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  • Unified Patents Takes Aim at Velos Media SEPs, Passed From Patent Aggressor Qualcomm
  • Bogus Patents Which Oughtn't Have Been Granted Make Products Deliberately Worse, Reducing Innovation and Worsening Customers' Experience
  • Qualcomm's Escalating Patent Wars Have Already Caused Massive Buybacks (Loss of Reserves) and Loss of Massive Clients
  • Qualcomm's Patent Aggression Threatens Rationality of Patent Scope in Europe and Elsewhere
  • The European Commission and the Failure to Stop the FRAND/SEP Lobby
  • Qualcomm/Broadcom/NXP Combination Would Become a Disastrous Patent Thicket Which Benefits Nobody

  • 2017

  • Qualcomm, BlackBerry and Nokia Are Being Reduced to Mere Patent Trolls Without Any Products, Only Patents
  • Patent Troll VirnetX a Reminder to Apple That Software Patents Are a Threat to Apple Too
  • Qualcomm’s Nightmares Are Getting Worse as Antitrust Questions Are Raised and Assessed
  • Qualcomm Fails to Stop iPhones Coming From China, But Apple Now Faces Many Patent Lawsuits in China
  • Patent Aggression is Bad for Business
  • News About Patents Dominated by Patent Trolls/Aggressors, Their Press Releases, and Sympathisers
  • Qualcomm-Apple Dispute Escalates Further (Lawsuits Come to Europe) With the Cost of Linux-Powered Devices Also at Stake
  • Industry Giants Challenge Qualcomm’s Patent Practices While the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Closely Examines Such Behavior
  • Qualcomm Has Collapsed Since the Antitrust Actions Began
  • In the US and Elsewhere, Qualcomm’s Software Patents Are a Significant Tax Everyone Must Pay
  • Apple’s Legal Actions Against Android and Against Qualcomm Could Eventually Weaken Patents at Two Levels
  • The World is Burning for Qualcomm, Whose Dependence on Software Patent Bullying is Being Tackled in Several Continents
  • WIPO is in the Business of Publishing Ads for Notorious Patent Aggressors (Facing Antitrust Charges) and Promoting Software Patents
  • The Only Firm That Makes Tons of Money Out of ‘Smart’ Phones Without Lifting a Finger is Qualcomm With Its Patents

  • 2015

  • Leaked: EPO Prioritises Work for Large Foreign Corporations, Discrimination Not Accidental But Centrally Planned

  • 2009

  • Patents Roundup: More Ridiculous Patents, Qualcomm Permitted to Abuse, Human Rights Step in as Overhaul Debated