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Microsoft Bing Hides News Regarding Microsoft Stabber Joseph Cantrell

Reprinted with permission from Ryan

Microsoft has removed all references to Joseph Cantrell from Bing News, which has made its way into DuckDuckGo as well.

Google News still returns results for the drug addled Nazi that Microsoft hired and now tries to hide. No doubt, having him stab another employee was very embarrassing.

This is just one example of how Microsoft can run damage control. As his case winds its way through the court system, people will increasingly wonder what kind of company hires people who self-admit to extensive drug usage and Nazi ideology, and then further admit that nobody on their team of 4, which costs the company over a million bucks, can figure out bugs in Azure, and have to resort to posting questions on Stack Exchange.

The drug diary, which I also previously reported on, also shows that Cantrell’s behavior created an extremely toxic and harassing workplace. On numerous occasions, Cantrell says that in company meetings, he said Indians shouldn’t be allowed to work at Microsoft and that one person in particular “should have her green card revoked” for being Indian, admitted to soliciting prostitutes and getting STDs from them, and blogged extensively that tech companies who have Indian CEOs don’t have good products anymore. “I wonder if Bill Gates even uses Windows or if that Indian guy at Google even uses Google.”

Almost all of the worst of his admissions in the diary were on his public Web site before the hiring.

But if Microsoft sets up a simple key word ban, nobody following Bing or DuckDuckGo News will read about its dirty laundry.

Joseph Cantrell results from Bing News

Joseph Cantrell results from Google News

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