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schestowitzBush to Push Free Trade at Upcoming Economic Summit   < > Sensationalism won’t save the economy. 10+ trillion in debt renders the system stuck in a roadblock. Time for a major rethink. Presidential elections won’t change much when corporations run the government. Greenspan Admits Errors in Rejecting Financial Regulation < >Oct 26 00:02
tessier 26 00:04
tessierStill not quite a victory though. Windows is still growing, it's just that the growth has slowed.Oct 26 00:04
tessierI'm looking forward to seeing a contraction.Oct 26 00:04
schestowitztessier: I will post contradictions tomorrow. I ran out of time today. Keep an eye on BN.Oct 26 00:06
schestowitzOne key point: they turn savings into acquisitions, i.e. revenue and artificial growth. Apple now has more money than Microsoft. It's easy to turn savings to sales... but for how long? Windows suffers.Oct 26 00:07
schestowitz 26 00:07
schestowitz ( Microsoft: Client Revs Whiff; Blame The Rise of Netbooks; Reduced Guidance Reflects Anticipated Recession)Oct 26 00:17
schestowitz "You are well aware that many persons did that, joined committees and they expected their contributions to get considered. They didn't knew that rule-bending and voting against valid issues via committee stuffing would be common pratice. Thanks to mailing lists and blogs they found out that their own ISO national committee was not an exception in the business of crazy takOct 26 01:06
schestowitzeover. Who would want to contribute if their contributions get ignored?"Oct 26 01:06
twitterAh, here's the BB Nasty you were looking at.  He's been at this same angle for about a year. 26 01:13
twitterand people accuse Slashdot of running dupes.  This guy's got like 8 articles deriding  "conspiracy theorists"Oct 26 01:14
schestowitz8? I rebutted about 4.Oct 26 01:15
schestowitzHere's a 'conspiracy': 26 01:16
schestowitz"Now we know. Watch out for Nokia. Microsoft suddenly likes the Eclipse Foundation too. Here's the very smooth Sam Ramji on the subject. "It's all about the developer," he says. Well, not if you're an end user. End users benefit from the GPL and we know it. There's a project regarding Eclipse tools for Silverlight now. Just what you were hoping for."Oct 26 01:16
schestowitz"Not. It was probably predictable when Ward Cunningham left Microsoft to join Eclipse years ago. I believe it's all part of Microsoft's hatred for the GPL, its determination to kill it off and make everyone use BSD-like licenses instead (so it can proprietize whatever it pleases).."Oct 26 01:17
schestowitz"...and its determination to redefine Open Source to mean visible code that Microsoft controls through patents instead of copyright. If you are stupid, you'll help them. Thanks for nothing, Nokia. Licenses matter, as this latest shift should tell you in clear strokes" Well, obviously. I wrote about Symbian as swpats and DRM yesterday (or the day before)Oct 26 01:17
twitterDo a google search for BB and Boycott Novell and count the results if you want a more accurate number.  I've got 4 slam jobs in my poison pen list.Oct 26 01:18
schestowitzMaybe it's being more abrasive that gets BN scrutinizedOct 26 01:19
twitterNot all of them are about you.  He's blithered in general, without naming targets.Oct 26 01:20
twitterI think he wants controversy and traffic.Oct 26 01:20
schestowitztwitter: he wrote them in response to events without naming them. It's the timing... lesson inhistory.Oct 26 01:21
twitterI don't think he's worth worrying about.  How many people visiting want to read articles about troll wars and flaks?Oct 26 01:22
twitterMost would be offended by his GL slams.Oct 26 01:23
twitterand his very big head.Oct 26 01:23
schestowitzI don't know. His blog though got in over a year what BN gets in 3 days.Oct 26 01:23
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epicFijust wanted to pop in and say I support you guys 100%...Oct 26 06:45
epicFithanks for the hard workOct 26 06:45
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schestowitz .. Gutierrez suggested that you "need" the stick to make the conversations work. [PJ: Is this a confession from Microsoft that no one wants to work with Microsoft if it can avoid it?] Oct 26 08:20
schestowitz "As far as I can tell, Microsoft just wants its competitors to pay it money every time they breathe out. So next time you hear about "interoperability", just bring up the patent issue.."Oct 26 08:21
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schestowitzGPL FUD arrives at CNET (from ZeeDeeNet): 26 08:43
schestowitz '"This is a disaster," Ken Balcomb, a senior scientist at the Center for Whale Research on San Juan Island, said Friday. "The population drop is worse than the stock market."'Oct 26 09:02
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schestowitz '"Intolerant" is one of those P Correct mysto-words that the Micro-Cult Elite Evangelical Hit Squad like to employ to confuse opposing argument.'Oct 26 10:08
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schestowitzMore libel in (comments), accusing of sock-puppetry where someone merely tried to comment in BN, entered moderation and then tried again with a different nick. They are making stuff up to discredit. sigh*Oct 26 10:15
schestowitz 'Xbox 360 and PC game revenue decreased by 22%, which the company attributed in part to the absence of a blockbuster like last year's "Halo 3."'Oct 26 10:25
schestowitzVapourware gossip generated: "Microsoft starts another Windows 7 blog" < >Oct 26 10:37
schestowitzA lot of more positive coverage of Microsoft's results comes from the Microsoft-fanboyish like Ina Fried and Richard Waters: 26 10:48
schestowitzThe  Microsoft-friendly FORTUNE MAGAZINE (they are the ones who announced initially Linux FUD in May 2007) are Slogging Yahoo 26 11:11
schestowitzBen Worthen also does the his sucking up to Microsoft: 26 11:15
schestowitzEnderle is throwing some cellphone 'articles' in some more sites, denying the death of Windows mobile, despite claims to the contrary from some very major sites, even PBS and the NYT.Oct 26 11:15
tessierThat Cringely article about the death of Windows mobile was greatOct 26 11:29
schestowitzThere are some more. Hold on.Oct 26 11:29
schestowitzThis new one: iPhone 2.x Beats Windows Mobile 6.x into Coma < >Oct 26 11:30
schestowitz"Windows Mobile's star is rapidly falling. Coming into 2008, RIM pushed Microsoft out of second place for smart phone operating systems, according to Gartner. Apple has surely knocked Microsoft into fourth place. The question: Is it fourth behind RIM or Apple? That depends on whether Apple snatched second place from RIM."Oct 26 11:30
schestowitzLast week: Why Windows Mobile Is In Trouble < >Oct 26 11:30
schestowitzLast month: Windows Mobile misses annual shipment target < >Oct 26 11:31
schestowitzMicrosoft Hides Its Mobile and Business Apps Divisions <,19... >;  Cryptome: NSA has access to Windows Mobile smartphones < >Oct 26 11:31
schestowitzRichard Waters' bias again: 26 11:32
schestowitzMicrosoft employee admits switching to a Mac < >Oct 26 11:33
schestowitzFunny headline: Microsoft RMS Supports Bixolon SRP-350plus Printer < >Oct 26 11:45
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_DougKeanu Reeves ... Klaatu ..Oct 26 13:17
_Doug 26 13:17
schestowitzAliens come to Earth? What for? The economy is better in Mars.Oct 26 13:22
_Dougto save the humans :)Oct 26 13:23
schestowitzIs that the {Next Hollywood Fantasy}^TM?Oct 26 13:24
schestowitzNice. I just got an E-mail from 1980.Oct 26 13:25
schestowitzIt was SPAM. Deleted now.Oct 26 13:25
_Dougis an old fantasy .. aliens coming to save the earth ..Oct 26 13:25
schestowitzEarth and human civilisation are not the same thing although the latter tends to view the former that way.Oct 26 13:26
_Dougit's a self serving fantasy .. a bit like star trek .. every week the USS enterprise visits another planet and teaches them the benefits of earth-market- capitalism ..Oct 26 13:27
_Dougfor earth read the USA ..Oct 26 13:28
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schestowitz*LOL*Oct 26 13:31
_DougDemocracy in action ..Oct 26 13:38
_Doug 26 13:38
schestowitzYes.Oct 26 13:41
_DougWould anyone know that Ralph Nadar is running ..Oct 26 13:41
schestowitzSarah and John... these people to lead the strongest nations? Oh Lordy.Oct 26 13:41
schestowitz_Doug: stop confusing them. :-) People like vanilla and chocolate. Make it bi-polars.Oct 26 13:42
_Dougyea .. not like that 'intellectual' Obama :)Oct 26 13:42
schestowitzAll candidates are bad.Oct 26 13:43
schestowitzWell, assuming you can vote for just 2.Oct 26 13:44
schestowitzNader... the JavaFX of politics.Oct 26 13:44
_Dougvoters blamed for voting machine glitches ..Oct 26 13:46
_Doug 26 13:46
schestowitzVista users blamed for Vista problems.Oct 26 13:47
_Dougyou got it !!!Oct 26 13:48
schestowitzAKA "Mojave Experiment" (ridicule your customer)Oct 26 13:50
trmanco 26 13:54
trmancoLinux 26 13:54
_Dougot: the economic crisis explained ..Oct 26 14:00
_Doug 26 14:00
_Dougcomputer cases .. 26 14:02
schestowitzI thought it was a Software Fault. Alan said so...Oct 26 14:07
_DougGreenspan: bad data hurt our computer models ..Oct 26 14:09
_Doug 26 14:09
_Doug"The whole intellectual edifice, however, collapsed in the summer of last year because the data inputted into the risk management models generally covered only the past two decades a period of euphoria."Oct 26 14:09
_Dougtranslation: we don't know what the fuck we are on about ..Oct 26 14:10
_Doug"Cox also pointed to  ..  a decision that essentially outsourced regulatory duties to Wall Street firms themselves"Oct 26 14:11
_Dougcops ask crooks to regulate themselves ..Oct 26 14:11
_Dougblame the computer ... :)Oct 26 14:11
schestowitzIdifice?Oct 26 14:11
schestowitzDid he mean orifice?Oct 26 14:12
schestowitzMicrosoft/analysts: MSFT is down because ti's Patch Tuesday.Oct 26 14:12
_DougNYSE install "circuit breaker" ..Oct 26 14:13
_Doug 26 14:13
schestowitzYou misspelled "Circus" ;-)Oct 26 14:15
_Doughow about not 'trading' in worthless 'instruments' ...Oct 26 14:15
_DougMicrosoft Travelport to help airline industry ..Oct 26 14:17
_Doug 26 14:17
schestowitzAnything 'funny' there?Oct 26 14:20
_Dougacquisitions .. has the PC business peaked ?Oct 26 14:22
_Dougot: Yankee fan ejected for taking a leak during 'God Bless America' ..Oct 26 14:22
_Doug 26 14:22
schestowitz 26 14:30
schestowitz"  A Queens man is considering legal action against the New York Yankees after he was ejected from Tuesday night's contest against the Boston Red Sox for trying to use the restroom during the playing of "God Bless America.""Oct 26 14:31
schestowitzWith Sarah Plain in reign, he would get the chair maybe... Oct 26 14:31
_Dougcredit card defaulters homes seized ..Oct 26 14:37
_Doug 26 14:37
_DougThe caring sharing listening bank .. :)Oct 26 14:37
schestowitzWhat does Alan say?Oct 26 14:40
schestowitzDirty data?Oct 26 14:40
_Dougblame the tech department ..Oct 26 14:42
schestowitzWell, I don't think that's what he said frankly.Oct 26 14:50
schestowitzBut they admit a failure they can't be liable for.Oct 26 14:51
schestowitzLike David Gerard wrote in his blog, "oops lol"Oct 26 14:51
_Douginteresting graphical site ..Oct 26 14:53
_Doug 26 14:53
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schestowitzNeeds JSOct 26 14:55
GoblinRFDhello allOct 26 14:56
_Dougso, install it ...Oct 26 14:56
schestowitzI get an error. Check out their logo/favicon. Looks like NovellOct 26 14:56
schestowitzhey, GoblinRFD Oct 26 14:56
GoblinRFDIve meant to come here for a long time.  Well done with your efforts!Oct 26 14:56
GoblinRFDKeep up the good workOct 26 14:57
schestowitzThanks.Oct 26 14:57
schestowitzI have 3 large posts coming.Oct 26 14:57
GoblinRFDIve read alot of blog slagging you off, so you must be doing something right!!!!Oct 26 14:57
schestowitzWhere did you see it?Oct 26 14:58
schestowitzIn Bruce's insult? There's history to this dispute, but he didn't disclose it.Oct 26 14:58
GoblinRFDIt was a link from I think...Oct 26 14:58
GoblinRFDi got there from a link of a link on WFTL bytesOct 26 14:59
GoblinRFDi thinkOct 26 14:59
schestowitzYes, the 'revenge' piece.Oct 26 14:59
schestowitzI love WFTL. It's funny.Oct 26 14:59
GoblinRFDcan I ask, have you ever heard of a guy called: Benton D'Struckshin?Oct 26 14:59
schestowitzNo, who is this?Oct 26 15:00
schestowitz2 results: 26 15:01
GoblinRFDjust a guy I argued with on MS watch.Oct 26 15:01
GoblinRFDI just wanted to know if he had some MS connection.Oct 26 15:01
schestowitzUsername:  Portuno_Diamo ; Real Name: Benton D'StruckshinOct 26 15:01
GoblinRFDyep thats himOct 26 15:01
GoblinRFDhe goes by many names.Oct 26 15:01
schestowitzGoblinRFD: I'll post a detailed analysis to debunk the PR idiocy.Oct 26 15:01
schestowitz...about Microsoft so-called 'success'..Oct 26 15:02
_Douglater ...Oct 26 15:02
schestowitzMS Watch is part of the problem.Oct 26 15:02
schestowitz_Doug: l8rOct 26 15:02
*_Doug has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008092417]")Oct 26 15:02
GoblinRFDbyeOct 26 15:02
GoblinRFDyeah MS watch is dire.Oct 26 15:03
schestowitzMS analystsOct 26 15:03
schestowitzWilcox...Oct 26 15:03
GoblinRFDIts become more pro-linux recently than Linux watch though.Oct 26 15:03
schestowitzMade money writing about MS for years...Oct 26 15:03
schestowitzJupiterOct 26 15:03
schestowitzGoblinRFD: the comments or the posts?Oct 26 15:03
GoblinRFDIm thinking bothOct 26 15:03
schestowitzThere's someone called "chips" there who trolls JoeOct 26 15:03
schestowitzMaybe Joe readjusts for the audience.Oct 26 15:04
GoblinRFDyeah he seems alright, hes pro open sourceOct 26 15:04
schestowitzNo, he's not.Oct 26 15:04
GoblinRFDisnt he?Oct 26 15:04
schestowitzHe said bad things before.Oct 26 15:04
schestowitz"You get what you pay for"Oct 26 15:04
GoblinRFDchips?Oct 26 15:04
schestowitzUnless a thunder struck himOct 26 15:04
GoblinRFDi think there are two chips users.Oct 26 15:04
schestowitzYesOct 26 15:05
GoblinRFDI think I read him mentioning it beforeOct 26 15:05
schestowitzMay Jo is better.Oct 26 15:05
schestowitzQuite boring as of later though.Oct 26 15:05
schestowitzNot much happening in MS land, product-wiseOct 26 15:05
GoblinRFDI had an argument with Benton, and to be honest his knowledge about MS and related issues is way above mine.  HOct 26 15:06
GoblinRFDIm just a coder, not a financial/contract expertOct 26 15:07
GoblinRFDI cant work out what he is meaning by....."Two notable works citing 6826744 are patents by IBM for machine constructed software and Microsoft for automated simulation of generated software. That's right. Dinky little VCSY has such IP as a foundation."Oct 26 15:08
GoblinRFDdo you have a clue about this?Oct 26 15:09
schestowitzBenton?Oct 26 15:10
schestowitzOs that a real name?Oct 26 15:10
schestowitz*IsOct 26 15:10
GoblinRFDYeah it was part of Bentons argumentOct 26 15:10
GoblinRFDand im not sure if Benton is his real name.Oct 26 15:10
schestowitzIBM is still part of the patent problem.Oct 26 15:11
schestowitzAnd yet, IBM won't attack developers of free software, whereas Microsoft might. It's still intimidating.Oct 26 15:11
schestowitzIBM could go nasty as well (maybe even Sun) it its survival depended on it, but the management isn't scummy, so I tend to doubt it.Oct 26 15:12
GoblinRFDthis may sound thick, but how? I have assisted on opensource projects, s/Oct 26 15:13
GoblinRFDand I just cant understand how MS or IBM could threaten opensource.Oct 26 15:13
GoblinRFDthe reason Im asking is that I am new to the legal theory behind it.Oct 26 15:14
GoblinRFDI have never paid it any interest in the past and just kept "doing my thing"Oct 26 15:15
GoblinRFDso all these debates by the likes of Benton about the end of opensource  are pretty alien to me.Oct 26 15:15
schestowitzWhat context did that appear under?Oct 26 15:16
schestowitzCompanies try to prevent software from being free by changing the laws.Oct 26 15:16
GoblinRFDIll give you the link (its a looong thread!)Oct 26 15:16
GoblinRFD 26 15:16
GoblinRFDbtw yes, the Goblin whos posting is me.Oct 26 15:17
GoblinRFDand Benton is posting as portuno_diamoOct 26 15:18
schestowitzportuno_diamo keeps posting a messOct 26 15:19
GoblinRFDyeah I thought as much, he tries to hide his point with flowery writingOct 26 15:20
schestowitzIsn't it copied and pasted.Oct 26 15:21
schestowitzThere are some bad chars there.Oct 26 15:21
GoblinRFDmaybe.  It would explain alot.Oct 26 15:21
GoblinRFDthe other shill there "Andre Da Costa" is very good at copy and pasteOct 26 15:21
schestowitzWhat do they paste? MS PR?Oct 26 15:22
GoblinRFDYeah. Im trying to find a good one....Oct 26 15:23
schestowitzA lot of Microsoft employees read this site. I don't understand why you took your questions there.Oct 26 15:23
schestowitzThey hardly ever disclose who they are, so I just lurk now (I used to comment a lot).Oct 26 15:23
*_Doug (n=chatzill) has joined #boycottnovellOct 26 15:25
GoblinRFDlol, heres a good Andre post (one of many)Oct 26 15:25
GoblinRFDfind the post on the following link that saying "Its all about values and productivity. Microsoft products offer these unique set of qualities, the experiences they create by connecting users with their FamiliesOct 26 15:25
GoblinRFD 26 15:25
GoblinRFDand Andre Da Costa's blog is at:Oct 26 15:26
schestowitzSounds like PR and sound bites.Oct 26 15:26
GoblinRFD 26 15:26
GoblinRFDlolOct 26 15:26
GoblinRFDyeahOct 26 15:26
schestowitzIs he with MS?Oct 26 15:26
schestowitzMicrosoft also pays bloggers to do such stuff.Oct 26 15:26
GoblinRFDNot sure, if hes not then hes one sad puppyOct 26 15:26
schestowitzIt's no secret. They actually 'hunt' bloggers for that.Oct 26 15:27
schestowitzFrom Portugal: 26 15:27
GoblinRFDThis whole thing of MS bloggers, reminds me of the scam Indiana Gregg pulled on WikipediaOct 26 15:28
GoblinRFDI was involved with that one aswel!Oct 26 15:28
schestowitzWhat was that one about?Oct 26 15:29
schestowitzThere was Microsoft corrupting Wikipedia too. Paid shills and all...Oct 26 15:29
GoblinRFDWhen she attacked Piratebay, and then started to change facts on herr wiwikiOct 26 15:30
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*mib_kta3p0 is now known as GoblinRFDOct 26 15:30
GoblinRFDoops, didnt realise full screen java would log me out.Oct 26 15:30
schestowitzPhorm (BT) did this as well.Oct 26 15:32
GoblinRFDbtw for your info, Im from the UK.  my small (and newish) blog is at - and yes I will be linking to your site!Oct 26 15:32
schestowitz : Controversial Ad Network Caught Editing WikipediaOct 26 15:32
GoblinRFDchecking it!Oct 26 15:32
schestowitzExcellent, thank you!Oct 26 15:32
schestowitzThe Aussie govt. did the same thing in WikipediaOct 26 15:33
_Dougtransaction safe FAT file system patented ..Oct 26 15:33
_Doughttp://www.freepatentsonline.c...Oct 26 15:33
schestowitzBut the UK and US govt. does the same, esp. when it comes to secret services I hear...Oct 26 15:33
_DougIt basically keeps two FAT tables, a current/dirty one and a safe one ..Oct 26 15:33
schestowitzThis site is bad.Oct 26 15:33
schestowitzMethod of swinging on a swing < >Oct 26 15:34
_DougAssignee: Microsoft Corporation  (Redmond, WA)Oct 26 15:34
GoblinRFDSchestowitz - its been really good talking with you.  Im off out to a restaurant with the wife now, I will be back, and I will be linking to you.  Thank you for taking the time to talk with me! Speak to you later! Regards from the UK!Oct 26 15:38
*GoblinRFD has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Oct 26 15:39
_Doug Wikipedia standardizes servers on Ubuntu ..Oct 26 15:41
_Doug 26 15:41
_Doug Chicago Mercantile Exchange joins Linux Foundation ..Oct 26 15:42
_Doug 26 15:42
schestowitz_Doug: why now?Oct 26 15:43
_Dougmust make sound business sense .. no vendor lock-in, cost effective and reliability ..Oct 26 15:45
schestowitzMust not crash. Well, it crashed later (Sept)Oct 26 15:45
schestowitzThe market, not the servers.Oct 26 15:45
_DougAnd the LSE disaster mayt have influenced the decision ..Oct 26 15:46
schestowitzYes, that joke was brought up at the time.Oct 26 15:48
schestowitzGosh, I hate proofreading. It make blogging _a lot_ less fun, but since many people read this thing, I force myself to read the same s* over and over again.Oct 26 15:50
_DougAsus boxes infected with 'computer' virus ..Oct 26 15:55
_Doug 26 15:55
_Dougclueless Cluley reports another MAc virus ..Oct 26 15:57
_Doug 26 15:57
_Doughow exactly does the 'Trojan' get onto the machine ?Oct 26 15:59
_Doug 26 15:59
_DougSarkozy's bank account hacked ..Oct 26 16:00
_Doug 26 16:00
_DougPalin email "hack" underscores need for stronger authenticationOct 26 16:05
_Doug 26 16:05
schestowitzI see you're catching ypOct 26 16:05
_Douggood idea, now when are they going to implement it, 2108 ?Oct 26 16:05
_Dougyp ?Oct 26 16:06
schestowitz*LOL*SarkoOct 26 16:06
schestowitz /yp/up/Oct 26 16:06
schestowitz_Doug: they don't even move to IPv6Oct 26 16:06
_Dougwhat a good idea, computers that don't catch 'viruses' and authenticated email ...Oct 26 16:06
_DougFBI on security .."I'm running SUSE, Fedora 9. I don't spend as much quality time with these operating systems as I used to"Oct 26 16:09
_Doug 26 16:09
_DougQ: So why do you prefer Linux? A: I just think it's more efficient. To me, it's more powerful.Oct 26 16:10
schestowitzSome say Windows it to blame: 26 16:13
schestowitzRegarding the FBI, I missed that article. It's from August.Oct 26 16:13
_DougCitibank to Replace ATMs ..Oct 26 16:13
_Doug 26 16:13
schestowitzCitibank roundup: Oct 26 16:14
schestowitz 26 16:14
_Dougnewly-discovered malware .. discovered ...Oct 26 16:15
_Doug"The newly-discovered malware is what's known as a "rootkit," which is typically a set of tools designed to hide malicious files on an infected system. This particular rootkit hides its files in the "master boot record" (MBR), one of the deepest recesses of the PC's hard drive"Oct 26 16:15
_Doug 26 16:15
_Doug:)Oct 26 16:15
_DougAnti-virus dominates PC application sales chart ..Oct 26 16:21
_Doug 26 16:21
_Doug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good grief !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oct 26 16:21
twitterWow, there's a lot to catch up with today!Oct 26 16:23
_DougFive programs you can afford in a financial meltdown ..Oct 26 16:25
_Doug 26 16:25
schestowitzwbOct 26 16:25
_DougI just post links as no one here seems to want to chat on Internet Relay Chat .. :(Oct 26 16:26
schestowitzEveryone multitasksOct 26 16:26 economy about to give Open-Source a good thumping ..Oct 26 16:27
_Doug 26 16:27
schestowitzFUDOct 26 16:28
schestowitzDebunkedOct 26 16:28
schestowitzEntertained by /.Oct 26 16:28
_Doug 26 16:28
twitterMasnick is verbose, "  Thus, his argument is that we really should focus on mechanisms to avoid lawsuits to allow those products to move forward.  Thus, licensing is preferable to lawsuits.  That's true, but misses the point.  The fact that no complex product can be brought to market without violating numerous patents should be seen as the problem, rather than a truism that is solved through licensing. "Oct 26 16:29
twitterHe could have simply said that software patents suck because they keep people from doing things.  Broken "interoperability" is one of the smaller results rather than something promoted by patents.Oct 26 16:31
twitterM$ logic is so twisted.Oct 26 16:31
schestowitzHypocriticalOct 26 16:31
schestowitzThey used to protest against itOct 26 16:32
schestowitzI'm off for a while... benchpressing contestOct 26 16:32
twitterhave funOct 26 16:32
_DougI'm off .. beer drinking contest :)Oct 26 16:32
twitter"More libel in (comments), accusing of sock-puppetry where someone merely tried to comment in BN, entered moderation and then tried again with a different nick. They are making stuff up to discredit. sigh*"  Woops, I made that one up.  If that's what happened, it was a misunderstanding.Oct 26 16:36
twitterIt's amazing how the trolls read every word we write and jump on it.  Talk about zero life.Oct 26 16:37
_DougBoycott Novell: Champion of freedom or den of paranoia?Oct 26 16:41
_Doug 26 16:41
_Douga blog quoting another blog written by one Fucker T. :)Oct 26 16:43
_Dougand a link to this .. 26 16:45
_Dougsounds like sane unbiased pro Open Source argument :)Oct 26 16:45
_Dougoh .. look ... someone has recorded our conversations for posterity ..Oct 26 16:50
_Doug 26 16:50
_DougI just posted a comment there ..Oct 26 17:18
_Doug> I believe that Microsoft (or parts thereof) are interested in working with the Free Software world and should be treated as part of the community ..Oct 26 17:19
_DougYou’re not serious, Microsoft’s actions from the browser wars to taking control of Java to the Novells covenant clearly illustrates its real intentions regarding Open Source, in short to subvert it from the inside ..Oct 26 17:19
_Doug“Microsoft has no choice, we must seize control [of] the Java platform!”Oct 26 17:19
_Doug 26 17:19
_DougOSS projects have been able to gain a foothold in many server applications because of the wide utility of highly commoditized, simple protocols. By extending these protocols and developing new protocols, we can deny OSS projects entry into the market.Oct 26 17:19
_Doug 26 17:19
_DougLastly, part financing the SCO case isn’t ‘ working with the Free Software world’ ..Oct 26 17:19
_Dougthe ghost in the voting machine ..Oct 26 17:20
_Doug 26 17:20
_Dougtwitter: a tool for terrorists ..Oct 26 17:22
_Doug 26 17:22
_Dougnot you twitter :oOct 26 17:22
_Doug"Terrorists may or may not be using voice-changing software but it should be of open source interest that online terrorist and/or terrorist enthusiasts are discussing it,"Oct 26 17:23
_Dougwha ?????????????????????Oct 26 17:23
_Doug[%H:%M]Oct 26 17:25
_Doug 26 17:26
_DougNovell on compliance: "one major benefit of the system is that it promotes collaboration between IT and business interests to understand and manage risk and compliance – something that is frequently more honored in the breach"Oct 26 17:32
_Doug 26 17:32
_Dougwould making a computer that didn't get viruses be compliant ?Oct 26 17:33
_DougNovell's iPrint open to attack, say researchers ..Oct 26 17:34
_Doug"Novell has issued a patch that plugs multiple holes in the ActiveX control that Novell ships as part of its iPrint product"Oct 26 17:34
_Doug 26 17:34
_DougActiveX and security don't go in the same sentence ..Oct 26 17:34
_Dougwas the ActiveX control compliant ?Oct 26 17:35
_DougHoracio Gutierrez sees the light on 'mixed source' ..Oct 26 17:37
_Doug 26 17:37
_Doug"We're all 'mixed source' companies"Oct 26 17:37
_Dougyea, but only MS owns the source code ..Oct 26 17:37
_Doug"If every effort to license proves not to be fruitful, ultimately .."Oct 26 17:38
_Doughey, I thought MS was playing nice ?Oct 26 17:38
_Doug'In an effort to help head off patent disputes, Microsoft is an investor in Nathan Myrhvold's patent-buying Intellectual Ventures'Oct 26 17:38
_Douggood grief !Oct 26 17:38
*dsmith_ ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 26 17:40
_Doughow not to delete evidence ..Oct 26 17:45
_Doug 26 17:45
_Dougdo what the CIA does .. and use a hammer .. I kid you not ...Oct 26 17:46
*_Doug has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008092417]")Oct 26 18:00
MinceRhow are you gentlemen !!Oct 26 18:04
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Oct 26 18:26
twitterwe are gentlemen by our gentle mannersOct 26 18:43
twitterand kind wordsOct 26 18:43
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 26 19:20
schestowitzBack. (on to some Microsoft posts)Oct 26 19:51
*Tallken has quit (Client Quit)Oct 26 20:36
*[H]omer_ (n=[H] has joined #boycottnovellOct 26 20:41
*[H]omer has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Oct 26 20:41
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 26 21:00
*PetoKraus has quit (Connection reset by peer)Oct 26 21:00
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 26 21:04
*dsmith_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Oct 26 21:23
twitterYour server seems to be buggy.Oct 26 21:38
twitterA little slow and Word Press errors on the front page.Oct 26 21:38
schestowitzTrue.Oct 26 21:42
schestowitzNot much I can do about it..Oct 26 21:42
schestowitzBack end is affected also, so it's not just this user account.Oct 26 21:44
schestowitzSill down.Oct 26 21:57
schestowitzMaybe they'll give the server attention. They usually respond quickly.Oct 26 21:58
*pombat42 ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 26 22:08
schestowitzThe server is back on its feet now. Thanks for alerting me.Oct 26 22:19
schestowitzHi, pombat42.Oct 26 22:19
pombat42hiOct 26 22:20
schestowitzI'm posting something that relates to iPhone in a second.Oct 26 22:22
pombat42Great unit but the newer one is much nicer which is typical for Apple. Never buy v1.0Oct 26 22:23
schestowitzIt's posted now < >. Down at the bottom it explains how iPhone harms WM.Oct 26 22:23
pombat42that's why you see so many Macbooks on ebay. they have serious screen cracking problems.Oct 26 22:23
schestowitzG1 is nice too. I'm a sucker for keyboards.Oct 26 22:23
pombat42my fingers are too fat for the iphoneOct 26 22:24
MinceRthere's nothing great about the iphone except the hype around itOct 26 22:24
pombat42i disagreeOct 26 22:24
MinceRwell, you're an apple fanboy so it's to be expectedOct 26 22:25
pombat42and how do you know that?Oct 26 22:25
MinceRyou've admitted it yourself not too long agoOct 26 22:25
pombat42stop baiting me. it does not work.Oct 26 22:25
schestowitzMinceR: no, he's a *NIX guy, I think.Oct 26 22:26
schestowitzSome Linux users like Apple products.Oct 26 22:26
pombat42Schestowitz: sort or. Aix and Windows. Not a Mac fan but I do like some of their products, albeit over priced they are, a lot.Oct 26 22:27
pombat42or= ofOct 26 22:27
pombat42and Linux too of course :)Oct 26 22:27
MinceR#boycottnovell.2008-10-23.log:003530 8/<g gpombat42g8/>g eApple is a company that is right out in the open. Either you agree or disagree with them. I like themOct 26 22:28
pombat42so? that's true in my opinion.Oct 26 22:29
PetoKrausthe guy who is doing linux loop newsOct 26 22:29
PetoKrausterribleOct 26 22:29
PetoKraus 26 22:29
schestowitzWHat's his real name? I forgot.Oct 26 22:30
MinceRthere should be "high priority" projects?Oct 26 22:30
schestowitzA German/Austrian name.Oct 26 22:30
PetoKrausthomas somethingOct 26 22:30
PetoKrausteisbergOct 26 22:30
MinceRoh, for promoting, not developingOct 26 22:30
PetoKrauswell noOct 26 22:30
trmancooh this is interestingOct 26 22:30
trmanco 26 22:31
PetoKrausFSF has high priority projectsOct 26 22:31
schestowitzHmmm.. it's more of a blurb.Oct 26 22:31
PetoKrausyes, but he's mistakenOct 26 22:31
PetoKrausand, does my comment show?Oct 26 22:31
trmancoNovell on older videos <= 2007 offers an ogg versionOct 26 22:31
schestowitztrmanco: what's in it?Oct 26 22:31
trmancobut on the 2008 videos, no oggOct 26 22:31
trmancobut they do offer a WMV version :|Oct 26 22:31
schestowitzGoodcatch.Oct 26 22:32
trmancothis sucksOct 26 22:32
schestowitzWhere are the 2007 ones?Oct 26 22:32
trmancoin a little iframeOct 26 22:32
trmancoat the end of the page with a flash player atached to itOct 26 22:33
schestowitzAha.Oct 26 22:33
trmancoattachedOct 26 22:33
schestowitzThanks. That makes a good post.Oct 26 22:33
trmancololOct 26 22:33
trmancono problemOct 26 22:33
trmancocan't be free anymore with Novell's videosOct 26 22:33
schestowitzI'll take some screenshots for future refOct 26 22:34
trmancookOct 26 22:34
PetoKrausit's stupidOct 26 22:34
PetoKrausanyway, today, i managed gnash to workOct 26 22:34
PetoKrausplays youtube videosOct 26 22:34
PetoKrausamazingOct 26 22:34
PetoKrauswhat else does Joe the Plumber need flash for?Oct 26 22:35
trmancoI just printed novells pageOct 26 22:35
trmancointo a pdf fileOct 26 22:35
MinceRwell, joe the plumber needs it for an unnecessarily large amount of pagesOct 26 22:36
schestowitzPetoKraus: almost nothing. Flash = video.Oct 26 22:40
schestowitzThat's what brought Flash back from the s*can.Oct 26 22:40
schestowitzMany devs abandoned it for reasons to do with standards. Then streaming video came along.Oct 26 22:40
schestowitztrmanco: please send.Oct 26 22:40
MinceRand devs forgot there are sane formats for streaming video already.Oct 26 22:41
PetoKrausyeah...Oct 26 22:41
trmancoschestowitz, ok 1 secOct 26 22:41
schestowitz10xOct 26 22:45
trmancoschestowitz, doneOct 26 22:45
trmancocheck you inboxOct 26 22:46
twitterJoe the Plumber is in your tubes, stealing your election.Oct 26 22:49
schestowitzKudos to Tony -> 26 22:49
schestowitzNow I'll do the financial report on Microsoft... it's bloody huge.Oct 26 22:50
trmancohahaOct 26 22:51
trmancoschestowitz, beautifulOct 26 22:51
twitternovell dumps ogg for wmv?  unfuckingbeleavable!Oct 26 22:51
trmancoyesOct 26 22:51
trmancotime to goOct 26 22:53
trmancosee you all tomorrowOct 26 22:53
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovellOct 26 22:54
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Oct 26 22:54
pombat42fwiw flash is used for a lot of CBT training materials.Oct 26 22:55
schestowitz "'"I don't want to curb freedom of expression, but I am concerned that many developers focus just on excessive violence in order to stimulate people's mind," Miyamoto told UK's Channel 4, in an interview published last week.'Oct 26 23:28
*GoblinRFD ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 26 23:29
schestowitztwitter: your 'fan' club is taking the p*** again. Stop the nymshifting or find a way to handle this please. 26 23:32
schestowitzThey use your habits to libel me.Oct 26 23:33
*moparx has quit (Remote closed the connection)Oct 26 23:37
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovellOct 26 23:38
pombat42re:video games. as a kid I watched the roadrunner and his Acme dynamite blow up the coyote all the time. i knew it wasn't realOct 26 23:45
pombat42i watched abbot and costello hit each other with sledge hammers. i knew not to try this on my sisterOct 26 23:45
pombat42winff is great easy to use front end for ffmpegOct 26 23:48
schestowitzIt's different.Oct 26 23:48
schestowitzA stronger analogy would involve realer characters that are interactiveOct 26 23:49
schestowitzpombat42: was it you who told me this months ago?Oct 26 23:49
schestowitzre: winffOct 26 23:49
zoobab 26 23:49
pombat42the reality role model stuff can get scary if people actually believe it. if they do they have worse problemsOct 26 23:49
pombat42possibly. i don't usually get involved in gamingOct 26 23:50
schestowitzzoobab: wbOct 26 23:57
schestowitzpombat42: I was addicted to ET. It's mind captivating, potentially. There are harms to it, but it's fun.Oct 26 23:58
pombat42what's ET (I told u i'm not up on gaming!)Oct 26 23:59

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