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Microsoft's Accounting Fraud and the Clown Computing Bubble Will Make It the Next Facebook (Facebook's Share Price Collapsed by 80%)

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Summary: Accounting fraud (misreporting or misclassifying earnings) will make Microsoft the next Enron; for the time being, however, Microsoft is trying to seem very potent and important (in practice it is just viciously attacking in an effort to sabotage the winners, namely GNU/GPL/Linux/Free software, as that's the only method Microsoft understands)

THE VIDEO above speaks of Microsoft's precarious situation. Bailouts won't last forever.

Bogdan Popa joins the chorus of many Microsoft boosters who googlebomb the term "Linux" because, to quote this recent video, "The World Runs On Linux (NOT Windows!)".

Microsoft-connected sites are basically posting a lot of "Teams" spam, riding of piggybacking the word "Linux". Other such sites say that Microsoft plans to start charging for 'premiums' while throwing ads at Windows users (see [1-3] at the bottom of this post). How is that going to help Windows adoption? It would achieve the exact opposite!

Now, back to GNU/Linux, Windows Central says "The best Microsoft Teams experience on Linux is now a PWA" and another Microsoft booster says "Microsoft Teams PWA is Now Available for Linux Machines" (but PWA does not count, it is proprietary, and it is spyware). There's that old trio (mumble/irc/jabber) that works better and more reliably than Teams or Slack or all these supposedly "modern" (bloated) things. We shall do some video about it another day.

Finally, it seems clear that Microsoft is still losing the cash cow, Windows, which was the gateway to many other "products" and disservices (through bundling). To keep shareholders around (and artificially floating/inflating the stock) Microsoft kept talking about Clown Computing and "Azure". But that bubble too is starting to burst. The promises have many cracks in them so we expect the demise to rapidly accelerate soon (like Facebook this past year; Microsoft and Facebook even started a liaison).

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  3. Microsoft is now pushing ads and promos in Windows 11 Start menu, but you can disable them - Neowin

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