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Reddit Misapplies NSFW Tags (/r/stallmanwasright Too Hot to Handle)

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Oct 06, 2023

Climate Change Is Happening

Reprinted with permission from Ryan Farmer.

Reddit is a sewer. How are people this gross allowed to do whatever they want while I get banned from everything?

I was reading a certain site that makes fun of a lot of things, including transgender individuals on Grindr.

The posters were literally bragging about how, in their view, FTMs are such “broken people”, that they get on Grindr, as straight men, who “play along with the gender shit” in order to score “easy p****y”.

Don’t get me wrong. I find this so disgusting on all levels.

However, one of them quoted one of the FTMs who posted to Reddit, after an experience with a man from Grindr.

The person on Reddit went into graphic detail about getting in a man’s car, performing oral sex on him. After he complained about his UTI (urinary tract infection….although chlamydia and gonorrhea have similar symptoms and it’s….not unheard of for people picking them up from casual sex arranged on Grindr), and asked “he/him” what to do about the “UTI”, they kept at it.

The poster on Reddit said that they agreed to move on to actual vaginal intercourse (because that’s totally what two men have, you know), and it was at this point he “finished” in “he/him”.

“He/Him” then went on to say they took a Plan B pill, because again, Plan B pills are totally a man thing to avoid getting pregnant, which is what men do, apparently, anyway, moving on….

“He/Him” posted that “he/him” was terrified of being pregnant, and was leaving the country to stay at a friend’s house for a couple of weeks, but abortion was “legal in my State” so, “he/him” would arrange for an abortion when they got back if necessary.

A very manly abortion. Because men go to the abortion clinic, apparently. Who knew?

Then, “he/him” expressed shock and dismay that the degenerate “he/him” hooked up with off Grindr (eww), did “not respect my pronouns”.

Imagine that this scumbag from Grindr who is there to bareback someone while telling them about his diseases, is actually just a pick-up artist that doesn’t respect your pronouns. Simply unbelievable.

This couldn’t get better with a bag of chips.

Anyway, I was sufficiently repulsed after reading this, that I wonder how people this gross can do whatever they want while I get banned from everything.

One time, I got banned from Reddit for saying “That’s crazy.” about something incredulous that had been posited (and it wasn’t even one of those Liberal-Lunatic hot button cancel culture bullshit things either.

I got a message saying I got banned from all of Reddit for using an ableist term, and not to try to evade the ban or else they’d ban me again.

Reddit, is of course owned by Conde Nast, who hired a vicious sex offender named Peter Bright and was openly creeping out all of his coworkers. He “covered” Microsoft, until he was convicted of trying to arrange to prey on children and it turned out to be an FBI agent.

Liberal “values”…. Tut tut, looks like rain.

I’m absolutely repulsed that Reddit is full of degenerates openly discussing their perverted sex life and venereal diseases in far more graphic terms than even bears repeating, and this isn’t even behind a NSFW flag, you know?

They put /r/stallmanwasright behind NSFW, inappropriately, so fewer people would read about how basically every prediction he made about how bad modern computing would be came true.

They don’t apply their own policies. It’s very obvious what this is.

I wonder, after reading through some of this, if they even have sex ed in school anymore.

They used to tell people my age all about the diseases and stuff you could get. They talked about proper condom usage, and they talked about vaccination. This was Indiana in the 90s.

Maybe the Liberals took over most of the States and deleted all of that because it wasn’t “sex positive”.

I’ve heard the term “libloon” tossed around before to shorten “Liberal Lunatic”, but it sounded an awful lot like a posix library.

As such, maybe we should version this thing every time the Liberal Lunatic platform gets revised, and here’s all the shit you’ve gotta believe now.,,, and so on.

For some reason, according to (we’ve gotta be on at least 7 by now), you’re a Nazi if you call people a degenerate weirdo and tell them to take it someplace other than public parks, restrooms, and car parking lots. Yes, this was totally what Nazi Germany was all about. Why not?

On a somewhat even less related note:

My spouse answered the door the other day, and it was a couple of Mormon Missionaries.

They knocked on our door to find a gay interracial married couple involving one non-citizen.

(People like to hurl “Nazi” around too loosely, and frequently hurl it at me. I’d have….rather a lot to lose if the actual Nazis rose to power.)

Anyway, I laughed and shouted “Just explain the Missionary Position to them!”

One of them got it immediately and started to laugh before he suppressed it and moved on to the next unit.

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