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OOXML Assurance Just a Bogus Gesture

Deception, spin, empty promises and contradiction between word and deed

When it comes to OOXML, Microsoft continues to deny the role of software patents (Microsoft insists on referring to these as "intellectual property" or "IP" in its blogs, for self-serving reasons). However, most people are neither blind nor as stupid as Microsoft needs them to be.

Software patents are Microsoft's key strategy at the moment. The company's extraordinarily high filing pace speaks volume. Why does Microsoft keep filing for new patents covering OOXML-related ideas? What is it trying to protect? has just compiled a good list of Microsoft patents that we ought to keep an eye on.

US20060271574A1 Exposing embedded data in a computer-generated document US20060259854A1 Structuring an electronic document for efficient identification and use of document parts US20060206794A1 Method and apparatus for maintaining relationships between parts in a package US20060190815A1 Structuring data for word processing documents US20060149785A1 Method and Apparatus for Maintaining Relationships Between Parts in a Package


“OOXML is power at ODF's expense and there are shell companies out there which can sue by proxy.”Many patent filings are claimed to be well-intentioned (defense purposes only), but when push comes to shove and a company implodes then it attacks using threats or even lawsuits (this was mentioned only yesterday in fact).

We ought to learn our lesson and disregard many of these pledges that are not a binding contracts. It is easy to lure in a sheep and have it enter the pen. Later on, the sheep cannot escape and promises are forgotten. It is human nature to take things for granted once power has been gained. OOXML is power at ODF's expense and there are shell companies out there which can sue by proxy.

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