The debian-private mailing list leak, part 1. Volunteers have complained about Blackmail. Lynchings. Character assassination. Defamation. Cyberbullying. Volunteers who gave many years of their lives are picked out at random for cruel social experiments. The former DPL's girlfriend Molly de Blanc is given volunteers to experiment on for her crazy talks. These volunteers never consented to be used like lab rats. We don't either. debian-private can no longer be a safe space for the cabal. Let these monsters have nowhere to hide. Volunteers are not disposable. We stand with the victims.

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Re: Who didn't respect privacy?

'Bruce Perens wrote:'
>> however I think recent moves by you have been ill advised to say the least.
>I'm willing to agree with you on that. I predicted growing pains for the
>project, and I am still casting about trying to find its proper organization.
>During this process big mistakes will be made. I doubt it could be otherwise.

Yes, mistake-making is normal.  In every disagreement both parties are
right, always.  These are basic principles of human relations that are
hard to keep in mind always.

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