The debian-private mailing list leak, part 1. Volunteers have complained about Blackmail. Lynchings. Character assassination. Defamation. Cyberbullying. Volunteers who gave many years of their lives are picked out at random for cruel social experiments. The former DPL's girlfriend Molly de Blanc is given volunteers to experiment on for her crazy talks. These volunteers never consented to be used like lab rats. We don't either. debian-private can no longer be a safe space for the cabal. Let these monsters have nowhere to hide. Volunteers are not disposable. We stand with the victims.

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The FREE Debian phone support hotline.

Hi Guys.

What a misleading subject line - read on :-)

A Debian 'user' called my office at 9am this morning (of which I wasn't
here at the time) from the east coast of Australia (we're on the west).  He
spoke to one of our sales staff who couldn't get head nor tail of what he
was on about.  He was told to ring back later and apeak to me (I knew
nothing of the above until I actually spoke to him on the 2nd call).

Anyway, I was busilly working away and he rang.  Then he suddenly started
talking about Debian Linux and how he couldn't get dselect to work and
rambled on about his other problems.  I immediately asked him what made him
call us and he said that we owned the domain in Australia and
I had my phone number listed (a contact number must be listed).  He
naturally thought we were the hotline and could help with all his problems
over the phone for free.

I told him that Debian doesn't have any 'helpdesk' as such and that if he
wanted any support to RT(F)M and/or ask in the debian-user mailing list - I
was working solid so I didn't have time for any of that.

I'm wondering if anyone else is getting this type of thing happening to
them, while I don't mind replying via email and helping out that way, but
disturbing me at work is a _bad_ thing :-)  Can we point out in Debian
documentation - perhaps a "Support" section that we DONT offer support via
this method (as yet)?.

Grumble grumble.

Karl Ferguson,
Tower Networking Pty Ltd    Tel: +61-8-9456-0000
t/a STAR Online Services    Fax: +61-8-9455-2776

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