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schestowitzanivar: I posted an update abouts swpats in India yesterday.Jul 31 09:23
anivari read itJul 31 09:24
schestowitzDo you know the OSIndia guy? Is it you? :-SJul 31 09:24
anivarschestowitz:  it is my friend venkitesh HariharanJul 31 09:27
anivarhe works with RedhatJul 31 09:27
anivarIndiaJul 31 09:28
schestowitzA moment ago I posted this < >  to show that Microsoft clearly bets on patents to compete.Jul 31 09:30
anivarhmm..Jul 31 09:31
anivarschestowitz:  Did u seen ramji's performance in OSCON?Jul 31 09:32
anivar 31 09:32
schestowitzI'm about to write about it.Jul 31 09:32
*schestowitz looksJul 31 09:32
anivarschestowitz:  do itJul 31 09:33
schestowitzYes, that's one of 2 articles I was gonna cite.Jul 31 09:33
schestowitzThe other one is from El Reg.Jul 31 09:33
schestowitzMicrosoft let's us talk to 'barbie dolls' PR types while it's doing dirty laundry at the back. This is bad.Jul 31 09:34
anivarschestowitz:  Also see M$ strategee withy eee pCJul 31 09:34
anivarsee this article 31 09:34
anivarno not that linkJul 31 09:35
anivar 31 09:35
schestowitzI wrote about the Eee PC twice recently.Jul 31 09:36
anivarokJul 31 09:36
schestowitzFree Softrware Magazine seems to have covered it too after I made the front page of FSD and sent the stuff to PJ.Jul 31 09:36
anivargoodJul 31 09:36
anivarschestowitz:  nee to move  nowJul 31 09:37
schestowitzDon't worry about it. Microsoft sacrifices margins hereJul 31 09:37
*anivar awayJul 31 09:37
schestowitzIts margins declines from 85% to just 45%. It's not sustainable.Jul 31 09:37
schestowitznp, will cya later.Jul 31 09:37
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anivarschestowitz:  "Welcome to our first real taste of Trusted Computing: With VistaJul 31 10:30
anivarEnterprise and Vista Ultimate, Service Pack 1 refuses to install onJul 31 10:30
anivardual boot systems. Trusted Computing is one of the many things thatJul 31 10:30
anivargot cut from Vista, but traces of it remain in BitLocker, and that isJul 31 10:30
anivarthe problem. The Service Pack patch to your system will invalidateJul 31 10:30
anivaryour Trust chain if you are not running the Microsoft-approvedJul 31 10:30
anivarMicrosoft-trusted boot loader, or if you make other similar unapprovedJul 31 10:30
anivarmodifications to your system. The Trust chip (the TPM) will thenJul 31 10:31
anivarrefuse to give you your key to unlock your own hard drive. If you areJul 31 10:31
anivarnot running BitLocker then a workaround is available: Switch back toJul 31 10:31
anivarMicrosoft's Vista-only boot mode, install the Service Pack, thenJul 31 10:31
anivarreapply your dual boot loader. If you are running BitLocker, or ifJul 31 10:31
anivarMicrosoft resumes implementing Trusted Computing, then you are S.O.L."Jul 31 10:31
anivar 31 10:31
schestowitzYes, thanks.Jul 31 10:31
schestowitzI was sent this by a reader by E-mail. Here's my take on this.Jul 31 10:31
anivarschestowitz:  Link Lafcon video tooJul 31 10:32
schestowitz"I just spotted this piece of news. The war Redmond is waging against GNU/Linux intensifies: "Jul 31 10:32
schestowitz"I'm sure they will ridiculously attempt to justify this step for security reasons (but what best security measure than running a virus-resilient OS instead of windows in order to perform a sensitive task with safety than having a dual boot system - for example for online banking or to recover data from a windows partition after suffering a winOS crash-)"Jul 31 10:32
schestowitz"Long time since I sent you news but I keep reading BNovell regularly. As always, thanks for your brave effort at unmasking the maneovers against software freedom and keep up the good work! Hope to have some spare time and appear over the IRC some time soon..."Jul 31 10:32
schestowitzMy reply: "I'm surprised that /. picked it so many months after it had been published. I started a huge thread about it in USENET, but nothing in because OOXML was more urgent a problem at the time. Should we cover it now?"Jul 31 10:32
anivar 31 10:32
anivar this is the lafkon video linkJul 31 10:33
schestowitzMicrosoft loves to use 'security" as an excuse.Jul 31 10:33
schestowitzIt did this with OOXML (old file types expire for "security reasons"... instead of fixing them, Microsoft blocked them)Jul 31 10:33
anivaryeaJul 31 10:33
schestowitzThen it tried to fight hypervisors in the same way. First blocking them, then using a EULA (!!!) to restrict it as if a contract would stop crackers.Jul 31 10:34
schestowitzShould I cover this despite the fact that it's old news?Jul 31 10:34
anivarYou tube link of LafKon Trusted computing video 31 10:34
schestowitzHavne't seen it yet.Jul 31 10:35
anivarIt clearly attack the  "Trusted" modelJul 31 10:35
anivarschestowitz:  cover itJul 31 10:36
schestowitzOh, I saw that.Jul 31 10:36
schestowitzSeen it several times.Jul 31 10:36
anivari am using it in my presentationsJul 31 10:36
schestowitzWill do.Jul 31 10:36
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schestowitzanivar: it's posted now: 31 12:00
schestowitzMicrosoft and Intel screw Portugal again (not for the first time): 31 13:08
schestowitzThey probably plan the same type of thing in Russia, if the government permits. The children there are already exposed to Free software, so 'gifts' are given, like free drugs.Jul 31 13:09
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anivarschestowitz:  see 31 15:52
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schestowitzThanks, Anivar. I've just come back. Did you see what I published earlier?Jul 31 16:43
anivarschestowitz:  yesJul 31 17:02
schestowitzI've found some more interesting things about it, but making fun is somewhat of a distraction. It's very revealing when Microsoft lies in its marketing endeavors.Jul 31 17:03
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schestowitz 31 17:21
schestowitzWell, well, well... Microsoft has found itself another SCO-like vector...?Jul 31 17:22
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schestowitzGreat news from the Mozillians! 31 19:23
schestowitzOgg deployment on over 20% of the machines. 31 19:24
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moparxthat is a great development :)Jul 31 19:54
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