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Dominion Harbor

Category:Patent trolls Dominion Harbor Group is a patent litigation troll that just buys patents for the purpose of suing. It became more famous when it bought a lot of patents from Intellectual Ventures, the world's largest patent troll. Techrights has tracked Dominion Harbor for several years and kept record of its activities in the posts below.


  • Dominion Harbor — Armed by Microsoft’s Biggest Patent Troll — Goes After the World’s Biggest Android OEMs, Huawei and Samsung
  • Unified Patents Goes After Patent Trolls Funded and Armed (Given Patents) by Microsoft
  • Unified Patents Targets Patents of Patent Trolls, Including Some That Are Connected to Microsoft

  • 2018

  • Microsoft's Largest Patent Troll, Operating Through Shell Entities, Broadens Extortion Campaign in Eastern Texas
  • Microsoft is Attacking the Competition Through Patent Trolls Based in Texas, Armed by Microsoft's Former Management
  • Patent Trolls Roundup: The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), Microsoft Trolls, and the Eastern District of Texas
  • Aggressive New Activities of Microsoft-Connected Patent Trolls: Finjan, Intellectual Ventures, and Dominion Harbor
  • Quick Mention: Dominion Harbor Reinforces Its Connection to Microsoft
  • Microsoft Has Left RPX, But RPX Now Pays a Microsoft Patent Troll, Intellectual Ventures
  • Microsoft's Patent Moves: Dominion Harbor, Intellectual Ventures, Intellectual Discovery, NEC and Uber

  • 2017

  • Patent Trolls Roundup: BlackBerry, Dominion Harbor, IPNav, IP Bridge
  • Microsoft-Connected Patent Trolls Continue to File New Lawsuits and Collect Patents for Further Litigation Purposes
  • Complaints About Google Patents, R3 Patents, and the EFF's Campaign of Exposing/Disarming Patent Trolls
  • Dominion Harbor is an Internet Troll as Well as a Patent Troll
  • IBM Helps a Microsoft-Connected Patent Troll Create Another Trolling Branch, Known as Finjan Blue
  • Many Patents Are Being Passed to Android-Hostile Patent Trolls (by the Thousands) and Microsoft is in the Shadows
  • TC Heartland Puts Patent Trolls and the Eastern District of Texas in a Straitjacket, But EFF Wants Transparency Too
  • Trolls Roundup: Buying up the Competition Using Patents and the Post-TC Heartland Figures
  • Microsoft’s Troll Intellectual Ventures, via Dominion Harbor, Goes Patent-Trolling in China
  • Patent Attacks on GNU/Linux Devices, Courtesy of Philips, Ericsson, Microsoft and Its Patent Trolls
  • Dominion Harbor Group (DHG) is a Patent Troll Connected to Intellectual Ventures
  • As the United States Shuts Its Door on Low-Quality Patents the Patent Trolls Move to Asia

  • 2016

  • The United States’ Patent System Lets Software Patents Rot, as Patent Trolls Take Over the System and Unrest Grows