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XFaCEqu1j0t3: so, what have you heard on the call fraud front?Mar 05 02:09
qu1j0t3XFaCE: i haven't been keeping up. so many other things going on :|Mar 05 02:36
XFaCEsuch asMar 05 02:38
qu1j0t3i mean personal stuff. life's a messMar 05 03:04
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XFaCEoooMar 05 03:53
XFaCEunderstoodMar 05 03:53
qu1j0t3usual mess. started doing tax.Mar 05 04:05
qu1j0t3this weekendMar 05 04:05
qu1j0t3always a million things to do. wife is full time student which doesn't help...Mar 05 04:05
qu1j0t3;)Mar 05 04:05
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schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Mar 05 08:51
schestowitz> Mar 05 08:51
schestowitz> Sorry for the delay.  Here is the test data for the upgrade of Kubuntu:Mar 05 08:51
schestowitz> Mar 05 08:51
schestowitz> 05 08:51
schestowitz> Mar 05 08:51
TechrightsSocialTitle: Testcases for Upgrade Kubuntu amd64 in Precise Daily | Ubuntu QA .::. Size~: 9.54 KBMar 05 08:51
schestowitz> It seems to upgrade ok.  If you have a specific case in mind, I canMar 05 08:51
schestowitz> try running through the scenario on a spare machine if it would help.Mar 05 08:51
schestowitzRyan (DaemonFC) keeps urging me to upgrade; he experiments with many alphas and betas and is that one who put me on Kubuntu in the first place (I was using Mandriva), some time in 2009. The thing that worries me is, I have some mission-critical software on my main box, including stuff I need for my jobs. I am trying to figure out what there is really to gain from a newer version of KDE and a few apps that are a year or so Mar 05 08:51
schestowitznewer (and possibly less stable). When I rushed into a new Firefox (I am back to 3.5 and 3.6) it wasted no less than 20 hours of my time and had me cussing for months.Mar 05 08:51
schestowitz> I'd wait until the release at the end of April.  It's not that far away.Mar 05 09:05
schestowitz> Mar 05 09:05
schestowitz> Then I'd say that upgrading to the LTS would be worth it if you planMar 05 09:05
schestowitz> to ride it for the full 5 years.  Otherwise, I see little point ofMar 05 09:05
schestowitz> upgrading until support for the current version runs out.  InMar 05 09:05
schestowitz> principle, I would recommend Debian over Ubuntu on servers, if it's aMar 05 09:05
schestowitz> question of servers.  For the desktop, definitely KDE.Mar 05 09:05
schestowitzI run Debian with KDE on my second head (three monitors), which connects to my peripherals with synergy and runs KDE with the exact same settings as on Kubuntu. This version of Kubuntu is supported for another 1+ years, so I will probably suck the life out of this installation because and whilst it gives me no issues.Mar 05 09:05
schestowitz 05 09:05
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*qu1j0t3 uses Gentoo on servers. wouldn't go back to binary packaging hell. :DMar 05 14:39
*MinceR uses fedora and debian. wouldn't go back to source packaging hell. :)Mar 05 14:42
qu1j0t3ever tried it?Mar 05 14:52
qu1j0t3what problems did you have?Mar 05 14:52
MinceRyesMar 05 14:52
qu1j0t3they're not really apples to apples. gentoo has much better package metadata and flexibility.Mar 05 14:52
MinceRthere were packages that wouldn't buildMar 05 14:53
qu1j0t3i use binary distros at work.Mar 05 14:53
qu1j0t3endless hassle.Mar 05 14:53
MinceRand eventually the system became impossible to upgradeMar 05 14:53
qu1j0t3i haven't had that issue.Mar 05 14:53
MinceRrolling release system also carries the risk of making the system impossible to upgrade if it is left without upgrades for a long timeMar 05 14:53
qu1j0t3we're constantly screwed by the 'big bang' upgrade problem with binary distros.Mar 05 14:53
qu1j0t3not to mention dependency hell at other times.Mar 05 14:54
MinceRnopeMar 05 14:54
qu1j0t3and the inflexibility of binary packages.Mar 05 14:54
qu1j0t3couldn't do without USE flags.Mar 05 14:54
MinceRdependency hell died with the rise of package managers that can download what they needMar 05 14:54
qu1j0t3well, we do do without, but at a cost.Mar 05 14:54
qu1j0t3no, i get dependency hell with every binary packager.Mar 05 14:54
MinceRi like binary packages that have all the options enabledMar 05 14:54
qu1j0t3they're antique.Mar 05 14:54
qu1j0t3well, sure, but what if you don't have those?Mar 05 14:54
qu1j0t3you're always at the mercy of the packager. no thanks.Mar 05 14:54
MinceRyou're always at the mercy of the distro maintainersMar 05 14:55
qu1j0t3anyway, use what you like.Mar 05 14:55
MinceRunless you're using LFSMar 05 14:55
qu1j0t3right, but that hasn't been a problem for me with Gentoo...Mar 05 14:55
qu1j0t3the package database is excellent.Mar 05 14:55
qu1j0t3and it has richer dependency data than the old distros.Mar 05 14:55
MinceRi liked the wealth of packages, but didn't like that i couldn't be sure if any of them will actually installMar 05 14:55
qu1j0t3well, i'm talking about servers specificallyMar 05 14:56
qu1j0t3though i do use it on my desktopMar 05 14:56
qu1j0t3and several laptops in the pastMar 05 14:56
qu1j0t3but even if you can get "everything built" packages, you still have the big-bang problemMar 05 14:56
qu1j0t3that's not desirable for servers imhoMar 05 14:57
qu1j0t3it's a headacheMar 05 14:57
qu1j0t3we're in this situation at work, 40 vps's, some back to F11Mar 05 14:57
MinceRi like being able to do big changes ("big bang") when i'm ready for themMar 05 14:58
qu1j0t3i don't like being blocked from package updates :)Mar 05 14:58
qu1j0t3e.g. we can't get anything better than GlusterFS 2.x on our production serversMar 05 14:58
qu1j0t3there's no technical reason for this.. it's just an artefact of big bang releasesMar 05 14:58
qu1j0t3that's the kind of tangle that i dislike binary distros forMar 05 14:59
MinceRi didn't like emerge coming up with "it's config file merging time!" in the middle of an upgradeMar 05 15:00
qu1j0t3that normally happens at the end, but you can do it any time Mar 05 15:00
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XFaCEqu1j0t3: I think Harper deserves to be punished Home Alone styleMar 05 16:02
XFaCEWith annoying traps and shit that drive him nutsMar 05 16:02
qu1j0t3it's like Palin. Obscurity is too good for him.Mar 05 16:11
schestowitzqu1j0t3: 05 18:15
TechrightsSocialTitle: Reuters Explains How Foundations Like Gates Foundation Are Used to Evade Tax | Techrights .::. Size~: 83.33 KBMar 05 18:15
TechrightsSocialTitle: Bill Gates Bribes to Change Policy, Make Profit From Patents | Techrights .::. Size~: 83.84 KBMar 05 18:15
TechrightsSocialTitle: Bill Gates Pays League of Education Voters, Stand for Children for Lobbying, Wolfram for Self-Serving ‘Study’ | Techrights .::. Size~: 87.69 KBMar 05 18:15
schestowitzlinks to our discussion from last night as wellMar 05 18:15
schestowitz!google harper gates techrightsMar 05 18:16
TechrightsSocial[1] - Gates Foundation Critique - Techrights | 05 18:16
TechrightsSocial[2] - Bill Gates Piggybacks Vaccination Revolution For Fame ... - Techrights | 05 18:16
TechrightsSocial[3] - Africans Insulted by Philanthrocapitalism | Techrights | 05 18:16
TechrightsSocial[4] - ES: El Auge y la Caída del Desarrollador Independiente | Techrights | 05 18:16
schestowitzqu1j0t3: My mom phoned me and spoke to me for over half an hour just now. At one point she asked me, would we consider also living in Singapore or Hong Kong?Mar 05 18:18
schestowitzMy mom always keeps telling me stuff like, if you tried to just make a lot of money, you'd make more than all of us; but I assure her I serve justice, which doesn't pay well but is very rewarding to me and to many others. This is something on which I'll have a better conversation with my fiancee's dad about than I can ever have with my own mom. :-D She is very conformist, unlike my dad. She's very much into mainstream TV, Mar 05 18:19
schestowitzfashion, travel, etc. and you'd see it right away if you met her.Mar 05 18:19
schestowitzAfter we chatted I wrote an article with many links: In total, I wrote 13 articles today. Now I'll take a bit of a break... haven't written so much in one day this year... but did 31 posts in one day in 2009 or 2010.Mar 05 18:20
TechrightsSocialTitle: Patents Roundup: Hype, Critics, and Threat to Linux/Android | Techrights .::. Size~: 99.02 KBMar 05 18:20
schestowitz 05 18:24
TechrightsSocialTitle: dmr: stories | Maney|Digital .::. Size~: 36.11 KBMar 05 18:24
schestowitzseems like he had illnessesMar 05 18:24
schestowitzbut lived a fulfilling lifeMar 05 18:24
schestowitzleft his markMar 05 18:24
schestowitzJobs left a cultMar 05 18:24
MinceR 05 18:27
TechrightsSocialTitle: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal .::. Size~: 21.73 KBMar 05 18:27
schestowitzLOLMar 05 18:31
schestowitzThe institute they use to promote "intelligent design" in the US - what was it called again?Mar 05 18:31
schestowitzthe one with laskinMar 05 18:31
schestowitztheir trollMar 05 18:32
schestowitzoh,  Discovery InstitMar 05 18:32
MinceRdunnoMar 05 18:32
schestowitzlaskin from the institute of creationist BSMar 05 18:33
schestowitz 05 18:33
schestowitzLMAOMar 05 18:33
TechrightsSocialTitle: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Discovery Institute” : Pharyngula .::. Size~: 79.63 KBMar 05 18:33
schestowitzprominent youtube Bright users bitch-slapped those fraudstersMar 05 18:33
schestowitzin the US they bankroll some pseudo-scientists to sciencewash CreationismMar 05 18:34
schestowitz 05 18:34
TechrightsSocialTitle: The Discovery Institute vs Copyright       - YouTube .::. Size~: 126.24 KBMar 05 18:34
schestowitz 05 18:35
TechrightsSocialTitle: Challenging the Discovery Institute to Discover: Part 2       - YouTube .::. Size~: 138.06 KBMar 05 18:35
schestowitz 05 18:35
TechrightsSocialTitle: The Discovery Institute and Censorship       - YouTube .::. Size~: 128.34 KBMar 05 18:35
schestowitz 05 18:36
TechrightsSocialTitle: Facing Execution for Three Tweets       - YouTube .::. Size~: 141.67 KBMar 05 18:36
schestowitzthis is good 05 18:44
TechrightsSocialTitle: The BEST emotional PORN       - YouTube .::. Size~: 143.24 KBMar 05 18:44
schestowitzhe has a blog now, too 05 18:52
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting text/xml; charset=UTF-8 typeMar 05 18:52
schestowitzshame not many people read itMar 05 18:52
schestowitzhe became dependent on youtube, which censors some of his vids or leads to self-censorship through deterrence and fearMar 05 18:53
schestowitzdoes anyone here know mediawiki's source code more of less?Mar 05 18:57
schestowitz[04:48] <tessier> What is that runs on the server every so often? And is that you doing a less on a whole bunch of weird files?Mar 05 18:57
schestowitz[04:48] <tessier> Looks like it. Just want to confirm.Mar 05 18:57
schestowitz[08:13] <schestowitz> does noing a bellMar 05 18:57
schestowitz[08:13] <schestowitz> *not ringMar 05 18:57
schestowitzMar 05 18:57
schestowitz[18:46] <tessier> /home/boycottn/public_html/wiki/bin/ulimit4.shMar 05 18:57
schestowitz[18:55] <schestowitz> oh, I seeMar 05 18:57
schestowitz[18:55] <schestowitz> 05 18:57
schestowitz[18:55] <schestowitz> SELinux not happy with itMar 05 18:57
schestowitz[18:55] <schestowitz> Though it doesn't seem rogue Mar 05 18:57
TechrightsSocialTitle: Bug 611308 – MediaWiki's triggers SELinux warnings when thumbnailing .::. Size~: 53.58 KBMar 05 18:57
schestowitz[18:55] <schestowitz> 05 18:57
TechrightsSocialTitle: MediaWiki and ImageMagick - error creating thumbnails - PowWeb Community Forums .::. Size~: 29.26 KBMar 05 18:57
schestowitz[18:56] <schestowitz> 05 18:57
schestowitzDoes anyone here know what the file is for?Mar 05 18:57
TechrightsSocialTitle: Source code/mediawiki/1.18.0/bin/ - Docs .::. Size~: 12.02 KBMar 05 18:57
schestowitzMar 05 18:59
schestowitz[18:58] <tessier> Cool. Not to worry then.Mar 05 18:59
schestowitz 05 19:03
schestowitz"Mar 05 19:03
schestowitzThis time a decade ago, no one had even heard of youtube, nor did the bandwidth really exist for the project.  The emergence of Youtube was unforeseen by, well lets be real, everyone.  Microsoft was left standing, as was Google.  The access of users to cheap video editing equipment, and further simultaneously given access to the vast array of various uploaded media clips led to an explosion of creativity.Mar 05 19:03
schestowitz     However as time progressed, expectedly those who did well acquired a disproportionate amount of the traffic.  Now, I don’t have the figures, but a comparative handful of users provide the significant lions share of the traffic.  This has had two detrimental effects on youtube.Mar 05 19:03
schestowitz"Mar 05 19:03
TechrightsSocialTitle: Stagnation on youtube « Thunderf00t .::. Size~: 107.5 KBMar 05 19:03
schestowitz"2)      The barriers to entry are now essentially prohibitively high.  As a few get a large amount of the traffic, the barriers to entry are huge compared to what they were when youtube was relatively a flat and fair forum.  Indeed almost the only way to now establish yourself on youtube is with the help of someone who is already established, or to have an existing audience for whom you start making videos, or to simply have Mar 05 19:04
schestowitza truck full of cash to throw at the problem."Mar 05 19:04
schestowitz"The following is my suggestion:  One way to do this which is arguably dead before it starts is by biasing the YT search algorithms against established players.  Now YT will not want to do that on several levels.  Firstly ‘established players’ are the ‘cash cows’, they are the ‘known commodities’ that people come to youtube for.  Secondly of course, those partner would be pretty unhappy having put all that work Mar 05 19:05
schestowitzinto establishing a channel merely for YT to come along and decide ‘bad luck fellas, but YT needs more variety’.   It would also send a lousy message about the relationship between media producers and youtube.  Finally of course, who is likely to fill this gap?  Lamentably imitation is easier than innovation and for every youtube ‘celebrity’ there are probably 10 wannabe clones.  Even if youtube were to tweak its Mar 05 19:05
schestowitzsearch engine, would it really help?"Mar 05 19:05
schestowitz"Billionaire philanthropy is powerful. It goes beyond quaint notions of “doing good.” But it is clear that we need checks and balances on this power. That’s the only way to stop good intentions from turning the United States — and the world — into a plutocracy."Mar 05 19:27
schestowitzqu1j0t3:  from Mar 05 19:28
TechrightsSocialTitle: The hidden costs of million-dollar donations - The Washington Post .::. Size~: 23.52 KBMar 05 19:28
MinceRturning?Mar 05 19:29
qu1j0t3MinceR: rightMar 05 19:29
qu1j0t3"Billionaire philanthropy is powerful." [CITATION NEEDED]Mar 05 19:30
qu1j0t3it's powerfully destructiveMar 05 19:30
qu1j0t3it's not sustainable by definitionMar 05 19:30
qu1j0t3it's self interestedMar 05 19:30
qu1j0t3that education reform article said it well... who's going to clean up the colossal mess left by billionaire spawned failuresMar 05 19:31
qu1j0t3...nobody.Mar 05 19:31
qu1j0t3leaving the world much worse off than beforeMar 05 19:31
schestowitz 05 19:32
schestowitzqu1j0t3: two more artilces on the subject coming tomorrowMar 05 19:32
qu1j0t3Waiting for Superman MY ASS.Mar 05 19:32
TechrightsSocialTitle: Seattle’s 37th District Democrats Pass Anti-Charter Resolution | Seattle Education .::. Size~: 548.23 KBMar 05 19:32
qu1j0t3the superhero metaphor points out the inanity, the pure head-in-ass stupidity of the whole conceptMar 05 19:32
qu1j0t3a billionaire SAVING THE WORLD?Mar 05 19:32
schestowitzHeheMar 05 19:33
qu1j0t3things are the opposite of what they claim.Mar 05 19:33
schestowitzWell, fundedMar 05 19:33
qu1j0t3Kissinger, Obama, men of peace.Mar 05 19:33
schestowitzby themMar 05 19:33
schestowitzit's called propagandsMar 05 19:33
qu1j0t3Gates, superhero.Mar 05 19:33
schestowitzsee hold Hitler movies tooMar 05 19:33
qu1j0t3yes.Mar 05 19:33
schestowitzshots from belowMar 05 19:33
qu1j0t3same deal.Mar 05 19:33
schestowitzetc. etc.Mar 05 19:33
schestowitzoops, did I just invoke Godwin's Law?Mar 05 19:33
qu1j0t3who cares.Mar 05 19:33
schestowitzremember gates spends over $1 A DAY on "advocacy"Mar 05 19:34
schestowitzi.e. PRMar 05 19:34
MinceRi think you missed a power of 10 over there :>Mar 05 19:34
schestowitzit's alsom good for Gates' peer because it creates the perception that super rich are super heroesMar 05 19:34
schestowitzand our friendsMar 05 19:34
schestowitzthose who save the poorMar 05 19:34
schestowitzaliens must be laughing from aboveMar 05 19:34
schestowitzit's like saying that lions do the zebras a favour by preventing over-populationMar 05 19:34
schestowitzMinceR: $1mMar 05 19:35
schestowitzbill throes bnillMar 05 19:35
schestowitzfrom the roofMar 05 19:35
schestowitz"Bless us bill, throw us some cash"Mar 05 19:35
schestowitzThe DaCostafication of societyMar 05 19:36
schestowitz!google da costa techrightsMar 05 19:36
TechrightsSocial[1] - IRC: #techrights @ FreeNode: November 16th, 2011 | 05 19:36
TechrightsSocial[2] - Andre Da Costa: Profile of a Microsoft Shill | Techrights | 05 19:36
TechrightsSocial[3] - Mandriva | Techrights - Part 2 | 05 19:36
TechrightsSocial[4] - Mandriva | Techrights | 05 19:36
schestowitzRemember when Novell was described as a Linux company?Mar 05 19:38
XFaCEDedomendo apparently doesn't believe in climate changeMar 05 19:38
XFaCEThat's a shameMar 05 19:38
schestowitzAfter compounding the message for years journalists stopped thatMar 05 19:38
XFaCEschestowitz: Ah, 2004Mar 05 19:38
schestowitzSame for support of MonoMar 05 19:38
schestowitzIt became to-be-treated  as poisonMar 05 19:38
schestowitzRight now criticising gates is becoming acceptableMar 05 19:39
schestowitzWhich gives more articles to citeMar 05 19:39
schestowitzSo the PR war of Gates is not going extremely well anymoreMar 05 19:39
schestowitzWe can reverse the inertia, Apple too is losing some PR lusterMar 05 19:39
schestowitzBack to reality, dehypingMar 05 19:39
schestowitzXFaCE: Dedomendo is quite smart, what did he say exactly and where?Mar 05 19:40
XFaCE 05 19:40
TechrightsSocialTitle: Global warming, what do you have to say now? .::. Size~: 14.09 KBMar 05 19:40
schestowitzGore is exploiting it for personal gain and exaggerates, but scientists generally have a good ideaMar 05 19:40
XFaCEschestowitz: and RMS tooMar 05 19:40
schestowitzthere's no binary side division thereMar 05 19:40
schestowitzlet's see where he fallsMar 05 19:41
schestowitz"Not everything is mathematical."Mar 05 19:42
schestowitzHuh?Mar 05 19:42
schestowitz"There's no equation to it, no logic."Mar 05 19:42
schestowitzActually, there isMar 05 19:42
schestowitzit's just complexMar 05 19:42
schestowitzyou could also model a lava lampMar 05 19:42
schestowitzand sub-particle stuff, although there's the element of Heisenberg's uncertaintyMar 05 19:43
schestowitzyou could model the sun's cyclesMar 05 19:43
schestowitzbut there's so much mass there, it's complicatedMar 05 19:43
schestowitzthat's how we can predict weather, however weaklyMar 05 19:43
schestowitzand also, he does not seem to address the point that, the central point of the debate is, what contributions do humans have to it?Mar 05 19:44
schestowitz"Or perhaps it is, but we sure do not understand the mechanisms yet. Science is still in its infancy when it comes to studying our planet, let alone the Sun's playground."Mar 05 19:44
schestowitzThe Sun can contribute tooMar 05 19:44
schestowitzand if we emit a lot of smoke, we cause the greenhouse effectMar 05 19:44
schestowitzmaking matters worse, locking in more of the heatMar 05 19:45
schestowitzpurely human-causes, more so than volcanoesMar 05 19:45
schestowitzhe's former physicistMar 05 19:47
schestowitz"My name is Igor Ljubuncic. I'm more or less 33 of age, married with no known offspring. Currently, I am employed as the Linux System Expert / Systems Programmer in one of the largest hardware/software/IT companies in the world, working on optimizing kernel images and hacking the living daylights out of Linux. It used to be my hobby and now it's a paying job. What can be more satisfying than that?"Mar 05 19:47
qu1j0t3yayMar 05 19:47
schestowitz"Until 2008, I used to earn my bread by working as a physicist in the medical imaging industry. My work expertise focused on problem solving and algorithm development. To this end, I used Matlab extensively, mainly for signal and image processing. Furthermore, I'm certified in several major engineering methodologies, including MEDIC Six Sigma Green Belt, Design of Experiment, and Statistical Engineering."Mar 05 19:47
schestowitz 05 19:47
TechrightsSocialTitle: About & Frequenty Asked Questions .::. Size~: 14.26 KBMar 05 19:47
schestowitz" I also speak 3 languages, stammer another 2 and can read 5 alphabets."Mar 05 19:47
XFaCEqu1j0t3: You know when people bring up that stupid volcano-c02 argument?Mar 05 19:48
qu1j0t3noMar 05 19:49
qu1j0t3i don't hang around... those kind of people.Mar 05 19:49
qu1j0t3it would make me want to remove my frontal lobe with a forkMar 05 19:49
XFaCEqu1j0t3: The one about how volcano emit more C02 then we have put out over such and such time yadda yadda?Mar 05 19:49
qu1j0t3sighMar 05 19:49
qu1j0t3kill me nowMar 05 19:50
XFaCEyeahMar 05 19:50
XFaCEMy answer is that if this is true, maybe that the natural amount of c02 that the environment can handleMar 05 19:50
XFaCEstability wiseMar 05 19:50
XFaCESo if there is already a delicate balance, it doesn't make sense to just add moreMar 05 19:51
schestowitzthe "nature does more damage than us" type of argumentMar 05 19:51
XFaCEschestowitz: Yes.Mar 05 19:51
schestowitzwe're the lice of Earth, growing sixfold in just 200 years (less than 10 generations)Mar 05 19:51
schestowitzbut we don't have any footprintMar 05 19:52
XFaCEAnd the environment gets better when we extract the tar sands.Mar 05 19:52
schestowitzbecause those billion who used to live here, they REALLY made a lot of trashed burned up A LOT of fossil fuelMar 05 19:52
schestowitzlet's grow on... 30 billion.. YAY\!Mar 05 19:52
XFaCEqu1j0t3: See, when they remove the tar sands, they're restoring the natural environmentMar 05 19:52
XFaCEeven though that area "naturally" developed with the tar sands where they areMar 05 19:53
schestowitzI hope this Petri dish doesn't descend into wars while I'm still aliveMar 05 19:53
XFaCEOf course it willMar 05 19:53
XFaCEGotta make those defence contractors happyMar 05 19:53
schestowitzSee what happened to Australia after deforestationMar 05 19:53
XFaCESee what happened to VenusMar 05 19:53
schestowitzXFaCE: "defence"Mar 05 19:53
XFaCEsorryMar 05 19:54
XFaCEmy apologiesMar 05 19:54
schestowitzthey don't make defence systemsMar 05 19:54
schestowitzthey make offence systemsMar 05 19:54
schestowitz"Defence departmentMar 05 19:54
schestowitz"Ministry of defence"Mar 05 19:54
schestowitz"defence forces"Mar 05 19:54
XFaCEWar mongersMar 05 19:54
XFaCEplutocratsMar 05 19:54
XFaCEpsychopathsMar 05 19:54
schestowitzimagine thatMar 05 19:54
qu1j0t3XFaCE: wowMar 05 19:55
schestowitza war among nations "defending" themselves... using NAPALMMar 05 19:55
qu1j0t3XFaCE: Ezra LevantMar 05 19:55
schestowitz"gotta use us that napalm, bob, we're manufacturing some new one,... better type"Mar 05 19:55
XFaCEqu1j0t3: "hosts The Source daily on Sun News Network, and has written several books on politics."Mar 05 19:55
XFaCEThat's enoughMar 05 19:55
schestowitzNixon: ok, we'll dump some on Vietnam commiesMar 05 19:55
schestowitzwe'll call it "spreading democracy"Mar 05 19:56
XFaCEqu1j0t3: I didn't get your point :PMar 05 19:56
qu1j0t3XFaCE: he's the shithead who wrote the Ethical Oil book and is constantly propagandising it on TV, papers, etc.Mar 05 19:56
XFaCEEthical oilMar 05 19:57
qu1j0t3XFaCE: deserves CO2 asphyxiationMar 05 19:57
XFaCEOf course, most of that oil gets exportedMar 05 19:58
XFaCEweeeMar 05 19:58
schestowitzheheMar 05 20:00
qu1j0t3to CHINAMar 05 20:03
schestowitzI'm actually debating this with someone else at this momentMar 05 20:06
schestowitzI recycle anything I can, I use the bins for recyclingMar 05 20:06
schestowitzI also write a great deal about the environment, which is something my dad got me into since I was a kid. He's donate to WWF and some dolphin-saving groups, among with my sister. Sadly, my sister is no longer into all that stuff.Mar 05 20:07
schestowitzxxxx: "yes,i guess not just military industrial complex,it's how the people behave towards the nature,you know e.g even throwing up their garbage they can't even do it the right way."Mar 05 20:07
schestowitz"i do the same thing too,im throwing all the plastic stuff in a recycle bin and with regards to this dolphins and whales slaughtering in Japan.I don't know if you happen to see the actual video,that was so horrific,i was crying when im watching the video,coz i can hear the dolphins and whales crying for help. "Mar 05 20:12
schestowitz"Actually, Roy, there might be a market for live online/in-person training sessions for people who want to learn #Octave, #SageMath, or #GnuR. I know I'd be interested. Depending on the cost and the schedule, of course." 05 21:32 If someone wants to escape #mathworks #matlab for #foss / #linux / #octave then contact me 10 years experienceMar 05 21:32
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Schestowitz » Scientific Freedom .::. Size~: 19.66 KBMar 05 21:32
qu1j0t3schestowitz: One hand washes the otherMar 05 21:44
TechrightsSocialTitle: NO TITLE .::. Size~: 23.36 KBMar 05 21:44
schestowitzfacek00kMar 05 22:01
schestowitzI sss they aim for the Hispanic populationMar 05 22:01
qu1j0t3clever tacticMar 05 22:01
schestowitzI could theorise as to why, and why they recruit many from there, but some might choose to label that "Racist"Mar 05 22:01
qu1j0t3"you're not a real american until you stand up for the military and preferably send your kids to be shot to pieces"Mar 05 22:01
qu1j0t3Starship TroopersMar 05 22:02
schestowitzGoing back to 1941 when the anti-recruting black men tactcs were similat to today's innuendo about gay serving in the militaryMar 05 22:02
schestowitzsomething along the lines of depressing recruits and loweing morale, etc.Mar 05 22:02
schestowitz"Integration"Mar 05 22:02
qu1j0t3"Service Guarantees Citizenship" -- Starship Troopers.Mar 05 22:02
schestowitzIn 1941 it was not considered "Racist" for a colonel to write aboutMar 05 22:02
MinceRWould you like to know more?Mar 05 22:03
schestowitzRight now it's part of Perry's campaign video, "Strong"Mar 05 22:03
qu1j0t3MinceR: exactly...Mar 05 22:06
schestowitzqu1j0t3: i's still under constructionMar 05 22:07
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schestowitzI'm helping this client of mine from Malaysia build an online shop, he went to a factory in China last monthMar 05 22:08
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qu1j0t3he can breathe ok. as long as no-one unplugs him.Mar 05 22:16
schestowitz 05 22:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: 451 CAOS Theory » That’s not science: the FSF’s analysis of GPL usage .::. Size~: 43.62 KBMar 05 22:19
schestowitz"Mar 05 22:20
schestowitzNothing wrong with the script-based analysis – but a single GNU/Linux distribution considered to be a representative sample of all free and open source software?Mar 05 22:20
schestowitzThat’s not science.Mar 05 22:20
schestowitz"Mar 05 22:20
schestowitzBlack Duck counts MS prorprietary stuff with addons as ""foss"Mar 05 22:20
schestowitzJust stuff for proprietary stuffMar 05 22:20
schestowitznot much meaning to itMar 05 22:20
schestowitzsame for SaaS that one\ cannot really accessMar 05 22:20
schestowitzqu1j0t3: the smoke is not an issueMar 05 23:29
schestowitzhe's meeting the factory owner, not the factory workersMar 05 23:30
schestowitzhe's quite wealthy himself, with houses in different countriesMar 05 23:30
schestowitzmy fiancée too is fairly well offMar 05 23:30
schestowitzher family has just built a nice new home Mar 05 23:30
schestowitzphoto from last week... 05 23:32
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMar 05 23:32
*schestowitz has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Mar 05 23:35
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