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Journalism is Beyond Redemption When Politicians Serve Media Tycoons and Business Oligarchs Who Resist Journalists (Those Capable of Exposing Them)

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Summary: In the name of "protecting" journalism, notorious politicians in fact pour out gasoline into the fire; the intricate agenda/goal might be to kill off inquisitive observers in the public interest

THIS video of the 'first' NSA whistleblower reminds us of the awful state of journalism. People cannot publish books (literature) that state facts, reporters are denied access to facts, and publishers are in general protecting plutocracy. This isn't an entirely new issue, but it has been getting worse over time.

There's great difficulty getting any of the media to cover blatant EPO crimes. The press is in effect complicit and it takes bribes to help cover up those crimes. Those who do speak about the crimes receive legal threats instead of praise. Aside from EPO corruption, there's also Microsoft. We have a still-ongoing series (will last until next year) about how the media failed to hold Microsoft accountable for crimes against women.

"Real news has become increasingly scarce, which means not many outlets remain to call out cheaters and detail/present evidence of fraud."What are politicians doing to save journalism? Well, as it turns out "Journalism Competition and Preservation Act of 2021" does exactly the opposite of what it's called (very common when it comes to US bills; they tend to be called/named as misleadingly as possible). Klobuchar’s very dumb idea [1, 2] doesn't promise to protect journalism but to weed out journalism, for reasons I explain in the video above.

The World Wide Web has in general curtailed journalism, but investors too have move away from any efforts to expose facts. This is deliberate and well coordinated. We now have liars and frauds branding themselves "journalists" while real journalists get sacked. In the video I give the example of Spamnil [1, 2], twisting press releases as 'articles' that nobody even reads and then making videos that nobody watches. But Spamnil is getting truly intoxicated on clickfraud and upping the doses to keep getting a sense of relevance even when about 95% of the views are in fact bots he pays for, subsidised by the corrupt Linux Foundation. Fake journalism boosted by fake (bot) clicks. Thank Jim Zemlin and Sheela Microsoft for this. It's a fraud and it killed already (it used to actually publish good articles).

As someone who depends on finding links to stories online, I can tell the difference. Real news has become increasingly scarce, which means not many outlets remain to call out cheaters and detail/present evidence of fraud.

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