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Reporting That Embarrasses Powerful People Online is at Risk (Politicians Are at It Again)

Video download link | md5sum 326ca25a0add9eb3055664d6d0bc1cc5 Restrictions in Canada and EU Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Journalism online is under attack, especially through centralised "services" (especially social control media and proprietary search engines, which are veiled disservices or censorship mechanisms) and as usual this is disguised as combating piracy, protecting children, and protecting adults from "misinformation"

THE other day we added two important items under the "politics" category of Daily Links. One concerned Canada's "Liberal Party Policy Proposal" and the other concerned DSA's (Digital Services Act) Article 37 and Article 44, which is open for feedback until the start of June. The former explores options to “hold on-line information services accountable for the veracity of material published on their platforms and to limit publication only to material whose sources can be traced.” The latter "is to set out the necessary rules for the procedures, methodology and templates used for the audits of very large online platforms and very large online search engines as required under the Digital Services Act (Article 37)."

"...what the European Commission does typically gets implemented in north American countries and vice versa for political and cultural reasons."As noted in the video above, what the European Commission does typically gets implemented in north American countries and vice versa for political and cultural reasons. They habitually refer to this as harmonisation.

In recent decades we saw a whole bunch of laws put forth as "bills" and "proposals", resulting in less speech online or more censorship by large, centralised "services", including search and social control media. When in Canada they say "limit publication only to material whose sources can be traced" they basically mean only people that the oligarchs can punish for disclosing "embarrassing" information. That would hurt anonymous sources. As an associate put it, this is one "among the many other problems with that approach."

"In recent decades we saw a whole bunch of laws put forth as "bills" and "proposals", resulting in less speech online or more censorship by large, centralised "services", including search and social control media.""Among several reasons it is very relevant to Techrights because of the sources relied upon and need for protecting them from retaliation and other abuse."

In the video above I give the examples of Novell, Microsoft, and the EPO. Source protection is very immportant. In the case of the EU, they still seek/strive to control "very large online search engines" (such as Google) and it seems to be geared towards changing or controlling the narrative. They try to get those corporations to serve some political agenda.

If you live in the EU, you can read the documents listed here and provide feedback by June 2nd (someone has already submitted a comment in French). They may or may not listen, but it's the best we can do at the moment.

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