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Links 01/06/2022: End of Life for Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) and Release of PSPP 1.6.0

  • GNU/Linux

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • ByteXD7 of the Best Sites to Run Linux in Browser

        If you use Linux as your daily drive operating system or you want to migrate from Mac or Windows, there are three main ways you can use to run Linux on your system.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • MakeTech EasierThe Beginner's Guide to Using Cron in Linux - Make Tech Easier

        Cron is a simple UNIX utility that manages and schedules the execution of commands in your computer. It was first developed in 1987 by Paul Vixie and it has since become an invaluable tool in Linux-based operating systems for both administrators and users alike.

        Nowadays, there are a number of cron implementations and rewrites that you can easily install in your Linux system. Despite the differences, these programs all share the same Vixie Cron lineage.

        As such, this article aims to provide a basic overview of how the original Vixie cron works, its syntax, and how you can use it to schedule tasks in your Linux system.

      • Ubuntu Handbook[Workaround] MPV has No title-bar & window border in Ubuntu 22.04 | UbuntuHandbook

        In Ubuntu 22.04, you’ll find that the MPV media player does NOT have window border and title-bar out-of-the-box.

        That’s quite annoying! You can no longer drag resizing the app window. And, title bar buttons (minimize, maximize, and close) only appear when you hover over the window during video playback.

      • How To Setup Apache, PHP & MongoDB on Ubuntu 20.04 - RoseHosting

        In this tutorial, we are going to explain in step-by-step detail how to setup Apache, PHP, and MongoDB on Ubuntu 20.04

        We will install the Apache Web server, the latest PHP version, and the MongoDB database server. The purpose of this post is to explain how can these three different types of services be configured on one server for future development tasks and the building of an amazing application. MongoDB is a free open-source, NoSQL backend database server, which works perfectly with Apache Web server and PHP as a scripting language.

      • Make Use OfHow to Easily Upgrade Ubuntu to a New Beta Release

        Upgrading to the latest beta (development) release of Ubuntu is easier than you might think. By default, Ubuntu won't tell you when there is a new development version available. You can, however, check for one and upgrade to it with just a few quick commands at the terminal.

        A Word of Warning Before We Begin

        Development versions of Ubuntu are likely to be unstable and contain bugs. A development release is an unfinished product that may behave in unpredictable ways. You should not install any type of pre-release version of Ubuntu on any system that serves a mission-critical purpose.

        It is highly recommended that you back up all of your data and create a bootable USB containing your current Ubuntu version before attempting any of the steps that follow. If you should suffer a catastrophic failure you will be able to reinstall a working copy of Ubuntu and restore your data from the backup.

        You should also be aware that once you upgrade your system to a development version, it can not be undone. There is no way to downgrade or roll back the update. If you decide later that you want to return to the previous version of Ubuntu, you will have to reinstall it.

        With that said, the entire upgrade process will take place at the command line. So, go ahead and open a terminal window, and let's get started.

      • Daniel LangeGet Youtube Channel ID from username

        Youtube has a really nice RSS feature that is extremely well hidden.

      • Linux.orgBASH 06 – While Loops |

        We previously covered other methods for dealing with logical structures to control the flow of the code. In this article, we will cover another method to repeat code until some value is false.

        A While Loop allows the code to loop ‘while’ a value is true. Once the value is false, the loop stops.

      • UNIX CopNginx - Virtual Hosts (Part 1)

        In my previous article, we went through the process of compiling and installing Nginx from source. I left off with a basic configuration for loading the default html page. In this article, I’m going to pick up where I left off. We are going to expand on our configuration to add some functionality to our demo site.

      • CNX SoftwareHow to use a ToF laser ranging sensor with Arduino and Wisblock - CNX Software

        Laser ranging has many applications in production and life, such as ranging, positioning, obstacle avoidance, and so on. Time-of-Flight (ToF) ranging, as a type of laser ranging technology, is often used for real-time object detection in robots, autonomous vehicles, and traffic management because of its accuracy, fast response, and low power consumption. The face detection function of mobile phones also uses this technology.

        This article will introduce the WisBlock RAK12014 ToF laser ranging sensor module, and use the WisBlock development board to demonstrate how the module works.

      • ID RootHow To Install Vue.js on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Vue.js on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework that is reactive and simple to learn. It provides various tools and libraries that are really awesome to adapt and learn. Vue.js helps in building web applications with the knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in no time.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Vue.js framework on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • TecAdminConfiguring the Static IPv4 Address on Ubuntu using Netplan

        The Ubuntu 17.10 and later systems use the Netplan as a new command-line utility for managing network interfaces. It works with the Systemd-networkd or NetworkManager renderes. Netplan configuration files are written in YAML format, allowing you simple-to-complex networking configurations. Which work from the Desktop to the server and from the cloud to IoT devices.

        This article will help you to configure static IPv4 addresses on Ubuntu systems using the Netplan command-line tool.

      • Install and Configure SNMP on Ubuntu 22.04/Debian 11 -

        In this guide, we are going to learn how to install and configure SNMP on Ubuntu 22.04/Debian 11. SNMP is an acronym for Simple Network Management Protocol. It provides an agentless method of managing and monitoring of network devices and servers for health information, system metrics such as CPU load, Physical Memory usage, number of running processes, service state or any other service/process that support polling over the SNMP protocol.

      • Add Hosts to LibreNMS Server for Monitoring

        In this tutorial, you will learn how to add hosts to LibreNMS server for monitoring. LibreNMS is a fully featured MySQL/PHP and SNMP based network monitoring system.

    • Games

      • Godot EngineGodot Engine - Release candidate: Godot 3.5 RC 3

        The upcoming Godot 3.5 is now considered feature complete, and has received a lot of bugfixes and improvements over the past weeks thanks to all the testers and developers who reported and fixed issues. We are now at the Release Candidate stage, finalizing everything so that we can release 3.5-stable for all users.

        At this stage we need people to test this release (and potential follow-up RCs) on as many codebases as possible, to make sure that we catch non-obvious regressions that might have gone unnoticed until now. If you run into any issue, please make sure to report it on GitHub so that we can know about it and fix it!

        This RC 3 fixes a number of recent regressions and older bugs. Notably, it fixes some rendering regressions with transparent materials, and crashing iOS templates and Web editor build in RC 2.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • Its FOSS11 Best Xfce Themes to Give Your Linux Desktop a Modern Look

        Xfce is known for being one of the most lightweight desktop environments yet flexible enough to carry out heavy loads easily.

        One major issue with Xfce is that its default interface may look old and outdated to many users. This could be offputting for some new users who prefer beautiful-looking Linux distributions.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • Genode - Release notes for the Genode OS Framework 22.05

      The Genode release 22.05 stays true to this year's roadmap. According to the plan, we continue our tradition of revising the framework's documentation as part of the May release. Since last year, the Genode Foundations book is accompanied with the Genode Platforms document that covers low-level topics. The second revision has just doubled in size (Section Updated and new documentation).

      Functionality-wise, the added support for WireGuard-based virtual private networks is certainly the flagship feature of the release. Section WireGuard briefly introduces the new component while leaving in-depth information to a dedicated article.

      Among the other topics of the release, our continued work on device drivers stands out. We managed to bring Genode's lineup of PC drivers ported from the Linux kernel up to the kernel version 5.14.21 using Genode's unique DDE-Linux porting approach. As described by Section New generation of DDE-Linux-based PC drivers, this work comprises complex drivers like the wireless LAN stack including Intel's Wifi driver and the latest Intel display driver. At the framework's side, the modernization of Genode's platform driver for PC hardware is in full swing. Even though not yet used by default, the new driver has reached feature parity with the original PC-specific platform driver while sharing much of its code base with the growing number of ARM platform drivers such as the FPGA-aware platform-driver for Xilinx Zynq (Section Xilinx Zynq).

      Regarding the PinePhone, Genode 22.05 introduces the basic ability to issue and receive phone calls, which entails the proper routing of audio signals and controlling the LTE modem. Furthermore, in anticipation of implementing advanced energy-management strategies, the release features a custom developed firmware for the PinePhone's system-control processor. Both topics are outlined in Section PinePhone while further details and examples are given in dedicated articles.

      The release is wrapped up by usability improvements of the framework's light-weight event-tracing mechanism, low-level optimizations, and API refinements.

    • TechStory MediaBest Linux Distributions for Educational Use in 2022 - TechStory

      Many software developers use Linux because it is free and open source. Most expert developers choose to work with it because of its sophistication as an operating system. This view is beginning to shift, thanks in large part to the proliferation of more user-friendly Linux distributions. A distribution exists for everyone nowadays, from coders to home users to kids, and there’s even a little something for educational institutions and instructors. Explore the best Linux distributions for youngsters, professors, and schools. Are you a teacher who wants to upgrade the technology in your classroom? Trying to discover the right OS for their children? Or are you simply looking for a nice, open Linux kernel for educational use? If that’s the case, don’t bother looking it up on the internet. Our selection of the greatest Linux distributions for schools is a great place to start, though!

    • New Releases

      • The Register UKLinux Lite 6.0: It's quite pretty, but 'lite' it is not
        Linux Lite has been around since 2012 and version 6, codenamed "Fluorite", is one of the first Ubuntu-based distros to offer a version built on Ubuntu 22.04 "Jammy Jellyfish", released just last month.

        This is unapologetically a distro aimed at Windows users. For instance, unlike some distros, there are no difficult questions of what desktop you want – you get Xfce 4.16, with a trendy flat theme, but a somewhat retro default layout that reminds us of Windows XP. The Start button and window buttons have text labels, for instance. We liked that: it's simple, efficient, and welcome, but Zorin OS 16 manages a more modern Windows look.

      • LinuxiacLinux Lite 6.0 Comes with Updated Window Theme, Accessibility Improvements

        The lightweight Linux distribution Linux Lite has released version 6.0, including enhancements and bug fixes.

        Linux Lite is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu that includes the ultra-lightweight Xfce desktop environment. As the name implies, it is a lightweight Linux distro that is ideal for people who have older hardware.

        On top of that, the distro is also loaded with lightweight apps which ensure smooth workflow. So, even on an old machine, Linux Lite performs most everyday operations quickly and without stability issues.

        The new major version Linux Light 6.0, is now available for download and usage, based on the newest Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release. First, let’s look at what’s new.

    • Screenshots/Screencasts

      • TecMintInstallation of “CentOS Stream 9″ with Screenshots

        When Red Had shifted CentOS from a major release structure to a rolling release, users were angry as hell but CentOS went smooth, and recently they came up with their new release of CentOS Stream in collaboration with Red Hat Engineers and Community.

        So before going to the installation part let’s understand should you rely on CentOS Stream and what it offers in its new release.

    • SUSE/OpenSUSE

      • Work Groups for ALP Give Updates - openSUSE News

        Members of SUSE and openSUSE have deleloped several Work Groups (WG) to discuss the formation of the Adaptable Linux Platform. Below readers can see the latest brief from the various WGs involved in the open-source project.

        The System Management WG has been progressing with the branding of Cockpit. They have been experimenting with attempts to containerize it; though outside of a possible chance to use wormholing, it doesn’t look promising. They do continue to add functionality to YaST in cointainers at a good pace.

        The ALP Virtualization team has taken some technical decisions regarding support, etc. In their first technical meetings regarding VMs inside of containers, some work was done looking for the best approach and blocking points.

        In the Build Service Next-Generation WG, the initial feedback shows little interest in a git-based packaging approach. Software as a Service options via git hosting continue to be very expensive, though on-premises options should be considered. A self-hosted Gitea appears to be the best option so far, while the current discussions for Large-File-Storing-in-Git have been paused at this time.

    • Fedora Family / IBM

      • The Register UKIBM adds side order of NLP to McDonald's AI drive-thru chatbots

        IBM says it is rolling out its natural language processing software to a greater number of McDonalds' drive-thrus months after buying the automated order technology unit from the fast food chain, along with the team that developed it.

        IBM already added extra NLP features to its Watson Discovery enterprise AI service last year, and now the burger-flinger's AI chatbot will feel the benefit, it said.

        In October last year, Big Blue wolfed down the McD Tech Labs, which was itself created after McDonald's bought and renamed AI voice recognition startup Apprente in 2019.

      • The Register UKIBM ordered to pay $1.6b to BMC

        IBM has been ordered to pay Houston-based IT firm BMC $1.6 billion for fraud and contract violations because it moved mutual client AT&T from BMC software to IBM software.

        On Monday, US District Judge Gray Miller issued his final judgment [PDF] in the case, which began five years ago and culminated in a bench trial in March.

        For years, IBM had serviced AT&T's mainframe computers which at least since 2007 have relied on BMC software. IBM and BMC in 2008 entered into a contract governing the business relationship between the two companies. And in 2015, the two IT outfits agreed several amendments including an Outsourcing Attachment (OA) that disallowed IBM from moving mutual clients over to its own software.

      • Linux Shell TipsAlmaLinux 9 Released – Download DVD ISO Images

        Ever since AlmaLinux made its footprints known to the Linux community as one of the viable replacements/alternatives to the now-discontinued CentOS, this Linux operating system distribution has earned its stripes as a reliable, stable, free, and open-source operating system.

      • Red HatOpen source edge detection with OpenCV and Pachyderm | Red Hat Developer

        You can perform edge detection on images using this Jupyter notebook on any Kubernetes cluster. Learn how.

      • Red HatJoin the Red Hat team at OpenJS World 2022

        It's that time of the year again and OpenJS World is almost upon us. This annual event brings together both the JavaScript and Web communities, which include not only Node.js, but other OpenJS Foundation projects such as Electron, webpack, and more.

        Red Hat and IBM will both be back as sponsors, and will be delivering some great talks as well. The last two conferences were remote affairs, but this year's edition will be held in person in Austin, Texas, from June 6th through 10th.

      • Enterprisers ProjectIT leadership: 4 ways to foster healthy disagreement among employees

        At their best, disagreements can reveal when an organization has built a culture of critical thinking and is tackling challenging problems. At their worst, they can damage working relationships and lead to emotional burnout.

        As a leader, you can help your employees work through disagreements in a productive and healthy manner by building a culture of awareness that considers a diverse range of opinions and working styles.

      • Enterprisers ProjectDigital transformation: 5 ways to create a realistic strategy

        Digital transformation is the giant umbrella that encompasses how people work in today’s economy. It’s typically a multi-faceted initiative that goes beyond simply modernizing applications. It encompasses everything that represents the way a business needs to operate in 2022 to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

        This type of initiative is a shared responsibility. It starts with the CEO, who must be a champion of change, but it must also involve other leaders throughout the organization working together to make transformation happen. Sometimes it will require a Chief Digital Officer to coordinate the response, but one fact is consistent: Without alignment throughout the organization, the effort is likely to fail. And it might just take the company down with it.

      • Linux Shell TipsCentOS Stream 9 Released – Download DVD ISO Images

        CentOS Stream is regarded as a continuous-delivery distribution by Red Hat developers. It serves as RHEL’s next point release. Think of it as the security checkpoint for any package that wants to be granted an audience under RHEL 9.

        For instance, such packages that want to be RHEL-oriented must pass through a series of tests and checks and then push to the CentOS Stream OS environment. These tests and checks are either manual or automated. This platform ensures that packages meet stringent RHEL standards.

        Therefore, a typical CentOS Stream system and package update are equivalent to an unreleased RHEL OS minor version. The purpose of assigning CentOS Stream such an attribute is to progressively make it as stable as RHEL.

    • Debian Family

      • Agathe Porte: Status update, May 2022

        I have finally found how to make my fonts-creep2 package work on my Debian machines. The solution was to not use the TTF file that contains the Bitmap glyphs, but instead generate an OTB file, which is an OpenType format for Bitmap fonts.

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • LWNUbuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) reaches End of Life on July 14 2022
        Ubuntu announced its 21.10 (Impish Indri) release almost 9 months
        ago, on October 14, 2021, and its support period is now nearing its
        end. Ubuntu 21.10 will reach end of life on July 14, 2022.

        At that time, Ubuntu Security Notices will no longer include information or updated packages for Ubuntu 21.10.

        The supported upgrade path from Ubuntu 21.10 is via Ubuntu 22.04. Instructions and caveats for the upgrade may be found at:

        Ubuntu 22.04 continues to be actively supported with security updates and select high-impact bug fixes. Announcements of security updates for Ubuntu releases are sent to the ubuntu-security-announce mailing list, information about which may be found at:

        Since its launch in October 2004 Ubuntu has become one of the most highly regarded Linux distributions with millions of users in homes, schools, businesses and governments around the world. Ubuntu is Open Source software, costs nothing to download, and users are free to customise or alter their software in order to meet their needs.

        On behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team,

        Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak
      • LWNFedora and Ubuntu EOL announcements []

        If you are running Fedora 34, the time has come to move on; that distribution will reach the end of its support life on June 7. Users of Ubuntu 21.10 have a little longer, but that release loses support on July 14 and users should update to 22.04.

      • Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) reaches End of Life on July 14 2022

        Ubuntu announced its 21.10 (Impish Indri) release almost 9 months ago, on October 14, 2021, and its support period is now nearing its end. Ubuntu 21.10 will reach end of life on July 14, 2022.

        At that time, Ubuntu Security Notices will no longer include information or updated packages for Ubuntu 21.10.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Ubuntu Pit15 Best Websites for Downloading Open Source Software in 2022

      Open source software mainly known as (OSS) is used as an open development process. Linux supports a lot of open source software. Open source software is licensed software that you will have the codes to modify. However, there are many websites where you can download open source software for your Linux, but it is a little bit difficult for you to find these websites for downloading OSS. However, we can help you are looking for some websites for downloading open source software. And this content is all about those websites.

    • Web Browsers

      • Mozilla

        • TalospaceThe Talospace Project: Firefox 101 on POWER

          Firefox 101 is out, mostly of interest to developers but with a few liveability improvements. I suspect breakage of our LTO-PGO patch will be a regular occurrence and Fx101 indeed broke the diff again, but after updating rust, cargo and cbindgen the optimized build works fine with this revised PGO-LTO patch and the same .mozconfigs from Firefox 95.

          I can't figure out where the bugs are in our POWER9 Ion JavaScript JIT implementation, though I still strongly suspect it's because we use sign-extended 32-bit ints. This is enough to pass the test suite but still breaks with the web. MIPS does too and we are strongly based on the MIPS port, but one wonders if MIPS suffers from the same issues, and I'm quite sure it's not tested anywhere near as well. As 32-bit arithmetic instructions aren't orthogonal in Power ISA this change would require some significant rearchitecting and I've just come off a really bad week at work, so I'll just try to pull up the current JIT to 102 so that those of you building the new ESR can continue to use Baseline Interpreter and Baseline Compiler, and then it will be time for more major surgery on the source code. You can help (please!).

        • CISAMozilla Releases Security Updates for Firefox, Firefox ESR, and Thunderbird | CISA

          Mozilla has released security updates to address vulnerabilities in Firefox, Firefox ESR, and Thunderbird. An attacker could exploit some of these vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system.

        • MozillaMozilla Privacy Blog: Enhancing trust and security on the internet – browsers are the first line of defence [Ed: No, browsers are probably the weakest link, more so with JavaScript turned on]

          Enhancing trust and security online is one of the defining challenges of our time – in the EU alone, 37% of residents do not believe they can sufficiently protect themselves from cybercrime. Individuals need assurance that their credit card numbers, social media logins, and other sensitive data are protected from cybercriminals when browsing. With that in mind, we’ve just unveiled an update to the security policies that protect people from cybercrime, demonstrating again the critical role Firefox plays in ensuring trust and security online.

          Browsers like Firefox use encryption to protect individuals’ data from eavesdroppers when they navigate online (e.g. when sending credit card details to an online marketplace). But protecting data from cybercriminals when it’s on the move is only part of the risk we mitigate. Individuals also need assurance that they are sending data to the correct domain (e.g., “”). If someone sends their private data to a cybercriminal instead of to their bank, for example, it is of little consolation that the data was encrypted while getting there.

    • SaaS/Back End/Databases

      • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL: check_pgbackrest 2.3 has been released

        check_pgbackrest is designed to monitor pgBackRest backups from Nagios, relying on the status information given by the info command.

        It allows to monitor the backups retention and the consistency of the archived WAL segments.

      • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL: See you at Postgres London 2022!

        Postgres London 2022 is the PostgreSQL Community conference for the whole UK, located a short tube hop from London mainline railway stations and airports.

        Speakers are covering new features of PostgreSQL 15, info on the new Kubernetes operators, user talks about managing 5000 instances and about new web frameworks, amongst many others!

    • GNU Projects

    • Programming/Development

      • Workflows or how I tried to give up and love Emacs

        I've been going over the various things that have crept into my day-to-day computing and evaluating them. In some cases I've found things that needed maintenance (perhaps a future post about refactoring my mutt[1] configuration is called for), and in others I've taken the opportunity to evaluate alternatives.

  • Leftovers

    • Cities with Nice Weather

      A friend submitted it to the Accursed Orange Website. Some of the discussion there was interesting. Many people asserted that minimizing seasonal variation in temperature is an unrealistic way of explicating what makes weather "nice". In particular, there were jokes about how highly-ranked Reykjavík was.

    • TediumCorporate History: Companies That Made a Hard Pivot Into Success

      It’s a pretty common thing these days for a company to make a pivot, to change up its business model midstream because of some perceived weaknesses of the original approach. Small startups do it all the time; so, too, do massive corporate giants. (May I introduce you to Meta?) But I think a big thing to keep in mind is that changing a business model in an age where the ultimate product you’re moving around is chunks of electronic data? That’s something a lot different from having to basically shift your business model from, say, selling playing cards to developing video games (as one famous hard-pivoting company, Nintendo, was famous for doing). In the spirit of thinking ambitiously, in today’s Tedium, I want to highlight a few examples of companies that made pivots so extreme that you probably would have never guessed they switched gears so drastically.


      Over time, Regina became a purely vacuum-driven play, and by midcentury was a household name in vacuums. Notably, in the 1990s, the company brought in Pigpen, the famously messy character from the Peanuts cartoons, to promote the company’s carpet cleaners.

      The company eventually fell into merger hell, at various points being owned by Philips Electronics, Oreck, and the corporate owners of the Dirt Devil brand. But recently, the company relaunched under new corporate ownership, in case you’re in the mood for owning a vacuum developed by a corporate ancestor that started out making music boxes.

    • Science

      • The Register UKAlgorithm spots 104 asteroids in huge piles of data ● The Register

        Researchers at The Asteroid Institute have developed a way to locate previously unknown asteroids in astronomical data, and all it took was a massive amount of cloud computing power to do it.

        Traditionally, asteroid spotters would have to build so-called tracklets of multiple night sky images taken in short succession that show a suspected minor planetoid's movement. If what's observed matches orbital calculations, congratulations: it's an asteroid.

        Asteroid Institute scientists are finding a way around that time sink with a novel algorithm called Tracklet-less Heliocentric Orbit Recovery, or THOR, that can comb through mountains of data, make orbital predictions, transform sky images, and match it to other data points to establish asteroid identity.

        To prove the concept, THOR co-creator and Asteroid Institute graduate fellow Joachim Moeyens focused on a thirty-day window of data pulled from the NOIRLab Source Catalog, a 68-billion-point dataset of National Optical and Astronomy Observatory telescope images.

    • Hardware

      • CNX SoftwarePICO-V2K4 - A Pico-ITX board with AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000 processor - CNX Software

        AAEON PICO-V2K4 is a Pico-ITX board powered by an AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000 processor with up to 8 cores, AMD Radeon graphics, which should make it the world’s smallest Ryzen V2000 SBC on the market.

        The board comes with up to 32GB soldered-on memory and a 64GB NVMe flash, supports for SATA and M.2 NVMe storage, dual Gigabit Ethernet, up to four 4K display interfaces, four serial ports, and more. Use cases range from medical imaging (x-ray and MRI scan analysis) to casino gaming machines, and industrial automation.

      • The Register UKSiPearl partners with HPE, Nvidia on supercomputer efforts ● The Register

        European microprocessor designer SiPearl revealed deals with Nvidia and HPE today, saying they would up the development of high-performance compute (HPC) and exascale systems on the continent.

        Announced to coincide with the ISC 2022 High Performance conference in Hamburg this week, the agreements see SiPearl working with two big dogs in the HPC market: HPE is the owner of supercomputing pioneer Cray and Nvidia is a leader in GPU acceleration.

        With HPE, SiPearl said it is working to jointly develop a supercomputer platform that combines HPE's technology and SiPearl's upcoming Rhea processor. Rhea is an Arm-based chip with RISC-V controllers, planned to appear in next-generation exascale computers.

      • The Register UKHP turns back on $1b in annual sales by quitting Russia and Belarus

        PC and printer giant HP Inc. is boldly but belatedly turning its back on Russia and Belarus due to the continued conflict in Ukraine.

        HP was among the first wave of tech companies to suspend shipments to the countries soon after Russia invaded its neighbor on February 24, but now the company's president and CEO Enrique Lores is making the move more permanent.

        "Considering the COVID environment and long-term outlook for Russia, we have decided to stop our Russia activity and have begun the process of fully winding down our operations," he said on a Q2 earnings call with analysts.

    • Security

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • AccessNowIndia’s CERT-In must withdraw April Directions and strengthen privacy and cybersecurity - Access Now

          The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) issued Directions on April 28, 2022, without sustained stakeholder consultation, that will weaken cybersecurity, amplify the risk of surveillance, and jeopardise the right to privacy in India. Access Now and an international coalition of organisations and individuals are urging CERT-In to immediately withdraw these Directions.

          “Unchecked surveillance is a pressing concern in India — one that is severely aggravated by the new data retention mandate in CERT-In’s Directions, which impact millions of people connected in India,” said Raman Jit Singh Chima, Asia Pacific Policy Director and Senior International Counsel at Access Now. “Requiring service providers, including VPN providers, to log information that they may otherwise not collect, for five years or more, violates the right to privacy protected by the Indian Constitution. This outrageous mandate weakens cybersecurity by creating a vulnerability that can be exploited to the detriment of people’s safety.”

    • Finance

      • The Register UKTomTom to chop 10% of workforce, blames automation tech [Ed: The criminals from Microsoft blackmailed them for 'daring' to use Linux]

        TomTom says it is laying off 10 percent of its global workforce due to advances in automation technology and greater use of digital techniques in its mapmaking process.

        The planned cuts will equate to about 500 employees at the Netherlands-based geolocation tech specialist, which was hit hard by the pandemic and remains in recovery mode.

        "Higher levels of automation and the integration of a variety of digital sources will result in fresher and richer maps, with wider coverage," said CEO Harold Goddijn. "These better maps will improve our product offerings and allow us to address a broader market, both in the Automotive and Enterprise businesses."

    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • #WhatTheBlock: DoT starts publishing court orders for online censorship, executive orders still not public

        In a welcome step towards transparency and accountability, the Department of Telecommunications (“DoT”) has recently started publishing the blocking notifications/instructions to Internet Service Licensees under court orders. We wrote to the DoT to appreciate their proactiveness in making these court orders public and urged them to ensure that executive blocking orders are also published and made publicly available.

      • AccessNowUK protects free flow of information amidst Russia sanctions

        The UK government has listened to civil society’s assertion that blocking the flow of information in and out of Russia will strike a blow to the rights of millions affected by Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

        “On this occasion, the UK government has put people first by targeting its sanctions to better protect human rights, online and offline, while still delivering a powerful public punch to Russia’s war machine,” said Natalia Krapiva, Tech-Legal Counsel at Access Now. “Keeping people online, and news media in operation, will do more to advance democracy and strengthen civic actors than a wholesale ban on commercial services would accomplish.”

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • 'Nothing new or magic.' Harvard's $100M pledge to redress slavery draws lukewarm response

        Harvard University’s announcement at the end of April that it would invest $100 million to redress its links to slavery drew flurries of headlines and mild praise from Black scholars.

        It was an acceptable first step, they said, as Harvard simultaneously released an extensive report documenting the “integral” role the horrors of slavery played in shaping the institution. Other top-ranked universities have also acknowledged their slavery connections, notably Brown University, which in 2006 started the movement with a report exploring topics like how slaves made money for the institution, funding that became the root of many of its assets, including its endowment that now totals almost $7 billion.

    • Digital Restrictions (DRM)

      • The Register UKCalifornia Right to Repair bill quietly dropped in committee ● The Register

        A California Right to Repair bill, SB 983, died in committee last week, despite broad consumer support for fixable products.

        It's not clear who killed the bill, but Right to Repair advocates point to the usual suspects – the tech companies that benefit by controlling who can repair their goods and that have lobbied against Right to Repair bills all over the US.

        "It happened in the most shadowy, unaccountable part of the process, so it's hard to know exactly what happened," said Nathan Proctor, US Public Interest Research Groups (PIRG) senior Right to Repair campaign director, in a message to The Register.

        Proctor said it could be that special interests got to political leaders but also allowed that those nixing the bill just didn't consider it to be a priority at the moment.

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