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Links 22/11/2022: Release of DietPi 8.11

  • GNU/Linux

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • Linux MagazineThe New StarFighter Linux Laptop is Now Available For Preorder

        Star Labs has been creating Linux laptops for some time now and recently they announced a new addition to their fleet of options, the StartFighter custom laptop. This beautiful piece of technology features a true matte display that uses a protective coating to defuse ambient light so colors can shine brighter. The display offers up to 3840x2400 4K resolution, a 16:10 aspect ratio, and 600cd/m€² of brightness at a 165 Hz refresh rate and 178 degrees of viewing.

        Other features found on the StarFighter include a removable webcam with built-in storage, a kill switch to shut off wireless when needed, a backlit keyboard with media keys, international layouts, and LED indicators. The StarFighter also includes a haptic trackpad, and a Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation coaching for a textured finish that is stronger than steel and fingerprint resistant.

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Kernel Space

      • The Register UKTime Lords decree an end to leap seconds ● The Register

        The Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) has made a decision, and declared that the world can do without leap seconds.

        Leap seconds have occasionally been added to official timekeeping records to reflect changes in the Earth's angular rotation and a way of measuring time called UT1.

        While UT1 is valid and correct, the world also measures time using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) – a time scale produced by BIPM.

        Adding leap seconds to satisfy UT1 messes with UTC, and that makes time's overseers unhappy.

        Leap seconds are also painful to promulgate in the digital realm. The Linux kernel's inability to handle added leap seconds caused plenty of crashes in 2012. A 2015 leap second also caused issues and in 2016 Cloudflare stumbled when confronted with the need to add a second.

    • Graphics Stack

      • VK_EXT_descriptor_buffer

        We’ve just released an extension that I think will completely change how engines approach descriptors going forward.

        tl;dr version for the busy graphics programmer: Descriptor sets are now backed by VkBuffer objects where you memcpy in descriptors. Delete VkDescriptorPool and VkDescriptorSet from the API, and have fun!

    • Applications

      • Linux LinksMimic 3 – neural Text to Speech (TTS) engine

        Mimic 3 is a neural text to speech engine that can run locally, even on low-end hardware like the Raspberry Pi 4. The software speaks over 25 languages with over 100 pre-trained voices. Mimic 3 uses VITS, a “Conditional Variational Autoencoder with Adversarial Learning for End-to-End Text-to-Speech”.

        Mimic 3 is free and open source software.

        Let’s take you through the installation steps first before demonstrating the software.

      • Free Desktop[ANNOUNCE] wayland-protocols 1.30
        wayland-protocols 1.30 is now available.

        This release introduces a new staging protocol extension aiming for letting clients communicate to compositors that they allow their content to "tear" (screen showing part old, part new content). See the protocol extension specification for details.
      • Linux LinksBest Free and Open Source Alternative to SAS/STAT - LinuxLinks

        SAS/STAT provides tools and procedures for statistical modeling of data. It includes analysis of variance, linear regression, predictive modeling, statistical visualization techniques and a lot more.

        SAS is proprietary software. What are the best free and open source alternatives to SAS/STAT?

      • Linux LinksBest Free and Open Source Alternatives to Apple VoiceOver - LinuxLinks

        Apple VoiceOver is a screen-reader that tells you exactly what’s happening on your device.

        VoiceOver is proprietary software and not available for Linux. We recommend the best free and open source alternatives.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • EX180 Series: Using Podman to Build Images and Run Containers

        We are going to have a look at the EX180 exam objectives for Podman, review commands for Dockerfile and perform 4 hands-on tasks to get familiar with an image creation process.

      • UNIX CopHow To Install Metasploit on Ubuntu 20.04 | 22.04 LTS

        In this guide, we will download and install Metasploit on Ubuntu systems

        The Metasploit Project is a computer security project that provides information about security vulnerabilities and aids in penetration testing and IDS signature development. It is owned by Boston, Massachusetts-based security company Rapid7.

        Its best-known sub-project is the open-source Metasploit Framework, a tool for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine. Other important sub-projects include the Opcode Database, shellcode archive and related research.

        The Metasploit Project includes anti-forensic and evasion tools, some of which are built into the Metasploit Framework. Metasploit is pre-installed in the Kali Linux operating system.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install Nvidia Drivers on LMDE 5/4

        Linux Mint Debian Edition is, as most users that install it would know, based on Debian. By default, Debian does come with support for Nvidia drivers over the open-source nouveau drivers, which depending on the type of graphic card you have installed, would most likely work and improve the performance of your system, especially for games and users that do graphical design. But, for users with newer cards, even the default repository Nvidia drivers can often fall behind. Luckily, there are options for LMDE users to install the latest drivers using the Nvidia CUDA repository.

        The following tutorial will teach you how to install Nvidia Graphic Drivers using default repositories and to install Nvidia drivers directly from Nvidia repositories on Linux Mint Debian Edition, with both open-source and proprietary drivers available.

      • Make Use OfHow to Install and Set Up MariaDB on Ubuntu 22.04

        MariaDB is a widely used database in Linux systems. In this guide, you will explore how to install the database on Ubuntu 22.04 with the help of a few easy-to-follow commands.

        Once you've installed and configured MariaDB, you will learn how to interact with it through the MariaDB command line. In the end, you will also see a command to uninstall the database from Ubuntu.

      • Linux Made SimpleHow to install Blender on a Chromebook

        Today we are looking at how to install Blender on a Chromebook.

        If you have any questions, please contact us via a YouTube comment and we would be happy to assist you!

        Please use the video as a visual guide, and the commands and links below to install it on your Chromebook.

      • LinuxConfigVIM tutorial for beginners

        The Vim editor (and its predecessor, vi) is a command line editor for Linux systems. It has a long standing reputation as being the most powerful text editor on Linux. After mastering it, many users will even claim that it is far speedier and more convenient to use than a typical GUI editor packed with lots of features in its menus.

        Vim has a staggering number of features and functions, but they are all hidden behind keyboard shortcuts and commands. There are no menus or hints in Vim, as users are expected to have enough of a grasp to navigate around on their own. And this is where Vim’s learning curve turns off most new users from bothering with it. Many novices would rather stick with something simple, like nano, than deal with all Vim’s depth.

      • Document FoundationQuick tutorial – Docking Colour Palettes in LibreOffice Draw

        Did you know? You can dock colour palettes in many places in LibreOffice Draw. Here’s a quick video from Harald Berger, from the German LibreOffice community...

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • Nate GrahamKDE is hiring a software engineer - Adventures in Linux and KDE

          Yes that’s right folks, it’s happening!!! KDE is growing up, joining the big leagues, and cooking on all burners!

          The KDE e.V. recently dipped its toes into the waters of technical hiring by contracting with longtime KDE contributor Ingo Klöcker to maintain and improve KDE’s packaging infrastructure for non-FOSS platforms. Now we’re at it again with a new open position for a “Software Platform Engineer.”

          This is an open-ended development position, with responsibilities for work on KDE frameworks, Plasma, Qt, middleware like Pipewire and Wayland protocols–basically, the same things that a lot of people are already doing. But… on a consistent work-work basis, for money, with your KDE friends as professional colleagues and supervisors!

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • FSF

      • GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)Happy€ 27! - GIMP

        Today, on 21st of November 2022, the GNU Image Manipulation Program turned 27 (cf. the first release announcement on 1995-11-21).

      • FSFLibrePlanet CFS closing very soon. Submit today!

        Our Thanksgiving gift: four more days to submit your session for LibrePlanet 2023! The call for sessions will now close on Monday, November 28, 2022, at 10:00 EST (15:00 UTC). We thought one last reminder, and one more weekend, just might be the last push you need to bring pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!) and submit your idea for a presentation, workshop, panel, or instructional video at LibrePlanet 2023: Charting the Course. The event will be held on March 18 and 19, 2022 and will be offered both in person and online. Sessions may be conducted either in person or remotely.

    • Programming/Development

      • Dirk EddelbuettelRcppClassic 0.9.13 on CRAN: Minor Update

        A maintenance release 0.9.14 of the RcppClassic package arrived earlier today on CRAN. This package provides a maintained version of the otherwise deprecated initial Rcpp API which no new projects should use as the normal Rcpp API is so much better.

        The changes is. CRAN was reporting (for all four macOS builds, and only there) that an absolute path was embedded, so we updated the (old …) call to install_name_tool use on that (and only that) OS. No other changes were made.

      • QtQt for MCUs - Lists & Highlights

        Qt for MCUs provides a lighter version of the mainstream Qt to be able to effortlessly run on devices having lower RAM, Flash, and CPU availability. That being said it would imply developers coming from the Qt mainstream world may have to work with certain limitations while implementing HMI for MCUs.

        Even with limitations when it comes to HMI we still want to see something fancy and give our users a smooth experience and as developers, we want to challenge ourselves and develop smooth HMI with the constraints of the HMI framework and the obvious hardware constraints of MCUs.

        Lists being common in the various HMI designs, the same stands for MCU designs, but, unlike the Listview feature of mainstream Qt with functionalities like Cachebuffer, highlight, highlight begin & end, currentIndex, currentItem, are not available in Qt for MCUs. What is available out of the box with lists in Qt for MCUs is model, delegate which helps us create a basic view.

      • Is there a note-taking app that beats Vim, Markdown, and Git?: Dissociated Press

        Usually I avoid post titles / headlines in the form of a question, but I’m genuinely curious: Have you found a good note-taking app that’s ultimately better than just plain text files in Markdown with Vim (optionally synced with Git)?

        I’ve tried lots of apps like Joplin, Obsidian, and services like HackMD, but tend to get frustrated with them quickly. It may just be my impatience, if I stuck with one longer than a week or two I’d get the hang of it. I learned Vim as a job requirement (long story) and had to stick out the learning curve.

      • How to rotate an actor with Raylib without math knowledge | AksDev

        I wanted to write down how I made the enemy characters in Artificial Rage rotate towards the player, since I couldn’t find a simple answer.

        Most things I found was math. Now math is fun and good, but when you’re tired and want to get one thing just to work at 4 am, it’s not gonna help you.

        Especially since I’ve never learned linear algebra at any school I’ve went to (or I just likely don’t remember), and double especially since all the math lingo is in English and I have no idea what any of it means!!!

        Getting Gooder at math is on my eternal to-do list, but anyhow, for those like me who just need to get something done, here’s how I did it.

        First off, I just wanted the character to rotate around it’s Y-axis: If you would stick a.. well stick in a grape and twirl the stick in your fingers, that’s the Y-axis of the grape. This means the following snippet does not take account the other axises. But I’m sure it could be used for it.

      • Perl / Raku

        • Rakulang2022.47 Migratory - Rakudo Weekly News

          This year has seen a lot of migrations. In the real world sadly, but also online: the FreeNode fiasco comes to mind, and now Twitter appears to be going the same direction. So it was a good opportunity to start an official channel for the Raku Programming Language on Mastodon:, run by members of the Raku Steering Council. This will replace the two Twitter accounts that were run by Moritz Lenz and Roman Baumer.

          Yours truly found out today that you can actually “follow” a tag on Mastodon. To follow the #RakuLang tag, the relative URL is /tags/RakuLang on your local Mastodon instance, so e.g. Why the CamelCase? Aren’t tags case insensitive? They are indeed, but by camelcasing them, you make it easier on the people that need to use screen readers, as screenreaders take the capital letters as hints for pronunciation.

        • PerlReturn of Kephra | lichtkind []

          Juhuu, released Kephra 0.401 in the spirit release early - release often. It is the start of a complete rewrite. So it's back to zero: now it can only edit one file at a time and has only Perl highlighting and UTF-8 or ASCII encoding. But some of you will still want to use it (beside vi, emacs, VStudio or atom - I know) because of the comfort in basic editing it provides. The following article explains what I mean by that.

          Basic editing means writing, crafting, forming a text without big IDE features like refactoring, linting and such. It is surprising how deficient, especially big IDE are in that field, where a little coding and much attention to details works wonders.

          It starts with tiny things like: in Perl $ @ % are word character because part of an identifier. And when you navigate the next you want skip a whole var at once or select it, without additional key twiddling. You want also navigate between matching braces, from block to block or from sub so sub or just easily return to place you just wrote something (Ctrl+E). All that by just holding Ctrl for minimal finger movement.

  • Leftovers

    • Hardware

    • Proprietary

      • It's FOSSVMware Workstation 17 Series Releases; Adds New Linux Guest OS [Ed: Sourav Rudra knows it's NOT FOSS and he even admits it ("It isn't open-source but works quite well."), so what does the site ItsFOSS stand for?]

        VMware Workstation is a popular virtual machine software available for Linux and Windows.

        It isn't open-source but works quite well. Used by enterprises, individuals, and educational institutions alike, it offers a lot of utility with support for various Linux distros.

        Sometimes, it might prove to be a better option than VirtualBox. However, that should be up for debate as per your use-cases.

      • The Register UKVMware adds Apple silicon support to desktop hypervisor ● The Register

        VMware has refreshed its desktop hypervisors, adding native support for Apple's Arm-based CPUs as well as Windows 11.

        The virtualization giant offers three desktop hypervisors: Workstation and Player for x86 machines, plus Fusion for macOS. Workstation and Player have reached version 17, and Fusion is at version 13.

        The big addition to both is a virtual trusted platform module (TPM) – an essential requirement for running Windows 11 as a guest OS.

      • GhacksMicrosoft is turning Windows 11's Start Menu into an advertisement delivery system
    • Linux Foundation

    • Security

    • Finance

      • I CringelyWhat about the layoffs at Meta and Twitter? Elon is crazy! WTF???

        I first arrived in Silicon Valley in 1977 — 45 years ago. I was 24 years old and had accepted a Stanford fellowship paying $2,575 for the academic year. My on-campus apartment rent was $175 per month and a year later I’d buy my first Palo Alto house for $57,000 (sold 21 years later for $990,000). It was an exciting time to be living and working in Silicon Valley. And it still is. We’re right now in a period of economic confusion and reflection when many of the loudest voices have little to no sense of history. Well my old brain is crammed with history and I’m here to tell you that the current situation — despite the news coverage — is no big deal. This, too, shall pass.


        I could easily argue that AI in 1987 looks very similar to the metaverse in 2021. Meta (formerly Facebook) is losing $10 billion per year betting on its metaverse strategy. Recent layoffs suggest that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is reevaluating his expected timeline for success.

        How long can Zuckerberg afford to continue dumping billions into metaverse development? Given Meta’s corporate structure giving Zuckerberg personal voting control of the company, that question comes down to how long Meta will have enough excess cashflow to cover the costs. IF Meta is cutting its burn rate in half with these layoffs (a good argument I think) Zuckerberg can continue spending at this rate… forever. This assumes Meta continues to make lots of money with current products, but it also identifies Zuck as probably the only person in the history of tech who could make this bet pay off IF the meta verse actually becomes the next big thing.

        It will be interesting to see what happens with Meta. Zuck might just run out of energy or — more likely — some competing next big thing may come along to distract him. I’m not sure it really matters much.

        What does matter is that in high tech change is the norm, flux is nearly constant, and what we are seeing in the current weakness is probably change that should have happened years ago but for all the cheap money.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • Daniel PocockLinking Julian Assange, Novak Djokovic & Prince Alfred with triangles

        The University of Melbourne is surrounded by three well known bars. We can join the dots to make the Golden triangle or perhaps the Bermuda triangle. Students who go for a drink at lunchtime might disappear for the rest of the day.

        Now we have a second triangle sharing one point, the Prince Alfred, with the first triangle.

        The bars are Naughton's on the Royal Parade, the Clyde Hotel in Carlton and the Prince Alfred's (PA's) bar on Grattan Street. If you want to walk in the footsteps of the late Peter Eckersley, PA's is closest to the computer science labs in Bouverie Street.

        Recent blogs began to explore Prince Alfred. When Julian Assange was apprehended in the UK, he gave an address barely 50 meters away at 177 Grattan Street. When Novak Djokovic was apprehended by Australian authorities earlier this year, he was detained in the nearby Park Hotel, formerly Rydges Carlton.

    • Moderation

      • CCIAState Content Moderation Landscape Update and Look to 2023 - Disruptive Competition Project

        We are two weeks past the 2022 midterm elections and this year’s election advanced state leadership on a number of issues. States have become the new battleground for policy making and influencing, especially with regards to content moderation. But before we preview how the content moderation debate could play out in 2023, we first have to review past and ongoing trends.

        State lawmakers began their own initiatives to regulate online content moderation around 2018. Since 2021, states have introduced over 250 bills to regulate content across digital services’ platforms, though often with the intent to target leading tech companies alone. Many states are considering or have enacted content moderation legislation. However, much of this legislation risks conflicting with federal law, including Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which, as our resource page elucidates, is integral to the function of the Internet.

        Many states are changing to one-party rule in this election cycle and state legislation will therefore be much easier to pass. Over the past year, legislators have pursued multiple kinds of content moderation measures (more deeply covered in CCIA’s Content Moderation Landscape), the most problematic of which often center on perceived “censorship,” the establishment of an oversight body, disclosure and auditing or testing requirements for algorithms, increased content removal, and resolutions calling on Congress to amend or repeal Section 230, among other foci. Certain states to be aware of are California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.

      • Copyrights

        • Public KnowledgePrince Prints, Minted in Tints, and Article III’s Art Critic Stints - Public Knowledge

          Back in the 1980s, a photographer named Lynn Goldsmith took photo portraits of Prince. (Yes, that Prince.) She licensed them to Vanity Fair to be used as artist’s references for article illustrations, got paid, and went along her merry way. Vanity Fair turned around and commissioned Andy Warhol (yes, that Andy Warhol) to do a silkscreen illustration of Prince, based on Goldsmith’s photos, for an upcoming issue. Warhol completed the commission, and then some; although he was only paid for one (“Purple Prince”), he made another 13 variants, just for funsies. These were not published, nor were they part of the agreement with Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair ran the article with “Purple Prince” in 1984, and Warhol died in 1989.

          Three decades later, Prince died. Vanity Fair approached Warhol’s heirs (The Warhol Foundation) and asked if the publication could use another image from the Prince Series as the cover for their commemorative edition. The Warhol Foundation agreed, and another print from the series (“Orange Prince”) ran on the cover of Vanity Fair.

          Goldsmith – who had, to this point, been unaware of the other 13 Prince prints (try saying that ten times fast) – sued, arguing that her initial license to Vanity Fair only covered the creation of the initial print. According to Goldsmith, the silkscreens amount to nothing more than unlicensed colorizations that infringe on her copyright. The Warhol Foundation countered that the prints were a transformative fair use, as (among other things) they substantially altered the “meaning or message” of the original work. The trial court agreed with Warhol; the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals did not.

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • pursuing a goal or experiencing a moment - a short note without conclusion

        I once witnessed a discussion in which, on two opposing, mutually exclusive scales, the discussants placed deriving energy for action from pursuing a goal and deriving it from experiencing (consciously) the moment.

        Why these two sources should be mutually exclusive is something I did not understand and do not understand to this day. Is it not possible to draw energy from both, whether alternately or even simultaneously by consciously experiencing the process of pursuing a goal?

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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