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Who Voted “Yes” for OOXML in India Anyway?

...Only Microsoft and Its Ilk?

"We've got to put a lot of money into changing behavior."

--Bill Gates

A short while ago an article appeared which stated that academic and non-private bodies in India had all voted "No" to OOXML. We covered the story yesterday.

A bit of digging in the news quickly discovered just what sort of companies actually voted "Yes" to Microsoft's OOXML.

Take Infosys for example. Infosys voted "Yes" to OOXML. Let's look at the news just two weeks ago, shall we?

Microsoft, Infosys ‘incubating talent’ to beat attrition blues

Faced with the challenge of finding workers with specialist skills and high levels of attrition, technology firms such as Microsoft Corp.’s India unit and local software company Infosys Technologies Ltd have started what they call efforts at “incubating talent” on an experimental basis.

Is Infosys an impartial voter then. Or one with vested interests?

Let's move on to another "Yes" vote. Consider Wipro. Just 3 days ago, Wipro published the following press release:

Wipro’s study reveals how migration to Microsoft€® SQL Server€® Pays Big Dividends for SAP/ERP Customers

Wipro Technologies, the global IT services business of Wipro Limited (NYSE:WIT), today announced the results of their study, commissioned by Microsoft Corp., concluding that migrating an SAP ERP system to Microsoft€® SQL Server can yield net benefits of $850K for a medium-size organization and $10 million for a large organization, all in a payback period of 9 to 15 months.

Once again, can a company which is paid by Microsoft to conduct 'studies' be trusted to objectively decide on international standards, especially where Microsoft's own proprietary 'standard' is involved?

“To sum up, not a single "Yes" voter was not in Microsoft's pocket.”It's akin to CompTIA's 'studies' and recent praises of Internet Explorer and Bill Gates. We last mentioned CompTIA just days ago, pointing out the ECMA-CompTIA-Microsoft relationship. They too are helping Microsoft with OOXML. Remember Frost and Sullivan? It all goes back to the issues around corrupted research.

In India, another "Yes" voter was NASSCOM, which we seem to have caught in the middle of a huge scandal (Microsoft 'charity'). Be sure to read about it if you haven't.

Another "Yes" vote came from TCS. Go ahead and find the many relationships. To sum up, not a single "Yes" voter was not in Microsoft's pocket.

Is this voting? Microsoft virtually had 5 seats. It holds them by the money, the mutual favours, the incentives, the personal relationships. Shouldn't an impartial panel be deciding on OOXML, based on the technical quality of the candidate alone? Remember that Microsoft essentially pays Novell to play nice with OOXML.

Novell gets 'bribed'


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