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There's Nothing "Funny" About Attacking Free Speech and Software Freedom

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Dec 05, 2023,
updated Dec 05, 2023

Context (six months ago): Free Speech Rejected by Opponents of Free Software (using straw men)

Latest 'shitposting' (grammar is too hard apparently, even for one sentence a day and one single-line Git commit in four months, i.e. getting nothing done):

Microsoft Matt: Lawyers are expensive do I know any in England who would do something nominally expensive but mostly funny for a reduced rate

Read as: I am poor and want to use pseudolegal paper terrorism "for the lols" (or for harassment and censorship/deplatforming)

THE feature article of yesterday must have struck a remnant of a neuron somewhere in the forests near Tahoe or near the State of Nevada (not San Francisco, the class-climbing sociopath lies about where he lives). I typically cover this topic only on Mondays, as persistent focus on the principal issues is very important, but hey, exceptions can be made.

What we deal with here is Matthew 'Gulagboy' Garrett, who attacked BSD and GNU/Linux users mostly by means of entryism, defamation, mobbing, and blackmail (the latter help distract from his attacks on GNU/Linux and BSD from the inside, typically at the behest of Microsoft; he meets their staff in his shack).

Portrait of a Takin Grazing'Gulagboy' is huffin' and puffin' again. He thinks he can scare me, even if I'm twice his size and he's smaller than my wife.

Dear, oh, dear.

Who are you kidding?

If you want to sue, be sure to provide a valid address (not your outdated one) so I can sue you and win and perhaps bankrupt you. My case is miles stronger than the fiction and fantasy inside your misaligned head. Before you were lawyering up I had already made my case and openly (in early 2021) alleged you had breached laws while hiding in some shack in another continent. And yes, the projection tactics later that year were a futile attempt by you to silence a voice of reason in the face of your lingering campaigns of defamation against other people. You not only attack people with baseless, fact-free smears; you also attack people who side with them. That's Maoism. That's nasty. It is thoroughly autocratic, not liberal.

Life is tough. Grow a pair. Stop harassing those who do better at life than you (e.g. Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman, who made Linux and GNU, respectively). Eben Moglen is a law professor and you baselessly compared him to a wife murderer - then had other militants do the same - while engaging in online harassment of his associates (as well as Stallman's).

You need to properly reflect and consider if trying to drag down accomplished people will get you anywhere but Microsoft's speed dial. They love to hide behind hordes of crazies - small brains in very large numbers. Your alleged power is inciting them. You're like an Irish Imam, sans the accent. If you love quicksand, go on and provoke people. Hide behind autistic people who use this as a weak defense when they do illegal things, including perjury, hate crimes, physical threats, and doxing women. Doing so, like your partner did, ended up awfully; she got sued, played the pronoun game to nymshift and obfuscate a little (this has backfired already), all to protect a failing business (another scamcoin) from a prominent critic by lobbing false allegations of sexual misconduct. Techrights will cover this legal case next year. A woman will cover it (from the lenses of a perfectly sane person). It's exactly the same modus operandi, trying to pick on people way above one's level to elevate one's perceived status, based on slander in mere "tweets", citing hearsay and hyperboles, boosted by lots of social control media sockpuppets, i.e. the usual career-climbing class-obsessed delusion.

19-1751 - Todd v. Lovecruft

A dead-end career and terrible health condition do not entitle you to harass healthy and productive people, 'Gulagboy'. Go back to biology, which you are actually qualified for. Go back to removing the ovaries of pregnant animals - without consent - like you said or insinuated you used to. Leave areas you're nor qualified in alone; you have no computer science or security background, so you compensate for it by attacking both (while merely pretending to be a jack of all trades).

Now we get back on topic. We'll cover Software Freedom and continue the weekly series next Monday.

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