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schestowitzMinceR: channel name "meow meow"Jan 04 00:00
MinceRindeedJan 04 00:00
MinceRschestowitz: 04 00:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Mephedrone - WikipediaJan 04 00:01
MinceR:>Jan 04 00:01
MinceRprobably not meant to be a reference to this thoughJan 04 00:01
schestowitzwhere is that at?Jan 04 00:02
schestowitzsounds russian, but doesn't look like itJan 04 00:02
schestowitz(the place)Jan 04 00:03
MinceRi think istanbul, turkeyJan 04 00:03
schestowitzthey better watch out!Jan 04 00:03
schestowitzerDOGan around the cornerJan 04 00:03
techrights-news#Matrix Digital Rain On The #IBM PC With A High Persistence Monitor | Hackaday ⚓ ䷉ #hackaday | more in 04 00:05
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DaemonFCI scheduled a pneumonia vaccine for Saturday.Jan 04 00:11
DaemonFCI'm not sure what that was that hit me last month but it went on almost all month and through two rounds of antibiotics.Jan 04 00:11
DaemonFCschestowitz, Mom _still_ has it.Jan 04 00:12
DaemonFCShe waited so long to go to the doctor that she started on Augmentin about a week ago.Jan 04 00:13
schestowitz-TRpneumonia?Jan 04 00:13
schestowitz-TRgarmon?Jan 04 00:13
schestowitz-TRharmon?Jan 04 00:13
DaemonFCWe're not sure what the hell it is.Jan 04 00:13
DaemonFCAntibiotics kill it eventually.Jan 04 00:13
DaemonFCIt's going around.Jan 04 00:13
schestowitz-TRpneumocronJan 04 00:14
DaemonFCThe Amoxicillin got me on my feet again and I felt okay for 2 days after it ran out, but then I started coughing up green shit that tasted really bad.Jan 04 00:14
DaemonFCSo I went to the walk-in clinic and they put me on a Z-Pak. It started lifting up again, and it took about 12 more days before it was over.Jan 04 00:15
DaemonFCIt went on for about 27 days in total.Jan 04 00:15
MinceRpneumocron™Jan 04 00:15
MinceRfluorona™Jan 04 00:15
DaemonFCMom doesn't take flu shots.Jan 04 00:16
DaemonFCShe's taken most of her adult vaccines, but she doesn't get flu shots and she won't go near the ones for COVID either.Jan 04 00:16
schestowitz-TRfluorona™ the returnJan 04 00:16
schestowitz-TRtwo mate and mix to make a monsterJan 04 00:16
DaemonFCShe says a friend at church took the Shingles vaccine and had a very serious reaction to it.Jan 04 00:16
schestowitz-TRstay tune for fluorona™ the trilogyJan 04 00:16
schestowitz-TR*tunedJan 04 00:16
DaemonFCI told her, "Well, it's well known the Shingles one can get rough.".Jan 04 00:16
schestowitz-TRewwwJan 04 00:17
DaemonFCIn the past 5 years I've been vaccinated against flu every year, COVID (3 doses, Pfizer), Meningitis A,C,W,Y, Meningitis B, and Hepatitis A.Jan 04 00:18
DaemonFCThe only one that had any side effects was for COVID.Jan 04 00:18
DaemonFCI don't normally side effect reactions to vaccines.Jan 04 00:18
DaemonFCOh yeah, and I had a Tdap.Jan 04 00:18
DaemonFCTetanus is a really nasty thing. There's only been like one case in the US in the last 10 years that I can recall.Jan 04 00:19
DaemonFCA child got it because his parents were anti-vaxxers and he went to the hospital for a month, suffered horribly, and by the time the doctors got it under control, it had cost the state a million dollars in care for the child.Jan 04 00:19
DaemonFCPeople like that need to lose their children to the state.Jan 04 00:20
*SomeH4x0r has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 00:20
DaemonFCThen they need to be sterilized so they don't have more.Jan 04 00:20
MinceRi wouldn't trust the state with thoseJan 04 00:21
DaemonFCSometimes the parents are even worse.Jan 04 00:21
MinceRthe state is a gigantic ongoing fuckupJan 04 00:21
DaemonFCWell, the theory of democracy is we have representatives to have arguments for us about how things should work.Jan 04 00:21
schestowitz-TRI still remember the Tetanus...Jan 04 00:21
schestowitz-TRas a kid I accidentally say on a small nail on a wood plankJan 04 00:22
schestowitz-TRand it was a bit rustyJan 04 00:22
DaemonFCHowever, under the new Democrat maps, 97% of people in Illinois won't have any choice at all about who their representative is.Jan 04 00:22
schestowitz-TRso they gave me another Tetanus shotJan 04 00:22
schestowitz-TRthat was painful, but no side effects that I can rememberJan 04 00:22
schestowitz-TR*sat onJan 04 00:22
DaemonFCYeah, I hit my head on a forklift and cut myself.Jan 04 00:23
DaemonFCThey took me to the hospital and gave me a tetanus shot.Jan 04 00:23
schestowitz-TRmaybe a common precautionJan 04 00:23
schestowitz-TResp. with rustJan 04 00:23
DaemonFCThen they wrote me up for having an accident and then they told me to go back to work with dried blood all over my face and a concussion.Jan 04 00:23
DaemonFC:)Jan 04 00:23
schestowitz-TRmaybe the shot hurt a lot because of my ageJan 04 00:23
schestowitz-TRI was under 10, afraid of needlesJan 04 00:24
DaemonFCLike, gee, I was really trying to bash my own face in against a metal roll cage you know.Jan 04 00:24
DaemonFCWrite me up, fucker.Jan 04 00:24
DaemonFCThey forced you to work fast if you wanted to keep your job or earn any money that week.Jan 04 00:25
DaemonFCThen when you have an accident....your fault.Jan 04 00:25
DaemonFCThe base pay at Stride Rite was $8 an hour, but you could earn about $20 if you maxed out the "performance incentive bonus".Jan 04 00:25
DaemonFCSo I worked out a way where I could max it out doing any job in the building every hour of every week.Jan 04 00:26
DaemonFCThen they got suspicious and started following me around because the managers didn't know how I was doing it.Jan 04 00:26
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, I kept track of my "PIE" score and if I went over 150% (where the bonus ended), I'd do things to bring it back down at the end of the week.Jan 04 00:27
MinceRProto-Indo-European?Jan 04 00:27
DaemonFCLike, if they ran out of work and told me to sweep the floors, I would spend 20 more minutes under the "order pulling" job code.Jan 04 00:27
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-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Best 12 Linux ASCII Games That are Modern Looking - DekiSoftJan 04 00:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsJan 04 00:28
DaemonFCIt would pull down my rate for the week and get it closer to 150% while I was sweeping the floor for $20 an hour.Jan 04 00:28
DaemonFCOr taking a dump. That was fun too.Jan 04 00:28
DaemonFCGo to the back of the warehouse. There was a bathroom there. Play snake on my phone while my rate came back down towards 150%.Jan 04 00:28
MinceR"Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime. That's why I poop on company time"Jan 04 00:28
techrights-newsThe 16 Best Free Linux Screen Recorders Available (Download) • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 00:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The 16 Best Free Linux Screen Recorders Available (Download) | Tux MachinesJan 04 00:28
DaemonFC<MinceR> "Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime. That's why I poop on company time"Jan 04 00:29
DaemonFCWell, if you make the same amount per hour under a job code at 180% or 150%, you should stay under the old job code for as long as possible to bring it back down towards 150%.Jan 04 00:29
DaemonFCThen you get the full possible hourly pay for taking a shit or sweeping the floor.Jan 04 00:30
*u-amarsh04 (~amarsh04@6pxtd49npuduw.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 00:30
DaemonFCMost people never had to worry about that because the next highest would be like 110-115%.Jan 04 00:30
techrights-newsThe PinePhone Keyboard Case is Now Available to Buy 04 00:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PinePhone keyboard now available (Wireless charging, fingerprint, and LoRa cases too) | Tux MachinesJan 04 00:31
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techrights-newsThere are vastly more potent threats than this; for instance, if you buy their #librem5 and connect it to a network/carrier, your movements are tracked. 04 00:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | High Security Shipping: Anti-interdiction in 2021 – PurismJan 04 00:33
leahi have been summonedJan 04 00:35
*schestowitz-TR runs to hide under a rockJan 04 00:35
*MinceR inspects the binding circleJan 04 00:35
leahschestowitz-TR: what did you think of the policy page posted on 04 00:36
leahyou should know, even on that page, i'm highly masking my true feelings. i'm now working on the osboot version ;)Jan 04 00:36
*SomeH4x0r (~someh4xx@dpkfdf6wax63c.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 00:36
techrights-news"Local women had found Chris Lamb so difficult to deal with that they had to start their own crowdfunding campaign to get there. Lamb only had eyes for Albanian women like the woman who won an Outreachy internship." 04 00:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to get selected for Outreachy internships | Tux MachinesJan 04 00:38
schestowitz-TRleah: well, you are expressing amicable sentiments towards GNUJan 04 00:39
schestowitz-TRit is a powerful brand among those who value freedomJan 04 00:39
leahschestowitz-TR: i couldn't hide my true feelings anymore. the take away from that article should be this:Jan 04 00:39
leahlibreboot will continue complying with fsf policy. but fsf policy is flawedJan 04 00:39
schestowitz-TRleah: I have a question:Jan 04 00:40
leahand the article simply highlights those flaws. i tried to be respectfulJan 04 00:40
schestowitz-TR[00:33] <techrights-news> There are vastly more potent threats than this; for instance, if you buy their #librem5 and connect it to a network/carrier, your movements are tracked. 04 00:40
schestowitz-TRthoughts?Jan 04 00:40
leahmehJan 04 00:40
leahit's purism. who caresJan 04 00:40
leahput me in a prison cell and give me these choices of people to share a bunk bed with:Jan 04 00:41
schestowitz-TRcharging premium to spew some nail polish on screwsJan 04 00:41
leah* mjg59_ Jan 04 00:41
leah* todd weaverJan 04 00:41
schestowitz-TRwhich I always found rather funnyJan 04 00:41
leahi choose mjg59_ Jan 04 00:41
leahtodd is worseJan 04 00:41
schestowitz-TRalso, it does not assure you that further up the chain nobody tampers with itJan 04 00:41
schestowitz-TRor inside purism itselfJan 04 00:41
schestowitz-TRyou need to purchase ANONYMOUSLYJan 04 00:41
schestowitz-TRI've long saidJan 04 00:41
leahi don't care about purismJan 04 00:41
schestowitz-TRthey cannot target people who buy a genetic product and pay with cashJan 04 00:42
leaheven if purism ends up being the best thing ever, and improves everything, and saves the worldJan 04 00:42
leahi will never forgive todd for his early villainyJan 04 00:42
leahfor me, this is personalJan 04 00:42
schestowitz-TRthough even if you pay with ID (card) it's too late for them to tamper if you take it off the shelf or back doorJan 04 00:42
schestowitz-TR*roomJan 04 00:42
schestowitz-TRnot doorJan 04 00:42
schestowitz-TRi heard bad things about himJan 04 00:43
schestowitz-TRnot just from youJan 04 00:43
schestowitz-TR"when too people tell you that are you drunk..."Jan 04 00:44
leahi'm gonna get back to working on osbmk/osbwww nowJan 04 00:44
leahschestowitz-TR: wanna see osboot? my local homepageJan 04 00:44
leahi made a dark themeJan 04 00:44
schestowitz-TRlolJan 04 00:44
schestowitz-TRyou mean changed a few lines in css?Jan 04 00:44
schestowitz-TRwith selector for css file?Jan 04 00:45
techrights-newsGames: #GOG Winter Sale, Not Actually A DOS Game, and ASCII Games • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 00:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Games: GOG Winter Sale, Not Actually A DOS Game, and ASCII Games | Tux MachinesJan 04 00:45
schestowitz-TRleah: I have a dark themeJan 04 00:45
leahschestowitz-TR: 04 00:46
schestowitz-TRI keep some black shirts in the cabinetJan 04 00:46
leahschestowitz-TR: i joke on the libreboot blob policy page by saying:Jan 04 00:46
leah"libreboot is the light, and osboot is the dark side"Jan 04 00:46
leahwell, i'm giving a dark theme!Jan 04 00:46
MinceRdark side ftwJan 04 00:46
schestowitz-TRgemini has THEMES?Jan 04 00:46
leahi'll get back to my work now. ping me again if you need meJan 04 00:47
schestowitz-TRleah: in gemini you choose the coloursJan 04 00:47
schestowitz-TRand then they're consistent across capsulesJan 04 00:47
schestowitz-TRno need for someone else to decide for youJan 04 00:47
schestowitz-TRthe spec is simple enough that they cannot impose colours on you, eitherJan 04 00:47
schestowitz-TRleah: ah, ok, sorry. speak laters.Jan 04 00:48
techrights-newsDr. #AndyFarnell (above) offers some positive words of encouragement and optimism as this series concludes 04 01:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | My Year as a Digital Vegan — Part X — Happy New Year: Thoughts for 2022 and Beyond | TechrightsJan 04 01:09
techrights-newsMy birthday cake 04 01:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 20211217 143744Jan 04 01:11
DaemonFCIf Biden was smarter, he'd split this "BBB" bill into sections and have Chuck and Nancy start forcing up or down votes on all of it starting with the ones where most of them will be punished in the next election somehow if they vote against it.Jan 04 01:12
DaemonFCExpanding Medicare is pretty popular in every state and it would provide them with attack ads against every Republican that voted no.Jan 04 01:12
DaemonFCI'd start with that. Lower the Medicare age to 55, and add benefits.Jan 04 01:13
DaemonFCPolitics is often piecemeal. Stallman doesn't seem to get it.Jan 04 01:13
DaemonFCThe Republicans are a brick wall of "no" and the Democrats are functioning as several different parties calling themselves the same thing.Jan 04 01:14
DaemonFCJamming everything into one bill just doesn't work when one Senator that objects to any part of it can kill the entire thing.Jan 04 01:14
DaemonFCBy expanding Medicare, we move the conversation in the other direction from where Reagan pushed it in the 1980s.Jan 04 01:15
DaemonFC"The billionaires are living longer, so the janitor has to wait longer to claim Social Security."Jan 04 01:16
DaemonFCThe problem is also going on throughout Europe.Jan 04 01:16
DaemonFCIt just keeps going up. They want you to die with nothing after paying payroll taxes forever.Jan 04 01:16
DaemonFCThey can turn it into a perversion of itself. Poor people pay, the middle class lives into their 90s.Jan 04 01:17
DaemonFCIt already happened to my aunt.Jan 04 01:17
DaemonFCShe died at 56 in a car accident. She paid millions to Social Security.Jan 04 01:17
DaemonFCShe didn't get anything. Nobody that was related to her inherited it.Jan 04 01:18
DaemonFCSome people can afford to retire before they claim Social Security, or cut their work hours and go into partial retirement, but have to keep full time or they lose their health insurance.Jan 04 01:18
DaemonFCHealth insurance has become a carrot on a string in front of the plow horse.Jan 04 01:19
DaemonFCTech companies now exist with apps on phones to spy on people with crappy prescription drug insurance, or none at all.Jan 04 01:20
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, Did I mention having to use one for Mandy a few times.Jan 04 01:20
DaemonFCGoodRX is SO STUPID. It charges the pharmacy to run some numbers, like $3 each time they do it, then it gives them a price and that's what they have to charge you.Jan 04 01:20
DaemonFCI talked to a pharmacist who says he runs an independent pharmacy (rare these days) and he just matches the price on the screen if that's what it says when he looks it up on his computer, and he does not contact GoodRX.Jan 04 01:21
DaemonFCBecause GoodRX routes it through a PBM and they are the ones who have contracts with the pharmacy. The pharmacy goes along with it because no contract with PBMs means you can't accept any insurance plan that uses that PBM to negotiate their prices.Jan 04 01:22
schestowitz-TRDaemonFC: back on topicJan 04 01:22
schestowitz-TRI have a questionJan 04 01:22
DaemonFCThen at the end of the month, the PBM sends their bill to the pharmacy.Jan 04 01:22
schestowitz-TRdo you have much experience with "smart" things?Jan 04 01:23
schestowitz-TRmetersJan 04 01:23
schestowitz-TRmicrowavesJan 04 01:23
DaemonFCSo, that's where I'm going here.Jan 04 01:23
schestowitz-TRetc.Jan 04 01:23
DaemonFCGoodRX gets information about every patient who uses their app.Jan 04 01:23
DaemonFCEven though they're a middleman.Jan 04 01:23
DaemonFCThen they sell it to the drug companies, in addition to their kickbacks from the PBMs.Jan 04 01:23
DaemonFC<schestowitz-TR> do you have much experience with "smart" things?Jan 04 01:23
DaemonFCI have a smart meter.Jan 04 01:23
DaemonFCNo choice.Jan 04 01:23
DaemonFCIt's the law.Jan 04 01:23
schestowitz-TRreally?Jan 04 01:24
DaemonFCAnd I have a smart toothbrush, but I don't ever use it with an app.Jan 04 01:24
schestowitz-TRlike, what if the home is old?Jan 04 01:24
DaemonFCThe company comes out and replaces the meter.Jan 04 01:24
DaemonFCThey tell you it benefits you in a lot of ways, including enabling "voltage optimization".Jan 04 01:24
schestowitz-TRare some companies in IL not imposing it?Jan 04 01:24
techrights-newsPinePhone official keyboard case is finally available to purchase 04 01:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PinePhone keyboard now available (Wireless charging, fingerprint, and LoRa cases too) | Tux MachinesJan 04 01:25
schestowitz-TRDaemonFC: those devices use up voltage?Jan 04 01:25
schestowitz-TRdo they optimise their own energy suckage?Jan 04 01:25
schestowitz-TRI want to write articles on these thingsJan 04 01:26
schestowitz-TRbut I never put a pair of hands on themJan 04 01:26
DaemonFCThere's only one electric company in Illinois, and it's called Commonwealth Edision, but it's a subsidiary of Exelon. They also run most of the generating capacity in the state. You can sign up for another provider, but most of them just bill you for electricity and then sell carbon credits or some bullshit. Some run solar or wind and bill ComEd to put it in their system. You still get a bill from ComEd, but it says who your supplier is, and Jan 04 01:26
DaemonFCComEd doesn't care.Jan 04 01:26
schestowitz-TRand don't have all the gadgets they come with regardlessJan 04 01:26
DaemonFCThe real money is in the delivery, which is always going to ComEd.Jan 04 01:26
DaemonFCComEd also gets a lot of bailouts from the state.Jan 04 01:26
DaemonFCThey threaten our lawmakers with shutting down the nuclear plants if they don't get more.Jan 04 01:26
schestowitz-TRso they bill you twiceJan 04 01:27
schestowitz-TR1) as customerJan 04 01:27
DaemonFC<schestowitz-TR> DaemonFC: those devices use up voltage? Well, presumably even the mechanical ones use some energy. They have to keep the dials spinning.Jan 04 01:27
schestowitz-TR2) as taxpayerJan 04 01:27
schestowitz-TRthe true bill is a hidden oneJan 04 01:27
DaemonFCThe new ones have a network connection over the power line and an LED display.Jan 04 01:27
DaemonFC<schestowitz-TR> so they bill you twiceJan 04 01:27
DaemonFCExactly.Jan 04 01:27
schestowitz-TR[01:27] <DaemonFC> <schestowitz-TR> DaemonFC: those devices use up voltage? Well, presumably even the mechanical ones use some energy. They have to keep the dials spinning.Jan 04 01:27
schestowitz-TRnot the water onesJan 04 01:28
DaemonFCThey've gotten over $1.3 BILLION in bailouts over the nuclear threat in the past 6 years.Jan 04 01:28
schestowitz-TRafaikJan 04 01:28
DaemonFCThey did it twice to make each one look like a lower figure and then threatened to shut down different plants the second time.Jan 04 01:28
DaemonFCThen the bailout package from the Democrats called itself a "clean energy plan".Jan 04 01:28
schestowitz-TRpeople in IL would die in winter without electricity and/or gadJan 04 01:29
schestowitz-TR*gasJan 04 01:29
DaemonFC<schestowitz-TR> people in IL would die in winter without electricity and/or gadJan 04 01:29
schestowitz-TRso they blackmail people with lives as ransomJan 04 01:29
DaemonFCYes, most in Chicago have boiler units because it's more efficient but outside Chicago, electric is more common.Jan 04 01:29
schestowitz-TRit's common to have one supplier upstreamJan 04 01:30
schestowitz-TRbut it identifies through proxiesJan 04 01:30
schestowitz-TRor tentaclesJan 04 01:30
DaemonFCBecause of the "pandemic" the electric company (and the gas companies, I think, nothing I have uses gas) are prohibited from non-payment shutoffs.Jan 04 01:30
schestowitz-TRto give an impression of some competitionJan 04 01:30
DaemonFCAnd they threaten to raise rates because of this.Jan 04 01:30
schestowitz-TRbanks can be the sameJan 04 01:30
schestowitz-TRBank of England sets interest ratesJan 04 01:30
schestowitz-TRall the pertinent banks follow thatJan 04 01:30
DaemonFCYes, the Federal Reserve sets banking policies, but it's a quasi-governmental entity.Jan 04 01:30
schestowitz-TRokJan 04 01:31
DaemonFCThe president and the Senate appoint a board of Governors, but they're nearly all from the big banks.Jan 04 01:31
schestowitz-TRcan you do some blog post about the spy meters?Jan 04 01:31
DaemonFCAnd the banks own shares in the Fed to be a member.Jan 04 01:31
schestowitz-TRI'm afraid I cannot say much except principles and theoryJan 04 01:31
schestowitz-TRI'm not hypocritical enough to adopt one just to study itJan 04 01:31
DaemonFCThere's a lot of politics involved in monetary policy. Presidents generally want easy money, and the banks don't care either.Jan 04 01:32
DaemonFCBecause high inflation causes people to panic and spend, or "invest" into a stock market that's overvalued.Jan 04 01:32
schestowitz-TRworst case scenario: another bailourJan 04 01:32
schestowitz-TRthey call it "stimulus"Jan 04 01:32
DaemonFCThey don't like "savers" and they blame "savers" for recessions.Jan 04 01:32
schestowitz-TRas if the plunder if to stimulate "the economy"Jan 04 01:32
DaemonFCThis is "Keynesian Economics".Jan 04 01:32
schestowitz-TRand to benefit youJan 04 01:32
DaemonFCIt's bullshit. It's imaginary growth.Jan 04 01:32
schestowitz-TRbut you are the one payingJan 04 01:32
DaemonFCJapan has been down this road.Jan 04 01:33
schestowitz-TRso in effect they say, GIMME ALL YOU MONEY!!Jan 04 01:33
DaemonFCRight, you can have as much growth as you want with unlimited inflation.Jan 04 01:33
DaemonFCIt's funny how that works, right?Jan 04 01:33
schestowitz-TR[01:32] <DaemonFC> Because high inflation causes people to panic and spend, or "invest" into a stock market that's overvalued.Jan 04 01:33
schestowitz-TR^yes, thisJan 04 01:33
schestowitz-TRand then they lose the moneyJan 04 01:33
schestowitz-TR"bad investment, sorry"Jan 04 01:33
schestowitz-TRso better to stay with 0% interestJan 04 01:34
DaemonFCThey have "funds".Jan 04 01:34
schestowitz-TRthan a market where companies that lose money are said to be worth trillionsJan 04 01:34
DaemonFCTechnically, Mandy is a part-owner in Microsoft.Jan 04 01:34
DaemonFCBecause I had to invest his money in a fund to take the Walmart match.Jan 04 01:34
*leah has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 01:34
DaemonFCSmall cap stocks are too risky because they don't have a war chest of money to deal with long recessions and speculations that don't pan out.Jan 04 01:35
schestowitz-TRor lobbyingJan 04 01:35
schestowitz-TRor "creative" accountingJan 04 01:35
DaemonFCIt's better to invest in a bunch of big companies that can sink a malinvestment or three with divisions that make money, bailouts, tax cheating, etc.Jan 04 01:35
DaemonFCYeah, I mean it's perverse.Jan 04 01:36
DaemonFCBut that's how they're less "volatile".Jan 04 01:36
schestowitz-TRit isJan 04 01:36
schestowitz-TRyou have several optionJan 04 01:36
schestowitz-TR1) don't save too muchJan 04 01:36
schestowitz-TR2) related to (1): don't work too hardJan 04 01:36
DaemonFCWorking less is an investment, schestowitz-TR Jan 04 01:36
techrights-ipfs-bot ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▁▁▃▄▃▂▂▁▂▅▄▂▄▂▁▂▂▂▅▃▂▁▁▂▃▃▄▁▂▁▂▄▃▁▂▁ avg(k/sec) 9.90 ▕  IPFS upstream: █▁▁▁▁▄▁▁▁██▁▁█▁▁▁▁▁▁█▁▁██▁▁██▁▁ avg(k/sec) 169.23▕ swarm size (avg): 245.76  ⟲Jan 04 01:36
schestowitz-TR3) don't spend much, or ensure you already have enough of what you will needJan 04 01:36
DaemonFCIf you work less, you expose less of your total money to taxation.Jan 04 01:36
schestowitz-TRnot stockpiling food, that can spoilJan 04 01:37
DaemonFCYour marginal tax rate goes down.Jan 04 01:37
schestowitz-TRit's a special caseJan 04 01:37
AdmFubar1 04 01:37
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 01:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft Skype makes you solve a complex captcha 10 times to sign upJan 04 01:37
schestowitz-TRAdmFubar1: goodJan 04 01:37
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, Well, cat food lasts a couple of years.Jan 04 01:37
schestowitz-TRI hope people find learning jitsi fasterJan 04 01:37
schestowitz-TRthan doing this crapJan 04 01:37
DaemonFCYou can buffer cat food if you grab the latest expiration date bags and then rotate your stock.Jan 04 01:37
DaemonFCThat can be a good way to toss a few hundred bucks away, which they can't destroy.Jan 04 01:38
schestowitz-TRbut you need much storage space for itJan 04 01:38
DaemonFCIf you have cats. :)Jan 04 01:38
schestowitz-TRand if you move that becomes a burden tooJan 04 01:38
*leah (~leah@wrh2nipuzrd3y.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 01:38
DaemonFCI don't plan to move anytime soon if I can possibly avoid it.Jan 04 01:38
DaemonFCIt costs money to move.Jan 04 01:38
schestowitz-TR[01:37] <DaemonFC> Your marginal tax rate goes down.Jan 04 01:39
DaemonFCThe real estate market where we're at is dead.Jan 04 01:39
schestowitz-TRwith a spouse it works out betterJan 04 01:39
schestowitz-TRif both of you workJan 04 01:39
DaemonFCWhich puts out some of the rent inflation fire.Jan 04 01:39
schestowitz-TRyou do not get taxed as a pairJan 04 01:39
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, I worked out our marginal tax rate for this year. Technically we'll be in a 10% bracket, but our marginal federal income tax rate should only be about 3 or 4%.Jan 04 01:40
DaemonFCI told Mandy to slow it down last year. We went on vacation and instead of using his personal time, he just took days off with no pay.Jan 04 01:40
DaemonFCThen he didn't use PTO for Thanksgiving or Christmas.Jan 04 01:40
DaemonFCI know the tax code.Jan 04 01:41
DaemonFCI always aim to minimize.Jan 04 01:41
DaemonFCFor 2020, our marginal tax rate was negative 0.78%.Jan 04 01:41
schestowitz-TRI've just taken a calculatorJan 04 01:42
DaemonFCAnd that was before the tuition credit I took, which was refundable.Jan 04 01:42
DaemonFCSo that made our tax rate closer to -8%.Jan 04 01:42
schestowitz-TR21% of my income goes to tax, inclusive of full health coverage (NHS)Jan 04 01:42
schestowitz-TRand inc. pensionJan 04 01:42
schestowitz-TRso really it's 21% for pension+health+taxJan 04 01:42
DaemonFCWell, Social Security and Medicare are flat taxes, so nothing to be done about those.Jan 04 01:42
DaemonFCState taxes income at 4.95%, but we each get a personal exemption. Jan 04 01:43
schestowitz-TRthe more your work, the less you get paid (per effort)Jan 04 01:43
DaemonFCBut the state starts at the federal AGI.Jan 04 01:43
schestowitz-TRit's really dead simpleJan 04 01:43
AdmFubar1 04 01:43
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 01:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Why Is the UK's National Health Service Being Run by Former Bankers? | naked capitalismJan 04 01:43
schestowitz-TRunless you are a tax-ecading oligarchJan 04 01:43
DaemonFCSo if you can earn less at the federal level, you may be able to protect a lot of it from the state too.Jan 04 01:43
schestowitz-TR*evadingJan 04 01:43
schestowitz-TRthen you are 'untouchable'Jan 04 01:43
DaemonFCBecause you start on the AGI (1040) or MAGI (1040EZ) line for state Total Income.Jan 04 01:44
schestowitz-TRhow to raise your incomeJan 04 01:44
schestowitz-TR1) work less (more per hour)Jan 04 01:44
schestowitz-TR2) work less per time Jan 04 01:44
schestowitz-TR(2) is not the same as (1)Jan 04 01:45
schestowitz-TRI know people who work a net of 60-70 hours per weekJan 04 01:45
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, I deliberately filed our taxes using the 1040EZ for 2020 because the MAGI line produces a higher figure than the AGI line on the 1040. And you get to claim whatever the AGI or MAGI is for the form you used for their part on the immigration sponsorship.Jan 04 01:45
schestowitz-TRthen they have litttle personal lifeJan 04 01:45
DaemonFCSo even though we had negative taxes, I got us above the minimum required level for immigration on the same form.Jan 04 01:45
schestowitz-TRthey get taxed like half their total incomeJan 04 01:45
DaemonFCI'm proud of that.Jan 04 01:45
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, I was sweating bullets.Jan 04 01:46
DaemonFCOne way it wouldn't be enough, the other way it was barely enough and they had to accept it.Jan 04 01:46
DaemonFCEven our lawyer had to follow my logic.Jan 04 01:46
DaemonFCShe asked what the hell I was talking about with the MAGI line.Jan 04 01:47
DaemonFCI said "Read this regulation for me.".Jan 04 01:47
DaemonFCSo I pulled a lot of legal maneuvers between everything I had to get done in 2019 and 2021.Jan 04 01:47
DaemonFCAnd I got the better of a lot of people, honestly.Jan 04 01:48
DaemonFCHe who lives by the sword dies by the sword.Jan 04 01:48
DaemonFCThey put out all of these rules and regulations and procedures.Jan 04 01:49
techrights-newsWhy Is the UK's National Health Service Being Run by Former Bankers? #nhs also outsources our data. 'Monetising' it? #tories hate public health. 04 01:49
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 01:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Why Is the UK's National Health Service Being Run by Former Bankers? | naked capitalismJan 04 01:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | NHS - TechrightsJan 04 01:49
AdmFubar1yours could be a death by a thousand paper cutsJan 04 01:49
DaemonFCAnd they're not ready for a guy like me who sits down and crams for what he needs to do.Jan 04 01:49
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, Well, I told Mandy to take those days unpaid because PTO eventually turns into PPTO when it overflows the maximum you're allowed to have.Jan 04 01:50
DaemonFCAnd PPTO can cover unexcused absences and they can't punish you for it.Jan 04 01:50
techrights-news#theguardian coverage of #covid19 and #jeffreyepstein is incredibly dishonst. It's like #billgates runs their paper and Web site. Oh, wait. He bribes them repeatedly... 04 01:50
AdmFubar1 04 01:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Speaking Through Spokespeople is a Sign of Weakness, Such as Non-Denying and False Denials (or: Bill Gates Never Denied His Connections to MIT Through Jeffrey Epstein) | TechrightsJan 04 01:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Are you having a laugh? Why NHS doctors will soon be prescribing a dose of comedy | Health & wellbeing | The GuardianJan 04 01:50
DaemonFCAt the same time, taking the time off unpaid lowers your tax rate at the end of the year a bit.Jan 04 01:51
schestowitz-TRAdmFubar1: some 'journalism', eh?Jan 04 01:51
schestowitz 04 01:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@wikileaks: @guardian Come for the enormous penis and brown olive recipes. Stay for the front page fabricated news stories on J… 04 01:52
schestowitz 04 01:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@wikileaks: Come for the enormous penis. Stay for the front page fabricated news stories on Julian Assange. Bonus: how the UK o… 04 01:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@wikileaks: Come for the enormous penis. Stay for the front page fabricated news stories on Julian Assange. Bonus: how the UK o… 04 01:52
DaemonFCI'd rather lower the tax rate, because declaring more income causes the IRS to turn around and tax ME more as well.Jan 04 01:52
DaemonFCThen we lose twice.Jan 04 01:53
DaemonFCIt's basically a lose-lose. If Mandy earns that $800 he left on the table by not using PTO, the IRS will end up taking about $400 of it anyway when they get done with me.Jan 04 01:53
DaemonFCThen that sets us up for an even bigger problem.Jan 04 01:54
DaemonFCBecause he didn't withhold at least 90% of the higher obligation, then if the same thing happens next year, we owe a penalty plus interest on the amount that was under-withheld. Jan 04 01:54
DaemonFCThe IRS is a real sticky wicket.Jan 04 01:55
techrights-newsadJan 04 01:55
DaemonFCIt's hard to tell what to do with them sometimes, schestowitz Jan 04 01:55
DaemonFCThe conservation of energy principle kicks in at a certain point.Jan 04 01:55
DaemonFCAnd there's not much incentive to work more at that point.Jan 04 01:55
techrights-news"One consequence of the importation of a DoE (Doctrine of Equivalents) into the EPC is that it wipes out the ages-old maxim that what comes after and infringes would, if coming before, destroy novelty." 04 01:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Board of Appeal finds no legal basis for the requirement to amend the description in line with the claims (T 1989/18) - The IPKatJan 04 01:56
DaemonFCI've never lied to the IRS, but I've damned sure declared every proper deduction that applies.Jan 04 01:57
DaemonFCFelta has lied on his taxes before.Jan 04 01:57
schestowitz#uspto as #microsoft pusher see and 04 01:57
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 01:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Patent Docs: USPTO News BriefsJan 04 01:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft-Captured USPTO Doubles the Fines for Patent Applicants That Don’t Use Microsoft | TechrightsJan 04 01:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | President Biden Wants to Put Microsofter in Charge of the Patent Office, Soon to Penalise Patent Applicants Who Don’t Use Microsoft’s Proprietary Formats | TechrightsJan 04 01:57
DaemonFCHe'd make "donations" like an obsolete computer to the Salvation Army and then take a deduction that was many times what it was worth.Jan 04 01:57
DaemonFCIt's too late for them to audit. At least the parts I know about. They happened in the 90s.Jan 04 01:58
DaemonFCWhat are you going to do? Call the IRS on your parents?Jan 04 01:58
techrights-news#watchtroll : "While Chief Justice Roberts did not mention the Western District of Texas by name, that is what he is concerned about, which is clear from his reference to Senators expressing concern— concern that has been expressed relative to patent case assignment in the Western District of Texas."Jan 04 01:58
DaemonFCActually, if I'd known then what I know now, I would have.Jan 04 01:58
techrights-news"U.S. #antitrust enforcers carried out dramatic efforts to combat anticompetitive conduct last year, and all signs show that the aggressive efforts will continue in 2022." 04 01:59
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 01:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Antitrust Conduct Cases To Watch In 2022 - Law360Jan 04 01:59
AdmFubar1 04 01:59
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 01:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Wine gets ported to Haiku – OSnewsJan 04 01:59
DaemonFCI watched my parents lie to the IRS every tax year and then, well, I don't think my mom deliberately played a hand in that.Jan 04 01:59
DaemonFCHe probably just said "Goddamn it, sign here!".Jan 04 02:00
techrights-newsToday’s #HowTos | #UNIX • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 02:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesJan 04 02:00
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DaemonFCMy thoughts on the IRS are nobody likes them, nobody likes taxes, few people get audited, but if you are one they audit, you should have nothing to hide. If you did something wrong, the consequences aren't worth it.Jan 04 02:01
DaemonFCAnd oddly, that's how I've approached most things in life, and the states busted me for a couple of misdemeanors I didn't even do anyway.Jan 04 02:02
schestowitz-TRpropublica did some good investigations on irsJan 04 02:02
schestowitz-TRi think that was before famous criminal bill gates started bribing themJan 04 02:02
schestowitz-TRthey had even covered microsoft's irs battlesJan 04 02:02
DaemonFCThe big reason everyone hates the IRS, or at least the middle class.....Jan 04 02:02
DaemonFCThe middle class sees it as the rich don't pay taxes, the poor get on all of these benefit programs, and then the IRS pays them as well.Jan 04 02:03
DaemonFCThen it promotes this mentality where the middle class feels entitled to tell some whoppers.Jan 04 02:03
*u-amarsh04 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Jan 04 02:03
schestowitz-TRit's an international problemJan 04 02:03
DaemonFC"Nobody else is pulling their weight around here, so why should I?"Jan 04 02:03
schestowitz-TRand if the robber barons dislike the policy, then they threaten to moveJan 04 02:04
schestowitz-TRit's a strategyJan 04 02:04
*leah (~leah@wrh2nipuzrd3y.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 02:04
DaemonFCWe're in a system where almost nobody pays for what they use.Jan 04 02:04
schestowitz-TRwell, waitJan 04 02:04
schestowitz-TRyou payJan 04 02:04
schestowitz-TRbut...Jan 04 02:05
DaemonFCThe poor and the rich get the most benefit out of the tax system.Jan 04 02:05
schestowitz-TRit's called national debtJan 04 02:05
schestowitz-TRit's like a shadow bank balanceJan 04 02:05
DaemonFCYes, for now that covers it up.Jan 04 02:05
schestowitz-TRRyan FarmerJan 04 02:05
DaemonFCIt's not due yet, so party time!Jan 04 02:05
schestowitz-TRbank balance, nominal: 10,000 USDJan 04 02:05
DaemonFCEveryone gets 10 or 15 times more than they paid for.Jan 04 02:05
schestowitz-TRnational balance: -250,000 USDJan 04 02:05
schestowitz-TRdependent/spouseJan 04 02:05
DaemonFCWhile things collapse and the "credit cards" load up.Jan 04 02:05
schestowitz-TRanother -250,00 USDJan 04 02:06
schestowitz-TRso in your lifetime you will need to pay a lot and maybe go to war with those who claim you owe them this muchJan 04 02:06
schestowitz-TRplus, there are other fees on top of itJan 04 02:06
DaemonFCThe United States right now is like a house that nobody is taking care of while the occupants live on credit cards.Jan 04 02:06
DaemonFCAnd everyone thinks this is fine because it hasn't all collapsed, yet.Jan 04 02:06
schestowitz-TRthis is where gates and wall street derive their 'wealth' fromJan 04 02:06
schestowitz-TRyour minuses, collectively, are their plusesJan 04 02:07
schestowitz-TRmarisol is worse off than youJan 04 02:07
schestowitz-TRshe collects useless shoe racksJan 04 02:07
schestowitz-TRwith crap made in sweatshopsJan 04 02:08
DaemonFC 04 02:08
schestowitz-TRso she has debt on top of the national debtJan 04 02:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | I Worked at Golden Corral, and It Was DisgustingJan 04 02:08
DaemonFCBuffets reuse leftover food, and that's not a secret.Jan 04 02:08
DaemonFCAnd not a bad thing.Jan 04 02:08
schestowitz-TRand her living expenses that she is accustomed to are insatiable  Jan 04 02:08
DaemonFCIt's still perfectly safe to cook into something else for breakfast the next morning.Jan 04 02:08
DaemonFCThat allows them to keep prices down and it lowers emissions and food waste.Jan 04 02:08
DaemonFC<schestowitz-TR> and her living expenses that she is accustomed to are insatiable  Jan 04 02:09
DaemonFCThat's why they work 70+ hour weeks and brag about it.Jan 04 02:09
schestowitz-TRwowJan 04 02:09
schestowitz-TRidiots!Jan 04 02:09
DaemonFCThey have to do that to make minimum payments on stuff they never enjoy.Jan 04 02:09
schestowitz-TRso they live like japaneseJan 04 02:09
DaemonFCThey almost lost their house to foreclosure a few years ago.Jan 04 02:10
schestowitz-TRand cannot throttle upJan 04 02:10
DaemonFCAnd got sued by some credit card companies as well.Jan 04 02:10
schestowitz-TRas they already use up their full bodily capacityJan 04 02:10
DaemonFCThey have three car payments on things that are not practical or reliable.Jan 04 02:10
schestowitz-TRif I worked 70 hours a week, then no techrights Jan 04 02:10
DaemonFCThen they speed so much they racked up over $1,000 in fines.Jan 04 02:10
DaemonFCWhich I'm sure was great for their insurance rates.Jan 04 02:11
schestowitz-TRrianne's base work is 16 hours a weekJan 04 02:11
schestowitz-TRmine 36Jan 04 02:11
DaemonFCAnd instead of slowing down, MARISOL got a radar detector BUILT INTO THE CAR.Jan 04 02:11
DaemonFCFor over $1,000.Jan 04 02:11
schestowitz-TRa fine would be cheaperJan 04 02:11
DaemonFCYeah, those things are a cat and mouse game too.Jan 04 02:11
schestowitz-TRalso, not accurateJan 04 02:11
schestowitz-TRiirc, they make assumptions about frequency and other people reporting outpostsJan 04 02:12
schestowitz-TRsome become less visibleJan 04 02:12
DaemonFCYou buy one that can detect X band, the cops switch to K band. You switch to an X and K band, they switch to Ku band, you buy a X, K, and Ku, they start using Ka.Jan 04 02:12
schestowitz-TRthey ambush betterJan 04 02:12
DaemonFCOr LIDAR.Jan 04 02:12
DaemonFCBoth hard to detect.Jan 04 02:12
DaemonFCNow your system goes off because of motion sensors at the grocery stores and misses the cops.Jan 04 02:12
schestowitz-TRso you get a false sense of securityJan 04 02:12
schestowitz-TRand go over speed limitJan 04 02:12
MinceRget ahead of the curve with a stealth fighter/bomberJan 04 02:12
DaemonFCYes, I used a radar detector once, schestowitz-TR Jan 04 02:12
schestowitz-TRslowing down is cheaper than these gadgetsJan 04 02:13
MinceRif your time is worthless :>Jan 04 02:13
DaemonFCIt was such a false sense of security that I started getting pulled over with it when I had never been pulled over without it.Jan 04 02:13
schestowitz-TRMinceR: I remember that jokeJan 04 02:13
DaemonFCI got three warning tickets somehow and then threw the detector out and slowed down.Jan 04 02:13
schestowitz-TRI never got a ticketJan 04 02:13
schestowitz-TRdidn't even get pulled overJan 04 02:13
DaemonFCOn your fourth warning ticket, Indiana gives you a ticket and a fine for getting 4 warnings.Jan 04 02:14
MinceRi never got a ticket for speeding and didn't get pulled overJan 04 02:14
MinceReven though i probably drive more than schestowitz-TR :>Jan 04 02:14
DaemonFCSo I got pulled over again years later with the same driver's license number, because that doesn't change unless you move to another state.Jan 04 02:14
DaemonFCThe cop says "I see you have three warnings. Last one was from several years ago. I don't think you deserve a ticket. So, this officially never happened. Just slow the fuck down.".Jan 04 02:15
schestowitz-TRcoolJan 04 02:15
MinceR> slow the fuck downJan 04 02:15
MinceR 04 02:15
schestowitz-TRMinceR: fsck slowlytJan 04 02:15
MinceRindeedJan 04 02:16
schestowitz-TRthe "slowmo" scenario?Jan 04 02:16
schestowitz-TR"but baby, the cop told me to"Jan 04 02:16
schestowitz-TRMinceR: ah that place in germanyJan 04 02:17
schestowitz-TRvery unfortunateJan 04 02:17
MinceRaustriaJan 04 02:17
schestowitz-TRand source of endless jokesJan 04 02:17
MinceRi don't see anything unfortunate about itJan 04 02:17
schestowitz-TRwho goes to fucking austria anyway?Jan 04 02:17
MinceRmany people around here doJan 04 02:17
schestowitz-TRthey come back when they get tired of fuckingJan 04 02:18
DaemonFCThey renamed that.Jan 04 02:19
DaemonFCIt's Fugging now.Jan 04 02:19
schestowitz-TRthey still need some famous austrianJan 04 02:20
MinceRyeah, they've spurdoified itJan 04 02:20
schestowitz-TRas the most famous austrian is the most reviled person in modern timesJan 04 02:20
MinceRreplacing the signs with engraved boulders would have been cheaper and clevererJan 04 02:20
MinceRsome other place did thatJan 04 02:20
DaemonFCThe Fucking mayor got sick of the Fucking people stealing the Fucking sign. And when the Fucking mayor replaced the Fucking sign, sure enough....the Fucking police would find some Fucking teenagers fucking fucking in front of the Fucking sign.Jan 04 02:20
DaemonFCHmmm.Jan 04 02:21
DaemonFCThe one major downside about buying eyeglasses from Zenni.Jan 04 02:21
DaemonFCIt takes forever unless you pay them to put a rush on it.Jan 04 02:21
MinceR 04 02:22
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 02:22
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, Zenni had an FAQ last year saying "If my glasses are made in China, will they have the Coronavirus on them when they arrive?".Jan 04 02:22
DaemonFCI said, "No, but soon your country will be overflowing with it and a pair of Chinese eyeglasses will be the least of your concerns.Jan 04 02:22
schestowitz-TRthe person who blew the whistle on it and died was an ophthalmologist iircJan 04 02:23
*SomeH4x0r has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 02:25
*SomeH4x0r (~someh4xx@jubkat3igexrk.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 02:29
techrights-newsLinks 4/1/2022: #UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 and Libreboot’s Binary Blob Policy • Techrights ⚓ ䷉ #Techrights #GNU #Linux #FreeSW | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 04 02:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Links 4/1/2022: UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 and Libreboot’s Binary Blob Policy | TechrightsJan 04 02:31
schestowitz-TRDaemonFC: if you wrote about spy meters, I'd be very interested in reading thatJan 04 02:31
schestowitz-TRnot like a meter readingJan 04 02:32
schestowitz-TRas I want to know where this lunacy is headedJan 04 02:32
schestowitz-TRlike, do some of these come with microphones ("assistant") already?Jan 04 02:32
DaemonFCNo, it's somewhere else in the building.Jan 04 02:32
DaemonFCThey wouldn't let Mandy sign up for an electric account because they couldn't verify his SSN.Jan 04 02:33
techrights-news"I would generally disagree or not associate, including spiritual healers who tell me how 5G is unbalancing our auras (about which I have no evidence)." 04 02:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techbytes @ Techrights IRC Network: Monday, January 03, 2022Jan 04 02:33
techrights-news"they could have sent him to therapists and asked for apology to Microsofters ;-)" 04 02:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #boycottnovell @ Techrights IRC Network: Monday, January 03, 2022Jan 04 02:34
DaemonFCMaybe the one good thing Governor Pritzker did was stop the electric company from charging a $150 deposit to people with bad credit.Jan 04 02:34
techrights-news#Programming Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 02:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Programming Leftovers | Tux MachinesJan 04 02:34
techrights-newsToday’s 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 02:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's leftovers | Tux MachinesJan 04 02:34
schestowitz-TRDaemonFC: not creditJan 04 02:34
schestowitz-TRdebtJan 04 02:34
DaemonFCI had to hook us up last year when my credit was in the toilet.Jan 04 02:35
schestowitz-TRdon't use their wordsJan 04 02:35
schestowitz-TRtake back meaningful vocabJan 04 02:35
DaemonFCI cycle between credit cards depending on what I'm paying.Jan 04 02:35
DaemonFCI get $500-600 a year by doing that, and the best part is the IRS can't touch it.Jan 04 02:35
DaemonFCThey declared you don't have to pay taxes on credit card rewards because they are "rebates".Jan 04 02:36
techrights-news"Canadian political scientist warns his country must face 'horrible' possibility of US becoming a 'right-wing dictatorship' by 2030" 04 02:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #boycottnovell-social and #techpol @ Techrights IRC Network: Monday, January 03, 2022Jan 04 02:36
techrights-ipfs-bot ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▅▂▂▁▁▂▂▃▁▂▃▄▂▆▁▁▂▃▁▂▄▆▃█▂▂▁▂▄▂▁▂▃▁▂▁ avg(k/sec) 22.15 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▇▁██▁▁▁▁█▁▁▁▄▅▁▁▁█▃▁▁▁▁▂▁▁█▂▁▁▁█▁ avg(k/sec) 94.36▕ swarm size (avg): 245.73  ⟲Jan 04 02:37
techrights-news🅸🆁🅲 techpol + social irc ■ Yesterday's #boycottnovell-social and #techpol IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: GEMINI GemText: gemini:// GEMINI Plain Text: gemini:// 04 02:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #boycottnovell-social and #techpol @ Techrights IRC Network: Monday, January 03, 2022Jan 04 02:37
techrights-news🅸🆁🅲 techrights irc ■ Yesterday's #techrights IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: GEMINI GemText: gemini:// GEMINI Plain Text: gemini:// 04 02:38
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techrights-news'Secure' Boot fails 04 02:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techrights @ Techrights IRC Network: Monday, January 03, 2022Jan 04 02:38
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, It's obvious why.Jan 04 02:39
DaemonFCThe St. Louis Fed researched it.Jan 04 02:39
techrights-news🅸🆁🅲 boycottnovell irc ■ Yesterday's #boycottnovell IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: GEMINI GemText: gemini:// GEMINI Plain Text: gemini:// 04 02:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #boycottnovell @ Techrights IRC Network: Monday, January 03, 2022Jan 04 02:39
DaemonFCThey published how much money poor people who pay with cash lose to these credit card reward schemes and how much rich people made in points.Jan 04 02:39
techrights-news● NEWS ● ☞ Fixing stutters in Papers Please on Linux 04 02:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Fixing stutters in Papers Please on Linux – BlogJan 04 02:40
techrights-news🅸🆁🅲 techbytes irc ■ Yesterday's #techbytes IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: GEMINI GemText: gemini:// GEMINI Plain Text: gemini:// 04 02:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techbytes @ Techrights IRC Network: Monday, January 03, 2022Jan 04 02:40
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Xe ☞ Converting a #VRChat Avatar to VRM Format for VTubing 04 02:40
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 02:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Converting a VRChat Avatar to VRM Format for VTubing - XeJan 04 02:40
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Geshan ☞ Using Redis with docker and docker-compose for local development a step-by-step tutorial 04 02:40
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 02:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Using Redis with docker and docker-compose for local development a step-by-step tutorialJan 04 02:40
techrights-news● NEWS ● #ComputersAreBad ☞ secret military telephone buttons 04 02:41
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 02:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Computers Are BadJan 04 02:41
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Talospace #IBM ☞ #CentOS 8 Is An Ex-Distro (But #AlmaLinux Is Not) 04 02:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | CentOS 8 is an ex-distro (but AlmaLinux is not)Jan 04 02:41
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, I put all of our autopay bills on my 1.5% cashback for everything card. That's the best non-bonus rate I have on any of them right now.Jan 04 02:42
DaemonFCGas and restaurants are 4% permanently on another one, and 5% on different quarters on another card.Jan 04 02:42
DaemonFCSupermarkets are 2% permanently on one, is 5% on the Walmart one and 2% in the store.Jan 04 02:43
techrights-news✩░▒▓▆▅▃▂▁𝐁𝐔𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐓𝐈𝐍▁▂▃▅▆▓▒░✩ Yesterday's bulletin is now ready! 🅷🆃🆃🅿: | 🅶🅴🅼🅸🅽🅸 gemini:// (tentative address, to work an hour from now)Jan 04 02:43
DaemonFCThanks to Brandon, the 4% on gas throughout the year has been nice.Jan 04 02:43
schestowitz-TRlol BrandonJan 04 02:44
schestowitz-TRlet's goJan 04 02:44
schestowitz-TRlet's goaustraiaJan 04 02:45
schestowitz-TRlet's go AustriaJan 04 02:45
DaemonFC 04 02:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Credit card rewards, points, and miles are paid for by America’s poor - VoxJan 04 02:45
DaemonFCStavins is the co-author of a recent paper from the Boston Fed that looked at who winds up paying for credit card reward purchases. They found that in the US, high-income consumers pay an average of $13 less per month through retail prices, and low-income people pay 60 cents more, because of swipe fees on merchants. Rich consumers spend more overall on fees, but it’s because they spend more in general. When it comes to a percentage oJan 04 02:45
DaemonFCf transaction values, it’s poorer people who lose out.Jan 04 02:45
DaemonFC“So let’s say I spend $1,000 on my purchases and you spend $100. I may spend more in terms of all the different fees and surcharges and cost of credit card transactions that merchants will transfer to higher retail prices. But in terms of the percentage, I’ll pay a lot smaller fraction than you are,” Stavins said.Jan 04 02:45
DaemonFCI get a lot more than $13 a month in rewards.Jan 04 02:46
schestowitz'\Government Debt in the United States decreased to 28907987 USD Million in November from 28908765 USD Million in October of 2021."Jan 04 02:46
schestowitz 04 02:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | United States Government Debt | 2022 Data | 2023 Forecast | 1942-2021 HistoricalJan 04 02:46
schestowitzno update in two monthsJan 04 02:46
DaemonFCIt decreases sometimes because of revenue going in.Jan 04 02:47
DaemonFCMany people either pay their taxes quarterly or square up at the end of the year.Jan 04 02:47
DaemonFCRon White made a joke about this.Jan 04 02:47
schestowitz 04 02:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | National Debt Clock - WikipediaJan 04 02:47
schestowitz 04 02:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Durst OrganizationJan 04 02:47
DaemonFCHe said he was in trouble with the IRS because when you're an independent contractor you have to file your taxes quarterly, "which I took to mean every 25 years".Jan 04 02:48
DaemonFCMinceR, ^Jan 04 02:48
MinceRlolJan 04 02:48
DaemonFCI wish I could find the unit of government that's ONLY a pest every 25 years.Jan 04 02:49
DaemonFCMost of them manage to become one at least once a year or so.Jan 04 02:49
DaemonFCAt different parts of the year.Jan 04 02:49
DaemonFCSo they're always in your hair.Jan 04 02:49
techrights-news"When the debt exceeded $10 trillion in September 2008, one more digit was added." soon $30 trillion exceeded. The US economy died over a decade ago, but the media is in denial about it. "BORROW MORE, GO SHOPPING, PEASANTS!"Jan 04 02:49
*psydroid2 has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 02:49
schestowitz-TRforkbombe: "age is just a number" -> "debt is just a number"Jan 04 02:49
schestowitz-TR"cancer is just a diagnosis"Jan 04 02:50
DaemonFCThey were writing fantasy documents under Clinton about the national debt being fully paid off by 2011.Jan 04 02:50
DaemonFCAnd how the world economy, which NEEDS US Treasuries you know, would get by.Jan 04 02:50
forkbombeschestowitz-TR: well sure, but why point that wisdom my way?Jan 04 02:51
*SomeH4x0r has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 02:51
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, One of the "news" outfits was writing about how the world needed the United States for "stability" and "peace".Jan 04 02:51
DaemonFCWhich is funny, because every time they poll people in any other country about who they think the biggest threat to world peace is, it's the United States.Jan 04 02:52
techrights-newsIn terms of #debt the US is becoming #japan (maybe 100-hour work week soon?) 04 02:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | History of the United States public debt - WikipediaJan 04 02:52
DaemonFCAnd it's not hard to see why. Who is always at war? Who is usually causing the war?Jan 04 02:52
DaemonFCWho refuses to sign treaties on human rights and cluster bombs and nuclear test bans?Jan 04 02:52
schestowitz-TRalso land minesJan 04 02:53
DaemonFCTrump was gearing up to start testing nuclear weapons again.Jan 04 02:53
DaemonFCAt least that's what he said he'd do.Jan 04 02:53
DaemonFCStates aren't going to sign up to be nuked.Jan 04 02:53
schestowitz-TRunder Donald Biden J Joe TrumpJan 04 02:53
DaemonFCNobody is going to put up with that!Jan 04 02:53
schestowitz-TRiirc, biden maintains that same policyJan 04 02:53
AdmFubar1 04 02:54
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 02:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Sci-Hub's Creator Thinks Academic Publishers, Not Her Site, Are The Real Threat To Science, And Says: 'Any Law Against Knowledge Is Fundamentally Unjust' | TechdirtJan 04 02:54
DaemonFCThe nuclear tests are unacceptable.Jan 04 02:54
techrights-news● NEWS ● #CarlSvensson #OpenHardware ☞ Decades of Fun: Computers Built to Last: The Amiga as "a computer built to last 50 years" 04 02:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Decades of Fun: Computers Built to Last | datagubbe.seJan 04 02:54
DaemonFCHe figures blow up a few nukes on Nevada or something.Jan 04 02:54
DaemonFC"Own the libs!"Jan 04 02:54
DaemonFCHe would do that just for theater.Jan 04 02:54
schestowitz-TRDaemonFC: US usually tests it on some islandsJan 04 02:54
schestowitz-TRin spite of their inhabitantsJan 04 02:54
schestowitz-TRrussia tosses these in distant and remote areasJan 04 02:55
schestowitz-TRwhich never will become inhabitableJan 04 02:55
schestowitzDaemonFC: 04 02:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | File:Public debt percent of GDP.pdf - WikipediaJan 04 02:55
schestowitzstops at 2016Jan 04 02:55
DaemonFC"We don't talk about that anymore."Jan 04 02:56
techrights-newsBy some measures, US actually eclipsed 30 trillion in debt when #covid19 started meanwhile (2012): 04 02:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | File:Federal State and Local debt.webp - WikipediaJan 04 02:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Super rich hold $32 trillion in offshore havens | ReutersJan 04 02:57
*psydroid2 (~psydroid@cqggrmwgu7gji.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 02:57
DaemonFC 04 02:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Who Gains and Who Loses from Credit Card Payments? Theory and Calibrations - Federal Reserve Bank of BostonJan 04 02:57
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Programming ☞ Increasing Bus Factor 04 02:57
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 02:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Increasing Bus FactorJan 04 02:57
techrights-news● NEWS ● #RubenSchade #Programming ☞ Redundancy in IT isn’t 04 02:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Rubenerd: Redundancy in IT isn’tJan 04 02:57
DaemonFC"On average, each cash-using household pays $149 to card-using households and each card-using household receives $1,133 from cash users every year. Because credit card spending and rewards are positively correlated with household income, the payment instrument transfer also induces a regressive transfer from low-income to high-income households in general. On average, and after accounting for rewards paid to households by banks, the Jan 04 02:58
DaemonFClowest-income household ($20,000 or less annually) pays $21 and the highest-income household ($150,000 or more annually) receives $750 every year."Jan 04 02:58
DaemonFCIt's a transfer payment from the poor to the rich.Jan 04 02:59
DaemonFCIf you use cash like Stallman says to, you lose money to these rich fucks who run around with rewards cards.Jan 04 02:59
DaemonFCThe more you spend, the more you lose to the people with the cards.Jan 04 02:59
*SomeH4x0r (~someh4xx@w4riy9batfvrn.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 03:01
techrights-newsUS Federal, State & Local debt is at almost $32 trillion last year. That's significantly more than the total GDP, which very very obviously is faked anyway (the companies that's tied to are grossly overvalued to keep the #pyramidScheme afloat). For comparison, a year ago #uk national debt was £2,206.5 billion and we DO NOT claim to have (fake) trillion-dollar companies...Jan 04 03:02
schestowitz-TRDaemonFC: researching some numbersJan 04 03:02
schestowitz-TRUS is in serious traumaJan 04 03:02
schestowitz-TRno wonder my sister sees so many homelessJan 04 03:02
schestowitz-TRyou're the lucky onewJan 04 03:02
schestowitz-TRwith sleeping bag in your homeJan 04 03:02
schestowitz-TRto avoid energy bills north of $200Jan 04 03:03
schestowitz 04 03:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Canadian public debt - WikipediaJan 04 03:04
techrights-news"Canadian's debt held by foreign investors passed from 15% to 27% with a peak at 30% in 2012–2013. Even if growing, this level is still lower than or comparable to most G7 countries in 2013-2014 (France, 64%, Germany, 62%, United States, 48%, Italy, 33%, United Kingdom, 29%, and Japan, 8%)." 04 03:05
schestowitzGeneral Government Gross Debt, Percent of GDPJan 04 03:06
schestowitzJapan235.4254.1Jan 04 03:06
schestowitzGreece184.9211.2Jan 04 03:06
schestowitzItaly134.6155.8Jan 04 03:06
schestowitzSingapore129.0154.9Jan 04 03:06
schestowitzPortugal116.6135.2Jan 04 03:06
schestowitzUnited States108.5133.9Jan 04 03:06
schestowitzSpain95.5119.9Jan 04 03:06
schestowitzCanada86.8117.5Jan 04 03:06
schestowitz 04 03:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Imprisonment for debt (Upper Canada) - WikipediaJan 04 03:07
schestowitzthe most pointless policyJan 04 03:07
schestowitzwe'll put you in prisonJan 04 03:07
schestowitzfree foodJan 04 03:07
schestowitzno contribution to societyJan 04 03:07
schestowitzas punishment for being in debtJan 04 03:07
schestowitz"The number of debtors jailed was the result of both widespread poverty, and the small amounts for which debtors could be indefinitely detained."Jan 04 03:08
schestowitz"The biggest difference between England and Upper Canada was that there was no separate jail for debtors in Upper Canada, leading to much worse conditions for jailed debtors. Insolvency laws were designed to protect creditors"Jan 04 03:08
DaemonFCCanada has debt prisons?Jan 04 03:09
schestowitz-TRnot anymoreJan 04 03:09
schestowitz 04 03:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Imprisonment for debt (Upper Canada) - WikipediaJan 04 03:09
DaemonFCAbout all they can do here is annoy you about it, maybe sue you, possibly get something if you make more than about $2,000 a month.Jan 04 03:09
DaemonFCThat's why suing poor people is a dead end and any lawyer that's being honest will tell you to drop it.Jan 04 03:10
DaemonFCUnless they hit the lottery, you're never getting any money.Jan 04 03:10
schestowitzDaemonFC: tarpoline 04 03:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | image-0-02-08-e4e7a46a5bac19d7d7ba97ede72015e43e21d13a02ba16a84148a03b3bab45bd-VJan 04 03:14
schestowitzvery typical there...Jan 04 03:14
schestowitzDaemonFC: the media does a poor job covering these issue, if at allJan 04 03:15
schestowitznot too shockinglyJan 04 03:16
schestowitzgiven its motivationsJan 04 03:16
schestowitzmarisol is dead fishJan 04 03:16
schestowitzeven those cancel patients won't be able to payJan 04 03:16
schestowitzthe media blames coronaJan 04 03:16
schestowitzas if the economies were rosy before thatJan 04 03:16
schestowitz"|blame NATURE!"Jan 04 03:17
schestowitzTrump: blame "CHOOOINA"Jan 04 03:17
schestowitzBiden: blame TRUMP!Jan 04 03:17
techrights-news● NEWS ● #ModernDiplomacy #Education ☞ Qatar, like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but unlike Kuwait, cleanses its textbooks 04 03:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Qatar, like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but unlike Kuwait, cleanses its textbooks - Modern DiplomacyJan 04 03:18
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Health ☞ New Brunswick’s Mystery Disease: Why Did the Province Shut Out Federal Experts? 04 03:21
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 03:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | New Brunswick’s Mystery Disease: Why Did the Province Shut Out Federal Experts? | The WalrusJan 04 03:21
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Health ☞ A third of #Ohio deer test positive for #COVID19 virus 04 03:22
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 03:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A third of Ohio deer test positive for COVID-19 virus | CIDRAPJan 04 03:22
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Health ☞ Deer may be reservoir for SARS-CoV-2, study finds 04 03:22
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 03:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Deer may be reservoir for SARS-CoV-2, study finds | Penn State UniversityJan 04 03:22
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Rachel #ProprietarySoftware ☞ YYMMDDHHMM just overflowed a signed 32 bit int #microsoft is 0.26% in #email 04 03:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | YYMMDDHHMM just overflowed a signed 32 bit intJan 04 03:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Internet is Getting Rid of Microsoft, But We’re Still Not Getting Back Our Autonomy/Freedom (It’s a Paradigm Issue, Not a Brand Issue) | TechrightsJan 04 03:24
techrights-news● NEWS ● #TheVerge #ProprietarySoftware ☞ #Netgear thinks you’ll pay extra for ad blocking on its Orbi routers 04 03:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Netgear introduces Game Booster for ad blocking on Orbi - The VergeJan 04 03:24
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techrights-news● NEWS ● #Gnu #GnuPG ☞ A New Future for GnuPG 04 03:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 20220102-a-new-future-for-gnupgJan 04 03:29
AdmFubar1 04 03:30
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 03:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Cloud misconfiguration a growing cause of security incidents | Wilders Security ForumsJan 04 03:30
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Wired #Privacy #Surveillance ☞ How to Delete Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok 04 03:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-How to Delete Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok | WIREDJan 04 03:31
schestowitz-TRAdmFubar1: we are not good at sec, let's outsource to BigClownCompanyJan 04 03:31
schestowitz-TRBigClownCompany: we'll blame the clientJan 04 03:31
schestowitz-TRsec experts: BigClownCompany can't even do it rightJan 04 03:31
schestowitz-TRfinger-pointing by clownsJan 04 03:32
techrights-news● NEWS ● #ExtremeTech #Privacy #Surveillance ☞ Turns Out People Really Are Using Apple AirTags to Track and Steal Cars 04 03:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Turns Out People Really Are Using Apple AirTags to Track and Steal Cars - ExtremeTechJan 04 03:32
techrights-news● [Old] ● #Jalopnik #Privacy #Surveillance ☞ Another Driver Finds An #Apple #AirTag Tracking His Car's Location 04 03:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Another Driver Finds An Apple AirTag Tracking His LocationJan 04 03:32
techrights-news● NEWS ● #JonUdell #Privacy #Surveillance ☞ The (appropriately) quantified self 04 03:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The (appropriately) quantified self – Jon UdellJan 04 03:33
techrights-news● NEWS ● #NewYorkTimes #Privacy #Surveillance #FB ☞ A Former #Facebook Executive Pushes to Open Social Media’s ‘Black Boxes’ 04 03:33
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 03:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Founder of CrowdTangle Hopes to Bring Transparency to Social Media - The New York TimesJan 04 03:33
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techrights-news#nhs #uk #covid19 data: sorry, today we publish deaths only for a quarter of reporting regions and mew cases for half of them. But not to worry, it's under control! Also: no data at all on hospitalisations since 27 December. The media fails to note this and paints a rosy picture.Jan 04 03:39
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*frankenstein (~frankenstein@wri7sxwg39ki6.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 03:45
techrights-news● NEWS ● #TheVerge #finance ☞ #Apple briefly crossed a $3 trillion market cap fake value, fake economy... bubbles to hide the real rotten state of the economyJan 04 03:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Apple briefly crossed a $3 trillion market cap - The VergeJan 04 03:48
techrights-news● [Old] ● #apple ☞ Tech Innovation vs. Legislative Reform: Apple’s Response to the #TCJA 04 03:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tech Innovation vs. Legislative Reform: Apple’s Response to the TCJAJan 04 03:48
*phobos has quit (Ping timeout: 120 seconds)Jan 04 03:48
techrights-news● NEWS ● #NewYorkTimes #finance ☞ Apple Becomes First Company to Hit $3 Trillion Market Value fake value, but #wallstreet has been all fake for ages...Jan 04 03:48
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 03:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Apple Becomes First Company to Hit $3 Trillion Market Value - The New York TimesJan 04 03:48
techrights-news● [Old] ● #finance ☞ How Fortune 500 Companies Avoid Paying Income Tax 04 03:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How Fortune 500 Companies Avoid Paying Income TaxJan 04 03:49
techrights-news● NEWS ● #TeenVogue #socialcontrolmedia #twitter ☞ Marjorie Taylor Greene's Personal Twitter Suspended Over #COVID19 #Disinformation 04 03:54
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 03:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Marjorie Taylor Greene's Personal Twitter Suspended Over COVID Disinformation | Teen VogueJan 04 03:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Stop Cheering/Calling for Social Control Media Censorship, Quit Getting ‘Information’ From It Instead | TechrightsJan 04 03:54
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Variety #socialcontrolmedia #twitter ☞ #MarjorieTaylorGreene Permanently Banned by Twitter 04 03:54
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 03:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Marjorie Taylor Greene Permanently Banned by Twitter - VarietyJan 04 03:54
techrights-news● NEWS ● #NewYorkTimes #socialcontrolmedia #twitter ☞ Twitter Permanently Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Account 04 03:55
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 03:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Twitter Permanently Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Account - The New York TimesJan 04 03:55
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Axios #socialcontrolmedia #twitter ☞ Marjorie Taylor Greene's Twitter account permanently suspended for #COVID19 #misinformation 04 03:56
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 03:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Marjorie Taylor Greene suspended from Facebook for 24 hours - AxiosJan 04 03:56
techrights-news● NEWS ● #France24 #socialcontrolmedia #twitter ☞ Twitter blocks Republican congresswoman's account for #Covid19 claims "uses artificial intelligence... Two or three strikes earn a 12-hour account lock. Four strikes prompt a weeklong suspension." 04 03:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Twitter blocks Republican congresswoman's account for Covid claimsJan 04 03:56
techrights-news#clowncomputing does not mean improved #security but a liability issue 04 03:56
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 03:56
techrights-newsEvery politician and US president has spread both #Disinformation and #Misinformation ... not only #Trump ... sites like #facebook and #twitter have owners and they misuse those platforms to choose who gets and maintains powerJan 04 03:58
techrights-news● NEWS ● #DeutscheWelle #Disinformation #Misinformation ☞ Fact check: How do I spot fake news? 04 03:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Fact check: How do I spot fake news? | World | Breaking news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 03.01.2022Jan 04 03:58
techrights-news#twitter: criticising #microsoft is #misinformation .... YOU ARE BANNED! 04 03:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Criticising Microsoft and the OSI is “COVID-19 Misinformation” | TechrightsJan 04 03:59
techrights-news#twitter : #billgates is not a bad man, he is our CLIENT! 04 03:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Reality is Warped When You Pay for ‘Perception Management’ (or: Bill Gates Pays Twitter for Propaganda) | TechrightsJan 04 03:59
techrights-news● NEWS ● #RollingStone #Disinformation #Misinformation ☞ Peter Navarro: Trump Distributed Bogus Election Fraud Research to ‘Every’ Congressional Republican 04 04:00
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 04:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Peter Navarro Describes Trump-Backed Plan to Overturn Election Results - Rolling StoneJan 04 04:00
techrights-news● NEWS ● #TheNation #wikileaks ☞ Extraditing Julian #Assange Threatens Journalists Worldwide 04 04:02
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 04:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Extraditing Julian Assange Threatens Journalists Worldwide | The NationJan 04 04:02
DaemonFC 04 04:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Why Your Airbnb May Be ILLEGAL | Adam Ruins Everything - YouTubeJan 04 04:05
DaemonFC"Guests with black-sounding names were 16% less likely to be approved for an Airbnb rental."Jan 04 04:07
DaemonFCI ran into a sarcastic article the other day that was written by a black person.Jan 04 04:09
DaemonFCTalking about how they bring the discrimination down on themselves by doing things like naming their children "whatever the fuck we want".Jan 04 04:09
DaemonFCBut the truth is if they were naming their kids Mike or Tom or Bob or Susan, they'd be getting more calls for a job interview and less crap if they applied for public assistance.Jan 04 04:10
DaemonFCSo names that don't "blend in" do call unwanted attention.Jan 04 04:10
DaemonFCThe Chinese have a saying that goes "the nail that sticks out gets pounded down".Jan 04 04:10
DaemonFCOr something like that.Jan 04 04:10
DaemonFC"Cities pass laws against turning apartments into Airbnb rentals, and Airbnb ignores those laws. 3 out of 4 Airbnb rentals in New York City are illegal."Jan 04 04:12
DaemonFCWe're a tech company! We are responsible for nothing!Jan 04 04:13
techrights-news● NEWS ● #AssociatedPress ☞ Court rules pot smell alone can’t justify warrantless search 04 04:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Court rules pot smell alone can't justify warrantless search | AP NewsJan 04 04:14
techrights-news● NEWS ● #pittsburgh ☞ Pa. Supreme Court Rules Smell Of Marijuana Alone Not Enough To Justify Warrantless Search 04 04:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Pa. Supreme Court Rules Smell Of Marijuana Alone Not Enough To Justify Warrantless Search – CBS PittsburghJan 04 04:14
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Allentown ☞ Medical Marijuana’s Legal Status In PA Changes How Cops Can Do Traffic Stops 04 04:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Medical Marijuana’s Legal Status In PA Changes How Cops Can Do Traffic Stops – CBS PittsburghJan 04 04:15
techrights-news● NEWS ● ☞ Pot smell alone can’t justify warrantless search, Pa. court rules 04 04:15
-altlink_a42/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 04:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Pot smell alone can’t justify warrantless search, Pa. court rules - pennlive.comJan 04 04:15
techrights-news#Techrights Bulletin for Monday, January 03, 2022 full archive: #gnu #linux #freesw #plaintextJan 04 04:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Bulletin ArchivesJan 04 04:16
techrights-news#Techrights full #IPFS index updated just now available as plain text @ #dweb #sharingJan 04 04:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Techrights Full IPFS IndexJan 04 04:16
DaemonFCschestowitz, 04 04:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Adam Ruins Everything - Why Home Ownership is Actually a Terrible Investment - YouTubeJan 04 04:18
DaemonFCMARISOLJan 04 04:20
schestowitz-TRshe does not own a homeJan 04 04:20
DaemonFCThey're tied down to a house where the property taxes have more than tripled in the last twenty years.Jan 04 04:20
schestowitz-TRthe bank owns itJan 04 04:20
DaemonFCThey probably didn't plan on their mortgage going up that much because the bank has to cut the county a check for the taxes! :)Jan 04 04:20
schestowitz-TRbblJan 04 04:21
DaemonFCThey're paying for the out of control government more than we are because they stupidly bought a single family dwelling on some land that people can trip on and sue them.Jan 04 04:21
DaemonFCUnlike me, they're not judgment proof.Jan 04 04:22
DaemonFCJudgment proof isn't a legal term, it's just a term of fact. When someone is so poor that you could sue them but you'd never get a dime if you did.Jan 04 04:22
DaemonFCThe government had laws in place to make sure that people who lose a lawsuit have enough money to live and put some savings away.Jan 04 04:23
DaemonFCSo quite a lot of the population isn't worth suing because they make less than $22.50 an hour and they have less than $4,500 in a bank account.Jan 04 04:23
DaemonFCAnd if you take them to a debtor's exam too many times, you could find yourself in contempt of court, for a lawsuit that you won.Jan 04 04:24
DaemonFCHow's them apples? :)Jan 04 04:24
DaemonFCAnd the funny part is, in a debtor's exam, you can ask them if they have money somewhere else, but they can also lie to you.Jan 04 04:25
DaemonFCNobody and nothing gives you the right to invade and search.Jan 04 04:25
DaemonFCSo as long as they feel comfortable committing perjury (many people do), then you'll still never get anything.Jan 04 04:26
DaemonFCLandlords even get frustrated suing former tenants and quit trying to attach to anything.Jan 04 04:27
DaemonFCThey don't like to admit how often that happens, but often they can win whatever lawsuit they want to file and still get nothing.Jan 04 04:27
DaemonFCAn ex of mine has owed a former landlord $4,652, since 2011.Jan 04 04:28
DaemonFCHasn't paid a cent.Jan 04 04:28
DaemonFCPretty much the threat of not paying your rent, if you're poor, is that you get evicted (eventually) and blackballed (eviction on credit report and court filings).Jan 04 04:29
DaemonFCNot that you'll get sued and the landlord collects.Jan 04 04:29
techrights-ipfs-bot ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▂▁▂▁▇▄▂▄▁▁▄▄▄▅▂▁▂▂▂▂▁▁▂▁▄▃▄▂▃▃▄▁▂▃▄▅▃▃▁ avg(k/sec) 10.36 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▁▁█▁██▁█▁▃▄▂▂████▁██▁███▁▂███▁▁▁▁ avg(k/sec) 197.30▕ swarm size (avg): 245.68  ⟲Jan 04 04:38
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DaemonFCI've decided to complete my HPV vaccination series as well.Jan 04 04:59
DaemonFCI have damned good insurance that covers all vaccines with a very small co-pay.Jan 04 04:59
DaemonFCSo I've been spending the last couple of years making sure I take full advantage of that, at least for everything that's common in the United States.Jan 04 04:59
DaemonFCHPV is sexually transmitted, and I doubt I'd ever have to worry about it again, but it protects you for the rest of your life and it's $750 cash.Jan 04 05:00
DaemonFCSo if I lost my insurance I'd never be able to justify spending that out of pocket on the off chance I'd encounter it at some point in the next 50 years.Jan 04 05:01
DaemonFCInsurance companies take you for every dime in premiums, so the way I figure it, get em.Jan 04 05:01
DaemonFCIf you need something done, do it now!Jan 04 05:01
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*techrights-ipfs-bot (~techrights-ipfs-bot@suig26pxj59pi.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 05:10
DaemonFCI'm probably going to be around for a while. The doctor says eat more salad, but salad and onions are what they're always recalling for salmonella and E. Coli.Jan 04 05:12
DaemonFCIf I eat onions, it's usually cooked onions, like liver and onions.Jan 04 05:13
leahschestowitz-TR: btw, something which raises my eyebrowsJan 04 05:21
leah 04 05:21
leah"GNU Libreboot"Jan 04 05:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | GNU Libreboot and GNU Translations (Especially Chinese) | Tux MachinesJan 04 05:21
leahlibreboot left the GNU project on September 15th, 2016. the reasons it did so were very bad, and i regret my actions back then but...Jan 04 05:21
leahcalling it "GNU Libreboot" in 2022 is factually incorrectJan 04 05:21
leahlibreboot is not currently a part of gnuJan 04 05:21
leahalthough, libreboot complies with GNU policy and it is GNU in spiritJan 04 05:22
leahi actually asked rms several times, and gnueval, but never got a response, when re-applying for membership, so i gave up. the last attempt i made was during 2021Jan 04 05:23
leahrms himself even said so in january 2017, that libreboot is officially non-GNUJan 04 05:25
DaemonFCMany projects have left GNU, threatened to, or only stayed because they were given special permissions that don't normally apply.Jan 04 05:27
DaemonFCI was watching Star Trek: Discovery recently, boredom, and Vulcan (Ni'Var) wanted back into the federation on the condition that it could leave whenever it wanted to.Jan 04 05:28
DaemonFCThen the federation wouldn't allow it because "Then everyone would demand the same thing. We're not some organization you can benefit from whenever you feel like it and then leave on a whim!".Jan 04 05:28
DaemonFCAnd the FSF, by granting this sort of thing so many times, they've made their foundation useless.Jan 04 05:29
DaemonFCThey've invited in toxic people who do not share their goals and objectives, who threaten them over things like the copyright assignment provision.Jan 04 05:29
DaemonFCAnd now nobody will have to do it, and the best that we can hope for is that the US court system rules that the GPL is a contract with the end user and that by failing to perform, you are in breach of contract.Jan 04 05:30
DaemonFCIt's clumsy. It shouldn't be necessary, but here we are.Jan 04 05:30
DaemonFCAnd as far back as 2009, *I* was arguing that the SFLC should "go there" because Samsung had been using Busybox in Blu Ray players and later switched to Toybox to avoid GPL lawsuits from them.Jan 04 05:31
DaemonFCI was arguing that the GPL was like a contract between distributor and user back then because I knew that simply viewing it as a "license" would allow people to sabotage it by replacing only the bits that they knew would be litigated over, and using things like Linux, which has never been litigated over in many cases the GPL was designed to be used for (even the GPLv2!).Jan 04 05:33
DaemonFCIf it's a license, you need a copyright holder to get involved.Jan 04 05:34
DaemonFCIf it's like a contract, you only need someone who has received a copy of the software to get involved.Jan 04 05:34
DaemonFCIt's amazing that with thousands of contributors to Linux, none of them are interested in GPL compliance.Jan 04 05:35
DaemonFCSo arguing it under contract law can bring about a decision that puts these companies who want to do whatever the hell they want under notice.Jan 04 05:35
DaemonFCWhat's going on in consumer hardware is a classic case of divide and conquer.Jan 04 05:36
DaemonFCAnd that's what's going on at the FSF as well. You have all of these Cancel Stallman trolls because they figured it would be easier to push over with him gone.Jan 04 05:37
DaemonFCAnd it's the same people who want Toybox so they can violate the GPL someplace else.Jan 04 05:37
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leahDaemonFC: fuck the federationJan 04 05:53
leahlet planets be planetsJan 04 05:54
leahthe star trek version of "federation" isn't federatedJan 04 05:54
leahit's a centralized political organisation run by bureaucratsJan 04 05:54
leahi should catch up on disco. i've only watched the first few episodes of the recent seasonJan 04 05:55
leahschestowitz-TR: DaemonFC: btw, i heard through the grape vine that the FSF has picked a new executive directorJan 04 05:57
leahi don't know who, but they've picked one. they're probably making all the arrangements to bring that person in, set them up, etc. i expect that they will announce it by around the time of libreplanet 2022Jan 04 05:58
leahsource: rms. i'm still in contact with himJan 04 05:58
leahi've been told that they have a new edJan 04 05:58
leahDaemonFC: and gnu is useless in its current form. gnu as an organisation. they need totally new infrastructureJan 04 05:59
leahthe current infrastructure is the main problem. savannah sucksJan 04 05:59
leahlots of projects set up their own infrastructure and everything else, so at that point, gnu is just a brandJan 04 05:59
*DaemonFC has quit (connection closed)Jan 04 06:29
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techrights-news● NEWS ● #TheEconomist #DigitalRestrictions #DRM ☞ Just how big in media does Apple want to be? 04 08:07
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-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Just how big in media does Apple want to be? | The EconomistJan 04 08:08
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Variety #copyright #copyrights ☞ #DavidBowie ’s Estate Sells His Publishing Catalog to Warner Chappell (EXCLUSIVE) 04 08:08
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-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-David Bowie Publishing Catalog Acquired by Warner Chappell (EXCLUSIVE) - VarietyJan 04 08:08
techrights-news● NEWS ● #BBC #copyright #copyrights ☞ #DavidBowie : Singer's estate sells rights to his entire body of work to #WCM 04 08:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | David Bowie: Singer's estate sells rights to his entire body of work to WCM - BBC NewsJan 04 08:08
techrights-news● NEWS ● #RollingStone #copyright #copyrights ☞ #DavidBowie ’s Estate Sells ‘Entire Body of Work’ in Massive Publishing Deal 04 08:08
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | David Bowie Estate Sells Publishing Catalog to Warner Chappell - Rolling StoneJan 04 08:08
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-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Huge New Global Anti-Piracy Coalition Will Tackle Manga & Anime Piracy * TorrentFreakJan 04 08:10
techrights-news#FSF has chosen a new Executive Director, who will be named soonJan 04 08:11
techrights-news● NEWS ● #FOSSForce ☞ New Community Manager at #ibm #openwash to Focus on #Accessibility 04 08:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | New Community Manager at to Focus on Accessibility - FOSS ForceJan 04 08:11
techrights-news● NEWS ● #EFF #LawEnforcement ☞ Cross-Border Access to User Data by Law Enforcement: 2021 Year in Review 04 08:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Cross-Border Access to User Data by Law Enforcement: 2021 Year in Review | Electronic Frontier FoundationJan 04 08:14
Ariadneschestowitz: i will be shutting down all VMs on the hypervisor that techrights is on momentarily, so i can replace the RAM.  just waiting for sketchy craigslist RAM dude to show up first :)Jan 04 08:17
techrights-news𝘛𝘦𝘤𝘩𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵𝘴 #IRC Proceedings: Monday, January 03, 2022 • Techrights ⚓ ䷉ #Techrights #GNU #Linux #FreeSW | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 04 08:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC Proceedings: Monday, January 03, 2022 | TechrightsJan 04 08:18
schestowitz[06:32] <Ariadne> that craigslist dude with the ram offered to drop off the ram so i’m having somebody go install it in about an hour or soJan 04 08:21
schestowitz[08:17] <schestowitz> sure, sounds goodJan 04 08:21
schestowitz[08:17] <schestowitz> let me know a bit in advance so I can prepareJan 04 08:21
schestowitz[08:17] <Ariadne> it will be in ~5 minutes or so, probably.Jan 04 08:21
schestowitz[08:20] <schestowitz> excellent, I will take a break from posting etc.Jan 04 08:21
schestowitz[08:20] <Ariadne> going down in ~30sJan 04 08:21
schestowitz[08:21] <schestowitz> kkJan 04 08:21
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*viera has quit (connection closed)Jan 04 08:22
*Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).Jan 04 08:22
schestowitzwe can use this network for nowJan 04 08:29
schestowitzit's logged as a fully working contingency, sans the botsJan 04 08:29
schestowitz"The EPO management is truly SICK (and sickening)," the reader said. "The EPO would also hire slaves or children in developing countries if they could. The important thing would be staff that are not in the Union, that don't ask questions. Just rubber stamp "granted". This office is shameless and odious."Jan 04 08:36
schestowitz> Jan 04 08:36
schestowitz> Happy New year,  anyway.Jan 04 08:36
schestowitzworking on EPO articleJan 04 08:36
schestowitzthe server is getting new RAM installedJan 04 08:36
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Ariadnei reallyJan 04 08:43
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Ariadneneed to rebuild the remaining centos stuffJan 04 08:43
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TechrightsBot-trHello World! I'm TechrightsBot-tr running phIRCe v0.77Jan 04 08:43
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Ariadnebecause systemd gets very upset when it is not running under a systemd hostJan 04 08:43
Ariadne:|Jan 04 08:43
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schestowitzyes, we could use a migration Jan 04 08:44
schestowitzthe stuff is oldJan 04 08:44
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techrights-newsComplete guide on #Inode number in Linux with an examples • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 08:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Complete guide on Inode number in Linux with an examples | Tux MachinesJan 04 08:46
techrights-news<li>Jan 04 08:46
techrights-news● NEWS ● #PIA #Privacy #Surveillance ☞ How to Hide from #FacialRecognition Software with Fawkes 04 08:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to Hide from Facial Recognition Software with FawkesJan 04 08:47
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | “A Vaccine for the World”: U.S. Scientists Develop Low-Cost Shot to Inoculate Global South | Democracy Now!Jan 04 09:08
Techrights-secwhose general direction?     Jan 04 09:11
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Techdirt ☞ Telecom Monopolies Are Exploiting Crappy U.S. #Broadband Maps To Block Community Broadband Grant Requests 04 09:14
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-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Telecom Monopolies Are Exploiting Crappy U.S. Broadband Maps To Block Community Broadband Grant Requests | TechdirtJan 04 09:14
techrights-news● NEWS ● #Techdirt ☞ NY Senator Proposes Ridiculously Unconstitutional #SocialControlMedia Law That Is The Mirror Opposite Of Equally Unconstitutional Laws In Florida & Texas 04 09:35
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-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-NY Senator Proposes Ridiculously Unconstitutional Social Media Law That Is The Mirror Opposite Of Equally Unconstitutional Laws In Florida & Texas | TechdirtJan 04 09:35
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coodrewhy are images in gemini pages plain text (describing the image), instead of being a link to the imageJan 04 09:51
schestowitzthe images are in httpJan 04 09:54
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-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Sci-Hub's Creator Thinks Academic Publishers, Not Her Site, Are The Real Threat To Science, And Says: 'Any Law Against Knowledge Is Fundamentally Unjust' | TechdirtJan 04 10:24
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techrights-newsIs #apple even good for the US? #assemblymag blocks EU visitorsJan 04 10:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Apple, Offshoring and the Decline of the American Middle Class | 2012-07-31 | Assembly Magazine | ASSEMBLYJan 04 10:33
techrights-news#RTL does reputationLaundering for #billgates in recent years... and now it talks about agreement not to name Gates (et al) in relation to #jeffreyEpstein as guessed... 04 10:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | RTL Today - Epstein deal released: Prince Andrew's sexual assault accuser agreed not to sue "other potential defendants"Jan 04 10:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Speaking Through Spokespeople is a Sign of Weakness, Such as Non-Denying and False Denials (or: Bill Gates Never Denied His Connections to MIT Through Jeffrey Epstein) | TechrightsJan 04 10:38
techrights-news#vista11 / #vista11 #falseDichotomy from #microsoft -funded noise site iophk says, patch from here: 04 10:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-New Windows 11 device? Want to downgrade to 10? You've got options | ComputerworldJan 04 10:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Download Linux Mint 20.2 - Linux MintJan 04 10:41
techrights-newsThe #Internet Heist (Part I). The early days of the war to control… | by Cory Doctorow | Jan, 2022 | OneZero ⚓ #onezero @ #medium blocked by #javascriptJan 04 10:43
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Internet Heist (Part I). The early days of the war to control… | by Cory Doctorow | Jan, 2022 | OneZeroJan 04 10:43
techrights-newsWell, @doctorow should know better than to choose a medium pardon the pun -- that requires nonfree #javascript 04 10:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Cory Doctorow's linkblog: "If you're a Medium subscriber, you can read these…" - La Quadrature du Net - Mastodon - Media FédéréJan 04 10:46
coodre__i like how the new windows 11 device article suggests installing 3rd party tools to make it bearable, suggests how much microsoft fucked it upJan 04 10:49
techrights-newsAG Racine Files Brief Supporting Effort to Hold #Facebook Accountable For Falsely Claiming to Remove #HateSpeech From Its Platform ⚓ ䷉ #oagJan 04 10:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | AG Racine Files Brief Supporting Effort to Hold Facebook Accountable For Falsely Claiming to Remove Hate Speech From Its PlatformJan 04 10:52
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DaemonFCMakeUseOf was talking about things that can slow down your USB transfers on Windows, and mentioned Defender.Jan 04 11:04
DaemonFCI commented:Jan 04 11:04
DaemonFC"1. Turn Off Windows Security" TheaterJan 04 11:05
DaemonFC🙂 Fixed that for you.Jan 04 11:05
DaemonFCMicrosoft Pretender: "Red alert! Open Source Software detected" Also Microsoft Pretender: "This Ransomware is fine!".Jan 04 11:05
DaemonFCUnfortunately for the shrinking number of Windows users (it's the new Internet Explorer), the piece of crap is used so much that the makers of free antivirus that actually works (BitDefender) are starting to pull up the stakes and go paid-only.Jan 04 11:05
DaemonFC---Jan 04 11:05
DaemonFCAnd why shouldn't they want a lot of money for antivirus software that can actually work?Jan 04 11:05
coodre__microsoft "defender" is simply a tool of censorship, just use common sense 2022, it's preinstalled in your brainJan 04 11:05
DaemonFCIt's not a labor of love. It's not something where open source would come in and pay the bills or keep the lights on, and why would you secure this goddamned mess for free?Jan 04 11:06
techrights-newsWhat is CloudReady? Is it a Viable Alternative to Chrome OS? • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 11:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | What is CloudReady? Is it a Viable Alternative to Chrome OS? | Tux MachinesJan 04 11:06
techrights-news5 Hot Free and Open Source Ruby Application Servers • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 11:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 5 Hot Free and Open Source Ruby Application Servers | Tux MachinesJan 04 11:06
DaemonFCWindows 11 isn't doing any better than Windows 10 so far for blocking malware. What they have done is slowed the system down 28% (for gaming, at least, probably other stuff) by running some extremely poorly designed parts of the OS in a Virtual Machine (which also blocks VirtualBox from working properly).Jan 04 11:07
DaemonFCWindows is not a paragon of good design, but there are some parts that are exceptionally bad, extremely WTF, like the whole concept of svchost.Jan 04 11:08
*tech_exorcist (~tech_exorcist@dtke7yacrcuju.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 11:08
techrights-news"relayor v22.0.0-rc has been released with MetricsPort (prometheus) support improvements and support for the new tor alpha debian repositories shipping tor 0.4.7.x." #deletegithubJan 04 11:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | nusenu: "relayor v22.0.0-rc has been released with Metrics…" - MastodonJan 04 11:08
DaemonFCIf they had designed Windows NT to be robust instead of looking to save a few kilobytes of RAM in the 90s at the cost of creating a gigantic mess for Windows for all time.....svchost would never exist.Jan 04 11:09
techrights-news#socialcontrolmedia is poison 04 11:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The New Oil: "How to Delete Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, …" - Free RadicalJan 04 11:09
DaemonFCThey would have made creating and destroying processes a lot faster and they would have never created so many system services that are utterly useless or impossible to secure, or both.Jan 04 11:09
*tech_exorcist_ (~tech_exorcist@2zdzcjxwqkqn2.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 11:11
*tech_exorcist has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 11:11
DaemonFCWGN posted about so many people leaving Illinois.Jan 04 11:13
DaemonFC120,000+ last year, net.Jan 04 11:13
DaemonFCI said:Jan 04 11:13
DaemonFCIn Illinois, $50,000 is a 10% down payment on a house (where the county will proceed to eat you alive for property taxes).Jan 04 11:13
DaemonFCIn many parts of Indiana, $50,000 _is_ a house (with $500 a YEAR property taxes).Jan 04 11:13
DaemonFCThis is your brain. *egg* This is your brain on the Gimmedat Party of Illinois *smack*. Any questions?Jan 04 11:13
DaemonFCDemocrats: Hey, why don't any of these people have houses? Pritzker: OM NOM NOM COOOOOKIE!!!! Jan 04 11:14
DaemonFCI don't know what slows our governor down worse. The lard in his ass or the shit in his brains.Jan 04 11:14
*tech_exorcist_ has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 11:17
DaemonFC 04 11:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Pritzker expanding vaccine clinics, testing sites as omicron cases skyrocket | WGN-TVJan 04 11:20
DaemonFCMe: Oh good, the 400 pound health expert is back. What does he have to say this time?Jan 04 11:20
DaemonFCThat if people are having trouble staying employed under his dictatorship that they should try being born into a hotel fortune because it really helps their fiscal outlook?"Jan 04 11:20
DaemonFCWGN: Our European visitors are important.Jan 04 11:22
DaemonFCAlso WGN: That's why we still don't comply with the GDPR.Jan 04 11:22
techrights-newsThe EPO’s Race to the Bottom — Part I — From Bad to Worse • Techrights ⚓ ䷉ #Techrights #EPO #corruption #europe #patents | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 04 11:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The EPO’s Race to the Bottom — Part I — From Bad to Worse | TechrightsJan 04 11:23
techrights-news#Google #Android Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 11:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Android Leftovers | Tux MachinesJan 04 11:24
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*ohama has quit (*.net *.split)Jan 04 11:26
*sbp has quit (*.net *.split)Jan 04 11:26
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*ohama (ohama@joseon-0df.kav.vc6dkt.IP) has joined #techrightsJan 04 11:26
*sbp (~sbp@joseon-1m86vc.cfhm.haf7.0u8u7u.IP) has joined #techrightsJan 04 11:26
*tech_exorcist (~tech_exorcist@f9yn3s5rpa8c4.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 11:29
techrights-news"I also note that the #LinuxFoundation doesn't appear to have a presence in the #Fediverse or on any open platforms, instead choosing only to use the centralised proprietary technologies of their board members' employers." 04 11:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Dave Lane: "I also note that the Linux Foundation doesn't app…" - Mastodon - NZOSSJan 04 11:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux Foundation - TechrightsJan 04 11:30
techrights-news"Leak: I guess the #EU will push for indiscriminate #dataretention of IP addresses by ISPs and OTT communications services, and outlawing anonymous communications via prepaid cards and possibly messaging services:" 04 11:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Patrick Breyer: "🇬🇧 Leak: I guess the EU will push for indiscrimin…" - chaos.socialJan 04 11:32
techrights-newsThese are the wishes of the #EU countries for data retention 04 11:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Vorratsdatenspeicherung: Internes Papier zeigt, was sich die EU-Staaten wünschen - DER SPIEGELJan 04 11:33
techrights-newsToday in #Techrights • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 11:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Today in Techrights | Tux MachinesJan 04 11:34
techrights-news#linuxfoundation as a collective of frauds and imposters. "Most of them use MacOS over Linux, can't say i'm surprised they don't use Mastodon." 04 11:34
coodre__but linus uses macos tooJan 04 11:35
techrights-news"the Linux Foundation... doesn't have much to do with Linux. Some of what it does is possibly worthwhile, but its annual report is woefully obscure, opaque, and a lot of it seems to actively relegate Linux to the fringe." 04 11:36
schestowitz-TRcoodre__: source?Jan 04 11:36
techrights-news"Just looking for the annual report on their website, but don't see it. I do see, however, that just about all of their 'board' is made up of representatives from the Big 5 (and former big, e.g. IBM and VMWare) Tech firms. That explains plenty." 04 11:36
psydroid4I use macs tooJan 04 11:37
techrights-ipfs-bot ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▅▂▃▂▁▂▁▂▄▂▂▂▂▁▂▁▃▄▂▂▁▁▁▂▂▁▂▂▁▂▁▂▃▁ avg(k/sec) 7.46 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▁▂█▁▁▁▁█▁▁▁██▁▁▂▁▁▁▁██▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ avg(k/sec) 69.11▕ swarm size (avg): 245.51  ⟲Jan 04 11:37
psydroid4they just run GNU/LinuxJan 04 11:37
schestowitz-TRyeah, but not macOSJan 04 11:37
coodre__nah i'm wrong, he just uses gnu/linux on macJan 04 11:37
psydroid4because macOS dies when you boot it upJan 04 11:37
DaemonFCThe Linux Foundation report leaves you just as well off as had you not even wasted your time trying to read it. It goes on forever and it says nothing.Jan 04 11:37
psydroid4which it actually did on those old Powermac G4 machinesJan 04 11:38
techrights-newsToday we start a series which takes a closer look at why EPO staff is so displeased and why the ‘brain drain’ this entails will likely doom the #EPO and harm #Europe financially, not just morally • Techrights ⚓ ䷉ #Techrights #patents #corruption | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 04 11:38
DaemonFCExcept a bunch of blurbs about how they coincidentally want to do a lot of non-Linux things that square up with what Bill Gates is investing in.Jan 04 11:38
schestowitz 04 11:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [Meme] ‘Linux’ Foundation is Greenwashing Microsoft Again, Misusing the Linux Brand Like Nobody’s Business | TechrightsJan 04 11:39
DaemonFCThe biggest bullshit word continues to be "AI".Jan 04 11:39
DaemonFCWe're not on the verge of an emergent artificial consciousness anymore than James Cook was on the verge of landing on the moon.Jan 04 11:41
DaemonFCWe may _start_ to see something approaching that by the end of my lifetime if I live another 50 years.Jan 04 11:41
DaemonFCIn tech terms, that's centuries from now.Jan 04 11:41
DaemonFCNo matter how good something like this gets, it still won't think like a human does.Jan 04 11:42
*tech_exorcist has quit (Quit: reinstalling hexchat)Jan 04 11:42
DaemonFCHumans have biological imperatives, an urge to reproduce, self-preservation, instinctive behavior, non-verbal cues, even mental illness (which causes some to be good artists).Jan 04 11:43
DaemonFCA machine will never have the ability to "feel" some way about something.Jan 04 11:43
DaemonFCSo it can't have a conscience.Jan 04 11:44
*x is now known as kingoffranceJan 04 11:44
*tech_exorcist (~tech_exorcist@d3u7abs8yy2fu.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 11:44
DaemonFCThe Terminator and Terminator 2 have the best example of what I think Strong AI will look like at some point in the future. It'll be a military project. Why would the military put down a commandment against killing people or want a machine to learn on its own and decide not to obey?Jan 04 11:45
DaemonFCSo we'd get a mindless intelligence.Jan 04 11:45
kingoffrance^Jan 04 11:46
DaemonFCIn T2, it was shown that the T-800 could adapt to mimic humans, given enough time and with a "learning program" active, but this was only so it could go deep undercover without arousing suspicion and then kill a target once it was inside.Jan 04 11:46
kingoffranceim not so worried about some superhuman AI taking over.  rather, people getting ushered into some idiotic AI that makes everyone dumberJan 04 11:46
tech_exorcista superhuman AI would/could be stopped or harmed by a strong electromagnetic pulse, I suppose?Jan 04 11:47
DaemonFCWell, a "caretaker AI" is probably worse, and more likely, than something like Skynet.Jan 04 11:47
DaemonFCOne that sees to our needs, and we eventually forget how it works and just go on for generations, incapable of doing things without it.Jan 04 11:47
DaemonFCLike Logan's Run.Jan 04 11:47
tech_exorcistwe do know how to generate EMPs, just look at the stuff in YouTube videos and scale those things upJan 04 11:48
tech_exorcist(yes, it's YT, I know)Jan 04 11:48
DaemonFCIf the AI knows our needs and can operate and build and repair drone workers, then people can afford to "relax" and then in a few generations nobody knows how it works.Jan 04 11:48
DaemonFCEverything is on autopilot.Jan 04 11:48
DaemonFCHumanity is finished as a species that "grows" in any meaningful way.Jan 04 11:49
tech_exorcist"incapable of doing things without it" I'd say we're almost at that point now, even without super AIs: what would the average Joe do without Internet access today?Jan 04 11:49
DaemonFCRight, but that's because the government and big business demand things be done that way.Jan 04 11:50
kingoffrance^Jan 04 11:50
kingoffrancenot everyone average joe.  how much software is useless without internet?Jan 04 11:50
DaemonFCYou're in contempt of court. You don't have a computer with internet access and the judge barred the door, so LOL.Jan 04 11:50
kingoffrance*not evenJan 04 11:50
DaemonFCSee ya in 30 days!Jan 04 11:50
kingoffranceyepJan 04 11:50
kingoffrancecell phones tooJan 04 11:50
DaemonFCCourt is in contempt of you.Jan 04 11:51
tech_exorcistmy school relies on G Shit for Education (pun on the pronounciation of "Suite")Jan 04 11:51
kingoffrancelolJan 04 11:51
DaemonFCBut that just brings it into line with the rest of the state.Jan 04 11:51
DaemonFCI don't have anything to do with my government.Jan 04 11:51
tech_exorcistanyone speaks Italian here? the Italian "Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digital Transition", whatever it meansJan 04 11:51
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 11:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Ministro innovazione tecnologica e transizione digitaleJan 04 11:51
tech_exorcistfull of javascript of courseJan 04 11:51
DaemonFCI'm one of the 97% of the people in this state that have no control over it whatsoever, not even the slightest bit, can't even choose my "representatives".Jan 04 11:52
tech_exorcistDaemonFC: USA?Jan 04 11:52
DaemonFCYeah, I go "vote" and most of my ballot is blank or write-ins that are just random people or fictional characters or something.Jan 04 11:52
DaemonFCBecause there's nobody to vote for.Jan 04 11:53
tech_exorcistI seeJan 04 11:53
tech_exorcistI live in Italy and I'm too young to voteJan 04 11:53
kingoffrancesaw this the other day:  EB 11th ed.Encyclopaedia Britannica  the great 11th Edition (1911)  free, in our bookreader format          still has to go online to read itJan 04 11:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Numerical Recipes Books On-LineJan 04 11:53
DaemonFCThe Democrats will get a supermajority in the Illinois legislature no matter who goes to vote.Jan 04 11:53
DaemonFCNo matter what they want.Jan 04 11:53
DaemonFCThere's like 118 Representatives in the state house, and it could go +/- 3-4 of them either way.Jan 04 11:54
DaemonFCAnd that's the only influence the people living here have.Jan 04 11:54
kingoffrancelooks like it is many smaller PDFs thoughJan 04 11:54
DaemonFCSo the Democrats go on and on passing whatever they want. Life gets worse.Jan 04 11:54
DaemonFCLiving here becomes more and more unbearable due to crime, poverty, and high rents.Jan 04 11:55
tech_exorcistdunno if I already said this here, but I was thinking of a theoretical relay computer capable of computing modern cryptography algorithms like those with elliptic curvesJan 04 11:55
DaemonFCEvery time they pass a law that's supposed to reduce poverty or "address racial justice", crime and poverty go up.Jan 04 11:55
DaemonFCBecause when they say "address racial injustice", what they actually mean is dump out a lot of people who were in prison for good reasons.Jan 04 11:56
DaemonFCSo they can go live near you.Jan 04 11:56
DaemonFCWhile the government officials surround themselves with the remaining cops like an army.Jan 04 11:56
DaemonFCLori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago, has presided over a 400% increase in violent crime and 1,000% increase in carjackings at gunpoint.Jan 04 11:57
DaemonFCBut she herself is in no danger.Jan 04 11:57
DaemonFCEven though the city has lost over 2,200 police officers since 2019, she's got a round-the-clock security detail and they've blocked off her entire street and they arrest anyone who pickets her.Jan 04 11:58
DaemonFCHer latest edict will cause many more people to go unemployed and homeless (or fleeing the city with whatever they can carry).Jan 04 11:59
DaemonFCThe vaccine mandates went ahead even though people won't comply with them to go out to spend money at places covered by the mandate.Jan 04 11:59
DaemonFCAnd meanwhile, vaccinated people are spreading it to each other.Jan 04 11:59
DaemonFCWith an R0 of 3 between vaccinated people.Jan 04 12:00
DaemonFCThat's terrible!Jan 04 12:00
tech_exorcistthat's because the vaccine is less effective against variants, isn't it?Jan 04 12:00
DaemonFCFor comparison, when you have something like seasonal flu, and one person gets it, they give it to between 0.8 and 1.2 other people.Jan 04 12:00
DaemonFC<tech_exorcist> that's because the vaccine is less effective against variants, isn't it?Jan 04 12:00
tech_exorcistcould you give sources for both covid and seasonal flu?Jan 04 12:01
tech_exorcistI meanJan 04 12:01
DaemonFCIt is rapidly losing its effectiveness because the spike protein changes all the time.Jan 04 12:01
tech_exorcistsources for that dataJan 04 12:01
DaemonFCWell, COVID is more contagious among two unvaccinated people.Jan 04 12:01
tech_exorcistre spike protein: I seeJan 04 12:01
DaemonFCWithout a vaccine it would just blow through the US in a matter of 3-4 months now.Jan 04 12:01
DaemonFCAlmost everyone would be sick at once.Jan 04 12:01
DaemonFCLots of dead people piling up who couldn't get into the hospital.Jan 04 12:01
*leah has quit (connection closed)Jan 04 12:01
*leah (~leah@wrh2nipuzrd3y.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 12:02
DaemonFCI recall hearing that R0 of Delta COVID was something like 15.Jan 04 12:02
DaemonFCWhich is worse than Measles was before there was a Measles vaccine.Jan 04 12:02
tech_exorcist!Jan 04 12:02
DaemonFCBut even if everyone got the COVID vaccine, it would still be many times more contagious than the flu.Jan 04 12:02
DaemonFCMost people didn't even get a Chickenpox vaccine when I was a child.Jan 04 12:03
DaemonFCIt was expected you'd get Chickenpox and it would be better to have it as a child, because it was worse as an adult, and people would deliberately try to infect their kids with it at a young age because of that.Jan 04 12:04
DaemonFCThen they'd show up with it at school, and that's how I got it.Jan 04 12:04
DaemonFCCatholic school, 2nd grade.Jan 04 12:04
DaemonFCI remember it pretty well.Jan 04 12:05
DaemonFCThe itching. It was awful. I was taking "oatmeal baths".Jan 04 12:05
DaemonFCA lot of the reason we have a need for Shingles Vaccine today is because kids get the Chickenpox vaccine now.Jan 04 12:06
DaemonFCSo you aren't constantly being exposed to it anymore.Jan 04 12:06
DaemonFCBeing around people who had the Chickenpox every so often led to reduced rates of adult Shingles, even without a Shingles vaccine.Jan 04 12:07
DaemonFCBecause being exposed to the Chickenpox once in a while had a protective effect.Jan 04 12:07
DaemonFCIt caused a level of herd immunity to Shingles that doesn't exist anymore.Jan 04 12:07
*leah has quit (connection closed)Jan 04 12:07
*leah (~leah@wrh2nipuzrd3y.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 12:07
DaemonFCThe Shingles vaccine is pretty awful to go through, I hear.Jan 04 12:07
DaemonFCI'm kind of on the fence about whether I'll take it or not when I'm 50.Jan 04 12:08
psydroid4 04 12:11
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 12:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-AMD Ryzen 6000 Series Mobile CPUs Feature Microsoft's Pluton Security - PhoronixJan 04 12:11
psydroid4AMD, Intel and Qualcomm chips are for Windows computers, not for GNU/Linux and other free operating systemsJan 04 12:11
DaemonFCAMD and Intel CPUs are more likely to work.Jan 04 12:12
tech_exorcistwhere's altlink_b51's source code?Jan 04 12:12
-altlink_b51/#techrights-👍 04 12:12
DaemonFCARM is a mess of "Secure" boot and odd hardware with no open surce drivers.Jan 04 12:13
DaemonFCSo now you have a whole heap of problems.Jan 04 12:13
tech_exorcistwhat the hell is ?Jan 04 12:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | #215 - where's 's source code? - deCloudflare - Gitea: Git with a cup of teaJan 04 12:13
DaemonFCAt least with "Secure" boot you can turn it off or someone can find a bug and free the hardware sold with it, which is a bad enough issue to deal with, but there are so many bugs in uEFI that we'll be plumbing the depths of this forever.Jan 04 12:14
DaemonFCThere's probably decades worth of bugs in uEFI now that could be used to completely bypass "Secure" boot.Jan 04 12:14
DaemonFCWe've already had a decade of them and it shows no sign of slowing down.Jan 04 12:14
DaemonFCIn many cases, even if vendors do patch it, they're sloppy and there's bugs in the bugs patches.Jan 04 12:15
DaemonFCIt's exactly like Microsoft.Jan 04 12:15
tech_exorcistam I the only one here who thinks we should just keep computers (not the current architectures though) for math, cryptography and maybe communication, and use "older" things, such as good old paper, for things we usually do with computers today?Jan 04 12:16
DaemonFCIntel just keeps releasing CVEs for the motherboard in this laptop and it's not like I'm going to install Windows on it again to update and then find out there are 12 more the next month.Jan 04 12:16
tech_exorcista big problem with paper is the materials needed to make itJan 04 12:16
psydroid4I use plenty of pen and paper for things that are more convenient to do without a computerJan 04 12:16
DaemonFCCryptography without a computer was pretty intricate if the person doing it was intelligent enough.Jan 04 12:17
tech_exorcistI have a mechanical typewriter, when I have to do a lot of writing at home for school I use thatJan 04 12:17
tech_exorcistactually, I *do* have a lot of writing to do for school, so I guess I'll use that todayJan 04 12:17
DaemonFCThe Zodiac Killer (probably accidentally) created a cipher that held up for over 50 years that nobody could have solved for when he made it.Jan 04 12:17
tech_exorcistotherwise I just use a penJan 04 12:18
psydroid4I used to have a mechanical typewriter and an electric one, but I haven't used those in agesJan 04 12:18
*phobos has quit (Ping timeout: 120 seconds)Jan 04 12:18
tech_exorcistDaemonFC: oh, rightJan 04 12:18
DaemonFCIf you make a cipher that strong today it will take a year or so of brute force with a specialized program.Jan 04 12:19
tech_exorcist:(Jan 04 12:19
DaemonFCSo, as computers get faster, you need a faster computer to handle stronger cryptography.Jan 04 12:19
tech_exorcist4096‐bit ECCJan 04 12:19
tech_exorcistyou'd need thousands of relays to implement that in a relay computer thoughJan 04 12:19
DaemonFCThe Zodiac was criticized for misspellings and poor grammar and not using punctuation.Jan 04 12:20
DaemonFCBut I think it was deliberate.Jan 04 12:20
DaemonFCSomeone smart enough to create a cipher like that certainly was no fool.Jan 04 12:20
DaemonFCDoing this inserted doubt into possible solutions and made the cipher harder to crack.Jan 04 12:21
tech_exorcistmakes senseJan 04 12:21
DaemonFCWho is going to go looking for "paradise" spelled "paradice", for example.Jan 04 12:22
tech_exorcistthat spelling reminded me that I need to look for physical diceJan 04 12:22
tech_exorcistI need to make 2 PGP keypairsJan 04 12:22
MinceR04 051050 < DaemonFC> The Chinese have a saying that goes "the nail that sticks out gets pounded down".Jan 04 12:23
MinceRbut also "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" :>Jan 04 12:23
DaemonFCYeah, aphorisms are funny like that.Jan 04 12:23
MinceRlol systemdJan 04 12:24
MinceR04 123746 < coodre__> nah i'm wrong, he just uses gnu/linux on macJan 04 12:24
MinceRhe probably uses systemd/LinuxJan 04 12:24
tech_exorcistthen is Devuan sysvinit/Linux?Jan 04 12:25
tech_exorcistoh, nvmJan 04 12:25
tech_exorcistI forgot for a moment that systemd coudl almost be considered an operating system by itselfJan 04 12:25
tech_exorcistI use Devuan with sysvinitJan 04 12:25
coodre__i'm glad systemd disregarded the unix philosophy, so it can be an entire operating system. all it needs is a kernelJan 04 12:26
MinceRit's a pity that systemd still relies on a kernel outside itselfJan 04 12:27
MinceRi hope they hurry up and turn Linux into systemd-kerneldJan 04 12:27
tech_exorcistthe reason I'm not using OpenBSD is the lack of official support for Tor BrowserJan 04 12:27
MinceRletting the user choose is not "modern"Jan 04 12:27
tech_exorcistchoose what?Jan 04 12:28
MinceRsomething else to run on LinuxJan 04 12:28
tech_exorcistI seeJan 04 12:28
MinceRthere's a tor-browser package for openbsdJan 04 12:29
DaemonFC 04 12:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Local Golden Corral owner murdered teen in 1991, investigators say | Northwest Indiana Business Headlines | nwitimes.comJan 04 12:30
DaemonFCOh that's nice. The police had enough to get a search warrant in 1991, and didn't, even though they would have found the murder weapon and bloody clothes that matched the victim's DNA.Jan 04 12:31
DaemonFCThen they wait 30 years to arrest him.Jan 04 12:31
DaemonFCNice job, Detective Dipshit.Jan 04 12:31
MinceRdid you expect the police to do its job? :>Jan 04 12:31
MinceRs/j/own j/Jan 04 12:32
DaemonFCHey, why don't you wait another 30 years and he can be as old as all those Nazi prison guards they finally extradited in the 2010s?Jan 04 12:32
DaemonFC:)Jan 04 12:32
tech_exorcistMinceR: re TB: yes, but afaik it's not developed by the Tor Project teamJan 04 12:32
DaemonFC<MinceR> did you expect the police to do its job? :>Jan 04 12:32
DaemonFCNo, too busy out trying to pull me over for going 31 in a 30 mph zone.Jan 04 12:32
DaemonFCHappened....Jan 04 12:32
MinceRtech_exorcist: so what?Jan 04 12:32
MinceRDaemonFC: lolJan 04 12:33
MinceR"our rules are very strict!"Jan 04 12:33
DaemonFCBrownsburg, Indiana....Jan 04 12:33
DaemonFC2004.Jan 04 12:33
tech_exorcistMinceR: so I don't know if it's as trustworthyJan 04 12:33
DaemonFCIt turned out to be a fishing expedition.Jan 04 12:33
DaemonFCThe cops asked if I had been drinking and wanted to check my car.Jan 04 12:33
MinceRtech_exorcist: how trustworthy is it anyway? it's built on failfox.Jan 04 12:33
DaemonFCI told them "Just this Pepsi, and no you may not search my car.".Jan 04 12:34
DaemonFCSo they ran my license for warrants, didn't find any, and let me go.Jan 04 12:34
tech_exorcistwell yeah, but I trust the Tor Project devs moreJan 04 12:34
DaemonFC31 in a 30 is a very weak accusation.Jan 04 12:34
DaemonFCToo weak to hold up in court, but enough for a pretextual stop in Indiana.Jan 04 12:35
MinceRtech_exorcist: you don't trust the people who maintain the OS you're running?Jan 04 12:35
MinceRit's equivalent to a distro packageJan 04 12:35
tech_exorcistMinceR: I'm running DevuanJan 04 12:35
DaemonFCEven if you're going 1 mph under the speed limit, they can always get you for something else if they follow you long enough.Jan 04 12:35
DaemonFCSooner or later, you'll forget to use your turn signal or something. Many people will not have every single required light working on their car... Some people aren't wearing their seatbelt.Jan 04 12:36
MinceRtech_exorcist: i see, devuan has no tor-browser package. but if it did, you wouldn't trust it?Jan 04 12:36
DaemonFCIf you're going to break a major law, don't break any minor ones that will get you pulled over.Jan 04 12:36
tech_exorcistMinceR: if it did, I guess I wouldJan 04 12:36
DaemonFCHalf the time the police find drugs in a car, they stopped the car because of seatbelts, speed, turn signals, or headlamps/taillights.Jan 04 12:37
MinceRDaemonFC: i thought seatbelts weren't required in the USAJan 04 12:37
MinceRtech_exorcist: the openbsd package is equivalent to thatJan 04 12:37
DaemonFCIt's up to the state how to handle it.Jan 04 12:37
MinceRthough it would probably have more patchesJan 04 12:37
DaemonFCIn Indiana, it's a $20 ticket. In Illinois, can be $300.Jan 04 12:37
MinceRfor sandboxing and whateverJan 04 12:37
DaemonFCIn some states, they can't pull you over if the seatbelt violation is the only thing.Jan 04 12:37
tech_exorcistMinceR: yes, but it's not been *ported* to OpenBSD by the Tor Project developersJan 04 12:37
DaemonFCIn most, they can.Jan 04 12:37
MinceRDaemonFC: do airbags in cars sold in the US also rely on your seatbelt being worn?Jan 04 12:39
DaemonFCIn most states, there's no law against radar detectors.Jan 04 12:39
DaemonFCIn Virginia, it's a crime.Jan 04 12:39
DaemonFC(and they have detector detectors!)Jan 04 12:39
MinceR:>Jan 04 12:39
MinceRwho detects the detectors?Jan 04 12:39
DaemonFCIn Indiana, you can't have anything on your windshield, including a radar detector, but it's a fine.Jan 04 12:39
DaemonFCIn Illinois, there's no law against radar detectors or having it mounted on your windshield.Jan 04 12:40
MinceRwhat if your rear view mirror is mounted on the windshield?Jan 04 12:40
MinceRsome car manufacturers like to just glue it thereJan 04 12:40
DaemonFCThe law covers things that drivers mount on the window that obstruct heir view.Jan 04 12:40
MinceRicJan 04 12:40
DaemonFCWhich can be a pair of fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror.Jan 04 12:40
DaemonFCWhich, again, is perfectly legal in Illinois, but not Indiana.Jan 04 12:41
MinceRmaybe it can still be mounted on the dashboardJan 04 12:41
DaemonFCIn Illinois, you don't need to have your vehicle registration.Jan 04 12:41
DaemonFCIn Indiana, it's a citation with a fine.Jan 04 12:41
DaemonFCIn Indiana you can get a ticket for going too fast and too slow, at the same time.Jan 04 12:41
MinceRlolJan 04 12:42
MinceRyour speed should be a complex number, i guessJan 04 12:42
DaemonFCYou were speeding, but other cars want to overtake you and can't because you're speeding in the left lane at a slower pace than they want to go.Jan 04 12:42
DaemonFCSo you get a speeding ticket and a left-lane hog ticket.Jan 04 12:42
DaemonFCIllinois recently passed this too.Jan 04 12:42
DaemonFCIn Indiana, not moving over for a fire truck, cop, or ambulance with lights and siren on is a big fine. In Illinois, it's a criminal offense and you can go to jail.Jan 04 12:43
DaemonFCIndiana has points for every citation offense, in Illinois they just consider every such offense to be the same and you lose your license if you get 3 in a rolling 12 month period (2 if you're under 21).Jan 04 12:44
DaemonFCSo in Illinois, speeding 14 mph or less and a conviction is the same thing as running a red light, but in Indiana the first one is 4 points while the red light is 2 points.Jan 04 12:45
DaemonFCIndiana has laws about sharing the road with people on a horse and buggy, because of the Amish.Jan 04 12:46
DaemonFCIn Illinois, it's illegal to be on the road in a horse and buggy.Jan 04 12:46
DaemonFCIndiana drivers licenses expire every 7 years if you're under 70.Jan 04 12:47
DaemonFCIn Illinois they expire every 4 years.Jan 04 12:47
DaemonFCIn Illinois, you can get a medical marijuana card, but it shows up in the police computer if you get pulled over so they know to harass you.Jan 04 12:48
DaemonFCIf you pay taxes on the marijuana the police don't know you've ever bought any.Jan 04 12:48
DaemonFCIt's not hard to get a medical card.Jan 04 12:48
DaemonFCIf you have a household member who doesn't drive anyway, you could get them to get a medical card and buy your weed for you so there's no taxes and you're not in the computer. It's illegal, but as long as nobody runs their mouth, it's also impossible to prove.Jan 04 12:49
DaemonFCDivorce lawyers eat medical marijuana card holders for breakfast.Jan 04 12:50
DaemonFC"He can't have the kids, your honor....he smokes MARIJUANA!"Jan 04 12:50
DaemonFCIt's the second best way to keep your ex from ever seeing their kids aside from uncovering a trove of CP or something.Jan 04 12:51
DaemonFCEven though marijuana is legal.Jan 04 12:51
schestowitzMARISOLANAJan 04 12:51
DaemonFCMARISOL was asking my opinion of medical marijuana.Jan 04 12:52
DaemonFCShe said "I have patients who use it. What's your opinion of that?".Jan 04 12:52
DaemonFCSo I said, "Well, I don't use it, but if they have a medical need for it, like they're in pain and dying or something, I think it would be cruel and unethical not to give them some if that's what helps them. Besides, it's their right to do that in this state at that point anyway, so my opinion doesn't really matter."Jan 04 12:53
DaemonFCI think she was trying to bait me into saying something.Jan 04 12:54
DaemonFCI didn't mention the part where I voted to decriminalize it in Chicago.Jan 04 12:55
DaemonFCThe police were whining that they would lose a "valuable tool" to obtain search warrants where they would uncover other crimes.Jan 04 12:56
DaemonFCIn otherwords "We're too lazy and stupid to do actual police work. If we lose the 'I smell pot.' line, we're fucked!".Jan 04 12:56
DaemonFCBut even as a legal substance, they manage to arrest and kill black people for having it.Jan 04 12:57
DaemonFCSo I knew they'd think of something. :)Jan 04 12:57
*guysoft42 (~guysoft@2a0d:6fc1:2:1f00:5acf:ffb4:259b:9437) has joined #techrightsJan 04 12:58
*guysoft42 (~guysoft@joseon-tnl.ca8.j43kjd.IP) has joined #techrightsJan 04 12:58
DaemonFCMost people who do little shit don't really have to worry about criminal prosecution too much.Jan 04 12:58
techrights-newsWhat #canonical is trying to sell 04 12:58
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 12:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Deploy and maintain applications with Charmed Operators | UbuntuJan 04 12:58
DaemonFCThe US Attorney's office can't handle the street gangs with the machine guns.Jan 04 12:58
DaemonFCThey're not going to open a case for you forgetting $5 in bank interest on a tax return.Jan 04 12:59
DaemonFCAlthough it's better to do things the right way to avoid giving them an opening.Jan 04 12:59
techrights-news#phoronix again covering #microsoft news with no connection to #linuxJan 04 13:00
schestowitz-TRsort of replying to psydroid4 here, too^Jan 04 13:01
*u-amarsh04 (~amarsh04@6pxtd49npuduw.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 13:01
DaemonFC 04 13:02
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-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-3 Obvious and 4 Not So Obvious Ways Buffets Make Money | The Motley FoolJan 04 13:02
DaemonFC"Pricier items on the buffet line – like meat or fish – are cut into smaller pieces. Rationally, a person would just take two pieces instead of one. But in reality, a diner is more likely to follow society's unwritten rule, taking a single smaller piece and moving on down the line."Jan 04 13:02
DaemonFCNo, I just stack them until I have as much as I want.Jan 04 13:02
DaemonFCThey have these little strips of cod, but if you stack it 4 high, you use up the same amount of room on a plate and you get an entire filet's worth of fish.Jan 04 13:03
schestowitz 04 13:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | What are AMD CPUs on Windows 11?Jan 04 13:03
DaemonFCThey do the same with the meatloaf. They take one slice and turn it into 4 miniature ones, so if you just stack them, you get a full slice eventually.Jan 04 13:04
DaemonFCI always tell Mandy "Stay away from the rice. I'm not paying for a restaurant meal so they can fill us up on rice.".Jan 04 13:04
techrights-news#France loves open source so much, even its cinema borks have Linux behind the scenes • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 13:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | France loves open source so much, even its cinema borks have Linux behind the scenes | Tux MachinesJan 04 13:05
DaemonFCIf I can buy a 20 pound bag for $15 at Walmart, and it doubles when you cook it, then what it the buffet paying, wholesale?Jan 04 13:05
DaemonFCThey like to scatter cheap stuff everywhere with the occasional meat dish.Jan 04 13:06
DaemonFCBut if you work it the other way around, you can load up on meat, then get some vegetables (I go after the ones I know are more expensive at the store).Jan 04 13:06
DaemonFCThey hate it. They have signs pointing which way you're "supposed" to go, but I ignore them and do whatever the hell I want.Jan 04 13:07
techrights-news#corporatemedia still so corrupt that it still -- yes STILL -- does these "OMG!! Some people use Linux!!!" pieces, perpetuating this old idea that it's just a bunch of geeks (or "neckbeards") capable of using the thing... #propagandaModel #chomskyJan 04 13:07
DaemonFCIf you want to do some serious damage to their bottom line, you work the buffet like that, sign up for their "loyalty card" program, use your restaurant rewards card, an stay away from soft drinks.Jan 04 13:08
techrights-news#cheese #flowers #rianne #photography 04 13:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 20211217 142913Jan 04 13:08
DaemonFCThey probably make no serious amount of money on me.Jan 04 13:09
DaemonFCTheir business model is set up so that they can sink some customers like me because most people don't behave rationally once they get in there.Jan 04 13:09
DaemonFCI'm not one of those people who get thrown out of buffets though. Golden Corral has actually had to do that to some people. I heard about a guy who went in there and stacked 15 pieces of fish on one plate and totally wipedo ut the serving tray, they asked him to leave, he refused to pay the bill, and then came back and picketed them, and got arrested for Disorderly Conduct.Jan 04 13:11
DaemonFCIn Wisconsin... Must have been before they went prepay.Jan 04 13:11
schestowitz"loyalty card" program = spywareJan 04 13:11
DaemonFCSmarter to do prepay. Then you don't have dine and dash customers in a city where the police don't do shit.Jan 04 13:11
DaemonFCMMMMM, tasty spyware!Jan 04 13:12
DaemonFCThere's room for all of god's creatures.......right next to the mashed potatoes.Jan 04 13:12
DaemonFCMinceR, ^Jan 04 13:12
schestowitzlolJan 04 13:12
MinceR:)Jan 04 13:14
DaemonFCschestowitz, There was one day at the factory, the vending machine people forgot to lock the machine so that it made you put in money to make a request.Jan 04 13:15
techrights-newsDear #nhs ... how many patients with #covid19 hospitalised? NHS: no answer. Well.... here's some old data. Patients admitted 8 days ago. Are they really incapable of publishing such essential data? Are #tories instructing them to "cook the books" somehow? To avoid businesses shutting down?Jan 04 13:15
DaemonFCSo I asked it to give me everything in the machine, and then I passed out lunch to all of my co-workers.Jan 04 13:15
DaemonFCThat was a good day. Not for Capitalism though.Jan 04 13:15
DaemonFCThe plant manager, Martin, weird Australian guy.Jan 04 13:16
DaemonFCPet rabbit in the office.Jan 04 13:16
*coodre__ has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 13:16
DaemonFCCalls us all in for a meeting and says Walmart is demanding direct shipments straight from China and they didn't need any more American workers and would just be using "attrition" to get rid of us.Jan 04 13:17
DaemonFCNice, huh?Jan 04 13:17
MinceR04 140234 < DaemonFC> 04 13:17
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 13:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-3 Obvious and 4 Not So Obvious Ways Buffets Make Money | The Motley FoolJan 04 13:17
techrights-newsIt's called "capitalism" because they capitalise a whole bunch of religious, superstitious crock like "Keynsian"Jan 04 13:17
DaemonFCI heard about an "all hands" meeting and said "Oh this can't be good." and I remember him saying "Oh, don't be such a doomsayer.".Jan 04 13:17
MinceRin all the places i ate at where you were supposed to pick your own pieces of food, they always had you pay by mass or number anywayJan 04 13:18
DaemonFC<MinceR> in all the places i ate at where you were supposed to pick your own pieces of food, they always had you pay by mass or number anywayJan 04 13:18
DaemonFCIf you take it to go, then Golden Corral charges by weight.Jan 04 13:18
MinceRso it wouldn't depend on unwritten rules :>Jan 04 13:18
DaemonFCBut if you eat it there, you can eat as much as you want, within reason.Jan 04 13:18
DaemonFCIf you just keep putting away plates of food or something, eventually they'll get pissed and ask you to leave.Jan 04 13:18
DaemonFCBut 2-3 plates isn't a problem.Jan 04 13:19
DaemonFCI've never been kicked out of a buffet before.Jan 04 13:19
DaemonFCI can't imagine how you could eat enough to be kicked out of the buffet.Jan 04 13:19
DaemonFCMy sides are splitting if I have 3 plates, and I hear of people getting kicked out for like 9 or 10 plates!Jan 04 13:20
DaemonFCMinceR, Yeah, cafeteria restaurants used to be quite popular in the US.Jan 04 13:21
DaemonFCThere were thousands and thousands of them. Either a la carte or all you can eat.Jan 04 13:21
DaemonFCThen they started going bankrupt or strategically closing locations.Jan 04 13:21
DaemonFCThere's a really good one in Indiana and one location in Illinois called MCL. They used to have twice as many locations.Jan 04 13:21
DaemonFCThere were two other chains in Indiana called Laughners and Jonathan Byrd's, and one in Texas called Luby's.Jan 04 13:22
DaemonFCThey all went bankrupt and failed to re-emerge.Jan 04 13:22
MinceR:>Jan 04 13:22
DaemonFCThe companies that own Ryan's and Old Country Buffet (all you can eat) went bankrupt and most of the locations closed.Jan 04 13:23
DaemonFCRyan's was really good too.Jan 04 13:23
DaemonFCMy dad was extremely frugal, so we ate at all you can eat buffets a lot.Jan 04 13:23
DaemonFCMarion had the Sirloin Stockade. Not sure if it's still there. That was awesome.Jan 04 13:24
DaemonFCTheir steaks weren't the sad ones you get if you can even find a buffet today. They tasted like something you'd order at an actual steakhouse, and unlimited.Jan 04 13:24
DaemonFCI don't get my own generation, honestly.Jan 04 13:25
schestowitzyour dad raised you in good timesJan 04 13:25
DaemonFCQuit fucking spending $40 to eat two small bowls of noodles. It's not funny!Jan 04 13:25
schestowitz80s and 90sJan 04 13:25
schestowitzback then families could actually buy homesJan 04 13:26
DaemonFCOh yeah, Marion has become a real shithole.Jan 04 13:26
DaemonFCIt was a booming middle class city with little crime back then.Jan 04 13:26
schestowitz[13:23] <DaemonFC> The companies that own Ryan's ... went bankrupt Jan 04 13:27
DaemonFCThe factories left, or the population went up and the factories that remained switched to automation and fired most of the people working there.Jan 04 13:27
DaemonFC<schestowitz> [13:23] <DaemonFC> The companies that own Ryan's ... went bankrupt Jan 04 13:27
schestowitzI think we now know why they "went bankrupt "Jan 04 13:27
DaemonFCLOLJan 04 13:27
schestowitz"just give the cow... I'll be right lacking..Jan 04 13:27
DaemonFCYeah, they were putting out high quality food, not charging enough for it, and attracting the "vacuum cleaners".Jan 04 13:27
schestowitz*packingJan 04 13:27
DaemonFCWhen you lose money on EVERY customer, you won't be in business for very long.Jan 04 13:28
schestowitzit's a strategyJan 04 13:28
schestowitzthey rely on men bringing the women and childrenJan 04 13:28
schestowitzthey eat less and the women are charged the sameJan 04 13:28
DaemonFCYes, men eat probably 40-50% more than women and at least twice what a child would.Jan 04 13:28
schestowitzalso, they hide the more expensive stuffJan 04 13:28
schestowitzthey charge a lot for drinksJan 04 13:29
schestowitzand give funny looks if you order no drinkJan 04 13:29
DaemonFCMandy and I are both men and I taught him how to work the buffet.Jan 04 13:29
DaemonFCThey hate people like us.Jan 04 13:29
schestowitzthe food can be made more saltyJan 04 13:29
DaemonFCWe go in there, they lose a few bucks each time.Jan 04 13:29
schestowitzso you really do need a drinkJan 04 13:29
schestowitzand for tap water you literally need to go to the toiletsJan 04 13:29
DaemonFCIt's actually against the law in this state not to give the customer free tap water if they're ordering a meal.Jan 04 13:30
DaemonFCBut the restaurants don't like it.Jan 04 13:30
schestowitzyeahJan 04 13:30
DaemonFCThey'll do it but they put the fountain drinks right there and imply you should buy one.Jan 04 13:30
schestowitzthey pretend not to understand when you ask for waterJan 04 13:30
schestowitzand try to bring the "premium" water bottlesJan 04 13:30
DaemonFCYeah, they bring "Dasani" or "Aquafina".Jan 04 13:30
DaemonFCSomeone else's tap water. In plastic!Jan 04 13:30
techrights-news#KDE Plasma 5.23.5 Released as the Last Update in the Series, Further Improves Plasma Wayland • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 13:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | KDE Plasma 5.23.5 Released as the Last Update in the Series, Further Improves Plasma Wayland | Tux MachinesJan 04 13:31
DaemonFCYou run our tap water through a Brita filter, it puts out water that's better than any bottled water I've tasted.Jan 04 13:31
techrights-newsToday’s #HowTos | #UNIX • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 13:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesJan 04 13:31
DaemonFCWe get it straight out of Lake Michigan and put it through a modern treatment plant to start out with, so it's not _terrible_ straight out of the tap.Jan 04 13:32
DaemonFCIf you get farther from the lake, then towns start using well water and you're gonna need a better filter. :)Jan 04 13:32
DaemonFCI was going to put an under-the-sink four stage system in that house with John.Jan 04 13:32
DaemonFCGlad I didn't.Jan 04 13:32
DaemonFCThose are expensive.Jan 04 13:32
DaemonFCThe water in that town is horrible.Jan 04 13:33
DaemonFCHis coworkers were laughing at him because I was sending him to work with a 1.5 gallon bottle to get water out of the bottle filling station at the airport every day.Jan 04 13:33
DaemonFCYou could take a shower or do laundry in Fox Lake water, but you sure as shit wouldn't drink it. It's nasty nasty stuff. If you leave it out it turns blackish red.Jan 04 13:34
DaemonFCThey don't actually remove all of the minerals that cause the hardness, like magnesium and iron, they just "sequester" it.Jan 04 13:34
DaemonFCBut the agent that does that will dissipate eventually and you have black water.Jan 04 13:35
schestowitzdeny water?Jan 04 13:35
schestowitzthat's cruelJan 04 13:35
schestowitzvery essential for any animalJan 04 13:35
schestowitzthere was even a company called thatJan 04 13:35
schestowitzakademi/xeJan 04 13:36
DaemonFCblock waterJan 04 13:36
DaemonFCSome amount of minerals in the water are good for you. Improves taste, prevents deficiency.Jan 04 13:36
techrights-ipfs-bot ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: █▂▃▁▂▁▂▂▁▂▂▁▃▂▁▂▂▁▄▄▅▃▁▂▂▁▃▂▃▂▂▁▂▄▃▁ avg(k/sec) 10.48 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▂▁▂█▁█▁▂▅▁█▁▁█▁▅▇▂▁▁██▁▆█▁▁▁▁▁▂▁▁ avg(k/sec) 114.60▕ swarm size (avg): 245.48  ⟲Jan 04 13:36
schestowitzminerals like iron :-)Jan 04 13:37
schestowitzheavy metalsJan 04 13:37
DaemonFCGrandma left her sprinkler on and it got knocked over and started spraying her house.Jan 04 13:37
DaemonFCThey didn't realize it because they were on vacation and it was on a timer.Jan 04 13:38
DaemonFCSo they came back two weeks later and the house was red where the water had been hitting it.Jan 04 13:38
schestowitzniiice.Jan 04 13:38
DaemonFCDad and I drove up and I saw that and his jaw dropped open and I said "Oh the irony of it all.".Jan 04 13:38
DaemonFCAnd he had to pull over until we were done laughing.Jan 04 13:39
DaemonFCYou couldn't have a vacation with Grandma.Jan 04 13:39
DaemonFCShe's ruin all of them you took her on after you paid thousands for her to be there with you.Jan 04 13:39
DaemonFCShe blows the speaker on every TV she's ever had with televangelists on Volume level 100.Jan 04 13:40
DaemonFCAnd so everyone in the condo has to listen to that shit for two weeks in Florida or wherever.Jan 04 13:40
DaemonFCThen you take her to the restaurant and she ruins the meal by hurling insults at everyone at the table.Jan 04 13:41
DaemonFCThen you take her to Disney and put her on the kiddie coaster, and the ride has to shut down for 47 minutes(!) while she's screaming and grabbing the bars and refuses to get off the ride.Jan 04 13:41
DaemonFC(1998, btw)Jan 04 13:41
DaemonFCEveryone in line who paid to go to Disney standing there because a grown ass woman won't stop screaming and get off the kiddie coaster.Jan 04 13:42
DaemonFCschestowitz, She and my grandfather lost money to every con artist that came through their church.Jan 04 13:43
DaemonFCTwo I remember signed them up to sell vitamins. They sold their RV to get in on that and then lost all the money from the RV.Jan 04 13:43
DaemonFCThen there was one where you would sell phone calling cards to people and sign others up, but them the 10-20 hour phone cards only actually worked for 30 minutes and the guy who sold everyone at the church on them had already skipped town with the money (Destiny Telecommunications).Jan 04 13:44
DaemonFCMeanwhile, all your friends are super pissed at you for giving them worthless phone cards.Jan 04 13:44
DaemonFCI mean, she wasted more money than I'll ever get ahold of on things that were obvious scams, televangelists, and panic buying food that rotted under the bed because the planes would fall out of the sky while the nuclear power plants melted down because the Arabs hate Jesus and they're going to attack us on Christmas because it's punishment from God for gay marriage.Jan 04 13:46
DaemonFCMy brother was living with her while mom was off having an affair with Gonad, and Grandma told him about the Y2K stockpile.Jan 04 13:47
*guysoft42 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Jan 04 13:47
*guysoft42 (~guysoft@2a0d:6fc1:2:1f00:5acf:ffb4:259b:9437) has joined #techrightsJan 04 13:47
DaemonFCShe said "Now don't tell the neighbors about it or they'll come in during the night and kill us in our sleep!".Jan 04 13:47
DaemonFCAnd he was like 7, and so he's like "Why are the neighbors going to kill me and grandma for the food?", and I'm like "What the hell........?".Jan 04 13:48
techrights-newsInterview with Simon Rollins • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 13:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Interview with Simon Rollins | Tux MachinesJan 04 13:48
techrights-news#ProprietarySoftware and #Security • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 13:48
DaemonFCI had to tell him "She's crazy. Don't listen to anything she says like that.".Jan 04 13:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Proprietary Software and Security | Tux MachinesJan 04 13:48
techrights-newsToday’s 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 13:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's leftovers | Tux MachinesJan 04 13:49
DaemonFCThen he said one day, "Why is is that when Grandma poops, you can smell it no matter where you are in the house?".Jan 04 13:50
DaemonFCI said, "Because that's what happens when you live on Boost and cake frosting.".Jan 04 13:50
techrights-newsLinks 4/1/2022: #KDE Plasma 5.23.5 and New Future for GnuPG • Techrights ⚓ ䷉ #Techrights #GNU #Linux #FreeSW | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 04 13:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Links 4/1/2022: KDE Plasma 5.23.5 and New Future for GnuPG | TechrightsJan 04 13:51
DaemonFCShe's been an unintentional source of humor throughout my lifetime.Jan 04 13:51
DaemonFCMostly because I haven't had to be around her for any of it.Jan 04 13:51
DaemonFCschestowitz, That scene from The Silence of the Lambs where Doctor Chilten was tormenting Hannibal Lector by keeping him in his cell with the TV on max volume with a televangelist screaming. He's taling to Starling and says what a hack Chilten is and "When you leave, he'll turn the volume back up. He so enjoys his petty torments.".Jan 04 13:53
DaemonFCI said, "Gee, locked in a cell with a TV blasting a televangelist. Vacation with Grandma. Although nobody that's been there has had the benefit of her being in a straight jacket and gagged.".Jan 04 13:55
DaemonFCMinceR, ^Jan 04 13:55
DaemonFCTHe Scientologists don't like psychiatry.Jan 04 13:56
DaemonFCThey claim that a man was put into a mental institution and drugged for being a schizophrenic.Jan 04 13:56
DaemonFCAnd they later found out he was just speaking Hungarian.Jan 04 13:56
DaemonFCThey don't cite the source though.Jan 04 13:56
DaemonFCScientology has a lot of front groups.Jan 04 13:58
DaemonFCThey have a fake anti-psychiatry movement and they also have a fake drug rehab clinic.Jan 04 13:59
DaemonFCThe Christians have fake abortion clinics.Jan 04 13:59
DaemonFCYou have to be very careful where you go.Jan 04 13:59
DaemonFCBut Siri has directed iPhone users to all of this, and probably more.Jan 04 13:59
DaemonFCThe fake abortion centers are called Crisis Pregnancy Centers, but they usually don't go by that name.Jan 04 14:00
DaemonFCThey use a lot of fake names so you don't find out what it is until you're there and they're shaming you for trying to have an abortion.Jan 04 14:00
MinceRah yes, Hannibal Lector, most famous person who reads aloudJan 04 14:03
MinceR04 145855 < DaemonFC> Scientology has a lot of front groups.Jan 04 14:03
MinceRindeed they doJan 04 14:03
techrights-newsMaui Shell seems like a very interesting KDE graphical environment 04 14:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Maui Shell is a convergent desktop for Linux phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers | Tux MachinesJan 04 14:17
techrights-newsDigital Transparency: A Right to Information Report for December 2021 <p><img src="" border="0" align="left" width="160" hspace="20" vspace="20" style="padding: 17px 17px 17px 17px; box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #222;" /> <p class="dropcap-first"> <a href=""><img src="/files/read-on-white.png" alt="Read more" title="Read the rest of this article" /></a>Jan 04 14:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Digital Transparency: A Right to Information Report for December 2021Jan 04 14:20
techrights-newsDigital Transparency: A Right to Information Report for December 2021 ⚓ ䷉ #internetfreedom | more in 04 14:21
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 14:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsJan 04 14:21
techrights-newsDestination Linux 259: The Solus Saga & Log4Shell ⚓ ䷉ #destinationlinux #gnu #linuxJan 04 14:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 259: The Solus Saga & Log4Shell - Destination LinuxJan 04 14:22
techrights-news" #Ubuntu might be taking gaming more seriously, more Mozilla missteps, why Her Majesty’s demise might be really bad news, a brand new segment, KDE Korner, and more." #gnu #linuxJan 04 14:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Late Night Linux – Episode 158 – Late Night LinuxJan 04 14:22
techrights-newsOpen Source #Openwheel | Hackaday ⚓ ䷉ #hackaday | more in 04 14:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Open Source Openwheel | HackadayJan 04 14:23
techrights-newsThe Benefits Of Critiquing Your Own PCB Designs | Hackaday ⚓ ䷉ #hackaday | more in 04 14:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Benefits Of Critiquing Your Own PCB Designs | HackadayJan 04 14:24
techrights-newsNew Games with Native #GNU #Linux Clients - 2022-01-04 Edition - Boiling Steam ⚓ ䷉ #boilingsteam | more in 04 14:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | New Games with Native Linux Clients - 2022-01-04 Edition - Boiling SteamJan 04 14:34
techrights-newsSteam hit a new all-time user count close to 28M to start 2022 | GamingOnLinux ⚓ ䷉ #GamingOnLinux #GNU #Linux #Games 🐧 | more in 04 14:35
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 14:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Steam hit a new all-time user count close to 28M to start 2022 | GamingOnLinuxJan 04 14:35
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techrights-newsClassic open source platformer #SuperTux is coming to Steam | GamingOnLinux ⚓ ䷉ #GamingOnLinux #GNU #Linux #Games 🐧Jan 04 14:35
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 14:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Classic open source platformer SuperTux is coming to Steam | GamingOnLinuxJan 04 14:35
techrights-news#antimicrox needs to #deletegithub #microsoft #ProprietarySoftware AntiMicroX is a great open source app that helps you map your keyboard and mouse to gamepad inputs. It's the continuation of the original AntiMicro project, which was abandoned.Jan 04 14:38
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 14:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Keyboard and mouse mapping to gamepad tool AntiMicroX v3.2.1 out now | GamingOnLinuxJan 04 14:38
techrights-newsThe Linux kernel could soon be 50 to 80% faster to build 04 14:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Ingo Molnar on "Fast Kernel Headers" | Tux MachinesJan 04 14:40
techrights-newsBack DOOR inside the DESK. #amd #psp #backdoors 04 14:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-A Gorgeous Desk With AMD Inside | HackadayJan 04 14:48
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techrights-news#tesla is a big and expensive pile of garbage why would you want something like that anyway? 04 14:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-LTE Modem Transplant For A Tesla Imported Into Europe | HackadayJan 04 14:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Index: Loss of Control Over Cars | TechrightsJan 04 14:51
techrights-newsJean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft) 'shilling' product PRE-loaded with #microsoft #malware ... I fail to see the point 04 14:53
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 14:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Palm-sized Celeron N5105 mini PC ships with 8GB DDR4, two HDMI ports - CNX SoftwareJan 04 14:53
techrights-newsMicrosoft fixes harebrained Y2K22 Exchange bug... almost nobody uses #microsoft for #email 04 14:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | What is This Y2K22 Bug? What Problem is it Causing for Sysadmins? | Tux MachinesJan 04 14:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Internet is Getting Rid of Microsoft, But We’re Still Not Getting Back Our Autonomy/Freedom (It’s a Paradigm Issue, Not a Brand Issue) | TechrightsJan 04 14:56
techrights-news"Quick heads up, the #GNOME Nightly #Flatpak repository is currently undergoing maintenance, during which you may notice that some applications are currently missing from the repo." #gnu #linuxJan 04 14:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | GNOME Nightly maintenance – Rust in PeaceJan 04 14:58
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techrights-newsIt's so embarrassing how many people in the #uk catch #covid19 that the official page of #nhs (.gov) doesn't even display the total number anymore.Jan 04 15:05
DaemonFC 04 15:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Star Trek III Search for Spock - Stealing the Enterprise 1080p - YouTubeJan 04 15:06
DaemonFCTranswarp drive crashes.Jan 04 15:06
techrights-news#IBM / #RedHat Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 15:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IBM/Red Hat Leftovers | Tux MachinesJan 04 15:06
DaemonFCI commented: They upgraded the Excelsior to Windows 11.Jan 04 15:06
schestowitz'upgraded'Jan 04 15:07
schestowitz 04 15:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Proof That Windows “11” is a Hoax | TechrightsJan 04 15:07
schestowitz 04 15:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | In Picture: Microsoft Windows Market Share in a Freefall in 2022 | TechrightsJan 04 15:07
DaemonFCYeah, the drive crashes and the entire ship goes dead in space.Jan 04 15:07
DaemonFCRight after the guy remarks on what a marvelous machine it is.Jan 04 15:07
techrights-newsA look at the top 100 Steam games running on GNU/Linux - January 2022 edition | GamingOnLinux ⚓ ䷉ #GamingOnLinux #GNU #Linux #Games 🐧 | more in 04 15:08
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 15:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-A look at the top 100 Steam games running on Linux - January 2022 edition | GamingOnLinuxJan 04 15:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsJan 04 15:08
techrights-news#Hypnagonia ought to #deletegithub #microsoft #ProprietarySoftware 04 15:09
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 15:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Hypnagonia is an upcoming open source "spire-like" deckbuilder | GamingOnLinuxJan 04 15:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Delete Github - TechrightsJan 04 15:09
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techrights-newsDear Liam Dawe and Michel/Micro Larabel, #AMD #hardware isn't #linux news. And x86 is, in general, an impediment to #GNU Linux adoption. Adding a #microsoft slant to such "articles" is clickbait.Jan 04 15:13
techrights-newsWeb site 101: if you treat your readers like shit (like they're dumb herds), your readership will be shitty (quality) and numbers be shitty, too (quantity).Jan 04 15:14
DaemonFCschestowitz, I was talking to dad, on Facebook.Jan 04 15:16
DaemonFC"There's very little inflation. Most of the CEOs admit that they raise prices because they can get away with it and they can blame Biden for it. Kroger bragged that you have to buy groceries somewhere so they can do whatever they want to you.Jan 04 15:16
DaemonFCMandy and I are going to the Golden Corral a lot because it's $10.50 per person and you can eat all you want to, so I pick him up at work, we make a mid day meal out of it, and I do very little shopping. You know what $20 gets you in the meat department at Walmart these days? Maybe one steak. But two people can go to an all you can eat buffet, which has over 150 things, including steak, for a little over $20. How does that work?Jan 04 15:16
DaemonFCGolden Corral even has a loyalty program and I have 4-5% back on restaurants depending on the card and the time of year, so in fact we only pay 85 cents on the dollar to eat at the buffet."Jan 04 15:16
DaemonFCIt's incredibly cheap. I can't cook it myself that cheap!Jan 04 15:17
DaemonFCThere at the restaurant, they already cooked it, and so I don't even have to work to cook it, or pay for the energy to cook it.Jan 04 15:18
DaemonFCSo even right there, aside from the grocery bill being higher to start out with, I have to spend hours in the kitchen and pay ComEd to cook the food.Jan 04 15:18
techrights-news27 Years with the Perfect OS • Tux Machines ⇨ #UNIX #BSD #FreeBSD #TuxMachinesJan 04 15:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 27 Years with the Perfect OS | Tux MachinesJan 04 15:19
DaemonFCAnd electric bills are going up because they can't disconnect the deadbeats anymore.Jan 04 15:19
techrights-news#Games: Annual Figures, Free/Libre Games, and More Ports • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 15:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Games: Annual Figures, Free/Libre Games, and More Ports | Tux MachinesJan 04 15:19
DaemonFCSo cooking a single meal can cost you 30 cents to $1 worth of electricity, depending on the meal and how you cook it.Jan 04 15:19
DaemonFCschestowitz, Even with cooking, my electric bills only came out to $33-39 a month, but I think I can get them in the $20s by just "outsourcing" this problem to the restaurant.Jan 04 15:20
DaemonFCThey have electric as a fixed cost. They use the same amount whether I'm there or not.Jan 04 15:20
DaemonFCI hate ComEd. I hate Democrats. I hate this state.Jan 04 15:21
DaemonFC"Oh, you want heat? That'll be $300 for your apartment this month. Hey, Pritzker said we can't disconnect anyone, so have fun paying their bill too, and paying us again when you pay taxes!".Jan 04 15:22
DaemonFCIf they charge more for heat, I just say fine, fuck it, and sleep in a sleeping bag.Jan 04 15:22
DaemonFCThey want to charge more for groceries than getting a good restaurant meal, I say fine, fuck your grocery store, and go out to the buffet.Jan 04 15:23
DaemonFCI mean, things shouldn't work like this, but they do.Jan 04 15:23
techrights-newsStop promoting this idea that #intel likes #linux look what happens INSIDE Intel. It's not pretty: 04 15:23
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 15:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Intel is Gearing Up to Give a 'Superpower' to Linux that Windows Users Don't Have - It's FOSS NewsJan 04 15:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Intel leaks - TechrightsJan 04 15:23
DaemonFCIf it gets unbearably cold at night, I have a small space heater that should bring up the temperature in the bedroom.Jan 04 15:23
DaemonFCI can just run the space heater fan in there and point it in the direction of my bed.Jan 04 15:24
DaemonFCMom said Gonad was having such bad money problems without her income that he had to seal off most of the house and just heat the room he was in.Jan 04 15:24
DaemonFCLOLJan 04 15:24
DaemonFCWell, he got plenty of heat at the end there, in 2017.Jan 04 15:24
DaemonFC1,600 Fahrenheit, I'm told, for a couple of hours.Jan 04 15:24
techrights-news"A decade old patch is set to be mainlined in the upcoming Linux 5.17 that has been carried by Google's Chrome OS kernel build for years and can help with security on #Linux systems not relying upon systemd's udev." 04 15:25
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 15:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Linux 5.17 Patch Can Help With Systemd-Less System Security, May Break Some Old Drivers - PhoronixJan 04 15:25
DaemonFCMinceR, ^Jan 04 15:26
techrights-newsThese are not smart and buying them is not smart, either 04 15:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Big Smart TVs « etbe - Russell CokerJan 04 15:27
DaemonFCI'm thinking about having it put in my will that I want that aquamation or however you spell it.Jan 04 15:27
*leah has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 15:28
DaemonFCschestowitz, Grandma says she doesn't want to be cremated because when Jesus comes back she won't have a body.Jan 04 15:28
*leah (~leah@wrh2nipuzrd3y.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 15:28
DaemonFCSo much fail.Jan 04 15:28
schestowitztell her about "soul"Jan 04 15:28
DaemonFCYou rot in the ground anyway, even the bones eventually.Jan 04 15:28
schestowitzand flesh rottingJan 04 15:28
DaemonFCYeah, the only thing burial does is take up a lot of land, cost a fortune, put hazardous chemicals into the ecosystem, etc. etc.Jan 04 15:29
schestowitzyou nailed itJan 04 15:29
schestowitzlike the roman did jesusJan 04 15:29
DaemonFCIt's nothing you'd do to a planet or family members you cared about.Jan 04 15:29
DaemonFCThere's a cemetery out in the country in Grant County, Indiana, called Gardens of Memory.Jan 04 15:30
DaemonFCThe thing is so massive you could use it to grow enough food to feed thousands of people.Jan 04 15:30
DaemonFCBut instead, here's all of these dead bodies put in the ground, like wtf.Jan 04 15:30
DaemonFCWhy are we doing this? And that's just one burial ground.Jan 04 15:31
schestowitzwhen no remembering relatives are left, then nobody visits them anymoreJan 04 15:31
schestowitzalso, not much left of the bodiesJan 04 15:31
DaemonFCYeah, I do not want this.Jan 04 15:31
DaemonFCI don't want to die, but I will eventually.Jan 04 15:32
schestowitzRMS wants them turned into chemicals for elon muskJan 04 15:32
schestowitzwhich is also wrongJan 04 15:32
DaemonFCI don't want my corpse taking up space that could grow corn or soybeans or something.Jan 04 15:32
schestowitzjust live the place aloneJan 04 15:32
schestowitz*leaveJan 04 15:32
DaemonFCIt's bad enough that most people just take up space while they're alive.Jan 04 15:32
DaemonFCWe have to throw them in the ground and never do anything with the ground again.Jan 04 15:33
DaemonFCAll because of some ancient superstition.Jan 04 15:33
DaemonFCThe God of the Universe, who created everything with a word, is powerless to resurrect people who were cremated.Jan 04 15:33
DaemonFCOkay, today I learned something. Thanks Grandma!Jan 04 15:34
*CrystalMath (~coderain@xb9yyj3yicvwe.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 15:34
DaemonFCThat and the neighbors are going to break in and kill everyone for her Boost.Jan 04 15:34
techrights-news#KDE Plasma 5.23.5 04 15:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | KDE Plasma 5.23.5 Released as the Last Update in the Series, Further Improves Plasma Wayland | Tux MachinesJan 04 15:35
DaemonFCHmmm....Jan 04 15:36
techrights-ipfs-bot ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▁▁▃▂▁▂▁▂▂▂▂▂▃▂▃▄▂▂▄▂▂▃▂▂▁▄█▂▂▄▂▃▁ avg(k/sec) 19.21 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▁██▂▁▁█▁▁██▁▂▁▁▁█▂▁▁██▁▁▃█▁▁▁▂▂▁ avg(k/sec) 115.35▕ swarm size (avg): 245.46  ⟲Jan 04 15:36
DaemonFCschestowitz, 59 F in here according to my thermometer.Jan 04 15:37
DaemonFC27 F outside according to the weather channel.Jan 04 15:37
DaemonFCYeah, the building has heat that the landlord has to keep at a certain level or else his pipes explode and he had to get a plumber out here.Jan 04 15:38
DaemonFCSo I doubt it will fall much below 55-56 no matter what it's doing outside.Jan 04 15:38
DaemonFCPlus the other tenants in the building probably have their heaters on.Jan 04 15:39
DaemonFCSo I just leave mine off and let everyone around me heat my apartment and throw some extra layers on.Jan 04 15:39
DaemonFCI might nap for a while.Jan 04 15:41
DaemonFCIn my cocoon.Jan 04 15:41
*DaemonFC has quit (Quit: Leaving)Jan 04 15:41
techrights-newsPlastic Packaging 04 15:51
techrights-newsGustave Zander and the 19th-Century Gym – The Public Domain Review ⚓ ䷉ #publicdomainreview #publicdomainJan 04 16:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Gustave Zander and the 19th-Century Gym – The Public Domain ReviewJan 04 16:05
techrights-newsThey are looking for money (RoI), don't call them "Angels" 04 16:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Angel Investor Gives Open Source PnP A Massive Boost | HackadayJan 04 16:07
techrights-news#Gentoo 2021 in retrospect & happy new year 2022! • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 16:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Gentoo 2021 in retrospect & happy new year 2022! | Tux MachinesJan 04 16:08
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techrights-news#NumPy 1.22.0 has been released #programmingJan 04 16:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-NumPy 1.22.0 has been released []Jan 04 16:26
techrights-newsToday’s #HowTos | #UNIX • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 16:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesJan 04 16:26
techrights-newsDeepin Desktop With Ubuntu? UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 is Here! 04 16:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 - Ubuntu with Beautiful Deepin Desktop is Out! | Tux MachinesJan 04 16:31
techrights-newsIs Maui Shell the future of the Linux desktop? 04 16:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Maui Shell is a convergent desktop for Linux phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers | Tux MachinesJan 04 16:34
MinceR 04 16:35
schestowitzMinceR: probably a trademark time bombJan 04 16:36
schestowitzlegal mine (gar)fieldJan 04 16:36
techrights-news#Kernel: Tablets, Seucurity, PFRUT, and Group Balancer • Tux Machines ⇨ #GPL #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 16:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Kernel: Tablets, Seucurity, PFRUT, and Group Balancer | Tux MachinesJan 04 16:37
schestowitz"Chen, got clearance from legal?"Jan 04 16:37
schestowitzChen: "Lee! Gal!"Jan 04 16:37
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@d9p662hkv8262.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 16:38
DaemonFCChicago is now sending out 8 times as many speed camera tickets under the 6 mph policy.Jan 04 16:39
DaemonFCOf course, what they don't want people to know is the enforcement has been largely defanged.Jan 04 16:39
DaemonFCThey used to be able to get your license suspended. They can't do that anymore due to a state law that says no license suspensions for failure to pay a fine.Jan 04 16:40
schestowitz 04 16:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ 218,724 more #covid19 cases today in #uk (half a million per day by month's end?), based on a minutes-old update. Still no #nhs update on number of COVID-19-linked hospitalisations. No update since "27 December 2021"... WHY?Jan 04 16:40
schestowitzWTF?Jan 04 16:40
schestowitzour gov. gave upJan 04 16:40
schestowitz"herd mutiny!!!!"Jan 04 16:40
DaemonFCThey can turn it over to a collection agency, but the three major bureaus no longer report civil debts, and FICO 8 disregards amounts under $100 as nuisance accounts anyway.Jan 04 16:40
DaemonFC<schestowitz> "herd mutiny!!!!"Jan 04 16:41
DaemonFCI think I made that joke last year.Jan 04 16:41
DaemonFCSpeaking of herd immunity, I'm getting another Hepatitis A shot today.Jan 04 16:42
techrights-news#FreeBSD out of the picture last month. It was all #GNU / #Linux 04 16:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in December 2021 | Netcraft NewsJan 04 16:42
DaemonFCHepatitis A is still out there in the US. It's not as prevalent as it once was, but it's less contained than Hepatitis B.Jan 04 16:42
DaemonFCThe one against Hep B has been out a lot longer, so more people were vaccinated as children.Jan 04 16:42
MinceRschestowitz: it's an Obvious Plant :>Jan 04 16:42
DaemonFCHepatitis B could be eradicated in the US at some point.Jan 04 16:43
schestowitz:)Jan 04 16:43
DaemonFCThere's only a few thousand cases of it per year now.Jan 04 16:43
schestowitzI took that vaccine years agoJan 04 16:44
schestowitzno side effects or anythingJan 04 16:44
schestowitzeffective, safe, not disruptiveJan 04 16:44
schestowitzunlike some clinical trials with experimental stuffJan 04 16:44
DaemonFCYeah, no reaction to the Hepatitis A vaccine here.Jan 04 16:45
schestowitzBorisnaro: 90% of people over 12 took this experimental thingJan 04 16:45
schestowitz3 days later: QUARTER MILLION CASES confirmed in one dayJan 04 16:45
schestowitzyeah, sounds effective thenJan 04 16:45
schestowitzactually that's 90% for first oneJan 04 16:46
schestowitzabout 4 or 5 million never wanted to take anotherJan 04 16:46
schestowitzI know a fewJan 04 16:46
schestowitz 04 16:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ » Blog Archive » NHS (UK) Survey of COVID-19-Linked Deaths: 79% of the Fatalities Did Receive COVID-19 Vaccines (But There’s a Caveat)Jan 04 16:46
DaemonFCAmerican left be like 600,000+ cases a day (twice as bad as the last peak when nobody was vaccinated), DAMN YOU 30% that didn't get the 95% effective vaccine!!!!!!1111Jan 04 16:47
schestowitzyes, it's not based on factsJan 04 16:47
schestowitzthe media is not a purveyor of misinformationJan 04 16:47
schestowitz 04 16:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ » Blog Archive » Bill BC (Bill Gates-Bribed BBC) Lies About COVID-19 Data, Again… (Updated)Jan 04 16:47
DaemonFC95% effective vaccine....70% take the vaccine....60 million confirmed cases of the disease itself where the 59 million who lived have some immunity now.....Jan 04 16:50
DaemonFCAnd we're getting twice as many daily cases as last January.Jan 04 16:50
DaemonFCThere's either something very wrong with the tests or something very wrong with the vaccines.Jan 04 16:50
DaemonFCStallman's with them though.Jan 04 16:51
DaemonFCHey, all that stuff that's not working? Do it again!Jan 04 16:52
techrights-news"explains the ongoing controversy surrounding Truth Social’s use of Mastodon software, and explores Google’s strict prohibition of AGPL-licensed code." 04 16:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The APGL and Open Source License ComplianceJan 04 16:52
DaemonFC"The  APGL is not a widely used license."Jan 04 16:53
techrights-newsWhat’s behind the Aadhaar-voter id link? - Times of India Videos ⚓ ䷉ #timesofindiaJan 04 16:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | What’s behind the Aadhaar-voter id link? - Times of India VideosJan 04 16:53
DaemonFCIf the only thing it does is create communities and keep the Gulags and Microsofts away, that's a plus.Jan 04 16:53
schestowitz-TRI wanted to sayJan 04 16:54
schestowitz-TRthat she is connected to Microsoft or CodeplexJan 04 16:54
schestowitz-TRbecause I once read something to that effectJan 04 16:54
schestowitz-TRbut...Jan 04 16:54
schestowitz-TRI cannot find it anymoreJan 04 16:54
schestowitz-TRI spent about 5 minutes searchingJan 04 16:55
schestowitz-TRmaybe she removed itJan 04 16:55
schestowitz-TRit's a major liabilityJan 04 16:55
schestowitz-TRmaybe was an "advisor" to themJan 04 16:55
schestowitz-TRbut I cannot prove it... just remember it, no page to prove it anymoreJan 04 16:55
techrights-newsCentralized, decentralized or neither: which national digital ID system will you choose? | #Biometric Update ⚓ ䷉ #biometricupdateJan 04 16:56
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 16:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Centralized, decentralized or neither: which national digital ID system will you choose? | Biometric UpdateJan 04 16:56
schestowitzBill's GuardianJan 04 16:57
schestowitz 04 16:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Regulate, break up, open up: how to fix Facebook in 2022 | Facebook | The GuardianJan 04 16:57
schestowitzlet's focus on all those other companiesJan 04 16:57
schestowitznot Microsoft...Jan 04 16:57
schestowitzlove,Jan 04 16:57
schestowitzBillJan 04 16:57
techrights-newsThe 7 Best BSD-Based Operating Systems of All Time • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 16:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The 7 Best BSD-Based Operating Systems of All Time | Tux MachinesJan 04 16:58
*coodre__ (~no@m55pscpw2fxyc.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 16:58
techrights-newsAmber Ankerholz does #LPI 'spam' in the employer's site, occasionally LF also. This whole "diploma mill" has even invaded #fossforce 04 16:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Schools Are Not Vendor Certification Mills, They’re Meant to Teach Pupils/Students | TechrightsJan 04 16:59
DaemonFC 04 17:05
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 17:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Oral-B debuts three new iPhone-connected iO smart toothbrushes | AppleInsiderJan 04 17:05
DaemonFCI commented:Jan 04 17:06
DaemonFCI have an Oral-B toothbrush with Bluetooth, but I never use the Bluetooth because I hate Bluetooth and it requires apps, which are spyware.Jan 04 17:06
DaemonFCI can't imagine what it would tell me about my brushing. I have a tongue. I can go over my teeth when I'm done. Also, Braun ridiculously overcharges Americans for toothbrush heads. They're $6 apiece now. I picked up a multipack and imported it from Australia, and they came out to $2.50 per brush head.Jan 04 17:06
coodre__ok why a bluetooth toothbrush ffsJan 04 17:06
coodre__why are these companies making everything connect to the internetJan 04 17:06
*u-amarsh04 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Jan 04 17:06
DaemonFCInternet of ShitJan 04 17:06
coodre__all they do is drive up the cost, and waste energyJan 04 17:07
DaemonFCPoor people buy Apple products. Rich people buy Apple stock.Jan 04 17:07
*u-amarsh04 (~amarsh04@6pxtd49npuduw.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 17:08
DaemonFCMost of their stuff doesn't even pretend to be useful, but it has idiots lapping it up like antifreeze at a petting zoo.Jan 04 17:08
DaemonFC 04 17:10
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 17:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-AT&T & Verizon won't delay 5G rollout over aviation safety concerns | AppleInsiderJan 04 17:10
DaemonFCI commented:Jan 04 17:10
DaemonFC"It's amazing, like, you know, how our $8 trillion dollar a year government that claims it can do whatever the hell it wants just sits back and goes "Yeah, planes might crash, but AT&T says they're not delaying 5G."."Jan 04 17:10
DaemonFC3,000 flights grounded anyway. Let's go, Brandon.Jan 04 17:11
*psydroid2 has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 17:12
coodre__how far can 5G even reach, unless theres some retard on board who doesn't know what airplane mode isJan 04 17:12
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 17:12
DaemonFCI actually had a pilot say "Please put your phone in airplane mode. YES IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Thank you." over the intercom.Jan 04 17:13
*liberty_box (~liberty@suig26pxj59pi.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 17:13
DaemonFCcoodre__, Ironically, it's the 5G bands that are only about as fast as 4G LTE that have any decent range, so that's what T-Mobile is rolling out and calling 5G, and they love it because it lets them shut down towers that they had before.Jan 04 17:14
DaemonFCAnd that's why my 5G Home Internet is pretty much maxed out at around 40-60 Mbps depending on conditions.Jan 04 17:15
DaemonFCI might run over to Thornton's and pick up some 20s to break for tips to the wait staff at the buffet. They work hard. They deserve a good tip. I'm sure they get stiffed more often than not.Jan 04 17:16
DaemonFCBuffets tend to attract a certain....special....type of person.Jan 04 17:17
coodre__you would be lucky to get even 10 Mbps hereJan 04 17:17
DaemonFCA dyed in the wool skinflint who weighs about 400 pounds and is going there to stack the empty plates high.Jan 04 17:17
coodre__upload speed is maxed out at 0.4 MbpsJan 04 17:17
DaemonFCYeah, T-Mobile is about the worst carrier you get, unless you use their MVNO "Metro" that they put in ghetto neighborhoods.Jan 04 17:18
DaemonFCThey know that there's a certain type who never has any credit and who can't afford a phone anyone has ever heard of, so they put them on a short leash by making them pre-pay, and accept more throttling, on a cheap phone.Jan 04 17:19
DaemonFCYou know you're in the wrong neighborhood if you start seeing stores that say Boost and Metro.Jan 04 17:19
DaemonFCAnd really really in the wrong neighborhood if they say Boost or Metro and have locking gates and bars on the windows.Jan 04 17:20
DaemonFCAnd, well, 67th street or lower if you get there and there's a guy shouting "Obamaphones! Obamaphones!".Jan 04 17:20
coodre__it's the worst ISP in terms of internet speed, but the best ISP in terms of software/router freedom (other ISPs require you to use shitty proprietary routers from China)Jan 04 17:21
DaemonFCYeah, this Nokia piece of shit hard freezes about every few days.Jan 04 17:21
DaemonFCThat's actually an improvement.Jan 04 17:22
DaemonFCIt used to do it a couple times a day.Jan 04 17:22
DaemonFCThey must be patching it.Jan 04 17:22
*psydroid2 (~psydroid@cqggrmwgu7gji.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 17:24
coodre__i wonder why ISPs force people to use their own routers, probably contains a LAN or/and WiFi backdoorJan 04 17:25
DaemonFCHmm, Carvana has a 2018 Honda Civic with 73,000 miles for $24,000.Jan 04 17:26
DaemonFCOr a 2013 Accord with 45,700 miles for $22,000.Jan 04 17:26
DaemonFCI'd probably take the 2013 Accord, myself.Jan 04 17:26
DaemonFCMiles do a lot worse to a car than a few years of age, all things being equal.Jan 04 17:27
DaemonFCAnd the Accord was the more expensive model to begin with, so they probably used better parts.Jan 04 17:27
DaemonFCThat's usually how it goes.Jan 04 17:27
DaemonFCYou can hit a price point by sacrificing quality on pretty much anything.Jan 04 17:28
activelowboth, expensiveJan 04 17:28
DaemonFCThey have a lot of fucking crap too.Jan 04 17:29
DaemonFCGerman stuff, GM.....Jan 04 17:29
activelow20k cash sufficed for a new carJan 04 17:29
DaemonFCOh, you can get a new KIA for that much.Jan 04 17:29
DaemonFCAsk Roy for his article where he quotes me on KIA.Jan 04 17:29
activelowLada (russia) and Dacia (romania) tooJan 04 17:29
DaemonFCAnd why you'd be better off buying a Honda or a Toyota even if they are 5-6 years old.Jan 04 17:29
DaemonFCKIA is just absolute garbage.Jan 04 17:30
activelowkia? korea? not sureJan 04 17:30
DaemonFCThey use them as beaters for Uber and Taxi stuff in Chicago where they'll get banged around anyway.Jan 04 17:30
DaemonFCThey're seen as kind of a disposable car.Jan 04 17:30
activelowi wouldn't judge a car only by brand nameJan 04 17:31
DaemonFCThey only last half as long, but you just run them into the ground and buy another one because they're so cheap.Jan 04 17:31
DaemonFCKIA ignored the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act with me and also violated Illinois state law.Jan 04 17:33
DaemonFCThey called outside of acceptable hours about my debt, and they called even though I asked them, in writing, to stop. Both violations of FDCPA.Jan 04 17:33
DaemonFCAnd they called me 12-14 times a day, which violated Illinois law of Disorderly Conduct as a Business Offense.Jan 04 17:33
DaemonFCCausing the victim's phone to ring primarily to harass, annoy, or intimidate them.Jan 04 17:34
activelowi wouldn't want to buy anything if i couldn't pay with cashJan 04 17:35
DaemonFCYeah, don't.Jan 04 17:35
DaemonFCDon't ever buy anything you don't have the cash for.Jan 04 17:35
activeloweither, i got the money, cash, or i have none. if i got no cash then i don't buy anything.Jan 04 17:35
DaemonFCCarvana accepts ACH transfers and has the car to you within 3 business days.Jan 04 17:35
activelowmost of the spendings here are not related to any decisions of mine, and i need to rent some place.Jan 04 17:36
DaemonFCIn other words, cash and carry.Jan 04 17:36
DaemonFCSo to speak.Jan 04 17:36
activelowreminds me, in comparison to former GDR (east germany) rents increased almost 1000%Jan 04 17:36
DaemonFCI think the business model is decent. You don't haggle with a salescritter.Jan 04 17:36
DaemonFCYou don't get strongarmed in a finance department that packs a loan full of shit you don't need.Jan 04 17:36
techrights-ipfs-bot ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▃▂▁▁▁▂▁▃▄▃▁▂▃▂▃▂█▃▄▂▂▂▄▄▂▃▄▂▄▁▁▂▂▁▁ avg(k/sec) 11.88 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▂▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▂▁▁▁██▅▁██▁▁█▁▁██▁▂█▁▁ avg(k/sec) 157.00▕ swarm size (avg): 245.43  ⟲Jan 04 17:36
activelowa flat ~50sqm in east germany was ~28Mark East (7 Euros for the entire flat), per monthJan 04 17:36
DaemonFCWarranty companies that don't answer your phone and deny all claims.Jan 04 17:37
DaemonFCYOu get that car lots. Believe me!Jan 04 17:37
activelownowadays, those 7Euros rent didn't suffice for a single square meter anymoreJan 04 17:37
activelowwait, no, that's far more than 1000% inflation for the rent aloneJan 04 17:37
DaemonFCWell, I was reading a blog where someone got rid of their VHS tapes because they calculated how much of their apartment they were taking up, and how much it cost to rent that much space.Jan 04 17:38
DaemonFCMy dad is just lucky he has cheap land in Indiana.Jan 04 17:38
DaemonFCIf he was paying NYC rent prices, $12,000 a month worth of apartment space to store his porn.Jan 04 17:39
DaemonFCIt was just disgusting how that divorce played out. Especially the custody hearing where mom dragged in a bunch of lawn bags full of porn and told the judge "I had to stop here even though it's only a fraction, because it's all I could get in my car.".Jan 04 17:40
DaemonFCIn a marriage with no kids, that wouldn't matter, but when you're fighting for custody, you drag your ex around in the mud like divorce courts worked 40 years ago in most states.Jan 04 17:40
DaemonFCNo, kids, not worth fighting dirty like that. The court costs pile up and ruin you both.Jan 04 17:41
DaemonFCDivorce lawyers love marriage.Jan 04 17:41
DaemonFCEveryone else.....Well, on the whole society seems to be moving away from the concept, honestly.Jan 04 17:41
DaemonFCI agree with what the late Jerry Doyle said about marriage ceremonies.Jan 04 17:42
DaemonFCIf they take longer than a margarita does to separate, it's gone on too long.Jan 04 17:42
DaemonFCIf you're smart you'll just get married to someone you trust and pay $10 and have a judge do it.Jan 04 17:43
DaemonFCIf you're stupid, you'll spend all day on it, take distant relations out to dinner, hire a photographer, and spend $15,000.Jan 04 17:43
DaemonFCIf I spend $15,000 on something it's going to be a car, or a down payment on a house.Jan 04 17:44
DaemonFCNot pretending like I'm a member of the Royal Family for a few hours and then the credit card people go "Bitch, where's my money!".Jan 04 17:45
DaemonFCschestowitz, I commented on WGN:Jan 04 17:49
DaemonFCYou know, the Russians are taking better care of Crimea and nobody fought it, and one of the reasons is the child pornographers are being executed no when the Ukraine wasn't doing anything about it.Jan 04 17:49
DaemonFC*nowJan 04 17:49
activelow20K cash, that's almost 10years of income here (excluding taxes, and not accounting for the rent which is way over my head)Jan 04 17:49
DaemonFC<activelow> 20K cash, that's almost 10years of income here (excluding taxes, and not accounting for the rent which is way over my head)Jan 04 17:50
DaemonFCThat's about what a couple of minimum wage earners can put back after paying all of their bills over the course of a year or so here.Jan 04 17:50
DaemonFCIf they really want to, and don't do anything truly stupid.Jan 04 17:50
*ciphrCat (~ciphrCat@v75kd7krrqfvs.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 17:50
DaemonFC"Verizon and T-Mobile have discontinued their iPad rebate program in partnership with Apple following widespread customer complaints that the program was ineffective, flawed, and rarely worked as intended."Jan 04 17:53
DaemonFCThis is why Libertarians hate the government. When you get a government program that's ineffective, flawed, and rarely works as intended, and causes tremendous pain for more people than it helps, they keep it going forever and give it more money.Jan 04 17:53
DaemonFC---Jan 04 17:53
DaemonFCMy comment on AppleInsider.Jan 04 17:53
*cybrNaut (~cybrNaut@joseon-tto.k1n.ssv8hv.IP) has joined #techrightsJan 04 17:53
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*liberty_box (~liberty@suig26pxj59pi.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 17:58
DaemonFCA comment I left for my dad:Jan 04 17:59
DaemonFCI don't think that Libertarianism is a natural fit for the Republican Party. We actually criticize the Republican Party far more, I think, than the Democratic one. At least the Democrats are open about what they'll do. Dump more money into social rot.Jan 04 17:59
DaemonFCThe Republicans say they'll cut the government down to size, and then they get in there, and spend 8 years, and it's running bigger deficits than ever so billionaires don't pay any taxes, and then they spend spend spend on military pork and saber rattling and impotent and imbecilic bluster with money they borrowed from the country they say is now threatening us, at ruinous interest rates, which that country buys our country with. And somehow Jan 04 17:59
DaemonFCthere's 47% more government after W left than before. Amazing how the Republicans manage to be even worse than the Democrats.Jan 04 17:59
DaemonFCThen the Republicans go further and want to regulate personal behavior that's really none of their business. So, the Republicans are even more of a natural enemy to Libertarians than Democrats. And it was in that sense that I voted Trump out.Jan 04 17:59
DaemonFC---Jan 04 18:01
DaemonFCCourt decisions that tell the government "No, you can't do that!" are terrific.Jan 04 18:01
DaemonFCThere should be way more of them.Jan 04 18:01
DaemonFCThe country gets a little less non-Free each time the courts tell the government "No, you can't fuck with them in that particular way!".Jan 04 18:02
DaemonFCIt's something that does not happen enough.Jan 04 18:02
DaemonFCThe state almost always wins, even when it loses in court.Jan 04 18:02
DaemonFCBecause it can manipulate you using threats and bribes and it will do whatever it has to do in order to win.Jan 04 18:03
DaemonFCWhen the IRS penalty for not buying insurance disappeared, the feds resorted to bigger bribes, when they had to, to keep people enrolling in health insurance that wasn't a good deal.Jan 04 18:05
*DaemonFC has quit (connection closed)Jan 04 18:06
*ybaumy4 (~ybaumy@hbcikybxvyfcw.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 18:23
XFaCEMinceR: TFW when you spend way too long perfecting a shell scriptJan 04 18:24
XFaCEand keeping it POSIX even when busybox ash supports the features you wantJan 04 18:27
MinceRif it's so complicated i'd rather write it in python or lispJan 04 18:28
*coodre__ has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 18:30
XFaCEit isn't, I just made it look really really goodJan 04 18:33
XFaCE<@MinceR> if it's so complicated i'd rather write it in python or lispJan 04 18:33
MinceR:>Jan 04 18:33
XFaCEAWKJan 04 18:33
*zleap (~zleap@user/zleap) has joined #techrightsJan 04 18:48
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*liberty_box (~liberty@suig26pxj59pi.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 19:14
leahschestowitz: btw, the osboot Jan 04 19:17
leahschestowitz: btw, the osboot version of that policy is now liveJan 04 19:17
leah 04 19:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | osboot – Binary blob reduction policyJan 04 19:18
leahit differs wildly from the libreboot one, but with the same ideology behind it, and with the same goals. osboot merely takes a different practical approachJan 04 19:18
*coodre__ (~no@si5hyiuqprr44.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 19:22
*coodre__ has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 19:33
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*anontor has quit (Quit)Jan 04 19:36
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*coodre__ (~no@b5csfifnrmtta.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 19:37
*coodre has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 19:37
XFaCEleah: correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't OpenBSD push for blob-free for pragmatic security reasons? I.e. not including blobs by default and only as an optional package.Jan 04 19:39
techrights-news" #EasyOS has #MPV video player 0.32.0. I have now compiled 0.34.1 in OpenEmbedded, and added libass, lua and luajit dependencies -- these are needed for OSC and OSD (On Screen Control, On Screen Display)." #gnu #linuxJan 04 19:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | MPV bumped to 0.34.1Jan 04 19:39
*coodre___ (~no@r2za98gf8nq8e.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 19:40
XFaCEleah: in other words, why not copy the precedent Theo/OpenBSD has set rather than NIH a new policy?Jan 04 19:41
*coodre__ has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 19:41
XFaCE 04 19:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 'Re: Blob-free OpenBSD kernel needed' - MARCJan 04 19:43
techrights-news"In this blog post, we’d like to do exactly this for #Bootlin , which has seen a number of significant changes this year, as well as a continuation of its usual activities." ttps:// 04 19:43
*coodre__ (~no@b8tr2jiwkgi5s.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 19:44
techrights-news"All that technology (and more) is powered, quite literally, by open source, in one way or another." But #linuxfoundation REJECTS such technology and uses #proprietarySoftware instead! 04 19:45
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 19:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A New Year's Message from Nithya Ruff (2022) - Linux FoundationJan 04 19:45
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*coodre___ (~no@b8tr2jiwkgi5s.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 19:46
techrights-news#LibreOffice at #FOSDEM 2022 – February 5-6 - The Document Foundation Blog ⚓ ䷉ #documentfoundation #opendocument #freesw #libreoffice #odf | more in 04 19:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | LibreOffice at FOSDEM 2022 – February 5-6 - The Document Foundation BlogJan 04 19:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsJan 04 19:47
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techrights-news#Firebird ought to #deletegithub entirely #microsoft #proprietarySoftware 04 19:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Mariuz's Blog: Firebird Grammar railroad diagramJan 04 19:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Delete Github - TechrightsJan 04 19:48
techrights-news#Google #Android Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 19:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Android Leftovers | Tux MachinesJan 04 19:49
*anontor (~anontor@ye68sz7bujpma.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 19:50
*coodre__ (~no@an8czi3p7ysu8.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 19:50
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techrights-newsAttila Pinter and Maurizio Galli join the #openSUSE Board #suse #gnu #linuxJan 04 19:52
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 19:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Attila Pinter and Maurizio Galli join the openSUSE BoardJan 04 19:52
techrights-newsSmall steps towards a #GTK 4-based Initial Setup • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 19:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Small steps towards a GTK 4-based Initial Setup | Tux MachinesJan 04 19:54
techrights-news#freesw News: Court, Governments Newfound Support, Plus Latest Linux Niceties • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 19:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | OSS News: Court, Governments Newfound Support, Plus Latest Linux Niceties | Tux MachinesJan 04 19:54
*alextee has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 19:55
techrights-news"It appears that #Gulag created a handy tool that helps finding the command which causes a GPU hang/crash. It is called Graphics Flight Recorder (GFR) and was open-sourced a year ago but didn’t receive any attention." 04 19:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Graphics Flight Recorder - unknown but handy tool to debug GPU hangs - Danylo’s blogJan 04 19:55
techrights-newsOnly fools buy these... 04 19:58
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 19:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Oral-B debuts three new iPhone-connected iO smart toothbrushes | AppleInsiderJan 04 19:58
techrights-news#linuxfoundation is #openwashing #surveillance again. What a truly disgusting org.Jan 04 20:00
*leah has quit (connection closed)Jan 04 20:00
*leah (~leah@wrh2nipuzrd3y.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 20:00
leahXFaCE: i do not agree with the openbsd way of doing thingsJan 04 20:01
techrights-news#gnu rush version 2.2 (stable) released on 2 January 2022 #freeswJan 04 20:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Rush - Free Software DirectoryJan 04 20:01
XFaCEleah: your policy seems comparable if not identical to openbsd thoughJan 04 20:02
XFaCEI'm guessing you aren't maintaining a CVS repo perhapsJan 04 20:03
*alextee (~alextee@49t98wazbw5y8.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 20:03
leahmy policy is completely different:Jan 04 20:03
leahi include them, by default, when requiredJan 04 20:03
leahin the default distributionJan 04 20:03
leahthough, there are exceptionsJan 04 20:03
leahfor example, mrc.bin cannot be redistributed freelyJan 04 20:03
leahgoogle hosts chromebook images with them, which they're allowed to doJan 04 20:03
XFaCE"The kernel includes a few minor firmwares which are FREELY PROVIDEDJan 04 20:03
XFaCEby the vendors of that hardware, since those vendors chose to not putJan 04 20:03
XFaCEthose firmware onto ROMS on their cards.  Those firmwares are FREE.Jan 04 20:03
XFaCEPlease indicate a single vendor who wants MONEY for that firmware.Jan 04 20:03
XFaCEThey don't want money.  They want people to use the hardware whichJan 04 20:03
XFaCEthey skipped on adding a ROM to.  That is why the firmware is free.Jan 04 20:03
XFaCEA few other firmwares are slightly less free.  Meaning they are freeJan 04 20:04
leahcoreboot has a script to extract those, from public chromebook imagesJan 04 20:04
XFaCEfor money, but they try to stipulate subtle rules we do not want toJan 04 20:04
XFaCEimpact the freedom of our source tree with.  To solve this specificJan 04 20:04
XFaCEproblem, a few creative developers in the group have found a way toJan 04 20:04
XFaCEpackage those up and make them available on the internet.  OpenBSDJan 04 20:04
XFaCEhas a tool built in which will download those, so that our base sourceJan 04 20:04
XFaCEtree remains full of freedom."Jan 04 20:04
XFaCE^basically what you said, unless I'm mistakenJan 04 20:04
XFaCE(was too all-encompassing in the degree of un-included firmware with OpenBSD... wifi firmware came to mind though)Jan 04 20:04
leahyes, i'm awareJan 04 20:07
leahosbmk is similar in spirit but not the same in practiseJan 04 20:07
techrights-newsLiam Dawe and Micro/Michael Phoronix coverage lots of stuff about #hardware today that has nothing to do with #linux or -- yet worse -- is all about #microsoft :/Jan 04 20:07
XFaCE<leah> osbmk is similar in spirit but not the same in practiseJan 04 20:07
XFaCEyou haven't found a way to clone Theo De Raadt yet?Jan 04 20:08
techrights-newsImportant reminder to #gnu #linux users: Intel does NOT like you. 04 20:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Intel leaks - TechrightsJan 04 20:08
XFaCE</joke>Jan 04 20:08
techrights-news#KaOS 2022.01 04 20:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | KaOS Linux Sees First 2022 ISO Release with Initial ZFS Support, Latest KDE Goodies | Tux MachinesJan 04 20:10
techrights-newsNo, #techradar ... Ingo Molnar is not "solo developer"... he has a well known employerJan 04 20:11
XFaCEThe joke being that OpenBSD is so inextricably tied to Theo that having practical differences is inevitable, thus stretching the threshold of similar practice so much so that anything less than cloning Theo will always produce something very different in practice.Jan 04 20:11
techrights-newsMicro 'Michael' Larabel and Liam Dawe ought not let their sites become a product catalogue of malicious #hardware companies. Focus on #linux instead...Jan 04 20:13
AdmFubarthe second paragraph in the last section of the article sums it up! 04 20:15
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 20:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Hackers use video player to steal credit cards from over 100 sitesJan 04 20:15
MinceRcloning Theo will not result in a duplicate personality, only a duplicate of the genetic materialJan 04 20:15
AdmFubar 04 20:17
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 20:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Linux kernel could soon be 50 to 80% faster to build - CNX SoftwareJan 04 20:17
XFaCEMinceR: I had no idea. /sJan 04 20:17
XFaCEAdmFubar: Can't be from adding RustJan 04 20:18
MinceR:>Jan 04 20:18
XFaCEthen it would be 50 - 80% slowerJan 04 20:18
psydroid4could the linux kernel lose 50 to 80% of its code and become 50 to 80 times faster to run?Jan 04 20:19
AdmFubardidn't read the article did ya?Jan 04 20:21
XFaCEI believe psydroid4 made what is called in the industry a joke.Jan 04 20:21
schestowitz-TR[20:10] <techrights-news> No, #techradar ... Ingo Molnar is not "solo developer"... he has a well known employerJan 04 20:21
schestowitz-TRit's shallow hype from hungaryJan 04 20:22
schestowitz-TRman submits patchJan 04 20:22
schestowitz-TRmedia acts like linux was revolutionisedJan 04 20:22
schestowitz-TRand how many even build a kernel?Jan 04 20:22
XFaCEschestowitz-TR: hand upJan 04 20:22
XFaCEbuilding kernels shouldn't be some advanced knowledge thoughJan 04 20:23
XFaCEeveryone should build themJan 04 20:23
XFaCEand disable modules while they're at itJan 04 20:23
techrights-news"Ubuntu if you opt for the XPS 13 Plus "Developer Edition."" 04 20:24
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 20:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Dell unveils redesigned 'XPS 13 Plus' with haptic trackpad and capacitive function keys | Windows CentralJan 04 20:24
XFaCEschestowitz-TR: do you disable modules?Jan 04 20:27
XFaCEI mean the entire support for themJan 04 20:27
schestowitz-TRnoJan 04 20:27
schestowitz-TRdon't forget, you need patching tooJan 04 20:28
XFaCEwhich patchesJan 04 20:28
schestowitz-TRand in some cases, thanks to some a-hole from Gulag, you may need Microsoft to sign the binariesJan 04 20:28
schestowitz-TRXFaCE: security parches for startersJan 04 20:28
techrights-news#Graphics: WineD3D, Mozilla Firefox, and GPUs • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 20:29
XFaCEDo you have any specific recommendations?Jan 04 20:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Graphics: WineD3D, Mozilla Firefox, and GPUs | Tux MachinesJan 04 20:29
XFaCEDisabling module support seems a pretty good first stepJan 04 20:29
XFaCEschestowitz-TR: Do you mean the linux hardened patches?Jan 04 20:30
techrights-newsKeyboard and mouse mapping to gamepad tool AntiMicroX v3.2.1 out now • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 20:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Keyboard and mouse mapping to gamepad tool AntiMicroX v3.2.1 out now | Tux MachinesJan 04 20:31
schestowitz-TRXFaCE: noJan 04 20:32
schestowitz-TRjust standard system updatesJan 04 20:32
*coodre__ has quit (connection closed)Jan 04 20:34
*coodre__ (~no@an8czi3p7ysu8.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 20:34
XFaCEschestowitz-TR: don't really have to "patch" thoseJan 04 20:35
XFaCEjust update the linux sourceJan 04 20:35
XFaCEAlso the no-module approach need not apply to Nvidia systems... short of using NouveauJan 04 20:36
XFaCEGood luck to the proprietary driver usersJan 04 20:36
*Noisytoot_ (~noisytoot@freenode/user/Noisytoot) has joined #techrightsJan 04 20:36
*Noisytoot (~noisytoot@y56qsb6r6yg94.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 20:36
coodre__rust's inefficient way to compiling its official compiler and the community's hostility towards alternative compilers really makes me think that rust is proprietaryJan 04 20:36
*Noisytoot_ (~noisytoot@sourcehut/user/noisytoot) has joined #techrightsJan 04 20:37
MinceRtheir trademark policy is also proprietaryJan 04 20:37
MinceRplus it went from being owned by mozilla to being owned by microsoftJan 04 20:37
MinceRneither of those entities support our freedomJan 04 20:38
techrights-news#LinuxFoundation site is now rerunning old articles from, composed by people whom it laid off after they had actually promoted Linux, unlike this "Foundation"Jan 04 20:38
XFaCEMinceR: Microsoft "bought" another Foundation eh?Jan 04 20:38
MinceRyeahJan 04 20:38
MinceRor the suits just naturally gravitated togetherJan 04 20:39
XFaCEThat explains the current state of the Rust FoundationJan 04 20:39
coodre__microsoft is slowly trying to ruin the free software community while maintaining its image of being forgivingJan 04 20:40
MinceRooh, forgiving like the catholic churchJan 04 20:41
techrights-newsFrustrating to see how 'Linux' sites, throughout the day today, treat #intel news/noise (pure hardware, with #nsa back doors even!) like it's "Linux" news... those sites should know better. Intel does not even like Linux (it's not good for making lots of sales) 04 20:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Intel leaks - TechrightsJan 04 20:41
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techrights-newsToday’s #HowTos | #UNIX • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 20:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesJan 04 20:42
coodre__if intel really cared about free software, it would have already publicly released the source code of their Intel WiFi chip firmwaresJan 04 20:42
XFaCEcoodre__: forgiving? I mean there's a lot fake marketing from them but I don't think that's the image they are coming fromJan 04 20:42
coodre__i didn't know what word to put itJan 04 20:42
XFaCEMore like the totally un-malicious individual offering treats on the streetJan 04 20:42
AdmFubar 04 20:43
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-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Unicode normalization forms: when ö != ö – OSnewsJan 04 20:43
MinceR 04 20:43
XFaCEexactly MinceR Jan 04 20:44
psydroid4Intel cares about money, not about free softwareJan 04 20:45
MinceReven the paint is eco-friendly, as you can seeJan 04 20:45
*liberty_box (~liberty@suig26pxj59pi.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 20:45
techrights-newsI rarely trust anything with the word "Foundation" in its name; that word usually just means "avoiding taxes" and it's typically controlled by rich/powerful/power-hungry tax-evading vandals. It didn't have to be like this; but that's how it is...Jan 04 20:45
psydroid4free software costs them moneyJan 04 20:45
MinceRintel also cares about leverage, like microsoftJan 04 20:45
MinceRotherwise they'd sell desirable and less locked down products as an optionJan 04 20:45
coodre__free software "foundation"?Jan 04 20:46
psydroid4yesJan 04 20:46
AdmFubar 04 20:46
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | NZ: Community Law Centre’s $24k legal costs bid after privacy breach declinedJan 04 20:46
schestowitzcoodre__: I though of FSF too when I wrote itJan 04 20:46
schestowitzit's a bit of an exception, but only a bitJan 04 20:46
XFaCEThe Open GroupJan 04 20:47 not an exception lolJan 04 20:47
schestowitzOpel GroupJan 04 20:47
XFaCE...I don't get the jokeJan 04 20:47
MinceRi thought The Closed Group didn't call itself a foundationJan 04 20:47
AdmFubar 04 20:47
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 20:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Review of U.S. State Law Developments in 2021Jan 04 20:47
XFaCEMinceR: " It was established in 1996 when X/Open merged with the Open Software Foundation."Jan 04 20:48
XFaCEA rose by any other nameJan 04 20:48
MinceR:>Jan 04 20:48
techrights-newsMaybe a #slowNewsDay but #gnu #linux centric sites ought not (IMHO) use this as an excuse to promote proprietary crap with #backdoors ... better silence than this...Jan 04 20:48
psydroid4what Software was Open?Jan 04 20:48
psydroid4was the source code available?Jan 04 20:48
XFaCEbetween membersJan 04 20:49
XFaCEthe "open" part was more the standards and documentationJan 04 20:49
XFaCEPOSIX et al.Jan 04 20:49
AdmFubar 04 20:49
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 20:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Security: Windows Format command allows DLL loading abuse | Wilders Security ForumsJan 04 20:49
psydroid4Windows itself is abuseJan 04 20:50
MinceR"Open" means the same thing as in current "open source", i.e. "please buy our stuff"Jan 04 20:50
MinceRalso in "OpenVMS"Jan 04 20:50
XFaCEOr that patent share group that I forgot the name ofJan 04 20:50
XFaCEOINJan 04 20:50
XFaCEOpen Innovation NetworkJan 04 20:51
XFaCEThat's the kind of Open the Open Group isJan 04 20:51
techrights-news"Smart" TV: a TV that lasts you 3 years instead of 30 years like some old TVs did. Maybe the 'Linux' Foundation will let some certificate lapse, whereupon some features get 'bricked'. Vendor: come on, buy a new one!!Jan 04 20:51
schestowitz-TRXFaCE: InventionJan 04 20:51
XFaCEPrecisely the same, even with the same membersJan 04 20:51
psydroid4"OpenVMS Hobbyist License" that is hard to get access to, if you askJan 04 20:51
*psydroid4 triedJan 04 20:51
schestowitz-TRLOT is also connected to LOTJan 04 20:51
schestowitz-TRwhich is conected to LFJan 04 20:51
schestowitz-TRsimilar front groupsJan 04 20:51
schestowitz-TRsame ownersJan 04 20:51
schestowitz-TRdifferent purposesJan 04 20:51
coodre__what happens if you don't connect your smart tv to the internetJan 04 20:52
XFaCEschestowitz-TR: you should start an open innovation networkJan 04 20:52
psydroid4it turns on at night looking for a connectionJan 04 20:52
coodre__what if you rip off the network cardJan 04 20:53
psydroid4I have one here that has never been connected to the internetJan 04 20:53
psydroid4I don't know, I never went that farJan 04 20:53
AdmFubar 04 20:53
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 20:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | India’s competition regulator launches probes into Apple • The RegisterJan 04 20:53
XFaCEschestowitz-TR: Open Invasion NetworkJan 04 20:54
schestowitz-TRlolJan 04 20:54
coodre__i like how they probe apple but never think about microsoft (even with their extremely obvious antitrust issues), almost as if microsoft paid them offJan 04 20:54
AdmFubarwhat is you don't use the smart part of the tv? I use kodi on mine..;)Jan 04 20:54
schestowitz-TRXFaCE: TOO descriptiveJan 04 20:54
schestowitz-TR"too many details"Jan 04 20:54
psydroid4for me it's just another screen attached to my laptopJan 04 20:55
psydroid4via a docking stationJan 04 20:55
XFaCEschestowitz-TR: Open Invasive Network?Jan 04 20:59
schestowitz-TRbtw, I will do a video shortly about OSIJan 04 20:59
schestowitz-TRseems they take my complaints seriouslyJan 04 21:00
schestowitz-TRand want a dialogueJan 04 21:00
MinceROpenly Invasive Network?Jan 04 21:00
schestowitz-TRsoftware patents are fine, sign here pleas FoundationJan 04 21:00
schestowitz-TRFSF is funded by the sponsors of OINJan 04 21:02
schestowitz-TRso it never moans about what they doJan 04 21:02
XFaCEMinceR: niceJan 04 21:02
schestowitz-TRtoo many things FSF cannot comment onJan 04 21:02
XFaCEMinceR: state-enabled corporate invading the volunteer communities of softwareJan 04 21:02
schestowitz-TRso FSF cannot eb revolutionary anymoreJan 04 21:02
schestowitz-TRsay x, lose money from y and zJan 04 21:03
XFaCEIsn't OIN primarily IBM-enabled and founded?Jan 04 21:03
techrights-news#Programming Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 21:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Programming Leftovers | Tux MachinesJan 04 21:03
schestowitz-TRXFaCE: 6 co-foundersJan 04 21:03
schestowitz-TRbut IBM the most powerful of themJan 04 21:03
schestowitz-TRalso OIN's first CEO was from IBMJan 04 21:04
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Free Software Leftovers | Tux MachinesJan 04 21:04
techrights-newsOpen Hardware/Modding Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 21:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Open Hardware/Modding Leftovers | Tux MachinesJan 04 21:04
techrights-newsToday’s 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 21:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's leftovers | Tux MachinesJan 04 21:04
schestowitz-TRInternational Bailout MaggotsJan 04 21:05
schestowitz-TRfunded by governmentsdJan 04 21:05
schestowitz-TRyou are not their clientJan 04 21:05
schestowitz-TRpoliticians areJan 04 21:05
schestowitz-TRto Microsoft, the users also not clients eitherJan 04 21:06
schestowitz-TRDell, HP etc. areJan 04 21:06
schestowitz-TRso they push them to not ever install gnu/linuxJan 04 21:06
XFaCEa lot of the more public-facing employees of IBM even act like intelligence agentsJan 04 21:06
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schestowitz-TRor settle on 'WSL'Jan 04 21:06
MinceRthat doesn't make much sense to meJan 04 21:06
schestowitz-TRas a compromiseJan 04 21:06
*leah (~leah@wrh2nipuzrd3y.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 21:06
schestowitz-TRmisnamed WindowsJan 04 21:06
*leah has quit (connection closed)Jan 04 21:06
MinceRafter all, MICROS~1 would attempt to "whack" dHell over offering alternative OS-esJan 04 21:06
*leah (~leah@wrh2nipuzrd3y.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 21:06
psydroid4with Pluton becoming a reality on AMD, Intel, Qualcomm and possibly more chips the time has come for free software gaming and game development to take offJan 04 21:06
XFaCEshould leah or should she goJan 04 21:06
XFaCEif she go there will be troubleJan 04 21:07
XFaCEand if she stay there will be doubleJan 04 21:07
XFaCEso c'mon and let me knowJan 04 21:07
MinceRShego?Jan 04 21:07
psydroid4rock the leahJan 04 21:07
XFaCEMICROS~1 lol MinceR Jan 04 21:07
psydroid4"I would like to have one bag of MICROS~1 and one bag of CHEETOS~1, please!"Jan 04 21:08
techrights-newsLinks 4/1/2022: Ingo Molnar’s Latest Work and #KaOS 2022.01 • Techrights ⚓ ䷉ #Techrights #GNU #Linux #FreeSW | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 04 21:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Links 4/1/2022: Ingo Molnar’s Latest Work and KaOS 2022.01 | TechrightsJan 04 21:09
schestowitz-TRpsydroid4: Pluton the dog?Jan 04 21:09
schestowitz-TR"yo dawg, I herd you thought Microsoft was for security..."Jan 04 21:09
psydroid4schestowitz-TR, be sure to kick that puppy to get a feel for itJan 04 21:10
MinceRpluton as in the igneous intrusionJan 04 21:10
XFaCEMicrosoft is for integrating software packages and calling it "integrated windows functionality"Jan 04 21:10
schestowitz-TRpsydroid4: CHEETOS~1 too longJan 04 21:10
schestowitz-TRFAT would make it CHEETO~1 ... -2..Jan 04 21:10
XFaCEIt isn't software, it's componentsJan 04 21:10
schestowitz-TRpsydroid4: be careful, James Z will send you to therapistsJan 04 21:11
techrights-newsContrary to what misleading media in the #uk is saying (yes, a #misinformation source), only half of the British population got "booster", based on #nhs dataJan 04 21:13
psydroid4schestowitz-TR, I am not afraid of that, those therapists may need to see therapists themselves after meeting meJan 04 21:14
leahXFaCE: is that a reference to a song? it seems familiarJan 04 21:15
XFaCEYes, it is "Should I stay or should I go" by the ClashJan 04 21:16
techrights-news271,686 more #covid19 cases (tested positive) in #france today. Does that mean more deaths? Of course. 351! Of course the COVIDiots online claim that this approach of letting it 'out on the loose' would mean nothing bad. The hospitals won't be available, even if you're young and are invulnerable to COVID-19.Jan 04 21:16
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AdmFubar 04 21:19
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-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Liquid Death lands $75M more to expand the brand – TechCrunchJan 04 21:19
schestowitz"flavored-water"Jan 04 21:19
schestowitzI remember seeing this thingJan 04 21:19
schestowitzit's called... waitJan 04 21:19
XFaCEflavoured*Jan 04 21:20
schestowitzlike when you mix h2o with something elseJan 04 21:20
schestowitzchips = flavoured potatoesJan 04 21:21
leahflavoured bacteriaJan 04 21:22
leah(yoghurt)Jan 04 21:22
schestowitz-TR"MAY contain milk"Jan 04 21:24
AdmFubar 04 21:32
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Over 140,000 Gaming Firms Close As China Continues New License Freeze - SlashdotJan 04 21:32
coodre__china really hates gamingJan 04 21:34
AdmFubar 04 21:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A Simple Batch File That Blocks PeopleJan 04 21:35
AdmFubarno they only like the game of politicsJan 04 21:36
techrights-ipfs-bot ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: █▃▄▁▂▂▃▁▁▁▁▂▁▅▁▁▂▁▂▁▁▄▂▂▄▆▁▂▃▃▂▃▂▂▃▂▁ avg(k/sec) 24.03 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▃▁▂▁█▁▁▁██▁▁▁▁█▁▁▁▁▁▁▃▃█▁█▁▁█▁▁▁ avg(k/sec) 95.80▕ swarm size (avg): 245.37  ⟲Jan 04 21:37
psydroid4now "commenters" are saying that talk of this Pluton stuff preventing GNU/Linux from being installed is "FUD"Jan 04 21:39
*psydroid4 feels the entire current computer industry is compromised and must go awayJan 04 21:40
coodre__how? does it contain secure boot forced on, and keys unmodifiableJan 04 21:41
psydroid4it contains a Microsoft backdoor in siliconJan 04 21:42
psydroid4be afraid, be very afraid and walk awayJan 04 21:42
psydroid4or runJan 04 21:42
*Noisytoot_ is now known as NoisytootJan 04 21:44
coodre__the only thing that makes it work is the BIOS, and maybe microsoft is gonna coerce manufactors to put the security chip in and make their BIOS use itJan 04 21:45
coodre__if the BIOS doesn't interact with the chip, how is it gonna workJan 04 21:45
psydroid4*every* CPU from Intel, AMD and Qualcomm will contain it going forwardJan 04 21:46
MinceR"security" chipJan 04 21:46
coodre__we need to switch architecturesJan 04 21:47
psydroid4I already haveJan 04 21:47
MinceRto what?Jan 04 21:47
coodre__mips? m68k?Jan 04 21:47
MinceRARM typically comes with TrustZone or ThreadXJan 04 21:47
MinceRis anyone even selling MIPS or m68k anymore?Jan 04 21:47
psydroid4anything that works for usJan 04 21:47
MinceRwhat will run a "modern" website?Jan 04 21:47
psydroid4"modern" websites don't run, they crawlJan 04 21:48
coodre__anything with enough processing power. unless the websites are programmed in x86 assemblyJan 04 21:48
MinceR:>Jan 04 21:48
psydroid4not even thatJan 04 21:48
psydroid4but I don't want to visit such websites anywayJan 04 21:48
coodre__i'm pretty sure this whole pluton shit can be avoided if you switch to old PCsJan 04 21:50
psydroid4there is plenty to choose out of ARM, RISC-V, POWER, MIPS, M68K, Alpha, SPARCJan 04 21:51
psydroid4sure, but I don't want to do soJan 04 21:51
psydroid4those often consume too much power compared to more "modern" hardwareJan 04 21:51
psydroid4and what will you do when the old PCs die?Jan 04 21:52
psydroid4I still have a few here for specific use cases, but I am aware they could break any timeJan 04 21:53
coodre__the problem is when vendors care about their windoze cerification so much they're willing to put anything in their hardware, how do you fight backJan 04 21:55
psydroid4you don't fight backJan 04 21:55
psydroid4not when they set the rulesJan 04 21:55
psydroid4you invest in alternativesJan 04 21:56
psydroid4and stop caring about closed source x86 software, especially gamesJan 04 21:56
psydroid4x86 windoze games are a form of lock-in tooJan 04 21:57
SomeH4x0rWine?Jan 04 21:57
coodre__theres a website called apollo core, they're claiming to make some modern m68k cpuJan 04 21:57
psydroid4that's still a workaround for a problem that shouldn't exist in the first placeJan 04 21:57
SomeH4x0rthough Wine loads my CPU more than the same game run on Windows?Jan 04 21:57
SomeH4x0r*Windows.Jan 04 21:57
psydroid4I don't know about that, I don't really use WindowsJan 04 21:58
psydroid4coodre__, it shouldn't be too hard to get those chips produced and build systems with themJan 04 22:00
psydroid4there is also j-core that is compatible with SH4Jan 04 22:00
psydroid4 04 22:07
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 22:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Turtle Board is a Raspberry Pi 2 Like FPGA Board for J-Core J2 Open Source SuperH SH2 SoC - CNX SoftwareJan 04 22:07
coodre__the problem would be finding a GPU that's compatible with it (or am i wrong?)Jan 04 22:08
*coodre___ (~no@4ucjih86t6eka.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 22:10
psydroid4 04 22:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [J-core] Did anybody do anything with those turtle boards?Jan 04 22:10
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*tech_exorcist (~tech_exorcist@kxgbrhbcjzafi.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 22:10
psydroid4I think it has some support for graphics?Jan 04 22:11
*coodre__ has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 22:11
psydroid4 04 22:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 3d gpuJan 04 22:12
psydroid4I hope this isn't going to be some kind of vapourwareJan 04 22:12
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coodre___some of the amiga (m68k) GPUs already has unofficial Xorg driversJan 04 22:16
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 22:16
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AdmFubarthey would know ! wouldn't theny? 04 22:17
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 22:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Melania Trump promotes Bitcoin from her official account — days after her husband suggests crypto is a scam - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent JournalismJan 04 22:17
*liberty_box (~liberty@suig26pxj59pi.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 22:25
psydroid4the disingenuous thing about Pluton in chips isn't that it exists, but that its supporters are saying it's not a big dealJan 04 22:25
psydroid4"Vista telemetry is not a big deal, you can disable it"Jan 04 22:25
psydroid4"Secure Boot is not a big deal, just disable it in uEFI"Jan 04 22:26
psydroid4"The TPM isn't enabled by default, so no need to worry"Jan 04 22:26
psydroid4they want to force these things onto people and at the same time they don't want them to have alternatives to flock toJan 04 22:27
schestowitz 04 22:29
-altlink_b51/#techrights-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 04 22:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | RISC-V CTO: We're not chip dictators like Arm or x86 • The RegisterJan 04 22:29
schestowitz"I talked to somebody from Microsoft. They're not there yet. But they're in a bunch of Linux Foundation things. When we get in the room, all we want to do is be good engineers. Is Windows in RISC-V's future? Probably. Is it sometime soon? Probably not."Jan 04 22:29
MinceR 04 22:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PricklesJan 04 22:30
psydroid4and even then, what is Microsoft going to do?Jan 04 22:32
schestowitz-TRmake windows work on 100mb of ramJan 04 22:32
psydroid4port Windows to every architecture out there?Jan 04 22:32
techrights-news"Right now is a really interesting time to be involved in Linux gaming, it's absolutely not perfect but we're in the middle of it becoming absolutely incredible a few short years from now. Today Linus is right about Linux gaming but not for long." 04 22:33
psydroid4and have no applications that people want to use?Jan 04 22:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linus Is Right About Linux Gaming... For Now - InvidiousJan 04 22:33
MinceRspend tons of money on ads shitting on all architectures they haven't ported Backdoors toJan 04 22:33
psydroid4they know they've painted themselves into a corner they are never going to get out ofJan 04 22:33
coodre___even if microsoft ported windows to risc-v, it would have no program support, because all the proprietary software is stuck on x86Jan 04 22:33
psydroid4so they are just delaying the inevitableJan 04 22:33
techrights-news#GarudaLinux 220101 Cinnamon Run Through - Invidious ⚓ ䷉ #video #invidious #gnu #linuxJan 04 22:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Garuda Linux 220101 Cinnamon Run Through - InvidiousJan 04 22:34
psydroid4and that's all that their actions are about these daysJan 04 22:34
psydroid4not only do they want to take the entire software industry down with them, they also want to take the entire hardware industry down with themJan 04 22:35
techrights-news#WordPress 5.9 RC 1 • Tux Machines ⇨ #GPL #CMS #freesw #TuxMachinesJan 04 22:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | WordPress 5.9 RC 1 | Tux MachinesJan 04 22:35
techrights-news#RISCV CTO: We’re not chip dictators like Arm or #x86 • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 22:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | RISC-V CTO: We're not chip dictators like Arm or x86 | Tux MachinesJan 04 22:35
schestowitz-TRpsydroid4: to be fair,Jan 04 22:35
schestowitz-TRmiss redmondJan 04 22:36
schestowitz-TRfrom risc-vJan 04 22:36
psydroid4megalomania²Jan 04 22:36
schestowitz-TRet alJan 04 22:36
schestowitz-TRnot sounding too keen on microsoftJan 04 22:36
schestowitz-TRjust being politeJan 04 22:36
schestowitz-TR" Is Windows in RISC-V's future? Probably. Is it sometime soon? Probably not."'Jan 04 22:36
schestowitz-TRprobably notJan 04 22:36
psydroid4schestowitz-TR, they know it would be a huge net disadvantage to get Microsoft involvedJan 04 22:36
schestowitz-TRthey talk about 'linux' foundationJan 04 22:36
schestowitz-TRthe infiltration vectorJan 04 22:36
schestowitz-TRpsydroid4: yes, like olpcJan 04 22:36
schestowitz-TRand a year ago they saw what happened to raspiJan 04 22:36
schestowitz-TRhuge blowbbackJan 04 22:36
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@zgk86ipra9utw.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 22:37
schestowitz-TRand lack of interest from the communityJan 04 22:37
DaemonFCThe guy at Walgreens wouldn't let me finish my Hepatitis A vaccination because I was....two weeks early.Jan 04 22:37
psydroid4Windows on Raspi is a hobby project and nothing more than a second-class citizenJan 04 22:37
DaemonFCSo since Vaccine Hitler wouldn't let me do that and Jewel we next door, I just bumped up my Prevnar 13 appointment for today.Jan 04 22:37
DaemonFCThat knocks out 13 serotypes of Pneumonia that I shouldn't be susceptible to in a couple of weeks. Next shot is the PPV23 dose from Merck in 12 months.Jan 04 22:38
DaemonFCOh these Pneumonia bacteria are just nasty shit.Jan 04 22:39
DaemonFCThey can do all sorts of things from ear infections, to sinus infections, to in the hospital about to die, to bacterial meningitis. Jan 04 22:39
DaemonFC 04 22:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-House Vs. Anti-Vaxxer | House M.D. - YouTubeJan 04 22:40
psydroid4schestowitz-TR, Raspi foundation thought they might grow with Microsoft, but it wouldn't be organic growthJan 04 22:41
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 22:41
psydroid4and without Microsoft's support they would fall by the wayside pretty quicklyJan 04 22:41
MinceRlolJan 04 22:42
psydroid4because at that point it would be Microsoft setting the agenda and not themJan 04 22:42
techrights-news#PyPI is not trustworthy: zaitcev — LiveJournal ⚓ ䷉ #zaitcev #python #programmingJan 04 22:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PyPI is not trustworthy: zaitcev — LiveJournalJan 04 22:42
AdmFubar 04 22:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Growing Spectacular Gem-Like Crystals From Rust And Simple Ingredients | HackadayJan 04 22:43
techrights-news#outreachy outsourced to #microsoft #ProprietarySoftware :/ 04 22:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Vanessa's Blog | Week5 Blog PostJan 04 22:44
techrights-newsThe #Cucumber House That #LEGO Built | Hackaday ⚓ ䷉ #hackaday | more in 04 22:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Cucumber House That LEGO Built | HackadayJan 04 22:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsJan 04 22:45
techrights-news"The finished panel is driven by a combination of a Teensy 3.2 to generate the data signals and a Raspberry Pi to process the images." 04 22:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Modular Design Enables Huge Ping-Pong Ball LED Displays | HackadayJan 04 22:46
DaemonFC 04 22:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Borg Collective Speaks - A Star Trek Compilation - YouTubeJan 04 22:47
DaemonFCFreedom is irrelevant. Self-determination is irrelevant. You must comply!Jan 04 22:47
DaemonFCOkay, Democrat!Jan 04 22:47
*coodre___ has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 22:48
*immibis has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jan 04 22:49
techrights-newsMike Blumenkrantz: "I came back to the gift of a new CS:GO version which adds DXVK support, so now there’s also Gallium Nine support. It works fine." 04 22:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Choo Choo – Mike Blumenkrantz – Super. Good. Code.Jan 04 22:49
*immibis has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)Jan 04 22:51
schestowitzMinceR: when anti-vaxer meant against vaccinationJan 04 22:53
schestowitzand not a person who doesn't assume every single thing in the market is holyJan 04 22:53
*coodre (~no@4ucjih86t6eka.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 22:54
AdmFubaryeah it seems intel in done for 04 22:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The newest autonomous driving chip from Intel's Mobileye doesn't have any of Intel's core tech - Protocol — The people, power and politics of techJan 04 22:54
schestowitzyeah, I saw itJan 04 22:54
schestowitzsee aboveJan 04 22:54
*liberty_box (~liberty@suig26pxj59pi.irc) has joined #techrightsJan 04 22:54
schestowitzphoronix and linuxgizmo jumped up and down in excitementJan 04 22:54
schestowitzsome new intel excitement Jan 04 22:55
schestowitzmust be "Linux" newsJan 04 22:55
schestowitznot excrement Jan 04 22:55
schestowitzexcitementJan 04 22:55
schestowitz30-watt CPUsJan 04 22:55
AdmFubar 04 22:56
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techrights-newsVideo Editing with Linux: All About B-roll - Purism ⚓ ䷉ #purism #gnu #linuxJan 04 22:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Video Editing with Linux: All About B-roll – PurismJan 04 22:58
DaemonFCI got some LOLs on my comment about Siri.Jan 04 23:00
techrights-newsJudging GNOME/KDE or GTK/Qt from the lens of malicious and proprietary Microsoft software that spies on the users 04 23:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | More consistent font rendering in Plasma – Vlad Zahorodnii's BlogJan 04 23:00
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DaemonFCAt least Bill isn't wrong about one thing.Jan 04 23:02
DaemonFCReal hamburgers are awesome.Jan 04 23:02
DaemonFCEven more so with cheese.Jan 04 23:03
MinceR04 234743 < DaemonFC> Freedom is irrelevant. Self-determination is irrelevant. You must comply!Jan 04 23:03
MinceROK, microsoftJan 04 23:03
DaemonFCOkay, Viktor.Jan 04 23:03
schestowitz-TRDaemonFC: does bill like pizza too?Jan 04 23:04
schestowitz-TRmaybe he can speak to DrPizzaJan 04 23:04
DaemonFCThis is Bill. Bill likes puddin'.....Puddin' his dick where it don't belong.Jan 04 23:04
schestowitz-TRhe can visit him in prison nowJan 04 23:04
DaemonFCDifferent Bill, but still applies.Jan 04 23:04
schestowitz-TRPeter Bright "Dr Pizza"  is noty dead yetJan 04 23:04
schestowitz-TRBill can go visit himJan 04 23:04
schestowitz-TRand if it does not work out, then "well, he's dead"Jan 04 23:05
DaemonFCOh God, is that who DrPizza was?Jan 04 23:05
DaemonFCI vaguely recall him.Jan 04 23:05
schestowitz-TRarrested for raping kidsJan 04 23:05
schestowitz-TRMicrosoft PeterJan 04 23:05
DaemonFCTrolled us?Jan 04 23:05
schestowitz-TRfrom Arse Technically PedophileJan 04 23:05
schestowitz-TRyes, he came here to IRCJan 04 23:05
schestowitz-TRhe was Microsoft's media operative in Conde NastyJan 04 23:06
DaemonFCYes, schestowitz-TR. This COVID-19 shit is doing damage to legitimate vaccines.Jan 04 23:06
schestowitz-TRpreparing puff pieces for the GitHub takeoverJan 04 23:06
schestowitz-TRDaemonFC: it ought notJan 04 23:06
DaemonFCWhich were developed over many years, which are known to work and be safe, and eliminate the disease they target (if most people take them),Jan 04 23:06
schestowitz-TRa vaccine tried and tested for decades is likely finewJan 04 23:06
schestowitz-TR*fineJan 04 23:06
schestowitz-TRif people reject all vaccines because of Mandate Joe, then maybe they were antivax all alongJan 04 23:07
DaemonFCYes, I went ahead with the Pneumonia one because I had a talk with the doctor and she said it was possible that what I had last month was Pneumonia and that as you age, you are likely to suffer it worse.Jan 04 23:07
DaemonFCAnd that the vaccines substantially reduce the threat.Jan 04 23:07
DaemonFCSo now that I'm sure what I had last month is gone, I want to make sure I get the vaccines now, before anything can happen to my health insurance.Jan 04 23:09
DaemonFCI have to come back next year for the other one.Jan 04 23:09
schestowitz-TRif you lock yourself 'down', vaccines are becoming less urgentJan 04 23:09
schestowitz-TRas you come in contact with fewer thingsJan 04 23:09
schestowitz-TRother than just covid-19Jan 04 23:09
DaemonFC<schestowitz-TR> if people reject all vaccines because of Mandate Joe, then maybe they were antivax all alongJan 04 23:10
DaemonFCIf this were about public health, there'd be mandates for vaccines that we know work.Jan 04 23:10
DaemonFCThere's nastier stuff floating around than COVID.Jan 04 23:10
schestowitz-TRyeahJan 04 23:10
schestowitz-TRwaitJan 04 23:10
schestowitz-TRI said "yeah"Jan 04 23:10
schestowitz-TRto the first statementJan 04 23:10
schestowitz-TRno the secondJan 04 23:10
schestowitz-TRabout mandates still not required for things like measlesJan 04 23:10
DaemonFCHepatitis A is nastier than COVID.Jan 04 23:11
schestowitz-TRwhich means they still spread in some communitiesJan 04 23:11
schestowitz-TRabout nastiness of things, socivd-19 seems worseJan 04 23:11
DaemonFCIt's not as widespread, BECAUSE of the vaccination, but only some people have gotten the vaccination.Jan 04 23:11
schestowitz-TRlong incubation period, fast spread etc.Jan 04 23:11
DaemonFCWe should press forward and eradicate Hepatitis A and B.Jan 04 23:11
schestowitz-TRyou cannotJan 04 23:11
DaemonFCThe government should cover the cost of those.Jan 04 23:11
DaemonFCThey're not expensive.Jan 04 23:11
schestowitz-TRit'll come from other countriesJan 04 23:11
DaemonFCNot if almost everyone here is immune to it.Jan 04 23:12
techrights-newsNew GNU/Linux Videos: Video Editing, Garuda Linux, and "Linus Is Right About Linux Gaming" • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJan 04 23:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | New GNU/Linux Videos: Video Editing, Garuda Linux, and "Linus Is Right About Linux Gaming" | Tux MachinesJan 04 23:12
DaemonFCHerd Immunity is sort of a firewall. If you get 80-90% of the people vaccinated and it's a very effective vaccine, there's hardly any way the disease could become widespread again.Jan 04 23:13
DaemonFCViruses that mutate into a hundred more things every year, you can't really control or contain them.Jan 04 23:13
DaemonFCBut the vaccine they started giving in the 70s for Hepatitis B still protects people all these years later.Jan 04 23:14
DaemonFCSo COVID is perhaps not a great target for a vaccine, but plenty of things are.Jan 04 23:14
tech_exorcisthaven't been reading the channel, but does Hepatitis B mutate as much as COVID does?Jan 04 23:14
DaemonFCNo, it doesn't.Jan 04 23:14
DaemonFCIn fact, one of the things doctors do as part of HIV case management for people who have that is....Jan 04 23:15
DaemonFCBring them up to date with their vaccines.Jan 04 23:15
tech_exorcistI seeJan 04 23:15
DaemonFCYou don't want them to get something else and have to try to treat that too.Jan 04 23:15
tech_exorcistmakes senseJan 04 23:15
DaemonFCAnd people should quit being so selfish and ignorant, because that's what anti-vax is.Jan 04 23:16
DaemonFCIt's ignorance of the facts, and selfishness based on that ignorance.Jan 04 23:16
DaemonFCYou can most likely tolerate every adult vaccine out there.Jan 04 23:16
DaemonFCThey do work.Jan 04 23:16
DaemonFCIf you get them, it can save the lives of others, because the disease won't vector through you.Jan 04 23:17
DaemonFCI had hoped that COVID wouldn't mutate quickly and that the vaccine would stop me from getting it and thereby transmitting it.Jan 04 23:18
DaemonFCBut it can still happen because it did mutate quickly.Jan 04 23:18
DaemonFCThis is going to turn into another flu shot.Jan 04 23:19
DaemonFCThe flu shots aren't very effective and they wear off after about 6 months.Jan 04 23:19
DaemonFCSo you have to time them to kick in right before flu season, and even then you're looking at an average efficacy of about 50%.Jan 04 23:19
tech_exorcistI seeJan 04 23:20
DaemonFCThis year, they say 99% of flu circulating in the US is H3N2, but it's not a good match for the H3N2 in the vaccine.Jan 04 23:21
DaemonFCThere are subtypes, and it's a different subtype going around than what they planned for.Jan 04 23:21
DaemonFCAn imperfect match can still reduce the symptoms, but it won't stop you from getting the flu.Jan 04 23:22
DaemonFCThey've been looking for a "universal flu shot" forever that won't need to change every year.Jan 04 23:22
DaemonFCNow they're talking about an mRNA-based flu shot.Jan 04 23:22
DaemonFCThe ones we use now are basically not much different than the method the US military developed in the 1940s.Jan 04 23:23
DaemonFCSo we're talking about a technology stuck in the era of World War II.Jan 04 23:23 04 23:24
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activelowDaemonFC: the argument i heard of was "prevent excess hospitalization", which it didn't; otherwise anything you said is not verified and/or contradicted by recent reportsJan 04 23:49
DaemonFCI just bought us some tickets to the aquarium.Jan 04 23:50
DaemonFCIllinois resident free day.Jan 04 23:50
DaemonFC$3 service charge is the only fee.Jan 04 23:50
DaemonFCMayor Shithead actually did us a favor.Jan 04 23:51
DaemonFC40% of the adults and 62% of the children are "unvassinated" and won't be able to go.Jan 04 23:51
DaemonFCBestest Free Day Ever!Jan 04 23:51
DaemonFCschestowitz, ^Jan 04 23:51
schestowitz-TR?Jan 04 23:52
DaemonFCIt gets rid of those obnoxious kids that are all over the place on the free days.Jan 04 23:52
schestowitz-TRmasks and distance helpJan 04 23:52
schestowitz-TRalso, what do they care?Jan 04 23:52
schestowitz-TRthey are not hospitalsJan 04 23:52
schestowitz-TRthese people risk their own livesJan 04 23:52
DaemonFCAnd you can only go on the free days because shit's so expensive now.Jan 04 23:52
DaemonFCIt stands to reason if kids have to be vaccinated and only about 38% of the kids in Chicago are, then there will be at least 62% less kids vs. normalJan 04 23:53
DaemonFCWe might even be able to sit and enjoy the visit.Jan 04 23:54

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