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Links 29/04/2023: Many Companies Collapsing (or Resort to Enron-Style Accounting) and Yet Another Big Bank Bailout

  • GNU/Linux

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • HowTo Geek The Kubuntu Focus Ir14 Is a Premium Linux Laptop With KDE
        The options for Linux laptops are growing more and more every day. While System76 mostly leads the charge, Kubuntu Focus also has some options. And this new laptop is geared towards getting work done.

        The Kubuntu Focus Ir14 is the latest laptop by the Kubuntu Focus team in partnership with Carbon Systems. According to the press release it’s designed to “exude quality everywhere the customer looks and touches.” While we can’t evaluate that statement before we get our hands on one of these—and we do plan on reviewing this laptop—the Focus Ir14 sure has a premium look, with a metal finish and narrow screen bezels.

      • LiliputingKubuntu Focus Ir14 is a 3 pound Linux laptop with Core i5-12450H and Thunderbolt 4 for $895 and up

        The Kubuntu Focus Ir14 is a compact notebook with a 14 inch FHD+ display, a 45-watt Intel Core i5-12450H processor, a Thunderbolt 4 port with support for 40 Gbps data transfer speeds and support for up to 64GB of RAM and 4TB of storage.

        The 3 pound notebook is also the latest in a line of Kubuntu Focus notebooks that ship with the Ubuntu-based Kubuntu GNU/Linux distribution and the KDE Plasma user interface. It’s available now for $895 and up.

        For that price you get a notebook with 8GB of DDR4-3200 memory and 250GB of solid state storage, but both are user upgradeable. Or you can configure the system with up to 64GB of RAM and up to two 2TB SSDs before ordering.

        Kubuntu Focus also offers an option to have full disk encryption enabled or disabled before the laptop ships.

      • Beta News TUXEDO unveils next-gen InfinityBook Pro 14: A powerful, ultra-mobile Linux laptop
        TUXEDO has announced the latest generation of its popular InfinityBook Pro 14, an ultra-mobile yet powerful business laptop featuring a 16:10 3K display, massive 99 Wh battery, and full Linux support.

        The new 8th generation InfinityBook Pro 14 boasts a combination of an ultra-light and slim magnesium body, a high-end processor, and the maximum battery capacity allowed for airplane carry-on. This combination ensures maximum mobility and strong performance for business, multimedia, and even image and video editing on a premium 14-inch high-resolution display.

      • It's Ubuntu TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen8 Linux Ultrabook : Pre-Order Now

        TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen8 Linux Ultrabook is now available for Pre-order. Powered by an Intel Core i7-13700H CPU processor, you will see the massive high-end specs that are more than enough to be the powerful Linux ultrabook. You will find the beautiful InfinityBook Pro 14 with a 14-inch 90Hz 2880×1800 pixels resolution display (16:10 aspect ratio), 400 nits brightness, and full sRGB color space coverage.

    • Applications

      • Make Use OfPlay God in the Linux Terminal With Conway’s Game of Life

        If you spend a lot of time working with the Linux terminal, you may already have delusions of divine power—especially if you're logged in as root.

        Take some time out from raining frogs on your users with this classic cellular automata simulation, and sit back as evolution takes its course.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Terence EdenResponsive Yearly Calendar with Flexbox

        The wrapper which holds all the calendars uses flex-wrap. This means there's no need to set explicit breakpoints - if there's no horizontal space, the calendar will move to the next row.

      • Old VCROf Sun Ray laptops, MIPS and getting root on them

        I like Sun Ray laptops. They make surprisingly useful thin clients. Here, going from right to left, I'm playing Quake on my Solaris UltraBook IIi while it serves a Sun Ray session via Sun Ray Server Software (SRSS) to my silver Sun Ray 2N in the middle, and on my Accutech Gobi on the left I'm root.

      • DJ AdamsImproving my interactive jq workflow with ijq, bash and tmux

        I'm a big fan of ijq and how it allows me to explore JSON data interactively with jq expressions. With a small script I have improved my workflow by being able to capture the jq expression from ijq and use it easily on the command line.

      • University of TorontoMore notes on Linux's /proc/locks and NFS as of Ubuntu 22.04

        About a year ago, when we were still running our NFS fileservers, I investigated /proc/locks a bit (it's documented in the proc(5) manual page). Since then we've upgraded our fileservers to Ubuntu 22.04 (which uses Ubuntu's '5.15.0' kernel), and there's some things that are a bit different now, especially on NFS servers.

      • ID RootHow To Install Nginx on Fedora 38

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Nginx on Fedora 38. Are you looking for a powerful and efficient web server to serve your website or application on Fedora 37? Look no further than Nginx! Nginx (pronounced "engine x") is a high-performance web server that is known for its speed and reliability.

      • AddictiveTipsSecuring an Ubuntu Linux server with SELinux

        Ubuntu uses AppArmor by default. It’s a great system that does roughly what SELinux claims to do. However, if you wish to use SELinux instead, you’ll need to disable AppArmor. To disable AppArmor on Ubuntu Server, do the following.

        First, SSH into your Ubuntu server system (or physically sit at it and use the terminal). Once you’ve logged into the terminal, use the systemctl disable command to disable AppArmor from your Ubuntu system.

      • AddictiveTipsHow to upgrade to Ubuntu 23.04

        Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster has just been released, and it brings some exciting new features to the table. The fresh Linux kernel, Gnome Shell 44, completely revamped installer, new file-picker features, and more make this upgrade well worth considering. This guide will help you make the switch to 23.04 and explore all the new features it has to offer.

      • TechTargetHow to install Cockpit for Linux | TechTarget

        Linux admins will need to use some of these commands to install Cockpit and configure firewalls. Admins can also connect to one or more servers through Cockpit via these steps.

      • Microsoft Edge & Brave browsers not loading pages or crashing ('Error code: SIGILL') on Fedora & other Linux distros (workaround inside) [Ed: Edge is malware; Microsoft steals all the passwords without users' consent]
      • Make Use OfNo, You Don't Need Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), and Here's Why [Ed: Well, it's made to prevent people from installing real GNU/Linux]

        The short answer is no, you don't. But if you wanted to know why, read on as we explore why you don't need WSL.

    • Games

      • ColliderJoe Russo & 'Fortnite's Donald Mustard Weigh In on the Future of Storytelling, Gaming & Entertainment [Exclusive]

        MUSTARD: OK, so this is something I can – I won't tell you what, but I can talk about. Do you know what motion capture is? You see the suits and the balls… I was in one of our studios maybe two weeks ago, and I was shooting a scene. So I had a bunch of actors in mocap suits in an actual space, and the scene I was shooting happened to be in a space about the exact size of the mocap area, but I was shooting it through– I mean, I had an iPad, but I had it on like a camera rig. So I had actual actors acting out this scene, but I am looking at it through an iPad that I'm holding as a camera.

        It was one of the most surreal experiences, the most Holodeck experiences I've ever had because what I'm seeing is literally… I’m in this space that's all rendering real-time. It's all near photoreal, right? And I'm just walking around this space, and it was like this augmented reality, but I could, through my lens, I don't see them in their mocap suits, I see the characters that they're playing, and I'm in the space, and I'm like, “Oh, I'm gonna move around behind this wall,” and, “Oh, that's cool, that dish is in the way and I'm gonna shoot through it,” and I can then give them direction as they're moving around.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • Giz ChinaBlendOS 2 is Here to Solve all Your Linux Problems -

      Rudra Saraswat, the developer behind BlendOS has released the second version. He calls this version BlendOS 2 Avial. This release happens to be the second largest release of this unique unchangeable GNU / Linux distribution. The BlendOS works by blending multiple Linux distributions to work as one. It blends Arch Linux, Fedora Linux and Ubuntu to work as one big operating system. The BlendOS 2 is released now, and it promises support for Android apps out of the box.

      The BlendOS 2 comes with the WayDroid project which allows for support of Android apps. The WayDroid project is an open-source container-based solution which allows users to run the full Android operating system inside Linux. This makes it a lot easier to install Android apps from popular stores like Aurora or F-Droid. The best part is that users can use these apps together with native Linux apps. With BlendOS 2, Android app developers can also be able test the apps in Android Studio using WayDroid. So, developers will no longer need the help of an extra heavy Android emulator.

    • Reviews

      • DedoimedoFedora 37 Workstation quick review

        What did we learn here today? Not much. Did I review Fedora 37? Not per se. Then again, yes. I mean, you interact with the operating system in some way, and if that initial interaction is mostly frustrating and difficult, then there's no point going on. I found myself wasting mouse clicks, and my eyes tingling from sub-optimal UI settings, be it colors, font choice, or else. I realized I was doing a pointless ritual of undoing Gnome defaults to get a classic desktop scheme. That's just unnecessary.

        Fedora also comes in other guises, including Plasma. Perhaps there, I could discover the wonders of its tech stack. And usually, Fedora has a lot of decent, new stuff. But there's no LTS, it's all short-lived bleeding-edge tech, and you also need to hunt for proprietary stuff if you wanna do conventional fun. All in all, it makes no sense for everyday usage, especially if you want peace and quiet.

        And yes, Fedora has become quite stable in the last few years, and there's no real feeling of "beta" about it anymore, but even so, I don't want to be upgrading my operating system, pretty much ever, let alone every few months. Then, for a given distro, overall usability, efficiency and performance will be closely tied to the choice of the desktop environment, so the conclusion there is quite obvious. Anyway, I vowed a couple of years back to stop doing distro reviews for the sake of it, and focus on my fun factor. There was little of it to be had today, so I cut the review short. I think I'll have a look at Fedora 38 Plasma soon, but I don't think I will try the stock Gnome release any time soon. That venue will have a consistent outcome for me, alas. Take care, fellow Tuxers, see you around.

    • New Releases

      • LinuxiacNitrux 2.8.0 Brings a Host of System Improvements and Android Support
        Nitrux is a desktop-focused Linux distribution based on the Debian unstable branch, featuring a heavily modified KDE Plasma desktop environment called NX Desktop, the MauiKit application framework, and a unique approach to package management.

        That means there will be no conventional package manager here. Instead, all the apps you need can be installed as Flatpak packages, AppImages, or inside Distrobox containers.

    • Fedora Family / IBM

      • Yahoo NewsHow a little tech startup in the Triangle took on Microsoft ... and won

        “How is that possible, that one of the world’s biggest technology companies ... loses the product of the year to a company with 50 employees in the tobacco fields of North Carolina?”

        Heading into 1998, the software provider Red Hat was little known outside a core of coders and computer geeks.

        The 5-year-old company worked out of nondescript offices in Durham where it employed fewer than 40 people. Local press was rare, let alone national attention. Its unique approach to software, called open source, was niche, arcane and not obviously profitable. How do you build a business off a free code?

      • The Register UKRed Hat layoffs prompt calls to unionize, CEO responds ● The Register
    • Debian Family

      • LWNDebian "bookworm" release on June 10 []

        For those who are waiting for the upcoming Debian "bookworm" release, the date has now been set: it's coming out on June 10. The full-freeze date for the distribution will be May 24.

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • OMG Ubuntu Ubuntu 23.10 Codename Revealed as “Mantic Minotaur”
        As per Launchpad, home of Ubuntu development, Ubuntu 23.10 is codenamed “Mantic Minotaur”.

        This Machiavellian mandate may manifest as a milestone worthy of …Nope, I’m running out of words beginning with M — but what does it mean?

        Well, ‘Mantic‘ is an adjective relating to divination or prophecy.

      • It's Ubuntu Ubuntu 23.10 “Mantic Minotaur” Release Schedule
        Ubuntu 23.10 “Mantic Minotaur” Release Schedule

        Ubuntu 23.10, “Mantic Minotaur”, will be the next version of Ubuntu that is slated for release later on October 12th of this year (2023). It is the last interim release before the next Long Term Support release, Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

      • Ubuntu StudioUbuntu Studio 20.04 LTS has reached End-Of-Life

        This means that the Xfce, audio, video, graphics, photography, and publishing components of your system will no longer receive updates, plus we at Ubuntu Studio will no longer support it after today, 28-April-2023, though your base packages from Ubuntu will continue to receive security updates from Ubuntu until 2025 since Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Cloud and Ubuntu Core continue to receive updates.

    • Open Hardware/Modding

    • Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Web Browsers/Web Servers

    • SaaS/Back End/Databases

      • PostgreSQLCloudNativePG 1.20.0, 1.19.2 and 1.18.4 Released!

        The CloudNativePG Community has announced version 1.20.0, a new minor release of the CloudNativePG Operator, which introduces support for declarative role management, allowing you to manage PostgreSQL users and groups via configuration, and declarative hibernation, which enables you to shut down all running pods in a PostgreSQL cluster and keep only the persistent volumes.

      • PostgreSQLPGConf NYC 2023 - Call for Speakers and Sponsors

        PGConf NYC 2023 (October 3 - 5, 2023, New York City) is packed with user stories and best practices for how to use PostgreSQL. Join us in New York City and connect with other developers, DBAs, administrators, decisions makers, and contributors to the open source PostgreSQL community!

        The call for papers open until June 12, 2023! We want to hear your PostgreSQL stories.

      • PostgreSQLcredcheck v1.1 released
        PostgreSQL credcheck extension

        The credcheck PostgreSQL extension provides few general credential checks, which will be evaluated during the user creation, during the password change and user renaming. By using this extension, we can define a set of rules: [...]

        • allow a specific set of credentials
        • reject a certain type of credentials
    • Licensing / Legal

      • Fixing our Self Defeating Licence Compatibility Problems in Open Source

        The first thing to note is that Open Source incompatible licence combination isn’t as easy as simply combining the code under a single licence: You have to preserve the essential elements of both licences in the code which is combined (although not necessarily the whole project), so for an Apache-2/GPLv2 combination, you’ll need a note on the files saying they follow the stronger Apache patent termination and indemnity even if they’re otherwise GPLv2. However, as long as you’re careful the combination works for either of two reasons: because the Apache-2 restrictions aren’t material additional restrictions under the GPLv2 preamble or because no-one was actually harmed in the making of the combination (or both).

        One can see from the above that similar arguments can be applied to various other supposedly incompatible licence combinations (exercise for the reader: try it with BSD-4-Clause and GPLv2). One final point that should be made is that licences and contracts are also all about what was in the minds of the parties, so for open source licences on community code, the norms and practices of the community matter in addition to what the licence actually says and what courts have made of it. In the final analysis, if the community norm of, say, a GPLv2 project is to accept Apache-2 code allowing for the stronger patent and indemnity clauses, then that will become the understood basis for interpreting the GPLv2 licence in that community.

    • Programming/Development

      • Carl SchwanHealth of the KDE community (2023 Update)

        These stats include all the extragear, plasma, frameworks and release service repository as well as most of the KDE websites and a few KDE playground projects I had on my hard drive. For example, it doesn’t includes most of the unmaintained projects (e.g. kdepimlibs, koffice, plasma-mediacenter, …). Also important to note, is that this doesn’t include translations at all, since they are stored in SVN and added in the tarballs during the releasing process.

        I also removed manually all the scripted commits and I merged the contributions from “Laurent Montel” with “Montel Laurent” as well as the one from various contributors whose name changed.

      • QtGive Your App a Cross-Functional Future with Qt

        Hey, you! Looking to build a high-performing and future-proof application that you can extend to desktop, mobile, and web? Want to cut down on development time, and make use of a tech ecosystem that offers a lot more beyond the initial development and design tools?

      • Raspberry PiKids’ coding languages

        Explore kids' coding languages like ScratchJr, Scratch and Python. Start kids on graphical languages to help them grasp the basics of programming.

      • Dante CatalfamoLesser Known IRB Features

        While poking around in IRB and looking at the autocompletion results, I found some functions that I didn't recognize and decided to take a look at what they do. I found some pretty interesting stuff.

        It looks like some of these commands have been added recently to come up to par with pry, and others have been kicking around for a while and just flying under the radar.

      • Dante CatalfamoTesting Rails Components That Require Cache

        If you're in the default testing environment your rails cache is ActiveSupport::Cache::NullStore which will always succeed but it doesn't actually store or return anything.

        There's an almost completely undocumented method called with_local_cache on NullStore that lets you run a block with a MemoryStore instead of a NullStore for the duration of the block. This happens because it prepends the ActiveSupport::Cache::Strategy::LocalCache class. This lets you test one or two things that require caching without enabling it on all tests and slowing everything down.

  • Leftovers

  • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

    • Public KnowledgeThe EU’s “Fair Share” Proposal Is a Threat to Net Neutrality Everywhere

      The European Commission has recently launched a public consultation on the future of broadband access, including whether large online platforms should pay broadband providers to upgrade their network capacity.

    • Ruben SchadeChanging sites for new stakeholders (aka: not us)

      Manton Reece microblogged about a phenomena to which every tired engineer and corporate officer worker can attest:

      This is not exactly a commentary on any specific platform, but you can just tell when the creators of a tool use their own stuff and engage with the community. The farther you get away from that, the less confidence users will have.

  • Digital Restrictions (DRM)

    • Michael West MediaSpotify investigates issues after reports of outage

      Spotify Technology says it is investigating some issues with its web page following reports the audio streaming platform was down for thousands of users. There were more than 15,000 incidents of people reporting issues with Spotify, according to Downdetector...

  • Monopolies

    • DataCenter DynamicsMicrosoft's veiled threats to the UK over Activision reveal a lot [Ed: Microsoft, a bunch of thugs and criminals, issues threats to government in a publisher partly "owned" by Bill Gates (BBC). That says a lot about the media, too.]

      Microsoft President Brad Smith is pissed with Britain. He thought his company's $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision was a done deal, but Britain's merger watchdog just blocked it.

      In a BBC radio interview, Smith pretty much threatened that Microsoft could pull back from investing in Britain, if Prime Minister Rishi Sunak does not step in to overrule this week's judgement by the Competition and Markets Authority.

    • UK Watchdog Blocks Microsoft's Acquisition Of Activision Blizzard

      Due to concerns over stifled competition in the cloud-computing gaming market, British regulators have blocked Microsoft's purchase of leading video-game maker Activision Blizzard.

      The deal, which would have cost $69 billion, was set to be the biggest tech deal in history.

      The deal had already been scrutinized by regulators in the U.S. and Europe, as well as Sony. All were concerned that Microsoft would hold an unfair advantage in the developing cloud gaming market with control over popular franchises such as "Call of Duty," "World of Warcraft" and "Candy Crush."

    • Patents

      • Modernised legal texts are now the official versions [Ed: EPO is purging the past while break the rules, violating the EPC etc.]

        The newly formatted versions of the EPO's legal texts on are now the official versions of the texts. Following a one-month transition period, the older versions have now been removed from the website.

      • EPO and OAPI heads of office bilateral meeting [Ed: EPO is run by criminals, so it needs photo ops and stuff to legitimise itself]

        EPO President and OAPI Director General meet to discuss validation agreement

    • Copyrights

      • Digital Music NewsTyler, The Creator Puts Clause in His Will Prohibiting Posthumous Album Releases

        At his latest show, Tyler, The Creator reveals that he put a clause in his will prohibiting posthumous album releases after his death. Tyler, The Creator€ revealed€ during his show at LA’s El Rey Theatre on Wednesday night that he has a clause in his will prohibiting the release of any unheard music after his death.

      • Public Domain ReviewPunctuation Personified (1824)

        Taking a child on a tour through punctuation, Mr. Stops introduces him to a cast of literal “characters”: admiring exclamation marks and militaristic semicolons.

      • Public Domain ReviewJean Baptiste Vérany’s Chromolithographs of Cephalopods (1851)

        In these images, Vérany’s realizes his ambition — to accurately render “the suppleness of the flesh, the grace of the contours, the transparency and the coloring” of cephalopods.

      • Torrent FreakSafe Harbor & Authorization Liability: Australia's Options to Reduce Piracy

        When tackling direct infringers becomes impractical, rightsholders can take legal action against entities that are indirectly involved. Intermediaries and service providers are obvious targets but tend to enjoy protection under so-called 'safe harbor' provisions. In Australia, digital platforms want these protections too, claiming they will boost anti-piracy cooperation. Rightsholders believe that cooperation is directly linked to a credible threat of liability.

      • Torrent FreakBungie Wins $12 Million in Damages From Veterancheats

        Game developer Bungie has won a default judgment against the Romanian operator of cheat seller Veterancheats, who failed to appear in court after being sued two years ago. A federal court in Washington awarded nearly $12 million in DMCA and copyright infringement damages for the various Destiny 2 hacks that were sold through the site.

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • Twilight and Sunrise 2023-04-28 (Fairbanks, AK, USA)

        I went out early enough this morning, around 4:45am AKDT, to do some twlight and sunrise photography. It was an adventure, because I still didn't have a clear idea of what would be the best vantage points. I had an idea, though, that the UAF skyline might look great in the purple twilight. So I found a few good spots in parking lots or along the side of the road.

      • fresh out the hospital

        My oh my, thank you to the messages via mutt and on M.p, all! :)

        Yes, I am out of a five day stay at a psyche hospital, was an easy time in there, made progress, started a new med, feeling MUCH better! :)

      • Guy Debord and the Spectacle

        Already at the outset, Debord modestly surmises the Comments will be welcomed by some fifty or sixty readers, half of which "will consist of people who devote themselves to main€­taining the spectacular system of domination, and the other half of people who persist in doing quite the opposite." Debord, taking notice of attentive and influential readers of a different persuasion than his, feels that he "cannot speek with complete freedom" or give away too much information.

      • What oppression?

        I read Mattes' retort to Thi Nguyen and Strohl. He's arguing it's not intimacy, but oppression, that drives normativity around cultural appropriation. Undoubtedly, he's right. But what is oppression?

        Honestly, it feels a bit vacuous, especially for such a topic. Cultural appropriation has a way of robbing you of your own essence. That it is tied to oppression is completely obvious and beside the point—it *is* oppression, and that is the reason why we even talk about it.

    • Politics

      • Kids Learned Macroeconomics

        Overhearing them playing: one of the trolls with a big nose and glasses was named Alan Greenspan. Alan Greenspan had a printing press and flooded Troll Town with money and soon that money became worthless. Alan retired and spent all of his time farting in the bathtub and writing his book "Turbulent Times". Angry trolls got together and kicked him out of TrollTown with pitchforks.

    • Technical

      • Manjar-NO!

        Had another crazy week, guess that's my life now. But more on that later, maybe.

        Let's get into it...

        The release of Debian 12 is around the corner, the tentative date for the release is somewhere in June, I am guessing that it will probably happen at the end of June, Start July?


        It's because Debian 12 means a new MXLinux, namely MX-23, which is, to me, one of the most functional distros out there.

      • New server

        Well, almost. This is a VPS I had around for quite some time acting mostly as a VPN gateway so I can reach things at home when I'm elsewhere. Now I just made it host my gemini stuff. This machine now somewhat supersedes what I had on I hope I won't run into any issues and that I'll be able to keep this thing up.

      • Internet/Gemini

        • Again-member-ing

          I was doing some nosing around gemini spaces, and a few http spaces linked to from there, and wound up finding replies of mine to others that I honestly don't remember writing.

          Yesterday my wife told me of our having visited with my brother back in November, and for the life of me I don't remember doing that.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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