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What Was Microsoft's “Big Bet” Post Novell-SCO (2002)?

Cryptic reference to Novell-SCO from Microsoft General Manager months before the lawsuits began

THE other day in the IRC channel, we discussed what had come from this antitrust exhibit. What did Microsoft's General Manager in India mean by "big bet plan in India (post Novell - Sco and Trishul)"? That was a very private/confidential E-mail. We did some searching to find out what Trishul was about (partial IRC log at the bottom), but we were unable to see what SCO and Novell had to do with this.

That was less than 6 months before SCO launched its assault on Linux, using intellectual property that belonged to Novell.


neighborleeschestowitz, Rajeev Kaul comment about post novel-sco is weirdJan 15 17:06
schestowitzI missed that. where?Jan 15 17:06
schestowitzin response to it?Jan 15 17:07
schestowitzwe need contextJan 15 17:07
neighborleeGiven the impact of Education market in India globally for us and the threats from Linux and piracy, I want to make this a big bet plan in India (post Novell - Sco and Trishul).  < thisJan 15 17:08
schestowitzAny close links b/w them prior to 2003?Jan 15 17:08
neighborleeodd phrasing there 'big bet plan' but whatever ;)Jan 15 17:08
schestowitznovell= netware; sco=unixJan 15 17:09
moogstrapsorry. phonecall. I was going to say that, as a seaman, I have actually been chased by pirates. they weren't offering copyrighted materials.Jan 15 17:09
*schestowitz on phoneJan 15 17:10
schestowitzBig betJan 15 17:11
schestowitzbetting on replacing unix?Jan 15 17:11
schestowitzBaystar?Jan 15 17:11
schestowitzWhere's Trishul?Jan 15 17:12
schestowitzOr who is it?Jan 15 17:12
schestowitzWorth googling.Jan 15 17:12
neighborleeschestowitz, joseX well said last few posts..very nice. 15 17:18
neighborleeschestowitz, I feel  exactly the same.Jan 15 17:19
moogstrapthat API patent really takes the pissJan 15 17:21
neighborleeyupJan 15 17:22
moogstrapan optimistic view: 15 17:24
schestowitzShould i post something about that SCO-NOVELL thing in isolation?Jan 15 17:24
moogstrapyou mean from the email quote?Jan 15 17:26
schestowitzIntel is corrupting the term "open source" now (just spotted in the news): 15 17:26
schestowitzmoogstrap: yes.Jan 15 17:26
schestowitzIt could be worth bearing in mind.Jan 15 17:27
schestowitzSCO and India are not so isolatedJan 15 17:27
schestowitzThey had SandiJan 15 17:27
schestowitzThey also had some deals there and deploymentsJan 15 17:27
moogstrapI don't really knowJan 15 17:31
moogstrapI mean, is that the only reference?Jan 15 17:33
moogstrapstill it's omninousJan 15 17:35
schestowitzYes, only this reference.Jan 15 17:37
schestowitzWhere's Trishul? Let's google it.. :-)Jan 15 17:37
schestowitz 15 17:37
schestowitzBN at top spotJan 15 17:37
schestowitz 15 17:38
schestowitzTrishul may refer to:Jan 15 17:38
schestowitz    * Trishul (weapon), a type of traditional trident from IndiaJan 15 17:38
schestowitz    * Trishul (missile), a surface-to-air missile under development in IndiaJan 15 17:38
schestowitz    * Trishul (film), a 1978 Hindi filmJan 15 17:38
schestowitz    * INS Trishul, an Indian guided missile frigate bought from RussiaJan 15 17:38
schestowitz    * Trishul or Trisul, the name of a Himalayan mountain peak.Jan 15 17:38
schestowitzAre they trying to torpedo Linux with Novell/SCO? ;-)Jan 15 17:38
moogstrapor Trishul ApartmentsJan 15 17:39
schestowitzPJ might know..Jan 15 17:39
moogstrap 15 17:42
moogstrap"Contributed to conceiving and developing “Trishul” plan as a core member with Sanjay Mirchandani, Rajiv Kaul and Tarun Gulati"Jan 15 17:42
schestowitzAhhhhhhh.Jan 15 17:43
schestowitzGood find.Jan 15 17:43
schestowitzSo how does this related to "Novell - Sco"?Jan 15 17:43
moogstrapmeh. All I can find are articles about missilesJan 15 17:48
moogstrapand some Java thing for mobilesJan 15 17:48
moogstrapuh, cellphonesJan 15 17:49
*karabas has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 15 17:49
schestowitzAt least we know, thanks to you, that it's a projectJan 15 17:49
schestowitzLike Sco -Novell maybe?Jan 15 17:49
schestowitzI don't know the chronicles of this too welll...Jan 15 17:49
schestowitzPJ has historical summaries...Jan 15 17:49
moogstrapdoubtful: 15 17:50
schestowitzSo I don't know how SCO related to Novell before litigationJan 15 17:50
schestowitzGrokDoc/GrokLine with timelines and all might helpJan 15 17:50
schestowitzSCO did some mobile stuff recently (failed of course)Jan 15 17:50
schestowitzSigned some deals in India IIRCJan 15 17:50
schestowitzNow it sells the assetsJan 15 17:50
moogstrapgoogle has forsaken me. sorry dudeJan 15 18:03
moogstrapA patent invented by a guy called Trishul, owned by Microsoft: 15 18:13
schestowitzHeh :-)Jan 15 18:15
schestowitzThanks for looking.Jan 15 18:15

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