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YouTube (Alphabet Gulag) Keeps Censoring Videos About Free Software and GNU/Linux

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Summary: YouTube (the Alphabet/Google Gulag) seems to be weeding out discussion of software freedom; it's a longstanding issue reported by several GNU/Linux-centric channels over the years

LAST NIGHT I noticed that YouTube had once again issued sanctions against a channel for mentioning some piece of Free software or GNU/Linux. It's not the first time; I've lost count! Even the high-profile channels complain that this keeps happening to them. The trend is clear to see.

This is the latest example (Odysee link) with further explanation in the video above. But I spent more time going through this video about "Record Excess Deaths in Europe" -- a subject I had been writing about for years in my personal blog. The latter shows that YouTube goes out of its way to censor anything that discredits government policy on COVID-19. Even if based on factual information, presented by a medical doctor, and calling for greater urgency on COVID-19 (accusing our regime of being too soft, using the regime's own data).

"It happens a lot to Linux-centric channels, reducing the incentive to produce any further videos on the subject."But for Techrights the first example is a lot more relevant because it happens all the time. It keeps happening. From the summary: "So, today I received an email about a second community strike, but no action appears to have been taken. Am I being hunted by the dogs? Is my time almost up? I am not sure. As of now, I do not have any notice on the channel itself, but just an email so I thought I would get this message out. If I disappear from the YT kingdom, I will be covertly releasing videos here..."

It happens a lot to Linux-centric channels, reducing the incentive to produce any further videos on the subject. In the words of our associate: "Remember that [Bryan] Lunduke and others have commented that putting the string "Linux" in the video title gets it demonetized, at least initially. The status can be restored after a small fight, but by then the peak has past and there will be only a trickle of views left for that video. Most videos get all their views at the beginning, so this tactic of Google is a way to eliminate production of "Linux" videos. There used to be other sites which were always fighting demonetization, though I cannot recall which companies. For example the original GNUheter site always had problem with its ad revenue and the ad vendor usually refused to pay and never paid what was owed, claiming false stats."

"So it's not just against the channels but against all coverage of Linux or GNU anywhere."

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