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Links 11/11/2022: Toward Matrix Support in Chats

  • GNU/Linux

    • Server

      • OpenSource.comHow to switch from Twitter to Mastodon |

        Like many people, I find social media somewhat exciting and also...a bit much. Sometimes you get deep-fried in algorithms, tracking data, and ads catered especially for you. You lack administrative control over what you want to see, especially on the old platforms many of us are used to. As usual, you must look to open source to fix the problem. And that's exactly what Mastodon, an open source microblogging community, does.

        With Mastodon social, not only are you working with open source software, but everything is decentralized, which means you can pick what you want to see partly based on the instance you want to occupy. Mastodon uses separate instances, each with its own code of conduct, privacy options, and moderation policies. That means that when you join an instance, you're less likely to see the stuff you're not interested in and more likely to see messages from people who share your interests.

        However, you can also interact with other instances. All Mastodon installs have the potential to be "federated" in what its users call the "fediverse."

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    • Kernel Space

      • Debugging Unrecoverable GPU Hangs - Danylo’s blog

        I already talked about debugging hangs in “Graphics Flight Recorder - unknown but handy tool to debug GPU hangs”, now I want to talk about the most nasty kind of GPU hangs - the ones which cannot be recovered from, where your computer becomes completely unresponsive and you cannot even ssh into it.

        How would one debug this? There is no data to get after the hang and it’s incredibly frustrating to even try different debug options and hypothesis, if you are wrong - you get to reboot the machine!

        If you are a hardware manufacturer creating a driver for your own GPU, you could just run the workload in your fancy hardware simulator, wait for a few hours for the result and call it a day. But what if you don’t have access to a simulator, or to some debug side channel?

      • Barry KaulerKernel 5.15.78 TCP syncookie enabled

        For a very long time, like forever, the firewall in EasyOS has complained about "TCP syncookie" not supported.

    • Applications

      • PurismToward Matrix support in Chats - Purism

        We have been aiming for proper Matrix support for the Chats application since the beginning of its development.

        The initial support for Matrix was provided with the purple-matrix plugin. It had rudimentary Matrix support for non-encrypted chats and decryption (but not for encryption).

        This plug-in has been unmaintained for quite a long time and making it work flawlessly would have been a bit difficult. It is limiting us to the libpurple workflow, and adding signals with callbacks would result them in being APIs which can’t ever be modified.

      • MedevelAppFlowy: an Open source Collaborative Note-taking for Creative Teams

        AppFlowy.IO is a free open-source note-taking software for teams. It allows you to create almost anything you want in a writing canvas, such as tasks, kanban boards, and more.

        AppFlowy is written in Flutter/ Dart, and it uses Rust for the backend.

        Compared to Notion, AppFlowy allows you to organize your text and paragraphs better, and use Markdown with a straightforward WYSIWYG editor.

      • It's FOSSMeet Tabby, A New Open-Source Cross-Platform Terminal App

        There are a lot of terminal apps out there that offer a range of functionalities.

        So, what's unique about Tabby?

        Tabby is a cross-platform customizable terminal app with SSH integration. It is a terminal emulator that does not try to be a new shell or Cygwin replacement.

        Let's take a look at what Tabby aims to be.

      • It's FOSSFOSS Weekly #22.42: Must Know Commands, New Apt Tool, Teams on Linux and More

        There is no crossword or any other puzzle this week except the answer for the puzzle in the previous newsletter.

        This is mostly because we've run out of ideas. Want to help and suggest some interesting topics for the Linux puzzles? Don't hesitate to hit the reply button.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • OpenSource.comDrop swap for zram on Linux |

        I spend a lot of time playing (I mean working) on my computers, and I've found a lot of interesting things. One that has most recently come to my attention is the zram0 device. I first noticed it when working on one of my articles several months ago.


        When I began researching zram, all I found were a couple of basic articles about using zram for swap space. At first, this seemed a bit counterintuitive to me. After all, if you're running out of RAM and you swap pages into a virtual drive in RAM, what's gained?


        The rest of the page is about details, benefits, side effects, and feedback.

      • Linux HandbookHow to Show Process Tree in Linux

        So you used the killall command and it killed the parent process making your hours of work at waste?

        Well, I went through the same so it is always a better idea to check the parent processes, and listing the ongoing processes in tree manner is a good idea.

      • Checking changelogs with zypper - Zoltán's Blog

        I have heard way to often the question from Linux and specially SUSE Linux users that “How can I check the changelog of a package or new version of a package available on the repository, but not yet installed”. There was no easy answer for that question, so I have decided to make a little tool for that.

      • DebugPointHow to Install Pantheon Desktop in Arch Linux [Beginner’s Guide]

        Pantheon is the default desktop environment for the elementary OS. This quick guide explains the steps to install the Pantheon desktop environment in Arch Linux.

        Pantheon is a beautiful desktop environment used by the elementary OS. It is based on GTK3 (GTK4 porting in progress) and Vala and is a nice and clean desktop that provides you with a refined experience of a Linux desktop.

        The desktop is primarily used by the elementary OS. Elementary OS provides a modified version of Pantheon desktop, which is based on the GNOME software base.

      • DebugPointHow to Install Xfce Desktop in Arch Linux [Complete Guide]

        This guide explains installing the latest Xfce desktop in Arch Linux. The guide explains the steps for the latest Xfce desktop release. However, it works for any Xfce version as well.

        The first part of the guide explains the steps for installing the base Arch system. The second part is installing the complete Xfce desktop on Arch Linux.

      • DebugPointHow to Install Packages from AUR in Arch Linux

        Simple tutorial for setting up your Arch Linux system to install packages from Arch User Repository (AUR).

        Arch Linux has several repositories. The official and stable ones are community, core, extra and multilib. These four main repo contains thousands of applications and packages which you can install using pacman command.

        However, another repo called Arch User Repository (AUR) primarily enables anyone to upload and distribute their application to end users. AUR is very popular since you can literally find everything in this repo.

      • DebugPoint4 Ways to Install deb Files in Ubuntu [Beginner’s Guide]

        This absolute beginner’s guide explains the steps required to install deb (*.deb) files in Ubuntu. This applies to all Ubuntu-based Linux distributions such as Linux Mint, elementary OS, etc.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • SUSE/OpenSUSE

      • OpenSUSEGit, PostgreSQL, Btrfs update in Tumbleweed

         This week saw a new all-time high of continuous openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots released, which surpasses the previous streak of 26.

        That streak continues and the snapshots have provided a few major version software updates along with several bug fixing updates.

    • Fedora / Red Hat

      • ZDNetRed Hat Enterprise Linux 8.7 arrives | ZDNET

        If you haven't switched over to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9 family, and your company lives and dies with RHEL, then chances are you're running RHEL 8.x. If that's you, pay attention because the latest version, RHEL 8.7, has just arrived at a download site near you.

        Why make a move at all? It's not like RHEL 8.6 is going to fall apart on you. That's true, but the latest RHEL does come with bigger, better security features. And, unless you've been hiding your head in the sand for the last few years, you know security attacks are happening more than ever.

      • Fedora ProjectCPE Weekly Update - Week 45 2022 - Fedora Community Blog

        We provide you with both infographic and text versions of the weekly report. If you just want to look at what we did quickly, look at the infographic. If you are interested in more in-depth details look at the text version.

      • Enterprisers ProjectIT security: 3 areas to prioritize for the rest of 2022

        As 2022 winds down, it’s tempting to allocate all IT brain power and resources to 2023 planning. But it would be a mistake to assume that there are no remaining agenda items to address this year. The evolving cybersecurity landscape means new vulnerabilities and attack methods are continually emerging.

        While combating these threats is undoubtedly a priority for the year ahead, here are three key areas that should be dealt with before you close the door on 2022.

      • Red Hat OfficialUnix vs Linux: The history of how Unix started and influenced Linux | Enable Sysadmin

        Many of the commands in 1972's Unix 2nd edition are still used in today's Linux. Learn how Unix started and how it's changed over time.

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • UbuntuAuto-scaling of Intel FlexRAN components based on MicroK8s and Ubuntu real-time kernel support

        RAN has incrementally evolved with every generation of mobile telecommunications, thus enabling faster data transfers between user devices and core networks. The amount of data has increased more than ever with an increase in the number of interlinked devices. With existing network architectures, challenges lie in handling increasing workloads with the ability to process, analyse and transfer data faster. €  The 5G ecosystem requires virtual implementations of RAN. Fifth-generation mobile networks demand more flexibility to adapt, scalability to meet network conditions on run time, and automation for remote management which could only be delivered through virtualised RAN.€ € 

        Intel FlexRAN addresses the challenges of traditional RAN architectures. It has the ability to abstract the underlying hardware from core network functions for optimal resource utilisation. FlexRAN is an enhancement and reference implementation of O-RAN (OpenRAN) with the flexibility of interoperation between different vendors’ equipment. Support for EPA (Enhanced Platrofrm Awareness) features empowers Intel FlexRAN to optimally run on Linux distributions. Canonical’s Ubuntu real-time kernel support and Intel’s FlexRAN both complement each other to enable telcos and mobile operators to scale resources as per needs and benefit from cost-savings.€ 

    • Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Productivity Software/LibreOffice/Calligra

      • Document FoundationSay hello to the team at The Document Foundation! - The Document Foundation Blog

        Joining a free and open source software project, such as LibreOffice, is a great way to build your skills, gain experience for future career options, meet new people – and have fun!

        But sometimes, joining a large and well-established project can be a bit daunting at the start. So here we’ll introduce you to the small team at The Document Foundation, the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice. Most team members oversee certain sub-projects in the LibreOffice community – click on their names to learn more in interviews…

    • Licensing / Legal

      • The Register UKGitHub's Copilot faces first open source copyright lawsuit ● The Register

        GitHub Copilot, Microsoft's AI-driven, pair-programming service, is already wildly popular. Microsoft broke out GitHub's revenue and subscription numbers in its latest quarterly report for the first time.

        GitHub now has an annual recurring revenue of $1 billion, up from a reported $200 to $300 million when it was acquired. It now boasts 90 million active users on the platform, up from last November's 73 million. Much of its recent revenue and subscriber jump can be ascribed to CoPilot. Too bad the party may soon be over.

    • Programming/Development

      • Perl / Raku

        • DEV CommunityA gaze of iterators! - DEV Community

          This blog post provides an introduction to iterators in the Raku Programming Language.

          It requires some basic understanding of Raku code. One could consider the Don't fear the grepper! series as a prerequisite for this series of blog posts.


          This concludes the first part of the introduction to iterators, and possibly to the Raku Programming Language.

          It introduced the iterator and ^methods methods, as well as the pull-one method and the special IterationEnd sentinel value for iterators. And it casually introduced the := binding operator and the =:= identity operator.

          Questions and comments are always welcome. You can also drop into the #raku-beginner channel on, or on Discord if you'd like to have more immediate feedback.

      • Shell/Bash/Zsh/Ksh

        • CNX SoftwareArduino Lab for MicroPython - An experimental cross-platform MicroPython IDE for Arduino boards - CNX Software

          Arduino boards have traditionally been programmed with C-like language in the Arduino IDE, but with the Arduino Lab for MicroPython, Arduino added MicroPython to several official Arduino boards.

        • DebugPoint6 Best Python IDE(s) and Code Editor(s) [Ed: This list starts with proprietary software that lets Microsoft spy on the user, which kind of invalidates it]

          We list the six best Python code editor(s) for Ubuntu and other Linux distros and Windows in 2022.

          Python is everywhere today, and it is arguably the C programming language of the modern era. You can find Python everywhere, from websites, apps, data science projects, and AI to IoT devices. So being a popular programming language of this decade, it is essential to know the development environment of Python, where developers create applications, especially if you are starting afresh.

          Many Python development environments are available with features and utilities catering to your need. Some of them are useful for beginners learning Python by setting up the environment and other users for heavy Python development and complex setups.

          In this post, I will touch upon the best of them that would help you pick one for your need and use case.

  • Leftovers

    • HackadayDot-Painting Graffiti Machine Is Wonderfully Simple

      Traditionally, when many of us think of graffiti, we think of artists spraying away with simple paint cans. However, there’s often a lot of tech and art that goes into the field these days. [Vitaly Tesh] built himself a impressive dot-painting spray rig that’s really rather nifty.

    • Hardware

      • HackadayUpgrading A Line Trimmer With 3D Printed Parts

        Many have complained about the hassle of rewinding their weed whackers with fresh trimmer line. Manufacturers responded by making models with solid plastic blades instead. Some of these suck, though, like this Ozito model belonging to [Random Sequence]. 3D printing was the way forward, adapting the blade trimmer to use traditional line.

      • HackadayTrigger Your Home Automation Routines With Home Buttons

        Home automation systems are all well and good, so long as the person who built it all is around to drive it. Let’s face it, they’re quite often a complex web of interconnected systems, all tied to the specifics of one’s home — and someone less familiar with it all could get a little irritated if, on a chilly day, the interface to the boiler is via a Python script, and something won’t work. Just saying. Home Buttons€ by [Matej Planinšek] over on Hackaday.IO is a nicely polished project, which aims to take some of the hackiness out of such automation by providing a sleek front end to those automation routines, enabling anyone to rock on over and set one in action without hassle.

      • HackadayThe Importance Of Physical Models: How Not To Shoot Yourself In The Foot Or Anywhere Else

        We take shortcuts all the time with our physical models. We rarely consider that wire has any resistance, for example, or that batteries have a source impedance. That’s fine up until the point that it isn’t. Take the case of the Navy’s Grumman F11F Tiger aircraft. The supersonic aircraft was impressive, although it suffered from some fatal flaws. But it also has the distinction of being the first plane ever to shoot itself down.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • Insight HungaryHungary proposes judicial reforms to unlock EU funds

        Budapest has proposed extensive judicial reforms in a bid to unlock billions of euros from the EU’s post-pandemic recovery fund, according to Politico. The EU funds are being withheld from Hungary over rule-of-law and corruption concerns in the country.

        Civil society groups in Hungary warned that nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is duping the EU with his reform promises.€  “In a system where corruption is so deeply linked to its functioning,” Sándor Léderer, director of K-Monitor, an anti-corruption group told the news outlet. “it’s very hard to imagine that at this political level anyone would take the fight against corruption seriously.”€ 

        I had a telephone conversation with @PM_ViktorOrban. Good that Finland can count on Hungary in our NATO ratification. I look forward to further strengthening our Fenno-Ugric connection also as allies.

        Hungarian-Finnish relations have an ancient history. Our cooperation has always been excellent, and will always be excellent! Thank you for the conversation, President @niinisto!

      • Common DreamsCalifornia Sues Manufacturers of 'Forever Chemicals' for Deception and Harm

        The state of California on Thursday sued 18 manufacturers of "forever chemicals" for harming people and the planet, and engaging in widespread deception.

        "We won't let them off the hook for the pernicious damage done to our state."

    • Proprietary

      • Hacker NewsRussian-Canadian National Charged Over Involvement in LockBit Ransomware Attacks [Ed: Way to shift the blame away from Microsoft]

        The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) has announced charges against a dual Russian and Canadian national for his alleged participation in LockBit ransomware attacks across the world.

        The 33-year-old Ontario resident, Mikhail Vasiliev, has been taken into custody and is awaiting extradition to the U.S., where is likely to be sentenced for a maximum of five years in prison.

    • Privatisation/Privateering

      • EFFEFF Files Amicus Brief Challenging Orange County, CA’s Controversial DNA Collection Program

        Since 2007, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office (OCDA) has been running an expansive program that coerces thousands of Orange County residents annually to provide a DNA sample in exchange for dropping charges for low-level misdemeanor offenses. Through the program, the OCDA has amassed a database of over 182,000 DNA profiles, larger than the DNA databases of 25 states. OCDA claims a right to indefinitely retain the DNA samples it collects and to share them with third parties who may use them in new and unknown ways in the future. Unlike state and federal arrestee DNA databases, OCDA does not allow anyone to have their DNA expunged from its database.

        In 2021, two criminology professors from University of California, Irvine, William Thompson and Simon Cole, challenged OCDA’s program using a legal process called “taxpayer standing.” Under this process, anyone who pays taxes in the state can file a lawsuit to challenge government programs that constitute an illegal expenditure of public funds. This includes programs that violate the state or federal constitution, as alleged in this case.

        The plaintiffs sued Orange County and the district attorney, alleging that OCDA’s program violates the California Constitution’s right to privacy. At the trial court, the defendants filed a demurrer (a motion to dismiss the case), arguing misdemeanor arrestees waived their privacy rights by consenting to the collection of their DNA in exchange for having their charges dropped. The trial court granted the motion, and the plaintiffs appealed.

    • Security

      • Hacker NewsMultiple High-Severity Flaw Affect Widely Used OpenLiteSpeed Web Server Software

        Multiple high-severity flaws have been uncovered in the open source OpenLiteSpeed Web Server as well as its enterprise variant that could be weaponized to achieve remote code execution.

        "By chaining and exploiting the vulnerabilities, adversaries could compromise the web server and gain fully privileged remote code execution," Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 said in a Thursday report.

      • Bruce SchneierNSA Over-surveillance

        Here in 2022, we have a newly declassified 2016 Inspector General report—”Misuse of Sigint Systems”—about a 2013 NSA program that resulted in the unauthorized (that is, illegal) targeting of Americans.

      • BloombergNSA Watchdog Concluded One Analyst’s Surveillance Project Went Too Far

        Newly unearthed inspector general’s report is coda to Snowden-era controversy over NSA surveillance methods.

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • TechdirtYet Another Study Shows Apple’s Hyped Privacy Standards Are Often Empty Theater

          For the last few years Apple has worked overtime trying to market itself as a more privacy-focused company. 40-foot billboards of the iPhone with the slogan “Privacy. That’s iPhone” have been a key part of company marketing for years. The only problem: researchers keep highlighting how a lot of Apple’s well-hyped privacy changes are performative in nature.

    • Defence/Aggression

    • Environment

      • TruthOut26 Climate Conferences Have Failed to Halt Emissions. Do We Need a New Strategy?
      • Common Dreams'A Twisted Joke': 636 Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Swarm COP27 Climate Talks

        The COP27 talks in Egypt have been billed as an opportunity for countries to "showcase unity" against the existential threat of climate change, but an analysis released Thursday shows there are more fossil fuel lobbyists attending the conference than representatives of the 10 nations most affected by the crisis, heightening concerns that industry influence will water down any agreements reached at the event.

        A data analysis of the United Nations' provisional attendance list for the closely watched conference shows that 636 fossil fuel lobbyists have been registered at the talks, up 25% from last year's COP26 conference in Glasgow.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Biden Must Act to End Egypt's Brutal Imprisonment of Alaa Abd El-Fattah

        United Nations delegates have gathered for two weeks in the exclusive Red Sea resort of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, seeking consensus on tackling catastrophic climate change. Unfortunately, this crucial summit, known as COP27 for the 27th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Convention, is being hosted by Egypt, one of the world’s most repressive governments. Its autocratic ruler, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, was a general when the Egyptian army refused to suppress the January, 2011 Arab Spring mass uprising centered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. After the Egyptian people overthrew the long-standing, U.S.-backed dictator Hosni Mubarak, they held elections and formed a popular government. That didn’t last long. A 2013 military coup followed by a sham election put al-Sisi in power. He enjoys full support from the U.S. government despite being more repressive than Mubarak.

      • Common DreamsClimate Clock Erected at COP27 Says Richest Nations Owe $31.8 Trillion... and Counting

        As world leaders gather this week in the Egyptian city Sharm El-Sheikh for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the Climate Clock team is using various displays as reminders of a looming deadline and just how much high-polluting nations owe the Global South.

        "Helping the most vulnerable nations transition to a sustainable economy is not just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do."

      • Common DreamsAutomakers Poised to Sell 400 Million More Gas-Powered Cars Than Planet Can Handle: Report

        The world's automakers are on track to sell roughly 400 million more gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles than would align with the Paris climate agreement's objective of limiting global heating to 1.5€°C above preindustrial levels, according to a report published Thursday by Greenpeace Germany.

        "If traditional automakers fail to electrify, they will lose out to newer, all-electric competitors."

      • MeduzaTeam Navalny: General Surovikin ‘liberated’ profitable phosphate mines in Syria — Meduza

        Team Navalny has published a new investigation, about General Sergey Surovikin and his Syrian campaign, which involved securing Russia’s access to two profitable phosphate mining sites, al-Sharqiya€ and Khneifis. The investigators trace Surovikin’s “tips” for his military assistance in phosphate extraction to a business co-founded by his wife, Anna Surovikina.

      • ScheerpostHerman Daly: An Economist Who Future Economists—and Societies—Will Dare Not Ignore

        Without greater equality, Herman Daly helped us understand, our environment has no real shot at renewal.

      • Energy

        • Common DreamsIn 'Huge Victory' for Planet, Norway's Equinor Abandons Arctic Oil Field Plans

          Climate campaigners in Norway applauded Thursday as state-owned energy giant Equinor announced it would postpone plans to develop an oil field in the Arctic Ocean, as analysts suggested the proposal will likely be put aside indefinitely.

          Equinor said the proposed Wisting oil field, which would have been its fourth hydrocarbon project in the Arctic, has grown too expensive due to global inflation and supply chain issues—but campaigners credited sustained pressure as a factor that pushed the company to abandon the project.

        • Common DreamsOil and Gas Industry's Expansion Plans Decried as Attack on 'Livable Planet'

          Despite repeated warnings that new fossil fuel projects are incompatible with averting climate disaster, oil and gas corporations "are on a massive expansion course" to increase dirty energy production in the coming years, according to an analysis released Thursday at the United Nations COP27 meeting in Egypt.

          "Keeping these oil and gas resources in the ground is the bare minimum of what is needed to keep 1.5€°C attainable."

        • TruthOut636 Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Swarm Climate Talks, Up 25% From Last Year’s COP26
        • Common DreamsAt Least 16 US Climate Activists Arrested at Global Protests Against Private Jets

          At least 16 activists were arrested for shutting down the entrances to airports serving private jets across the United States on Thursday as part of worldwide climate protests led by groups including Extinction Rebellion, Scientist Rebellion, New York Communities for Change, and the New York City chapter of the youth-led Sunrise Movement.

          "Taking a private jet while the planet is on fire is utter insanity."

    • Finance

      • Common DreamsBiden FTC Applauded for Moving to Crack Down on 'Predatory Pricing,' Other Corporate Abuses

        Progressives cheered Thursday after the Federal Trade Commission voted 3-1 to issue a new policy statement restoring the agency's commitment to "rigorously enforcing the federal ban on unfair methods of competition."

        While Section 5 of the FTC Act—passed in the early 20th century by congressional lawmakers unsatisfied with the Sherman Act, the original antitrust statute—prohibits "unfair methods of competition" and instructs the commission to identify and rein in such practices, the agency has refused for decades to exercise its full legal authority to do so.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | What Are Democrats Afraid of? It's Time to Put Some of Their Younger, Progressive Members in Charge

        The ink is not yet dry regarding the 2022 midterm elections, but my great fear is that the Democrats will learn nothing. They will believe that the tepid results against the party of lies, hate, and fascism is due to their wonderful performance under Joe Biden. And that the policies that brought out the youth vote, the numerical difference between the red wave and the actual vote, are those of the Democratic establishment.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Ballot Initiatives Targeting Inequality Won Big on Election Day

        Americans are sick and tired of seeing CEO pay and billionaire wealth in the stratosphere while working families are struggling with soaring costs. This election day, voters in several states used direct democracy to do something about it. They voted to hike taxes on the wealthy, raise wages and build union power, help ordinary people afford basic necessities, and tackle the problem of big money in politics.€ 

      • MeduzaElvira Nabiullina, head of Russia’s Central Bank, on economic recession: ‘I don’t like looking for the rock bottom.’ — Meduza

        During a discussion of the current state of the Russian economy at the Finopolis forum, Elvira Nabiullina, the head of Russia’s Central Bank, said that she prefers not to “look for the rock bottom” in any question, including questions of economy.

      • ScheerpostHow Europe is Destroying Its Own ‘Garden’

        Europe cannot fix its problems by blaming others, and the European ‘garden’, if it ever existed, is actually being ravaged by Europe’s own ruling elites – rich, detached and utterly dishonest.

      • TruthOutColorado Votes to Provide Universal Free School Meals by Taxing the Wealthy
      • Common DreamsOpinion | Let's Stop Using Metaphors That Legitimatize Extraction, Colonialism, and Violence

        The language we use every day—both inside and outside the classroom—is metaphor-rich. We use images drawn from our lives to illustrate other aspects of life.€ 

      • Common DreamsFed Urged to 'Pump the Brakes' on Rate Hikes as New Data Shows Inflation Slowing

        Price data released Thursday by the U.S. Labor Department shows that inflation eased slightly in October, bolstering calls for the Federal Reserve to stop hiking interest rates before it pushes the economy into recession and throws millions out of work.

        According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 0.4% in October and 7.7% year over year—down from 8.2% year over year in September and the smallest increase since January. Core inflation, which refers to the CPI stripped of highly volatile food and energy prices, rose 0.3% in October, a slower rate than the 0.6% jump the previous month.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Common DreamsHarperCollins Employees Begin Indefinite Strike to Demand Fair Pay

        Unionized employees at HarperCollins Publishers in New York began a work stoppage Thursday, walking out after seven months of working without a contract and nearly a year of negotiations for fair pay and benefits.

        Workers from the prestigious publishing company's editorial, publicity, design, legal, and other departments are represented by Local 2110 of the UAW. The strike that began Thursday is set to go on for "as long as it takes" until executives meet the employees' demands, associate editor Stephanie Guerdan told The Guardian on Thursday.

      • Democracy NowThe Story of Baby O: Rebecca Nagle on the Supreme Court Case That Could Gut Native Sovereignty

        The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Tuesday in Haaland v. Brackeen, a case challenging the Indian Child Welfare Act and ultimately threatening the legal foundations of federal Indian law. ICWA was created in 1978 to address the systemic crisis of family separation in Native communities waged by the U.S. and requires the government to ensure foster children are adopted by members of their Indigenous tribes, as well as blood relatives, before being adopted by non-Indigenous parents. Now right-wing groups are supporting white foster parents to challenge the law as discriminatory. “Not only are our children on the line, but the legal foundation, the legal structure that defends the rights of Indigenous nations in the United States is literally at stake,” says journalist Rebecca Nagle, who has been reporting on the case for years and says it’s likely the Supreme Court will strike ICWA down. Nagle also comments on the oral arguments, saying the Supreme Court’s majority has “many racist stereotypes in their minds about Native people.”

      • ScheerpostVoters in Four States Approve Bans on Forced Prison Labor

        "There should be no exceptions to a ban on slavery," said Democratic U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley following passage of Measure 112 in Oregon.

      • TruthOutFour States Voted to End Slavery — But Not Louisiana. Here’s Why.
      • TruthOutDems May Lose House Because Party’s NY Leaders Focused on Defeating the Left
      • TechdirtHouston PD Drops Cases Tainted By Corrupt Narcotics Officers, But Decides It Can Still Keep Seized Cash

        In 2019, Houston police officers — relying on information generated by narcotic squad office Gerald Goines (who is now facing multiple criminal charges) — raided the home of Rhogena Nicholas and Dennis Tuttle. Both occupants of the home were killed during the raid — one predicated on lies from Officer Goines. The fallout resulted in the suspension of the drug unit Goines worked for, as well as the indictment of 11 more officers from the PD’s narcotics unit.

      • ShadowproofProtest Song Of The Week: ‘Waltzing Will Trilogy’ By Lavender Country

        Originally published at Ongoing History of Protest MusicOn October 31, 2022, trailblazing singer-songwriter and activist Patrick Haggerty died at the age of 78. A few weeks earlier he suffered a stroke. He fronted Lavender Country which is widely believed to be the first openly gay country band. In 1973, they released their self-titled debut often cited as the first gay-themed country album.

        Initially, there were only 1000 copies printed. The album later garnered interest from historians, music journalists, and record collectors. In 2014, the album was reissued by the Paradise of Bachelors label. Haggerty also embarked on a nationwide tour, which introduced a new generation to his music.

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

    • MoviePass/DRM

      • TechdirtMoviePass Execs Charged With Securities Fraud

        You’ll be shocked to learn that the same MoviePass executives that routinely misled investors (and once even covertly changed user passwords to try and keep them from using a service they paid for) are now in even more trouble for their dodgy business practices.

    • Monopolies

      • Patents

        • Common DreamsOutrage as Investigation Shows How Big Pharma 'Snuffed Out' Vaccine Patent Waiver

          While Big Pharma made no secret of its opposition to waiving patents for coronavirus vaccines, a new investigation published Thursday details the extent of the powerful industry's behind-the-scenes lobbying push as it sought to crush an effort to ramp up global production and distribution of the lifesaving shots.

          Joint reporting by Politico and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) revealed that pharmaceutical giants threatened several countries, including Belgium and Indonesia, with investment cuts if they decided to support a popular proposal to temporarily lift patent protections that have hindered vaccine production and distribution throughout the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

        • Common DreamsOpinion | An Open Letter to Bill Gates on Food, Farming, and Africa
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