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Twitter: From Walled Gardens to Paywalls and/or Amplifiers of Fascism

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Sep 26, 2023

Man And Woman And Social Media

THE previous article mentioned what might happen to Twitter next. Earlier this year we wrote several blog posts about how Twitter had erected walled gardens on several occasions (many in the media erroneously called it "paywall)" and the next logical step, assuming burying the platform is a veiled objective, is to add actual paywall/s [1-3]. There's moreover a push to promote politicians who are as scummy as Twitter's owner -- abhorrent people like Trump, Desantis, and Netanyahu [4]. There's a push to promote racist views, with the help of racist politicians, pushing aside moderation [5] except when it suits the racists [6].

As we said many times before, we're relieved that we have zero "followers" in Twitter because we never outsourced to social control media. Neither should you.

Related/contextual items from the news:

  1. Twitter (X) could one day go behind a paywall
    Elon Musk is tossing up the idea of putting Twitter behind a paywall. It’s one of his aggressive ideas to try and make the platform a profitable business.
  2. Musk Floats the Proposition of a Paid-Only Twitter

    In a recent live-streamed conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Elon Musk discusses his plans for a paid-only Twitter. Elon Musk is planning to make X (the social media platform formerly known as Twitter) a paid-only platform for all users in an effort to tackle rampant bots.

  3. Elon Musk says X users soon may have to pay a subscription fee to use the platform
    Elon Musk today said today he’s considering making X Corp., the social network formerly known as Twitter Inc., a subscription-based platform for all users, albeit at low cost. He issued those words in a livestreamed conversation with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (pictured).
  4. Benjamin Netanyahu and Elon Musk Meet in California
    Mr. Netanyahu, the Israeli leader, flew to California, where he met with Mr. Musk, the owner of X, formerly Twitter. In a live broadcast, the men discussed antisemitism, Israel’s judicial crisis and artificial intelligence.
  5. I Was Attacked by Donald Trump and Elon Musk. I Believe It Was a Strategy To Change What You See Online.
    Yoel Roth argues that his experiences being attacked by Trump and Musk were part of a greater strategy — one that is changing what all of us see online.
  6. A Former Twitter Executive's Highly Selective Concern About 'Coercive Influences' on Social Media
    Yoel Roth worries about government meddling in content moderation, except when Democrats target "misinformation."

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