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Gemini Links 06/05/2023: Personal Posts and an Extended Downtime

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • On the count of three

        Way too hungover again. Wife rejection in bed last night. Nobody replying online. My wife signed us up for too much activity in the next 24 hours. Others' verbiage is looking all the same. Nothing intriguing.


        And again in the labor of enduring others.
      • The thoughts come marching two by two

        Real-izing (yes, making real) it was all just thoughts believed (yes, a name for a (the?) mechanism of making real) to be (see? "to be" - aka to be real..) another thought that calls itself "I" despite being merely another thought - albeit the thought around which all the others revolve, i.e. are with respect to, i.e. are in terms of.

        By the way, the previous is - in part - an instance of practicing getting out of jury duty. The current theory is a glassy-eyed ramble that only people who love coding in Lisp could parse might do the trick.

      • "The Obstacle is the Way" book notes

        The obstacle in your path can become your path to success. Instead of being paralyzed by challenges, see them as opportunities to learn and grow. Remember, the things that hurt us often instruct us.

        We spend a lot of time trying to get things perfect and look at the rules, but what matters is that it works; it doesn't need to be after the book. Focus on results rather than on beautiful methods. In Jujitsu, it does matter that you bring your opponent down, but not how. There are many ways from point A to point B; it doesn't need to be a straight line. So many try to find the best solution but need to catch up on what is in Infront of them. Think progress and not perfection.

      • Odds-and-Ends Photos 2023-05-06 (Fairbanks, AK, USA)

        Here are a photos from the last few weeks, which didn't make it into other posts.

      • I think I’m paranoid

        For all its faults, one neat thing about Watchmen that stuck with me is how the ads change in the end, from Nostalgia to some future optimistic campaign.

        I think there’s a lot of truth to that. Not in optimism, but how coldheartedly the money follows fads.

      • Low Carb Cooking

        Recently I've gotten a new gust of wind in my sails and I have been trying to lose some weight.

        For the past couple years I've been primarily focusing on increasing my exercise level to burn fat, which to a certain extent has worked, but I always still had a layer of fat on my belly that I could never burn through. It certainly decreased in size whenever I got back into the routine of working out, but never got to the level where I'd be truly happy to be shirtless in public. Part of the problem is that I would justify eating worse foods, saying that I'll just have to work extra hard the next day, a promise I didn't always keep.

    • Technical

      • Internet/Gemini

        • Extended Downtime

          Rob's Gemini Capsule was offline for a full week, from Friday to Friday. The downtime also caused my contact e-mail address to fail, resulting in bounced messages.

          We moved to a house in a different city over the weekend, which necessitated us signing up with a new ISP. Our previous ISP gave us a static public IP address by default that resolved directly to our home router, so setting up self-hosting services was trivial. Our new ISP requires a business-level account to receive a static IP address, and they charge an extra fee to bridge that public IP directly to our home router.

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