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Gemini Links 19/05/2023: Unclouding and Gemini Missing Good CMSes

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • Strange Weather

        After 2021/2022's record snow, with our second-hand, decades-old snowblower dying for good shortly after we got back from visiting my partner's parents out west, I ponied up and got a new model. And then: this last mild winter. One really big dump of snow (the snowblower made quick work of it), and then...nothing. I had to shovel a bit, but not nearly as much as the previous winter. That winter, I tweaked my back, badly, around New Year 2022. This year, I've so far got off easy.

        The mild winter became a long, cold spring. Grey days, no rain, little hint of sun. While my social media feeds showed crocuses and daffodils far south of here, the snow continued its gradually melt, only pulling back for good in mid-April. A couple weeks ago, the weather turned again. The forsythias blossomed, the irises' green began to peek out, and the marsh birds returned, hovering around our feeder, picking out seeds.

    • Technical

      • Damnations

        FreeBSD for Nomads! Sensational. Like being in a future dystopian desert. This is the post Climate War OS for sure. When the rainforests are gone, the corall reefs are dead, the icecaps have melted, the bees have disappeared…

        No Wi-Fi though. But do we need that? Later on, when the whole fucking world is burning? No. Fuck no. Z shell in sakura is all we need. Vim and Midnight Commander.

        An icecold Corona and a shot of your finest Tequila Blanco please… and a couple of Oaxacan mushrooms, if you have any? This night is gonna be THE NIGHT at The Midnight!

      • Why I Hate Getting Help Online

        What the zark? I don't understand what is not clear. Well, fortunately, I do not have to provide that dude with the additional info he has requested because the previous reply was helpful.

      • Internet/Gemini

        • Unclouding Report - May 2023

          I've made significant progress to get my data off the cloud.

          This is an account of the progress I've made to get my data back onto my own hardware and off the cloud(s).


          Github aside, I've deleted three google accounts I had. One was related to one now empty github instance, plus some minor content on YouTube [...]

          Clearly they're struggling. No one _needs_ a new version of Windows, or office. Their line of products is overly mature and they struggle to reinvent themselves. They use their cloud to tie customers to them. That aside, they're extremely intransparent about some telemetry data about their office and Teams products, so much that Germany (or was it the EU?) have ruled that Microsoft Office 365 products cannot be used in compliance with the GDPR. Of course, nothing will get done about it since virtually every company is using Office 365 and Teams.

        • Is Gemini Missing Good CMSes?

          On my own personal capsule I have a couple of workflows to update content. The most normal one is that I use rclone to sync files to an S3 bucket. My server reads from that bucket. This works really nicely overall.


          So that got me thinking, a CMS would be really nice. Something that borrowed the Draft idea from Bubble and allowed you to edit your content directly from an admin panel. It could also support Tinylogs as a native format and provide nice ways to add new entries and reply to external entries.

          In a way this seems really obvious. Of course, CMSes are normal for websites, why wouldn't they be in Gemini? Well, for one, Gemini makes it easy to do the basics without a CMS, which is great. But to get maximum functionality out of it, and to make it easy to use *anywhere*, a CMS can still be very helpful.

        • Is Gemini Missing Good CMSes?

          A CMS couldn't necessarily make that one click, but it could make it far easier.

        • Multiple cheers for ew0k

          I'm relatively new to Geminispace (about half a year's worth of nosing around), and have loved pure link following, maybe sometimes atop the crutch of randomizer aspects of the likes of...

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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