of with Dashy.

      • MedevelBest SEO Tools For Linux In 2022

        We have analyzed various professional services. This guide will learn about the best SEO software programs for Linux. This operating system is very popular among SEO professionals. We have made a list of desktop and online tools for search engine promotion for this operating system version. However, most proposed programs will also work on Windows or macOS. Therefore, you will not feel any limitations in the choice of SEO software, regardless of the computer system used.

      • Web Browsers

        • Mozilla

          • Absolute Disgust: TransUnion’s site locks your credit report account if you use Firefox-based browsers.

            So I was looking over my credit report again yesterday, and now TransUnion locks your account and says “suspicious activity detected” if you use a Firefox-based Web browser.

            I tried dropping off the VPN, clearing cookies, and even lying about my user agent to all TransUnion domains, but the person on “support” finally got aggravated and said I should be using Google Chrome.

            So I patiently explained that Google Chrome is proprietary software, it spies on the user, and I don’t use Chrome to browse on any device I own because I shouldn’t have to. And that basically it’s turned into the new Internet Explorer.

            In the end, I installed Ungoogled Chromium from FlatHub, and copied over my username and password into it, and after he removed the account lock again, it let me log in using Ungoogled Chromium.

            Now I have to keep an entire browser around to watch my credit score and dispute anything negative that hits it that I disagree with.

            I’ve noticed that many collections agencies fail to respond to disputes. In fact, my TransUnion score is the highest of all because it tends to happen there more that you win by default. The entire delinquent car account that went to bankruptcy fell off TransUnion even though they responded to the other two bureaus.

      • Content Management Systems (CMS)

        • WordPress 6.0 Beta 3 – WordPress News

          WordPress 6.0 Beta 3 is now available for testing!

          This version of the WordPress software is under development. Please do not install, run, or test this version of WordPress production or mission-critical websites. Instead, it is recommended that you test Beta 3 on a test server and site.

      • Programming/Development

  • Leftovers

    • Bike Rides, Music and Books

      As we often do on Sundays we loaded the kids in the bike trailer and rode to our favorite brewery. The reason we like this brewery so much is well, the beer is good which is important but they are also kid friendly. Not just tolerates bringing your kids but actually welcome people bringing their kids. They have an inexpensive meal for kids on the menu and free watermelon slices for kids. They also have little packs of toys they will give to your kids if you ask. A while back we were there when it was a slow day and had a chat with the owner and learned that he has two kids a little bit older than ours and that this was a concerted effort he wanted to make when opening his own brewery. Pretty cool guy! The other thing we like about it is they have nice big outdoor patio area with good shade. With COVID and having young children that cannot yet get vaccinated this is pretty much the only way we feel comfortable going out anywhere. Having a large outdoor area where we can have our space. This particular day they were having a youth concert event with a bunch of bands made up of kids from grade school to high school playing alternative and rock music. The ride is a little over 20 miles round trip and the riding portion is always a nice time for my wife and I to get some one on one time to just chat about life together.

    • AAA is sliding fast. It takes them ~5 hours to respond to a roadside call and they want to tow you to their overpriced repair shops. – BaronHK's Rants

      AAA, or the American Automobile Association, has been around for a while.

      I’m a member. Like most members, I’m mostly a member because of the roadside assistance plan. They can help you out with jump starts, lockouts, out of gas, and towing. If you have a dead car battery, they can just bring it out to where you broke down and sell it to you there and install it.

      But they have prioritized keeping their costs down over quality of service, and this has led to a very low priority on the list of service calls to their partners.

      They’ve also gotten into the car repair industry with a chain of their own car repair shops called “AAA Car Care Plus”. I made the mistake of letting them tow me to one a few years back when I was having trouble with the shift interlock on my Crown Victoria and couldn’t get it to shift out of park when I was in Skokie, Illinois.

      They said if I got a repair done there I would save like 20% as a AAA member. What they didn’t mention, of course, is that they have like, fake high repair prices for non-members and even after the member discount, you’re paying more than if you had them tow you to a dealership.

    • You’re Sirius? How is SiriusXM still in business? – BaronHK's Rants

      When I had the 2008 Buick in the shop the other day they gave me a free 90 day trial of SiriusXM that you don’t need to worry about forgetting to cancel because it just requires a radio ID and then refreshing your radio.

      So I’ve been listening in the car, and the programming isn’t bad. It doesn’t have those annoying commercials you get on FM. The station usually comes in clearly unless you go under a bridge for a moment.

      So that’s all good.

      What’s bad is that the price is very extravagant and I already have almost all of these songs that play on their 70s, 80s, and 90s, New Wave, Nu Metal, and even the Frank Sinatra and Classic Rock channels.

    • The Register UKUSA's plan to decouple its tech with China lacks a strategy – report

      The USA's policy of decoupling its technology industries from China lacks a strategy, a theory of success, and an understanding of how to achieve its ill-defined goals, according to a new paper by Jon Bateman from the thinktank Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP).

      "The United States cannot afford simply to muddle through technological decoupling, one of the most consequential global trends of the early twenty-first century," wrote Bateman, a former senior intelligence analyst, policy adviser and speechwriter at the US Department of Defense, in the document, titled "US China Technological 'Decoupling', a Strategy and Policy Framework."

    • Hardware

      • The Register UKArm to IoT devs: Go faster with our pre-made chip subsystems ● The Register

        The belief that IoT would become Arm's main growth engine never played out as owner SoftBank Group thought it would, but the British chip designer is still doing what it can to keep IoT developers hooked with a bevy of new offerings meant to significantly speed up development.

        On Tuesday, Arm announced its first major expansion of the Arm Total Solutions for IoT program, which consists of pre-integrated subsystem designs that take out the guesswork for chip designers, the Arm Virtual Hardware cloud service for testing Arm-based devices without needing physical silicon, and several software components developers can reuse across multiple devices.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • A pint of cream is a lot for one person

        Cream is useful. Trouble is, I seem to have some difficulty finishing it off.

        Here, heavy whipping cream:

        * comes, at minimum, in pints (473 ml) * says that you need to finish it off in a week after opening it

        However, there are 1,550 calories in the entire pint. If I were to finish it all off in a week, I’d be eating 221 calories/day of cream.

        Luckily, the cream I have seems to be OK after a week and a half. I’m not quite sure how I’ll polish it off before week’s end, though.

    • Integrity/Availability

      • Proprietary

        • The Register UKMicrosoft fixes Point of Sale bug that delayed Windows 11 startup for 40 minutes

          A fresh Windows 11 patch slipped out overnight as an optional update, but contains an impressively long list of fixes for Microsoft's flagship operating system.

          One bug addressed in KB5012643 could leave Point of Sale terminals hanging for up to 40 minutes during startup.

          The content of the release, 22000.652, had previously shown up as 22000.651 in the Release Preview ring of the Windows Insider program earlier in April.

          Microsoft did not specify the Point of Sale element in that release, simply stating: "We fixed an issue that delays OS startup by approximately 40 minutes."

        • The Register UKUS Army may be about to 'waste' up to $22b on Microsoft HoloLens [Ed: This is corruption. Biden is in effect giving Microsoft a bailout.]

          The US Army could end up wasting much as $22 billion in taxpayer cash if soldiers aren't actually interested in using, or able to use as intended, the Microsoft HoloLens headsets it said it would purchase, a government watchdog has warned.

        • Pseudo-Open Source

          • Privatisation/Privateering

            • Linux Foundation

              • FOSSLifeGoogle Submits Istio to CNCF

                Google and the Istio Steering Committee have submitted the Istio service mesh project for consideration as an incubating project within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

                The Istio project, says Chen Goldberg in the announcement, is a critical element of cloud-native infrastructure, along with Kubernetes and Knative, which are already part of CNCF. “Istio is the last major component of organizations’ Kubernetes ecosystem to sit outside of the CNCF, and its APIs are well-aligned to Kubernetes.”

        • Security

          • LWNSecurity updates for Tuesday

            Security updates have been issued by Debian (ffmpeg), Fedora (htmldoc, moby-engine, plantuml, and zchunk), Oracle (java-1.8.0-openjdk, java-17-openjdk, and kernel), Red Hat (java-1.8.0-openjdk), Scientific Linux (java-1.8.0-openjdk), SUSE (kernel, mutt, SUSE Manager Client Tools, and xen), and Ubuntu (barbican and git).

          • The Register UKHomeland Security bug bounty program reveals 122 holes ● The Register

            The first bug bounty program by America's Homeland Security has led to the discovery and disclosure of 122 vulnerabilities, 27 of which were deemed critical.

            In total, more than 450 security researchers participated in the Hack DHS program and identified weaknesses in "select" external Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) systems. At the end of the hack-a-thon, the department awarded these carefully vetted bug hunters $125,600 total for finding and disclosing the flaws, which is relatively cheap considering, for instance, Google has paid out millions for similar bugs. More cash is set to come from Homeland Security, we note.

            "The enthusiastic participation by the security researcher community during the first phase of Hack DHS enabled us to find and remediate critical vulnerabilities before they could be exploited," DHS Chief Information Officer Eric Hysen said in a statement.

          • Reproducible Builds: Supporter spotlight: Google Open Source Security Team (GOSST)

            The Reproducible Builds project relies on several projects, supporters and sponsors for financial support, but they are also valued as ambassadors who spread the word about our project and the work that we do.

            This is the fourth instalment in a series featuring the projects, companies and individuals who support the Reproducible Builds project. If you are a supporter of the Reproducible Builds project (of whatever size) and would like to be featured here, please let get in touch with us at

          • The Register UKCoca-Cola probes pro-Kremlin gang's claims of 161GB data theft [Ed: Seems like another victim of Microsoft Windows]

            Coca-Cola confirmed it's probing a possible network intrusion after the Stormous cybercrime gang claimed it stole 161GB of data from the beverage giant.

            "We are aware of this matter and are investigating to determine the validity of the claim," Coca-Cola communications global vice president Scott Leith told The Register on Tuesday. "We are coordinating with law enforcement."

          • The Register UKDDoS attacks at an all-time-high in Q1 2022, says Kaspersky [Ed: Microsoft's stuff is notoriously susceptible to DDOS if you cannot yet find the back doors]

            DDoS attacks, as Reg readers know, are designed to disrupt network resources of businesses and public services. They are particularly nasty when compromised systems are depended upon by the wider population.

          • The Register UKIndia inks tech pact with EU – only the US has the same deal [Ed: The idea of outsourcing security to another (foreign) territory is ludicrous to say the least.]

            India's government and the European Union have signed up to create a "Trade and Technology Council" – an entity the EU has previously only created to enhance its relationship with the United States.

            Details of the Council's scope of operations have not been revealed, but the EU/US version of the entity works on standards for emerging technologies, tech supply chains (including semiconductors), information security, data governance, preventing misuse of technology when it threatens security and human rights, and SME access to and use of digital technologies.

    • Defence/Aggression

    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • TrustContent takedowns on social media facilitate censorship in Asia

        Rules introduced in Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia over the past year enforce shorter and stricter time frames for tech companies to remove content, to the detriment of people’s right to freedom of expression and information.


        Last week, reports emerged that Vietnam will soon introduce rules pressuring social media platforms to “immediately” take down content that harms national security, remove illegal live-streams within three hours, and other illegal content within 24 hours.

      • The Register UKElon Musk's Twitter mega-takeover likely imminent
    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Causation & Ethics

        We determine causes by Ethics, rather than any type of science.


        People point and blame things which they want to change. The man blames the vodka in order to not blame himself. His friends have a similar tactic, but offer a tantalizing solution which promises to stop many fights in the future. The barman just wants to not deal with that guy again.

        We have no hope here of isolating a 'real' cause, or even a complete list of causes. If we want to list the complete causes, we would have to start with the Big Bang. Backing up a bit, and focussing only on things which affect the bar-fight, we still find innumerable causes. The song on the radio that morning could conceivably have affected the outcome, or some piece of news which was later discussed. Despite the fact that any of these things could have stopped the fight by not happening, we cannot take them seriously as causes, because we cannot blame them, and causation is all about moral responsibility.

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • Twitter: A Few Unsorted Thoughts

        Many on the political left are very concerned about Twitter's purchase by South African businessman Elon Musk. I've seen several articles and posts from prominent sources detailing how to close one's Twitter account or bracing for an anticipated flood or right-wing content. Some people are already leaving the platform, and others who had previously left are starting to come back.

        I stopped using Twitter in early 2018, and I closed my account in early 2020. My primary reasons for leaving were twofold: the constant rush of politically-driven negativity, and the ubiquitous tracking and violations of privacy. (Twitter is not as bad as Facebook on this front, but I find their terms of service to be chilling regardless.) I have no idea how political discourse will change on the platform, if at all, but I seriously doubt that a change of leadership will cause the tracking and surveillance to end. I thus have no intention of returning to Twitter myself.

      • Elon Musk and Twitter

        What I think Elon Musk wants out of Twitter is the user graph. It's not some ideological play about re-weighting the reach of particular ideas or speakers.

        Twitter constitutes a social graph of everyone-who's-anyone in the English-speaking world. It increases the speed with which the elite generally adopt the same position on each issue, the way a flock of birds or school of fish appear to turn as one, despite there being no leader or co-ercion. But as well as this social graph, Twitter also mints a particular form of status by conferring blue checkmarks on favoured individuals.

        Musk's few gnomic announcements about his plans for Twitter include a reference to authenticating the humans. Now this is taken by many, on different sides of the debate, as being anti-bot: reducing the role of covert automated participation in Twitter is seen as a good thing, and not just by establishment Left and establishment Right figures, but even by the radical fringes, since pretty much *everyone* loses from the astroturfing and feels victimised by it.

    • Monopolies

      • The Register UKFTC probes Broadcom for anti-competitive behavior again – reports

        Chipmaker Broadcom is reportedly back under investigation with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding complaints it is illegally forcing exclusivity agreements with customers.

        According to The Intercept, Broadcom is justifying the actions by claiming they are necessary thanks to supply-chain issues. The FTC is allegedly in the early days of gathering information, doing so by taking testimony and collating documents.

        The report comes less than 6 months after the FTC issued an order [PDF, since deleted from the FTC's website] to curb anticompetitive behavior from the company, including exclusivity agreements or retaliation against customers who shop around for their chips.

      • Copyrights

        • AccessNowEU’s political deal on the Digital Services Act step in the right direction, but some questions remain - Access Now

          The future of the EU content moderation playbook, the Digital Services Act (DSA), was decided last Friday, April 22, when EU co-legislators reached an agreement on the final text which is not yet public. While Access Now welcomes the human rights-centric framework, the brash inclusion of the Crisis Response Mechanism, and the exclusion of safeguards to encryption and the prevention of legally-mandated decision making leave gaps that must be addressed.

          Access Now has provided a series of recommendations to EU co-legislators and closely monitored the process of finalising the law since 2020. Without a doubt, the final deal on the DSA is a step in the right direction.

          “After a lot of back and forth, decision-makers have agreed on a DSA that puts people first. The human rights-centric framework will provide a clearly defined set of due diligence responsibilities for companies — placing the responsibility on the shoulders of those profiting, not on everyday people simply using these platforms, to create safe spaces to communicate,” said Eliška Pírková, Europe Policy Analyst and Global Freedom of Expression Lead at Access Now. “The final text of the DSA could be more ambitious. Many progressive measures, such as clear safeguards for end-to-end encryption in communications were either ignored or weakened during negotiations.”

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