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IBM Red Hat Kills LibreOffice In Fedora and RHEL; Says “No longer has resources to maintain them.”

Reprinted with permission from Ryan Farmer

IBM Red Hat Kills LibreOffice In Fedora and RHEL; Says “No longer has resources to maintain them.”

Well, I hope you didn’t have any documents to edit. I suppose we’re all supposed to use GULAG CRASH and GULAG DOCS now anyway or something, or maybe they’ll be nice enough to ship a desktop link to MICROSHIT OFFICE for the GULAGWEB.

(No, SeaMonkey or other Web Standards-compliant browser users need not apply, obviously.)

I’m also told you can get LibreOffice from “FAT Pack” (FlatPak), the gargantuan and horrible package manager that barfs out “distro-agnostic” packages that are huge and don’t respect any of your system settings.

FAT Pack is also terrific in the fact that it has an alleged sandbox that lets applications access all sorts of things that are enough to damage your system with, but walls them off from parts of the system YOU need them to access during the usual and customary operation of the program.

I’ve been sitting here for years trying to ignore the increasingly awful IBM Red Hat situation, but now it is starting to affect Fedora. Distributions that have 3-4 people maintaining them have native packages for LibreOffice, and now it is the IBM Red Hat position that they need those “developer hours” (how many hours do they spend sending updates to a build bot?) fixing Wayland, which has routinely broken the ABI for little or no reason, as the developers themselves now openly admit to on the mailing lists.

They’re pressuring people to add FlatHub and then when they do it’s like all sorts of horrible things you didn’t want to see in your software center, like Microsoft Edge, the backdoored password stealer.

Flathub is also a security hazard itself, like Snaps are. Snaps already had some malware incidents like bitcoin miners. They don’t care if the software is proprietary. Just dump it in there, and when they can’t review it some poor user always ends up cleaning up the mess.

“My software is proprietary and is thus unreviewable. I have also decided that the sandbox level will be no sandbox at all. Thanks.” Do you want ants? This is how you get ants.

FlatHub only has one advantage over Snap in this department (for now).

You can filter out things that are under a Proprietary license in GNOME Software so you don’t have to see them and will not accidentally install the perfect cover for a Trojan Horse.

Flatpak breaks pretty much the strongest part of Linux security. That the distribution you’re running has reviewed and built everything.

If IBM Red Hat is really going to strong arm people that don’t want to use it, I must return again to Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation to show what I’m likely going to have to do with Fedora.

When Mr. Swanson receives an “Excellence in Government Award” (as a Libertarian, this horrifies him and he doesn’t want anyone to ever find out), he saws it into pieces, burns it, and buries it in Illinois (a State so corrupt that nobody would ever think to look for the ashes here).

If you think this is extreme, consider that a core and major application has just been deemed “unimportant” by IBM Red Hat, no doubt to give Microsoft a boost with their Office programs (some of which are online, where that’s the DRM, and if you don’t pay them, they stop working, and they can make changes and you can’t hold out on the previous version).

I don’t think I want to stick around for what happens next.

I’m not keen to see where this goes. I hired an attorney who used Outlook and Office 365 and it was just very aggravating and unprofessional. And of course nobody supports large email attachments so I had to put it on my Google Drive and remove DAC so that she could access documents which included very sensitive information.

I don’t know who opens a Web browser to edit documents. Or even to do E-Mail. It’s just flat out retarded.

Like literally the best thing about a Chromebook is you can install Debian and put real programs for editing documents and managing your email in there. I may be the only person on Earth who has one and never opens Chrome. It’s a shame to see Fedora going in the other direction.

The article literally says that not having an office program will improve the desktop experience. That’s funny. Basically every Linux article I’ve read pitching it to people is it has a full Microsoft-compatible office program that doesn’t have some garbage activation server. You can’t blame the person who wrote it because they’re just quoting what some idiot GNOME (an IBM thrall) developer and also a Red Hat employee told them to say.

IBM Red Hat is just being cheap and pulling out from investment in Free Software.

In some cases, they join infamous shit-spreaders (such as the person trolling our TechRights IRC server) to cover themselves, like laying out false allegations against Richard M. Stallman, to justify it as a “moral imperative” to defund the Free Software Foundation.

(Jeff Epstein was actually closely affiliated with Bill Gates, who rode the LOLITA Express and visited Epstein in prison. Surely, IBM Red Hat will cancel their business deals with Microsoft? No?)

One does have to wonder if this time there was no way to possibly accuse anyone working on LibreOffice of rape or “transphobia” so they just said it would be better if the user had a computer that couldn’t do anything, and it improved the desktop experience.

Yeah, I need to stop being lazy and back up my files properly and move this over to someone that can do a little better than “We’re stripping it down to a Web browser to improve the experience.”

“Any community member is of course free to take over maintenance, both for the RPMS in Fedora and the Fedora LibreOffice Flatpak, but be aware that this is a sizable block of packages and dependencies and a significant amount of work to keep up with.”

Yeah, what, all three members of the Fedora “community” that haven’t been Kofler‘d?

Obviously, I’ve been “quieted” on Fedora IRC because I know full well how bad Flatpak sucks.

The only thing I’ve seen Flatpak’s alleged sandbox actually do is break themes and make it so my video downloader in Firefox does not work. So obviously Flatpak Firefox lasted oh about three seconds.

Thank God LibreWolf finally did an RPM.

It also tends to wall things off from the graphics card so that you get slow terrible screen drawing.

It turns out that walling desktop applications off from the system is stupid and pointless and breaks them in ways where the user doesn’t even want the application anymore.

The more usable Flatpak applications pretty much just opt out of the sandbox entirely because the person packaging them knows that this is the only way they actually run at all. Then you’re back to “RPM” where the thing can access pretty much whatever it wants (within the confines of what the system itself manages to enforce).

Only it’s a “really terrible RPM with full access, packaged with a lot of bloated rotting platforms that don’t get CVE fixes”. “Where’s the robot to pat you on the back, or the engineer? Or the children, perhaps? Now you see how all your so called power counts for absolutely nothing. How your entire empire of destruction comes crashing down over one….little…cherry.”

-Me on Fedora-Social

That’s when Khaytsus (Real name, Walter Francis) +q’d me and “won the argument” like Bill O’Reilly (O’RLY) did on Fox News.

Shut up! Shut up! Kill his mic!

-Bill O’RLY

Honestly, Khaytsus could have left it at this, but then had to also imply I am crazy.

That’s one way the Soviets dealt with dissent. Matthew J. Garrett‘s sockpuppets have accused me of being a “schizophrenic”. It’s in the #techrights logs.

The Soviets had this thing they’d do to discredit people. They had a diagnosis called “Sluggish Schizophrenia”, and the whole thing was made up. And when someone stepped out of line, they were accused of being one, and then the “mental health” laws took them away and you never saw that person again. They were off working on a highway and when they died they’d be buried underneath it.

The diagnosis has long been discredited because of its scientific inadequacy and its use as a means of confining dissenters.[6] It has never been used or recognized outside of the Soviet Union,[7] or by international organizations such as the World Health Organization.[8] It is considered a prime example of the political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union.[9]


Unfortunately, abuse of psychiatry and accusations of “mental illness” were never limited to the despotic hellholes that you’d expect them to be in.

Evil gaslighting fucks use this all the time.

Wow man, lay off the meth. Seek help.. Serious real medical help. Seriously. You need help. Something has slid off your cracker.

-Khaytsus, (Real name, Walter Francis), in response to me not liking Flatpak and saying it the way I quoted myself.

I wonder when malicious shit-spreaders became like, most of the mods in the Fedora “Community”.

And then I was silenced, like many people that have criticized a Red Hat decision in public.

“They’re crazy. You hear me? You’re all fucking crazy! Hey, is it me or is it getting awfully quiet lately in the Fedora community?” -Fedora chatroom mods.

One of them, just last night, remarked on how quiet the rooms get. You see what people have to deal with for critiquing a technical decision politely. You tell me who’s crazy.….. Nuts. Insane. Bonzo. No longer in control of one’s faculties. Three fries short of a happy meal. WACKO!

Of course probably nobody will step up to maintain LibreOffice because IBM has ran off and banned the community that would have done that. They didn’t “see the value” in having a community and it’s gone now.

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