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DaemonFCIt's all coming out the back end into some crook's bank account and gets moved to Panama and then they flee the country before anyone figures out what really happened.Sep 11 00:00
DaemonFCOr they do what places like Celsius have done.Sep 11 00:00
DaemonFCCommit bankruptcy fraud to keep the creditors from figuring it out for a little while, and then flee the country.Sep 11 00:00
DaemonFCMr. "I put $60,000 in Celsius and have $1,000 in my bank account and have my mortgage company breathing down my neck!" doesn't get paid back.Sep 11 00:01
DaemonFCYou had $60,000 worth of boloney, Mister!Sep 11 00:08
DaemonFCYou should have put it in the bank and not some San Francisco nonsense next door to Mr. GULAG.Sep 11 00:08
starstreakthe one thing DaemonFC's website needs is super large text in order to visualize the insanitySep 11 00:09
DaemonFCThe goal of a Ponzi is that it sounds very reasonable to a person who doesn't understand exactly what the fuck you're talking about.Sep 11 00:09
DaemonFCAnd they don't know what you're talking about because it's a bunch of malarkey.Sep 11 00:10
DaemonFCCrypto "currency" falls nicely in there. MARISOL is very narcissistic and provincial, which is just what they were looking for.Sep 11 00:11
DaemonFC"I have money! That make me important woman! I sophisticated investor! I deserve more thing!"Sep 11 00:11
DaemonFCAnd of course it doesn't. It makes her trash with money.Sep 11 00:12
DaemonFCShe escaped the slums and managed to pass the nursing exam. That alone would be commendable.Sep 11 00:12
DaemonFCBut of course that won't satisfy someone like her.Sep 11 00:12
starstreaklinucksSep 11 00:14
starstreaki bet there are many reasons why firefox runs faster than braveSep 11 00:15
immibiswait until the global financial system collapses and so does cryptocurrency, but then cryptocurrency is somewhat transferable into the new world order, and dollars aren'tSep 11 00:16
immibisthey're predicting the UK pound sterling will collapse within 12 months or soSep 11 00:16
immibisnobody will want poundsSep 11 00:16
DaemonFCCrypto pretty much only has any actual value to the extent that it is exchangeable into real money.Sep 11 00:19
DaemonFCBut this is not a guarantee at any particular exchange rate. Not even close.Sep 11 00:19
starstreakDaemonFC's article about chrome is decent but it doesn't really touch on technical reasons to use firefoxSep 11 00:19
DaemonFCSo you run into the distinct possibility that you'll lose damned near everything with it.Sep 11 00:19
starstreakof course he uses seamonkey lolSep 11 00:19
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starstreakrunning some lame browser from years ago and wonders why nothing worksSep 11 00:20
DaemonFCI don't like Firefox either. It's simply less awful than Chrome.Sep 11 00:20
DaemonFCMost things work, at least after Fedora patches the shit out of it.Sep 11 00:20
DaemonFCThe upstream binaries are a mess.Sep 11 00:20
immibisDaemonFC: even the ability to exchange real money into real money isn't guaranteed. Best to diversify.Sep 11 00:20
starstreakI just switched back to firefox and was impressed with the speed of everythingSep 11 00:20
DaemonFCI tried to direct some of the developers to Fedora's patches that make things quite a lot better and they kind of flailed their arms around as to when or if they'll upstream any of them.Sep 11 00:21
DaemonFCSeaMonkey is.....a bit stodgy perhaps, but the GUI of these "modern" Internet applications is just horrendous.Sep 11 00:21
DaemonFCIt's not just a "appeals to the least common denominator" problem. It's "Assume that EVERY user will have shit for brains and that this problem should, in fact, be impossible to set straight if that's not true.".Sep 11 00:22
DaemonFCIt's like Apple products.Sep 11 00:23
DaemonFCBillionaire News: "The Federal Reserve plans to hike interest rates until 6 million people in America who are working lose their jobs because taxing the rich to get inflation under control is unthinkable."Sep 11 00:26
DaemonFCWGN News: "Here's what kind of grass the football team uses this year."Sep 11 00:26
starstreaki like macOSSep 11 00:26
immibisDaemonFC: two different government departments, mind you. The Fed controls how much money there is, but not where it is. Congress controls where it is.Sep 11 00:27
DaemonFCYeah, not even that guy in Chicago that somehow survived nearly half his brain being destroyed with a railrod spike would have recovered and wanted to use a Mac.Sep 11 00:27
DaemonFCThat's where education was in this country back then though. :)Sep 11 00:27
starstreaksometimes i get my macos fix by hooking up my macbook to an external monitor (internal is dead)Sep 11 00:27
DaemonFCNow it's herp derp if this thing has more than three buttons I can't use it derp.Sep 11 00:27
DaemonFCAnd that's without any physical brain damage, apparently.Sep 11 00:28
DaemonFCSad.Sep 11 00:28
starstreakmacos isn't as fast as linux eitherSep 11 00:28
DaemonFCMinceR, ^Sep 11 00:28
starstreakit seems like everything is slower than linuxSep 11 00:31
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*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 00:32
psydruidlolSep 11 00:33
DaemonFCYeah, it's because they don't care.Sep 11 00:33
psydruidmacOS is also buggySep 11 00:33
DaemonFCIf nothing ever broke down, got slower and slower, and stopped running new software for precisely NO REASON AT ALL, you wouldn't buy their latest shit.Sep 11 00:33
starstreaki need macos to put music on my iphoneSep 11 00:34
DaemonFCBreaking when it still has that new car smell, yet being out of warranty because it's a battery car and of course it is, is the car industry's wet dream.Sep 11 00:34
*Noisytoot has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Sep 11 00:34
starstreakor windows/itunes in a vmSep 11 00:35
*Noisytoot (~noisytoot@tkbibjhmbkvb8.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 00:35
DaemonFCNow the New York Times writes articles going "Well of course electric cars are shit, and you should stop expecting to drive 300-400 miles on a charge or trying to get the battery above 30% after it's been plugged in for 10 hours.Sep 11 00:35
DaemonFC"Where do you really need to get to after laying out $140,000 on it anyway?"Sep 11 00:36
immibisDaemonFC: if you're paying $140k for a car that's a you problemSep 11 00:36
DaemonFCI only have to fill up my Buick about once every four weeks or so. That's despite driving it every day. If I want to, I can make it from near Wisconsin to near Kentucky and still have gas left.Sep 11 00:37
DaemonFCWhen I need to fill it completely up, it takes less than 3.5 minutes to fill the tank, and I don't have to worry where I'll do it at.Sep 11 00:37
DaemonFCAnd there's no $14,000 gas tank they don't make anymore that needs replaced every 5 years.Sep 11 00:38
starstreaklinucksSep 11 00:38
DaemonFCIt's also not a hybrid, so if someone gets their catalytic converter ripped out and has a $1,900 repair bill before they can pass emissions again, it'll be the Prius parked next to me.Sep 11 00:39
CrystalMathsometimes i just get "No result." from duckduckgoSep 11 00:40
DaemonFC"What's wrong? Don'tcha want to join us all in Hell?" says everyone around me.Sep 11 00:40
DaemonFCMinceR, ^Sep 11 00:40
CrystalMathfor any inputSep 11 00:40
DaemonFCSome people who get their catalytic converter stolen, pay the $1,900 to fix it, get it stolen again next week.Sep 11 00:41
DaemonFCThat's what you get for driving a hybrid and painting a target on yourself.Sep 11 00:41
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): First Look at Crystal Linux, an Arch Linux-Based Distro Focused on Ease of Use and Usability โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 00:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” First Look at Crystal Linux, an Arch Linux-Based Distro Focused on Ease of Use and UsabilitySep 11 00:41
DaemonFCWhat do you expect when some idiot with a sawzall can rip it out in 4 minutes and make $650?Sep 11 00:41
DaemonFCMine would get them $80-90.Sep 11 00:41
starstreakDaemonFC, do you really use a microsoft e-mail address?Sep 11 00:42
DaemonFCYes,Sep 11 00:42
starstreaklmaoSep 11 00:42
starstreakyou should switch to protonmail or tutanotaSep 11 00:43
techuserdon't promote evilSep 11 00:43
DaemonFCI saw some catalytic converters in the back of a scrapper truck and called it in to the Chicago Police.Sep 11 00:43
techuserProtonMail is even worse shitSep 11 00:43
DaemonFCThey came out and got the guy really fast.Sep 11 00:43
techuserbecause they don't allow email clients in free plan, and Tutanota doesn't at all, and also say PGP is badSep 11 00:44
techuser for nowSep 11 00:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Daniel - HomeSep 11 00:44
starstreaki guess i can't talk, i use apple's addressSep 11 00:44
starstreakand protonmailSep 11 00:44
starstreakand tutanota, i got a lot of accounts spread out thereSep 11 00:45
techuserthey are all evilSep 11 00:45
starstreakbecause javascript?Sep 11 00:45
techuserbecause email is done via mail clients and fuck their webmailsSep 11 00:45
starstreakeww mail clients, they're all terribleSep 11 00:46
techuserwebmails are terribleSep 11 00:46
techuseremail is done via standard protocols and deal with itSep 11 00:46
techuserstop reinventing standardsSep 11 00:46
starstreakfair enoughSep 11 00:46
starstreaki have a gmail account which i use for job searchSep 11 00:47
CrystalMathi should switch to searx instancesSep 11 00:47
starstreak<techuser> for nowSep 11 00:47
starstreakare you matey?Sep 11 00:47
techusernoSep 11 00:47
techuserbut matey told me about its existenceSep 11 00:47
starstreakaha thats how you discovered itSep 11 00:47
techuserthere was until it got fucked upSep 11 00:48
starstreaki use my apple mail account for most stuff and I use that with evolution as my mail client, i like the way it handles mbox format import/exportSep 11 00:48
MinceR11 013421 < starstreak> i need macos to put music on my iphoneSep 11 00:48
MinceRlolSep 11 00:48
techrights-newsKushal Das: khata, under WASI 11 00:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | khata, under WASISep 11 00:49
starstreakMinceR, i could use windows and itunesSep 11 00:49
CrystalMathswitch completeSep 11 00:49
techuseriPhone seems to be malicious deviceSep 11 00:49
starstreaklibimobile device doesnt seem to work with my iphone at syncing musicSep 11 00:49
techuserbut then they will bring all the shit to PCs anywaySep 11 00:49
MinceR11 012756 < DaemonFC> Now it's herp derp if this thing has more than three buttons I can't use it derp.Sep 11 00:49
CrystalMathwow searx is awesomeSep 11 00:49
starstreakmy next phone will be a pinephone proSep 11 00:49
MinceRactually their focus groups had problems with 2 buttonsSep 11 00:49
MinceRtells you a thing or two about what sort of audience they're aiming forSep 11 00:50
techuserhope it doesn't get fucked up in the near futurSep 11 00:50
techuser*futureSep 11 00:50
MinceR11 014911 < starstreak> MinceR, i could use windows and itunesSep 11 00:50
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], Yet Apple was one of the promoters of Semantic HTML.Sep 11 00:50
MinceRor you could use a mobile device that doesn't completely suckSep 11 00:50
starstreakyeah that tooSep 11 00:50
DaemonFCMakes you wonder if they do this so they can fuck with smart people who end up breaking down and using a Mac as a development box.Sep 11 00:50
techrights-newsHow To Install SmartGit on Fedora 36 - idroot โš“ ไท‰ Source: ID Root | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 00:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How To Install SmartGit on Fedora 36 - idrootSep 11 00:50
techuserMinceR: they all eventually suck in some regardsSep 11 00:51
MinceRjust not quite that muchSep 11 00:51
MinceRat least not yetSep 11 00:51
MinceRandroid is getting worse, but it still lets you manage filesSep 11 00:51
techrights-news"A small and simple sound and music player that is well integrated with GNOME. Amberol aspires to be as small, unintrusive, and simple as possible." 11 00:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Amberol โ€“ SparkyLinuxSep 11 00:51
starstreakpinephone pro has real linuxSep 11 00:52
starstreakandroid is garbageSep 11 00:52
MinceRso does non-proSep 11 00:52
MinceRand non-pro has less shitty boot firmwareSep 11 00:52
techusercomputers are garbage eventuallySep 11 00:52
techuserpeople let corporations to fuck them upSep 11 00:52
starstreakthe non pro is slow and doesn't have much ramSep 11 00:52
MinceRbut still, none of the OS-es available for pinephones appear to be very usableSep 11 00:52
techuserour computers are more powerful than supercomputers of the past, and our software is complete shitSep 11 00:53
starstreakim quite happy with gnomeSep 11 00:54
techuseryou shouldn't beSep 11 00:54
starstreakwhy notSep 11 00:54
starstreaki came from 8 years of macOSSep 11 00:54
techuserGNOME 3 did stupid redesign so people got upset and created MATESep 11 00:55
starstreakmate is kinda cool but i prefer gnome 3Sep 11 00:55
techuserand also Xfce and LXDE claim to be "lightweight", then GNOME/KDE/some others must be "heavy"Sep 11 00:55
techuserprogrammers need to be forced to work on resource-limited computersSep 11 00:55
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techuserhiSep 11 00:56
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): The 8 Best Lightweight Linux Distributions With Openbox Window Manager โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 00:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” The 8 Best Lightweight Linux Distributions With Openbox Window ManagerSep 11 00:56
MinceRgnome 2 was already trashSep 11 00:56
MinceRand gnome 3 is even worseSep 11 00:56
schestowitz[TR]hi highest_cubist_thrills Sep 11 00:56
techusergoing to sleep now, see you tomorrowSep 11 00:56
schestowitz[TR]0/Sep 11 00:56
starstreaksome people didn't like kde's direction either and made Trinity DesktopSep 11 00:56
schestowitz[TR]TDESep 11 00:57
MinceRbut hey, you can enjoy gnome "printer settings are confusing users" 2 in the form of at least one forkSep 11 00:57
MinceRor should i say "the presence of settings for printing is confusing users"Sep 11 00:57
highest_cubist_thrillswhat even are printer settingsSep 11 00:58
schestowitz[TR]Linux Torvalds: you are interface nazisSep 11 00:58
schestowitz[TR]loner: thank you!Sep 11 00:58
schestowitz[TR]*LinusSep 11 00:58
starstreaki liked that you can run freebsd with mate in 384MB of ram, but i have 16GB so it isn't really a problem for me that gnome uses a lot of ramSep 11 00:58
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starstreaki still have the 9.1GB that stable diffusion needs to generate artSep 11 00:59
starstreaki have programs that use more ram than gnome-shellSep 11 01:00
techrights-newsDebunking 7 Myths About Immutable Linux Distros - Invidious โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 01:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Debunking 7 Myths About Immutable Linux Distros - InvidiousSep 11 01:00
starstreakdiscord and keybase use quite a bitSep 11 01:00
highest_cubist_thrillsthere is no such thing as gnome-shellSep 11 01:01
techrights-news"Internet censorship is going to continue to grow, the threshold for being "harmful and or dangerous" will continue to lower." 11 01:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Oh No, My Favorite Websites Got SHUT DOWN (again) - InvidiousSep 11 01:02
highest_cubist_thrillsgnome-shell itself is like "a borg" or the little dot of mould on the surface of 2-week-old breadSep 11 01:02
techrights-newsGTA Online - The Casual Criminals โ€ข ep1 // Linux - Invidious โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 01:02
highest_cubist_thrillsiceberg to titanic: "just the tip?"Sep 11 01:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | GTA Online - The Casual Criminals โ€ข ep1 // Linux - InvidiousSep 11 01:02
MinceRfvwm uses a little more than 9 MB, apparentlySep 11 01:03
MinceRicewm can probably get by with something similarSep 11 01:03
starstreakicewm would be betterSep 11 01:03
starstreakfvwm95 is kinda nice tooSep 11 01:04
MinceRi only run icewm if i don't have time to set up fvwmSep 11 01:04
starstreakyou use fvwm?Sep 11 01:04
starstreakthats pretty impressiveSep 11 01:04
starstreakno wonder you think gnome is bloatedSep 11 01:04
highest_cubist_thrillsor that russia is bigSep 11 01:05
highest_cubist_thrillswhats a few orders of magnitude between friendsSep 11 01:06
techrights-newstinyML device monitors packages for damage while in transit | Arduino Blog โš“ ไท‰ Source: Arduino | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 01:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | tinyML device monitors packages for damage while in transit | Arduino BlogSep 11 01:06
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean russia may be sort of big, but then, theres the sunSep 11 01:06
MinceRyes, i do use fvwmSep 11 01:06
highest_cubist_thrillsso when you really get down to it, or even if you just want to prove something straightforwardly so isnt soSep 11 01:07
highest_cubist_thrillsrussia isnt really big at allSep 11 01:07
starstreaki was a fan of fvwm95 and icewmSep 11 01:07
starstreakthat shit was old schoolSep 11 01:07
MinceRhighest_cubist_thrills: "Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space."Sep 11 01:08
highest_cubist_thrillsalso known as pu pu fallacySep 11 01:08
MinceRdey eat da poopoo?Sep 11 01:09
starstreakMinceR, its pretty impressive that you use fvwm, i find its a bit hardSep 11 01:09
highest_cubist_thrillsNingi, a triangular rubber coin six thousand eight hundred miles along each side, from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It is valued at the rate of eight Ningis to one Triganic Pu, but thanks to the Ningi's immense size (almost twice as wide as the Earth's equatorial radius), it is more-or-less impossible to collect enough to own one pu.Sep 11 01:10
highest_cubist_thrillsa triganic pu isnt big either-- i meanSep 11 01:10
highest_cubist_thrillsif you think a triganic pu is big, then theres gnome-shellSep 11 01:10
starstreakthe first thing i did when i installed openbsd was get xfce4Sep 11 01:10
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Don't use Google Chrome. Bonus: Microsoft Azure Clown Computing โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 01:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Don't use Google Chrome. Bonus: Microsoft Azure Clown ComputingSep 11 01:10
starstreakmy favourite e-mail clients are evolution and claws-mailSep 11 01:11
MinceRthe thing that was hard about it was figuring out how i want to configure it and writing a configurationSep 11 01:11
MinceRbut there's a pretty good guide for thatSep 11 01:11
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Today's ๐˜›๐˜ถ๐˜น ๐˜”๐˜ข๐˜ค๐˜ฉ๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด HowTos โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 01:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” today's howtosSep 11 01:11
MinceR11 021024 < highest_cubist_thrills> if you think a triganic pu is big, then theres gnome-shellSep 11 01:12
MinceRlolSep 11 01:12
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Videos: Immutable Linux Distros, GTA Online - The Casual Criminals, and Web Censorship โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 01:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Videos: Immutable Linux Distros, GTA Online - The Casual Criminals, and Web CensorshipSep 11 01:14
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techrights-newsParallelizing Programs on the Blockchain 11 01:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Parallelizing Programs on the BlockchainSep 11 01:16
techrights-news"As a software developer, I never was a true sysadmin." 11 01:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Cosplaying as a Sysadmin | Jeff GeerlingSep 11 01:17
techrights-news"Randomness can be difficult to simulate because we are biased. Not that thinking of buying your spouse flowers is a bad thing. What if you can preserve that idea and actualization by coding that! But how?" 11 01:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Purchase Flower For Just Because Occasion. How `R` you doing it? | Everyday Is A School DaySep 11 01:18
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techrights-newsVersion controlling your .Rprofile, .gitconfig and other dotfiles. | Dr. Rick Tankard โš“ ไท‰ Source: Dr. Rick Tankard | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 01:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Version controlling your .Rprofile, .gitconfig and other dotfiles. | Dr. Rick TankardSep 11 01:19
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techrights-news"I use a CDN for all the static images on my blog, such as the conversation snippet images and the AI generated "hero" images. This CDN is set up to be a caching layer on top of Backblaze B2, an object storage thing for the cloud." 11 01:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Announcing the glorious advent of XeDN - XeSep 11 01:20
techrights-news"I agree with Zitron and Lewis that we have an unhealthy tendency to take credit for our own success. But pushing against that too hard may lead to a mindset that nothing we do makes any difference โ€” we're just a victim of circumstances โ€” which leads to apathy and irresponsibility." 11 01:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Eyes Above The Waves: Success, Privilege And GodSep 11 01:21
techrights-news"Well, this is rather easy for me to talk about, Iโ€™ll be on X.orgโ€™s Developers Conference soon, and full of motivations behind the work Iโ€™ve done." 11 01:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | GSoC '22 final reportSep 11 01:24
techrights-news[cat] gemini:// 11 01:24
techrights-news[cat] gemini:// 11 01:24
techrights-newsConfession (Penance) gemini:// 11 01:26
techrights-newsThe trouble with trantor's threading design The trouble with trantor's threading designSep 11 01:26
techrights-newsToday is 9/11. RMS will soon mark the day US toppled Chilean democracy. 11 01:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Richard Stallman's Personal PageSep 11 01:28
techrights-newsUpdate: Version 0.0.70 11 01:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Update: Version 0.0.70 | Didier StevensSep 11 01:29
techrights-news'I'm Going to Kill You': Man With Gun Arrested at Pramila Jayapal's Home โš“ ไท‰ Source: Newsweek | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 01:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 'I'm Going to Kill You': Man With Gun Arrested at Pramila Jayapal's HomeSep 11 01:30
techrights-newsDonโ€™t worry, soon weโ€™ll announce the new PM 11 01:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Donโ€™t worry, soon weโ€™ll announce the new PM โ€“ neritamSep 11 01:31
techrights-news"WebAssembly (WASM) modules have no conception of the filesystem, the network, or much else outside the browser sandbox. Many are experimenting with using the format outside the browser for server-side applications. How can it be used both serverside and clientside?" 11 01:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | WASI vs. WASMSep 11 01:31
techrights-newsThe Challenges of IoT, TLS, and Random Number Generators in the Real World 11 01:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Challenges of IoT, TLS, and Random Number Generators in the Real World - ACM QueueSep 11 01:33
techrights-news"A small update for my program." 11 01:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Update: Version 2.5.12 | Didier StevensSep 11 01:33
techrights-news"Hey all, this is my RustConf 2022 for 2022! I'm super excited to finally be able to share this page publicly. Enjoy the talk! I've included a video of it, my script and slides embedded below and finally a link to the slides PDF at the bottom of the page. Choose how you want to enjoy this talk. All the options are vaild." 11 01:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Sheer Terror of PAM - XeSep 11 01:34
techrights-newsGetting Familiar with the R Studio Source Pane | by Trevor French | Trevor French | Sep, 2022 | Medium โš“ 11 01:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Getting Familiar with the R Studio Source Pane | by Trevor French | Trevor French | Sep, 2022 | MediumSep 11 01:35
techrights-news"I'm currently staying in a Best Western hotel in Eureka, CA, avoiding the Bay Area heat wave, and I noticed something remarkable: the hotel's free WiFi network performs automatic man-in-the-middle interception of all SSH traffic. I've literally never seen this before on public WiFiโ€ฆ Check it out" 11 01:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-roguelazer's website: SSH MITM at Best WesternSep 11 01:37
techrights-newsTapped out: underclass left behind in Australiaโ€™s cashless future โš“ ไท‰ Source: Michael West Media | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 01:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tapped out: underclass left behind in Australia's cashless futureSep 11 01:38
techrights-news"Defragmentation isnโ€™t necessary if youโ€™re on an SSD, and if anything could add to wear without benefit. But I do miss those animations." 11 01:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Rubenerd: Weird Al had 100 gigs of RAMSep 11 01:40
techrights-newsPeople think LG is South Korean and many assume it's made/assembled in China. But that's outdated information. For "cost-saving" they now even manufacture in Egypt. This is capitalism + globalisation. Products die sooner.Sep 11 01:41
techrights-newsNixOS Bento: new reporting feature 11 01:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Solene'% : NixOS Bento: new reporting featureSep 11 01:42
techrights-newsExploring OMPR with HiGHS solver 11 01:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Notes of a Dabbler - Exploring OMPR with HiGHS solverSep 11 01:43
techrights-newsOh, I'm sure itโ€™s probably nothing | Emily Riederer โš“ ไท‰ Source: | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 01:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Oh, I'm sure it's probably nothing | Emily RiedererSep 11 01:44
techrights-newsUPDATED (re Debian 10+11) 11 01:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” New Builds of Debian 11 and Debian 10 (UPDATED)Sep 11 01:53
XRevan86 11 01:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews): "Watch top propagandist get tangled up in Russia's own lies: he demands revenge for Ukraine sinking the warship Moskva, claiming not to remember the name of the shipโ€”even though it was the flagship of the Russian Navyโ€”because Russia's Defense Ministry gave a different explanation."|nitter.itSep 11 01:55
*mib_97vssn has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)Sep 11 01:55
XRevan86 11 01:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews): "On state TV, Zakhar Prilepin talks about some of Russia's miscalculations during its invasion of Ukraine, including the Kremlin's assumption that it would be welcomed by Ukrainians. Prilepin also tells the audience that they're constitutionally obligated to support Russia's wars."|nitter.itSep 11 01:55
XRevan86 11 01:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews): "On Russian state TV, Rodion Miroshnik, the so-called "Ambassador" of LPRโ€” Russia's faux "Republic" in occupied Ukraineโ€”claims that Ukraine no longer exists. He says that what used to be Ukraine is now just an English-speaking tribe, full of foreigners, fighting against Russia."|nitter.itSep 11 01:55
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techrights-news10th wedding anniversary in 8 days, Techrights turns 16 in 8 weeks.Sep 11 02:01
techrights-newsRoyal Favours: pipe and slippers time for David Hurley and Scott Morrison - Michael West โš“ ไท‰ Source: Michael West Media | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 02:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Royal Favours: pipe and slippers time for David Hurley and Scott Morrison - Michael WestSep 11 02:02
techrights-news"Severe labour shortages and poor pay for carers have left the childcare sector in crisis. One childhood operator, John Owens, has written to Premier Dominic Perrottet to tell him he will join tomorrowโ€™s Early Childhood rally. Whatโ€™s the scam?" 11 02:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Childcare owner to join Early Childhood Strike amid staff crisis - Michael WestSep 11 02:03
techrights-newsNixOS Bento: now able to compare local and remote NixOS version 11 02:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Solene'% : NixOS Bento: now able to compare local and remote NixOS versionSep 11 02:04
techrights-newsGNU/Linux?,c_limit,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/ 11 02:04
techrights-newsIt runs,c_limit,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/ 11 02:05
techrights-newsBack end,c_limit,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/ 11 02:06
highest_cubist_thrillsfree software is like the soviet unionSep 11 02:08
XRevan86Both has two words in their name.Sep 11 02:09
XRevan86But also four words in the extended name.Sep 11 02:09
highest_cubist_thrillsa lot of people liked it,  but the west lied about how manySep 11 02:09
XRevan86FOSS and USSR. Likeness confirmed.Sep 11 02:09
highest_cubist_thrillsit was invaded by germans, but still managed to exist for a while longerSep 11 02:09
highest_cubist_thrillsand it no longer existsSep 11 02:09
XRevan86Also both have "SS" in the name.Sep 11 02:09
highest_cubist_thrillsfree software doesnt have ss in the nameSep 11 02:10
XRevan86FOSS and USSR do.Sep 11 02:10
highest_cubist_thrillsfoss is even more like the ussrSep 11 02:10
highest_cubist_thrillsit has gulags and propaganda and killed off all the real revolutionariesSep 11 02:10
highest_cubist_thrillsplus like you said, it has "ss" in itSep 11 02:11
XRevan86Who's the Trotsky of FOSS?Sep 11 02:11
highest_cubist_thrillsthat would be tellingSep 11 02:11
highest_cubist_thrillsbut i know who Sep 11 02:11
highest_cubist_thrillsactually, i only have half an answerSep 11 02:11
highest_cubist_thrillsi can tell you who is half of the trotsky of fossSep 11 02:11
highest_cubist_thrillsbut that wouldnt actually answer your questionSep 11 02:12
DaemonFCGeneral Patton was destroyed by politicians for nailing it about the Russians.Sep 11 02:12
DaemonFCShould have ganged up on them while we were in Europe anyway.Sep 11 02:12
DaemonFCDriven them out.Sep 11 02:12
DaemonFCA lot of unpleasantness could have been avoided.Sep 11 02:13
highest_cubist_thrillsfocccSep 11 02:13
highest_cubist_thrillsfree openly compromised computer codeSep 11 02:13
DaemonFCThe worst and most inefficient parts of the US economy are either state-owned, state-chartered, or heavily state-regulated.Sep 11 02:14
DaemonFCThe Roosevelts were basically Communists in all of the worst ways and the worst of it survived to this day.Sep 11 02:15
schestowitz[TR]Communists is a dog whistleSep 11 02:16
schestowitz[TR]use more useful termSep 11 02:16
DaemonFCWith that being said, Truman was a lot worse.Sep 11 02:16
highest_cubist_thrillsno one said communistsSep 11 02:16
schestowitz[TR]US is not "Communists"Sep 11 02:16
starstreakI'm a communist btwSep 11 02:16
highest_cubist_thrillsliterally no one used the wordSep 11 02:16
schestowitz[TR]what happens in the US can be described mroe clearlySep 11 02:16
DaemonFCI'm skeptical about whether the US would have used nuclear weapons on Japan had Roosevelt not died when he did.Sep 11 02:16
schestowitz[TR]in class termsSep 11 02:16
highest_cubist_thrillswhat kind of communistSep 11 02:16
schestowitz[TR]and passage of capitalSep 11 02:16
starstreakactually i'd have to say im more of an ansoc than a commieSep 11 02:17
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], A lot of it is Communist in the sense that most Communist states use that term.Sep 11 02:17
DaemonFCState planning of large parts of the economy = disaster.Sep 11 02:17
highest_cubist_thrillsat least youre honestSep 11 02:17
schestowitz[TR]that's not what communism isSep 11 02:17
highest_cubist_thrillsin ansoc russia, bread conquors youSep 11 02:17
schestowitz[TR]it might be a side effectSep 11 02:18
schestowitz[TR]the US sold itselfSep 11 02:18
schestowitz[TR]to few peopleSep 11 02:18
DaemonFCMuch of the Libertarian platform is correct.Sep 11 02:18
schestowitz[TR]it's not the state owning everythingSep 11 02:18
DaemonFCState subsidies into the economy and over-regulation cause most of our economic problems.Sep 11 02:18
starstreakDaemonFC voted for Ron PaulSep 11 02:18
schestowitz[TR]United States of Waltons ~= CommunismSep 11 02:18
highest_cubist_thrillsi would like ansoc if it started accomplishing what its supposed to, stopped failing horribly and stopped making ticky tacky little cults left and rightSep 11 02:19
highest_cubist_thrillsno sarcasm.Sep 11 02:19
DaemonFCI don't think the Federal Reserve should exist as it is.Sep 11 02:19
DaemonFCIt's caused wat more economic harm than was even possible during the Free Banking Era.Sep 11 02:19
schestowitz[TR]Federal Reserve =capitalismSep 11 02:20
techrights-ipfs-bot(โ„น) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 11 02:20
starstreakwhy hate on ansocSep 11 02:20
schestowitz[TR]don't   try to sound like a low-grade memeSep 11 02:20
schestowitz[TR]it's not communism ruining the US enconomySep 11 02:20
DaemonFCAt least with the market making the decisions on investment and "take it or leave it" interest rates, things get way less screwed up than the Fed keeping benchmark rates at zero by subsidizing stock buybacks and federal overspending.Sep 11 02:20
highest_cubist_thrillsalmost exclusively for the reasons just statedSep 11 02:21
DaemonFCMoreover, screwing up the housing market.Sep 11 02:21
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean, there are still worse thingsSep 11 02:21
highest_cubist_thrillsfor example, tankiesSep 11 02:21
DaemonFCWith up up and away housing prices that are only possible due to low interest rates.Sep 11 02:21
DaemonFCWhich are entirely fake and unsustainable.Sep 11 02:21
highest_cubist_thrillsbut if you put ansocs in charge, tankies wont be far behindSep 11 02:21
highest_cubist_thrillsi realise the entire notion of "ansocs in charge" is amusingSep 11 02:21
highest_cubist_thrillsbut that is what happens...Sep 11 02:21
DaemonFCThe Fed has locked an entire generation, now two, out of home ownership, unless they inherit a house that happens to be paid off.Sep 11 02:22
starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, what are you if you aren't an ansoc or tankieSep 11 02:22
highest_cubist_thrillsthen hopefully youre not a capitalist eitherSep 11 02:22
DaemonFC<schestowitz[TR]> it's not communism ruining the US enconomySep 11 02:22
highest_cubist_thrillsi read that wrongSep 11 02:22
highest_cubist_thrillsi read "what  if you aren't an ansoc or tankie"Sep 11 02:22
DaemonFCstarstreak didn't understand me when I said why I wanted perverse incentives for single mothers to end.Sep 11 02:22
highest_cubist_thrillsbut you asked something elseSep 11 02:23
DaemonFCIt creates a no punishment environment for bad behavior that leads to rampant crime and social rot.Sep 11 02:23
highest_cubist_thrillsthere are a few, noSep 11 02:23
highest_cubist_thrillsit was the marxists that coined "tankie:Sep 11 02:23
highest_cubist_thrillsto refer to the stalinistsSep 11 02:23
highest_cubist_thrillsthen there are a variety of thoseSep 11 02:23
DaemonFCMost people, without the subsidies, would look at how much worse off they're getting each time they reproduce and STOP after 1-2.Sep 11 02:23
highest_cubist_thrillsits like that scene with cheech marin where he talks about how they have every kind of commieSep 11 02:24
highest_cubist_thrillsexcept he didnt say commieSep 11 02:24
DaemonFCIt's the comfort of knowing that all they have to do is run down to the welfare office and say they've gotten pregnant again that makes crime in Chicago so bad.Sep 11 02:24
DaemonFCBecause it leads to generational poverty on steroids.Sep 11 02:24
DaemonFCWhen you subsidize something you get more of it. We subsidize illegitimate bastard children who pick up a gun and carjack people at age 8, and we....get a lot more of it.Sep 11 02:25
DaemonFCAnd I won't apologize for that because it's factually correct.Sep 11 02:25
DaemonFCBarely old enough to touch the gas pedal with their foot and they're out there with a Glock ordering people out of their car and making off with it.Sep 11 02:26
DaemonFCWhen the police catch the kid, what can they do? Nothing. That's why gangs recruit them that young!Sep 11 02:26
DaemonFCAnd they have the Glock of course because the FOID act stopped them from getting the oh wait shit, it didn't stop anything.Sep 11 02:27
DaemonFCLeftist FAILSep 11 02:27
DaemonFCThe fact that the government subsidizes moral decay and then passes gun laws that only send good people who never meant any harm anyway to prison while Thugnificent is running around terrorizing Waukegan with an Uzi may have been lost on a lot of Democrats.Sep 11 02:28
DaemonFCBut not on me.Sep 11 02:28
DaemonFCAnd the only reason I don't have bumper stickers on my car is because those are police magnets.Sep 11 02:29
DaemonFCWhat do you think happens to people who have pro-gun bumper stickers when they get pulled over, in Illinois?Sep 11 02:29
DaemonFCThe cop starts either asking about guns or gets psyched up to just go ahead and shoot.Sep 11 02:30
DaemonFCIt's a really bad idea.Sep 11 02:30
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: can you check e for grammar/typos?Sep 11 02:30
DaemonFCYeah.Sep 11 02:30
schestowitz[TR] 11 02:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | On the World Wide Web, 25 Years is an Eternity | TechrightsSep 11 02:30
DaemonFCWe need to cut the support out from reproduction.Sep 11 02:31
DaemonFCRefocus it on people who are already here and need the help.Sep 11 02:31
DaemonFCWe have way too many of those.Sep 11 02:31
*n0mad_ has quit (Quit: Leaving)Sep 11 02:31
DaemonFCWe have too many adults who can't eat, have no choice except to either commit suicide or do something to go to jail so they'll at least get fed.Sep 11 02:32
DaemonFCThis is terrible.Sep 11 02:32
DaemonFC"While working on the new em>Tux Machines"Sep 11 02:33
DaemonFCThat looks like you stopped in the middle of a sentence and then did something else.Sep 11 02:34
schestowitz[TR]thanks, fixingSep 11 02:34
DaemonFC" capable or running Techrights"Sep 11 02:35
DaemonFCcapable of?Sep 11 02:35
DaemonFCXRevan86, I assume you've seen Red Dawn (1984).Sep 11 02:35
XRevan86DaemonFC: That assumption is correct.Sep 11 02:36
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: thanks!Sep 11 02:36
DaemonFCThe guy has the "You can have my gun when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands." bumper sticker and the Russian paratrooper pries it out of his cold, dead hand.Sep 11 02:36
DaemonFCI saw that when I was like 6 and thought it was funnier than hell.Sep 11 02:36
DaemonFCHorrible movie, but a cult classic because of the red scare nonsense.Sep 11 02:37
DaemonFCEven in Ukraine, most of the cold, dead hands that guns are being pried out of are Russian ones.Sep 11 02:37
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], Reddit has gotten nastier.Sep 11 02:38
schestowitz[TR]conde nasty:)Sep 11 02:38
schestowitz[TR]it's in the NAMESep 11 02:38
DaemonFCFor some reason, they've made it so the text entry box on Old Reddit has completely disappeared on me in some cases.Sep 11 02:38
DaemonFCOn entire subreddits.Sep 11 02:38
DaemonFCI'm wondering if they're planning to make it impossible to post using Old Reddit.Sep 11 02:39
schestowitz[TR] 11 02:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | โ€˜Wiredโ€™ Under New Management (Condรฉ Nast) is a Microsoft and Bill Gates Grooming Operation | TechrightsSep 11 02:39
schestowitz[TR] 11 02:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Censorship on Reddit Has Gotten (Condรฉ) Nasty and Silent, Even Actively Silenced | TechrightsSep 11 02:39
XRevan86"That assumption is correct." <- Oops, I mean *not* correct %).Sep 11 02:39
schestowitz[TR]some people online said they had covered up pedophile ringsSep 11 02:39
XRevan86Why would I see that film?Sep 11 02:39
schestowitz[TR]like epsteinSep 11 02:39
schestowitz[TR]and could produce proofSep 11 02:39
schestowitz[TR]I'm not familar with redditSep 11 02:39
schestowitz[TR]so cannot verify except linkSep 11 02:39
schestowitz[TR]but it does seem like a truly nasty censorship millSep 11 02:40
schestowitz[TR]they pretend to be "community"Sep 11 02:40
schestowitz[TR]but it is all herded, censored, moderated by suitsSep 11 02:40
DaemonFCI don't know. The whole "USSR invades America" campiness of it.Sep 11 02:40
schestowitz[TR] 11 02:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft Has Put the String โ€œ0xBIGBOOBSโ€ Inside Linux (Kernel Driver for Microsoftโ€™s Windows-Only Proprietary Software, Formerly a GPL Violation); Reddit (Condรฉ Nast) Bans You For Mentioning Such Things | TechrightsSep 11 02:40
techrights-news๐Ÿ…ธ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ…ฒ techpol + social irc โ–  Yesterday's #boycottnovell-social and #techpol IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: GEMINI GemText: gemini:// GEMINI Plain Text: gemini:// 11 02:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #boycottnovell-social and #techpol @ Techrights IRC Network: Saturday, September 10, 2022Sep 11 02:40
XRevan86DaemonFC: Mars Attacks looks more plausible.Sep 11 02:41
DaemonFCThe United States government basically collapses (in the movie) within months of the invasion. For some reason, we had all of this military shit laying around and nothing that would shoot their planes down before they got to Colorado.Sep 11 02:41
DaemonFCNow some teenagers are going to kill all of them!Sep 11 02:41
techrights-news๐Ÿ…ธ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ…ฒ techrights irc โ–  Yesterday's #techrights IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: GEMINI GemText: gemini:// GEMINI Plain Text: gemini:// 11 02:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techrights @ Techrights IRC Network: Saturday, September 10, 2022Sep 11 02:41
DaemonFCThe movie sort of glosses over this. They assume basically (it's in the plot, but briefly alluded to) that the USSR was so successful because they got an Axis of Shithole Countries to help them out.Sep 11 02:42
techrights-news๐Ÿ…ธ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ…ฒ boycottnovell irc โ–  Yesterday's #boycottnovell IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: GEMINI GemText: gemini:// GEMINI Plain Text: gemini:// 11 02:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #boycottnovell @ Techrights IRC Network: Saturday, September 10, 2022Sep 11 02:42
XRevan86The Iran drones really make a difference, yes (no).Sep 11 02:43
DaemonFCPutin does have an Axis of Shithole Countries helping him out and he's still losing.Sep 11 02:43
XRevan86It's not quite helping, more like "helping".Sep 11 02:43
techrights-news๐Ÿ…ธ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ…ฒ techbytes irc โ–  Yesterday's #techbytes IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: GEMINI GemText: gemini:// GEMINI Plain Text: gemini:// 11 02:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techbytes @ Techrights IRC Network: Saturday, September 10, 2022Sep 11 02:43
XRevan86Maybe the DPRK ammunition will make a difference (doubt it).Sep 11 02:44
DaemonFC<schestowitz[TR]> but it is all herded, censored, moderated by suitsSep 11 02:44
DaemonFCReddit throws in some porn that it knows is probably underage and just doesn't ask questions about to lure people to the site.Sep 11 02:44
schestowitz[TR]maybe a honeypotSep 11 02:45
schestowitz[TR]but who knows..Sep 11 02:45
schestowitz[TR]like I said, I know little about what's in redditSep 11 02:45
schestowitz[TR]for several months I used their RSS feed for /LinuxSep 11 02:45
schestowitz[TR]then they turned proprietarySep 11 02:45
schestowitz[TR]and quality sankSep 11 02:45
schestowitz[TR]very bad s/n ratioSep 11 02:45
schestowitz[TR]I deleted everything I had in RSSSep 11 02:45
XRevan86DaemonFC: Turns out, shithole countries have nothing of value to offer.Sep 11 02:45
XRevan86Strange how that works.Sep 11 02:46
techrights-newsOn the World Wide Web, 25 Years is an Eternity | Techrights โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 02:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | On the World Wide Web, 25 Years is an Eternity | TechrightsSep 11 02:46
schestowitz[TR]on average, XRevan86, those countries (I think) are happier than people in the countries that use that termSep 11 02:46
schestowitz[TR]happiness has more than wealth to itSep 11 02:47
schestowitz[TR]and US culture died decades agoSep 11 02:47
techrights-newsโœฉโ–‘โ–’โ–“โ–†โ–…โ–ƒโ–‚โ–๐๐”๐‹๐‹๐„๐“๐ˆ๐โ–โ–‚โ–ƒโ–…โ–†โ–“โ–’โ–‘โœฉ Yesterday's bulletin is now ready! ๐Ÿ…ท๐Ÿ†ƒ๐Ÿ†ƒ๐Ÿ…ฟ: | ๐Ÿ…ถ๐Ÿ…ด๐Ÿ…ผ๐Ÿ…ธ๐Ÿ…ฝ๐Ÿ…ธ gemini:// (tentative address, to work an hour from now)Sep 11 02:47
schestowitz[TR]now Us culture has nothing to it except consumerism cattle with maxed up credit cards (debt)Sep 11 02:47
schestowitz[TR]on proxac oir somethingSep 11 02:48
schestowitz[TR]I mean, how ELSE can you sleep at night\?Sep 11 02:48
DaemonFCBankruptcy court!Sep 11 02:48
DaemonFC<schestowitz[TR]> and US culture died decades agoSep 11 02:48
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], That's sort of why I don't associate with many people.Sep 11 02:48
DaemonFCWe have nothing in common.Sep 11 02:48
schestowitz[TR]smart move, I thinkSep 11 02:48
XRevan86schestowitz: The countries I have in mind are: Iran, Afghanistan/Taliban, DPRK, Turkmenistan, Burma/Myanmar, ~HungarySep 11 02:48
schestowitz[TR]my sister complains about how people areSep 11 02:48
highest_cubist_thrills"and US culture died decades ago" a string of words without meaningSep 11 02:48
schestowitz[TR]not even phoninh backSep 11 02:48
schestowitz[TR]*phoninhSep 11 02:49
XRevan86Belarus, ~KazakhstanSep 11 02:49
highest_cubist_thrillsculture exists everywhereSep 11 02:49
schestowitz[TR]yeah, sort ofSep 11 02:49
DaemonFCI would hook up with people 18-well, maybe a few years older than me.Sep 11 02:49
schestowitz[TR]but look at cohesionSep 11 02:49
highest_cubist_thrillsit is absolutely suppressed in some placesSep 11 02:49
DaemonFCThings are just impossible.Sep 11 02:49
schestowitz[TR]US is now an island of "red" and "blue"Sep 11 02:49
highest_cubist_thrillsno, it is notSep 11 02:49
schestowitz[TR]and those two became islands to each otherSep 11 02:49
highest_cubist_thrillsus media is Sep 11 02:49
schestowitz[TR]yeahSep 11 02:49
highest_cubist_thrillsif that is what you believe the us isSep 11 02:50
schestowitz[TR]it's part of itSep 11 02:50
DaemonFCThe dating material is at least my age or older, what little there was of it. The bait for drama that can't do simple math and yet thinks very highly of itself is everyone younger than you.Sep 11 02:50
DaemonFCSo it's pick your poison.Sep 11 02:50
XRevan86Russia is like that too I suppose, with one colour (red I suppose) outlawed / in dissent.Sep 11 02:50
schestowitz[TR]highest_cubist_thrills: we probably agree except on semanticsSep 11 02:50
DaemonFCDo you go with attractive younger men who have no intellect at all (18-about 30), or older and try to start a relationship?Sep 11 02:50
DaemonFCIt's really pick a lane.Sep 11 02:50
DaemonFCAnd after 35 years, I picked a lane.Sep 11 02:51
highest_cubist_thrillsif you said american media is worthless and uniform and gives the rest of the world a false impression about americansSep 11 02:51
highest_cubist_thrillsthen i would agreeSep 11 02:51
highest_cubist_thrillsif you said it even gives americans a false impression of americans, i would agree with that tooSep 11 02:51
schestowitz[TR]us media is not unformSep 11 02:51
schestowitz[TR]it iks divisiveSep 11 02:51
schestowitz[TR]and does not report newSep 11 02:51
schestowitz[TR]it's pushing "parties"Sep 11 02:51
highest_cubist_thrillsit is uniformly divisiveSep 11 02:51
schestowitz[TR]*newsSep 11 02:52
DaemonFCTrying to form a meaningful connection with people is getting to be more of a fruitless endeavor each year.Sep 11 02:52
highest_cubist_thrillswhen i said uniform, i didnt mean it doesnt have a fake left and a fake rightSep 11 02:52
DaemonFCBecause the floor that society is built on is rotting and the support beams have fallen out.Sep 11 02:52
schestowitz[TR]i cSep 11 02:52
highest_cubist_thrillsonly that it is uniformly divisive Sep 11 02:52
highest_cubist_thrillsthere is nothing useful or non-divisive or honest in itSep 11 02:52
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], I wonder what's going on in Japan that's made people so lonely.Sep 11 02:52
DaemonFCSo very very lonely. I know what's doing it here.Sep 11 02:52
DaemonFCPeople are idiots, or worse, completely nuts.Sep 11 02:53
highest_cubist_thrillsits not uniformly us or uniformly them it is uniformly us-vs-themSep 11 02:53
highest_cubist_thrillscoke vs pepsiSep 11 02:53
highest_cubist_thrillsthe only brands you need to knowSep 11 02:53
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], I thought Indiana was bad.Sep 11 02:53
DaemonFCBut the sort of depravity I see in Illinois every day....Sep 11 02:53
highest_cubist_thrillscake or deathSep 11 02:53
DaemonFCAnd I know, hey, let's make fun of the guy who says depravity, but I mean, we're talking corpses with bullet holes in them.Sep 11 02:54
DaemonFCOn the ground.Sep 11 02:54
DaemonFCWaiting for someone to take them away.Sep 11 02:54
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Dobry Cola and New Cola?Sep 11 02:54
DaemonFCWhile people are inside the store shopping.Sep 11 02:54
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: 11 02:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | FACT CHECK: Were There More Gun Deaths Since 1968 Than Deaths in All American Wars?Sep 11 02:54
DaemonFCWe certainly didn't have any of that going on in Indiana.Sep 11 02:54
highest_cubist_thrillswhere have i heard of dobry colaSep 11 02:54
schestowitz[TR]""Since 1968, more Americans have been killed by guns than have been killed in all wars in U.S. history.Sep 11 02:54
highest_cubist_thrillsoh, hahahaSep 11 02:55
DaemonFCI suppose you'd rather that they were knifed.Sep 11 02:55
DaemonFCOr pushed out of windows.Sep 11 02:55
DaemonFCThat's Putin's thing. Having people pushed out of windows.Sep 11 02:55
highest_cubist_thrillsSince 1968, more Americans have been killed by guns than have been killed in all wars in U.S. history. <- that sounds like a flawed metric from the beginningSep 11 02:55
DaemonFCXRevan86, I think you should stop talking, sir.Sep 11 02:55
DaemonFC;)Sep 11 02:55
DaemonFCI'd watch out for that window, sir.Sep 11 02:55
highest_cubist_thrillslike saying more people have died from cigarettes than cancerSep 11 02:56
DaemonFC"Wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend. You can, cut ties with all the lies that you've been living in."Sep 11 02:56
DaemonFCWhat's that? :)Sep 11 02:56
DaemonFCToo soon.Sep 11 02:56
XRevan86DaemonFC: That risk is genuinely there.Sep 11 02:57
highest_cubist_thrillsi would definitely want more detailsSep 11 02:57
XRevan86Hopefully I'm enough of an Elusive Joe.Sep 11 02:57
DaemonFCThat sounds like our president.Sep 11 02:57
XRevan86DaemonFC: No, he's pretty much the opposite of an Elusive Joe :).Sep 11 02:58
highest_cubist_thrillsim trying to understand how dobry cola works, sanctions wiseSep 11 02:58
DaemonFCElusive Joe has been eluding the Hunter Biden scandals while failing to elucidate his public speeches.Sep 11 02:58
highest_cubist_thrillsas far as i know, the sanctions are based on who owns what and where... not what they call itSep 11 02:59
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XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: A local Russian branch/bottler of Coca-Cola was sold away apparently.Sep 11 02:59
techrights-newsTwo reasons you should quit social control media for WRITING: 1) it biases what TOPICS you cover. 2) it biases HOW you cover those topics (they call it "algospeak"; optimising for hashtags, engagement etc.), e.g. for fear of censorship. Two reasons you should quit social control media for READING: 1) censorship and 2) propaganda by the platform owners. You're manipulated on all counts. QUIT THE CAGE.Sep 11 02:59
highest_cubist_thrillsso coca cola would still be subject to sanctions even if they called it putin colaSep 11 02:59
highest_cubist_thrillsA local Russian branch/bottler of Coca-Cola was sold away apparently. <- oh of course, just like tasty periodSep 11 02:59
starstreakopen soresSep 11 03:00
schestowitz[TR]opencola.orgSep 11 03:00
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: And just like Starbucks โ†’ Stars Coffee.Sep 11 03:00
highest_cubist_thrillsso you cant sell coca cola in russia, but you can tell the bottling plant to russia :)Sep 11 03:00
highest_cubist_thrillssellSep 11 03:00
schestowitz[TR]FANTAscticSep 11 03:01
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: As long as they can get the ingridients.Sep 11 03:02
starstreakRMS drinks pepsi and not opencola, seems like a hypocrite to meSep 11 03:02
DaemonFCDiet Fanta....don't you want a Diet Fanta? It won't make your ass so big-a? Don't you want a Diet Fanta?Sep 11 03:02
highest_cubist_thrills RMS drinks pepsi and not opencola, seems like a hypocrite to me <- soft drinks != softwareSep 11 03:02
highest_cubist_thrillsalso he never supported open anythingSep 11 03:03
starstreaki only eat or drink foods in which the recipe is creative commonsSep 11 03:03
techrights-ipfs-botโ˜ž Gemini requests since start of month:   77542 total โ€ข Total number of pages in capsule: 42527 โ€ข     Active: active (running) since Thu 2022-08-04 09:15:14 BST; 1 months 7 days agoSep 11 03:03
DaemonFCI started singing that when a Fanta commercial was playing in 2002 when I was helping my ex clean the house.Sep 11 03:03
XRevan86starstreak: So no public domain ones?Sep 11 03:03
highest_cubist_thrillsmost importantly, he isnt against people using non-free softwareSep 11 03:03
starstreakXRevan86, public domain tooSep 11 03:03
highest_cubist_thrillshe is against people writing itSep 11 03:03
highest_cubist_thrillsyou shouldnt write non-free softwareSep 11 03:04
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], I can't drink Fresca anymore.Sep 11 03:04
techrights-ipfs-botโ˜ž IPFS local node stats (bandwidth since last reset) calculated.  TotalIn: 30 GB  โ€ข  TotalOut: 8.0 GBSep 11 03:04
DaemonFCIt has grapefruit juice in it.Sep 11 03:04
highest_cubist_thrillsideally you wouldnt use non-free software either, but its immoral to write itSep 11 03:04
highest_cubist_thrillsif he started offering pepsi as non-free software, then he would be a hypocriteSep 11 03:05
techrights-ipfs-botโ˜ž New daily bulletin is now being generated and assembled.Sep 11 03:05
DaemonFCI think Stallman should back away from the Pepsi.Sep 11 03:05
highest_cubist_thrillsits a known fact that stallman will use non-free software for trivial tasks, such as looking up something online (but not as a habit)Sep 11 03:06
DaemonFCPutin Cola. The secret ingredient is Ricin.Sep 11 03:07
highest_cubist_thrillsmost people who call him a hypocrite either dont know his position, or dont care what it isSep 11 03:07
highest_cubist_thrillsvery few people will ever go to the trouble he has though, to do what they think is the right thing to doSep 11 03:08
highest_cubist_thrillsnor will many people ever get so much shit for being so unhypocritical.Sep 11 03:08
XRevan86starstreak: `$ uname -r / 5.19.8-1-default`Sep 11 03:09
starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, i think its hypocritical to demand source code when he doesn't demand recipesSep 11 03:09
XRevan86starstreak: Your move.Sep 11 03:09
starstreak[britney@archbtw ~]$ uname -rSep 11 03:09
starstreak5.19.7-arch1-1Sep 11 03:09
starstreakhmmmSep 11 03:09
starstreaku got .8Sep 11 03:09
highest_cubist_thrillsi think youre confusing recipes with softwareSep 11 03:10
DaemonFC 11 03:10
highest_cubist_thrillswhen you stop doing that, you might realise why it probably isnt hypocrisySep 11 03:10
highest_cubist_thrillsthey have plenty in commonSep 11 03:10
starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, source code is just a recipe for softwareSep 11 03:11
highest_cubist_thrillsthats clever, but not intellectually honestSep 11 03:11
highest_cubist_thrillsthere are applicable differences, and if you want me to outline them for you, i dont think youve justified the charge of hypocrisySep 11 03:11
techrights-newsCOVID-19 Vaccination in the United Kingdom Stalled (Even Young People Almost Stopped Taking It) 11 03:11
starstreakphanes?Sep 11 03:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ ยป Blog Archive ยป COVID-19 Vaccination in the United Kingdom Stalled (Even Young People Almost Stopped Taking It)Sep 11 03:11
highest_cubist_thrillsme?Sep 11 03:12
starstreakyeah you sound like phanesSep 11 03:12
highest_cubist_thrillsim flattered, but noSep 11 03:12
highest_cubist_thrillsdefinitely not phanesSep 11 03:12
highest_cubist_thrillshes a smart guy, we have plenty of differencesSep 11 03:12
highest_cubist_thrillsincluding politicalSep 11 03:13
starstreakyou must be phanesSep 11 03:13
highest_cubist_thrillshes libertarianSep 11 03:13
starstreakonly phanes would think phanes is smartSep 11 03:13
highest_cubist_thrillsi guess now there are twoSep 11 03:13
highest_cubist_thrillsbut that means you think i sound stupidSep 11 03:13
highest_cubist_thrillswhich doesnt make what you said about stallman any more intellectually honestSep 11 03:14
schestowitz[TR]I thought it was mateySep 11 03:14
schestowitz[TR]or yesterdaySep 11 03:14
schestowitz[TR]another nymSep 11 03:14
schestowitz[TR]thought it was mateySep 11 03:14
starstreaki know :(Sep 11 03:14
starstreaki miss mateySep 11 03:14
starstreakattack surface!Sep 11 03:14
DaemonFC 11 03:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | TikTokโ€™s In-App Browser Includes Code That Can Monitor Your Keystrokes, Researcher SaysSep 11 03:14
schestowitz[TR]attack btwSep 11 03:14
XRevan86"only phanes would think phanes is smart" <- Who's this XRevan86 person? They sound borderline brilliant.Sep 11 03:15
starstreakmy hostname is archbtw lolSep 11 03:15
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: not just tiktokSep 11 03:15
schestowitz[TR]it's become "normalised"Sep 11 03:15
highest_cubist_thrillsoh, youre britneySep 11 03:15
schestowitz[TR]#ExitWebSep 11 03:15
schestowitz[TR]:-)Sep 11 03:15
starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, yesSep 11 03:15
highest_cubist_thrillsi missed you tooSep 11 03:15
schestowitz[TR]hi mateySep 11 03:15
starstreakoh you're matey?Sep 11 03:15
highest_cubist_thrills/me nodsSep 11 03:15
schestowitz[TR]0/Sep 11 03:15
schestowitz[TR]wbSep 11 03:15
*starstreak jumps in excitementSep 11 03:15
highest_cubist_thrillshiSep 11 03:15
starstreakattack surfaceSep 11 03:16
schestowitz[TR]techuser missed yyyouSep 11 03:16
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Oh. I watched Demobbed, BTW.Sep 11 03:16
schestowitz[TR]*youSep 11 03:16
highest_cubist_thrillswhat did you think of demobbedSep 11 03:16
starstreakwelcome back mateySep 11 03:16
highest_cubist_thrillscheersSep 11 03:16
starstreakits been a few days since phanes was onlineSep 11 03:17
highest_cubist_thrillshe will be back im sureSep 11 03:17
starstreakphanes is also bagiraSep 11 03:17
highest_cubist_thrillsyes, i knowSep 11 03:17
highest_cubist_thrillsi dont cycle nyms muchSep 11 03:17
highest_cubist_thrillsyes, i was gnunited_fruitSep 11 03:17
highest_cubist_thrillsi like this betterSep 11 03:17
starstreakwhy did you delete your email account?Sep 11 03:17
highest_cubist_thrillsits a long storySep 11 03:18
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: It wasn't as good as I thought it would be.Sep 11 03:18
schestowitz[TR]hmmm.. the gemini capsules locked up 24 hours agoSep 11 03:19
schestowitz[TR]fixing it, probably a deadlock, dstale lock fileSep 11 03:19
starstreakmy computer probably hates meSep 11 03:19
techrights-news2110 active Gemini capsules known to Lupa gemini:// 11 03:19
starstreaki keep generating a.i art lolSep 11 03:19
techrights-ipfs-bot(โ„น) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 11 03:20
schestowitz[TR]Oh, I think I know what happened, the connection died while it was refreshing the capsuleSep 11 03:20
highest_cubist_thrillsi keep generating a.i art lol <- what are you using to generate itSep 11 03:20
starstreakStable DiffusionSep 11 03:20
highest_cubist_thrills<XRevan86> highest_cubist_thrills: It wasn't as good as I thought it would be <- i loved it, i wonder what you were hoping forSep 11 03:20
highest_cubist_thrillsinterestingSep 11 03:21
highest_cubist_thrillsgithub, no doubt! like everything elseSep 11 03:21
starstreakyup!Sep 11 03:21
starstreaklolSep 11 03:21
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: I think it was more novel for you because ye are not familiar with Russian television series.Sep 11 03:21
starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, my resume is on github pages :DSep 11 03:21
starstreakfree webspace is niceSep 11 03:21
XRevan86It felt too much like a Russian TV production. Which it is I guess.Sep 11 03:21
highest_cubist_thrills 11 03:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-GitHub - CompVis/stable-diffusionSep 11 03:22
highest_cubist_thrills<starstreak> free webspace is nice <- so is free cheeseSep 11 03:22
starstreakfree cheese would be awesomeSep 11 03:22
highest_cubist_thrillsbut if you see any sitting on a giant spring loaded metal lever, just leave itSep 11 03:22
highest_cubist_thrillsfree kool aid is nice too...Sep 11 03:22
starstreaklolSep 11 03:22
highest_cubist_thrillsbut not alwaysSep 11 03:22
starstreaki use github and vscodeSep 11 03:23
highest_cubist_thrillsfree as in kool aidSep 11 03:23
highest_cubist_thrills<starstreak> i use github and vscod <- its a wonder i like you at allSep 11 03:23
XRevan86I did like many scenes from it though.Sep 11 03:23
starstreakvscode is awesomeSep 11 03:23
highest_cubist_thrillswhich was your favouriteSep 11 03:23
starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, cuz im just trolling u lolSep 11 03:23
highest_cubist_thrillsaww :)Sep 11 03:23
highest_cubist_thrillsyou do use vscode though, ive seen the iconSep 11 03:24
starstreaki havent used it in like a monthSep 11 03:24
highest_cubist_thrillsbut what are you using?Sep 11 03:24
highest_cubist_thrills"i havent edited code in like a month" :)Sep 11 03:24
starstreaknothing but nano atmSep 11 03:24
highest_cubist_thrillsbetter nano than vscodeSep 11 03:24
starstreaklol yes i havent edited code in like a monthSep 11 03:24
highest_cubist_thrillsi stopped using nano because the author is a ttraitorSep 11 03:25
techrights-newsOn the World Wide Web, 25 Years is an Eternity | Techrights โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 03:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | On the World Wide Web, 25 Years is an Eternity | TechrightsSep 11 03:25
highest_cubist_thrillsbut at least its not on github ehSep 11 03:25
starstreakvscode has cool thinks like autocompletion and formattingSep 11 03:25
starstreakwhats wrong with nano?Sep 11 03:25
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: But nano is kaniini approved.Sep 11 03:25
highest_cubist_thrills/me replaced nano with je which is... not exactly a perfect nano replacement (its huge)Sep 11 03:25
starstreakhow is the author of nano a traitor?Sep 11 03:25
highest_cubist_thrills But nano is kaniini approved. <- kaniini, as far as i know, signed the same thing the nano author didSep 11 03:26
highest_cubist_thrillsbut considering that almost NO ONE unsigned itSep 11 03:26
techrights-newsHeavy rain all day long on Bank/Monarchy Holiday Money gemini:// 11 03:26
highest_cubist_thrillsand considering that one of the almost none that did runs this placeSep 11 03:26
highest_cubist_thrillsand has everyones supportSep 11 03:26
highest_cubist_thrillsANDSep 11 03:26
highest_cubist_thrillsAND!Sep 11 03:26
highest_cubist_thrillsconsidering that they had one of the least offensive justifications for doing so in the first placeSep 11 03:27
starstreakguhnew slash linucksSep 11 03:27
highest_cubist_thrillsit hardly makes sense to tar them with the same brushSep 11 03:27
highest_cubist_thrillsi meanSep 11 03:27
highest_cubist_thrillsone of the things about cancel culture is youre not allowed to winSep 11 03:27
highest_cubist_thrillsif someone out of 3000 people is going to be the least obnoxious of the 3000Sep 11 03:27
highest_cubist_thrillscredit where credit is due, right?Sep 11 03:28
highest_cubist_thrillsbut that doesnt get the nano author off the hookSep 11 03:28
highest_cubist_thrillsi know there are innocent people on the listSep 11 03:28
starstreaki canceled braveSep 11 03:28
starstreaki switched back to firefox todaySep 11 03:28
highest_cubist_thrillslet them demonstrate some innocense, like she didSep 11 03:28
highest_cubist_thrills i switched back to firefox today <- i did that onceSep 11 03:29
highest_cubist_thrillswhatd you switch from?Sep 11 03:29
starstreaki was using braveSep 11 03:29
highest_cubist_thrills/me tries to demonstrate some spelling tooSep 11 03:29
highest_cubist_thrills<starstreak> guhnew slash linucks <- id donate to openbsd to hear theo say this just once...Sep 11 03:29
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Oh, I should have known ye are matey, the way ye use "<-" is a dead give away.Sep 11 03:29
highest_cubist_thrillsbut not if it kills himSep 11 03:30
highest_cubist_thrills the way ye use "<-"  <- i was holding back on that until britney guessedSep 11 03:30
highest_cubist_thrillsif anyone other than britney had guessed i would have kept quietSep 11 03:30
starstreak:)Sep 11 03:30
XRevan86I also use it like that, but I wrap the quotation in quotation marks, which is conventional.Sep 11 03:30
highest_cubist_thrillsonce it was clear it was me, no reason not to <- Sep 11 03:31
highest_cubist_thrillsit did slip once or twiceSep 11 03:31
highest_cubist_thrillsbut I wrap the quotation in quotation marks <- i would but too lazySep 11 03:31
highest_cubist_thrillsits a good idea nonethelessSep 11 03:31
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Did ye take that from me, by the way?Sep 11 03:31
highest_cubist_thrillsnot consciously, but who knowsSep 11 03:31
highest_cubist_thrillswhen i see somethign that makes sense to me, ill often adopt itSep 11 03:32
starstreak"I'm your worst nightmare"Sep 11 03:33
highest_cubist_thrillsroflSep 11 03:33
highest_cubist_thrillseric s ramboSep 11 03:34
XRevan86I used to use a quotation and then a dash but then I saw a bridge to IRC use "<-" and figured that looks more clear (and more standardised).Sep 11 03:34
highest_cubist_thrills 11 03:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Weird Al Yankovic UHF Rambo Scene - InvidiousSep 11 03:34
highest_cubist_thrillsid be lying if i said i dont find that sort of thing interesting XRevan86, but it is temptingSep 11 03:35
highest_cubist_thrillsim pretty certain its just you and meSep 11 03:36
XRevan86And the bridges :).Sep 11 03:36
highest_cubist_thrillsoh they probably just "needed" to for some practical reasonSep 11 03:36
highest_cubist_thrillseven they dont careSep 11 03:36
highest_cubist_thrillsjust usSep 11 03:36
starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, you should make a Theo De Raadt sound boardSep 11 03:37
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: The reason is the same: how to put a quote and a reply into one IRC message (one line).Sep 11 03:37
highest_cubist_thrillswhats a sound board (other than a high end alternative to a chip on a mainboard)Sep 11 03:37
highest_cubist_thrillslike 4chan is an image board? but for sound?Sep 11 03:37
starstreaka sound board is a board full of buttons that you click to listen to one linersSep 11 03:38
highest_cubist_thrillsfunnily enoughSep 11 03:38
highest_cubist_thrillswhen i was in high schoolSep 11 03:38
highest_cubist_thrillsi wanted to get a bunch of chips that would hold one sample Sep 11 03:38
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Them Matrices and Discords have rich text replies, and the bridge has to convert that into a line of plain text in a way that looks good.Sep 11 03:38
highest_cubist_thrillsthe bridge has to convert that into a line of plain text <- you dont mean actual rtf, just "rich text" right?Sep 11 03:39
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Anonymous but for sound?Sep 11 03:39
highest_cubist_thrillsi dont think so Sep 11 03:39
highest_cubist_thrillsbut that was what i imagined at firstSep 11 03:39
highest_cubist_thrillsalso obvious logical problem is obvious-- sound is far less anonymous than images and textSep 11 03:40
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Not rtf, just that a message can have a property "reply".Sep 11 03:40
highest_cubist_thrills/me nodsSep 11 03:40
techrights-news"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done. Make at least one definitive move daily toward your goal." gemini:// 11 03:41
highest_cubist_thrills/me forks vrms to vtdrSep 11 03:41
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Also sound is slow to process by people, so having a board for sound would be miserable.Sep 11 03:41
highest_cubist_thrillsvrms just complains about non-free softwareSep 11 03:41
highest_cubist_thrillsvtdr complains about excess whitespaceSep 11 03:42
XRevan86Telegram Premium has a feature: ability to disable voice messages.Sep 11 03:42
XRevan86Might be a reason why some people would pay real money for that (:Sep 11 03:42
highest_cubist_thrillsi thought the client was "free software", why cant it do that?Sep 11 03:42
XRevan86Well, it sounds like a server thing anyway, as it should forbid the other side from sending the forbidden message type.Sep 11 03:43
highest_cubist_thrillsoh okaySep 11 03:43
highest_cubist_thrillsyeahSep 11 03:43
highest_cubist_thrillsi imagined clients getting sound messages "whether you like them or not"Sep 11 03:43
highest_cubist_thrillsi dunno what about using debian would make me imagine such a ridiculous abuse of users...Sep 11 03:44
techrights-newsCommands to Sync Time with NTP Server in Linux <p class="dropcap-first"> <a class="readon" title="Linux Hint" href="">Read on</a>Sep 11 03:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Commands to Sync Time with NTP Server in LinuxSep 11 03:44
XRevan86In that case one can just not listen to them. But that's not exactly the same.Sep 11 03:44
highest_cubist_thrillshahahaSep 11 03:44
highest_cubist_thrillsand like the soviet union, free software used to existSep 11 03:44
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: "i dunno what about using debian would make me imagine such a ridiculous abuse of users..." <- Huhโ€ฆSep 11 03:45
highest_cubist_thrillsusually when one of the lines i say seems entirely non-sequitorSep 11 03:46
highest_cubist_thrillsits a reference to the line IMMEDIATELY before itSep 11 03:46
highest_cubist_thrills i imagined clients getting sound messages "whether you like them or not"Sep 11 03:46
highest_cubist_thrillsi dunno what about using debian would make me imagine such a ridiculous abuse of users...Sep 11 03:46
techrights-newsRemember when mobile phones run for WEEKS without charge? Who's "dumb" now? 11 03:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Garmin Reacts to Apple Watch Ultra: 'We Measure Battery Life in Months. Not Hours.' - MacRumorsSep 11 03:46
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: I got that these are connected, but that didn't make me understand your line of thinking.Sep 11 03:47
highest_cubist_thrillsyou said it was about the server. i got that part, but i was saying ORIGINALLY i imagined the client not being ablt to do anything about itSep 11 03:47
highest_cubist_thrillsin other wordsSep 11 03:47
highest_cubist_thrillsyou can "just not listen" :)Sep 11 03:47
highest_cubist_thrillsbut your free client cant do shit about itSep 11 03:47
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean people have been tryign to remove systemd from debian for yearsSep 11 03:47
highest_cubist_thrillsthats the only connectionSep 11 03:48
highest_cubist_thrillsbut its a connection between actual debian and the imagined telegram client that makes you listen to shit you dont want to Sep 11 03:48
XRevan86The free client can parse the message out but that's not in any way more useful than just ignoring the messages.Sep 11 03:48
highest_cubist_thrillsbut that's not in any way more useful than just ignoring the messages <- so spam is a non-issue on that platform?Sep 11 03:48
XRevan86It's more about that the sender will expect the message to be heard after they sent it.Sep 11 03:48
highest_cubist_thrillsi thought we were talking about audio originallySep 11 03:48
highest_cubist_thrillsbeing able to mute audio isnt uselessSep 11 03:49
highest_cubist_thrillsi think there were about three miscommunications in a row that got us here :)Sep 11 03:49
highest_cubist_thrillsnot just one or twoSep 11 03:49
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Um, well, it's not going to autoplay, that's ridiculous.Sep 11 03:49
highest_cubist_thrillsits probably my fault, but that doesnt change the factSep 11 03:49
highest_cubist_thrillsthat's ridiculous. <- hence my remark about debianSep 11 03:49
highest_cubist_thrills"i dunno what about using debian would make me imagine such a ridiculous abuse of users..."Sep 11 03:49
XRevan86I get it now.Sep 11 03:50
highest_cubist_thrillsi knew you wouldSep 11 03:50
highest_cubist_thrillsanyone else woudl have given up two minutes agoSep 11 03:50
highest_cubist_thrills/me still has a copy of vinnie pooh on here somewhereSep 11 03:50
XRevan86I guess I got the reputation of being thorough :).Sep 11 03:50
highest_cubist_thrillsthere are worse things to have a reputation for than trying to understand peopleSep 11 03:51
highest_cubist_thrillsits a pretty rare trait these daysSep 11 03:51
highest_cubist_thrillsimagine if everyone did thatSep 11 03:51
highest_cubist_thrills O_OSep 11 03:51
XRevan86Ain't nobody got time for thatSep 11 03:51
highest_cubist_thrillslol riteSep 11 03:51
techrights-newsHow Audible steals from creators " You can't just give them a tool to convert Audible files to MP3s or even another DRM format."Sep 11 03:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Pluralistic: 07 Sep 2022 We published an Audible Exclusive about the monopolistic abuses of Audible โ€“ Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory DoctorowSep 11 03:54
highest_cubist_thrillsdouglas adams got stopped by the police in china one timeSep 11 03:54
highest_cubist_thrillsbecause he had put a small headlight on his bicycleSep 11 03:54
techrights-newsThe Stubborn Computing Manifesto 11 03:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Stubborn Computing Manifesto | datagubbe.seSep 11 03:54
highest_cubist_thrillsthe police said to himSep 11 03:54
highest_cubist_thrills"how would it be if everyone did that?"Sep 11 03:54
highest_cubist_thrillsive read many, many things by douglas adamsSep 11 03:55
highest_cubist_thrillsmostly fictional, some non-fictionalSep 11 03:55
highest_cubist_thrillsthis is one of the ones that really stuck out :)Sep 11 03:55
techrights-newsHow Classes and Objects Work in Python 11 03:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How Classes and Objects Work in Python - Earthly BlogSep 11 03:55
techrights-news"Engineers 3D print materials with networks of sensors directly incorporated." 11 03:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | New programmable materials can sense their own movements | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySep 11 03:56
XRevan86"how would it be if everyone did that?" <- Easier for everyone? I don't knowโ€ฆSep 11 03:56
techrights-news"They can and do; when artificial intelligence programmers stopped trying to copy the human neuron, they made much better progress" 11 03:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Can Computer Neural Networks Learn Better Than Human Neurons? | Mind MattersSep 11 03:56
techrights-newsChinese game company appointed the worldโ€™s first humanoid robot as its CEO โš“ ไท‰ Source: Interesting Engineering | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 03:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Chinese game company appointed the worldโ€™s first humanoid robot as its CEOSep 11 03:57
highest_cubist_thrillsi still dont get it reallySep 11 03:57
highest_cubist_thrillsbut its in the salmon of doubt if you ever care to read it (again)Sep 11 03:57
techrights-newsHuawei just beat the iPhone 14 to a key new feature 11 03:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Huawei just beat the iPhone 14 to a key new feature | TechRadarSep 11 03:58
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–โ–…โ–…โ–ƒโ–‡โ–ˆโ–†โ–†โ–†โ–‡โ–‡โ–„โ–„โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–ˆโ–†โ–…โ–…โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–…โ–โ–†โ–‚โ–ƒโ–†โ–‡โ–‡โ– avg(k/sec) 31.35 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–ˆโ–โ–†โ–‡โ–ˆโ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–ˆโ–โ–ƒโ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–โ– avg(k/sec) 74.43โ–• swarm size (avg): 145.95  โŸฒSep 11 03:59
highest_cubist_thrillsi suppose theres also a small chance it was in the meaning of liffSep 11 04:00
XRevan86"Huawei just beat the iPhone 14 to a key new feature" <- "A toad fscked a viper"Sep 11 04:02
techrights-newsAstraZeneca sales of COVID-19 products: there are now well under 1,000 new adopters per day 11 04:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ ยป Blog Archive ยป COVID-19 Vaccination in the United Kingdom Stalled (Even Young People Almost Stopped Taking It)Sep 11 04:02
techrights-newsTechDirt turns 25 and we too expect to reach 25 (weโ€™ve future-proofed everything) 11 04:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | On the World Wide Web, 25 Years is an Eternity | TechrightsSep 11 04:03
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: If ye think it's a weird Russian saying, ye'd be right :)Sep 11 04:03
schestowitz[TR]huawei is bigger than appleSep 11 04:03
schestowitz[TR]ignore wall street fraudSep 11 04:03
schestowitz[TR]apple is not worth muchSep 11 04:03
schestowitz[TR]my dad told me eysterday apple "earning warning" was imminentSep 11 04:03
schestowitz[TR]they have no value to offerSep 11 04:04
schestowitz[TR]just branding BS and financial instrumentsSep 11 04:04
XRevan86Is Huawei smartphone business bigger than Apple iPhone?Sep 11 04:04
techrights-news#Techrights Bulletin for Saturday, September 10, 2022 full archive: #gnu #linux #freesw #plaintextSep 11 04:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Bulletin ArchivesSep 11 04:06
techrights-news#Techrights full #IPFS index updated just now available as plain text @ #dweb #sharingSep 11 04:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Techrights Full IPFS IndexSep 11 04:06
schestowitz[TR]XRevan86: company sizesSep 11 04:06
schestowitz[TR] 11 04:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Huawei - WikipediaSep 11 04:07
schestowitz[TR]it's also military contractorSep 11 04:07
schestowitz[TR]Number of employees197,000Sep 11 04:07
XRevan86The saying means that the competition is between unappealing adversaries, and one doesn't care about the outcome or the process.Sep 11 04:07
schestowitz[TR]Apple 154,000Sep 11 04:08
schestowitz[TR]XRevan86: I don'\t buy their productsSep 11 04:08
highest_cubist_thrillsgiafam = gifam?Sep 11 04:08
XRevan86Huawei is big, but its smartphone business shrank a lot too.Sep 11 04:08
highest_cubist_thrillsif they merged with nokia, they could be called noweiSep 11 04:09
highest_cubist_thrillsbut theres probably nowei that would happenSep 11 04:09
XRevan86Why would I care about Chinese satellites anyway? Or is it just the principle that they thought of the same idea and shipped it first?Sep 11 04:09
highest_cubist_thrillsi thought russians thought of it firstSep 11 04:10
schestowitz[TR]huakiaSep 11 04:10
highest_cubist_thrillsgesundheitSep 11 04:10
schestowitz[TR]<XRevan86> Huawei is big, but its smartphone business shrank a lot too.Sep 11 04:10
schestowitz[TR]wonder huaiSep 11 04:10
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Russia doesn't really have phone manufacturing.Sep 11 04:10
schestowitz[TR]'free' marketSep 11 04:11
highest_cubist_thrillsi was thinking of sputnikSep 11 04:11
highest_cubist_thrillsthe original oneSep 11 04:11
XRevan86Satellite phones are not a new thing either.Sep 11 04:11
highest_cubist_thrillsdefinitely notSep 11 04:11
schestowitz[TR]turns out the West only wanted china for its sweatshops (slaves)Sep 11 04:11
schestowitz[TR]china was not 'supposed' to make products of its ownSep 11 04:12
highest_cubist_thrillsturns out the West only wanted china for its sweatshops (slaves) <- this is not surprisingSep 11 04:12
schestowitz[TR]they're just rented as slavesSep 11 04:12
XRevan86They merged it with a cellular phone, and that the hype.Sep 11 04:12
highest_cubist_thrillsi cant imagine how awful the service would beSep 11 04:12
schestowitz[TR]the queen dying is symbolic of the western power's demiseSep 11 04:12
schestowitz[TR]end end of BE relicsSep 11 04:12
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean, satellite internet is known for terrible and unreliable bandwidth-- exactly what you dont want for voiceSep 11 04:13
schestowitz[TR]*and endSep 11 04:13
schestowitz[TR]kind charles is "lame duck"Sep 11 04:13
highest_cubist_thrillsim sure they compress the fuck out of itSep 11 04:13
schestowitz[TR]*kingSep 11 04:13
schestowitz[TR]nobody here takes him too seriouslySep 11 04:13
highest_cubist_thrillsbut thats exactly what people hated about old cell phonesSep 11 04:13
schestowitz[TR]the brother of pdeo drewSep 11 04:13
XRevan86schestowitz: Is the Gorbachev's death symbolic of anything?Sep 11 04:13
schestowitz[TR]that tooSep 11 04:13
schestowitz[TR]I thought this hours agoSep 11 04:13
highest_cubist_thrillsXRevan86: the triumph of capitalism?Sep 11 04:13
schestowitz[TR]when reading an article about himSep 11 04:14
schestowitz[TR]queen and gorby days apartSep 11 04:14
schestowitz[TR]and philipSep 11 04:14
schestowitz[TR]the TRUMP of capitalismSep 11 04:14
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: I'm not a very imaginative person so my answer is: human mortality.Sep 11 04:14
schestowitz[TR]the traitor is not dead yetSep 11 04:14
schestowitz[TR]"well, he's dead"Sep 11 04:14
highest_cubist_thrills/me didnt know Gorbachev was still aroundSep 11 04:14
schestowitz[TR]"we came, we saw, he diedSep 11 04:14
schestowitz[TR]"Sep 11 04:14
highest_cubist_thrills(yes i realise hes not now)Sep 11 04:14
highest_cubist_thrills(so TECHNICALLY i was right, but theres a nuance)Sep 11 04:14
schestowitz[TR]btw,  thunberg got buriedSep 11 04:15
DaemonFCstarstreak lumps me in with people who want to bring back 8 track tapes because I think Gecko 78 should still work on the Web.Sep 11 04:15
schestowitz[TR]the media changes to another agendaSep 11 04:15
DaemonFCThere's no important new functionality on the Web site of the electric company, or my bank.Sep 11 04:15
DaemonFCWhy should my existing Web browser stop working if the site doesn't do anything that's useful that requires a new API?Sep 11 04:15
DaemonFCThe electric company wants the new APIs in order to run tracking malware.Sep 11 04:16
DaemonFCI suspect that the bank wants them for the same reason.Sep 11 04:16
highest_cubist_thrillsi guess climate change isnt a problem then, thats greatSep 11 04:16
highest_cubist_thrillswell, thank god, for a minute i was worriedSep 11 04:16
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: He lived a long live unlike Yeltsin who didโ€ฆ that: 11 04:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ัะฟะธั‚ัŒัั - WiktionarySep 11 04:16
DaemonFCThe electric company still works well enough to pay my bills in Firefox, with NoScript, and with some of the domains not allowed to run JavaScript.Sep 11 04:16
XRevan86* lifeSep 11 04:16
DaemonFCThis is probably as good as it's going to get from here on out with ComEd.Sep 11 04:17
DaemonFCIronically, the bank Web site that stopped working in SeaMonkey also works more slowly in Firefox, if you block the tracking garbage.Sep 11 04:17
techrights-newsLOL. "Free Source Foundation" 11 04:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Learn C Programming with Richard Stallman on Linux! - InvidiousSep 11 04:18
DaemonFCThe code from the main site, which is needed for the bank's site to work, actually pauses anything from loading about halfway in, waits about 8 seconds, then gives up and allows the rest of the banking application to work.Sep 11 04:18
starstreak<DaemonFC> starstreak lumps me in with people who want to bring back 8 track tapes because I think Gecko 78 should still work on the Web. <- yesSep 11 04:19
DaemonFCThe rendering capabilities of Gecko in SeaMonkey are a little farther along than Firefox 78 ESR was.Sep 11 04:19
highest_cubist_thrills/me remembers Gorbachev being old decades agoSep 11 04:20
techrights-ipfs-bot(โ„น) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 11 04:20
DaemonFCI don't think that this should cause a major breakdown on _any_ Web site considering that you used to be able to use Web browsers that hadn't been updated much at all for 8 years.Sep 11 04:20
highest_cubist_thrillshe must have been like 120 when he diedSep 11 04:20
highest_cubist_thrillsthey build that old soviet shit to lastSep 11 04:20
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR] was talking about when the Web was actually a Web of pages with links, and highly centered on documents that people read.Sep 11 04:21
*Noisytoot has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Sep 11 04:21
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: He was 91, Elizabeth was 96.Sep 11 04:21
DaemonFCIn that environment, even Netscape 4 was enough, really.Sep 11 04:21
highest_cubist_thrillshe was surely 30% lada by the time he diedSep 11 04:21
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: yeahSep 11 04:21
highest_cubist_thrillshe was a lot younger when i thought he was a lot olderSep 11 04:21
schestowitz[TR]now it's like a VMSep 11 04:21
schestowitz[TR]yesterday I saw a list of DICOM views "for chrome"Sep 11 04:22
*Noisytoot has quit (Quit: ZNC 1.8.2 - 11 04:22
schestowitz[TR]you'd be right to say, WTF has a browser have to do with viewing 3d objects??Sep 11 04:22
DaemonFCThe Web is not really a VM. It's a lot worse than that.Sep 11 04:22
highest_cubist_thrillswebgl, or somethingSep 11 04:22
schestowitz[TR]it became just a set of application APIs and system calls with browser system levelSep 11 04:22
schestowitz[TR]like Adobe Trash but worseSep 11 04:22
highest_cubist_thrillsmozilla/linuxSep 11 04:23
DaemonFCWith WASM, you get mjg59_'s "This is Fine." "security" model of run arbitrary binaries in your browser and just hope the sandbox isn't breached.Sep 11 04:23
schestowitz[TR]more powerful and versatile, even DRM  _BUILT  IN_Sep 11 04:23
DaemonFCEven though you use an Intel processor and there's probably attacks on those that you can pull off.Sep 11 04:23
highest_cubist_thrillsgnu is implemented in webgl and mozilla is implemented in rustSep 11 04:23
highest_cubist_thrills"we needed to get drm into gnu, we figured this was the best way other than gnu moving to github"Sep 11 04:23
*Noisytoot (~noisytoot@tkbibjhmbkvb8.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 04:23
*highest_cubist_thrills has quit (connection closed)Sep 11 04:24
DaemonFCIt's Revenge of the NaCl.Sep 11 04:24
*Noisytoot (~noisytoot@freenode/user/Noisytoot) has joined #techrightsSep 11 04:24
DaemonFC(WASM is.)Sep 11 04:24
*highest_cubist_thrills (~highest_cubist_thri@6byxczt6txq2u.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 04:24
DaemonFCAnd Web browsers are Attack of the Chrome Clones.Sep 11 04:24
techrights-news"What people have done to him is unfair and cruel, accuse him... of what? Of making rational, inquisitive comments? Even if someone didn't like them, it is within his rights to make them. Or is there no more freedom of expression?" 11 04:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Testimonies, Letters, Writings, and More | Stallman SupportSep 11 04:24
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: don't worry, mozilla is serious about securitySep 11 04:25
schestowitz[TR]it means businessSep 11 04:25
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], Even if what you're doing isn't illegal, or disgusting, or distasteful, disagreeing with mjg59_ will probably get you hate mail and letters to your ISP asking them to disconnect you.Sep 11 04:25
schestowitz[TR]it hired from "The Company"Sep 11 04:25
schestowitz[TR]directlySep 11 04:25
DaemonFCHe's Irish so not used to living in a democracy.Sep 11 04:25
schestowitz[TR]career path: uni, cia, then mozilla CSOSep 11 04:25
DaemonFCBut he claims to be an American now, even though he'll never be one.Sep 11 04:26
schestowitz[TR]career path: genetics, red hat, 'secrity' geniusSep 11 04:26
highest_cubist_thrillsim not here to make jokes about russian brides, per seSep 11 04:26
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean i think that comedy wise thats tapped outSep 11 04:26
highest_cubist_thrillsbut just the name of the website, is what i find hilariousSep 11 04:26
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], People in Ireland found out how "free" they are during COVID.Sep 11 04:26 Sep 11 04:26
DaemonFCThings got even more oppressive there than they did in Illinois under Pritzker.Sep 11 04:26
highest_cubist_thrillsif you saw a dating app called "toyotadate" what would you imagine?Sep 11 04:27
DaemonFCOr mjg59_'s adopted state of California, where Governor Nuisance told them they were on home confinement while he had maskless dinner parties at a $700 a plate restaurant in violation of his own public health order.Sep 11 04:27
highest_cubist_thrillsgranted, they technically have that...Sep 11 04:27
highest_cubist_thrillsthey just call it tinderSep 11 04:28
DaemonFCThey just quietly opened the restaurant up for rich people and slipped the Governor in.Sep 11 04:28
schestowitz[TR]toy over-the-air dateSep 11 04:28
DaemonFCAnd he didn't reckon anyone would photograph it.Sep 11 04:28
highest_cubist_thrillsthey have that tooSep 11 04:28
schestowitz[TR]sounds like a wanking |"app"Sep 11 04:28
highest_cubist_thrillsbut its called something elseSep 11 04:28
DaemonFCThey called a recall election and the majority voted to continue with the stupid bastard.Sep 11 04:28
DaemonFCThey're talking about trying to run Gavin Newsom for POTUS.Sep 11 04:29
DaemonFCLOLSep 11 04:29
DaemonFCIt'll be the biggest electoral wipeout since Walter Mondale.Sep 11 04:29
DaemonFCNobody outside of California is that dumb.Sep 11 04:29
techrights-newsSnal 1.21 is released, based on Arch, uses i3 11 04:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Snal Linux download | SourceForge.netSep 11 04:29
highest_cubist_thrills/me wont use apps for datingSep 11 04:29
highest_cubist_thrillsif i need google to manage my love life im just going to take up stamp collecting or somethingSep 11 04:30
schestowitz[TR]never used appsSep 11 04:30
highest_cubist_thrillsyouve been married for like a decadeSep 11 04:30
DaemonFCTrump doesn't seem to actually care that his sticking around is damaging the Republican Party and fucking up winnable elections.Sep 11 04:30
highest_cubist_thrillsand youre definitely not in the lifestyleSep 11 04:31
DaemonFCHis interference in the Illinois election all but ensures we get Prickster again.Sep 11 04:31
schestowitz[TR]dating is a lifestyle?Sep 11 04:31
DaemonFCHe's stayed quiet on the Illinois Supreme Court elections. I do plan to vote for Mark Curran.Sep 11 04:31
highest_cubist_thrillsit is when youre marriedSep 11 04:31
DaemonFCThere's two seats that might be flipped and we only need to flip one of them to get rid of the Democratic Party majority on the Supreme Court.Sep 11 04:32
schestowitz[TR]some people date based on some old profile photo from 2 decades agoSep 11 04:32
DaemonFCThey can start the shredder and ruin almost everything the Democrats are passing into law as soon as they retake the court.Sep 11 04:32
highest_cubist_thrillsi imagine that happens sometimesSep 11 04:32
highest_cubist_thrillssince theres a term for itSep 11 04:32
techrights-newsshikokuchuo{net}: nanonext - a web toolkit โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 04:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | shikokuchuo{net}: nanonext - a web toolkitSep 11 04:34
DaemonFCI think we can flip the Supreme Court seat where I'm at.Sep 11 04:34
techrights-news"If you've ever wondered how our boards are made, you're in luck today! This behind the scenes video gives you a front row seat to every step of production of the QuickLogic Thing Plus, from the components getting soldered on all the way to packing the red box that ends up in your mailbox." 11 04:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Board's Eye Point of View - News - SparkFun ElectronicsSep 11 04:35
DaemonFCIf you look at the primary, there were about 20,000 more votes for Republicans than there were for the Democrats. It's a matter of getting them out to vote and getting them to vote for Curran, and the Republicans have this one in the bag.Sep 11 04:35
DaemonFCBye bye FOID Act.Sep 11 04:35
DaemonFCIf you look at how the prosecutors use the FOID Act, it's useless. Right? It gets guns out of the hands of almost zero criminals. It stops no crime. But the damage is very real, because when they charge a criminal with the FOID Act, there's always at least 5-6 other crimes on the indictment. Actual crimes other than not having a card that "permits" you a Constiuttional right.Sep 11 04:36
DaemonFCWhen they charge FOID by itself, it's always some guy that has no criminal record, they just got him with a FOID Card violation and stopped no crime because he wasn't planning to attack anyone.Sep 11 04:37
DaemonFCHe didn't have drugs, he didn't shoot anyone. He probably just let the card expire.Sep 11 04:37
DaemonFCAnd now we have to stop and have a trial, which costs a million dollars, and put him in prison, and take a husband and father out of the home and ruin the lives of his children.Sep 11 04:38
DaemonFCThat's pretty much all the Democrats do with these laws.Sep 11 04:39
techrights-news"I do not know that I have felt that sense of transcendence, and believe I am probably missing out both on strong emotional connections with others and on an ability to contribute effectively to society (to a society, to any society) by lacking the strong motivation that comes from knowing that making other people happier makes me happier, because I am with them." 11 04:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Transcendence | Structure and Interpretation of Computer ProgrammersSep 11 04:40
highest_cubist_thrillsXRevan86: 11 04:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | This Video Caused An International Incident! - InvidiousSep 11 04:40
techrights-newsGenerators Of Disagreement With AI Alignment - by George โš“ ไท‰ Source: George | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 04:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Generators Of Disagreement With AI Alignment - by GeorgeSep 11 04:41
highest_cubist_thrillshe did get banned from russia (permanently) about a month or two laterSep 11 04:41
highest_cubist_thrillswhich is too bad, he was nearly done crossing the entire thing Sep 11 04:41
highest_cubist_thrills(piecemeal)Sep 11 04:41
techrights-newsEvery billionaire is a factory for producing policy failures 11 04:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Pluralistic: 08 Sep 2022 Billionaires as policy-failure factories; In Real Life, in real life โ€“ Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory DoctorowSep 11 04:42
techrights-newsNo More Invasive Surgeryโ€”This Pacemaker Dissolves Instead 11 04:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | No More Invasive Surgeryโ€”This Pacemaker Dissolves Instead - IEEE SpectrumSep 11 04:43
techrights-newsPredators inside the home. Smart or dumb? 11 04:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Podcast: Insurers come for the smart home - Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysisSep 11 04:45
techrights-newsPluralsight is a very microsofty thing, i.e. back doors and cult-like BS. Avoid.Sep 11 04:48
techrights-news"Izyum has fallen. Russian troops are abandoning weapons and stores and fleeing on foot or surrendering. Itโ€™s a collapse reminiscent of the fall of France to the Nazis in 1940. A general was even captured alive. Folks in Russia are calling for the removal of Putin. Life is good and getting better. Now, the world needs to deal with Trumpโ€ฆ" 11 04:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How The Mighty Are Falling | Robert PogsonSep 11 04:50
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–†โ–…โ–„โ–†โ–…โ–†โ–…โ–…โ–โ–…โ–†โ–โ–‡โ–โ–†โ–‡โ–‡โ–โ–†โ–‡โ–‡โ–ƒโ–„โ–‡โ–…โ–„โ–‡โ–‡โ–‡โ–‡โ–โ–„โ–†โ– avg(k/sec) 28.78 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–โ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–…โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–โ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 66.13โ–• swarm size (avg): 150.80  โŸฒSep 11 04:59
DaemonFCUgh, one of my new pair of jeans didn't even make it through the laundry once!Sep 11 05:00
starstreaklolSep 11 05:01
starstreakim rendering "pokemon drug dealer" and im gonna see the result of that oneSep 11 05:01
*Noisytoot has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Sep 11 05:03
*Noisytoot (~noisytoot@tkbibjhmbkvb8.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 05:04
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: colour faded?Sep 11 05:04
*highest_cubist_thrills has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Sep 11 05:05
techrights-news"By their nature, supply chains are notoriously messy, complex and opaque. Fundamental issues remain hidden in the shadows, whether they be child and forced labor, deforestation or the impact of climate change." 11 05:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Itโ€™s Time to Address the Poor Quality of Supply Chain Data | SupplyChainBrainSep 11 05:07
techrights-news"In order to build successful machine learning solutions, there are certain fundamental ideas that everyone involved needs to understand. In this blog post, we look at three key early stages of the design process that managers can focus on to ensure that the project is headed toward a successful outcome." 11 05:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Improving Machine Learning Outcomes | by John Hawkins | Towards Data ScienceSep 11 05:08
techrights-news"Researchers have quantum entangled atomic clocks, allowing them to be synchronised more accurately. Such entangled clocks could be used to study dark matter and gravity more precisely" 11 05:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Two atomic clocks have been quantum entangled for the first time | New ScientistSep 11 05:09
techrights-newsPushing the Frontiers of Mathematical Research 11 05:10
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Pushing the Frontiers of Mathematical Research | News | Communications of the ACMSep 11 05:10
highest_cubist_thrillscrackemon, i choose you!Sep 11 05:11
techrights-newsLamboozling Attackers: A New Generation of Deception 11 05:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Lamboozling Attackers: A New Generation of Deception | June 2022 | Communications of the ACMSep 11 05:11
highest_cubist_thrillsits super effectiveSep 11 05:11
highest_cubist_thrillsits super addictiveSep 11 05:11
highest_cubist_thrillsyou got any crack?Sep 11 05:13
highest_cubist_thrillscmon man, i used to be in team rocket!Sep 11 05:13
starstreakcocaine is a hell of a drugSep 11 05:16
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schestowitz[TR]it used to be coca cola ingredientSep 11 05:21
DaemonFC<schestowitz[TR]> DaemonFC: colour faded?Sep 11 05:22
DaemonFCYeah, dye came out of just one spot.Sep 11 05:22
DaemonFCGRRRSep 11 05:22
techrights-newsThe Disappearance Of 4chan user 'Strah' gemini:// 11 05:22
DaemonFCThe guy said they don't want it back and I'd get a refund on my card soon.Sep 11 05:24
DaemonFCSince there's nothing to lose, I might try using some Rit dye on it in the bathtub.Sep 11 05:24
highest_cubist_thrillsfuck yo couchSep 11 05:27
DaemonFCYeah, it is a rather cheap couch.Sep 11 05:50
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–„โ–„โ–…โ–ˆโ–‡โ–‡โ–†โ–†โ–„โ–‚โ–†โ–…โ–„โ–…โ–‡โ–†โ–†โ–„โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–…โ–†โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–†โ–‡โ–ƒโ–†โ–‡โ–†โ–‡โ–‚โ–โ–‡โ–†โ–„โ– avg(k/sec) 32.71 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–…โ–‡โ–ˆโ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–†โ–โ–ˆโ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–โ–โ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ– avg(k/sec) 97.20โ–• swarm size (avg): 162.48  โŸฒSep 11 05:59
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starstreak<highest_cubist_thrills> fuck yo couch <- XDSep 11 06:22
starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, i guess your attack surface is the malware bootloader (the browser)Sep 11 06:23
starstreakattack surfaceSep 11 06:23
psydruid 11 06:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Intel Price Hike To Affect Upcoming CPUs, Motherboard Chipsets & Other Components In Q4, Up To 20% IncreaseSep 11 06:24
highest_cubist_thrills :)Sep 11 06:25
psydruidBecause our margins aren't high enough yet, so let's squeeze them a bit moreSep 11 06:25
highest_cubist_thrills"this is stupid dad, cmon, lets just delete the malware, we can do it together-- ive got a keyboard, lets go"Sep 11 06:28
highest_cubist_thrills"no scott, im not going to 'delete the malware'"Sep 11 06:28
highest_cubist_thrills"im going to subject it to a series of elaborate mitigations designed to let the malware run but in a way that wont affect overall security"Sep 11 06:29
highest_cubist_thrills"mitigations"Sep 11 06:29
highest_cubist_thrillstheo: "randomise the kernel address space"Sep 11 06:34
highest_cubist_thrillsfrau "RANDOMISE THE KERNEL ADDRESS SPAAAAAACEEEE!"Sep 11 06:34
highest_cubist_thrills"initiate the 'laser'"Sep 11 06:34
highest_cubist_thrills"INITIATE THE LASEEERRR!!"Sep 11 06:34
highest_cubist_thrills"start the network applications"Sep 11 06:35
highest_cubist_thrills"START THE NETWORK APPLICATIONS!!!!"Sep 11 06:35
highest_cubist_thrills"i use volcano lair os btw"Sep 11 06:36
highest_cubist_thrills"no mini me, stop humping the .rc files-- get a frikkin room already"Sep 11 06:37
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–‡โ–โ–…โ–†โ–ƒโ–ƒโ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–ƒโ–ƒโ–„โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–โ–โ–†โ–‡โ–…โ–ƒโ–โ–…โ–„โ–ˆโ–„โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–‚โ–…โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ– avg(k/sec) 32.30 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–โ–ˆโ–โ–‚โ–†โ–ƒโ–„โ–ƒโ–‚โ–ˆโ–โ–‡โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–‚โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–โ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–„โ–…โ–โ–ˆโ–โ– avg(k/sec) 50.41โ–• swarm size (avg): 129.06  โŸฒSep 11 06:59
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starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, inferno OS, based on plan9Sep 11 07:38
starstreak"Who is this Koopa Clown" -MarioSep 11 07:54
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–โ–…โ–„โ–†โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–„โ–ƒโ–‚โ–ˆโ–„โ–…โ–†โ–…โ–โ–„โ–…โ–ƒโ–‡โ–ƒโ–„โ–‡โ–„โ–‡โ–…โ–ƒโ–โ–„โ–‚โ–‚โ–ƒโ–ƒโ–„โ–…โ– avg(k/sec) 33.03 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–‚โ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ– avg(k/sec) 129.06โ–• swarm size (avg): 127.88  โŸฒSep 11 07:59
techrights-news"I am ashamed to admit that I never played much of the original DOOM when it came out or in the decades since" โ˜› | Source: GamingOnLinuxSep 11 08:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Voxel Doom brings voxel goodness to the original DOOM | GamingOnLinuxSep 11 08:01
techrights-news"Starlight Children's Foundation Bundle" โ˜› | Source: GamingOnLinuxSep 11 08:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Starlight Children's Foundation Bundle has a really odd selection | GamingOnLinuxSep 11 08:01
techrights-news"There was a time when 5 MB was the reasonable maximum size for an email attachment." โ˜› | Source: OpenSource.comSep 11 08:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-5 ways to resize and optimize images for the web on Linux | Opensource.comSep 11 08:03
techrights-news"open-source and low-cost Time of Flight (ToF) cameras" โ˜› | Source: Linux GizmosSep 11 08:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 520 @ )Sep 11 08:04
techrights-news"This tutorial will show you how to get latest version of Debian GNU/Linux operating system from the internet for desktop" โ˜› | Source: UbuntubuzzSep 11 08:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Debian Downloading Guide for BeginnersSep 11 08:05
techrights-newschatcontrol 11 08:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tyska regeringen splittrad om #ChatControlSep 11 08:05
techrights-news"Boris went to Eton, a sort of Hogwarts for wankers, where you get taught Latin and tax avoidance whilst wearing full evening dress" 11 08:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Dissecting the BoJo phenomenon ยซ Econ4Sep 11 08:06
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techrights-newsLiz Trump โ˜› | Source: TruthOutSep 11 08:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | UKโ€™s New Prime Minister Makes No Apologies for Favoring the WealthySep 11 08:43
techrights-news"To divert people away from piracy, legal streaming services warn of the unreliability of illegal streaming sites" โ˜› | Source: Torrent FreakSep 11 08:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Football Fans Turn Pirate as Another Legal Streaming Service Falls Over * TorrentFreakSep 11 08:44
techrights-news"Radioactivity has always been a fascinating phenomenon for anyone interested in physics" โ˜› | Source: HackadaySep 11 08:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Flexible Radiation Monitoring System Speaks LoRa And WiFi | HackadaySep 11 08:53
techrights-news"Mathematical transforms can be a great help in understanding signals." โ˜› | Source: HackadaySep 11 08:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Understanding Wavelets | HackadaySep 11 08:54
techrights-newsRotary โ˜› | Source: HackadaySep 11 08:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Open Source Rotary Cell Phone, Two Years Later | HackadaySep 11 08:55
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–…โ–ƒโ–†โ–‡โ–…โ–„โ–…โ–„โ–ˆโ–…โ–†โ–ƒโ–ƒโ–„โ–„โ–‚โ–†โ–…โ–โ–…โ–‚โ–โ–‡โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–†โ–โ–„โ–‡โ–…โ– avg(k/sec) 36.21 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–‚โ–„โ–…โ–โ–โ–ˆโ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–โ– avg(k/sec) 80.51โ–• swarm size (avg): 132.73  โŸฒSep 11 08:59
techrights-newsFarmworkers โ˜› | Source: Common DreamsSep 11 09:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Opinion | A Farmworker Speaks Truth to Power in Washington | Sarah AndersonSep 11 09:04
techrights-news"The trend for cyberdecks has brought us many takes on the home-made portable computers" โ˜› | Source: HackadaySep 11 09:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-2022 Cyberdeck Contest: The Folding Mini-Deck | HackadaySep 11 09:06
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techrights-news"Any software that accepts user input must take some effort to sanitize incoming data" โ˜› | Source: HackadaySep 11 09:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Big List Of Naughty Strings Helps Find Those User Input Problems | HackadaySep 11 09:07
techrights-news"We recently posted a video where some ingenious metal-shop hackers made a simple jig to create zig-zag oil grooves" โ˜› | Source: HackadaySep 11 09:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Who Is Responsible For Your Safety? | HackadaySep 11 09:07
techrights-newsOn copyrights โ˜› | Source: Dallas NewsSep 11 09:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Why copyright is a bad fit for the internet ageSep 11 09:09
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techrights-news[Old] "In an early sign that this trial would scar publishingโ€™s romantic image" โ˜› | Source: VoxSep 11 09:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The antitrust trial of Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster, explained - VoxSep 11 09:09
techrights-news"The latest Raspberry Pi OS release saw a beta of Network Manager, a tool new to the Raspberry Pi that replaces dhcpcd as a means to manage networking on the Pi." โ˜› | Source: Tom's HardwareSep 11 09:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a Wi-Fi Access Point | Tom's HardwareSep 11 09:13
techrights-news"That said, at the time in the mid noughties this greytrapping setup was announced, we had been battling scammy spam email and malicious software that also abused email to spread for some years" โ˜› |Sep 11 09:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | That grumpy BSD guy: The Things Spammers Believe - A Tale of 300,000 Imaginary FriendsSep 11 09:15
techrights-news"When I migrated my web server to OpenBSD some months ago (finally!) I decided to move from cgit to gotwebd too" โ˜› | Source: Omar PoloSep 11 09:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Running gotwebd behind nginxSep 11 09:15
techrights-news"There is potential in this OS, but it needs to work a bit harder on its outreach." โ˜› | Source: Liam ProvenSep 11 09:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | liam_on_linux | A fresh look at FreeBSDSep 11 09:16
techrights-newsIRC Proceedings: Saturday, September 10, 2022 | Techrights โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 09:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC Proceedings: Saturday, September 10, 2022 | TechrightsSep 11 09:17
techrights-ipfs-bot(โ„น) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 11 09:20
techrights-news"As is the usual way of things, the monthly Activity Report is hereby combined with my Contract Report" โ˜› | Source: HaikuOSSep 11 09:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Haiku Activity & Contract Report, August 2022 | Haiku ProjectSep 11 09:22
techrights-news"All variants of the Open Source Hardware Linux computer A64-OLinuXino now are back in stock!" โ˜› | Source: OlimexSep 11 09:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A64-OLinuXino Open Source Hardware Linux computer is back in stock | olimexSep 11 09:23
techrights-news"I have merged the first WebSockets take into the curl master branch." โ˜› |Sep 11 09:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Danielโ€™s weekly report | logSep 11 09:23
techrights-news"Is this string really a legitimate URL? What is a URL? How is it parsed?" โ˜› | Source: Daniel StenbergSep 11 09:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-http://http://http://@http://http://?http://#http:// | daniel.haxx.seSep 11 09:23
techrights-news[Old] "Contra Chrome" โ˜› |Sep 11 09:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Contra Chrome โ€“ a webcomicSep 11 09:24
techrights-news"SQLite as a database โ€“ Fossil uses SQLite as a database instead of Git's object model." โ˜› | Source: Matt RickardSep 11 09:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | SQLite Doesn't Use GitSep 11 09:24
techrights-news"What I do appreciate that's missing from many other languages and systems is the extreme committment to backwards compatibility." โ˜› |Sep 11 09:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Not Your Grandfatherโ€™s PerlSep 11 09:26
techrights-news[Old] "CPAN was the first open-source software module repository." โ˜› | Source: CoRecursiveSep 11 09:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-CPAN This Day In History - CoRecursive PodcastSep 11 09:26
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): 10 Destructive Linux Commands You Should Never Run โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 09:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” 10 Destructive Linux Commands You Should Never RunSep 11 09:26
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Today's ๐˜›๐˜ถ๐˜น ๐˜”๐˜ข๐˜ค๐˜ฉ๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด HowTos โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 09:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” today's howtosSep 11 09:29
techrights-newsHow to Avoid Overfitting? โ˜› | Source: RlangSep 11 09:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-How to Avoid Overfitting? | R-bloggersSep 11 09:30
techrights-news"POSIX has become the standard for operating systems abstractions and interfaces over the decades." โ˜› | Source: USENIXSep 11 09:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Transcending POSIX: The End of an Era? | USENIXSep 11 09:32
techrights-news"The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report released Friday warned some Iridium Communications mobile satellite services" โ˜› | Source: India TimesSep 11 09:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Ligado: Pentagon warns of GPS interference from Ligado broadband network, CIO News, ET CIOSep 11 09:33
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techrights-newsAccessibility, Jitsi, IRC, Element-Desktop 11 09:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Politics, accessibility, books โ€“ Experiences in the communitySep 11 09:36
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): MiTubo 1.3: sorting of QML ListView via Drag-Drop โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 09:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” MiTubo 1.3: sorting of QML ListView via Drag-DropSep 11 09:43
techrights-newsSipeed MetaSense RGB ToF 3D depth cameras are made for MCUs - ROS Robots (Crowfunding) - CNX Software โš“ ไท‰ Source: CNX SoftwareSep 11 09:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Sipeed MetaSense RGB ToF 3D depth cameras are made for MCUs & ROS Robots (Crowfunding) - CNX SoftwareSep 11 09:44
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Standards/Consortia: Accessibility, UNIX, and GPS โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 09:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Standards/Consortia: Accessibility, UNIX, and GPSSep 11 09:45
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techrights-news"Khadas is launching an upgraded version of its VIM1 SBC Arm-powered SBC, which launched in 2016. The new VIM1S, as reported by CNX Software (opens in new tab), is a low-powered board that could still give the Raspberry Pi 4 (opens in new tab) a run for its money in the low-power computing sector." 11 09:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Khadas VIM1S Low-Power SBC Gets Processor Refresh | Tom's HardwareSep 11 09:47
techrights-newsโ€œIf I speak I am in big troubleโ€ฆand I don't want to be in big trouble." 11 09:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Chess World Is Absolutely Losing It Over Cheating Allegations After Massive UpsetSep 11 09:49
techrights-newsRadxa Lifts Lid on Eight-core Compute Module To Take On Raspberry Pi | Tom's Hardware โš“ ไท‰ Source: Tom's Hardware | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 09:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Radxa Lifts Lid on Eight-core Compute Module To Take On Raspberry Pi | Tom's HardwareSep 11 09:50
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techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Open Hardware/Modding: Raspberry Pi, Radxa, Khadas, Arduino, and More โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 09:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Open Hardware/Modding: Raspberry Pi, Radxa, Khadas, Arduino, and MoreSep 11 09:53
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techrights-news"This weekโ€™s BSD Now includes a link to, a way to install BSD using a rescue boot environment, which is going to come in handy for someone reading this. I know Iโ€™ve linked to it before." 11 10:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | BSD Now 471: De-Penguinization โ€“ DragonFly BSD DigestSep 11 10:00
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Sharing Dual-Licensed Drivers between Linux and FreeBSD โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 10:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Sharing Dual-Licensed Drivers between Linux and FreeBSDSep 11 10:00
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techrights-newsMicrosofters portrayed as security experts; they put BACK DOORS in things! 11 10:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Major security bugs are a long-term threat: Here's why and what's next - SiliconANGLESep 11 10:03
techrights-newsProprietary software 11 10:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Google rolls out update for high-severity vulnerability in Chrome - SiliconANGLESep 11 10:03
techrights-newsBut these devices themselves re vulnerable 11 10:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Navigating the path to passwordless authentication - CyberScoopSep 11 10:04
techrights-newsQuake 1 port to Apple Watch 11 10:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Quake Ported to Apple Watch in Stunning Doom SnubSep 11 10:05
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Security Leftovers โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 10:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Security LeftoversSep 11 10:09
techrights-news"My binoculars are not powerful enough to actually view the disc, but the brightness of it certainly was attention-getting. The brightness is not well-captured in Stellarium, but this gives you an idea of the position of it..." gemini:// 11 10:10
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Games: Doom, Quake, and More โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 10:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Games: Doom, Quake, and MoreSep 11 10:15
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Programming LeftoversSep 11 10:33
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Haiku Activity Report and BSDs Catchup โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 10:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Haiku Activity Report and BSDs CatchupSep 11 10:33
techrights-newsLinks 11/09/2022: MiTubo 1.3 and Haiku Activity Report | Techrights โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 10:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Links 11/09/2022: MiTubo 1.3 and Haiku Activity Report | TechrightsSep 11 10:40
techrights-newsRuario's Journal [extract]: Penny 'splaining gemini:// 11 10:43
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techrights-news"Opponents of the current student debt forgiveness proposal" โ˜› | Source: Teen VogueSep 11 10:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Student Loan Forgiveness Critics Are Wrong About Who Benefits and Why | Teen VogueSep 11 10:49
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techrights-news"In this wobbly economic moment, I thought that sharing the best actual-career advice Iโ€™ve come across might be marginally useful." โ˜› | Source: The AtlanticSep 11 10:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Your Career Is Just One-Eighth of Your Life - The AtlanticSep 11 10:50
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techrights-news"How the polarizing effect of social media is speeding up" โ˜› | Source: NPRSep 11 11:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How the polarizing effect of social media is speeding upSep 11 11:04
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techrights-news"cryptocurrency donation to the university is a $300,000 gift from Balvi" โ˜› |Sep 11 11:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ASU receives 1st cryptocurrency gift to support clean air work | ASU NewsSep 11 11:04
techrights-news"Using smartphones for longer intervals of time changes brain chemistry." โ˜› |Sep 11 11:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 51+ Scary Smartphone Addiction Statistics for 2022Sep 11 11:05
techrights-news[Old] "At least 4 of the following signs and symptoms are thought to comprise criteria for cell phone addiction" โ˜› |Sep 11 11:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Signs and Symptoms of Cell Phone Addiction - PsychGuides.comSep 11 11:06
techrights-news[Old] "The same rules apply on computer and mobile-based social media sites" โ˜› | Source: Psychology TodaySep 11 11:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The New Skinner Box: Web and Mobile Analytics | Psychology TodaySep 11 11:06
techrights-news"I know that social media may potentially mess me up" โ˜› | Source: MediumSep 11 11:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Psychology Behind the Urge to Check Your Phone | by Victoria Bondarchuk | SkillUp Ed | MediumSep 11 11:06
techrights-news[Old] "We're entering the age of Skinnerian Marketing" โ˜› | Source: The AtlanticSep 11 11:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Skinner Marketing: We're the Rats, and Facebook Likes Are the Reward - The AtlanticSep 11 11:07
techrights-news[Old] "When the animal pushes the button or lever, the box is able to deliver a positive reinforcement" โ˜› |Sep 11 11:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Skinner Box: What Is an Operant Conditioning Chamber?Sep 11 11:07
techrights-news"[...] This study is one of the first ones that assess the interplay between the two formation mechanisms in the extant literature on smartphone addiction." โ˜› |Sep 11 11:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | OUCISep 11 11:08
techrights-news[Old] "Evidence supports predictive roles of non-social smartphone use for smartphone addiction" โ˜› | Source: NIHSep 11 11:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A Double-Edged Impact of Social Smartphone Use on Smartphone Addiction: A Parallel Mediation Model - PMCSep 11 11:09
techrights-news[Old] "The signs and symptoms of smartphone addiction are similar to those of other addictions such as compulsive gambling" โ˜› |Sep 11 11:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Smartphone Addiction: How Technology Affects Public Health | University of Nevada, RenoSep 11 11:09
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techrights-newsWindows TCO โ˜› | Source: VOA NewsSep 11 11:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Ukraine Warns Russian Cyber Onslaught Is Comingย Sep 11 11:12
techrights-news"Generative machine learning models have made convincing voice synthesis a reality." โ˜› | Source: USENIXSep 11 11:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Who Are You (I Really Wanna Know)? Detecting Audio DeepFakes Through Vocal Tract Reconstruction | USENIXSep 11 11:12
techrights-news"Nearly all art functions in just a single direction by allowing the viewer to admire its beauty, creativity, and construction." โ˜› | Source: ArduinoSep 11 11:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | This piece of art knows when it's being photographed thanks to tinyML | Arduino BlogSep 11 11:13
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techrights-news"The lawsuit, filed on August 29, is part of a broader push for stronger limits" โ˜› | Source: Fast CompanySep 11 11:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Kochavaโ€™s FTC feud reveals eerie truths about geo-privacySep 11 11:21
techrights-news"Upon reading this guide, we hope you will feel empowered to contribute to test lists!" โ˜› | Source: OONISep 11 11:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | User Guide: OONI Test Lists Editor | OONISep 11 11:21
techrights-news"I think that some type of ankle bracelet should be used to monitor where a person is moving around." โ˜› | Source: YLESep 11 11:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Stricter enforcement of restraining orders likely in 2023 | News | Yle UutisetSep 11 11:21
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techrights-news"they were aware of the risks" โ˜› | Source: IT WireSep 11 11:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-iTWire - Investor lawsuit against SolarWinds over breach dismissedSep 11 11:43
techrights-news"VPN adoption has seen steady growth over the past decade due to increased public awareness of privacy and surveillance threats." โ˜› | Source: USENIXSep 11 11:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | OpenVPN is Open to VPN Fingerprinting | USENIXSep 11 11:43
techuserhighest_cubist_thrills: I did say that I did sign anti-RMS letter as well as reasons why I did it, actuallySep 11 11:46
techuserI don't like the big FSF company/organization/whatever it is called. It makes me think it is corrupt.Sep 11 11:47
schestowitz[TR]techuser: what do you suggest as an alternative to FSF?Sep 11 11:49
schestowitz[TR]functions needed:Sep 11 11:49
schestowitz[TR]support gnu projectSep 11 11:49
schestowitz[TR]provide hostingSep 11 11:49
schestowitz[TR]licence authorshipSep 11 11:49
schestowitz[TR]licence enforcementSep 11 11:49
schestowitz[TR]advocacySep 11 11:49
schestowitz[TR]among othersSep 11 11:49
techusercould be done by volunteers, except there are too few real volunteersSep 11 11:50
techusermost people want moneySep 11 11:50
techrights-newsConfidentiality: "We investigate how a population of end-users with especially salient security and privacy" โ˜› | Source: USENIXSep 11 11:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | "It's stressful having all these phones": Investigating Sex Workers' Safety Goals, Risks, and Practices Online | USENIXSep 11 11:51
schestowitz[TR]techuser: many at fsf are volunteersSep 11 11:51
schestowitz[TR]the core structure is salariedSep 11 11:51
loneri decided to freeze and terminateSep 11 11:55
techrights-news"Iโ€™ve seen some mediocre automated translations of my Dutch language resignation statement go round" โ˜› | Source: Bert HubertSep 11 11:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | On my resignation as regulator of the Dutch intelligence and security services - Bert Hubert's writingsSep 11 11:55
schestowitz[TR]loner: 11 11:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) - Fire and Ice - InvidiousSep 11 11:56
schestowitz[TR] 11 11:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Terminator T-1000 Frozen breaking down recreation scene - InvidiousSep 11 11:57
loneri don't blame FSF or RMS or GNUSep 11 11:57
lonerif they really pushed towards free software by the definition of it, almost the entire user-base and industry support was lostSep 11 11:58
techuserok, so they will instead let corporations take over them and make it all irrelevantSep 11 11:59
lonerthe line drawn down to "free hardware" too seems mostly arbitrary, which benefits those corporationsSep 11 12:00
lonerand is harmful to free software itselfSep 11 12:00
techrights-news"Twitter did not seek Defendantsโ€™ consentโ€ฆ before making this payment nor was this payment disclosed to Defendants" โ˜› | Source: VarietySep 11 12:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Elon Musk: Twitter $7.75M Severance Payment to Fired Exec Nixes Deal - VarietySep 11 12:01
techuserfree software will be destroyed by evil hardware I thinkSep 11 12:01
techuser"secure boot" and whateverSep 11 12:01
techrights-news"Last month, Zatko made headlines by accusing Twitter of misleading investors about the number of bots on the service" โ˜› | Source: The VergeSep 11 12:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Elon Musk sends a third notice to Twitter and the SEC to end the deal - The VergeSep 11 12:01
lonervendor/ISA-specific assembly, the compiler, the toolchain, the entire build-system (GNU autotools)... i lost hope for any of thisSep 11 12:01
techrights-newsUS TAXPAYERS BAILING OUT FAILING COMPANIES! (Reward for failure) "Intel had previously delayed the plantโ€™s July groundbreaking ceremony because its plans largely relied โ€œon funding from the CHIPS Act,โ€" โ˜› | Source: The VergeSep 11 12:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | President Joe Biden speaks after groundbreaking for Intelโ€™s $20 billion semiconductor plant - The VergeSep 11 12:02
techrights-news"The website Downdetector, which notes when various websites are experiencing issues" โ˜› | Source: The HillSep 11 12:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Twitter outages across US sparked by social media frenzy following Queenโ€™s death | The HillSep 11 12:02
lonerapropos Intel... remember this, i couldn't at least afford some tiniest office and lab space in my _own_ homelandSep 11 12:03
schestowitz[TR]ask bailout biden for moneySep 11 12:03
lonerall of the sudden, Intel sneaks around, and politicians dumb billions into thisSep 11 12:03
loner*dumpSep 11 12:03
techrights-news"The underlying bill would grant newsrooms that employ fewer than 1,500 full-time employees" โ˜› | Source: The HillSep 11 12:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Hillicon Valley โ€” Klobuchar pulls committee vote on tech bill | The HillSep 11 12:04
lonersame with IBM and other such Pentagon entities who usurped the economySep 11 12:04
schestowitz[TR]you just need some lobbyists in berlinSep 11 12:04
schestowitz[TR]something about "too big to fai;"Sep 11 12:05
schestowitz[TR]and "threat of china'Sep 11 12:05
schestowitz[TR]and bloop! tens fof billions is your ledgerSep 11 12:05
schestowitz[TR]from the atxpayers (debt)Sep 11 12:05
schestowitz[TR]causing further inflationSep 11 12:05
schestowitz[TR]devaluing the currencySep 11 12:05
schestowitz[TR]which is what paper-printing does (money)Sep 11 12:05
schestowitz[TR]so inflation is another 'hidden tax' for bailout of the oligarchs and corporationsSep 11 12:05
schestowitz[TR]food must be expenses because the gov. feeds only the richSep 11 12:06
schestowitz[TR]capitalism works because taxpayers chip in and tighten their belts :-Sep 11 12:07
schestowitz[TR]happened in 2008 for Big BanksSep 11 12:07
schestowitz[TR]now Tech Companies tooooSep 11 12:07
lonerwell, yes, those two "currency reforms" were combined with exactly this, expropriations, former east-german scientific and economic companies transferred into a "trust fund"Sep 11 12:07
schestowitz[TR]"national security"... "sorry, classified"... don't interfereSep 11 12:07
lonerand excess inflationsSep 11 12:07
loneri consider this _economic_ warfare, and those responsible war criminalsSep 11 12:08
schestowitz[TR][throw in some pseduso-0scientific ecnonomic jargon]Sep 11 12:08
schestowitz[TR]like "quantitive easing"Sep 11 12:08
schestowitz[TR]"you don't understand, Michael"Sep 11 12:08
schestowitz[TR]"stay out of it"Sep 11 12:08
schestowitz[TR]*quantitative easingSep 11 12:09
schestowitz[TR]Quantitative tightening tooSep 11 12:09
schestowitz[TR]they make it upSep 11 12:09
schestowitz[TR]lik e a religionSep 11 12:09
lonereven if, the entire accounting is fraudulentSep 11 12:09
schestowitz[TR]and award people who read out the screedSep 11 12:09
lonerrecently, the energy sector is the most remarkable, to have a look atSep 11 12:09
lonerthe highest level of intellect currently: energy which doesn't exist, shall be saved, prices increased for, taxation increased for, and consumption loweredSep 11 12:10
techrights-news"The union was voluntarily recognized after a card check took place on Friday afternoon" โ˜› | Source: Hollywood ReporterSep 11 12:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Conde Nast Union Voluntarily Recognized โ€“ The Hollywood ReporterSep 11 12:10
techrights-news"This video makes it clear that these officers decided they were going to arrest Pastor Jennings" โ˜› | Source: NPRSep 11 12:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A Black pastor sues the police who arrested him while watering his neighbors' flowersSep 11 12:10
lonerhowever... the energy they wish-thinked with their solar panels and wind-turbines, doesn't existSep 11 12:10
lonerit's all subsidy fraud and scamSep 11 12:10
lonereven when sun is shining and wind is blowing, there isn't almost none, "renewable energy"Sep 11 12:11
lonerthat's their latest one, gas prices in germany are 8x higher than in USA currentlySep 11 12:11
techrights-news"ETNO, Europe's lobby for telecoms operators, said in a report in May that more than half of the global network traffic is attributable to six firms" โ˜› | Source: India TimesSep 11 12:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | netflix: EU to consult on making Big Tech contribute to telco network costs, CIO News, ET CIOSep 11 12:11
techrights-news[Old] "I agree with ClownFlare's analogy, the fire department should respond to a fire at any home" โ˜› |Sep 11 12:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | I ran the worlds largest DDoS-for-Hire empire and CloudFlare helpedSep 11 12:12
techrights-news"His complaint accuses Apple and Google of "completely inhibit(ing) competition" by "taking advantage of their monopoly in app stores to tie use of their own payment processing systems for in-app purchases."" โ˜› | Source: India TimesSep 11 12:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Apple: Google, Apple facing anti-competitive complaint in Mexico, CIO News, ET CIOSep 11 12:13
techrights-news68: Photonic Super Computers Are Here! We Discuss This Radical Shift In Technology - Hardware Addicts - TuxDigital โš“ ไท‰ Source: Tux Digital | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 12:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-68: Photonic Super Computers Are Here! We Discuss This Radical Shift In Technology - Hardware Addicts - TuxDigitalSep 11 12:15
techrights-news213: Linux From Scratch, Blender, WINE Bottles, Steam Deck, Ubuntu Gaming and more Linux news! - This Week in Linux - TuxDigital โš“ ไท‰ Source: Tux Digital | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 12:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-213: Linux From Scratch, Blender, WINE Bottles, Steam Deck, Ubuntu Gaming and more Linux news! - This Week in Linux - TuxDigitalSep 11 12:15
techrights-ipfs-bot(โ„น) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 11 12:20
techrights-newsIntroducing Nils, Our New Team Member - Boiling Steam โš“ ไท‰ Source: Boiling Steam | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 12:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Introducing Nils, Our New Team Member - Boiling SteamSep 11 12:20
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Today's ๐˜›๐˜ถ๐˜น ๐˜”๐˜ข๐˜ค๐˜ฉ๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด HowTos โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 12:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” today's howtosSep 11 12:26
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techrights-newsDaily-Driving the PinePhone gemini:// 11 12:33
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techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Gemini Articles of Interest โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 12:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Gemini Articles of InterestSep 11 12:44
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techrights-news[RFC PATCH 00/10] Apple M1 Pro/Max/Ultra device trees - Janne Grunau โš“ ไท‰ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 12:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [RFC PATCH 00/10] Apple M1 Pro/Max/Ultra device trees - Janne GrunauSep 11 12:56
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): FLAC 1.4.0 released โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 12:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” FLAC 1.4.0 releasedSep 11 12:56
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–†โ–โ–ƒโ–„โ–†โ–‡โ–…โ–…โ–‡โ–†โ–…โ–‚โ–ƒโ–…โ–„โ–…โ–โ–‚โ–…โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–‚โ–†โ–†โ–ƒโ–†โ–„โ–…โ–ƒโ–ƒโ–†โ–…โ– avg(k/sec) 22.65 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–‚โ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–โ– avg(k/sec) 72.35โ–• swarm size (avg): 156.23  โŸฒSep 11 12:59
techrights-news[patch RFC 00/29] printk: A new approach - WIP - Thomas Gleixner 11 13:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [patch RFC 00/29] printk: A new approach - WIP - Thomas GleixnerSep 11 13:01
techrights-newsIntel is trying to optimise for PARTICULAR applications. Seems like a totally flawed approach, more bloat assured. Like different code for different hardware and software!!! 11 13:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-oneVPL Support Added to FFMPEG for Great Streaming on Intelยฎ GPUsSep 11 13:03
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techrights-newsLinux Around The World: USA - Tennessee - LinuxLinks <p class="dropcap-first"> <a class="readon" title="Linux Links" href="">Read on</a>Sep 11 13:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Linux Around The World: USA - Tennessee - LinuxLinksSep 11 13:10
techrights-news"Tennessee is a state in the Southeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by Kentucky to the north, Virginia to the northeast, North Carolina to the east, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi to the south, Arkansas to the southwest, and Missouri to the northwest." 11 13:11
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XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: <- That's a long video.Sep 11 13:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@Invidious: 11 13:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights--> | This Video Caused An International Incident! - InvidiousSep 11 13:26
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techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Security Leftovers โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 13:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Security LeftoversSep 11 13:32
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Today's ๐˜›๐˜ถ๐˜น ๐˜”๐˜ข๐˜ค๐˜ฉ๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด Leftovers โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 13:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” today's leftoversSep 11 13:33
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highest_cubist_thrills<techuser> free software will be destroyed by evil hardware I think <- free software is mitigated by evil hardwareSep 11 13:36
highest_cubist_thrillsfree software is destroyed by apathy and fake progressSep 11 13:36
techuseralso agreedSep 11 13:37
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highest_cubist_thrillsevil hardware is a threat, which is why free software must also have free hardwareSep 11 13:37
techrights-newsLinks 11/09/2022: FLAC 1.4.0 and Twitter Gives Whistle-Blower $7.75 Million โ€™Hush Moneyโ€™ | Techrights โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 13:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Links 11/09/2022: FLAC 1.4.0 and Twitter Gives Whistle-Blower $7.75 Million โ€˜Hush Moneyโ€™ | TechrightsSep 11 13:37
highest_cubist_thrillsfortunately some people realise that, like leahSep 11 13:38
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highest_cubist_thrillsits too bad stallman doesnt see itSep 11 13:38
highest_cubist_thrillsstallman does see it, slightly. but he argues against the idea about as much as he sees the needSep 11 13:38
highest_cubist_thrillslike "yes, someday, but not today"Sep 11 13:39
highest_cubist_thrillsthats sort of like saying "we will defend ourselves after they kill us". but thats the part he DOESNT seeSep 11 13:39
highest_cubist_thrillscomputer chips are being fabricated in carparks by hobbyistsSep 11 13:40
highest_cubist_thrillsthe time for free hardware to matter is nowSep 11 13:40
highest_cubist_thrillsit will only be more difficult later. why would later be better then? the answer is stallman is wrongSep 11 13:40
highest_cubist_thrillsi can tell you who also thinks later is better (for arbitrary, non-reasons)Sep 11 13:41
highest_cubist_thrillsbut it would make no difference to say Sep 11 13:41
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highest_cubist_thrillssince free software is a dead movement, free hardware might as well rise imoSep 11 13:42
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highest_cubist_thrillshowever, free hardware will someday (and once again, today is better than someday) realise that they still need free softwareSep 11 13:43
highest_cubist_thrillsa lot of people will think, incorrectly, that if the hardware is free the software neednt be, because hardware trumps softwareSep 11 13:43
highest_cubist_thrillsthis is the same mistake stallman makes today, but from the other side of itSep 11 13:43
highest_cubist_thrillsso yeah, free hardware will still need free softwareSep 11 13:44
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highest_cubist_thrillsleah knows that, so in a very technical and specific way, leah is smarter than stallmanSep 11 13:44
highest_cubist_thrillsbut thats tongue in cheek. i still think stallman is one of the smartest people who ever livedSep 11 13:45
highest_cubist_thrills(just also in a specific way)Sep 11 13:45
highest_cubist_thrillsleah is smart as hell tooSep 11 13:45
highest_cubist_thrillsthe comparison is not full on, but its not a joke, i admire bothSep 11 13:46
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lonerhighest_cubist_thrills: what leah is involved with isn't "free hardware"Sep 11 13:46
lonerit's free firmwareSep 11 13:46
lonerimportant differenceSep 11 13:46
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lonerfree firmware too is important of causeSep 11 13:46
highest_cubist_thrillseither way, the free software movement is deadSep 11 13:47
techuserfree firmware works *right now*Sep 11 13:47
highest_cubist_thrillshopefully it will be brought back somedaySep 11 13:47
techuserit won't work a few decades laterSep 11 13:47
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highest_cubist_thrills<techuser> free firmware works *right now*Sep 11 13:47
lonerfreedom of choice is deadSep 11 13:47
highest_cubist_thrillsbarelySep 11 13:47
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highest_cubist_thrillsbut sure, yeahSep 11 13:47
techuserwhen nothing of fake progress runs on those ThinkPads anymoreSep 11 13:48
*ciphrCat (~ciphrCat@v75kd7krrqfvs.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 13:48
techuserlike web browsers or systemdSep 11 13:48
highest_cubist_thrillsi meanSep 11 13:48
highest_cubist_thrillsim wary of leahs approach to firmwareSep 11 13:48
highest_cubist_thrillscautious is an even better wordSep 11 13:48
highest_cubist_thrillsits unorthodox, but more importantly, its mixed and a compromiseSep 11 13:48
highest_cubist_thrillshoweverSep 11 13:49
highest_cubist_thrillsthe orthodox approach is likely to fail, but it probably has alreadySep 11 13:49
highest_cubist_thrillsopen source was a compromise for the sake of compromise, posing as a needed oneSep 11 13:49
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highest_cubist_thrillsim very open to the idea that leahs approach to firmware is (possibly) and actually neededSep 11 13:50
highest_cubist_thrillsopen source came well before peak software freedom was reachedSep 11 13:50
highest_cubist_thrillsleahs approach may come after peak free firmware was reachedSep 11 13:50
highest_cubist_thrillsthats a very important differenceSep 11 13:50
highest_cubist_thrillsleahs approach is an effort to solve a real problemSep 11 13:51
highest_cubist_thrillsopen source is a bicycle for fishSep 11 13:51
techrights-newsThe C++ memory leak detector no one told me about | address sanitizer - Invidious โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 13:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The C++ memory leak detector no one told me about | address sanitizer - InvidiousSep 11 13:52
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techrights-ipfs-bot(โ„น) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 11 14:20
MinceRattack surfaceSep 11 14:27
XRevan86 "Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant shut down"Sep 11 14:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ะะพะฒะฐั ะณะฐะทะตั‚ะฐ. ะ•ะฒั€ะพะฟะฐSep 11 14:34
lonerseems slightly outdated news, recent live-ticker reported Zaporizhzhia was re-connected to the power-gridSep 11 14:41
XRevan86I'm a few hours behind on the news, let me check.Sep 11 14:42
XRevan86loner: Ye are correct.Sep 11 14:47
XRevan86IAEA reported that it's been reconnected.Sep 11 14:47
schestowitz[TR]surface-to-surface attack surfaceSep 11 14:52
schestowitz[TR]aka shellingSep 11 14:52
schestowitz[TR]$ sh Zaporizhzhia.shSep 11 14:53
techrights-newsHow strongly does German electricity demand react to high prices? 11 14:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-How strongly does German electricity demand react to high prices? | R-bloggersSep 11 14:55
techrights-newsBeneath and Beyond the Cox Model - R Views โš“ ไท‰ Source: | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 14:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Beneath and Beyond the Cox Model ยท R ViewsSep 11 14:55
techrights-news"GSoC 2022 is nearing its end so here is the final report on my project, which aims at adding more XFS file system support on Haiku." 11 14:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [GSoC 2022] XFS : Final Report | Haiku ProjectSep 11 14:56
techrights-news"Imagine if your smart speaker could be trained to recognize your accent"... sounds like listening devices 11 14:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Can TinyML really provide on-device learning? - Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysisSep 11 14:58
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–‡โ–‡โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–…โ–ƒโ–„โ–…โ–‚โ–‡โ–„โ–‚โ–…โ–†โ–…โ–ƒโ–„โ–„โ–…โ–‡โ–„โ–‚โ–โ–„โ–‚โ–ƒโ–„โ–ƒโ–„โ–‡โ–…โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 21.86 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–„โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–โ–ƒโ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–…โ–†โ–‚โ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–ˆโ– avg(k/sec) 60.45โ–• swarm size (avg): 142.23  โŸฒSep 11 14:59
techrights-news"The R Consortium recently interviewed John Blischak and Tim Hoolihan with the Cleveland R UseR Group. The organizers share more about how the group managed to continue to grow with consistent structured and casual virtual events like their Virtual R Cafรฉ." 11 15:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Taking on Virtual Events with Regular Structured and Casual Meetups โ˜•๏ธ - R ConsortiumSep 11 15:01
techrights-newsEthereum Founderโ€™s Huge 2040 Bitcoin And Crypto Crash Price Prediction 11 15:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Ethereum Founderโ€™s Huge 2040 Bitcoin And Crypto Crash Price PredictionSep 11 15:08
techrights-newsProprietary 11 15:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Chrome, D-Link flaws actively exploited: CISASep 11 15:10
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highest_cubist_thrills<MinceR> attack surface <- when you go to install debian and its like sitting on a tackSep 11 15:25
highest_cubist_thrillsthats a tack surfaceSep 11 15:25
highest_cubist_thrills 11 15:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | "Weird Al" Yankovic - Tacky - InvidiousSep 11 15:26
techrights-newsCILTOPM Wordo: UNSEW gemini:// 11 15:26
techrights-news" .... Facebookโ€™s stonewalling has been revealing on its own, providing variations on the same theme: It has amassed so much data on so many billions of people and organized it so confusingly that full transparency is impossible on a technical level." 11 15:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Eponymous Pickle: What Data Does Facebook Have?Sep 11 15:27
techrights-newsCanada Is Working On the Worldโ€™s Largest Geothermal Solar Lagoon 11 15:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Canada Is Working On the World's Largest Geothermal Solar Lagoon - ExtremeTechSep 11 15:28
techrights-newsDeepMind AI learns to play soccer using decades of match simulations 11 15:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | DeepMind AI learns to play soccer using decades of match simulations | New ScientistSep 11 15:28
techrights-news"A hacking device can be placed under a table and use electromagnetic signals to mimic human touch on nearby touchscreens. It could then be used to secretly download malware or send money" 11 15:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Hacking device can secretly swipe and tap your smartphone screen | New ScientistSep 11 15:29
techrights-newsRailroads Reverse Years of Streamlining to Improve Freight Service | SupplyChainBrain โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 15:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Railroads Reverse Years of Streamlining to Improve Freight Service | SupplyChainBrainSep 11 15:30
techrights-news"Graphing California Electricity Supply using ggplot2 during record temperatures 9/05/2022 - 09/09/2022; Raw data from CA ISO. Data is available in 5 minute increments for each 24 hour period." 11 15:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Data Science, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics: Graphing California Electricity Supply using ggplot2Sep 11 15:31
techrights-newsCops wanted to keep mass surveillance app secret; privacy advocates refused 11 15:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Cops wanted to keep mass surveillance app secret; privacy advocates refused | Ars TechnicaSep 11 15:32
techrights-newsAerial Dragon Robot Reconfigures Itself Into a Flying Manipulator 11 15:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Aerial Dragon Robot Reconfigures Itself Into a Flying Manipulator - IEEE SpectrumSep 11 15:33
techrights-newsNASA Spends $50 Million to Develop Next-Gen Processor for Space Exploration 11 15:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-NASA Spends $50 Million to Develop Next-Gen Processor for Space Exploration - ExtremeTechSep 11 15:34
techrights-newsGMโ€™s Cruise recalls, updates software in 80 robotaxis following crash the concept ITSELF is flawed, not the code. This is face-saving stuff; it should be BANNED.Sep 11 15:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Cruise recalls, updates software in 80 robotaxis after crashSep 11 15:35
techrights-news"Cities like Orlando, FL, and Singapore are using digital twins to generate virtual models of themselves, in order to simulate the effects of potential new policies or infrastructure projects that can inform real-world decision-making." 11 15:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Bloomberg - Are you a robot?Sep 11 15:36
techrights-news"I set out thinking: how could I build an "on this day" feature for my website?" 11 15:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Building an 'on this day' feature for my website | James' Coffee BlogSep 11 15:37
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Papirus Icon Setโ€™s September Update Adds 38 New Icons โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 15:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Papirus Icon Setโ€™s September Update Adds 38 New IconsSep 11 15:41
highest_cubist_thrills/me still doesnt understand the systemd logoSep 11 15:42
highest_cubist_thrillsdigital green duck eats manhattan? okaySep 11 15:43
highest_cubist_thrillsgreen play button and green record button on the same button? that sounds very lennartesqueSep 11 15:43
XRevan86Some years ago I recreated the systemd logo in Tux Paint and posted it here, it looked authentic enough :)Sep 11 15:44
highest_cubist_thrills"red record symbols are very confusing to colourblind users, so we made it the same colour"Sep 11 15:44
MinceRlol @ tack surfaceSep 11 15:44
MinceR"Our base is under a tack!"Sep 11 15:44
MinceR11 164259 < highest_cubist_thrills> /me still doesnt understand the systemd logoSep 11 15:44
MinceRa green arrow pointing at a blobSep 11 15:44
highest_cubist_thrills"plus we combined it into a single button, because why would you want to play without recording?"Sep 11 15:44
MinceR"everything goes in there!"Sep 11 15:44
highest_cubist_thrillsniceSep 11 15:44
highest_cubist_thrillsa freudian logoSep 11 15:44
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean he is germanSep 11 15:45
MinceR:>Sep 11 15:45
highest_cubist_thrillsit could also be lennarts triangular green dick, but sometimes a blob is just a blobSep 11 15:46
MinceRlolSep 11 15:46
highest_cubist_thrills"i like to dress him up und call him herman"Sep 11 15:46
highest_cubist_thrills"he is not shaped that way, that is the hat i gave him"Sep 11 15:46
highest_cubist_thrillsNOW IS THE TIME IN SPROCKETS VEN VE DANCE!Sep 11 15:47
highest_cubist_thrillsi would have supported systemd if lennart had simply done every interview and presentation as dieter from sprocketsSep 11 15:47
techrights-newsUbuntu 22.04 vs Ubuntu 20.04 - Whatโ€™s the difference? โš“ ไท‰ Source: DebugPoint | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 15:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Empty reply from server ( status 0 @ )Sep 11 15:48
techrights-newsLinux Mint Upgrade Tool - Hereโ€™s How it Works โš“ ไท‰ Source: DebugPoint | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 15:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Empty reply from server ( status 0 @ )Sep 11 15:48
highest_cubist_thrills<XRevan86> Some years ago I recreated the systemd logo in Tux Paint <- im pretty sure systemd was written in tux paintSep 11 15:49
highest_cubist_thrillsevery time a line of coded was added, it made an animal noiseSep 11 15:50
schestowitz[TR]systemd-editordSep 11 15:50
MinceRwhy not in pinta?Sep 11 15:50
MinceRthey seem to love MICROS~1 crapSep 11 15:50
techrights-news[PATCH 0/4] Fixups for s2idle on ASUS Rembrandt laptop - Mario Limonciello โš“ ไท‰ Source: Kernel | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 15:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [PATCH 0/4] Fixups for s2idle on ASUS Rembrandt laptop - Mario LimoncielloSep 11 15:51
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Sep 11 15:51
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean he works for microsoft now rightSep 11 15:51
XRevan86Is Pinta still around?Sep 11 15:51
MinceRyeah, he joined the redmond mafiaSep 11 15:51
schestowitz[TR]kinda pinta feltaSep 11 15:51
highest_cubist_thrillsso all thats missing is systemd-monodSep 11 15:51
MinceRi don't know if pinta is still around, i don't careSep 11 15:51
*rianne has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Sep 11 15:51
XRevan86Krita made Pinta obsolete pretty much.Sep 11 15:51
schestowitz[TR]monadSep 11 15:51
schestowitz[TR]xmonadSep 11 15:51
highest_cubist_thrillssystemd-dotnetdSep 11 15:51
MinceRbut krita is not based on the botNET FrameworkSep 11 15:52
MinceRthough maybe it does depend on cancerd alreadySep 11 15:52
schestowitz[TR]systemd-deadSep 11 15:52
schestowitz[TR]DEASep 11 15:52
schestowitz[TR]client of MicrosoftSep 11 15:52
schestowitz[TR]they needed systemd supportSep 11 15:52
MinceRi suppose MICROS~1 could buy Qt and then krita would depend on crap they ownSep 11 15:52
*CrystalMath (~coderain@svbwy99rrtkjn.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 15:52
*rianne has quit (Ping timeout: 120 seconds)Sep 11 15:52
highest_cubist_thrillssystemd is gnome initSep 11 15:52
highest_cubist_thrillsthe whole point of gnome is to make you need microsoft for things you didnt need it forSep 11 15:53
MinceRand kde5+ initSep 11 15:53
schestowitz[TR]Qt is 'too' cross-platformSep 11 15:53
MinceRthat can be fixedSep 11 15:53
schestowitz[TR]that would give sabotage opportunitiesSep 11 15:53
MinceRbeing cross-platform is not "modern"Sep 11 15:53
highest_cubist_thrillscross your platform and hope to dieSep 11 15:53
schestowitz[TR]windows = crossed-platformSep 11 15:53
schestowitz[TR]and nailed platformsSep 11 15:53
highest_cubist_thrills/me hangs garlic on the monitorSep 11 15:53
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*rianne (~rianne@ngvjyiryrrbba.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 15:54
schestowitz[TR]zemlin would approve the takeoverSep 11 15:54
schestowitz[TR]#SheelaMicrosoftLovesOpenSourceSep 11 15:54
MinceRas long as he'd paid enough for approving itSep 11 15:54
schestowitz[TR]#SheelaLikesCryptoSep 11 15:54
schestowitz[TR] 11 15:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | After Defrauding People in New York Stock Exchange (Now Class Action for Securities Fraud) Jim Zemlinโ€™s Wife Quits Bakkt to Dodge Liability | TechrightsSep 11 15:55
highest_cubist_thrillslinuxcoinSep 11 15:55
highest_cubist_thrillsthe only kernel thats entirely in the blockchainSep 11 15:55
*liberty_box (~liberty@ngvjyiryrrbba.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 15:55
MinceRMicrosoftยฎ Linuxcoinโ„ขSep 11 15:55
schestowitz[TR]jim zem-lynchSep 11 15:55
highest_cubist_thrills.netSep 11 15:55
schestowitz[TR] 11 15:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | What is Judenlager Zemlin? | TechrightsSep 11 15:55
highest_cubist_thrillsjudenlager hmmSep 11 15:56
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Sunday Morning Experiment: Video recording on the PinePhone โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 15:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Sunday Morning Experiment: Video recording on the PinePhoneSep 11 15:56
schestowitz[TR]they have a lager after gassing them in the vanSep 11 15:56
highest_cubist_thrillsthats dangerously close to something gabriel iglasias spit out after being heckled mercilously by three germans Sep 11 15:56
highest_cubist_thrills"they like fanta toooooooo!" "WE DO NOT LIKE FANTA!!!"Sep 11 15:57
highest_cubist_thrills 11 15:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Craziest Show Of My Life | Gabriel Iglesias - InvidiousSep 11 15:58
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Top 10 Best Linux Distributions in 2022 For Everyone โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 15:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Top 10 Best Linux Distributions in 2022 For EveryoneSep 11 15:59
techrights-newsarm64: spectre: increase parameters that can be used to turn off bhb mitigation individually 11 16:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | kernel/git/arm64/linux.git - AArch64 Linux kernel portSep 11 16:01
techrights-news'Positive Effects of Imperialism' 11 16:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | US High Schooler's Answer Listing Zero 'Positive Effects of Imperialism' Goes ViralSep 11 16:03
techrights-newsA new financial order - neritam โš“ ไท‰ Source: NeritamSep 11 16:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A new financial order โ€“ neritamSep 11 16:03
techrights-newsWorld Overshoot Day: World has already overshot natureโ€™s budget for rest of the year โš“ 11 16:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | World Overshoot Day: World has already overshot natureโ€™s budget for rest of the yearSep 11 16:04
techrights-newsSan Franciscoโ€™s Unhoused People Speak Out - neritam โš“ ไท‰ Source: NeritamSep 11 16:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | San Franciscoโ€™s Unhoused People Speak Out โ€“ neritamSep 11 16:04
techrights-news"Orbรกnโ€™s speech, what you were playing was one paragraph out of a speech that went on for an hour and 15 minutes. So, it wasnโ€™t as prominent in the speech as the international press attention. But still, it was a shocker for Hungarians, because for the first time Orbรกn used language that had not been heard since the 1930s and โ€™40s." 11 16:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Viktor Orbรกn Has Eroded Democracy in Hungary. Now Heโ€™s Being Embraced by CPAC & American Right | Democracy Now!Sep 11 16:05
techrights-newsHow About a Civic Group to Oppose a Cashless Society? - Ralph Nader โš“ ไท‰ Source: NaderSep 11 16:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How About a Civic Group to Oppose a Cashless Society? - Ralph NaderSep 11 16:06
techrights-news"Billions of tons of plastic have been made of the past decades, and much of it is becoming trash and litter, finds the first analysist of the issue." 11 16:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A Whopping 91 Percent of Plastic Isnโ€™t Recycled | National Geographic SocietySep 11 16:06
techrights-newsData from elephant seals reveal new features of marine heatwave โ€˜the Blobโ€™ โš“ ไท‰ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 16:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Data from elephant seals reveal new features of marine heatwave โ€˜the Blobโ€™Sep 11 16:07
techrights-newsAn Overdue Reckoning: The Napalpรญ Ruling And Indigenous Repression In Argentina - The Organization for World Peace โš“ ไท‰ Source: OWP | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 16:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | An Overdue Reckoning: The Napalpรญ Ruling And Indigenous Repression In Argentina โ€“ The Organization for World PeaceSep 11 16:08
techrights-newsLies wrapped up as "entertainment" 11 16:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Alex Jones Proved That Lying Pays. Can Sandy Hook Lawsuits Help Turn the Tide on Disinformation? | Democracy Now!Sep 11 16:09
techrights-news"The events which led to the Kargil fiasco, which I will go on to narrate in some detail in this story, are not classified. They are available as court records, information procured through RTI queries and from books published by those involved in the war, including General V.P. Malik, Major General Verma, Captain Amarinder Singh and a few others." 11 16:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Truth About the Kargil War Is Bitter But it Must Be ToldSep 11 16:10
highest_cubist_thrillsthey have a lager after gassing them in the van <- i forgot about the portable gas chambersSep 11 16:11
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean enough people have suicided that way, sureSep 11 16:12
highest_cubist_thrillsdont drink and execute people in a van and driveSep 11 16:12
highest_cubist_thrillsyoure liable to get someone killedSep 11 16:12
highest_cubist_thrillsthank god the fsf wasnt around during wwiiSep 11 16:13
highest_cubist_thrillsi know stallman would have been asked if the gas chambers should run free software or notSep 11 16:13
highest_cubist_thrillsand the answer would have been completely reasonable, logically sound, and wrongSep 11 16:13
highest_cubist_thrillsoliva would be in the back yelling "DONT DO IT! DONT DO IT!"Sep 11 16:15
highest_cubist_thrills(reference to previous youtube link)Sep 11 16:15
techrights-newsWhy I don't enjoy RSpec all that much โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 16:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Why I don't enjoy RSpec all that muchSep 11 16:17
techrights-newsPython application deployment with RStudio Connect: Streamlit โš“ ไท‰ Source: jumpingrivers | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 16:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Python application deployment with RStudio Connect: StreamlitSep 11 16:19
techrights-ipfs-bot(โ„น) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 11 16:20
techrights-news"I recently made my first R package and was asked how I did it. The answer of course was: I searched, read, and stumbled around until it was done. But having gone through the process I figured it was worthwhile summarising what I did and what I found tricky." 11 16:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Package: learning how to build an R package โ€“ quantixedSep 11 16:30
techrights-news"I've been itching to code in assembly for a few weeks now. It's just a part of my cycle - getting tired of the complexity and bulk of high-level languages and wanting to do something direct and simple - and what is more direct than coding assembly-language instructions on a CPU?" gemini:// 11 16:31
techrights-news"A hard truth for developers, but performance often comes last." 11 16:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Performance Comes LastSep 11 16:33
techrights-news"What is the "systems administration" for developers today? Maybe it's playing with models like Stable Diffusion. Or maybe it's running services in the cloud." 11 16:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Lost Art of System AdministrationSep 11 16:33
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techrights-news"While listening to Chris, Dave, and Jen discuss the array of new things coming to CSS, what stuck out to me was how much these new things arenโ€™t necessarily about addressing specific concerns around technological capability โ€” e.g. when will we get IF statements in CSS?" 11 16:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Podcast Notes: Jen Simmons on ShopTalk Show - Jim Nielsenโ€™s BlogSep 11 16:39
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techrights-newsBerlin 2022 - More Photos it's really dreary in wintertimeSep 11 16:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Berlin 2022 - More Photos | James' Coffee BlogSep 11 16:40
techrights-news"Thanks, Sir Tim Berners-Lee." for DRM?? 11 16:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | So your designer wants stuff to overlapSep 11 16:40
techrights-newsKent Ridge Park in Singapore very tiny and overpopulated nationSep 11 16:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Rubenerd: Kent Ridge Park in SingaporeSep 11 16:42
techrights-newsMass surveillance expo rebranded as "lifestyle" 11 16:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | It's not yet fall, but Matter is already here - Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysisSep 11 16:44
techrights-newsMany people would rather travel the Web than travel the world. Guess which activity ruins the world moreSep 11 16:46
techrights-news"Republicans across the country are trying to use the power of the state to restrict speech." 11 16:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Opinion | Censorship Is the Refuge of the Weak - The New York TimesSep 11 16:47
techrights-news"Since taking the White House in November 2020, President Joe Biden has issued repeated calls to amend one of the most foundational laws governing the internet, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act." 11 16:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Biden Issues Another Vague Call to 'Reform' Section 230Sep 11 16:48
techrights-newsBiden values free speech like Trump values democracy and Trump values free speech like Biden values Trump. Two shits are shits, even if one is a lesser shit. What a shit system.Sep 11 16:49
techrights-news"Tales about a sheep village resisting a wolf pack prompted the charges against leaders of a speech therapistsโ€™ union, extending a government crackdown on dissent." 11 16:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Hong Kong Sentences 5 Over โ€˜Seditiousโ€™ Childrenโ€™s Books - The New York TimesSep 11 16:49
techrights-news5 Hong Kong speech therapists jailed for 19 months each for sedition over children's books - Hong Kong Free Press HKFP โš“ ไท‰ Source: Hong Kong Free PressSep 11 16:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 5 Hong Kong speech therapists jailed for 19 months each for sedition over children's books - Hong Kong Free Press HKFPSep 11 16:50
techrights-newsSpain is set to reform โ€˜gag law,โ€™ but press freedom groups are skeptical - Committee to Protect Journalists โš“ ไท‰ Source: CPJ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 16:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Spain is set to reform โ€˜gag law,โ€™ but press freedom groups are skeptical - Committee to Protect JournalistsSep 11 16:51
techrights-newsACLU of Nevada sues Las Vegas over age restrictions - JURIST - News โš“ ไท‰ Source: JURIST | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 16:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ACLU of Nevada sues Las Vegas over age restrictions - JURIST - NewsSep 11 16:51
techrights-newsReport: China accelerates global campaign to sway foreign media โ€” Radio Free Asia โš“ ไท‰ Source: rfa | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 16:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Report: China accelerates global campaign to sway foreign media โ€” Radio Free AsiaSep 11 16:52
techrights-newsThick beards, thin skin 11 16:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Arab States Demand That Netflix Drop โ€˜Offensive Contentโ€™ - The New York TimesSep 11 16:53
techrights-newsSalman Rushdie, Free Speech, and Violence - The Atlantic โš“ ไท‰ Source: The AtlanticSep 11 16:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Salman Rushdie, Free Speech, and Violence - The AtlanticSep 11 16:53
techrights-newsChina's state media urged not to stray from party line, dumb down ideology โ€” Radio Free Asia โš“ ไท‰ Source: rfs | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 16:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | China's state media urged not to stray from party line, dumb down ideology โ€” Radio Free AsiaSep 11 16:54
techrights-newsVietnamese authorities walk back decision ordering artist to destroy 29 paintings โ€” Radio Free Asia โš“ 11 16:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Vietnamese authorities walk back decision ordering artist to destroy 29 paintings โ€” Radio Free AsiaSep 11 16:55
techrights-news"Russia has sentenced a former star journalist to jail and revoked the license of a Kremlin-critical newspaper, further tightening the screws on independent media. Getting uncensored information is harder than ever." 11 16:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Forced abroad, Russian independent media continue fight against censorship | News | DW | 08.09.2022Sep 11 16:56
techrights-newsWho next? What next? Where next? And WHO FOR? 11 16:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Cloudflare Can Cancel Service to Awful Sites Like Kiwi Farms. But Should It?Sep 11 16:57
techrights-newsProbably no connection to her, just lousy infra 11 16:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Twitter Experiences Intermittent Outages Following Death of Queen Elizabeth IISep 11 16:57
techrights-newsWeChat warns users their likes, comments and histories are being sent to China โ€” Radio Free Asia โš“ ไท‰ Source: Verfassungsblog | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 16:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | WeChat warns users their likes, comments and histories are being sent to China โ€” Radio Free AsiaSep 11 16:58
techrights-news"This is the promise crypto advocates have sold consumers and politicians over the past decade, as crypto has blown up into a trillion-dollar behemothโ€”in the process making Buterin, now best known as the founder of the Ethereum network, very, very rich." 11 17:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Cryptoโ€™s Libertarianism Is Running Headfirst Into Reality - The AtlanticSep 11 17:00
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–„โ–„โ–…โ–ˆโ–†โ–‡โ–ƒโ–„โ–‡โ–‚โ–…โ–†โ–ˆโ–‡โ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–โ–‚โ–ƒโ–ƒโ–‡โ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–ƒโ–†โ–‚โ–ƒโ–‚โ–ƒโ–…โ– avg(k/sec) 114.33 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–โ–ˆโ–‡โ–†โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–โ–โ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–โ–ˆโ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–โ–โ–โ–‡โ–ˆโ–โ–โ– avg(k/sec) 73.11โ–• swarm size (avg): 104.48  โŸฒSep 11 17:00
techrights-newsJim Zemlin's wife: "crypto" fraudster 11 17:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Sheela Microsoft (Jim Zemlinโ€™s Wife) Downplayed โ€˜Volatilityโ€™ Just Weeks Before the Cryptocurrencies Pyramid Schemes Collapsed (Thatโ€™s Her Business at Bakkt!) | TechrightsSep 11 17:00
techrights-newsJim Zemlin's wife on the run 11 17:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | After Defrauding People in New York Stock Exchange (Now Class Action for Securities Fraud) Jim Zemlinโ€™s Wife Quits Bakkt to Dodge Liability | TechrightsSep 11 17:00
techrights-news"The Chinese Communist Party has long promoted gender equality as a core tenet, but as cases of gender abuse make headlines, Beijing has tried to squelch dissent and control the narrative." 11 17:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Battling Violence and Censors, Women in China Become โ€˜Invisible and Absentโ€™ - The New York TimesSep 11 17:02
techrights-news"When he became the last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev wanted to democratize the USSR without embracing free-market capitalism and end the Cold War without enabling US domination. The world is still haunted by his inability to achieve those goals." 11 17:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Mikhail Gorbachevโ€™s Project Was a Noble Failure Thwarted by Forces Beyond His ControlSep 11 17:03
techrights-newsarm64: spectre: increase parameters that can be used to turn off bhb mitigation individually 11 17:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | kernel/git/arm64/linux.git - AArch64 Linux kernel portSep 11 17:07
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Koodo Reader: An Open Source eBook Reader for Linux โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 17:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Koodo Reader: An Open Source eBook Reader for LinuxSep 11 17:07
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highest_cubist_thrills 11 17:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Gorbachev gave Russians freedom. They rejected it. - InvidiousSep 11 17:59
highest_cubist_thrillsfrom a russian presently living outside russiaSep 11 18:00
highest_cubist_thrillshe let germany reunite so i guess thats the one good i see, if i have to find oneSep 11 18:03
highest_cubist_thrillsthe only thing worse than a united germany is probably one with a giant fucking wall through itSep 11 18:03
highest_cubist_thrillshe did crush 21 protestors with tanks, but i suppose compared to other soviet leaders thats like... zeroSep 11 18:04
highest_cubist_thrillsi wouldnt vote for himSep 11 18:04
XRevan86 11 18:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›๐ŸŠ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ (@miaInPololu): "Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov - from an interview with Sergei Dorenko: "The Asian type is an authoritarian dictatorial regime, in which most of the property, power, money is in the hands of a narrow group, if you do nothing, this is what we are heading towards. 1998"|nitter.itSep 11 18:05
highest_cubist_thrills"and oh yeah a lot of boomers dont even mention the afghanistan war"Sep 11 18:05
highest_cubist_thrillsbilly joel does obviouslySep 11 18:06
highest_cubist_thrills"russians in afghanistan"Sep 11 18:06
highest_cubist_thrillsbilly joel is unstoppable. i saw a couple of girls in their 20s with billy joel shirts the other daySep 11 18:07
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Niemtsov saw it a kilometre away.Sep 11 18:07
highest_cubist_thrillsthere you goSep 11 18:07
XRevan86Don't know who rejected what, democratic Russia was a failed state, the institutions weren't established properly enough, and very quickly it all fell apart.Sep 11 18:08
highest_cubist_thrillsno argument thereSep 11 18:08
highest_cubist_thrillshe inherited a mess and arguably made a mess of a messSep 11 18:08
highest_cubist_thrillsor somethingSep 11 18:08
highest_cubist_thrillsin former soviet russia, mess makes a mess of youSep 11 18:09
highest_cubist_thrillsglasnost sounds niceSep 11 18:09
highest_cubist_thrills/me shrugsSep 11 18:09
XRevan86Putin inherited the state he could mold in his image, which he did.Sep 11 18:09
highest_cubist_thrillsso, russia sitting half naked on a horse?Sep 11 18:09
highest_cubist_thrillstrying to smirk but it cant because of the botox/Sep 11 18:10
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: That image was way too easy to imagine :).Sep 11 18:10
highest_cubist_thrillsyeah well you did all the work, i just hit enterSep 11 18:10
techrights-newsTry Ubuntu To Revive An Old Mini 11 18:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Try Ubuntu To Revive An Old Mini | MacRumors ForumsSep 11 18:10
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: I guess ye were talking about Gorbachev before, but my comments are about the "They Rejected It" part of the title.Sep 11 18:11
highest_cubist_thrillsoh yeah, i meanSep 11 18:11
highest_cubist_thrillsthe way i see it is thisSep 11 18:11
highest_cubist_thrillsi try to make sense of itSep 11 18:11
highest_cubist_thrillsyou know more about itSep 11 18:11
highest_cubist_thrillswe arent going to agree on everything, thats not how anything works in real lifeSep 11 18:11
highest_cubist_thrillsbut generally i figure you know something, im still working on itSep 11 18:12
XRevan86Ukraine was close to failure too, but the Ukrainian society is more hands-on.Sep 11 18:12
highest_cubist_thrillsso yeah, thank fuck theres a russian who knows something in hereSep 11 18:12
highest_cubist_thrillsotherwise its just me batting at a historical pinata and hoping candy comes outSep 11 18:12
lonerPoland, coal-prices doubledSep 11 18:13
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Well, I should actually watch the video and see his point, it's probably more nuanced than the title.Sep 11 18:13
highest_cubist_thrillsoh id be surprised if you didnt like romanSep 11 18:13
highest_cubist_thrillshe seems like a pretty reasonable guySep 11 18:13
XRevan86He does.Sep 11 18:13
highest_cubist_thrillsbut hes young and im sure he gets stuff wrong. hes not too stuck on knowing everythingSep 11 18:13
highest_cubist_thrillsa really great place to start in learning anything, is knowing that theres plenty you dont knowSep 11 18:14
highest_cubist_thrillsotherwise you just go around looking for proof you were right, and that gets boring for everybody including yourselfSep 11 18:14
highest_cubist_thrillsi know (of) roman from his videos with bald (ben rich)Sep 11 18:15
XRevan86In the Russian commons Gorbachev is more often than not viewed as a scapegoat that singlehandedly undone the whole country, brought hunger and misery. A bad tsar pretty much.Sep 11 18:15
techrights-newsSlashdot's editor posting SHIT again. Missing or skipping all the important "Linux" news, but now that AT&T blames "Linux" for malware (without even specifying how it gets there) it is seen as important 11 18:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Powerful New Linux Malware Shikitega Uses Unusual Multi-Stage Stealth - SlashdotSep 11 18:15
highest_cubist_thrillsyeah they dont seem to think much of himSep 11 18:15
highest_cubist_thrillsbut i also figure most historians would disagree with the idea that one person generally undoes anythingSep 11 18:16
highest_cubist_thrillslike even with the rise of stalin...Sep 11 18:16
highest_cubist_thrillsthere had to be a good solid series of fuckups for that to even happenSep 11 18:16
XRevan86True, but at least Stalin actively worked to be a totalitarian dictator.Sep 11 18:16
highest_cubist_thrillsa terrible leader doesnt rise to power without a series of fuckups preceding and during the riseSep 11 18:16
highest_cubist_thrillsthis doesnt get a world-class fuckup off the hook, but it wouldnt be historically sound to leave it out eitherSep 11 18:17
highest_cubist_thrillsits highly relevant imoSep 11 18:17
highest_cubist_thrillsand probably overlooked quite a lotSep 11 18:17
techrights-news"There is a serious problem in the '3buildeasydistro' script in woofQ, building Easy Bookworm. In a few places it runs "chroot rootfs-complete ...", that now fail." 11 18:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | chroot too many levels of symbolic linksSep 11 18:17
XRevan86Stalin and Putin did everything they could to pivot the state onto themselves.Sep 11 18:18
highest_cubist_thrillsyeahSep 11 18:18
techrights-news"the Army is buying thousands of Micrsoft Holo Lenses" = theft by Microsoft, fraud see 11 18:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@Invidious: 11 18:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Connection timed out after 10000 milliseconds ( status 0 @ )Sep 11 18:19
highest_cubist_thrillsthis is one of his more nuanced videosSep 11 18:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The United States Government Should Quit Bailing Out Microsoft at Taxpayersโ€™ Expense | TechrightsSep 11 18:19
highest_cubist_thrillsi was expecting him to settle a score, maybe a bitSep 11 18:19
highest_cubist_thrillsif anything he went fair and balanced (tongue in cheek is the only way to use that phrase)Sep 11 18:19
highest_cubist_thrillsbut its not a bad video imoSep 11 18:19
techrights-newsMicrosoft fired ALL "Holo Lens" staff. The manager? EVEN WORSE: 11 18:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft, EPO Awards, and Sexual Abuse (Theranos All Over Again) | TechrightsSep 11 18:19
*Luis64_gamer (~Luis64_gamer@9ucczhkmm895g.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 18:19
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XRevan86"more towards the market economy" <- Eh, I'd rather say "to decentralise production", but close enough.Sep 11 18:20
highest_cubist_thrillsoh and, andSep 11 18:22
highest_cubist_thrillsgorbechev is the one that brought mcdonaldsSep 11 18:22
highest_cubist_thrillsso if that doesnt convince the world... what wouldSep 11 18:22
XRevan86Regarding the love-hate relationship, it's not just with Gorbachev, it's also with Yeltsin.Sep 11 18:26
highest_cubist_thrillshes talking about that right now "10:-11:"Sep 11 18:28
XRevan86Putin and his media both praise him and villify him.Sep 11 18:28
highest_cubist_thrillsthis is probably his best videoSep 11 18:28
highest_cubist_thrillstheres a great quote about putin coming out of gorbechevs overcoatSep 11 18:29
highest_cubist_thrillsputin hated it, but putin owes everything to itSep 11 18:29
XRevan86And it's even more so with the Yeltsin's overcoat.Sep 11 18:29
XRevan86Gorbachev provided the foundation, Yeltsin provided the building.Sep 11 18:29
highest_cubist_thrills"if you give away your freedom for comfort, sooner or later your comfort will also get taken away from you"Sep 11 18:30
XRevan86And we're on the border of the times where the comfort is taken away.Sep 11 18:31
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): #HowTo Self-Host Bitwarden Password Manager on Raspberry Pi Zero โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 18:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” How to Self-Host Bitwarden Password Manager on Raspberry Pi ZeroSep 11 18:31
techrights-newsA winner by wallet maybe, but Lachlan Murdoch has put Crikey on the world stage โš“ ไท‰ Source: Michael West Media | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 18:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A winner by wallet maybe, but Lachlan Murdoch has put Crikey on the world stageSep 11 18:32
techrights-news"Albanese government makes as it battles with a trillion dollars of debt." 11 18:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | No future: Governor-Generalโ€™s charity knocked on the head - Michael WestSep 11 18:33
highest_cubist_thrillsthat was definitely not the video i was expecting, but he didnt let me downSep 11 18:34
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Watched it, most of my comments are straight up redundant :)Sep 11 18:34
highest_cubist_thrillshey! hes that good i guessSep 11 18:34
techrights-news"It will support various Linux distributions, but naturally Iโ€™ll be seeing what BSD I can get on it too. I think itโ€™ll be a fun project." 11 18:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Rubenerd: Backing the VisionFive 2 RISC-V dev boardSep 11 18:34
highest_cubist_thrills/me doesnt think confirmation is redundantSep 11 18:35
highest_cubist_thrillsif the fsf had been more redundant we might be in a better situationSep 11 18:35
highest_cubist_thrills(redundant, not repetitive)Sep 11 18:36
XRevan86I still don't actually know if Putin actually regrets the dissolution of the USSR or if he is just being a populist.Sep 11 18:36
techrights-newsWilderplace - โš“ ไท‰ Source: Tom MacWright | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 18:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Wilderplace - macwright.comSep 11 18:36
highest_cubist_thrillsthats the thing about liar opportunistsSep 11 18:36
highest_cubist_thrillsyou never know, if they ever do something right, if its for the right reason or notSep 11 18:36
highest_cubist_thrillsbut you figure it probably isnt, and youre probably rightSep 11 18:37
XRevan86The dissolution was a very positive thing in Putin's personal life, so what is there to complain about for him?Sep 11 18:37
techrights-news"At work, we have a weekly "knowledge sharing" meeting, yesterday I talked about the state of NixOS deployments tools." 11 18:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Solene'% : Video - talk about NixOS deployments toolsSep 11 18:37
techrights-news"Liz had, by several accounts, a wicked sense of humour. There was the story of her meeting American tourists who were oblivious to who she was, trolling Mr Orange during a visit, and personally driving the Saudi king. It was the latter my mum especially admired, even though she didnโ€™t like the rest of the family." 11 18:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Rubenerd: Queen Elizabeth IISep 11 18:38
techrights-news"Liz represented a family that has wrought untold suffering and theft to people around the world, and altogether not enough has been done to atone and compensate for this, let alone acknowledge it. Charles IIIโ€™s coronation will also cost billions of pounds right when working class people are struggling to keep the heater on." 11 18:38
highest_cubist_thrillshehSep 11 18:39
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean he wouldnt be in powerSep 11 18:39
highest_cubist_thrillsso...Sep 11 18:39
techrights-news"The worldโ€™s relationship with Liz was more complicated than people on either side acknowledge. This is most starkly represented in Hong Kong, where her family were responsible for the Opium wars on one end, and represented lost freedoms and resistance since the handover." 11 18:39
highest_cubist_thrillsjust being populistSep 11 18:40
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Not just the presidency, he got rich in the 90s.Sep 11 18:40
highest_cubist_thrillsmakes senseSep 11 18:40
XRevan86 This sort of thing.Sep 11 18:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Corned Beef And CocaineSep 11 18:40
highest_cubist_thrillshehSep 11 18:41
highest_cubist_thrillscocaine is a hell of a drugSep 11 18:41
techrights-news"Her ascension to the throne came in a springtime of unmatched prosperity, fuelled by cheap energy and the prevailing notion that all other continents, nations and peoples would soon fall in line and become just like us. Her demise eerily marks both a beginning and an end in more ways than one." 11 18:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-King Charles III and the Swedish General Election | datagubbe.seSep 11 18:41
XRevan86So he was not begging for scraps in the 90s.Sep 11 18:42
techrights-news"As liberal democracy fails to deliver on its promise, so dies its monarch. The end of an era, indeed." 11 18:42
highest_cubist_thrillsdonning a veil and trying to marry himself off to a comfortable westerner?Sep 11 18:43
techrights-newsDid Tourism Australia really get a KPMG report, or was it Scomoโ€™s imagination? - Michael West โš“ ไท‰ Source: Michael West MediaSep 11 18:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Did Tourism Australia really get a KPMG report, or was it Scomo's imagination? - Michael WestSep 11 18:43
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): ๐˜›๐˜ถ๐˜น ๐˜”๐˜ข๐˜ค๐˜ฉ๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด: Google Android Leftovers โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 18:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Android LeftoversSep 11 18:43
highest_cubist_thrills"good morning honey, i made you coffee"Sep 11 18:44
highest_cubist_thrills"uh um, ive been meaning to cut back actually..."Sep 11 18:44
highest_cubist_thrills/me just goes to stars insteadSep 11 18:45
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Stars Coffee?Sep 11 18:46
highest_cubist_thrillsyeah :)Sep 11 18:53
highest_cubist_thrillsthe joke was that putin was hard up in the 90s and had to marry himself off to a wealthy western husbandSep 11 18:54
highest_cubist_thrillsbut then when he made him coffee in the morning, the husband wisely decided to go to stars insteadSep 11 18:54
highest_cubist_thrillswhich of course, does not exist in the west, but thats fair since putin also isnt a mail order brideSep 11 18:55
highest_cubist_thrills/me is looking forward to russian snickersSep 11 18:56
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Security and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 18:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Security and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)Sep 11 18:57
highest_cubist_thrills "ะฐั€ะฐฬั…ะธัะดะตัะตฬั€ั‚"Sep 11 18:59
techrights-newsLinks 11/09/2022: Papirus Icon Set Refreshed | Techrights โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 18:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Links 11/09/2022: Papirus Icon Set Refreshed | TechrightsSep 11 18:59
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techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): ๐˜›๐˜ถ๐˜น ๐˜”๐˜ข๐˜ค๐˜ฉ๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด Programming Leftovers โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 18:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Programming LeftoversSep 11 18:59
highest_cubist_thrills/me surely got it wrongSep 11 18:59
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Today's ๐˜›๐˜ถ๐˜น ๐˜”๐˜ข๐˜ค๐˜ฉ๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด HowTos โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 19:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” today's howtosSep 11 19:00
highest_cubist_thrills"we ran out of peanuts so now its 'packed with trail mix', ะฐั€ะฐั…ะธัะดะตัะตั€ั‚ really satisfies"Sep 11 19:00
*Luis64_gamer has quit (Quit: ZNC - 11 19:00
schestowitz[TR]peanuts are still cheap hereSep 11 19:01
schestowitz[TR]about 50 pence for 200 grams at aldiSep 11 19:01
schestowitz[TR]the price has not changed... yetSep 11 19:01
schestowitz[TR]we took about 8 packs on fridaySep 11 19:01
highest_cubist_thrillspresumably sanctions are still in place between russia and britainSep 11 19:01
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Today's ๐˜›๐˜ถ๐˜น ๐˜”๐˜ข๐˜ค๐˜ฉ๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด Leftovers โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 19:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” today's leftoversSep 11 19:01
schestowitz[TR]I guessSep 11 19:02
*Luis64_gamer (~Luis64_gamer@9ucczhkmm895g.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 19:02
highest_cubist_thrillsjust a week or two ago ben rich couldnt use any of his bank cards in russiaSep 11 19:02
schestowitz[TR]the baboon king won't change thatSep 11 19:02
highest_cubist_thrillshe had to open a local accountSep 11 19:02
highest_cubist_thrillsto avoid carrying rublesSep 11 19:02
schestowitz[TR]rubeSep 11 19:03
schestowitz[TR]synonyms yokel or yahooSep 11 19:03
highest_cubist_thrillsBiden administration imposes new sanctions on Putin's daughters and Russian BanksSep 11 19:04
*oarion7 (~anonymous@user/oarion7) has joined #techrightsSep 11 19:04
highest_cubist_thrills :)Sep 11 19:04
highest_cubist_thrills/me tries to guess the connectionSep 11 19:04
highest_cubist_thrillsobviously both russian...Sep 11 19:05
highest_cubist_thrillsother than maybe being my favourite headline of all timeSep 11 19:06
schestowitz[TR]"all my sons"Sep 11 19:06 Sep 11 19:06
schestowitz[TR]a book abotu bankstersSep 11 19:06
highest_cubist_thrillsbank-of-america-experiencing-major-online-glitch-0-displaying-in-accounts/ Sep 11 19:07
highest_cubist_thrillsnot a glitch, the machines have simply gotten very existential about thingsSep 11 19:07
schestowitz[TR]only shills keep shillingsSep 11 19:07
schestowitz[TR]only rubes save in rublesSep 11 19:07
highest_cubist_thrillsyour balance is: ALL A LIE! ITS A BIG LIE!Sep 11 19:07
highest_cubist_thrillsonly dolls save in dollars?Sep 11 19:08
highest_cubist_thrillsguys and dollsSep 11 19:08
schestowitz[TR]your balance is... ibvested in wall streetSep 11 19:08
schestowitz[TR]your savings are... propping up a bubbleSep 11 19:08
schestowitz[TR]also: you CANNOT withdraw the money in your accountSep 11 19:08
schestowitz[TR]you need to explain why you need itSep 11 19:08
schestowitz[TR]meanwhile oligarchs have their accounts inn panama, bermuda, caymenSep 11 19:09
highest_cubist_thrillsonly a douche saves in deutchmarks :)Sep 11 19:09
schestowitz[TR]where rules are differentSep 11 19:09
schestowitz[TR]their bankers are proxies somewhere like london or aurichSep 11 19:09
schestowitz[TR]*zurichSep 11 19:09
schestowitz[TR]jesus saves. jesus pays tax on savingsSep 11 19:09
schestowitz[TR]also see: cyprusSep 11 19:09
highest_cubist_thrillsbut if you expect a return on your investment, youll have to wait 2000 yearsSep 11 19:10
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Mars Inc. products are still around.Sep 11 19:10
highest_cubist_thrillsi know, i just figure theyre nextSep 11 19:10
highest_cubist_thrillsplus they have a shelf life, so...Sep 11 19:11
highest_cubist_thrillsits not like starbucks where you can just keep a mocha latte around for a yearSep 11 19:11
highest_cubist_thrills"does this taste funny?"Sep 11 19:11
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: The company shut down new investments but didn't leave Russia.Sep 11 19:11
MinceRsadSep 11 19:11
highest_cubist_thrills"its fine, the bad ones just taste like ordinary coffee"Sep 11 19:12
highest_cubist_thrillsโ€œWeird Alโ€ Yankovic: The Accordion Is Not A Babe MagnetSep 11 19:12
highest_cubist_thrillsthat would make a good songSep 11 19:13
*GNUmoon2 has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Sep 11 19:13
*GNUmoon2 (~GNUmoon@nn58qcu3qngy2.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 19:14
highest_cubist_thrills"you got really good at it"Sep 11 19:14
highest_cubist_thrills"well, i mean there are 13 year olds in ukraine that play the accordian better than i do"Sep 11 19:14
highest_cubist_thrills"oh, lets not say ukraine... just say 'lithuania'Sep 11 19:15
highest_cubist_thrillsconan says he plays an imaginary accordion on the bus when he wants more roomSep 11 19:16
highest_cubist_thrills"i just move my arms like this... and they all back away"Sep 11 19:16
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*starstreak (~starstreak@muarsy2vret2q.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 19:21
highest_cubist_thrillsgnu less is based on githubSep 11 19:22
highest_cubist_thrillsopenbsd forked itSep 11 19:22
highest_cubist_thrillsbecause of pledgeSep 11 19:22
highest_cubist_thrillsas far as i knowSep 11 19:23
highest_cubist_thrillsopenbsd is the only project that forked a gnu project AWAY from githubSep 11 19:23
starstreaklolSep 11 19:23
highest_cubist_thrills <3 theo Sep 11 19:24
starstreak<3 theo :DSep 11 19:24
starstreakattack surfaceSep 11 19:24
highest_cubist_thrillsatTACK surFACESep 11 19:24
highest_cubist_thrillsi wish you could meet our lead developer! but you cant because he lives in canadaSep 11 19:25
highest_cubist_thrillshis name is theo and he lives in vancouverSep 11 19:25
starstreaki thought he lived in albertaSep 11 19:26
highest_cubist_thrillshe wont use systemd cause it sucks like a hooverSep 11 19:26
highest_cubist_thrillsyeah but thats not how the song goesSep 11 19:26
highest_cubist_thrillsactually in the song her name is alberta and she lives in vancouverSep 11 19:26
*highest_cubist_thrills has quit (connection closed)Sep 11 19:27
MinceR 11 19:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 1266 Even Deal - Giant in the Playground GamesSep 11 19:42
*highest_cubist_thrills (~highest_cubist_thri@c955v778j8pxq.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 19:44
starstreakwelcome back highest_cubist_thrills :)Sep 11 20:00
highest_cubist_thrillsmerci!Sep 11 20:02
starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, have you seen ravynOS?Sep 11 20:02
starstreakits a freebsd distro with a mac ui and it aims to run mac appsSep 11 20:03
highest_cubist_thrills/me gigglesSep 11 20:03
highest_cubist_thrills 11 20:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-ravynOS โ€“ Finesse of macOS. Freedom of FreeBSD.Sep 11 20:04
starstreakits a shame their source code is hosted on githubSep 11 20:05
highest_cubist_thrillsthe linux compatibility layer requires wayland :)Sep 11 20:05
highest_cubist_thrills Many Linux applications that support Wayland are expected to work with FreeBSDโ€™s Linux emulation layer. Sep 11 20:05
starstreakniceSep 11 20:05
highest_cubist_thrillsbut maybe thats a freebsd thing, not ravyns faultSep 11 20:05
MinceRthat title already tells me i don't want to bother with ravynOSSep 11 20:05
starstreaki dont mind wayland, i kinda like itSep 11 20:05
highest_cubist_thrills its a shame their source code is hosted on github <- its a shame that microsoft controlls 99% of free software, yesSep 11 20:05
highest_cubist_thrillsand the gnu developers dont even give a fuckSep 11 20:05
highest_cubist_thrills i dont mind wayland, i kinda like it <- i think you just enjoy finding new stuff to troll me with :)Sep 11 20:06
starstreaki do actually like waylandSep 11 20:07
highest_cubist_thrillseven soSep 11 20:07
highest_cubist_thrillsbut my issue with wayland of courseSep 11 20:07
starstreakits lightweightSep 11 20:08
highest_cubist_thrillsis theyre fgollowing the Sep 11 20:08
highest_cubist_thrillstheyre following the new FILO development paradigmSep 11 20:08
highest_cubist_thrillslike systemdSep 11 20:08
starstreakFILO?Sep 11 20:08
highest_cubist_thrillsfree in license onlySep 11 20:08
highest_cubist_thrillssome people call it "osps" or "open source proprietary software"Sep 11 20:08
highest_cubist_thrillsyou have the source code, but it doesnt matterSep 11 20:09
highest_cubist_thrillsbecause the source is useless except to the developersSep 11 20:09
highest_cubist_thrillslike you have the source to linuxSep 11 20:09
MinceRwaylandows was designed only with lennart's use cases in mindSep 11 20:09
highest_cubist_thrillsdoesnt matter, linux will never be forkedSep 11 20:09
MinceRso it probably still doesn't support FPS games properlySep 11 20:09
highest_cubist_thrills<MinceR> waylandows was designed only with lennart's use cases in mind <- this is what i meanSep 11 20:09
MinceRnor screen sharingSep 11 20:09
MinceRmost waylandows implementations depend on systemd, or at least its logind partSep 11 20:10
highest_cubist_thrillsits just some fucked up thing to waste time of devs and users alikeSep 11 20:10
MinceRand it's not flexible enoughSep 11 20:10
highest_cubist_thrillswhich will ultimately be dumped like everything microsoft ever didSep 11 20:10
MinceRfor example, in X, you can restart/replace your window manager with your clients runningSep 11 20:10
MinceRin waylandows, you can'tSep 11 20:10
highest_cubist_thrills <MinceR> and it's not flexible enough <- its not meant to beSep 11 20:10
highest_cubist_thrillsrather, its meant NOT to beSep 11 20:10
highest_cubist_thrills"in waylandows, you can't" <- their sloganSep 11 20:10
MinceRyeah, basically my problem with waylandows is that it's pushed as an X replacement yet it wasn't designed to be as powerful as XSep 11 20:10
starstreakwaylandows lolSep 11 20:10
highest_cubist_thrillssoftware designed to fuck up free software gets a big no from meSep 11 20:11
highest_cubist_thrillssystemd, waylandos, gnome...Sep 11 20:11
highest_cubist_thrillsfuck itSep 11 20:11
highest_cubist_thrillsfreebsd isnt so bad... its not greatSep 11 20:12
starstreaksteam proton doesn't work in freebsdSep 11 20:12
highest_cubist_thrillspoints for freebsdSep 11 20:13
highest_cubist_thrillssmall ones, but heySep 11 20:13
starstreaki'd want to run windows games in steamSep 11 20:13
highest_cubist_thrillslolSep 11 20:13
starstreakalthough to be honest, i play games on xbox more than i do on pcSep 11 20:14
highest_cubist_thrills"i use xbox btw"Sep 11 20:14
starstreaki love video gamesSep 11 20:15
highest_cubist_thrillsvideo games are a hell of a drugSep 11 20:15
starstreakyou can say that for sureSep 11 20:15
lonerMinceR: waylandows requires /dev/input/event to grab keyboard events, circumventing tty handling and permissions enforced by kernelSep 11 20:16
loneron *nix it's pseudo terminals responsibility to expose keyboardSep 11 20:16
starstreaki've been playing a lot of diablo 3 on xbox, trying to get the achievement of getting to level 70 without dyingSep 11 20:16
lonerand most Xorg ship input modules nowadays, which too insist on /dev/input/event instead of the original xorg keyboard inputSep 11 20:17
lonerit was possible still, to block at those original xorg input modules without evdevSep 11 20:18
lonerhowever, as a precaution, i too wiped Xorg recentlySep 11 20:18
lonerhaven't got a practically usable widget toolkit anymore anywaySep 11 20:19
lonergtk3 was bad enough, and gtk4 will be the next best greatest shit ever invented for freeSep 11 20:19
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highest_cubist_thrills<MinceR> for example, in X, you can restart/replace your window manager with your clients running <- which is awesomeSep 11 20:20
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean, on vms you could move running applications from one MACHINE to anotherSep 11 20:20
highest_cubist_thrillsthe entire process treeSep 11 20:20
highest_cubist_thrillsso this sort of flexibility is something we strive forSep 11 20:20
highest_cubist_thrillsbut the redmond treadmill only cares about the next quarterSep 11 20:21
highest_cubist_thrillsfuck users, fuck stability, theres no money in thatSep 11 20:21
highest_cubist_thrillsmove fast and charge to fix things you breakSep 11 20:21
highest_cubist_thrillswhy build nice things? thats like selling a computer that people dont need to replace in a yearSep 11 20:22
starstreakoh shit, i totally forgot about legend of the red dragonSep 11 20:22
*starstreak logs into Bottomless Abyss BBSSep 11 20:22
highest_cubist_thrills :)Sep 11 20:23
starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, did you see techrights on mIRC on windows 3.11?Sep 11 20:23
highest_cubist_thrillsno, i mean thats fun but Sep 11 20:23
highest_cubist_thrillsi used to do all that kind of stuffSep 11 20:24
highest_cubist_thrillsits less novel when you know... youve already done itSep 11 20:24
highest_cubist_thrillslike if i really wanted toSep 11 20:24
highest_cubist_thrillsim sure i could get here from DOSSep 11 20:24
starstreak 11 20:24
highest_cubist_thrillsi dont mean ntvdmSep 11 20:24
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean actual dosSep 11 20:24
techrights-newsExplaining modern server monitoring stacks for self-hosting gemini:// 11 20:25
starstreakDOSBOX-X (emulated ne2000 network), MS-DOS 6.22, Windows 3.11, mIRC 16bit, ms tcp/ip, etcSep 11 20:25
lonerwhy didn't you try with FreeDOS?Sep 11 20:25
starstreaki could have used freedosSep 11 20:26
highest_cubist_thrills/me used to do irc from dos with networking provided by arachneSep 11 20:26
starstreaki was going for the nostalgia factor with ms-dosSep 11 20:26
highest_cubist_thrillsyeah i meanSep 11 20:26
highest_cubist_thrillsi like retrocomputing, its coolSep 11 20:26
highest_cubist_thrillsits a great place to get fun ideasSep 11 20:26
highest_cubist_thrillsa few years ago i booted up the version of mandrake i bought in like... 2003 or somethingSep 11 20:27
highest_cubist_thrillsit had icewmSep 11 20:27
starstreakif i was doing freedos, i'd use gnome boxes because freedos has qemu driversSep 11 20:27
starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, icewm is sweetSep 11 20:27
highest_cubist_thrillsit used to be my #1Sep 11 20:28
highest_cubist_thrillsfor quite some timeSep 11 20:28
starstreakmy first distro was redhat 5.2 and it came with fvwm95Sep 11 20:28
highest_cubist_thrillsyeah i bought red hat... 6 i thinkSep 11 20:28
starstreakby then they were using gnomeSep 11 20:28
highest_cubist_thrillsbut installing it on a 486 (dx2) was a big noSep 11 20:28
highest_cubist_thrillsyeah but it was like gnome 1 or somethingSep 11 20:29
starstreakmy friend had some version of linux running on a 486 with enlightenment desktopSep 11 20:29
techrights-newsBest Free Android Apps: K-9 Mail โ€“ advanced email 11 20:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Best Free Android Apps: K-9 Mail - advanced email - LinuxLinksSep 11 20:29
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean i hadnt really gotten into pentiums yetSep 11 20:29
highest_cubist_thrillsi had a tech coming over regularly to hang outSep 11 20:30
highest_cubist_thrillshe had a pentium 4Sep 11 20:30
highest_cubist_thrillsi had a pentium (betwen 60 and 100 mhz) that someone threw awaySep 11 20:30
highest_cubist_thrillsand i ran dos on it :)Sep 11 20:30
techrights-newsGroundhogs, Thor is bad, lots of robots and Laser tractors - Trendy Talk - Invidious โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 20:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Groundhogs, Thor is bad, lots of robots and Laser tractors - Trendy Talk - InvidiousSep 11 20:30
highest_cubist_thrillsno, i ran dos on the old 286 i put in the minitower from it :)Sep 11 20:30
highest_cubist_thrillswhich i got on the webSep 11 20:30
starstreakmy first computer was a 386 16mhz 4mb ram system back in 1995 and it came with MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11Sep 11 20:31
highest_cubist_thrillsi upgraded the graphics to an orchid and installed an ide controllerSep 11 20:31
highest_cubist_thrillsbecause it had mfm :)Sep 11 20:31
starstreaki had IDESep 11 20:31
highest_cubist_thrillsthis was the second pc i ever usedSep 11 20:31
highest_cubist_thrillsso it was more than a decade old (at the time)Sep 11 20:31
starstreakand i used that 386 from 1995 to 1999 when i got a free 486 from schoolSep 11 20:31
highest_cubist_thrillsmy first 486 was 30 bucks from a computer showSep 11 20:32
highest_cubist_thrillsit was SO FASTSep 11 20:32
highest_cubist_thrillslater i got a dx2Sep 11 20:32
starstreaki had a 14.4k modem, BBSes were fun and so was the early internetSep 11 20:32
highest_cubist_thrillsmade an mp3 stereo out of itSep 11 20:32
highest_cubist_thrillsheadlessSep 11 20:32
starstreaki remember the struggle of getting trumpet winsock to work in win 3.11Sep 11 20:32
highest_cubist_thrillsyeah, i still wake up tremblingSep 11 20:33
highest_cubist_thrillsbig props for getting that to workSep 11 20:33
highest_cubist_thrills"winSOCK"Sep 11 20:33
starstreakyeah then you could use mIRC and ICQSep 11 20:33
highest_cubist_thrillsnope, i ended up getting 3.1 (not 3.11) working with dialer software from my ispSep 11 20:33
starstreakcould you use mIRC and ICQ?Sep 11 20:34
starstreakIE3 came with a dialer but it only worked with IE3Sep 11 20:34
highest_cubist_thrillsi refused to use mirc back thenSep 11 20:34
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): E86: Tech Talk: Linux Distro's you should check out โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 20:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” E86: Tech Talk: Linux Distro's you should check outSep 11 20:34
highest_cubist_thrillsi could use irc in dosSep 11 20:34
starstreakbut it was irc!Sep 11 20:34
highest_cubist_thrillsbut it was mircSep 11 20:34
starstreakahhhSep 11 20:34
highest_cubist_thrillsi was worried about the software not the protocolSep 11 20:34
starstreaki use hexchat nowSep 11 20:34
highest_cubist_thrillsback then i loved netscapeSep 11 20:36
highest_cubist_thrillsespecially 4Sep 11 20:36
starstreaki used netscape 3.04 goldSep 11 20:36
starstreaki made my first website with netscape composerSep 11 20:36
highest_cubist_thrills heheSep 11 20:37
starstreaki had a beavis and butthead siteSep 11 20:37
highest_cubist_thrillsniceSep 11 20:37
lonersuch conversations of yours make it difficult to read this channel, and the backlogSep 11 20:37
highest_cubist_thrillsi had a tshirt, but no websiteSep 11 20:37
lonerjust in case, there was anything relevant in betweenSep 11 20:38
highest_cubist_thrillsalso the movie soundtrackSep 11 20:38
highest_cubist_thrillswhich still has some good songsSep 11 20:38
starstreakthe movie soundtrack was amazingSep 11 20:38
highest_cubist_thrillsred hot chili peppers, sir mixalot, white zombieSep 11 20:40
highest_cubist_thrills/me has been on a big 90s kick lately anywaySep 11 20:40
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean, im kinda too old for this shitSep 11 20:41
highest_cubist_thrillsbut then againSep 11 20:41
loner90s were bad timesSep 11 20:41
highest_cubist_thrillsi dont careSep 11 20:41
lonermass unemploymentSep 11 20:41
lonerand the mountains of electronics waste piling up to the dot com bubble, which, sadly, never busted as it should haveSep 11 20:41
highest_cubist_thrills 11 20:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder - InvidiousSep 11 20:42
techrights-newsTales Tips and Tricks: GSoC 2022 Final Report โš“ ไท‰ Source: | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 20:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tales Tips and TricksSep 11 20:42
techrights-newsLive Raizo 11 20:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Live Raizo - Linux for Virtual SysAdmin download | SourceForge.netSep 11 20:43
highest_cubist_thrills/me is jealousSep 11 20:47
highest_cubist_thrillswrong window :)Sep 11 20:47
highest_cubist_thrillsthis is why the font is in red...Sep 11 20:48
schestowitz[TR]loner: Sep 11 20:54
schestowitz[TR] 11 20:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Mr. T Experience - Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend (Acoustic Cover) - InvidiousSep 11 20:54
techrights-newsThere are unintended consequences here 11 20:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-U.S. Recovers Over $30 Million in Cryptocurrency Stolen by North Korean Hackers - WSJSep 11 20:56
techrights-newsTikTok 11 20:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | TikTok Browser Can Track Usersโ€™ Keystrokes, According to New Research - The New York TimesSep 11 20:57
techrights-newsYour smartphone could recognise you just by the way you hold it | New Scientist โš“ ไท‰ Source: New Scientist | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 20:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Your smartphone could recognise you just by the way you hold it | New ScientistSep 11 20:57
techrights-newsHow to Find Optimal Clusters in R? - Data Science Tutorials โš“ ไท‰ Source: | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 20:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to Find Optimal Clusters in R? - Data Science TutorialsSep 11 20:58
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loner"Grosse Teile der deutschen Wirtschaft stehen kurz vor dem Kollaps"Sep 11 21:00
starstreak<highest_cubist_thrills> i mean, im kinda too old for this shitSep 11 21:00
starstreakim 37Sep 11 21:00
highest_cubist_thrillsyeahSep 11 21:01
highest_cubist_thrillsits funny becauseSep 11 21:01
highest_cubist_thrillsyou come off as about 20Sep 11 21:01
lonerschestowitz[TR]: i don't watch any youtubeSep 11 21:01
starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, thank you :)Sep 11 21:01
highest_cubist_thrillsbut its very obvious from the references you make and your career that youre well out of schoolSep 11 21:01
highest_cubist_thrillsi was going to tease you about being old earlierSep 11 21:01
highest_cubist_thrillswhen you were likeSep 11 21:01
highest_cubist_thrillsnetscape 3Sep 11 21:01
starstreaki was in college for paralegal school a few years agoSep 11 21:01
highest_cubist_thrillsi was going to say "ha, you must be about 50"Sep 11 21:01
starstreaklolSep 11 21:01
starstreaki have a six digit icq numberSep 11 21:02
highest_cubist_thrillsbut 37 sounds rightSep 11 21:02
highest_cubist_thrillsand you use arch btwSep 11 21:02
starstreaki used gentoo back in 2003Sep 11 21:02
starstreaki use arch btwSep 11 21:02
techrights-news"The Labor government announced that the $18m charity endorsed by the Governor-General, funded by the taxpayer, headed by a low-profile businessman, and with only the vaguest mandate, would be scrapped. But will David Hurley survive this?" 11 21:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | God save the Governor-General? - Michael WestSep 11 21:02
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@5bnyh3kjti54w.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 21:03
highest_cubist_thrills :)Sep 11 21:03
techrights-news"King Charles III presents a vexed dilemma for the Albanese government as it proceeds with the referendum to enshrine an Indigenous voice in the constitution, writes Mark Sawyer." 11 21:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Elizabethโ€™s legacy: the enduring Australian monarchy - Michael WestSep 11 21:03
highest_cubist_thrillsi used gentoo back in 2003 <- respect!Sep 11 21:03
highest_cubist_thrillsin 2003 i had no prayer of using gentooSep 11 21:03
starstreak:)Sep 11 21:03
highest_cubist_thrillsi was noob-as-fuckSep 11 21:04
starstreaki used it because i wanted kernel 2.6Sep 11 21:04
highest_cubist_thrillshehSep 11 21:04
highest_cubist_thrillsthats funny, i tried to avoid kernel 3 for a whileSep 11 21:04
lonerin 2003 i used a maths book, pencil and paperSep 11 21:04
highest_cubist_thrillseven swapped laptops with someone because my new laptop had sataSep 11 21:04
lonerimagine thisSep 11 21:04
highest_cubist_thrillsand my kernel didnt support  it :)Sep 11 21:04
techrights-newsThe man who wonโ€™t lie down: Australian ice hockey still getting snowed โš“ ไท‰ Source: Michael West Media | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 21:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The man who won't lie down: Australian ice hockey still getting snowedSep 11 21:04
highest_cubist_thrillsbut it was SO FAST!Sep 11 21:04
lonerno time for any of the shitwareSep 11 21:04
highest_cubist_thrillsSO FREAKING FASTSep 11 21:04
highest_cubist_thrillsand the 3.x kernel wasnt as fastSep 11 21:04
highest_cubist_thrills(im not sure it was the kernel. there was loads of shit i didnt know then)Sep 11 21:05
highest_cubist_thrillsalso this was 2004, not 3Sep 11 21:05
starstreakhighest_cubist_thrills, funny you say i sound 20, i also look 20Sep 11 21:05
starstreaki get carded all the time for cigsSep 11 21:05
techrights-news"Meanness. Lies. Slander. Political differences. Personal attacks. Us vs Them attitudes. The Linux, Open Source, and broader Tech industry is no stranger to these bits-o-yuckiness. And there are many ways to deal with them." 11 21:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How Lunduke handles conflict, personal attacks, & political differences in the Tech industrySep 11 21:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Lunduke Touches an Important Set of Issues, But Still Gets Pertinent Details a Little Wrong | TechrightsSep 11 21:05
techrights-news"But they expect more than a tick and flick by companies when it comes to backing up their claims on environmental values, gender and racial inclusion or stamping out slavery." 11 21:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Why corporate 'green-washing' causing stir - Michael WestSep 11 21:07
techrights-news"The prosecution of Bernard Collaery was dropped after pressure from Timor-Leste and fears of Chinaโ€™s expansion. Itโ€™s not great news for other whistleblowers such as David McBride, Richard Boyle or Julian Assange." 11 21:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Spies Like Us: how Timor's oil and gas delivered justice to Bernard Collaery - Michael WestSep 11 21:08
techrights-newsBryan Lunduke's very bizarre humour [soc] 11 21:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Breaking: Linux company SUSE sold to Taco BellSep 11 21:09
highest_cubist_thrillsi also look 20 <- and youre on the spectrum somehow?Sep 11 21:09
starstreakthe autism spectrum? yesSep 11 21:10
highest_cubist_thrillsmmhmmSep 11 21:10
highest_cubist_thrillsthats the thingSep 11 21:10
highest_cubist_thrillspeople on the spectrum look just about 20 until theyre like... 45Sep 11 21:10
highest_cubist_thrillsi know this is a gross generalisationSep 11 21:10
highest_cubist_thrillsbut its sort of true, im sure you noticedSep 11 21:10
starstreakyesSep 11 21:10
highest_cubist_thrillsso yeahSep 11 21:11
techrights-news"Youโ€™re not always going to be able to remove all buzzwords, of courseโ€”for one thing, your boss might be a big fan of them." "Letโ€™s put it this way: At the end of the day, ditching buzzwords would be a win-win"Sep 11 21:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 42 of the most annoying buzzwords and what to do about them. | PerfectItโ„ข | Proofreading Software for Professionals.Sep 11 21:11
highest_cubist_thrillsthats how i picture you Sep 11 21:11
starstreak:3Sep 11 21:11
starstreaki'd say my mind is in my 20s tooSep 11 21:11
starstreaki still like new musicSep 11 21:11
highest_cubist_thrillsyeah i like the 2000sSep 11 21:12
highest_cubist_thrillsi like electronicaSep 11 21:12
highest_cubist_thrillsi even like new stuff from u2, so obviously i have no pride at allSep 11 21:13
starstreakmy fav is 2000s Sep 11 21:13
highest_cubist_thrills/me hates bono, but good music!Sep 11 21:13
highest_cubist_thrillsbono is like if windows made music but it didnt suckSep 11 21:13
starstreaklolSep 11 21:13
highest_cubist_thrills/me checks github for new albumSep 11 21:13
highest_cubist_thrillstalk about a guilty pleasure, i feel less terrible about debbie gibsonSep 11 21:13
highest_cubist_thrills"and that bitch anne murray too!"Sep 11 21:13
highest_cubist_thrillsjust kidding, no one listens to anne murraySep 11 21:13
highest_cubist_thrillseven anne murray is like "ive never heard of her"Sep 11 21:14
highest_cubist_thrillsshe has but she wont admit itSep 11 21:14
starstreakwho is anne murraySep 11 21:15
highest_cubist_thrillsexactlySep 11 21:16
highest_cubist_thrillsno shes some candian singer from likeSep 11 21:16
highest_cubist_thrillsthe 1970sSep 11 21:16
highest_cubist_thrillsi only mention her because shes in the lyrics of "blame canada"Sep 11 21:16
*psydroid3 has quit (connection closed)Sep 11 21:16
highest_cubist_thrillsi HAVe actually seen an anne murray lp in a shop thoughSep 11 21:16
starstreakblame canada is hilariousSep 11 21:17
schestowitz[TR]obno is buddies with billgSep 11 21:17
schestowitz[TR]and both defraud people with fake charitiesSep 11 21:18
schestowitz[TR]*bonoSep 11 21:18
highest_cubist_thrillsyeah hes a turd of a personSep 11 21:19
highest_cubist_thrillsi hate himSep 11 21:19
highest_cubist_thrillsbut he writes lovely things :)Sep 11 21:19
highest_cubist_thrillsblame canada! blame canada! with all their hockey hullaballoo-- and that bitch anne murray too!Sep 11 21:19
techrights-ipfs-bot(โ„น) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 11 21:20
techrights-newsGlobal vs. local assignment operators in R | by Trevor French | Trevor French | Sep, 2022 | Medium โš“ 11 21:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Global vs. local assignment operators in R (โ€˜<<-โ€™ vs. โ€˜<-โ€™) | by Trevor French | Trevor French | Sep, 2022 | MediumSep 11 21:20
highest_cubist_thrills/me even blames canada for bonoSep 11 21:21
techrights-newsVisualizing OLS Linear Regression Assumptions in R | by Trevor French | Trevor French | Sep, 2022 | Medium โš“ 11 21:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Visualizing OLS Linear Regression Assumptions in R | by Trevor French | Trevor French | Sep, 2022 | MediumSep 11 21:21
highest_cubist_thrillsdont ask me whySep 11 21:21
schestowitz[TR]highest_cubist_thrills: o canadaSep 11 21:21
highest_cubist_thrillscasey ksem though they were from england :)Sep 11 21:21
schestowitz[TR]b 'o n 'o canadaSep 11 21:21
highest_cubist_thrills"these guys are from england and who gives a shit?"^ casey kasem being HARDCORESep 11 21:21
highest_cubist_thrillsjinkies!Sep 11 21:21
highest_cubist_thrills<schestowitz[TR]> b 'o n 'o canada <- exac tlySep 11 21:22
highest_cubist_thrillshe gets itSep 11 21:22
schestowitz[TR]on friday we went to a local shop for ethical food and they played bono's "it's a beautiful day'Sep 11 21:22
schestowitz[TR]loudSep 11 21:22
schestowitz[TR]less than a day after lizzie had diedSep 11 21:22
techrights-newsNotes of a Dabbler - Exploring OMPR with HiGHS solver โš“ ไท‰ Source: | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 21:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Notes of a Dabbler - Exploring OMPR with HiGHS solverSep 11 21:24
highest_cubist_thrillsethical food :)Sep 11 21:24
highest_cubist_thrillsnice to know the ethical source people were able to pivotSep 11 21:24
highest_cubist_thrills/me gets the recipe for ethical food from githubSep 11 21:24
techrights-newsHow to Concatenate Strings in R 11 21:25
highest_cubist_thrillsi have mixed feelings about beautiful daySep 11 21:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to Concatenate Strings in RSep 11 21:25
highest_cubist_thrillsi like the songSep 11 21:25
highest_cubist_thrillsi wish i didntSep 11 21:25
highest_cubist_thrillsthere are references to it when french and saunders make fun of the cranberriesSep 11 21:25
starstreaklolSep 11 21:25
highest_cubist_thrillsthe video is basically bono running through an airport and being the complete set of twunts that he truly isSep 11 21:26
techrights-newsProfessional Shiny App UI and Layouts with imola and shiny.fluent - R programming โš“ ไท‰ Source: | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 21:26
highest_cubist_thrillswhich i think is appropriateSep 11 21:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Professional Shiny App UI and Layouts with imola and shiny.fluent - R programmingSep 11 21:26
highest_cubist_thrillsbeacuse its honest?Sep 11 21:26
schestowitz[TR]"twunts"Sep 11 21:27
schestowitz[TR]is this a combination of two bad words?Sep 11 21:27
schestowitz[TR]twit and kant?Sep 11 21:27
DaemonFCThat's like Archer where they keep saying that woman's last name, "Tunt", all the time.Sep 11 21:28
DaemonFCLike, you know what they're doing.Sep 11 21:28
schestowitz[TR]nono means not goodSep 11 21:28
schestowitz[TR]bon no!Sep 11 21:28
schestowitz[TR]bonoSep 11 21:28
schestowitz[TR]mono means cancerSep 11 21:28
schestowitz[TR]or moneyboy in spanishSep 11 21:28
schestowitz[TR]*monkeyboySep 11 21:29
DaemonFCThat's racist.Sep 11 21:29
DaemonFCI'm offended on behalf of everybody.Sep 11 21:29
highest_cubist_thrillsor moneyboy in spanish  *monkeyboy <- that explains your no mo logoSep 11 21:29
schestowitz[TR]bono's mom to the docSep 11 21:29
schestowitz[TR]"it is bon?"Sep 11 21:30
highest_cubist_thrills twit and kant? <- yesSep 11 21:30
schestowitz[TR]doctor: "no!"Sep 11 21:30
highest_cubist_thrillsits not my inventionSep 11 21:30
schestowitz[TR]so they called him bonoSep 11 21:30
highest_cubist_thrillsid love to take credit but i c*ntSep 11 21:30
DaemonFC"Prepare to eat a Cease and Desist letter from a Paralegal even though I myself have committed libel on no less than dozens of occasions!" - Matt J. GULAG. SUE-PER GENIUS! SOCIAL JUSTICE DALEK!Sep 11 21:30
schestowitz[TR]better than calling him "mal"Sep 11 21:30
DaemonFCThe US historically hasn't had very much good public television programming.Sep 11 21:31
schestowitz[TR]when? Sep 11 21:31
DaemonFCWe used to have Sesame Street and Nova, and some others that were okay. Most of it aimed at children, not all. Edutainment.Sep 11 21:31
schestowitz[TR]seems iut was good in the 1950sSep 11 21:31
schestowitz[TR]some very good programmes and filmsSep 11 21:31
schestowitz[TR]US pioneered a lot of TV stuffSep 11 21:31
schestowitz[TR]now it's shit like "reality TV"Sep 11 21:32
schestowitz[TR]encouraging people to behave poorlySep 11 21:32
DaemonFCYeah, and that was when my dad was in the TV hardware industry.Sep 11 21:32
schestowitz[TR]and get rewarded Sep 11 21:32
DaemonFCDesigning better television sets.Sep 11 21:32
DaemonFCMaking them more reliable with better picture and color control.Sep 11 21:32
schestowitz[TR]for abuse, cheating, promiscuity, greedSep 11 21:32
DaemonFCMany sets that he partially designed still work if you turn them on today.Sep 11 21:32
DaemonFCEven though they rolled off the assembly line in Indiana in the 1980s and 90s.Sep 11 21:33
highest_cubist_thrillsntsc: never twice the same colourSep 11 21:33
highest_cubist_thrillspal: people are lavendar (hehehe)Sep 11 21:33
highest_cubist_thrillssecam: i dont speak frenchSep 11 21:33
DaemonFCIf you buy a TV set at Walmart today, fully a third of them will not be working a year later.Sep 11 21:33
highest_cubist_thrillstheres one for secam, but its in english so im sure it doesnt countSep 11 21:33
DaemonFCVery high failure rate. They don't care. They warrant them if it fails within the first 12 months.Sep 11 21:33
schestowitz[TR]profit margins could be improved by outsourcingSep 11 21:33
DaemonFCBut you go out 5 years and half have failed.Sep 11 21:33
schestowitz[TR]people paid the price not in the short runSep 11 21:33
schestowitz[TR]no jobs, low qualitySep 11 21:33
DaemonFCPeople complain "Hey, I just bought this thing two months ago!".Sep 11 21:34
DaemonFCAnd you tell them it was made in China or something and there's the problem.Sep 11 21:34
DaemonFCBut they don't demand American TV sets that last 40 years as the solution.Sep 11 21:34
DaemonFCBecause the TV sets that last that long may cost twice as much if anyone started making them here and doing QC on them again.Sep 11 21:35
schestowitz[TR]I have a stereo from 1993Sep 11 21:35
schestowitz[TR]we still use itSep 11 21:35
DaemonFCAnd if you don't replace them for 40 years, they don't sell you a TV very often.Sep 11 21:35
DaemonFCMaybe two or three in your entire life.Sep 11 21:35
highest_cubist_thrillsencouraging people to behave poorly <- not just thatSep 11 21:35
starstreaki use a 720p tv i got for freeSep 11 21:35
highest_cubist_thrillsits SO CHEAP to produceSep 11 21:35
schestowitz[TR]the tape, CD, remote don't workSep 11 21:36
highest_cubist_thrillsand its stupid and addictiveSep 11 21:36
schestowitz[TR]tuner and aux sitll OKSep 11 21:36
highest_cubist_thrillsits just drama and bullshitSep 11 21:36
highest_cubist_thrillsso is all tvSep 11 21:36
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], It's just like the cars. You still see people driving 1970s cars sometimes.Sep 11 21:36
highest_cubist_thrillsbut this is PURE drama and bullshitSep 11 21:36
DaemonFCRust will take them if you're not careful long before they're not worth fixing.Sep 11 21:36
DaemonFCYou can do a complete engine tear down and rebuild and get that working again.Sep 11 21:36
DaemonFCThere's nothing computer controlled on them, no funky sensors.Sep 11 21:36
schestowitz[TR]damn, there was an article about this days agoSep 11 21:37
schestowitz[TR]I can't recall ways to find itSep 11 21:37
DaemonFCSo it's basically like, no matter how bad the damage is, mechanically, you can fix it and keep using the car.Sep 11 21:37
DaemonFCThey don't make them that way anymore and there's reasons.Sep 11 21:37
schestowitz[TR]it was about how cars today are expensive and don't last longSep 11 21:37
schestowitz[TR]it was a long and detailed articleSep 11 21:38
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], Yeah, $60,000-$80,000 for something that's going completely screwy on you in about 5 years.Sep 11 21:38
DaemonFCThat's typical.Sep 11 21:38
DaemonFCYou can throw almost any amount of money you want to in the Buick and not have anything THAT terrible.Sep 11 21:38
techrights-news"This is a small update: when non-hexadecimal characters are found, they are listed before an exception is raised." 11 21:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Update: Version 0.0.6 | Didier StevensSep 11 21:38
DaemonFCBecause you also have to get expensive car insurance to satisfy the bank.Sep 11 21:38
DaemonFCWhich you pay 5-6% interest to, if you have GOOD credit.Sep 11 21:39
schestowitz[TR]people who bought EVs have humble piue nowSep 11 21:39
DaemonFCThen you have to feed the pig (the government taxes the shit out of new cars).Sep 11 21:39
schestowitz[TR]withe energy cshortagesSep 11 21:39
techrights-news"This is an update for my tool to perform XOR known plaintext attacks: The tool has been updated for Python 3, and 3 new plaintext have been added, all for Cobalt Strike configurations." 11 21:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Update: Version 0.0.6 | Didier StevensSep 11 21:39
schestowitz[TR]even if they find alternative source of electricity they can be shut down remosatelySep 11 21:39
schestowitz[TR]same for some homes with spy meters, but most spy meters are just passive, for nowSep 11 21:40
DaemonFCThe government is a greedy piglet that will suckle your nipples until they've gone bone dry and are chafed.Sep 11 21:40
DaemonFCRon Swanson :)Sep 11 21:40
schestowitz[TR]the new from texas was something... abotu temperature control refusing to obey tuhe home ownerSep 11 21:40
DaemonFCI have a tax joke for you......the government here is excellent and they spend my tax money wisely. Ha ha ha.Sep 11 21:40
DaemonFCI walked up and told that to the city clerk's office in Chicago when I was getting my car's window sticker.Sep 11 21:41
lonercontrolling/limiting air-condition and heating can reduce energy consumption very much, that much, almost all problems solved with climateSep 11 21:41
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: you are I are alike in some waysSep 11 21:41
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], That episode of Parks and Rec where Swanson is thoroughly unimpressed by the UK.Sep 11 21:42
schestowitz[TR]like the use of energySep 11 21:42
DaemonFC"Oh look, a clock. We don't have those in America."Sep 11 21:42
schestowitz[TR]we pay 2-3 times less than other couplesSep 11 21:42
MinceR 11 21:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Workplace Signs That Would Honestly Make Me Quit Immediately (20 Pics)Sep 11 21:42
DaemonFC"History began on July 4th, 1776. Everything before that was a mistake."Sep 11 21:42
schestowitz[TR]MinceR: clickbait, must open!Sep 11 21:42
MinceRalso everything on that day and sinceSep 11 21:42
schestowitz[TR]my employer makes it hard for me to leaveSep 11 21:42
schestowitz[TR]I might not even leave until next yearSep 11 21:42
MinceRroach motel?Sep 11 21:43
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], In general our energy bills are lower than other comparable household units, according to the electric company.Sep 11 21:43
DaemonFCBut for a few months out of the year (Summer) the usage is about 60% higher.Sep 11 21:44
DaemonFCBut it spends about 9 months of the year being about 65% lower.Sep 11 21:44
lonerDaemonFC: how many kWh/year total?Sep 11 21:44
DaemonFCGive me a minute to go load their site and check.Sep 11 21:45
DaemonFCOf course it's acting up.Sep 11 21:45
DaemonFCAzure really did a number on the reliability.Sep 11 21:45
DaemonFCIt was up like 99.99999% of the time before Microsoft.Sep 11 21:46
DaemonFCNow it's just up and down whenever the hell it feels like it.Sep 11 21:46
schestowitz[TR]MinceR: very americanSep 11 21:47
schestowitz[TR]the signsSep 11 21:47
DaemonFCI don't see much of a national identity in the US anymore.Sep 11 21:47
DaemonFCIn Illinois, the bulk of the population is not religious.Sep 11 21:47
DaemonFCYou drive into Indiana and it's Jesus radio and Jesus billboards everywhere.Sep 11 21:48
schestowitz[TR]US balkanisatioinSep 11 21:48
schestowitz[TR]here it exists in another seneSep 11 21:48
schestowitz[TR]dialectsSep 11 21:48
schestowitz[TR]and foodsSep 11 21:48
schestowitz[TR]but the rest is quite uniformSep 11 21:49
schestowitz[TR]the big cities tend to have more "minorities"Sep 11 21:49
schestowitz[TR]but the culture is more or less the sameSep 11 21:49
schestowitz[TR]there is no "liberal" citySep 11 21:49
schestowitz[TR]and "MAGA" citySep 11 21:49
MinceR11 224706 < schestowitz[TR]> MinceR: very americanSep 11 21:49
MinceRindeedSep 11 21:49
schestowitz[TR]some are maybe made as a part jokeSep 11 21:49
schestowitz[TR]by disgruntled store ownersSep 11 21:50
schestowitz[TR]small shopsSep 11 21:50
schestowitz[TR]when you want to say rude thinkg to people'e face, you immigrate to USASep 11 21:50
schestowitz[TR]my two siblings are in USA ATMSep 11 21:51
schestowitz[TR]not liking it at allSep 11 21:51
DaemonFCloner, 6023 kWhSep 11 21:51
schestowitz[TR]one is on a business trip to Philadelphia Sep 11 21:51
DaemonFC501.91 per month, averageSep 11 21:51
lonerDaemonFC: this is an extremely high electricity consumptionSep 11 21:51
schestowitz[TR]we still manage to keep our bills around or below 100 a monthSep 11 21:52
schestowitz[TR]but the prices keep rising (per unit)Sep 11 21:52
DaemonFCI can tell you what the cost is if I look at a bill and figure it out.Sep 11 21:52
schestowitz[TR]heat conservation methods is something I ought to do a blog post this winterSep 11 21:52
schestowitz[TR]tips and tricksSep 11 21:52
schestowitz[TR]here they say "eye-eatering power bills"Sep 11 21:52
lonerin germany you would pay ~2000Euros/yearSep 11 21:52
schestowitz[TR]*WateringSep 11 21:53
schestowitz[TR]people here confront energy suppliersSep 11 21:53
schestowitz[TR]they see soaring porofits of energy giantsSep 11 21:54
schestowitz[TR]so they know they're being stiffedSep 11 21:54
lonerwell, energy which doesn't exist cannot be sold nor consumed at any price whatsoeverSep 11 21:54
schestowitz[TR]one can protest a biy by minimising consumptionSep 11 21:54
schestowitz[TR]regardless of the ratesSep 11 21:54
lonernon-existing energy cannot be saved either, to safe the planet and climate and god and universeSep 11 21:54
lonerthat's why german politicians are, how should i say, ready to be sent into the madhouseSep 11 21:55
loneralmost all of themSep 11 21:55
schestowitz[TR]a friend of mine paid 250 a month for energySep 11 21:56
lonerbecause, they intend to increase prices and taxes for non-existent energySep 11 21:56
schestowitz[TR]just two people,. both working OUTSIDE homeSep 11 21:56
schestowitz[TR]not even afctoring int he fuel for the carSep 11 21:56
lonerand with non-existent energy, they want to cut down consumption, because this saves the planet and whatnotSep 11 21:56
schestowitz[TR]so you're looking at like 33350 a month just for energySep 11 21:56
schestowitz[TR]350Sep 11 21:57
DaemonFC12.841 cents per kWh before taxes and adjustments. 0.0977 cents per kWh adjusted, rounded to the 4th decimal place. Plus state sales tax.Sep 11 21:57
schestowitz[TR]for people who barely stay at homeSep 11 21:57
schestowitz[TR]you work like an extra day in the week (sans tax) just to pay for energySep 11 21:57
schestowitz[TR]and drive to work, tooSep 11 21:58
schestowitz[TR]as the old jokes agoSep 11 21:58
schestowitz[TR]buy a car to go to the oifficeSep 11 21:58
schestowitz[TR]to earn money to buy a carSep 11 21:58
schestowitz[TR]leave home to go to workSep 11 21:58
schestowitz[TR]to spend all the time not at the home you pay a mortgage onSep 11 21:58
schestowitz[TR]people do irrational thingsSep 11 21:58
DaemonFC10.55 cents per kWh, rounded to the third decimal place, after the state and local sales tax.Sep 11 21:58
schestowitz[TR]sustaining the things they're too busy to actually USE or ENJOYSep 11 21:59
lonerDaemonFC: i had seen data of 35cents/kWh alreadySep 11 21:59
schestowitz[TR]I get enough light from the monitors usualluy, and they also emit heatSep 11 21:59
highest_cubist_thrillsthere is no "liberal" city <- no, because america is big on fake progressSep 11 22:00
DaemonFCWithout the purchasing adjustment, it would be over 15 cents per kWh by now.Sep 11 22:00
highest_cubist_thrillsits more of an aesthetic than something politicalSep 11 22:00
highest_cubist_thrillsprogressives existSep 11 22:00
schestowitz[TR]power is about 20 pence kwh here, but rising fastSep 11 22:00
highest_cubist_thrillsbut theyre not part of the DECORSep 11 22:00
highest_cubist_thrillsthe decor is bullshitSep 11 22:00
DaemonFCThe nuclear bailout bill says the electric company has to rebate us if prices go high enough that the power would be profitable on its own.Sep 11 22:00
schestowitz[TR]the sooner people learn to use less, the better off they'll be laterSep 11 22:00
highest_cubist_thrills(and TASTEFUL. and EXPENSIVE)Sep 11 22:00
DaemonFCSo it claws back some of the bailout money.Sep 11 22:00
schestowitz[TR]no more "plasma TVs" and crap like thatSep 11 22:01
highest_cubist_thrillsi love very little more than getting a million miles away from itSep 11 22:01
highest_cubist_thrillsthe sooner people learn to use less <- like kde :)Sep 11 22:01
lonerschestowitz[TR]: intersting, hasn't been your new "King" one of those "eco" guys... if so be prepared for 30pence/kWh, at leastSep 11 22:01
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: buy outsSep 11 22:01
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], 10.5 cents total isn't bad.Sep 11 22:01
schestowitz[TR]happens alao in AustraliaSep 11 22:01
schestowitz[TR]taxpayers bails out copmpaniesSep 11 22:01
schestowitz[TR]the money goes to shareholdersSep 11 22:01
highest_cubist_thrillsuustralia is fascist, no?Sep 11 22:01
schestowitz[TR]workers fired regardlessSep 11 22:01
schestowitz[TR]prices riseSep 11 22:02
DaemonFCYeah, ComEd agreed because nobody expected the nuclear plants to be profitable.Sep 11 22:02
highest_cubist_thrills/me is tongue in cheekSep 11 22:02
DaemonFCThen it happened because of the current energy crisis.Sep 11 22:02
DaemonFCGas and coal went sky high and nuclear power became a better deal.Sep 11 22:02
highest_cubist_thrills/me was planning to move to australia at one point, but politicallySep 11 22:02
lonerit's interesting two major energy suppliers in germany filed bancruptcy recently, regardless of the excess energy pricesSep 11 22:02
highest_cubist_thrillsYIKESSep 11 22:02
schestowitz[TR]highest_cubist_thrills: wrong timeSep 11 22:02
schestowitz[TR]people escape ausssieSep 11 22:02
highest_cubist_thrillssure!Sep 11 22:02
schestowitz[TR]those who canSep 11 22:02
loneri got a theory about this, as said: energy which does not exist cannot be neither sold nor consumed nor taxed nor anythingSep 11 22:02
highest_cubist_thrillsi knowSep 11 22:02
schestowitz[TR]unless they escape chinaSep 11 22:02
highest_cubist_thrillsit didnt work out anywaySep 11 22:02
schestowitz[TR]or arab countriesSep 11 22:02
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], Indiana was going to build a coal gasification plant.Sep 11 22:02
highest_cubist_thrillsor rather it didSep 11 22:02
highest_cubist_thrillsbut not so much for perthSep 11 22:03
schestowitz[TR]check out the price of food in australiaSep 11 22:03
DaemonFCThey spent millions of dollars and then scrapped the whole thing.Sep 11 22:03
DaemonFCIt was a disaster.Sep 11 22:03
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean food is always dearSep 11 22:03
DaemonFCIt would be nice to have that now.Sep 11 22:03
highest_cubist_thrillsin most of the worldSep 11 22:03
lonerit is interesting however, UK and even more so, got far lower energy pricesSep 11 22:03
highest_cubist_thrillsif it wasnt, the whole thing wouldnt work :)Sep 11 22:03
highest_cubist_thrillsnpt that it doesSep 11 22:03
XRevan86CIT (War in Ukraine): 11 22:03
lonerUSASep 11 22:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Dispatch for September 10 โ€“ TelegraphSep 11 22:03
DaemonFCCoal is an extremely nasty power source, but NIPSCO was going to turn it into synthetic natural gas.Sep 11 22:03
schestowitz[TR]highest_cubist_thrills: uk siunsidises someSep 11 22:03
DaemonFCSo that it would burn a lot cleaner.Sep 11 22:03
schestowitz[TR]esp. wheat-baseSep 11 22:03
schestowitz[TR]*basedSep 11 22:03
highest_cubist_thrillsi miss the ukSep 11 22:03
schestowitz[TR]*subsidisesSep 11 22:04
highest_cubist_thrillsbut fuck am i glad im not thereSep 11 22:04
XRevan86 "Ukraine captures checkpoint Hoptivka on border with Russia"Sep 11 22:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ะะพะฒะฐั ะณะฐะทะตั‚ะฐ. ะ•ะฒั€ะพะฟะฐSep 11 22:04
schestowitz[TR]there is a lot of very cheap food here, if you're not picky about brandsSep 11 22:04
DaemonFCThen you just dump the crap that would have come out of the smoke stack had it been burned directly off where nobody gives a shit.Sep 11 22:04
lonerDaemonFC: however, there is one very important difference between coal and "renewables", coal power plants do supply energySep 11 22:04
DaemonFCAnd voila.Sep 11 22:04
schestowitz[TR]we pay only about 3 pounda a day for food, 1.50 ppSep 11 22:04
DaemonFCWe have a big desert. That would have been a good idea.Sep 11 22:04
DaemonFCDump the pollutants out in a hole in the desert.Sep 11 22:04
lonerand, even when sun is shining and wind is blowing, even then "renewables" do not deliver anything anywhere close to what they saidSep 11 22:04
DaemonFCFill it back in.Sep 11 22:04
lonerit's a scam, the worst scam in economic history Sep 11 22:05
DaemonFCIt's hundreds of miles away from anyone and it doesn't rain.Sep 11 22:05
DaemonFCSo problem solved.Sep 11 22:05
schestowitz[TR]I should sit down,far too mmany typos, sorry about that..Sep 11 22:05
DaemonFCOf course the libtards would never go for it.Sep 11 22:05
highest_cubist_thrillsBRETURN will comeSep 11 22:05
highest_cubist_thrillsregardless of the fact that the eu is bsSep 11 22:06
techrights-newsINSANE! 11 22:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Rubenerd: Discovering 850 watt SFX power supplies existSep 11 22:06
schestowitz[TR]"But I thought 750 watts was the highest one could go in this form factor, which limited hardware options like graphics cards.Sep 11 22:06
schestowitz[TR]"Sep 11 22:06
DaemonFCmjg59_, would find an endangered lizard that's being poisoned anyway because of the trash that illegal Mexican immigrants throw everywhere and the Rio Grande coming back into the US all polluted and nasty from being in Mexico.Sep 11 22:06
schestowitz[TR]psydruid: ^Sep 11 22:06
schestowitz[TR]now we know why energy ciris ;-)Sep 11 22:06
DaemonFCWhere the environmental laws are "Dump whatever you want in the river and anyone who sees it better keep their fuckin' mouth shut."Sep 11 22:06
schestowitz[TR]people who 'mine coin' and do gaming rigs"Sep 11 22:06
highest_cubist_thrills<schestowitz[TR]> esp. wheat-base <- so the billgmos thenSep 11 22:07
schestowitz[TR]*energy crisisSep 11 22:07
highest_cubist_thrillssame as usaSep 11 22:07
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], Texas is insane.Sep 11 22:07
schestowitz[TR]using hundrefs of watts for tasks that should take 5 viooltsSep 11 22:07
schestowitz[TR]and can run on aaa batteriesSep 11 22:07
highest_cubist_thrillsusing hundrefs of watts for tasks that should take 5 vioolts <- /me explains e=ir and p=ieSep 11 22:07
DaemonFCIt's unbelievable that the power grid is going to collapse and all ERCOT does is ask Shitcoin miners politely if they'd stop using 16% of the power in the grid.Sep 11 22:07
DaemonFCPlease and thank you.Sep 11 22:07
DaemonFCInsane. Total insanity.Sep 11 22:08
highest_cubist_thrillsto be fair thoughSep 11 22:08
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: they progit from themSep 11 22:08
schestowitz[TR]the billsSep 11 22:08
highest_cubist_thrillsif it takes 5 volts its proabbly NOT drawing "hundreds of watts"Sep 11 22:08
schestowitz[TR]and shortages mean they can charge moreSep 11 22:08
schestowitz[TR]highest_cubist_thrills: worked a lot on the raspi todaySep 11 22:08
schestowitz[TR]it takes hardly anythingSep 11 22:08
highest_cubist_thrillsim sorrySep 11 22:08
schestowitz[TR]I also turned all the LEDs offSep 11 22:09
schestowitz[TR]months agoSep 11 22:09
highest_cubist_thrillslolSep 11 22:09
schestowitz[TR]that should save a bitSep 11 22:09
highest_cubist_thrillspremature optimisation?Sep 11 22:09
schestowitz[TR]reduces CPU load and lightSep 11 22:09
DaemonFCThe funny part about people using the "Griddy" app and then getting a $40,000 electric bill while they had no power and were freezing in their home.....Sep 11 22:09
psydruidschestowitz[TR]: I haven't built or bought a new desktop since 2009. I used mine for 3-4 years while I was waiting for laptops and later SBCs to catch up. I am completely disconnected from the reality of people who buy and use such hardware.Sep 11 22:09
highest_cubist_thrillsmmhmmSep 11 22:09
DaemonFCWas that Griddy was an app in California, from San Francisco, which did nothing.Sep 11 22:09
schestowitz[TR]I started switching off all the screens   while afkSep 11 22:09
highest_cubist_thrillssbcs are the futureSep 11 22:09
DaemonFCLike the kind of shit mjg59_ does for a living.Sep 11 22:09
psydruidI just ignore all the talk about such systems and power supplies.Sep 11 22:09
highest_cubist_thrillsthey still suck, because non-free hardware will be abused / is of course, abusedSep 11 22:10
schestowitz[TR]yeahSep 11 22:10
schestowitz[TR]good plan, psydruid Sep 11 22:10
highest_cubist_thrillsthis isnt a tech issue, this is about capitalismSep 11 22:10
schestowitz[TR]"Turns out, in the time I looked there are a few 850 W, which is what the 6900XT and 3080 recommend. Hereโ€™s EVGAs, which fortunately is called a Supernova, not a Collateral Damage, Shootout, Vengence, or Hyper-Extreme Fury. Ah, PC hardware manufacturers, always at the forefront of class and taste!"Sep 11 22:10
psydruidI am aware of what's out there and the numbers never make sense.Sep 11 22:10
DaemonFCmjg59_'s contributions to Linux have mostly been as useful to users as if he had been out digging holes and then shoveling the dirt back in, or worse.Sep 11 22:10
highest_cubist_thrillsbut it will be a tech issue, when its not a capitalism issueSep 11 22:10
schestowitz[TR]"I guess the bigger question is whether youโ€™d want to run these cards in a confined space, even if you could. The NR200P is an airflow-focused case, but I already feel like Iโ€™d be pushing its thermal limits with anything more than it currently has. But itโ€™s also where the industry is trending.Sep 11 22:10
lonerproblem is, going low-power certainly does exlude particular software development possibilitiesSep 11 22:10
DaemonFCSan Francisco is a shithole based on fraud.Sep 11 22:10
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: mjg59_ used to do good workSep 11 22:10
schestowitz[TR]like ACPISep 11 22:10
highest_cubist_thrillsand the numbers never make sense <- they make perfect sense, every quarter!Sep 11 22:10
DaemonFCSo it's very natural that Griddy was based there.Sep 11 22:10
lonernone that i would miss, however it's the typical software which is pushed by the industrySep 11 22:10
schestowitz[TR]he should have told the boss "no" when assigned to shit projectsSep 11 22:11
highest_cubist_thrillsacpi is a trojan horse, says elon musks good sideSep 11 22:11
lonertry to compile chromium browser on SBC with 5watts power draw... Sep 11 22:11
highest_cubist_thrillsonly joking, i meant shuttleworth. he fucking wishes he was elon muskSep 11 22:11
loneror compile libreoffice... this crap is goneSep 11 22:11
schestowitz[TR]loner: rarely a need for such a monster "app"Sep 11 22:11
schestowitz[TR]the main cpu hog is ipfsSep 11 22:11
DaemonFCFor about the last 10 years, mjg59_ has been worse than doing nothing for Linux users.Sep 11 22:11
schestowitz[TR]I turned off the lights Sep 11 22:11
DaemonFCIt's all been trash like "Security Theater Boot".Sep 11 22:12
schestowitz[TR]and throttled it downSep 11 22:12
DaemonFCWorse, he's a troll who likes to defame useful people.Sep 11 22:12
highest_cubist_thrillsipfs isnt so bad if you know what youre doingSep 11 22:12
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: yesSep 11 22:12
schestowitz[TR]guilt.Sep 11 22:12
highest_cubist_thrillsdoubtful.Sep 11 22:12
schestowitz[TR]the self-describeeed "SJW" people are like thatSep 11 22:12
DaemonFCBtrFS patches lately have been.....most interesting.Sep 11 22:12
schestowitz[TR]they try to tear things downSep 11 22:13
schestowitz[TR]inc. people who succeed more than themSep 11 22:13
schestowitz[TR]they want to b ring them down to their levelSep 11 22:13
DaemonFCI like a lot of what I'm seeing, but at least one of them has been incredibly disturbing.Sep 11 22:13
schestowitz[TR]it amkes them feel powerfulSep 11 22:13
schestowitz[TR]hence taking on Torvalds, RMS etc.Sep 11 22:13
schestowitz[TR]like those two people are "horrible" Sep 11 22:13
schestowitz[TR]they couldn't thinkl oif taking on biollGSep 11 22:13
DaemonFCThey said that they're seeing extent tree inconsistencies and have no idea where it's coming from, but have added a check to make sure it's not happening before the data gets pushed out to the file system.Sep 11 22:13
DaemonFCThat's not very re-assuring.Sep 11 22:13
schestowitz[TR]no, bill does advertising with rainbows and stuffSep 11 22:13
schestowitz[TR]while he looks foreward toi the next plane trip with "jeff"Sep 11 22:14
lonerDaemonFC: it's the death certificate for BtrFSSep 11 22:14
schestowitz[TR]a decade later btrfs still lacks mass adoptionSep 11 22:14
schestowitz[TR]FB pushed it for a wehile with chris masonSep 11 22:14
DaemonFCWell, I'm just not seeing anyone coming along with better ideas for future storage.Sep 11 22:14
psydruidI compiled openoffice on my lemote fuloong 2e back in 2009, as I helped getting support upstreamed. It just took 24 hours for a build to finish, so I tried to do as much building and testing as possible on x86.Sep 11 22:15
schestowitz[TR]but you don't hear much about it anymoreSep 11 22:15
DaemonFCZFS sure isn't the solution.Sep 11 22:15
lonerlet me ask, is BtrFS on "stable" branch in linux?Sep 11 22:15
schestowitz[TR]fedora played around with it for a whileSep 11 22:15
schestowitz[TR]afaik, rhel does not come with it by defaultSep 11 22:15
DaemonFCloner, For about 9 years I believe.Sep 11 22:15
schestowitz[TR]not on any partititonSep 11 22:15
DaemonFCBut only recently can it be used with any reliability.Sep 11 22:15
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: I don't need zfs features anywaySep 11 22:15
schestowitz[TR]maybe a lot of businesses doSep 11 22:15
DaemonFCI wouldn't recommend it unless you have a fairly recent kernel.Sep 11 22:15
DaemonFCNo older than 5.13 or so.Sep 11 22:15
schestowitz[TR]but ordinary and well understoof FSes seem to work OKSep 11 22:15
lonertesting nilfs2 for 6month nowSep 11 22:16
schestowitz[TR]openzfs =m MS shithubSep 11 22:16
DaemonFCThere was a major refactoring going on last year into this year that finally pruned a bunch of nasty BtrFS-specific code in favor of the VFS.Sep 11 22:16
DaemonFCSo it's getting better by way of shoving common functionality out to the VFS, which has been better written, better tested, and more thoroughly debugged.Sep 11 22:16
highest_cubist_thrills the self-describeeed "SJW" people are like thatSep 11 22:17
techrights-newsQuickpost: Sun Drying Biodegradable Waste | Didier Stevens โš“ ไท‰ Source: Didier Stevens | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 22:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Quickpost: Sun Drying Biodegradable Waste | Didier StevensSep 11 22:17
highest_cubist_thrills 11 22:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | everything wrong with free softwareSep 11 22:18
DaemonFCYou REALLY don't want a file system that's well known for trashing data. Old BtrFS had a lot of people who said "Oh I've been using it for years and it's fine." and then one day it became corrupt and no way to fix it.Sep 11 22:18
DaemonFCWhoops.Sep 11 22:18
DaemonFCBut I think we're past that.Sep 11 22:18
techrights-newsShould You Delete Your Patreon Account After They Laid Off Their Entire Security Team? 11 22:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Should You Delete Your Patreon Account After They Laid Off Their Entire Security Team? - Dhole MomentsSep 11 22:18
techrights-news"This is not the first time Eurofurence has started a pointless attempt to control fursuiters and punish people for โ€œpoodlingโ€ (wearing some, but not all, parts of their fursuit at once). Theyโ€™ve had this particular brand of brainworms for years." 11 22:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Hobbies Donโ€™t Need to be Policed - Dhole MomentsSep 11 22:19
highest_cubist_thrillsall my lefty friends think an-coms are rediculous by the waySep 11 22:19
techrights-news"Professionals wearing mascot outfits at theme parks are instructed to never remove their charactersโ€™ heads in the company of guests, because it might traumatize children to discover that e.g. their favorite Disney character is actually an adult wearing a costume." 11 22:19
highest_cubist_thrillsexcept one or two of themSep 11 22:19
highest_cubist_thrillsridiculous tooSep 11 22:20
techrights-ipfs-bot(โ„น) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 11 22:20
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], I think I'll use one of those washing machines in the hallway that's already fucked anyway to re-dye this pair of overalls.Sep 11 22:20
DaemonFCWalmart gave me a refund. There's nothing to lose except the $3 I spend trying to re-dye them in the wash.Sep 11 22:20
highest_cubist_thrillsalso mincer is obviously anarchist and i think hes swellSep 11 22:20
techrights-news"Another service, Lexica, is a search engine seeded with over 5 million SD prompt-image pairs from the Stable Diffusion discord. It's useful for figuring out what artists and concepts the model understands" 11 22:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Two Approaches to Prompt EngineeringSep 11 22:20
DaemonFCAnd then if the stupid washer starts spitting out dye, it won't be my washer that does it.Sep 11 22:20
highest_cubist_thrillscynical as a dozen fucks, but swell nonethelessSep 11 22:21
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: worse:Sep 11 22:21
schestowitz[TR]it ruins other garmentsSep 11 22:21
schestowitz[TR]we had curtains like theseSep 11 22:21
highest_cubist_thrillssjwism is still a diseaseSep 11 22:21
schestowitz[TR]bought cheaplySep 11 22:21
schestowitz[TR]released the colours, "shared" that dye with other garmentsSep 11 22:21
highest_cubist_thrillsand mincer is obviously aware of thatSep 11 22:21
highest_cubist_thrillshes no sjw, if hes anarchist, hes not that kindSep 11 22:22
schestowitz[TR] 11 22:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Dog Eat Dog Isms - InvidiousSep 11 22:22
highest_cubist_thrills(i dont know what he is, but im pretty sure i know what he isnt)Sep 11 22:22
schestowitz[TR]i have the original CD :-)Sep 11 22:22
highest_cubist_thrillsthe master copy?Sep 11 22:22
schestowitz[TR]noSep 11 22:23
schestowitz[TR]the albumSep 11 22:23
schestowitz[TR]got it cheaply in the 90sSep 11 22:23
schestowitz[TR]it aplayed a lot on my sterosSep 11 22:23
schestowitz[TR]when the CD tray still workedSep 11 22:23
highest_cubist_thrillsall the best 90s stuff i got used in the 2000sSep 11 22:23
highest_cubist_thrillsbut i bought it at full price... back when cd stores existedSep 11 22:24
schestowitz[TR]that's where I got itSep 11 22:24
schestowitz[TR]they had diccscounted sectionbsSep 11 22:24
highest_cubist_thrills/me even remembers cassette tapesSep 11 22:24
schestowitz[TR]like really cheapSep 11 22:24
schestowitz[TR]2 poundsSep 11 22:24
schestowitz[TR]esp. classicsSep 11 22:24
highest_cubist_thrillsin 2002 i finally got an 8 track playerSep 11 22:24
schestowitz[TR]like sinatra collections, remastered oftentimesSep 11 22:24
schestowitz[TR]or sets of 2-3 CDsSep 11 22:24
highest_cubist_thrillsi had OOOEEEEeenNEEEe eeeIIIGTTTTHHH TRRRRRRRAaaaAAAAAAAAAcjSep 11 22:24
schestowitz[TR]you said you mashed them allSep 11 22:25
schestowitz[TR]due to them suing that moteherSep 11 22:25
highest_cubist_thrillsbut 90% are ampex carts and they turn to jellySep 11 22:25
highest_cubist_thrillsand then they dont play for shitSep 11 22:25
highest_cubist_thrillsso thats pointlessSep 11 22:25
schestowitz[TR]ter something?Sep 11 22:25
highest_cubist_thrillsfucker?Sep 11 22:25
schestowitz[TR]I forgot her nameSep 11 22:25
highest_cubist_thrillsOH!Sep 11 22:25
highest_cubist_thrillsyesSep 11 22:25
schestowitz[TR]they wanted like 240,000 for a couple dozen tracdks she shared BACKSep 11 22:25
highest_cubist_thrillsi actually know what youre referring toSep 11 22:25
highest_cubist_thrillsmmhmmSep 11 22:25
highest_cubist_thrillsjammie thomasSep 11 22:25
highest_cubist_thrillsyes i do not have a cd collection anymorSep 11 22:26
highest_cubist_thrillsnor have i had one since that timeSep 11 22:26
schestowitz[TR]shameSep 11 22:26
highest_cubist_thrillsno its coolSep 11 22:26
schestowitz[TR]they are physical coipiesSep 11 22:26
schestowitz[TR]tapes last longerSep 11 22:26
highest_cubist_thrillswell about thatSep 11 22:26
schestowitz[TR]but today's media and port types don't last longSep 11 22:26
highest_cubist_thrillssround 2003Sep 11 22:26
highest_cubist_thrillswhich is before i migrated to gnu/linux completelySep 11 22:27
highest_cubist_thrillsthat was 2007Sep 11 22:27
schestowitz[TR]I converted many of my CDs to oggSep 11 22:27
DaemonFCThere we go. I got some blue dye for my overalls. I need to be careful with the blue dye or else I'l be blue da-ba-dee da-ba-dye. I'll have a blue house with a blue window. Blue is the color of all that I wear! Blue are the trees and all the people too! I have a Mandy, and he is so blue.Sep 11 22:27
highest_cubist_thrillsi mean the name of the game is redundancySep 11 22:27
highest_cubist_thrillsyeah i converted to mp3 originallySep 11 22:27
highest_cubist_thrillsi know, i predicted mp3 in the 80sSep 11 22:27
highest_cubist_thrillsbut REALLLY i predicted flacSep 11 22:27
highest_cubist_thrillswhy would it be lossySep 11 22:27
schestowitz[TR]playing CDs  is not energy-efficientSep 11 22:27
highest_cubist_thrillsbut lossy won :/Sep 11 22:27
highest_cubist_thrillsit didSep 11 22:27
schestowitz[TR]now we have othr storageSep 11 22:27
schestowitz[TR]without spinning plattersSep 11 22:27
highest_cubist_thrillsi never used flac, i only thought it was better (because it it iis)Sep 11 22:27
highest_cubist_thrillsim not an audiophile, im a technologistSep 11 22:28
schestowitz[TR]and no optical raysSep 11 22:28
highest_cubist_thrillsin 2003 i started moving music to mp3Sep 11 22:28
schestowitz[TR]flac is good is you have hifi systemsSep 11 22:28
highest_cubist_thrillsi would make cdrs, of mp3sSep 11 22:28
highest_cubist_thrillsfull albumsSep 11 22:28
schestowitz[TR]it's funny when ryan boats sbout flakSep 11 22:28
highest_cubist_thrills7 albums per cd!Sep 11 22:28
schestowitz[TR]but then uses some cheapo PC speakersSep 11 22:28
highest_cubist_thrillsryan is right about flac, its just irrelevant that hes rightSep 11 22:28
schestowitz[TR]a two piece set of "sound bar" (1)0Sep 11 22:29
highest_cubist_thrillsyes, get some nice speakersSep 11 22:29
DaemonFCCheapo PC speakers?Sep 11 22:29
highest_cubist_thrillsi have dj monitorsSep 11 22:29
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: or sound barSep 11 22:29
highest_cubist_thrillsthey were all i ould get, and they were cheapSep 11 22:29
schestowitz[TR]the marketed BSSep 11 22:29
DaemonFCI have the Bose system and I also have my headphones.Sep 11 22:29
highest_cubist_thrillstheres NO EXCUSE for shit speakersSep 11 22:29
schestowitz[TR]they sell you ONE speaker nowSep 11 22:29
highest_cubist_thrillsget some dj monitorsSep 11 22:29
highest_cubist_thrillsbest $100 youll ever spendSep 11 22:29
schestowitz[TR]for like 10 times they price they used to sell a pair forSep 11 22:29
schestowitz[TR]and they make it sound "tendy"Sep 11 22:29
highest_cubist_thrillstell MARISOL to eat a bag of dicksSep 11 22:29
schestowitz[TR]*trendy"Sep 11 22:29
DaemonFCYeah, I don't have the one speaker.Sep 11 22:29
DaemonFCI have the one designed by Amar Bose.Sep 11 22:29
schestowitz[TR]wwwe used to have a sounbar called subwooferSep 11 22:29
highest_cubist_thrillswith her earpodsSep 11 22:29
schestowitz[TR]and now they sell the whole system in one pieceSep 11 22:30
schestowitz[TR]and charge a load of moneySep 11 22:30
highest_cubist_thrills/me deliberately gets the name wrongSep 11 22:30
highest_cubist_thrillsin 2003 i moved to mp3Sep 11 22:30
schestowitz[TR]<DaemonFC> I have the one designed by Amar Bose.Sep 11 22:30
schestowitz[TR]DESIGNER speakersSep 11 22:30
highest_cubist_thrills(i dont have those either btw)Sep 11 22:30
DaemonFCSomething bad just happened to my QT apps in Flatpak.Sep 11 22:30
highest_cubist_thrillsmp3 on cd thoughSep 11 22:30
schestowitz[TR]goes well with DESGINER SHOESSep 11 22:30
DaemonFCTHe window controls are all gone.Sep 11 22:30
DaemonFCWell, this is nice.Sep 11 22:30
highest_cubist_thrillsi had a 486 dx2 (headless) running DOS and QBASICSep 11 22:30
highest_cubist_thrillsfrom a floppy-- no monitor, no keyboardSep 11 22:30
highest_cubist_thrillsNO HARD DRIVE!Sep 11 22:31
highest_cubist_thrillsjust a cd and a floppySep 11 22:31
highest_cubist_thrillswhy no hd? because... i could have a hd for other machinesSep 11 22:31
highest_cubist_thrillsthis was my headless keyboardless hd-less stereoSep 11 22:31
highest_cubist_thrillsi had it connected to the aux of some pioneer or aiwa stereoSep 11 22:31
highest_cubist_thrills(my dj monitors are cheaper and higher quality by far)Sep 11 22:32
DaemonFCOkay I pushed flatpak update manually and now the window controls are back.Sep 11 22:32
DaemonFCWeird.Sep 11 22:32
highest_cubist_thrillsthe only "setting" was loop or shuffleSep 11 22:32
highest_cubist_thrillsqbasic (booted from floppy) figured out that setting not from the kb (it had no kb) but from the WRITE PROTECT TAB of the floppySep 11 22:32
techrights-newsNo, CDNs have become an outsourcing thing (risk), as few people bother making their own (w.g. varnish for caching or HA) 11 22:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-What is a CDN and Why You Need It? - RoseHostingSep 11 22:32
highest_cubist_thrillsso one way was shuffle, other setting was loopSep 11 22:33
DaemonFCI use Okular because KDE has a much better document reader than GNOME does.Sep 11 22:33
highest_cubist_thrillsit used some dos mp3 playerSep 11 22:33
DaemonFCBut I bring it in with Flatpak.Sep 11 22:33
highest_cubist_thrillsit obviously loaded whatever dos wanted for the atapi layerSep 11 22:33
highest_cubist_thrillswhat was it called? its not importantSep 11 22:33
techrights-newsWanna speed up your site? Don't use a CDN, make the site lighter. Most sites can be easily made 10+ times leaner and faster.Sep 11 22:33
highest_cubist_thrillsthe os was on the floppy. qb was on the floppySep 11 22:33
highest_cubist_thrillsmy program was on the floppySep 11 22:33
highest_cubist_thrillsthe mp3 player was on the floppySep 11 22:33
DaemonFC<schestowitz[TR]> DESIGNER speakersSep 11 22:33
DaemonFCI just replaced the earpads on my headphones.Sep 11 22:33
schestowitz[TR]for marisolSep 11 22:34
highest_cubist_thrillsto play 7 albums you inserted the cd, thats itSep 11 22:34
*psydruid also got the Dog Eat Dog album at a discountSep 11 22:34
schestowitz[TR]ahSep 11 22:34
schestowitz[TR]same album?Sep 11 22:34
highest_cubist_thrillsthe shuffle or loop was set by how the write protect tab on floppy was setSep 11 22:34
highest_cubist_thrillsi was really proud of that thingSep 11 22:34
schestowitz[TR]they only had one major hitSep 11 22:34
highest_cubist_thrillsthrew it out when i movedSep 11 22:34
highest_cubist_thrillsthe software was not hard to writeSep 11 22:34
highest_cubist_thrillsfor fucks sake it was a very simple qbasic programSep 11 22:34
schestowitz[TR]would they allow such videos today? 11 22:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Dog Eat Dog Expect The Unexpected - InvidiousSep 11 22:34
psydruidyesSep 11 22:35
psydruidNo Fronts is the song I remember being played the mostSep 11 22:35
schestowitz[TR]oddly enough today I have been listening to ukranian classic a lotSep 11 22:35
schestowitz[TR]from 15 years agoSep 11 22:35
schestowitz[TR]*ukrainian classicsSep 11 22:35
highest_cubist_thrillsi heard a cover of bronski beat yesterdaySep 11 22:36
highest_cubist_thrillsat a coffee shopSep 11 22:36
highest_cubist_thrillsoliver platt?Sep 11 22:36
highest_cubist_thrillsfor all i know thats the guy from bronksi beat, otherwise its a coverSep 11 22:36
schestowitz[TR]rianne thinks it's russianSep 11 22:36
schestowitz[TR]she cannot tell the differenceSep 11 22:36
highest_cubist_thrillsif its the same guy, his voice sure got deeperSep 11 22:36
schestowitz[TR]it's like telling hangul and nippon apartSep 11 22:37
schestowitz[TR]you pick up some wordsSep 11 22:37
highest_cubist_thrillsyeah i cant tell russian from ukranianSep 11 22:37
DaemonFCOpus is fine.Sep 11 22:37
highest_cubist_thrillsid have to be russian or ukranian to tell Sep 11 22:37
highest_cubist_thrillsthats what we have xrevan forSep 11 22:37
DaemonFCMP3 and Ogg Vorbis were basically both designed wrong, but Vorbis was at least much better.Sep 11 22:37
psydruidit's not that easy to tell ukrainian and russian apart for people who are unfamiliar with themSep 11 22:37
schestowitz[TR]for business reasons many in jpop can sing in hangula nd in kpop they do japenese versionsSep 11 22:38
schestowitz[TR]doubles their audienceSep 11 22:38
schestowitz[TR]jim zemlin speaks japaneseSep 11 22:38
schestowitz[TR]microsoft linkedin still says soSep 11 22:38
schestowitz[TR]I want someone from japan to ask him ina  conferenceSep 11 22:38
schestowitz[TR] a question in japeneseSep 11 22:39
schestowitz[TR]that should be funSep 11 22:39
DaemonFCVorbis has two big design defects that I can think of. 1. floor0 2. Unique prediction model in each file.Sep 11 22:39
schestowitz[TR]the fraud will make up a story to avoid answering, he's a bullshit artist like the wifeSep 11 22:39
DaemonFCIt would have been in more hardware without the second problem.Sep 11 22:39
DaemonFCThe vector codebook in the file is only a couple KB packed, but when unpacked, it takes a lot more RAM to play the file than AAC, MP3, and WMA.Sep 11 22:40
schestowitz[TR]i found out she escaped her latest fraudSep 11 22:40
DaemonFCSo it was easier to just skip Vorbis.Sep 11 22:40
schestowitz[TR]because I entered linkedin to check is he STILL claims to speak japaneseSep 11 22:40
highest_cubist_thrillsfor business reasons many in jpop <- i only listen to kpop and then only because of psySep 11 22:40
highest_cubist_thrillsand then, only because we played it at my weddingSep 11 22:40
schestowitz[TR]kpop is rotting awaySep 11 22:40
schestowitz[TR]tghe bands don't laast longSep 11 22:41
highest_cubist_thrillsprobably, i dont keep track of musicSep 11 22:41
schestowitz[TR]injuries, depressions, suicidesSep 11 22:41
highest_cubist_thrillsits all manufactured, like boy bandsSep 11 22:41
highest_cubist_thrillsyeahSep 11 22:41
schestowitz[TR]apink managed to reach 10Sep 11 22:41
schestowitz[TR]and is falling apart nowSep 11 22:41
schestowitz[TR]2 members leftSep 11 22:41
DaemonFCSuicide is pretty common in countries like the US. Only getting worse.Sep 11 22:41
highest_cubist_thrillskuhn would say kpop is "problemetic" lolSep 11 22:41
highest_cubist_thrillswhich isnt untrue, hes just like thatSep 11 22:41
schestowitz[TR]nkuhnhehimSep 11 22:41
DaemonFCIf it gets worse, we'll have the Germans and the Japanese wondering what the fuck is going on in here.Sep 11 22:41
schestowitz[TR]his handle in ircSep 11 22:42
highest_cubist_thrillshes such a cuntSep 11 22:42
schestowitz[TR]i thought this guy with a beard with sheherSep 11 22:42
schestowitz[TR]thanks, bradSep 11 22:42
highest_cubist_thrillshis name even sounds like cuntSep 11 22:42
schestowitz[TR]for telling me you have a dongSep 11 22:42
highest_cubist_thrills"are you from kent?"Sep 11 22:42
highest_cubist_thrills/me falls overSep 11 22:42
schestowitz[TR]bkentThereHereSep 11 22:43
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], The record labels only want crap.Sep 11 22:43
highest_cubist_thrillsif theres a god, s/hes fucking hilariousSep 11 22:43
highest_cubist_thrillsbkent!Sep 11 22:43
DaemonFCThey don't want to pay anything (streaming) but they have to have filler.Sep 11 22:43
highest_cubist_thrillshahaSep 11 22:43
highest_cubist_thrillsthe freedom servancy conSep 11 22:43
DaemonFCSo they just take whatever they can get for 0.00000000000000000000000000000001 cent per stream and this is what happens.Sep 11 22:43
schestowitz[TR]btw, bkuhn went one by one deleteing his "dents"Sep 11 22:43
schestowitz[TR]not too long befoere cherry-picking RMSSep 11 22:44
schestowitz[TR]to "Cancel" himSep 11 22:44
schestowitz[TR]he's trying to weeed out his trashSep 11 22:44
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], The labels used to get by on SELLING music to KEEP.Sep 11 22:44
schestowitz[TR]before dumpster-diving through someone else's trashSep 11 22:44
schestowitz[TR]"look, Im clean, I deleted everythig"Sep 11 22:44
DaemonFCAnd then maybe selling it again later when the physical media improved.Sep 11 22:44
schestowitz[TR]last year zemlin deleted ALL his tweets tooSep 11 22:44
schestowitz[TR]like 6000 of themSep 11 22:44
highest_cubist_thrillslesser evilism at its finestSep 11 22:44
DaemonFCThat's over with.Sep 11 22:44
schestowitz[TR]they're so confidence in what they saySep 11 22:44
schestowitz[TR]*confidentSep 11 22:44
highest_cubist_thrillstheres always a master and an apprenticeSep 11 22:45
highest_cubist_thrillszemlin is the sith lordSep 11 22:45
highest_cubist_thrillskuhn is the apprenticeSep 11 22:45
highest_cubist_thrills/me doesnt even fucking like star warsSep 11 22:45
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: I don't pay these labels a penny anymoreSep 11 22:45
highest_cubist_thrillsbut your professor doesSep 11 22:45
highest_cubist_thrillsthe vegan oneSep 11 22:45
schestowitz[TR]tyhis way I need to work lessSep 11 22:45
highest_cubist_thrillslolSep 11 22:45
schestowitz[TR]I have very old collectionsSep 11 22:45
highest_cubist_thrills 11 22:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Eurythmics vs Bronski Beat - InvidiousSep 11 22:47
schestowitz[TR] blocks downloads these daysSep 11 22:47
schestowitz[TR]which to me meansSep 11 22:47
schestowitz[TR]1) it got legal threats orSep 11 22:47
schestowitz[TR]2) bandwidth bill was highSep 11 22:48
schestowitz[TR]other instances helpSep 11 22:48
highest_cubist_thrills <highest_cubist_thrills> the vegan one <- andy farnellSep 11 22:48
schestowitz[TR]but sadly they default to mp4Sep 11 22:48
highest_cubist_thrills blocks downloads these days <- just downloadedSep 11 22:48
schestowitz[TR]if you want both sound and pixelsSep 11 22:48
highest_cubist_thrillscome at me, riaa!Sep 11 22:48
techrights-newsDevLog: Trisquare for SEGA Master System gemini:// 11 22:50
DaemonFC 11 22:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | And neofetch open in a terminal : linuxmasterraceSep 11 22:51
techrights-newsabout the cli client gemini:// "since even though the cli client can still be improved, it's generally a better way to write entries imho, since you can store the texts locally while edit with your favourite editor"Sep 11 22:51
techrights-newsPinePhone first impressions gemini:// 11 22:52
highest_cubist_thrillsbut sadly they default to mp4 <- lolSep 11 22:52
highest_cubist_thrillsyoure talking to the king (theres zero competition) of automated forksSep 11 22:52
highest_cubist_thrills(id rather someone else do it)Sep 11 22:53
highest_cubist_thrillsits FUCKING TRIVIAL to make a fork of yt-dl or youtube-dl that defaults to a free formatSep 11 22:53
highest_cubist_thrillsbut the fsf Sep 11 22:53
highest_cubist_thrillsis too busy jamming its thumb up its arseSep 11 22:53
highest_cubist_thrillsto do FUCK ALL about itSep 11 22:53
highest_cubist_thrillsthere is no fsfSep 11 22:54
highest_cubist_thrillsthey dont want ideas. they dont want successSep 11 22:54
highest_cubist_thrillsthey dont want integritySep 11 22:54
highest_cubist_thrillsthe only want bullshit and money!Sep 11 22:54
highest_cubist_thrills 11 22:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Warren Zevon - Lawyers, Guns & Money [1989] - InvidiousSep 11 22:55
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Linus Torvalds: Linux 6.0-rc5 โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 22:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Linus Torvalds: Linux 6.0-rc5Sep 11 22:55
schestowitz[TR]<highest_cubist_thrills> there is no fsfSep 11 22:56
schestowitz[TR]this past week most blog posts were about irc meetingsSep 11 22:57
schestowitz[TR]irc is 24/7Sep 11 22:57
schestowitz[TR]but they do meetings in time slots for free software directorySep 11 22:57
schestowitz[TR]two isusesSep 11 22:57
schestowitz[TR]1) not many posts about advocacySep 11 22:57
schestowitz[TR]2) they outsourced irc to people I have not trusted in yearsSep 11 22:57
highest_cubist_thrillsbut they do meetings in time slots for free software directory <- 90% of which is just promoting githuubSep 11 22:58
highest_cubist_thrillsi know, ive removed 90% of itSep 11 22:58
highest_cubist_thrillsits less than 90Sep 11 22:58
highest_cubist_thrillsi forked the whole goddamned "free software" directorySep 11 22:58
highest_cubist_thrillsbut it is fucking pointlessSep 11 22:58
highest_cubist_thrillsbut its just a motherfucking GITHUB directory nowSep 11 22:58
highest_cubist_thrillsand they already have oneSep 11 22:58
highest_cubist_thrillscalled githubSep 11 22:58
highest_cubist_thrillsits a directory of fucking github projects!Sep 11 22:59
highest_cubist_thrillshow the mighty have fallenSep 11 22:59
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–…โ–†โ–‚โ–ƒโ–ƒโ–‚โ–ƒโ–ƒโ–„โ–‚โ–…โ–ƒโ–„โ–„โ–‡โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–ƒโ–ˆโ–โ–‚โ–โ–ƒโ–„โ–โ–…โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–„โ–โ–โ–โ– avg(k/sec) 24.73 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–โ–โ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–‡โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–โ–โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ– avg(k/sec) 89.68โ–• swarm size (avg): 159.85  โŸฒSep 11 22:59
highest_cubist_thrillsand like esr too proud to admit the fuckup of worlds Sep 11 22:59
highest_cubist_thrillsi am fsf, fuckup of worlds!Sep 11 22:59
highest_cubist_thrillsnot as bad (never as bad) as esr/osiSep 11 22:59
DaemonFCLOLSep 11 23:00
DaemonFCWalmart sent me an email saying Paramount+ is now included.Sep 11 23:00
highest_cubist_thrillsbut always striving to be :/Sep 11 23:00
DaemonFCWhen I clicked it, it was the cheaper one with the commercials.Sep 11 23:00
highest_cubist_thrillsoh if we could only suck as hard as osi!Sep 11 23:00
DaemonFC"Limited commercial interruption!"Sep 11 23:00
highest_cubist_thrillswhat a wonderful world it would beSep 11 23:00
techrights-newsWayland Is Ending The Simple Linux Window Manager - Invidious โš“ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 11 23:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Wayland Is Ending The Simple Linux Window Manager - InvidiousSep 11 23:00
DaemonFCOh, like Hulu where it cuts to commercials more than cable did and says "limited commercial interruption"?Sep 11 23:00
DaemonFCLimited by however many they think people will tolerate.Sep 11 23:00
highest_cubist_thrillsi literally have a forkSep 11 23:01
DaemonFCThen you get to deal with those really fun HDCP errors when you try connecting to your TV.Sep 11 23:01
highest_cubist_thrillsa fork of the free software directorySep 11 23:01
DaemonFCThen they wonder why people pirate.Sep 11 23:01
highest_cubist_thrillsminus the traitors and backstabbersSep 11 23:01
highest_cubist_thrillsminus githubSep 11 23:01
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has left #techrightsSep 11 23:01
highest_cubist_thrillswhere you can go to see whats leftSep 11 23:01
highest_cubist_thrillshahahahhahahahaSep 11 23:01
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 23:01
techrights-newsโžฒ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โจฆ (NEW): Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (36/2022): An Update on GNOME Shell on mobile and more โ‡จ | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// โˆŽSep 11 23:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines โ€” Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (36/2022): An Update on GNOME Shell on mobile and moreSep 11 23:02
highest_cubist_thrillsi still use software, obviouslySep 11 23:02
highest_cubist_thrillsbut its hilariousSep 11 23:02
highest_cubist_thrillsthe whole thing is a goddamned farce nowSep 11 23:02
schestowitz[TR]it gets   bigger over timeSep 11 23:03
schestowitz[TR]the protocolSep 11 23:03
schestowitz[TR]the codeSep 11 23:03
highest_cubist_thrills/me kicks esr Sep 11 23:03
schestowitz[TR]the number of transistorsSep 11 23:03
highest_cubist_thrills/me kicks him harderSep 11 23:03
highest_cubist_thrills/me buys new boots and keeps kickingSep 11 23:03
highest_cubist_thrillsWHATS THE FREQUENCY, KENNETH!Sep 11 23:03
schestowitz[TR]secure BOOT?Sep 11 23:03
highest_cubist_thrillshehSep 11 23:03
schestowitz[TR]you cannot buy old boots anymoreSep 11 23:03
schestowitz[TR]the FSF did a video on bootsSep 11 23:04
highest_cubist_thrillsi can make bootsSep 11 23:04
schestowitz[TR]then it gave an award to a MicrosofterSep 11 23:04
highest_cubist_thrillsi just need a sacred cowSep 11 23:04
schestowitz[TR]same year it took money from BOTH Intel and Red HatSep 11 23:04
highest_cubist_thrillsi wish phanes would hurry the fuck upSep 11 23:04
highest_cubist_thrillshes got the right ideaSep 11 23:04
highest_cubist_thrillsbut likeSep 11 23:04
*darwin (~darwin@7d3n498busjrn.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 23:04
highest_cubist_thrillslolSep 11 23:04
highest_cubist_thrills/me roflSep 11 23:05
highest_cubist_thrillsim still very flattered that brit thought i was phanesSep 11 23:05
highest_cubist_thrillswe have so little in commonSep 11 23:05
highest_cubist_thrillsbut i like the cut of his jibSep 11 23:05
XRevan86 11 23:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews): "Life comes at you fast: pundits on Russian TV realize that their military is failing and their country is in trouble. They are starting to play the blame game. Some of them finally understand that their genocidal denial of the Ukrainian identity isn't working in Russia's favor."|nitter.itSep 11 23:06
schestowitz[TR]seems to go by many namesSep 11 23:06
highest_cubist_thrillsonly two that i know ofSep 11 23:06
schestowitz[TR]unless those are different peopleSep 11 23:06
highest_cubist_thrillsokay 3Sep 11 23:06
schestowitz[TR]loner is identifying the moment he opens his mouthSep 11 23:06
highest_cubist_thrillschris punchesSep 11 23:06
highest_cubist_thrillsphanesSep 11 23:06
highest_cubist_thrillsbagiraSep 11 23:06
schestowitz[TR]because of limited repertoire Sep 11 23:06
highest_cubist_thrillsthats itSep 11 23:07
XRevan86This may be the best clip shared by Russian Media Monitor ever. 11 23:07
highest_cubist_thrills/me only downloads because its xrevanSep 11 23:08
schestowitz[TR]ok..Sep 11 23:08
highest_cubist_thrillswhat is thisSep 11 23:08
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Pundits going insane on Russian Television.Sep 11 23:09
schestowitz[TR]XRevan86: he looks like rushdieSep 11 23:09
highest_cubist_thrills"that wasnt a turn, more of a slight veer!" bullwinkle j mooseSep 11 23:09
XRevan86schestowitz: Oh, I can see that :)Sep 11 23:09
highest_cubist_thrills"you cant drive me crazy cause im close enough to walk!" not the bloodhound gang? some other rapper/groupSep 11 23:10
schestowitz[TR]Sergey looks like yeltsinSep 11 23:10
schestowitz[TR]ot christopher walkenSep 11 23:10
DaemonFC 11 23:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Queen Elizabeth II's corgis will go to Prince Andrew and his ex-wife : NPRSep 11 23:11
DaemonFCThose poor dogs.Sep 11 23:11
DaemonFCI can only imagine what he'll do to them.Sep 11 23:11
schestowitz[TR]he wears a "z" buttonSep 11 23:11
highest_cubist_thrills12 'Embarrassing' Symptoms of POTS We Don't Talk About - The MightySep 11 23:11
highest_cubist_thrillsplain old telephone system?Sep 11 23:11
XRevan86schestowitz: That's Mironov, the "leader" of the Just Russia party.Sep 11 23:11
highest_cubist_thrillsannie? from ghostbusters? Sep 11 23:11
highest_cubist_thrills<3Sep 11 23:11
XRevan86Fun fact: originally the party was founded from Kremlin as a spoiler for CPRF.Sep 11 23:12
XRevan86A lot of parties got developed like that, but this is the eldest one like that.Sep 11 23:12
highest_cubist_thrills 11 23:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | "(Rockin') All Nite Long" โ€” A Bad Lip Reading of Taylor Swift, featuring Wiz Khalifa (Mirror) - InvidiousSep 11 23:12
XRevan86They really lost their cool, things are being said that would've been hard unacceptable just a month ago.Sep 11 23:13
schestowitz[TR]"liberated territories"Sep 11 23:14
schestowitz[TR]hhahaSep 11 23:14
schestowitz[TR]occupied is liberatedSep 11 23:14
highest_cubist_thrillsim an alchemist-- the beat is my base metalSep 11 23:15
highest_cubist_thrillsroygbiv have a seat!Sep 11 23:16
highest_cubist_thrillssoooooooooooo gooooooooooooodSep 11 23:16
highest_cubist_thrills/so_good.pngSep 11 23:16
highest_cubist_thrillsno party people gonna be standin!Sep 11 23:16
XRevan86He was about to say "Great Patriotic Special Miliโ€ฆ"! ๐Ÿคฃ๏ธSep 11 23:16
highest_cubist_thrillsim a waitress!Sep 11 23:17
highest_cubist_thrillsimma eat celerySep 11 23:17
highest_cubist_thrillsoccupied is liberated <- +1Sep 11 23:17
XRevan86They're ripping my vocabulary off.Sep 11 23:18
XRevan86I was joking about the Great Patriotic Special Military Operation before it was cool.Sep 11 23:18
highest_cubist_thrillsthings are being said that would've been hard unacceptable just a month ago <- 11 23:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 404 @ )Sep 11 23:18
XRevan86(because Hitler didn't declare war)Sep 11 23:18
highest_cubist_thrillsSpecial Military Operation <- 11 23:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Andy and Lou "Smurf" Part 1 | Little Britain Season 1 Episode 2 - InvidiousSep 11 23:19
techrights-ipfs-bot(โ„น) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 11 23:20
highest_cubist_thrills(because Hitler didn't declare war) <- he didnt have toSep 11 23:20
highest_cubist_thrillsjust go to fuckin poland, its no big dealSep 11 23:20
highest_cubist_thrillsjust go to russiaSep 11 23:20
highest_cubist_thrills"maybe we should try being nice..."Sep 11 23:20
highest_cubist_thrills"but theyre killing us"Sep 11 23:20
highest_cubist_thrills"yeah but so? theyre only human, innit?"Sep 11 23:20
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: One of the justifications used when prosecuting people who say Russia is waging a war is that Russia never declared war.Sep 11 23:20
XRevan86โ‡’ not warSep 11 23:21
highest_cubist_thrillsnice!Sep 11 23:21
highest_cubist_thrillsso its definitely NOT a war unless you ADMIT itSep 11 23:21
XRevan86YesSep 11 23:21
highest_cubist_thrillsi can see how you can sue people for calling rape that waySep 11 23:21
highest_cubist_thrills"but i didnt say it was rape!"Sep 11 23:21
highest_cubist_thrills"oh, thats a fair point..."Sep 11 23:21
XRevan86I retroactively applied this logic to WW2, and it's not a war either, it's a SMO.Sep 11 23:21
DaemonFCToday, Waukegan refused to have a 9/11 memorial.Sep 11 23:21
DaemonFCTheir reason? "It happened 21 years ago.".Sep 11 23:21
DaemonFCMost of the city's population are illegal immigrants.Sep 11 23:22
XRevan86The guy from the clip called the current SMO a "Great Patriotic Speciaโ€ฆ" but close enough :)Sep 11 23:22
schestowitz[TR]XRevan86: lol, in the second videoSep 11 23:22
DaemonFCThey drive around in pickup trucks with these stupid big Mexican flags on them.Sep 11 23:22
highest_cubist_thrills"now you stole hundreds of dollars from the kwik-e-mart after you pointed a gun at them"Sep 11 23:22
DaemonFCLike if it's so great, why are you here?Sep 11 23:23
schestowitz[TR]it ends ith allustion to shooting those who are scaredSep 11 23:23
XRevan86Imagine being conditioned so much that even in "Great Patriotic War" the word war is regexed out into SMO.Sep 11 23:23
highest_cubist_thrills"but i didnt declare a robbery!"Sep 11 23:23
schestowitz[TR]that's like sdayimg, those who lose will to fight shoul;d be excuted. nice.Sep 11 23:23
highest_cubist_thrills"oh... well then! case dismissed!"Sep 11 23:23
schestowitz[TR]citing stalinSep 11 23:23
DaemonFCTexas is doing something rational.Sep 11 23:23
highest_cubist_thrills citing stalin <- hes pricelessSep 11 23:23
schestowitz[TR]they start shooting their ownm people,  they loseSep 11 23:23
schestowitz[TR]they do ukraine's workSep 11 23:23
highest_cubist_thrillsno, its win-win-winSep 11 23:23
DaemonFCThe Federal government prohibits them from deporting illegal immigrants, so why not put thousands of them on buses headed to "sanctuary cities"?Sep 11 23:24
schestowitz[TR]shooting their own troops (if they do)Sep 11 23:24
highest_cubist_thrillsone of the rules of imperialism is youre not allowed to loseSep 11 23:24
schestowitz[TR]ja[anese killed themselvesSep 11 23:24
schestowitz[TR]as they were losingSep 11 23:24
DaemonFCWHen they get there, they'll overwhelm our social services to the point where it causes resentment from the liberals who felt those policies were a great idea when it cost them almost nothing.Sep 11 23:24
highest_cubist_thrillsthey had it comingSep 11 23:24
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: The pro of this rule is "ha-ha, I can't lose if I don't exist anymore!"Sep 11 23:24
highest_cubist_thrills/me sees the gopherSep 11 23:24
highest_cubist_thrillsO_OSep 11 23:24
XRevan86highest_cubist_thrills: Holy crap, have ye achieved nirvana already?Sep 11 23:25
DaemonFCWhen Chicago got them, it said they would welcome them.Sep 11 23:25
highest_cubist_thrillsyes, and foo fighters!Sep 11 23:25
highest_cubist_thrillsand even anvilSep 11 23:25
DaemonFCThen Chicago put the illegal immigrants on another bus and pointed the buses to a Republican suburb.Sep 11 23:25
schestowitz[TR] 11 23:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Rachel Vindman ๐ŸŒป (@natsechobbyist): "Their expressions are forlorn. You can smell the desperation."|nitter.itSep 11 23:25
DaemonFCBecause Chicago doesn't want them. Not really.Sep 11 23:25
XRevan86schestowitz: Yes, that's my favourite aspect.Sep 11 23:26
highest_cubist_thrillsdave grohl (of nirvana and foo fighters) was guiness record (hmm) drunk one timeSep 11 23:26
DaemonFCSo now we're playing Musical Illegals.Sep 11 23:26
DaemonFCWhere everyone who gets them puts them on another bus.Sep 11 23:26
schestowitz[TR] 11 23:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Nikola Kosanoviฤ‡ Nikica (@nicholas51): "Lock him up!"|nitter.itSep 11 23:26
highest_cubist_thrillsand seemed to imply that anvil was the last true rock bandSep 11 23:26
highest_cubist_thrillswhich is fair enough, not much competitionSep 11 23:26
highest_cubist_thrillsbut sort of priceless i supposeSep 11 23:26
DaemonFCI have a better idea.Sep 11 23:26
DaemonFCPut them on a bus and drop them off at the Canadian border.Sep 11 23:27
DaemonFCSee what Trudeau does with all of them.Sep 11 23:27
DaemonFC:)Sep 11 23:27
schestowitz[TR]to be fair, russia is not losing to ukraineSep 11 23:27
schestowitz[TR]ukraine is a proxy warSep 11 23:27
highest_cubist_thrillsi really enjoyed the fuck out of dmbSep 11 23:27
highest_cubist_thrillswhen you find a movie you like more, please shareSep 11 23:27
schestowitz[TR]bbbbut the people who failed to predict this should be excutedSep 11 23:27
schestowitz[TR]for all the lives they costSep 11 23:27
schestowitz[TR]maybe they got appetite from the crimea occupationSep 11 23:27
highest_cubist_thrillsbbbbut the people who failed to predict this should be excuted <- with wet nood;esSep 11 23:28
highest_cubist_thrillsnoodlesSep 11 23:28
XRevan86It's not a proxy war even if it's not a clean one-on-one war, with allied help.Sep 11 23:28
highest_cubist_thrillsto do more (or less) would be a crime(a)Sep 11 23:28
schestowitz[TR]the suppliesSep 11 23:28
schestowitz[TR]ukraine is just the battle zoneSep 11 23:28
highest_cubist_thrills It's not a proxy war even if it's not a clean one-on-one war, with allied help. <- Sep 11 23:28
DaemonFCEveryone who gets the illegals puts them on another bus and tells them they'll like the next place a lot better, trust us.Sep 11 23:28
schestowitz[TR]and ukrainians the cannon fodderSep 11 23:28
DaemonFCThis is great, isn't it?Sep 11 23:28
schestowitz[TR]or people who handle the equipmentSep 11 23:29
XRevan86> A proxy war is an armed conflict between two states or non-state actors, one or both of which act at the instigation or on behalf of other parties that are not directly involved in the hostilities.Sep 11 23:29
highest_cubist_thrills"percent sign, ampersand, dollar sign!" "and colon semicolon too!"Sep 11 23:29
schestowitz[TR]russia will end up a lot poorer Sep 11 23:29
highest_cubist_thrills"what the **** are you doing?"Sep 11 23:29
XRevan86The instigator is actively involved in the war.Sep 11 23:29
schestowitz[TR]maybe even get rid of puin Sep 11 23:29
highest_cubist_thrills"swearing in longhand, asterisk mouth!"Sep 11 23:29
highest_cubist_thrills<schestowitz[TR]> maybe even get rid of puin <- but what will we do for fun Sep 11 23:29
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], Putin likes to "grab tables" he's sitting at.Sep 11 23:29
DaemonFCApparently....Sep 11 23:29
schestowitz[TR]don't worry, microsoft pelosi already stirs shit up in twiwanSep 11 23:30
schestowitz[TR]like the phrma companies with "boosters"Sep 11 23:30
schestowitz[TR]US looks for the next clientSep 11 23:30
DaemonFCIt's important that Taiwan maintains its independence.Sep 11 23:30
XRevan86> A proxy war or proxy warfare is a war that results when opposing powers use third parties as substitutes for fighting each other directly.Sep 11 23:31
DaemonFCToo many have already fallen to the PRC and have to live in a country with no freedom and no human rights.Sep 11 23:31
XRevan86schestowitz: Got two definitions, this war applies to neither.Sep 11 23:31
XRevan86Not a proxy war.Sep 11 23:31
DaemonFCWe should protect Taiwan from them. At least Taiwan is dug in and better defended.Sep 11 23:31
schestowitz[TR]I checked wordnet just nowSep 11 23:32
schestowitz[TR]in xfceSep 11 23:32
schestowitz[TR]the definition holdsSep 11 23:32
DaemonFCRussia hasn't made any recent incursions into the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone for some reason.Sep 11 23:32
DaemonFCIt's like they're busy with something.Sep 11 23:32
schestowitz[TR]US and NATO did this in georgia alsoSep 11 23:32
schestowitz[TR]and now they just funnel weaponsSep 11 23:33
schestowitz[TR]without direct participationSep 11 23:33
DaemonFCThe UK is part of NATO.Sep 11 23:33
DaemonFCJust throwing that out there.Sep 11 23:33
schestowitz[TR]Uk sends weapons tooSep 11 23:33
schestowitz[TR]and trainingSep 11 23:33
DaemonFCThe UK is giving Ukraine advanced weapons.Sep 11 23:33
DaemonFCIt's like the Iraq War.Sep 11 23:33
schestowitz[TR]but what afterwards? taking on russia itself? china?Sep 11 23:33
schestowitz[TR]it's just killing our economySep 11 23:33
DaemonFCThe UK does whatever the US is doing.Sep 11 23:34
schestowitz[TR]and dingdong, the queen is deadSep 11 23:34
schestowitz[TR]relic from BESep 11 23:34
DaemonFCUsually to the same effect.Sep 11 23:34
highest_cubist_thrills<schestowitz[TR]> in xfce <- you mean xfce-gtkSep 11 23:34
schestowitz[TR]uk needs to create a new generastion of somethingSep 11 23:34
XRevan86schestowitz: Ukraine would've defended itself regardless, as it did initially, so it's not instigated nor on behalf.Sep 11 23:34
highest_cubist_thrills<schestowitz[TR]> and dingdong, the queen is dead <- LENNART IS DEAD?!Sep 11 23:34
schestowitz[TR]BE is like an expiring patent poolSep 11 23:34
DaemonFCThe UK really couldn't have a direct war with most countries.Sep 11 23:35
schestowitz[TR]"commonwealth" =-= genericsSep 11 23:35
techuserLennart? It is Elizabeth IISep 11 23:35
DaemonFCThe Falklands War was the UK's Deep State Freak-Out.Sep 11 23:35
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has left #techrightsSep 11 23:35
DaemonFCWe had ours the other day with Biden's "speech from Hell".Sep 11 23:35
XRevan86schestowitz: "but what afterwards?" <- Inability of Russia to advance into Ukrainian territory.Sep 11 23:35
XRevan86That's the afterwards.Sep 11 23:35
highest_cubist_thrills 11 23:35
DaemonFCThe Democrats know they'll lose elections.Sep 11 23:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Ding Dong the Witch is Dead - InvidiousSep 11 23:35
DaemonFCSo what do they do? Freak out about people voting.Sep 11 23:36
highest_cubist_thrills <techuser> Lennart? It is Elizabeth II <- she wasnt the worstSep 11 23:36
DaemonFCOh my.Sep 11 23:36
techrights-news"How does SPVM resolve the problems of Perl numeric operations?" 11 23:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-How does SPVM resolve the problems of Perl numeric operations? | Yuki Kimoto Perl Blog - Perl Club []Sep 11 23:36
schestowitz[TR]it's still 9/11 here btwSep 11 23:36
schestowitz[TR]21 years later nobody gives a crapSep 11 23:36
schestowitz[TR]it's not the 20-yar anniversarySep 11 23:37
highest_cubist_thrills 11 23:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Her Majesty (Remastered 2009) - InvidiousSep 11 23:37
XRevan86schestowitz: Too much to worry about in the present anyway.Sep 11 23:37
schestowitz[TR]wine, Sep 11 23:37
schestowitz[TR]send her to wonderlandSep 11 23:38
highest_cubist_thrills<schestowitz[TR]> uk needs to create a new generastion of something <- ...Sep 11 23:38
highest_cubist_thrillsicewm?Sep 11 23:38
schestowitz[TR]maybe her son can bring some kids alongSep 11 23:38
schestowitz[TR]for the wineSep 11 23:38
highest_cubist_thrills(its going to suck)Sep 11 23:38
schestowitz[TR]neverlandSep 11 23:38
schestowitz[TR]not nwonderlandSep 11 23:38
highest_cubist_thrills maybe her son can bring some kids along <- YES, thats what we need!Sep 11 23:38
highest_cubist_thrillsmore charleses!Sep 11 23:38
highest_cubist_thrills/me would rather clone phillipSep 11 23:38
DaemonFCIf you've had quite enough of the Democrats ruining the economy, causing hyperinflation, etc....Sep 11 23:39
DaemonFCYou're basically a terrorist!Sep 11 23:39
DaemonFCFor voting....Sep 11 23:39
DaemonFCIn an election.Sep 11 23:39
highest_cubist_thrills"be careful or youll look all slitty-eyed!"Sep 11 23:39
highest_cubist_thrills"what was it i said"Sep 11 23:39
DaemonFCIn a country that's a democracy, you know. :PSep 11 23:39
highest_cubist_thrills"oh, the whole thing" eddie izzardSep 11 23:39
highest_cubist_thrills/me liked phillip, granted he should have never said (literally) anythingSep 11 23:39
highest_cubist_thrills/me knows damned well it doesnt work that waySep 11 23:40
highest_cubist_thrillsit doesnt work this way, eitherSep 11 23:40
highest_cubist_thrillsbut its very sillySep 11 23:40
schestowitz[TR]Soon after his loss, Carlsen posted a cryptic tweet featuring a speech by football manager Jose Mourinho. "I prefer not to speak,โ€ Mourinho said in the 2020 video. โ€œIf I speak I am in big troubleโ€ฆand I don't want to be in big trouble."Sep 11 23:40
highest_cubist_thrillshahaSep 11 23:41
XRevan86schestowitz: "it's just killing our economy" <- Also look at it this way: one ambitious motherbucker is causing instability, and that in itself hinders economic growth as it creates a FUD cloud over Europe which affects long-term investment.Sep 11 23:41
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], The Lake County government quietly shut down the "AllVax" portal.Sep 11 23:41
highest_cubist_thrillsa FUD cloud over Europe <- https://fsfe.prgSep 11 23:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Could not resolve host: fsfe.prg; Unknown error ( status 0 @ https://fsfe.prg )Sep 11 23:41
highest_cubist_thrillsorgSep 11 23:41
schestowitz[TR]fsfe.pigSep 11 23:41
highest_cubist_thrills^ thisSep 11 23:41
schestowitz[TR]OIN OINSep 11 23:42
schestowitz[TR]there are overlaps btwSep 11 23:42
highest_cubist_thrills :8)Sep 11 23:42
schestowitz[TR]Mirko BoehmSep 11 23:43
schestowitz[TR] 11 23:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Fellowship interview with Mirko Boehm | FSFE interviews its FellowsSep 11 23:43
DaemonFC 11 23:43
highest_cubist_thrills/me nick thighes_cubist_thrillsSep 11 23:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Gemini PortalSep 11 23:43
schestowitz[TR] 11 23:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | And the winner of the election for FSFE's Fellowship GA seat is ... - FSFESep 11 23:43
schestowitz[TR] 11 23:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-FSFE: Fellowship interview with Mirko Boehm []Sep 11 23:43
DaemonFCIllinois is probably the only place in America where the guy shooting a car thief gets taken in for questioning.Sep 11 23:43
schestowitz[TR]"Openforum Academy fellow."Sep 11 23:44
schestowitz[TR]ICBMSep 11 23:44
highest_cubist_thrills 11 23:44
schestowitz[TR] 11 23:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Sia - Cheap Thrills (Lyric Video) ft. Sean Paul - InvidiousSep 11 23:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Mirko Boehm - Open Source Summit + ELC Europe 2019Sep 11 23:44
*highest_cubist_thrills is now known as thighes_cubist_thrillsSep 11 23:44
thighes_cubist_thrills/me likes both sia and sean paul, but the combination is utter shiteSep 11 23:46
thighes_cubist_thrills hilariouslySep 11 23:47
thighes_cubist_thrills/me liked sean paul firstSep 11 23:47
*thighes_cubist_thrills has quit (connection closed)Sep 11 23:47
DaemonFC 11 23:48
DaemonFCMeanwhile, in Chicago....Sep 11 23:48
DaemonFCWho drives into flood waters?Sep 11 23:48
DaemonFCHonestly.Sep 11 23:48
schestowitz[TR]sean paul  takes effort to understandSep 11 23:49
DaemonFC 11 23:49
schestowitz[TR]incomprehensible sometimesSep 11 23:49
DaemonFCBlack lady sitting in her SUV.Sep 11 23:49
DaemonFCProbably on the phone with her boyfriend trying to explain what she did to his car.Sep 11 23:49
XRevan86DaemonFC: Must be hermetic automobiles, so cool.Sep 11 23:49
XRevan86Otherwise this is insanity.Sep 11 23:49
*highest_cubist_thrills (~highest_cubist_thri@62ibinkdp82y8.irc) has joined #techrightsSep 11 23:49
highest_cubist_thrillswth was thatSep 11 23:50
DaemonFCXRevan86, Notice how she's still wearing her seatbelt even though her car is in flood water.Sep 11 23:51
DaemonFCMust be one of those college graduates that needed Biden's loan forgiveness.Sep 11 23:51
techrights-newsSetting up your own Shiny and RStudio Server on a Raspberry Pi 11 23:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Andres' BlogSep 11 23:52
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: you got 100,000 dollars in debt written offSep 11 23:53
schestowitz[TR]biden gives likem a tenth of thatSep 11 23:53
schestowitz[TR]IFSep 11 23:53
schestowitz[TR]not even confirmed yetSep 11 23:53
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC is a perfect mental case when it comes to double standasrdsSep 11 23:53
schestowitz[TR]criminal crecod ? check.Sep 11 23:54
schestowitz[TR]drowned in loans? did not pay back? check.Sep 11 23:54
schestowitz[TR]poor? check.Sep 11 23:54
schestowitz[TR]butSep 11 23:54
schestowitz[TR]1)Sep 11 23:54
schestowitz[TR]shames poor p[eoSep 11 23:54
schestowitz[TR]mocks people for being on welfareSep 11 23:54
schestowitz[TR]and calling people criminalsSep 11 23:54
schestowitz[TR]esp. if they are blackSep 11 23:54
schestowitz[TR]classic american sterotypeSep 11 23:55
schestowitz[TR]calling mexicans lazySep 11 23:55
schestowitz[TR]while they pick the fruit for the couch potatoesSep 11 23:55
schestowitz[TR]who weight 500 pounds and wheel around in a walmart, looking for cheap caloriesSep 11 23:56
schestowitz[TR]*weighSep 11 23:56
techrights-news"Most software engineers donโ€™t think about systems this way. Itโ€™s mostly used by computer scientists who are interested in formal methods, finding ways to automatically verify properties on abstract representations of the system" 11 23:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Safety and Liveness Properties โ€ข Hillel WayneSep 11 23:57
techrights-news"Any Torontonian who has commuted regularly on the TTC has probably experienced their fair share of delays on the subway. Having experienced a few recently I was inspired to visualize the average delay times across all stops on the subway." 11 23:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | RObservations #38: Visualizing Average Delay Times On TTC Subway Stations | bensstatsSep 11 23:57
DaemonFC<schestowitz[TR]> criminal crecod ? check.Sep 11 23:58
techrights-news"So the question became: can I offload the work of generating an EPUB to each individual client, i.e. can I generate an EPUB in the browser?" Browsers are bloated chaos these days. Avoid. 11 23:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Generating an EPUB File in the Browser - Jim Nielsenโ€™s BlogSep 11 23:58
DaemonFCBeing worked on.Sep 11 23:58
schestowitz[TR]hahaSep 11 23:58
DaemonFC<schestowitz[TR]> drowned in loans? did not pay back? check.Sep 11 23:58
schestowitz[TR]that makes it OKSep 11 23:58
DaemonFCThat's the fault of the government and was eaten by the banks mostly.Sep 11 23:59
schestowitz[TR]"the government!!!'Sep 11 23:59
DaemonFCYes, the police are the government.Sep 11 23:59
schestowitz[TR]so when you're white irish it's the gov's faultSep 11 23:59
schestowitz[TR]that you bought too much with money you had not earnedSep 11 23:59
DaemonFCI didn't go down and borrow $60,000 to study Gender Confusion.Sep 11 23:59
schestowitz[TR]but when it happens to a black person you mock themSep 11 23:59

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