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schestowitzMaybe your stalkerMar 30 17:59
Balrogand how would they license the patents without breaking gpl?Mar 30 17:59
balzacfuckin morons would know me if they paid the least bit of attentionMar 30 17:59
balzacI'm like atrios who blogs under pseudonym, but his "true name" is known among those who pay even the least bit of attention to himMar 30 17:59
schestowitzBalrog: yes, I wonder thatMar 30 18:00
Balrogalso there are no external links from that article confirming thisMar 30 18:00
schestowitzThere are othersMar 30 18:00
schestowitz 30 18:00
schestowitz 30 18:00
schestowitzThe CNET article is from MicrosoftMar 30 18:00
schestowitzLousy shill Ina Fried is a Microsoft mouthpieceMar 30 18:01
schestowitzThey almost ghostwrite what it postsMar 30 18:01
schestowitz 30 18:01
schestowitz"Under the terms of a five-year agreement, Microsoft said TomTom will pay Microsoft for use of the eight car navigation and file management system patents in the case Microsoft brought against TomTom, while Microsoft will be able to use the four patents included in the TomTom countersuit without any payment to TomTom."Mar 30 18:01
schestowitzReuters makes it seem like MS 'caved': "Microsoft settles TomTom patent dispute"Mar 30 18:01
schestowitzBut this covers all 8 patentsMar 30 18:01
BalrogTomTom will remove from its products the functionality related to two file management system patents (the “FAT LFN patents”), which enables efficient naming, organizing, storing and accessing of file data, Microsoft said.  TomTom will remove this functionality within two years, and the agreement provides for coverage directly to TomTom’s end customers under these patents during that time.Mar 30 18:01
schestowitzSo FAT tooMar 30 18:01
schestowitzThey didn't fight itMar 30 18:01
Balrogthat's no goodMar 30 18:01
Balrogthey're pulling out FAT32 supportMar 30 18:02
schestowitzMicrosoft is miserableMar 30 18:02
schestowitzThey don't know what else toMar 30 18:02
schestowitz*to doMar 30 18:02
schestowitzTell the Mono danboisMar 30 18:02
Balrogthey will sue someone else soon, I'm sureMar 30 18:02
schestowitz*fanboisMar 30 18:02
schestowitzThey don't care... about wonderful MicrosoftMar 30 18:02
Balrogthe eweek article has more infoMar 30 18:02
schestowitzMicrosoft is the next SCOMar 30 18:03
schestowitzLet me post about it quicklyMar 30 18:03
BalrogokMar 30 18:03
BalrogPJ should post about this on groklawMar 30 18:03
*twitter has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Mar 30 18:04
Balrog(Tom-Tom probably will just use a ext2 or ext3 driver on the computer side)Mar 30 18:04
*twitter ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 30 18:04
Balrogtwitter: MS and Tom Tom settled :XMar 30 18:05
Balrog 30 18:05
twitternow if only camera makers and others would dump FAT ...Mar 30 18:06
Balrogand go with what?Mar 30 18:06
twitterit's been a while since I looked, but I thought there were a few other flash file systems that were free.Mar 30 18:07
Balrogbut will windows users be able to read them??Mar 30 18:08
twitterall of the device makers could dump FAT and go with something free without loss because they all have some crappy w32 drivers for the device itself.Mar 30 18:08
Balrogthat's not true in most casesMar 30 18:08
Balrogthe device is just a usb mass storage deviceMar 30 18:08
Balrogand shows up as a driveMar 30 18:08
BalrogApple isn't using FAT in the iphone/ipod touch, BTW ... they're using their own HFS+Mar 30 18:09
twitterin many cases this is true, but they all come with some kind of crappy software that talks to the device.Mar 30 18:09
Balrognot trueMar 30 18:09
Balrogfew come with....Mar 30 18:09
Balrogmost are just USB mass storageMar 30 18:09
twittershow me a camera that does not come with some kind of photo organizer.Mar 30 18:09
twitterI've got one that I still can't get the movies off without crappy w32 software.Mar 30 18:10
BalrogI know what you meanMar 30 18:10
BalrogI never use that softwareMar 30 18:10
BalrogI just put it away, and use usb mass storageMar 30 18:10
twitterthis is what gphoto library is all aboutMar 30 18:10
Balrogthe camera you're talking about is non-standardMar 30 18:10
twitteralmost all of them have some kind of non standard crap in them.Mar 30 18:11
Balrogwell, the majority of current cameras are mass storage devicesMar 30 18:11
Balrogthat use the FAT32 filesystemMar 30 18:11
twitterthere are a number of devices I've had to send back because they did not work well as USB mass storage.  USB itself is a crappy firewire copy.Mar 30 18:11
Balrogfirewire is good, but more expensive because it relies on a controller chip at both endsMar 30 18:12
twitterusb mass storage works with any file system.Mar 30 18:12
Balroga complex controller chip *Mar 30 18:12
Balrogyes, I know thatMar 30 18:12
twitterchips are cheapMar 30 18:13
BalrogUSB chips are smaller and cheaper, and use less power, than Firewire chipsMar 30 18:13
twitterthe difference between firewire and usb is much like the difference between IDE and SCSI used to be, it was bullshit to make Apple and M$ competitors look more expensive.Mar 30 18:13
twitterGoogle's test data showed no difference in reliability between IDE and SCSI disks.Mar 30 18:14
Balrogyeah :/Mar 30 18:14
amarsh04new tomtom article is on www.groklaw.netMar 30 18:14
BalrogSCSI is better in a way; it allows more devices on one cableMar 30 18:14
*amarsh04 has an 11 year old scsi drive still running fineMar 30 18:15
twitterWell, yeah, SCSI was better and IDE was a cheap rip off that sucked.  The real costs to make each were virtually the same though.  So generations of PCs were stuck with inferior crap just so M$ could stick it to Apple.Mar 30 18:16
schestowitzamarsh04: excellent, thanks.Mar 30 18:16
Balrogbut SCSI was always more expensiveMar 30 18:16
Balrogeven for non-Apple systemMar 30 18:16
Balrogsystems *Mar 30 18:16
twitterI have both old SCSI and IDE.  They are both cheap used.Mar 30 18:16
Balrogyeah, /used/Mar 30 18:16
twitterthere was no difference in manufacturing, that's what Google's drive study showed.Mar 30 18:16
*amarsh04 must get ready for work...Mar 30 18:17
twitterthe price difference was artificial.  All along, you should have been able to use SCSI at IDE prices and IDE should have died.Mar 30 18:17
twitterlater amarsh04Mar 30 18:17
Balrogyes.Mar 30 18:17
twitterApple has dropped firewire, unfortunately.  We won't be seeing much of that anymore.Mar 30 18:18
Balrogno Apple hasn'tMar 30 18:18
twitterthat's goodMar 30 18:18
Balrogthey only dropped Firewire from the low-end laptopMar 30 18:18
Balrogthe metal MacbookMar 30 18:19
twitterahhh, metal Macbook is low end?Mar 30 18:19
Balrogon all other systems, they dropped the obsolete firewire 400 connectorMar 30 18:19
twitterhmmm.Mar 30 18:19
twittercoolMar 30 18:19
Balrogwell, it's low-end and new-constructionMar 30 18:19
Balrogplastic macbook is not a new modelMar 30 18:19
Balrogjust a bumpMar 30 18:19
Balrogso now you get FireWire 800, which means you need to buy an adapter or cableMar 30 18:20
Balrogbut I hear that the firewire connector won't change after thisMar 30 18:20
Balrog(except for the ethernet-compatible RJ-45 variant)Mar 30 18:20
twittercompared to USB, the connectors were sane.Mar 30 18:20
Balrog 30 18:20
twitterI hate all of the USB form factorsMar 30 18:20
BalrogI dislike USBMar 30 18:21
Balrogbut I've had loose firewire 400 connectorsMar 30 18:21
Balrog:(Mar 30 18:21
twitterI've got a little USB connector kit.  It has five adapters and none of them fit my cell phone.Mar 30 18:21
Balrogblame the cell phone companiesMar 30 18:22
Balrogwhy can't they all agree on a standard?Mar 30 18:22
twitterI blame US cell phone providers.  ATT and friends, they are greedy all the way back to the BSD case.Mar 30 18:22
BalrogI'll be back in an hour or soMar 30 18:23
twitterlaterMar 30 18:23
twitterATT is so evil that a single CEO cancer cell from them was enough to end the HP way.Mar 30 18:23
BalrogVerizon is worse, I'm afraidMar 30 18:24
twitter 30 18:28
twittertom tomMar 30 18:28
twitterVerizon and ATT are the same, right?Mar 30 18:29
twitterObama chides automakers while handing them cash. 30 18:31
schestowitzWill Microsoft also go after companies whose products use Mono/Mar 30 18:33
twitterLet's see if he can make them go green and be competitive.  Right now US autos are pure crap.Mar 30 18:33
schestowitzLike FAT?Mar 30 18:33
schestowitzI'll make it a post about MonoMar 30 18:33
twitterOf course M$ will go after them.Mar 30 18:33
schestowitzObama should give cash to homeownersMar 30 18:33
schestowitzNot steal from them to pay some more to rich bastard who caused this crisisMar 30 18:34
schestowitzRather than jailing them he rewards themMar 30 18:34
schestowitzBUTMar 30 18:34
schestowitzThey run the country, so is anyone surprised?Mar 30 18:34
twitterYes, I'm surprised.Mar 30 18:34
twitterThe depth of hypocrisy is astounding.Mar 30 18:35
twitterThen again, I've repeatedly predicted that trade with China will make the US more like China than it makes China free.Mar 30 18:37
twitterHere, in this orgy of public looting and consolidation, you see the nationalization of the banking and automotive industries.Mar 30 18:38
twitterHealthcare too, but that might actually be better than the greedy mess we have now.Mar 30 18:38
schestowitzThe US has always been hypocritical about ChinaMar 30 18:47
schestowitzThis doesn't mean that it's equally bad tnoughMar 30 18:47
schestowitzSame with the UK BTWMar 30 18:48
schestowitzNot a US thing.Mar 30 18:48
schestowitzNor German or whatever... there are few small exceptiopns.. maybeMar 30 18:48
balzacRoy, who do you favor, Krugman or Geitner?Mar 30 18:51
balzacor what about that arrogant buffoon, Larry Summers?Mar 30 18:51
balzacfor making policy re: the economic crisisMar 30 18:52
balzacMaybe they should dust off Alan Greenspan, give him a teleprompter and let the people feel nostalgic about his encouraging wordsMar 30 18:53
balzacinstead of "irrational exuberance" he can say "unreasonable pessimism"Mar 30 18:53
balzac"print more money", "put more money in the banks", it's just a big casino anywayMar 30 18:54
schestowitz 30 18:54
balzacmake more chipsMar 30 18:54
schestowitzFries?Mar 30 18:56
schestowitzKelly Fiveash  and Clare hijacked The Register for some topic and they spin for MicrosoftMar 30 18:58
schestowitzThe Register is kaput for bias in favour of /freedom/. What shame....Mar 30 18:58
schestowitzNokia kicks OEMs to the curb < >Mar 30 18:59
schestowitzMy take on the TomTom case: 30 18:59
schestowitzMe on Microsoft muscling the Democrats and media bias: 30 19:00
schestowitzImportant citation: (Conficker infects UK parliament) <-- use this when people tell you that patching Windows keeps you OKMar 30 19:01
schestowitzzoobab01: what's your take on TomTom?Mar 30 19:07
schestowitzWestern Digital enters the SSD market... sign of news storage trends?Mar 30 19:09
schestowitz"Google is reportedly in talks with Disney to stream ESPN and ABC television programming such as "Desperate Housewives," "Lost," and "Ugly Betty" to YouTube." < >Mar 30 19:10
schestowitzThe Linux Foundation family keeps growing. Linux Foundation Welcomes credativ, Strengthens Presence in Europe < >Mar 30 19:15
schestowitzThe bribe/scam (live@edu) has another victim: 30 19:20
*ledil has quit ("Verlassend")Mar 30 19:22
schestowitzWho is Stewart Meagher...?Mar 30 19:25
schestowitzVery weird hypothesis: Citigroup interested in buying Red Hat? < >Mar 30 19:31
*_Hicham_ has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Mar 30 19:33
schestowitzMicrosoft shill Jesper says: "Jesus - the link I posted on OOXML/ODF-comparison is spreading like the plague through Microsoft tweets. Guys, it's not _that_ interesting."Mar 30 19:33
schestowitzThe shills (MS partner) seed the MS poison vs ODF and Microsoft then uses it. What is this doing in the ODF feed anyway?Mar 30 19:34
schestowitzI don't like the sound of this: 30 19:41
schestowitzWhen you buy SLED you pay Microsoft for software patents that it never revealed. People will hopefully steer away from it and use proper solutions like Ubuntu, Mandriva, PCLinuxOS, and many others.Mar 30 19:41
schestowitz"This is really starting to play out just as I feared in the beginning. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft proceeds now: whether it openly threatens others using Linux, or does everything discreetly. I predict the latter, but the effect on Linux in this market will still be chilling. "Mar 30 19:42
PetoKrauslolMar 30 19:42
PetoKraus 30 19:42
PetoKraus1. aprilMar 30 19:45
PetoKrausfunMar 30 19:45
*mib_fjg5u8 (i=589fb7c6@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 30 19:46
schestowitzWhat happens in 2 days?Mar 30 19:47
schestowitzNot everyone will be laughing, that's for sureMar 30 19:47
PetoKrausconficker.Mar 30 19:47
*_Hicham_ (n=hicham@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 30 19:48
_Hicham_schestowitz : do u think that it is okay to offer Branded Firefox for Debian users?Mar 30 19:53
schestowitz "Mar 30 19:54
schestowitzIs MS paying tomtom royalties to license Tomtom'spatents, or is Tomtom making a similar promise not to sue MS's customers?"Mar 30 19:54
schestowitz_Hicham_: I think it's a secondary issue right now (branding and all), but I'm in favour of CIeweaselMar 30 19:55
schestowitzvery interesting to see today how the MAFIAA members are willing to evolve with YouTubeMar 30 19:56
schestowitzI wonder how what terms.....Mar 30 19:56
schestowitz"Rising sea levels are eating away at coastal sites, increased rainfall is eroding mud-brick ruins, creeping desert sands are blasting the traces of ancient civilizations, and the melting of ice is causing millennia-old organic remains to rot" 30 19:57
schestowitzOil plagues sound 20 years after Exxon Valdez < > "Twenty years after the Exxon Valdez spilled 11 million gallons of crude oil in Alaska's Prince William Sound, oil persists in the region and, in some places, "is nearly as toxic as it was the first few weeks after the spill," according to the council overseeing restoration efforts."Mar 30 19:58
Balrog_Hicham_: I don't see a problem with it as long as it's unpatchedMar 30 19:58
Balrogand Mozilla approves itMar 30 19:58
schestowitzCan't the US already produce and use its gas in the US?Mar 30 19:58
schestowitzBeing self-sufficient is a valuable thingMar 30 19:58
schestowitz RMS: "The UN would like me to be punished for stating that many religions are dangerous mind-viruses."Mar 30 19:59
schestowitz"Free Software & ODF were Introduced Before Anvar Sadath coming in top of IT@school Project Syllabus of IT@school is Decided by  SCERT  not by IT@school Director During Anvar Sadath's term He tried to Introduce Content Building Training in Flash & Photoshop (U already quoted  the points) Also FSF India's letter link is provided..."Mar 30 20:01
schestowitzMany ODF people read this article in BN about the awardMar 30 20:01
schestowitz"Who was anvar sadath? He was in Information Kerala Mission At first . Later he become the District Coordinator for akshaya, which is a e-literacy project on Windows platform   See Details https://www.millennium.berkeley.... "Mar 30 20:02
schestowitz"As per my knowledge still akshaya works on Microsoft Platform. About IT@school Anvar is taking Credit of Others who worked to create a eco system based on freedom."Mar 30 20:02
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*Received a CTCP VERSION from freenode-connectMar 30 20:11
schestowitzUpdate: Google rolls out semantic search capabilities < >Mar 30 20:12
schestowitzPJ links to: Microsoft to Feather Nest With Apache < >Mar 30 20:22
schestowitz"First, open source applications running on Windows means no Linux kernel to benefit from. Note the article tells you clearly that Microsoft is still working hard to try to get open source applications to run right on Windows. Why not benefit from the full Linux experience instead of limping along on Windows, always a step behind? No. Really. And you might want to reread this article by Bruce Perens on the overview, to understand wMar 30 20:22
schestowitzhat I mean and what I think Microsoft means."Mar 30 20:22
schestowitzRed Hat Stands Alone, For The Better < >Mar 30 20:25
schestowitzWatch how the BSA, with Bill Gates' dad's people inside, pushed for MS in DHS: 30 20:26
schestowitzPhipps is coming to Manchester: 30 20:41
schestowitzYAY!Mar 30 20:43
schestowitzAnother major Microsoft product dies: "Important Notice: MSN Encarta to be Discontinued" < >Mar 30 20:47
twitterEncarta, ha ha.Mar 30 20:50
twitterDid they buy Britanica yet?Mar 30 20:50
schestowitz 30 20:50
twitterHaxor Economist is very funny.Mar 30 20:50
schestowitz 30 20:50
schestowitzNow leadership can say, "You know, that multi-billion dollar budget growth year-over-year just wasn't sustainable. We all knew that."' 30 20:52
twitteryou misspelled trillion there.Mar 30 20:52
schestowitzMS employee:  "Zero attrition. Stagnation. Organizational constipation. Nothing good comes out of that but corporate sepsis." 30 20:53
twitteropps, you're talking M$ not federal government and war in Iraq.Mar 30 20:53
schestowitztwitter: no, he talks about MS aloneMar 30 20:53
schestowitzHe works for themMar 30 20:53
schestowitzDisappointedMar 30 20:53
schestowitzMSFT is going to the toilet very fastMar 30 20:53
twitterha ha, that's what Lord snot says when the peasants break their legs on his trench fence?Mar 30 20:54
schestowitzAnd there won't be an 'encyclopedia' (Encarta) to document theie deathMar 30 20:54
schestowitz"Microsoft has had clear competitors in the past. It’s a good thing we have museums to document that." --Bill gatesMar 30 20:54
twitterMSFT is sinking, thanks for the link.  It would be funny for them to think buying Britanica is a good business move.Mar 30 20:54
schestowitz"Linux has had clear competitors in the past. It’s a good thing Linux have museums to document that." --meMar 30 20:54
twitterThe library of greed.Mar 30 20:55
twitterMuseum of bad computing.Mar 30 20:55
schestowitzMicrosoft is just suing for survival nowMar 30 20:55
schestowitzSCO did tooMar 30 20:55
schestowitzAnd the stock surged when it didMar 30 20:55
schestowitzLehman predicts IP will be sidelined under Obama < >Mar 30 20:55
schestowitz /s/IP/MS/Mar 30 20:56
twitterYes, that's cool stuff.  Did you ever find a free article?Mar 30 20:56
schestowitzWeird... Don Marti writes for LJ now?? 30 20:56
schestowitztwitter: no need, headline is enoughMar 30 20:57
schestowitzAnd some other dying 'analyst' (Lehman)Mar 30 20:57
schestowitzMicrosoft has a miserable time. It only tries to ensure others -- like TomTom -- have an equally miserable time.Mar 30 20:58
twitterActually, I'd like to see more of what was actually said.  I'm going to check out the minimsft fun.  The "shared sacrifice" title sound promising. Then I might do another Google news search for Lehman.  There had to be more than one journalist in the room.Mar 30 20:58
schestowitzIf you find it, pls paste url or textMar 30 21:01
schestowitzthere's not much time left to document msft's demiseMar 30 21:02
schestowitzThey shed off units pretty fastMar 30 21:02
twitterFirst post, pure crap.  M$ is not collapsing because they tried to grow too much last year.  They are collapsing because their flagship products are pure suck and nothing they have done in the last decade with all the monopoly rents was any better.Mar 30 21:02
schestowitzWindows and Office are stll at the core and will stayMar 30 21:02
schestowitzZune must die soonMar 30 21:02
twitterCompetitors ran rings around them.Mar 30 21:02
schestowitzMicrosoft does not advertise itMar 30 21:02
Balrogzune is practically deadMar 30 21:02
schestowitzIt's not even showing in ANY news item (among thousands) for MONTHSMar 30 21:02
twitterWindows is dead.Mar 30 21:02
schestowitzUnless there's the leap year bug or something (bad PR)Mar 30 21:02
twitterOffice is dead.Mar 30 21:02
schestowitzBalrog: yes, it is, but not officially.Mar 30 21:03
schestowitzThey also have users to supportMar 30 21:03
schestowitzit's like with MSN musicMar 30 21:03
schestowitzMicrosoft killed MSN Music officially.Mar 30 21:03
twitterPeople buy them for legacy reasons but everyone loathes them and everyone hates the massive changes for poorer performance.Mar 30 21:03
schestowitzThere was an outrage due to DRM serversMar 30 21:03
BalrogWindows and Office are still aroundMar 30 21:03
schestowitzSo Microsoft kept those servers up for a whileMar 30 21:03
schestowitzSo people can lisren to the music they RENTED (joy! Renting music)Mar 30 21:04
BalrogZune never saw the light of day; the ipod and the other players didn't let it appearMar 30 21:04
twitterWindows and Office:  Dead men walking.Mar 30 21:04
twitterM$ won't be able to squeeze $60 out of OEMs when OEMs are selling $200 computers.Mar 30 21:04
schestowitzOffice moves to the WebMar 30 21:04
schestowitzIt starts from behindMar 30 21:04
schestowitzMicrosoft admitted in 2007 that adoption of it was abysmalMar 30 21:04
schestowitzAnd they DON"T know how to make money from itMar 30 21:05
twitterM$'s web presence will never catch up to Google or even Yahoo.Mar 30 21:05
schestowitzThey say soMar 30 21:05
schestowitzThey are used to pure $400  profit (they don't pay tax) from Office licecesMar 30 21:05
twitterThey pretend they don't know how Google works as they panic to copy them.Mar 30 21:05
schestowitzAND forced upgradesMar 30 21:05
twitterall gone.Mar 30 21:05
schestowitzNo PAID upgrade on the cloudMar 30 21:05
schestowitzSubscriptions onluMar 30 21:05
schestowitztwitter: not quiteMar 30 21:05
schestowitzWait.. Mar 30 21:05
schestowitzA friend explains it wellMar 30 21:05
schestowitzFrom an E-mail.Mar 30 21:06
twitterMSNBC, CNBC, me laughs as Google takes all of their ad revenue.Mar 30 21:06
schestowitz"[this reminds me of Ballmers' baiting of Google, eg their web suite isn't a real Office suite. In other words please needlessly expend energy on the desktop while we 'innovate' in the cloud.. purr of evil ]"Mar 30 21:06
MinceRi wouldn't laugh thenMar 30 21:06
twitterWho's going to buy a $400 Office suite for a $200 computer?Mar 30 21:06
schestowitz 30 21:06
schestowitz 30 21:06
MinceRgoogle isn't so great eitherMar 30 21:06
twitterGoogle won't cripple my hardware with ACPI and other bullshit.Mar 30 21:07
schestowitzIt ain'tMar 30 21:07
schestowitzIt presents other issuesMar 30 21:07
schestowitzAGPL they need to support...Mar 30 21:07
schestowitzBut with shareholders they have to be bastardsMar 30 21:07
MinceRthey'll instead lock you to browsers of their own choosing via their web empireMar 30 21:07
schestowitzSame with Amazon snubbing "Open Cloud"Mar 30 21:07
twitterI can take or leave Google.  M$ get in my face with their stuff.Mar 30 21:08
MinceRand they'll steal your private data, build a profile of you and sell it to everyoneMar 30 21:08
schestowitzThe Web is open, so they find new lockin in it -- CloudMar 30 21:08
MinceRand they'll give it to the corrupt governments gratisMar 30 21:08
twitterMy ISP already does that, thanks.Mar 30 21:08
MinceRand they'll serve those governments in other ways tooMar 30 21:08
schestowitzMinceR: They will?Mar 30 21:08
schestowitzThey already doMar 30 21:08
MinceRindeedMar 30 21:08
schestowitzSame with MSFTMar 30 21:08
schestowitzIn ChinaMar 30 21:08
schestowitzThey give them dataMar 30 21:08
schestowitzAnd they build profilesMar 30 21:08
twitterMy computer would, if I was dumb enough to run Winblows.  I can't hide from the internet though.Mar 30 21:09
schestowitzMale/female determined by browsing habits and much moreMar 30 21:09
MinceRif google gets stronger, this trend will proceedMar 30 21:09
schestowitzI have lots of articles about thatMar 30 21:09
MinceRthey'll also have/provide data to base "dynamic pricing" onMar 30 21:09
schestowitzOn SLED 11: "Anyone that does not want to play with M$ will equally not want to play with someone that does want to play with M$. It's just not a good idea!" 30 21:10
MinceRwhich means google will rob you and they'll help others do so tooMar 30 21:10
schestowitzSame they said about ExpediaMar 30 21:10
schestowitzMicrosoft cookie-swapMar 30 21:10
schestowitzJoel Spolsky wrote about it,..Mar 30 21:10
schestowitzHold on...Mar 30 21:10
schestowitz 30 21:11
schestowitz"Microsoft's online travel agency Expedia is a Passport web site, and Microsoft Investor is too. One day, Expedia could start offering higher fares to customers who have more than a million dollars in their Investor stock portfolio. There's not really anything technically impossible about this, and it's probably legal, too."Mar 30 21:11
schestowitzIt's very oldMar 30 21:11
schestowitzSo it's somewhat propheticMar 30 21:11
twitterSecond article, all the people laid off were rehired.  That would be stupid for M$ to do, but I doubt they would be so nice.Mar 30 21:11
twitterminiM$FT is corporate spin.  Everything presented there is better than reality.  It can only be used to confirm the existence of bad things.Mar 30 21:13
twitterIt reads like another voice of the Wintel press that tries to gain your confidence with a few petty admissions.Mar 30 21:14
twitterblech.Mar 30 21:14
schestowitzSomeone "Seen TomTom? Holy crap. I just wonder where they all these players are now."Mar 30 21:16
schestowitztwitter: it's a Microsoft employeeMar 30 21:17
schestowitzBut they leak secrets in the comments sometimes, so it can be good funMar 30 21:17
schestowitzThink of it as MicrosoftMar 30 21:17
schestowitzBut a dissenting uncensored voice... anonymous comments and posterMar 30 21:17
schestowitzmjasay: "Forget Digg or Slashdot.  The real traffic king? Google/Google News.  I'm shocked by how much more traffic it drives for my CNET blog"Mar 30 21:18
schestowitzGood for those whose Web site is associated with "Wintel" pressMar 30 21:18
schestowitzThey just 'buy' themselves a place in a platformMar 30 21:18
schestowitzIn this case owned by corporationsMar 30 21:18
schestowitzMicrosoft is compromising its existence as a 'standard'. Now, let's see if they can be pressured to support free FSs.Mar 30 21:20
schestowitzMinceR: your prophecy: "Is Google (NSDQ: GOOG) once again bending its “Don’t be evil” mantra to retain its access to a major Asian market? That’s the suggestion in a report in the Korean paper Hankyoreh, which says that Internet users in..." Mar 30 21:24
schestowitz"...South Korea will soon have to enter their resident registration number and name before posting videos or commenting on YouTube Korea, and Google will have to turn over that information to the government if it asks for it.""Mar 30 21:24
schestowitz"Free" speech... as long as they know who you are.. for vendettas and such.Mar 30 21:24
twitter"(03:26:46 PM) schestowitz: twitter: it's a Microsoft employee" So are Wintel "journalists" to one extent or another.Mar 30 21:25
balzacThe phrase "boundary issues" comes to mindMar 30 21:25
twitterWhy does Slashdot pay attention to trolls like Bruce Byfield?Mar 30 21:25
twitterand ignore the cool things people like RMS, Bruce Perens, etc say.Mar 30 21:26
schestowitzDamage control after Jim Whitehurst's tacless remarks: 30 21:27
schestowitztwitter: Datamation stuffMar 30 21:27
schestowitzThey seem to have good karma. Some of my articles for them made /.'s FP.Mar 30 21:28
twitterStrange.Mar 30 21:28
schestowitz"The decision to cut Encarta also comes as Microsoft looks to cut costs. The company has discontinued several products this year, including its Train Simulator game. The news was first reported by Ars Technica." 30 21:28
schestowitzBad idea: Does the Linux Desktop Need to Be Revolutionized Android-style? < > Yet another 'unified' idea-flingingMar 30 21:30
schestowitzNice new KDE4 wallpapers: 30 21:36
schestowitzLinus Torvalds Upset over Ext3 and Ext4  < >. Some people are focusing on the wrong aspect of this criticism.Mar 30 21:36
MinceRat least Linus has a clue, even if Ts'o doesn'tMar 30 21:42
twitter"Unified" desktop, just like M$ or Apple?  No thanks.  I like applications that work.Mar 30 21:44
Balrogunified??????Mar 30 21:44
twitterM$ is more seriously fragmented than any other desktop.Mar 30 21:45
Balrogheh, MS is the least unified of allMar 30 21:45
twitterThere have been a few disturbances in the clipboard recently, but I'm easily able to run every application I like on top of E16, a 10 year old Window Manager.Mar 30 21:45
MinceRafaik both clipboards work fine ;)Mar 30 21:46
twitterI've been having a little trouble cutting and pasting into various Iceweasel dialogs.Mar 30 21:47
twitterI like to use Klipper to manage my clipboard.Mar 30 21:47
MinceRso do iMar 30 21:47
schestowitzCTRL+ALT+V FTWMar 30 21:47
schestowitzAnd also the two-level cipboard stackMar 30 21:47
schestowitzGrab two bits of text at the same time..Mar 30 21:48
twitterThis kind of trouble is something I have not seen in eight years.  I use shift-insert, mostly.Mar 30 21:48
schestowitzNever fear Linux < >Mar 30 21:48
schestowitzMicrosoft may be trying to suck up to Kaltura: 30 21:51
schestowitzWho's on KDE4 here?Mar 30 21:52
*schestowitz on 3.5.10 ... not letting go until the distro expires, ever. Upgrade to KDE 4.2.1 < >Mar 30 21:52
BalrogI tried 4.2 , still crashes occasionally :/Mar 30 21:57
schestowitzI'd upgrade if I set up a new machine or wanted a different distro.Mar 30 21:59
schestowitzNo reason to rip apart a perfectly fine install.  21:59:39 up 26 days,  7:18,  2 users,  load average: 1.12, 1.16, 1.20Mar 30 22:00
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovellMar 30 22:00
oiaohmThe tomtom agreement shows something.  Fat patents are becoming worthless.Mar 30 22:01
oiaohmMore interesting question when do LFN patents expire.Mar 30 22:02
schestowitzRed Hat's stance on swpats is still debates and I'll write about it tomorrow.Mar 30 22:02
_Hicham_Fat patents should go to the gymMar 30 22:02
_Hicham_schestowitz : take the fat patents to the gym with uMar 30 22:02
schestowitzAnd get a heart attackMar 30 22:02
oiaohmIe is 2 years long enough to get passt the end of it.Mar 30 22:02
schestowitzThey can find other poisonMar 30 22:03
oiaohmLike here a software patent will only last 8 years.Mar 30 22:03
schestowitzMono is a good condidateMar 30 22:03
schestowitzMany distros have this junkMar 30 22:03
schestowitzRemoving is is near impossibleMar 30 22:03
schestowitzI wrote about how apps depend on it as a foundation... MANY appsMar 30 22:03
oiaohmReally removeing mono is not impossible.Mar 30 22:03
schestowitzYou then destroy many appsMar 30 22:03
schestowitzYou can substitute, BUTMar 30 22:03
oiaohmapps without clones ?Mar 30 22:04
schestowitzThey are still in the process of replacing everything with MonoMar 30 22:04
schestowitzThink of FAT as the FAT of devs, not hardware storageMar 30 22:04
schestowitz*think of MonoMar 30 22:04
oiaohmVala in gnome is a close enough relation to C# to port accross lot of .net application.Mar 30 22:05
oiaohmThat is what has kinda stuffed MS plans.Mar 30 22:05
oiaohmPush too hard there is a plan b they can move to.Mar 30 22:06
oiaohmMost harmed thing by Mono is apple.Mar 30 22:06
MinceR:( 30 22:09
oiaohm April 24, 2015 is when LFN patent expires.Mar 30 22:11
oiaohmBoy USA allows software patents for 20 years.Mar 30 22:12
oiaohmThat is so crappy its not funny.Mar 30 22:12
oiaohmReally that would be a interesting line to take mono from.  You get 5 years free then will be paying for the next 15.Mar 30 22:13
schestowitzYou mean, like NovellMar 30 22:14
schestowitzThey could have submarine patents from 2006Mar 30 22:14
schestowitzStill being filedMar 30 22:14
schestowitzNot since _day of invention_Mar 30 22:14
schestowitzDay of granted/application??Mar 30 22:14
oiaohmThat is another place USA law sux.Mar 30 22:15
oiaohmRay Duncan, "Using long filenames and extended attributes" parts 1 & 2, PC Magazine vol. 9 nos 8 & 9. pp. 317 & 305, Apr. 24 & May 15, 1990 << That would be prior art here.Mar 30 22:15
oiaohmMaking patent invalid because its incorrectly dated.Mar 30 22:15
oiaohmYou would only be able to have 20 years from data of first publish.Mar 30 22:16
oiaohmhere you only have a 12 month window really to submit a patent request.Mar 30 22:17
schestowitzOne billion souls to save < >Mar 30 22:17
schestowitzPeople try to blidnly defend TomTomMar 30 22:18
schestowitzI don't think they deserve it thoughMar 30 22:18
schestowitzBut Microsoft went to a troubled company on purposeMar 30 22:18
schestowitzAnd its shills pressured it to surrender alsoMar 30 22:18
schestowitzMicrosoft is like the mare that eats dead rats]Mar 30 22:18
schestowitzTwo dying/dead objects -- one bigger -- battling it outMar 30 22:19
oiaohmProblem here for TomTom is the two fat patents are under review.Mar 30 22:19
oiaohmYou would fell like a complete twit going to court over then and they get revoked half way through.Mar 30 22:20
oiaohmIts also not functionality TomTom needs.Mar 30 22:20
oiaohmMajor reason why TomTom had fat in the first place is compadiblity with windows.Mar 30 22:20
twitterYou assume M$ has a sense of shame left.Mar 30 22:20
schestowitzSkype May Be The Biggest Winner From The Web 2.0 Era < > *ping* Balrog -- iphone gets it too..Mar 30 22:21
oiaohmMaybe now TomTom will setup up and do a nokia.Mar 30 22:21
oiaohmIe use there own fileformat internally.Mar 30 22:21
schestowitztwitter: Microsoft's sense of shame is long goneMar 30 22:21
schestowitzEven when they fed SCOMar 30 22:21
schestowitzOr halloween DocumentMar 30 22:21
schestowitzOr "tilt Lotus into the death spiral"Mar 30 22:22
schestowitzActually, I don't think they ever had shameMar 30 22:22
schestowitzThey are inherently corrupt individuals running this companyMar 30 22:22
oiaohmOnly once.Mar 30 22:22
twitterevery "standard" that M$ wrecks, is one less thing to keep M$ as the center of everyone's computing world.Mar 30 22:22
oiaohmBill Gates and the windows blue screen of death.Mar 30 22:22
oiaohmI think that was the only time they had shame.Mar 30 22:22
twitternot even.Mar 30 22:22
schestowitz Mar 30 22:23
schestowitzMicrosoft’s Brad Silverberg: “Cut Those F*ckers Off”Mar 30 22:23
twitterI like how they drive companies away.Mar 30 22:23
schestowitz“Microsoft retaliated against industry participants that supported DR-DOS. For example, when Z-Nix Inc. bundled DR-DOS 6.0 and Microsoft Windows 3.1, proclaiming no incompatibilities, Microsoft’s Brad Silverberg wrote: “look what znix is doing! cut those fuckers off.” Mar 30 22:23
schestowitzAndroid-ready: Rhodes 1.0, ein Ruby-Framework für Mobilanwendungen  < >Mar 30 22:24
schestowitz"Google Inc on Monday launched free downloads of licensed songs in China, while sharing advertising revenue with major music labels in a market rife with online piracy." How will MAFIAA respond?Mar 30 22:25
schestowitzAnother victory for desktop GNU/Linux, this time in Denmark: 30 22:27
oiaohmReally we don't have the tools for a major Linux desktop attack yet.Mar 30 22:28
balzacRoy, that guy "Dan O'Brian" must be writing under a pseudonymMar 30 22:28
balzacwhat an ass-hatMar 30 22:28
oiaohmAny victory now is still just a tip of iceberg for what is coming.Mar 30 22:29
schestowitzoiaohm: it starts from the topMar 30 22:29
schestowitzDenmark sending ODF downwardsMar 30 22:29
schestowitzThen requiring that others have SSH ports, PGP, OOo, etc.Mar 30 22:29
oiaohmSimpler desktop management solutions will speed it up everywhere.Mar 30 22:29
schestowitzbalzac: I mostly ignore him nowMar 30 22:29
schestowitzHe's a time wasterMar 30 22:29
oiaohmIts one thing MS did get fairly right.Mar 30 22:30
schestowitzIn the past 17 hours BN did almost 5 GBMar 30 22:30
schestowitzI'm not sure why it rose recently. The changes to layout see to have improved thingsMar 30 22:30
oiaohmAdvertisers must be really crying.Mar 30 22:31
schestowitzI also installed a plguin for meta and <title> rewritesMar 30 22:31
oiaohmThat ammount of traffic and no ads.Mar 30 22:31
schestowitzSo we now get placed higher in search enginesMar 30 22:31
schestowitzoiaohm: there are ads, but they pay littleMar 30 22:31
schestowitzShane gets more than hosting costsMar 30 22:31
schestowitzBut not much moreMar 30 22:31
schestowitzAnd most people seem to have JS disabled, me includedMar 30 22:32
schestowitzNo ads for like 2/3 of the visitorsMar 30 22:32
MinceRyay, now /. undoes moderation even if posting as ACMar 30 22:32
MinceRfucking piece of shitMar 30 22:32
oiaohmI have noscript enabled schestowitzMar 30 22:32
schestowitzMinceR: Why would they do thisMar 30 22:32
oiaohmAnd there are a lot of us with that too.Mar 30 22:32
MinceRbecause they're idiotsMar 30 22:32
schestowitzoiaohm: it improves stability, speed, privacy, etcMar 30 22:33
schestowitzMinceR: Maybe turfersMar 30 22:33
MinceRit specifically said "undoing moderation"Mar 30 22:33
MinceRabove the message that says it will be a while before the comment shows upMar 30 22:33
MinceRwell fuck them, they can do their own moderation then.Mar 30 22:34
schestowitz54.3 % in BN use Firefox and 39.2 % GNU/Linux this monthMar 30 22:36
schestowitzI have a post coming in April 1stMar 30 22:36
schestowitzAttack on Mono and Novell using humourMar 30 22:37
schestowitzBrace Yourself: DDoS Attacks Ahead < >; 100% cure for Conficker < >Mar 30 22:39
oiaohmSome of that 39.2 percent would have been meMar 30 22:53
Balrog_schestowitz: you around? I want to PM you something to look overMar 30 22:53
*schestowitz looksMar 30 22:55
*oiaohm has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 30 22:56
schestowitz21 minds remainingMar 30 22:56
schestowitz*minsMar 30 22:56
Balrog_to download?Mar 30 22:57
schestowitzThanks. I'll watch it half an hour/dayMar 30 22:57
schestowitzYes, to downloadMar 30 22:57
Balrog_ok. I want a 'review' of this :)Mar 30 22:57
schestowitzOK, no problemMar 30 22:57
schestowitzI can't recall the name of that ogg sharing video site...Mar 30 22:59
schestowitzMaybe ogg seas or something, but I can't find itMar 30 22:59
schestowitzI think balzac wants to do some ogg streaming solutionMar 30 22:59
*tacone ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 30 23:00
Balrog_we can find a good server with a 1000 uplinkMar 30 23:00
schestowitzOpen Source will thrive in turbulent economy < >Mar 30 23:00
schestowitzHey, tacone Mar 30 23:00
schestowitzWhat's up?Mar 30 23:00
Balrog_this one isn't that fast.Mar 30 23:00
taconetomtom :(Mar 30 23:00
taconetomtom :€°€°€°Mar 30 23:01
schestowitzBalrog: not cross-Atlatic maybeMar 30 23:01
taconezomg, it even joined the OIN.Mar 30 23:01
schestowitz*lanticMar 30 23:01
schestowitzOIN= uselessMar 30 23:01
schestowitzNot surprisingMar 30 23:01
schestowitzPatent orgy for patent loversMar 30 23:01
taconebad precedentMar 30 23:02
schestowitzMicrosoft is like the m afia donMar 30 23:02
schestowitzLike in ItalyMar 30 23:02
schestowitzGoing to mom and pop storesMar 30 23:02
schestowitzJust the small onesMar 30 23:02
schestowitzThat are almost bankruptMar 30 23:02
schestowitzIf it enters the big factories, people might have machine gunsMar 30 23:02
MinceR 30 23:02
tessierWTF?Mar 30 23:02
tessierTomTom and MS settle?!Mar 30 23:02
schestowitzYesMar 30 23:02
MinceRyes :(Mar 30 23:02
schestowitzMinceR: what if the buyer loves it?Mar 30 23:03
MinceRthen he inserts objects there anywayMar 30 23:03
schestowitzThere's a pink Zune you know|?Mar 30 23:04
MinceRcan't be much uglier than the brown one :>Mar 30 23:04
taconeMinceR: that contrasts with the anti-theft ipod system.Mar 30 23:04
schestowitzThis chap takes his zune to the bathroom: 30 23:04
MinceR:)Mar 30 23:05
MinceRhe's scarred for lifeMar 30 23:05
schestowitzHaha!Mar 30 23:05
schestowitzI know what you mean. When he's forty his kids will ask, "what is Micro soft?"Mar 30 23:06
schestowitzWell, he could reply, "it's that patent racketeering company... like Sisvel"Mar 30 23:06
schestowitzMaybe BillG and Myhvtroll will announce a merger one day.. of 'products'... inventories... 'papers' (invention)Mar 30 23:08
tessierI'm tempted to ask "What does this settlement mean?" but I'm pretty sure the answer is that it means nothing aside from the fact that we won't get to watch TomTom fight the good fight.Mar 30 23:08
schestowitzSUN's CommunityLAST? 30 23:09
taconei suspect that is microsoft to actually pay tom tom.Mar 30 23:09
schestowitztessier: 30 23:10
schestowitztacone: no, both waysMar 30 23:10
schestowitzProbably Tomtom to pay moreMar 30 23:10
schestowitzThey do it with other vendor but MS winsMar 30 23:10
schestowitzBecause it makes Linux FUDMar 30 23:10
taconewouldn't a precedent on linux be useful for ms ?Mar 30 23:10
schestowitzThey don't care as long as #1 competitor seems scary to companies like MotorolaMar 30 23:10
schestowitztacone: only if they winMar 30 23:11
schestowitzOtherwise it's a massive fiascoMar 30 23:11
schestowitzThey could lose all (Bilski)Mar 30 23:11
taconeso.. no winner here ?Mar 30 23:11
schestowitzBut stupid IBM likes sw patsMar 30 23:11
schestowitzSo they won't happen with their helpMar 30 23:11
schestowitztacone: the winner is MSMar 30 23:11
schestowitz 30 23:12
taconeso it's a dangerous precedent or not ?Mar 30 23:12
schestowitz 30 23:12
schestowitz 30 23:12
taconethat's a gold mine for msMar 30 23:12
schestowitz"TomTom Surrenders, Pays Microsoft Licensing Fees For Linux" < >Mar 30 23:12
taconecontrol over the fat on all embedded devices.Mar 30 23:12
schestowitzRackeeting controlMar 30 23:13
schestowitz*cketeerMar 30 23:13
taconeyeah, ms tax.Mar 30 23:13
schestowitzBig dumb IBM probably will do nothingMar 30 23:13
taconeevery good citizen pays ms taxMar 30 23:13
schestowitzWell, for productsaMar 30 23:13
schestowitzNot for shortening names as an 'idea'Mar 30 23:13
schestowitzWith prior art predating MSMar 30 23:13
taconethat lowers appeal for free software.Mar 30 23:14
schestowitzLet's w8 and see what the SFLC sezMar 30 23:14
taconei am so put down i don't even have the goodwill to blog the thing.Mar 30 23:14
schestowitzit's no big dealMar 30 23:22
schestowitzMicrosoft is dyingMar 30 23:22
schestowitzit's evolving to be another SCOMar 30 23:22
schestowitzBut it won't save itMar 30 23:22
MinceRbut who will be the microsoft to this sco?Mar 30 23:23
schestowitzThat indicates degradation of their business Mar 30 23:23
schestowitzThey've always had this  up their sleeveMar 30 23:23
schestowitzBut they could steal sell vapourware and Windows.. for more than $5 :-D :-DMar 30 23:23
schestowitzBusiness is dying for MSMar 30 23:23
schestowitzFOSS, cloud...Mar 30 23:23
schestowitzSo it started filing patents massively in 2007Mar 30 23:23
taconeit's not about microsoft. it's about its children (IV)Mar 30 23:23
schestowitzNow it's trying to get the cartelMar 30 23:23
schestowitzgoingMar 30 23:23
schestowitzAnd......Mar 30 23:24
schestowitz 30 23:24
schestowitzIt's really just showing that they are doomed like UnisysMar 30 23:24
schestowitzAnd the staff exodus show you that MSFTers know this tooMar 30 23:24
schestowitz 30 23:25
schestowitz"If this litigious behavior from Microsoft continues, I don’t see why consumer electronics manufacturers which use embedded Linux couldn’t just go and standardize their own flash memory filesystem equivalent to PNG. After all, there are other perfectly good file system formats that could be used to store data on SD cards and other flash devices, such as UBIFS and LogFS, which are even more efficient and more resilient at storinMar 30 23:25
schestowitzg data. UBIFS and LogFS also have the advantage of being journaled, whereas FAT32 is not."Mar 30 23:25
schestowitzGo spread the word, tacone . I notice that Susan at TM read and links to yiouMar 30 23:25
taconewho ?Mar 30 23:26
taconeTM = ?Mar 30 23:26
schestowitzTusxmachinesMar 30 23:26
taconei try to track all my backlinks, but..Mar 30 23:26
taconeoh, yeahMar 30 23:26
schestowitzsrlinuxxxMar 30 23:26
taconeyes, they link me sometime.Mar 30 23:26
schestowitz*xx (not triple xx :-)Mar 30 23:26
taconeproblem is..Mar 30 23:26
schestowitzMicrosoft wants to demoraliseMar 30 23:27
taconespread word in linux environment is not worth the cause.Mar 30 23:27
schestowitzLike a dog barkingMar 30 23:27
schestowitzOr a man going bankrupt by throwing one big party before he gets arrestedMar 30 23:27
schestowitzDon't give them a victoryMar 30 23:27
schestowitzMicrosoft is in/going into debtMar 30 23:27
taconewhat's the filesystem used on SD cards ?Mar 30 23:27
schestowitzThey just bark at people while laying off people and seeing the whole management jumping shipMar 30 23:27
schestowitzI don't know about SD card patentsMar 30 23:28
taconethe only victory would be have major producers of embedded devices kill the fatMar 30 23:28
taconewhat tomtom plans to do to ?Mar 30 23:29
taconeSpecific financial terms of the settlement weren't disclosed, but the news release says TomTom "will remove from its products the functionality related to two file management system patents."Mar 30 23:30
MinceRso will they pay m$ or will they not?Mar 30 23:31
schestowitzBalrog: watching rms nowMar 30 23:31
schestowitz"The new public licence.. " :-)Mar 30 23:33
schestowitzIt annoyed RMSMar 30 23:33
tacone?Mar 30 23:33
schestowitztacone: new talk from RMSMar 30 23:33
taconeEU license ?Mar 30 23:33
schestowitzyuckMar 30 23:33
schestowitzEPLA?Mar 30 23:33
schestowitzHe drinks Pepsi, not CokeMar 30 23:33
schestowitzBecause of the company's crimes..Mar 30 23:33
taconethat can still be adjusted.Mar 30 23:33
*mib_z3k8vj (i=bd8c0ed4@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 30 23:35
*mib_z3k8vj has quit (Client Quit)Mar 30 23:35
schestowitzEuropean 'public' licence you mean?Mar 30 23:35
schestowitzThey took the freedom out of it, IIRCMar 30 23:35
taconeis it bad ? i didn't read it carefully enough to judge ?Mar 30 23:36
tacone(remove the last question mark)Mar 30 23:36
schestowitzIt's not too goodMar 30 23:36
schestowitzRObertG seems to be happy with itMar 30 23:36
schestowitzBut he's no fan of GPL... and his attitude ain't greatMar 30 23:36
schestowitzOSI didn't list the licence and he wasn't happyMar 30 23:37
*tacone got FUDedMar 30 23:43
schestowitzSo will USB makers change their FS?Mar 30 23:44
schestowitzThey mustMar 30 23:44
schestowitzOtherwise they serve as slaves of MicrosoftMar 30 23:44
schestowitzAsking you to buy Microsoft software just to use a lousy USB penMar 30 23:44
taconewhat's the news ?Mar 30 23:44
schestowitzAnd Windows should be forced by law to support more FSsMar 30 23:44
taconeoem vendors are already slaves of microsoft.Mar 30 23:44
schestowitzAfter doing a patent ambushMar 30 23:44
schestowitzThe EU can criminalise itMar 30 23:44
taconewhy should embedded producer being different ?Mar 30 23:45
taconeEU can be infiltrated.Mar 30 23:45
taconeISO has been infiltratedMar 30 23:45
taconeODF can be infiltrat.. ops.Mar 30 23:45
schestowitzBill Gates: “They’ll get sort of addicted [to FAT?], and then we’ll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade.Mar 30 23:45
schestowitzYesMar 30 23:45
schestowitzWell, open cloud snobbed themMar 30 23:45
schestowitzRightly soMar 30 23:45
schestowitzSo the criminal shouted out, "why not me too??"Mar 30 23:46
schestowitz"You're closed"Mar 30 23:46
schestowitzMicrosoft wants Ohhh-openMar 30 23:46
Balrog_schestowitz: any good?Mar 30 23:47
PeterFALooks like TomTom settled and admitted they infringed on Microsoft patents using the Linux kernel...Mar 30 23:47
PeterFAWelcome to phase two.Mar 30 23:47
Balrog_PeterFA: we don't know anything outside of MS's press releaseMar 30 23:47
balzacschestowitz: I was discussing Madoff and the SEC with a friend of mine recentlyMar 30 23:48
PeterFAbalzac, why not?Mar 30 23:48
PeterFAbalzac, is this blog based on Microsoft's press release?Mar 30 23:48
balzache suggested to me that FINRA was also culpable in enabling MadoffMar 30 23:48
balzacsoftware patents are so lameMar 30 23:49
balzacThe software patent public collectives were a costly compromiseMar 30 23:49
balzacthe M$/Novell exclusive patent covenant stinksMar 30 23:50
balzacRedhat's collective indemnification approach was less terrible, but why should any software patents at all be considered acceptable?Mar 30 23:51
balzacit's all just idiocyMar 30 23:51
balzacthe answer is probably just good old-fashioned civil-disobedienceMar 30 23:51
balzacignore software patents, or deliberately infringe on the claimants most cherished patentsMar 30 23:52
schestowitzBalrog: yes, I paused it. Will watch it over the next couple of days. RMS was too crabby.Mar 30 23:52
balzacsomeone forgot to change his diaperMar 30 23:53
balzacjkMar 30 23:53
Balrog_hehMar 30 23:53
Balrog_he loosened up by the end, I thinkMar 30 23:53
Balrog_at least afterward :PMar 30 23:54
balzacthat was a pretty terrible little jokeMar 30 23:54
balzactomtom should not be usedMar 30 23:56
balzacthey made the wrong choice by settling with M$Mar 30 23:57
Balrog_balzac: until we find more about this deal, we don't know what's goingMar 30 23:57
Balrog_onMar 30 23:57
Balrog_Remember, this is an MS press releaseMar 30 23:57
balzacwell, the fact that tom tom and MS are having secret correspondence we have yet to find out about tells you all you need to knowMar 30 23:57
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Mar 30 23:57
Balrog_balzac: you think that's not how patent law works?Mar 30 23:58
balzacBalrog_: what does patent law have to do with software?Mar 30 23:58
balzacnothing, right?Mar 30 23:58
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellMar 30 23:58
Balrog_the argument (ms vs. tom-tom) is over patentsMar 30 23:58
Balrog_hmm, I haven't seen ScuttleMonkey on slashdot before...Mar 30 23:59
balzacI'd say everyone who is going on about software patents are like people speculating on minor-league baseball trading cardsMar 30 23:59
balzacthey're worth s___Mar 30 23:59

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statCounter: GNU/Linux Exceeded 6% in Asia Last Month (Compared to 4% Just 12 Months Earlier)
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What the End of Journalism Looks Like
All on the same day
Links 01/03/2024: Microsoft 'Retiring' More Services and Raspberry Pi Celebrates 3rd Birthday (Launched on February 29th, 2012)
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Women's Empowerment
Sponsored by Bill Gates
Gemini Links 01/03/2024: Speed Bumps and Analog Stuff
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[Meme] Those Greedy EPO Examiners
Says the litigation industry, charging 300 euros an hour per attorney
EPO Discriminates Against Families of Its Own Workers, the Union Explains Legal Basis Upon Which It's Likely Illegal and Must be Challenged
To the Council, the EPO boasts about its wealth (seeking to impress by how much breaking the law "pays off")
Over at Tux Machines...
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IRC Proceedings: Thursday, February 29, 2024
IRC logs for Thursday, February 29, 2024
Links 01/03/2024: Misuse of Surveillance Against UK-Based Journalism, EPO Conflict Now in the Media
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Taking a Break From Paid Promotion of the Illegal, Unconstitutional Kangaroo Court for Patents (UPC)
JUVE returns to its 'roots'?