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Microsoft Has a Prank for 01/04/2024: So a Company Over 111 Billion Dollars in Debt, With Another Company Unable to Make Any Money, Find 100 Billion Dollars in Between the Sofa Cushions

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Mar 31, 2024,
updated Mar 31, 2024

Don't be easily fooled

Graffiti on a Wall for April Fools Day with orange, green, red and black stucco

Today and the other day (a day earlier) we saw lots of fake news or vapourware. We don't want to link to it.

Basically, Microsoft pretends it'll spend 100 billion dollars some time in 4 years. The reality is, Microsoft is short on cash, there are mass layoffs, and Azure layoffs - mass layoffs even - go back to 2020. Microsoft's datacentre ambitions did not go as it had hoped.

When Microsoft makes promises for 2028 it basically means to say we should not hold it accountable or demand it keeps the promise until those who made the promise already left Microsoft or retired. Or people totally forget the promises. We discussed this a lot over IRC on Saturday.

Do not fall for Microsoft pranks and PR stunts. Do not be their April fool. Don't be like Modi and his agriculture "guru" who never even graduated from college.

The quality of today's media continues to go down; fact-checking is replaced by clickbait and reporting is so shallow (parroting what other sites say) that it's indistinguishable from chatbot spew. It's PR instead of journalism.

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