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posted by Roy Schestowitz on May 15, 2024

VW Bus at the beach

Updated This Past Day

  1. [Meme] Over 2 Million [original]
    Over 2 million hits today
  2. [Meme] Phasing Out Windows in Africa [original]
    Windows Falls to 10% in Uganda
  3. Norway: Desktops/Laptops About 60% Windows, 20% MacOS, 20% GNU/Linux [original]
    Looking at the numbers in Norway
  4. Android Leftovers
    Google will reveal next blockbuster Android update tonight
  5. Linux Kernel and Graphics Work (AMD and NVIDIA)
    8 stories about kernel space


  6. The new APT 3.0 solver | Blog of Julian Andres Klode
    Solver3 is a fully backtracking dependency solving algorithm that defers choices to as late as possible
  7. NVIDIA and AMD Graphics Work in Linux
    3 more news picks
  8. Supercomputer champ repeats, Infiniband tops Ethernet and Linux dominates
    The Top 500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers is a critical list for tracking the evolution of the high performance computing (HPC) landscape.
  9. Endless OS 6 Is Here Based on Debian GNU/Linux 12 “Bookworm”
    The Endless OS Foundation announced today the release and general availability of Endless OS 6 as the latest version of this Debian-based and app-centric operating system for everyday use.
  10. Programming Leftovers
    Programming links
  11. Modern Slavery, Microsoft Abuses, and Linux Foundation (Openwashing PR Firm)
    4 more stories
  12. Open Hardware: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32
    Some devices and gadgets news
  13. today's leftovers
    a handful or half a dozen GNU/Linux news picks
  14. Security Patches, Incidents, FUD, and Windows TCO
    Some security picks
  15. Shows: Late Night Linux, Destination Linux, and Linux User Space
    3 new episodes
  16. today's howtos
    last batch for today
  17. EasyOS 5.8.2 released
    I have uploaded version 5.8.2
  18. CoolCoral: Raspberry Pi Pico coral cooling solution
    How do you cool ocean coral? A group of volunteers discuss this regularly and their current solution makes use of Raspberry Pi Pico.
  19. Programming Leftovers
    coding and projects
  20. Free, Libre, and Open Source Software Leftovers
    FOSS links (only 3)
  21. Security and Windows TCO Leftovers
    mostly Microsoft incidents
  22. today's howtos
    a bunch of howtos for today
  23. Immich 1.104 Brings Direct Editing and Email Notifications
    The latest Immich 1.104 release allows editing and deleting assets directly in the UI, SMTP email notifications, bug fixes, and more
  24. Manjaro Linux 24.0 “Wynsdey” Officially Released with Linux Kernel 6.9
    Arch Linux-based Manjaro Linux 24.0 distribution has been officially released today as a major update introducing some of the latest GNU/Linux technologies and Open Source software.
  25. Raspberry Pi 5 Official M.2 HAT Now Available for NVMe Drives and AI Accelerators
    After a long wait, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced today the general availability of the official Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT for the latest Raspberry Pi 5 single-board computer.
  26. These cool KDE Plasma features could woo you from Windows
    If you're having trouble finding the right Linux desktop, KDE Plasma has a few tricks that could sway you
  27. Radxa Zero 3E SBC offers gigabit Ethernet and PoE in Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W form factor
    Radxa officially supports an image with Debian 11 using XFCE desktop environment
  28. Announcing Istio 1.22.0
    Announcing Istio latest version (new release)
  29. Manjaro 24.0: Plasma 6, GNOME 46, LXQt 2.0, and More
    Manjaro 24.0 Wynsdey: Now with Plasma 6, GNOME 46, and LXQt 2.0. Over 8K updates, including Linux kernel 6.9
  30. today's leftovers
    only 3 more assorted links
  31. SUSE Liberty Linux rides to the rescue as CentOS 7 nears end of life
    The world's second-biggest open source company, SUSE, has a solution to offer those firms that are using CentOS 7
  32. Red Hat "Insights" (Upseelling), Buzzwords Spiel, and PHP Patchsets
    Some Red Hat related news
  33. Machine Learning in Linux: Final2x – enhance your images with super-resolution
    This series looks at highly promising machine learning and deep learning software for Linux
  34. Sparky 2024.05 Special Editions
    There are new iso images of Sparky 2024.05 Special Editions out there
  35. Best Free and Open Source Software
    We only feature free and open source software
  36. Collections of Different Linux Distributions
    Each distro makes different choices, deciding which open source projects to install and provides custom written programs
  37. Introducing the Formatting plugin
    So this is not quite an introduction since the plugin has been around for almost a year now, having been released in the 23.04 release but since I never got around to writing a blog about it, here I am
  38. Open Hardware: Purism, SparkFun, Pimoroni/Pi, Ham Radio
    half a dozen stories for today
  39. AI should replace clueless managers, not workers
    I hate buzzwords. With a passion. Buzzwords are a hallmark of incompetence, superficiality, lack of personality, and then some
  40. DietPi May 2024 News (Version 9.4)
    DietPi is a lightweight and optimized OS based on Linux
  41. RCORE RK3588 Octa-Core CPU Module for Open Hardware MNT Reform Laptop
    However, its solid Linux and Mesa mainline support, thanks to Collabora’s efforts, ensures compatibility and ease of use within the Linux ecosystem
  42. EndeavorOS Gemini is as user-friendly as it is beautiful
    This Linux desktop has all the security, stability, and reliability of a rocket ship ready to take you to the moon and back
  43. "Is This Project Still Maintained?"
    If you wander around a lot of open source repositories on the likes of GitHub
  44. today's howtos
    only 4 more for now
  45. Games: Steam, Square Enix, and Much More
    9 latest articles from gamingonlinux
  46. Perl Programming Leftovers
    news ffrom the Perl site
  47. Today in Techrights
    Some of the latest articles
  48. today's howtos
    4 howtos only (for now)
  49. I Turned These 4 New Features On After Upgrading to Ubuntu 24.04 (and You Should Too)
    Find out which Ubuntu 24.04 LTS features I turned on to improve my experience — and why you should turn these features on as well

    The corresponding text-only bulletin for Tuesday contains all the text.

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    880 /n/2024/05/09/IBM_s_Red_Hat_SUED_over_culling_21_white_men_employees_as_CEO_v.shtml

Other Recent Techrights' Posts

IRC Proceedings: Saturday, July 13, 2024
IRC logs for Saturday, July 13, 2024
Julian Assange’s Brother Gabriel Shipton Explains the Logistics of 'Smuggling' Julian Out of the United Kingdom
a lot of new information and prison stories
[Video] Why Wikileaks Publishing War-Related Documents Was Both Important and Justified
It's important to remember the principle which says privacy is for the powerless, whereas the powerful (like those with the power to kill) deserve not privacy but transparency
[Meme] Attacking the "G" in GNOME (Since 2009) Was a Mistake
Spending 50,000 pounds to sue women of racial minority
Difficult Times in GNOME Foundation
GNOME Foundation is in "crisis management" or "face-saving" or "damage control" mode
It Takes No Courage to Become Another Corporate Stooge
transition to spam
Why Techrights Has Just Programmatically Blacklisted ZDNet
Even their "Linux" writers are AWOL
Gemini Links 14/07/2024: The Stress of 24/7 Notifications and FOSS tools for Sipeed Tang Nano 1K
Links for the day
Windows Already Down to 10% in Lao (It was 96% a Decade and a Half Ago), Vista 11 Adoption Has Stalled
And GNU/Linux is topping a 1-year high in Loa
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
Links 13/07/2024: Patent Trolls in UK Court of Appeal, Eric Schmidt Continues so Show Womanising at Google
Links for the day
Links 13/07/2024: Not Quite Dead Yet After All and Unfederated E-mail
Links for the day
Holly Million, GNOME Foundation departure after Albanian whistleblower revelations
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
[Meme] Like They Got Rid of Molly (and Now Holly)
Pay over 100,000 dollars a year for someone without any background in tech (to "lead" a tech project)
Microsoft Windows Falls to Almost 10% in Palestine (It Was Measured at 100% Just 15 Years Ago)
quite a big drop
Guardianship of the Licence is Not Enough (the Case of Systemd and Microsoft)
Whether the GPL gets enforced or not, if people adopt lousy software, that will have negative consequences
Speaking Out and Spreading the Message of GNU
Free Software Foundation (FSF) got 112 new members since 2.5 weeks ago
3.5 Years in Gemini
It's important to speak about and spread the word (about software freedom, BSD, GNU/Linux, patents etc.) in a medium that's strategic and growing
[Meme] Whoever in GNOME Decided to Attack the G (GNU), It Was a Foolish Miscalculation
How could they expect any outcome other than GNOME's own collapse?
Windows Down to Unprecedented Low in Czech Republic, Android Rises to New Record
From 98% in July 2009 (15 years ago) Windows is down to all-time low of 38% and well below Android
GNOME Foundation Lost Nearly a Million Dollars in 2 Years, IBM and GAFAM Won't Bail It Out Anymore
Seems like a suicide mission
Google News Has Become a Big Pile of Garbage
The issue predates chatbots, but these SEO tricks were accelerated somewhat by slop
OpenAI and ChatGPT Could Very Well Collapse and Shut Down Later This Year (Huge Losses, Sagging Usage Levels, and Massive Debt)
we illuminate the suppressed observations that Microsoft-sponsored publishers and cheaply-made slop (LLM spew disguised as "news") try to distract from
Links 13/07/2024: TikTok Interferences, YouTube Throttled in Russia
Links for the day
Kathy Lette on Julian Assange Staying at Her Attic, Why His Release Matters So Much, and Jen Robinson Staying Over Yesterday
They talk a lot about politics, but the segment mentions publishers, including Rushdie
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Friday, July 12, 2024
IRC logs for Friday, July 12, 2024
Microsoft Windows Down to a New Low in Canada (Only a Third)
Very steep decline a decade ago
Links 12/07/2024: EU/China Tensions and Ukraine War Updates
Links for the day
EPO Staff Reps: "Until now, Mr Campinos is still leaving the appellants in the dark about the exact content of the opinion of the Appeals Committee on the EPO salary adjustment procedure."
Campinos chooses to lawyer up rather than listen up
EPO Staff Representatives Say It Has Gotten Very Hard to Get Promoted (Forget About Getting Rewarded for Hard Work)
This has long been a problem
[Meme] That Time EPO Workers Were Panicking Because the Elevators Kept Getting Stuck
Many people forgot that
Occupational Health, Safety and Ergonomics Committee (LOHSEC) at the European Patent Office (EPO)
nobody in EPO management ever gets punished for crimes, no matter how severe
[Video] Julian Assange's Brother Gabriel Shipton on How the Convoy to the Airport Was Arranged, Being at the Beach With Julian Assange After Release (He's Doing Well), and How Taylor Swift Has 'Helped' Julian
At the airport he was greeted by many press crews, but they were not there for him. They were there because of Taylor Swift.
[Meme] Financial Disinformation From Chatbots Controlled by the Manipulator (Rigger)
ChatGPT, the media is starting to say you're all hype...
Microsoft is Actually Quite Worthless, Its Valuation is Based on Lies and Consistently Defrauding Shareholders
Microsoft's future is not what Wall Street "tells" us
Links 12/07/2024: Nations That Already Ban TikTok and Russia's 'Shadow War' Online
Links for the day
Gemini Links 12/07/2024: Changing and the WIPO Lunacy
Links for the day
Let's Encrypt Continues to Collapse in Geminispace and That's Good News for Free Speech (Among Other Things)
due to the way modern Web browsers work, many sites have no option but to use Let's Encrypt or pay for some other CA to issue some worthless-but-glorified bytes
Microsoft Falls Below 20% in Montenegro - Plunging to All-Time Low
sharp drop
[Meme] The Free Speech Absolutist From Apartheid South Africa
What will it take for all sensible people to quit X/Twitter?
The Final Demise of Social Control Media May be Upon Us (It Ought to be Collectively Abandoned for Society's Sake)
If it keeps going down, prospects of a turnaround or rebound are slim
Linux is Displacing Microsoft and Replacing Windows in Germany (Android Surge and New Highs for ChromeOS+GNU/Linux in Germany)
Germany is upgrading to GNU/Linux, not to latest Windows
The Latest NDAA Amendment Can (or Should) Allow the United States to Remove Microsoft Even Faster From Its Infrastructure (Which Routinely Gets Cracked Completely by Russia and China, Thanks to Microsoft)
It's time to move!
Reorganising for Better Efficiency and More Publication (Original Material)
XBox "journalism" these days is mostly slop (chatbot spew disguised as news), so studying this matter isn't easy
Software Freedom is Still the FSF
At the moment the best advocacy group for Software Freedom is the FSF
Links 12/07/2024: XBox in Trouble, Crackdowns in UAE
Links for the day
Gemini Links 12/07/2024: Make Tea Not War, Considering Guix
Links for the day
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Thursday, July 11, 2024
IRC logs for Thursday, July 11, 2024