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Elliott Associates

Elliott Associates is a vulture fund that rips to pieces companies for gain. Here are some articles about Elliott Associates.


  • Microsoft Entryism and Bribery Get the Microsoft Way Implemented

  • 2011

  • Elliott and AttachMSFT Got in Touch Before Elliott’s Bid for Novell
  • Having Trashed Novell, Paul Singer Moves on to Brocade
  • Novell’s Takeover Smells Ever More Dodgy as Wizard Parent LLC Provides Shady Financing
  • Novell’s SUSE Believed to be Bought by Former Microsoft Executives
  • Novell Still Avoids Talking With Public About Being Bought
  • Analyst Expects Microsoft Bid to Buy Novell

  • 2010

  • Vulture Fund Still the Only Bidder for Novell
  • Paul Singer Still Goes After Novell
  • Firm Behind Novell Bid Has Shady Past, Could be Tied to Microsoft (Paul E. Singer’s ‘Vulture Fund’)
  • GNU/Linux-Savvy Writers View Elliot Associates as Bad Neighbourhood