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Mono Cleanup: Work in Progress (Updated)

Let us just call it a "cleanup", not a "quarantine". As we have said many times before, Mono is dangerous to the future of Free software (listen to this audio clip from Bruce Perens if you are not convinced). A friend of mine has just made some progress on 'cleaning up' of Linux distributions, starting with Gobuntu (Fedora, which he maintains, is next up).

From the Gobuntu Wiki:

Name of Software


Cause of Submit









patent encumbered with untrustworthy RAND clause from Microsoft

Mono dependants (ex. Beagle)


Audit requiredt



used for configuring non-free drivers



patents, reverse engineering




From another friend:

After a brief search, I found that mono provides Microsoft .Net capability in Linux.

Thus I agree with you both. Microsoft by doing so is trying to establish itself as a standard by getting Linux ISV's to support .Net.

We saw what happened when Linux supported SMB (Samba). Microsoft changed the goal post and AFAIK inhibited Linux servers from being the primary domain controller. This locked in a Microsoft server, which kept one from developing an independent Linux server environment, breaking co-existence with Microsoft desktop clients.

I would like to see a break away from the Microsoft paradigm once and for all.

Speaking of patent-encumbered technology, the New Work Times has published an article which says that patents do not pay off. FUD as a factor aside, return on revenue does not outweigh the spendings

For most public companies, patents don’t pay off, say a couple of researchers who have crunched the numbers.

The Inquirer has a new short piece on IBM and patents in Europe.

The EIOP is a bit more friendly to the open saucers and the anti-software patent campaigners such as the FFII and the Green Alliance.

Kappos said that the reason for this is that these groups are indicative of trends within the software industry towards open innovation and collaborative development.

Update: there is a lot more about IBM patents and Europe here.


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