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Gemini Links 04/05/2023: New Arrivals and When Not to Use the Newest 'Frameworks'

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      • I me mine

        But as with far too many social critiques I read, I don't see any of those todos addressing what I believe to be root cause.

        I suspect what I believe to be root cause is beyond what most (read: all) egos could agree with.

        And that's because root cause is ego, i.e. the "I thought" - from which all other conceptuality (aka modeling) emanates from slash revolves around.

      • Be kind

        I watched the movie “everything everywhere all the time” yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was fun and quirky with amazingly choreographed martial art fights and at the same time deeply moving.

        Without giving any spoilers, for me, the point that it was trying to make is that nothing matters and accepting that reality is freeing and allows one to actually live better and be kind.

        It definitely worked in the movie but I find it lacking in the “real world”. I’m in a moment in my life at which I need to do things because paying bills and keeping a roof over my family’s head kind of matters… and being told “nothing matters, just be kind” is sort of… Idk, annoying?

      • The convergence of contemporary fiction...

        hi emilye--here is my long promised, long deferred post. first, i'm going to post the section in mark mcgurl's book everything and less: the novel in the age of amazon that talks about megan boyle's liveblog:

        The convergence of contemporary fiction and social media is also visible in some works of the small-press avant-garde. As what David Wells aptly calls “a fiction of the Internet—a representation of an infinitely extending and seemingly available world,” Megan Boyle’s Liveblog: A Novel (2018) presents a less pulpy but no less symptomatic instance.24 In the tradition of Andy Warhol’s a: a Novel (1968) and Goldsmith’s Soliloquy (2001), Boyle’s project began as an experiment in exhaustive self-surveillance, this time conceived as auto-therapy. Keeping more or less continuous track of her actions by blogging about them in real time on her own Tumblr site, Boyle would correct a chronic “failure to follow through with tasks I said I’d do,” taking ownership of her life and prospects for happiness. Warding off misunderstanding in assertive all caps, she warns her readers at the outset that

    • Technical

      • Internet/Gemini

        • Hello Gemini

          Alright, I finally got around to setting up my own capsule! Been putting it of for about two years now. I got most things I wanted/needed together last summer, but the following months were rather turbulent and stressful, to put it mildly, so I could never quite find the time to sit down and finish this.

          February and March were particularly intense, as my Bachelor thesis's due date & a move across the country were right after another. But now things have calmed down considerably, I am in my flat and getting some routine back into my life. I like that.

      • Programming

        • When to use the newest frameworks (and when not to)

          People berate new frameworks for their bloatedness and that older frameworks do similar jobs. I'd make the argument that new frameworks are only worth it if you've personally experienced their "pain cases".

          New frameworks are developed because old ones "don't work", and are documented and built with the assumption that people would be moving into the framework with the same problems. If the problem doesn't sound familiar to you, it means you haven't encountered it.

          This means you don't get what the framework is meant to solve, you'd end up fumbling thinking "why is this abstraction important?" "why is it vital that I make this deliberate choice in the configurations?".

        • Check if a string match a (bcrypt) hash
        • Stop Comparing Rust to C and C-with-classes!

          I saw too much comparsion on the internet about why C is unsafe and Rust is safe. True. But they are NOT even the same class of language. C is minimal. The compiler is easiy to write. And nicknamed "portible assembler" for how low level it is. Rust on the other hand is a big, compilicated language with many features. And a massive standard library. It's not even close. Here's a short list of features Rust have but C does not.

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