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schestowitzHe's OKApr 30 00:01
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schestowitzAnyway, enough videos for tonight :-) 30 00:07
schestowitzI'll post BN linklsApr 30 00:07
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schestowitzGeez. She's annoyingApr 30 00:12
schestowitzI can't listen to her anymore.Apr 30 00:13
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_Hicham_Hi All!Apr 30 00:20
BalrogHi _Hicham_Apr 30 00:21
_Hicham_how r u doing Balrog?Apr 30 00:22
schestowitzSee you in the morning. gn.Apr 30 00:22
Balrogdoing ok ...Apr 30 00:23
_Hicham_any word processing horrors again?Apr 30 00:25
DaemonFClmaoApr 30 00:27
DaemonFCPat Buchanen called Sarah Palin "The Queen of NASCAR"Apr 30 00:27
DaemonFCheh'Apr 30 00:27
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Goblingood evening allApr 30 00:33
_Hicham_DaemonFC : any new reviews ?Apr 30 00:38
DaemonFCnopeApr 30 00:38
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DaemonFC 30 00:46
DaemonFC"So you’re defending the decision of a corrupt public official applying laws that he effectively invented on the spot because it wasn’t really against the law, and you’re defending a show trial that they had precisely ZERO chance of ever winning.Apr 30 00:46
DaemonFCI suppose you also support the guilty til innocent show trials in the Peoples Republic of China?"Apr 30 00:46
DaemonFCB-)Apr 30 00:46
DaemonFC 30 00:51
DaemonFCNo, that’s why [copyright] originally existed, now I could effectively just engage in patent and copyright trolling and once I have an idea, it’s effectively locked away in my vault forever, and I can even buy politicians to make sure nobody can use it in long respected fair use manners, such as parody or to quote things I said to rebut me.Apr 30 00:51
DaemonFCOh by the way, I suppose I just violated your copyright. Sue me.Apr 30 00:51
DaemonFChehApr 30 00:51
DaemonFCthat Adam Williamson is an idiotApr 30 00:52
BalroghehApr 30 00:58
_Hicham_fuck software patentsApr 30 00:58
tessier_Only if they are warm and pinkApr 30 01:07
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DaemonFCthis is interestingApr 30 01:44
DaemonFCsince Vista has a 32-bit and 64-bit media player and my logitech software uses the 32-bit codecs which get messed up by the K Lite Codec PackApr 30 01:44
DaemonFCI can use the 64-bit codecs and avoid that problemApr 30 01:44
DaemonFCtheir software apparently doesn't like ffdshowApr 30 01:45
BalrogDaemonFC: Win7 uses 'MediaKit'Apr 30 01:45
Balrogit seems that those codecs are signedApr 30 01:45
DaemonFCMicrosoft has apparently stated that they will not block any 3rd party codecs with Win7Apr 30 01:46
DaemonFCI guess we'll find outApr 30 01:46
Balrogyes, I hope soApr 30 01:46
Balrogthey may not block directshow codecs, but that doesn't mean they won't block mediakit codecsApr 30 01:46
DaemonFCthe MediaKit codecs are probably why WMP 12 can play DivX and suchApr 30 01:47
DaemonFCbut if that's the case, will Vista get "Media Kit" when they backport WMP 12?Apr 30 01:48
DaemonFCI didn't play with WMP 12 much mostly because it's not much good to me if it can't play FLAC/VorbisApr 30 01:48
BalrogI see.Apr 30 01:53
DaemonFCI don't know why Microsoft won't let FLAC/Vorbis codecs workApr 30 02:03
DaemonFCit's not difficult to install another media player that does support themApr 30 02:03
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DaemonFCZogby sent me another push poll from the RepublicansApr 30 02:28
DaemonFCthis time educating me about the fact that we need to start a war with IranApr 30 02:29
DaemonFCerrr, asking if I agree with them (after 3 paragraphs of weasel wording)Apr 30 02:29
DaemonFCschestowitz: I think I know what they're gonna do with Windows 7 regarding Home BasicApr 30 02:32
DaemonFCit just occurred to meApr 30 02:33
DaemonFCMicrosoft can partner with cheap low end PC makers like eMachines to have Windows 7 Home Basic pre-installedApr 30 02:33
DaemonFCwith a link that lets you do an "anytime upgrade" to Home PremiumApr 30 02:33
DaemonFCthat way they can sell Home Basic real cheap by the millions and it's too cramped for anyone to want to deal withApr 30 02:34
DaemonFCthat way they get the price of the PC down and make even more off you laterApr 30 02:34
DaemonFC 30 02:52
DaemonFCschestowitz: Stop me if I'm wrong, but anyone can donate $50 flat out to the World AIDS Fund, right?Apr 30 02:52
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DaemonFCschestowitz: 30 02:57
DaemonFCThat's more like itApr 30 02:57
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twitterGL has a nice time line of ancient Unix.  It shows people using the term Open way back in 1984.Apr 30 04:34
twitter 30 04:34
DaemonFC“There is a new guy in the Windows 7 vs Apple commercials. The Vista guy committed suicide.”Apr 30 04:35
DaemonFCMyth. He tried to hang but then went on to just not shutting down.Apr 30 04:35
DaemonFCB-)Apr 30 04:35
DaemonFCI replied to a bunch of joke Windows 7 factsApr 30 04:35
DaemonFC:PApr 30 04:35
twitterthere is no Windows 7, so how can there be anything but "joke" facts?Apr 30 04:36
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DaemonFC 30 05:27
DaemonFC:)Apr 30 05:27
DaemonFCVista is more secure than Linux or OS XApr 30 05:28
DaemonFCor anything elseApr 30 05:28
DaemonFCcause Microsoft said soApr 30 05:28
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twittermostes securest, evarApr 30 05:33
twittergotta love a batman avatarApr 30 05:34
twitterNice blame the user argument he makes.  What a moron.Apr 30 05:36
DaemonFCno, he says the user is responsible for protecting the OSApr 30 05:37
DaemonFCand that's pretty much the size of itApr 30 05:37
twitter" Isn’t it the user that actually protects the OS from infection by safe computing practices"  pure bullshitApr 30 05:37
DaemonFCVista alone is not going to be much safer than XPApr 30 05:37
DaemonFCit is actuallyApr 30 05:37
DaemonFCa stupid user can cause more damage than a virusApr 30 05:38
DaemonFCrm -rf / brings up an easter eggApr 30 05:38
DaemonFC:DApr 30 05:38
DaemonFCthat kind of Ubuntu n00b crapApr 30 05:38
twitterif users are somehow responsible for system security, explain why OSX, which caters to novice users, is not a hell hole like Windows.Apr 30 05:38
DaemonFC1. Less usersApr 30 05:38
DaemonFC2. It's getting thereApr 30 05:38
twitterwhen blame the user fails, call the popularity contest eh?Apr 30 05:39
DaemonFCthe amount of malware spiked when it started attracting more usersApr 30 05:39
DaemonFCone exploit involved a specially crafted torrent fileApr 30 05:39
DaemonFCthat exploited a buffer overflowApr 30 05:39
DaemonFCsounds like a problem to meApr 30 05:39
twitterthere may be "less users" but there are still millions of users, a juicy target for anyone interested.Apr 30 05:39
DaemonFCyeah, and there are viruses on the MacApr 30 05:40
DaemonFCand there is anti virus software for the MacApr 30 05:40
twitterpeople have been saying for years that Mac is the next target and that it will be just as bad as Windows "real soon" but it never happens.Apr 30 05:40
DaemonFCwhich detects Mac virusesApr 30 05:40
DaemonFCit already hasApr 30 05:40
twitterwhat has already happened?Apr 30 05:40
DaemonFCApple is a lying liarApr 30 05:40
DaemonFCwhen they irresponsibly say there are no virusesApr 30 05:40
DaemonFCand not to take precautionsApr 30 05:40
DaemonFCbecause there are virusesApr 30 05:41
DaemonFCand Mac users run them cause Apple said they are immuneApr 30 05:41
twitterthe precautions have been taken by Apple, it's not something the user can do much aboutApr 30 05:41
DaemonFCno, Apple lied and said the Mac doesn't have themApr 30 05:41
DaemonFCso the users run the viruses cause they don't think that OS X can be infectedApr 30 05:41
twitterI know Mac users.  They never have problemsApr 30 05:41
DaemonFCwell, a few people is not a representative sampleApr 30 05:42
DaemonFCI've never had a virus on WindowsApr 30 05:42
twitterThe only OS that ever regularly has problems is Windows.Apr 30 05:42
DaemonFCthere must not be anyApr 30 05:42
DaemonFCno, there are no Windows virusesApr 30 05:42
DaemonFCyou're just saying thatApr 30 05:42
DaemonFCI've never had oneApr 30 05:42
DaemonFCso there can't be anyApr 30 05:42
DaemonFClolApr 30 05:42
DaemonFCsee what a silly argument that is?Apr 30 05:42
twitterUsers don't know when they are part of a bot until things get ugly between a few bot owners.Apr 30 05:43
DaemonFCSee how stupid your argument is?Apr 30 05:43
DaemonFCI've never seen one, so they don't existApr 30 05:43
DaemonFCI've never personally seen a KangarooApr 30 05:43
DaemonFCI think they just made those upApr 30 05:43
twitterNo, because I've worked retail and seen plenty of Windoze problems from hundreds of customers.Apr 30 05:43
DaemonFCyeah, and what does the place sellApr 30 05:43
DaemonFCWindows machines?Apr 30 05:43
twitterMostly service.Apr 30 05:44
twitterpartsApr 30 05:44
DaemonFCto Windows PCsApr 30 05:44
twitterYep.Apr 30 05:44
DaemonFCWell, I'm sure a Chevrolet dealer sees a lot of Chevrolet problemsApr 30 05:44
DaemonFCmust mean Fords never break downApr 30 05:44
twitterThere are businesses that run on Mac and GNU/Linux.  They don't have the regular problems Windows owners have.Apr 30 05:44
DaemonFCthe Windows virus problem is considerably overblown by criticsApr 30 05:45
DaemonFCit is usually a stupid users trying to get porn and keygens on LimewireApr 30 05:45
DaemonFCnot something that "Just happens"Apr 30 05:45
twitterWhy don't you just point to some nice little articles, outside of the Wintel press, about Apple disasters.Apr 30 05:45
twitter?Apr 30 05:45
DaemonFCmacfixitforumsApr 30 05:45
DaemonFC 30 05:46
DaemonFC-Login window stuck!Apr 30 05:46
DaemonFC-lower caSe "S" key not working!!Apr 30 05:46
DaemonFC-Menu bar keeps flashingApr 30 05:46
DaemonFC-I can't drag and drop!Apr 30 05:46
twitterIt will have to be pretty good to overcome all of the happy Mac owners I know.Apr 30 05:46
DaemonFCWaaaah, boo hoo! I can't drag and drop! Dumbass. Looks like your Macs aren't perfect after all, which leads me to my second point:Apr 30 05:47
DaemonFChttp://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.n...Apr 30 05:47
DaemonFCheheheApr 30 05:47
twitterCNET, bullshit site.Apr 30 05:47
DaemonFCyeah, rightApr 30 05:47
DaemonFCstill real peopleApr 30 05:47
DaemonFCreal MacsApr 30 05:47
DaemonFCreal problemsApr 30 05:47
DaemonFCthousands of themApr 30 05:47
DaemonFCon jsut this one siteApr 30 05:47
twitterlike all the "real people" on Slashdot, thousands of them.Apr 30 05:47
twitterlolApr 30 05:48
DaemonFCso of course the Mac hardware and software has problemsApr 30 05:48
DaemonFCthe troublefree sales propaganda is bullshitApr 30 05:48
twitterespecially since they moved to Intel.Apr 30 05:48
DaemonFCno, I've had issues on PowerPC MacsApr 30 05:48
twitterstill, my 7 year old intel is basically trouble free thanks to free sotwareApr 30 05:48
DaemonFCif anything, the Mac was even more horrible before OS XApr 30 05:48
DaemonFCI actually would prefer Windows 98 to OS 9Apr 30 05:49
twitterOSX started on Power PC, it was a better platform.Apr 30 05:49
DaemonFCthat's really how bad it wasApr 30 05:49
DaemonFCPowerPC was good for frying eggs on I supposeApr 30 05:49
DaemonFCand for eating electricityApr 30 05:49
twitterI don't really care.  You have not convinced me that Apple is as bad as M$ when it comes to security.Apr 30 05:49
twitterI know it's not.Apr 30 05:50
DaemonFCsmaller target and I never said the OS X wasn't reasonably secureApr 30 05:50
DaemonFCbut that's not the problemApr 30 05:50
DaemonFCthe problem is social engineeringApr 30 05:50
twitterI'm not talking about that.  I'm talking about network p0nership.Apr 30 05:50
DaemonFCif you can trick me into running something as an administrator, I have just killed the systemApr 30 05:51
twitteryou claimed that security was user responsiblity, I said that's a M$ excuseApr 30 05:51
DaemonFCsocial engineering is much easier and much more guaranteed than finding and successfully exploiting a holeApr 30 05:51
twitterWindows has autoroots every day.Apr 30 05:51
DaemonFCand there's no patch for an idiot userApr 30 05:51
twitterreasonable software protects usersApr 30 05:52
DaemonFCthere's no such thing as an auto-rootkitApr 30 05:52
DaemonFCit requires a botched configuration and for you to be months behind on your security patchesApr 30 05:52
twitterthere's no such thing as a W32 virus that auto propagates?Apr 30 05:52
DaemonFCnot if you have a sane setup and are current on updatesApr 30 05:53
twitterblaming the user?Apr 30 05:53
DaemonFCusually, yesApr 30 05:53
twitterhow can you say that when M$ leaves problems unrepaired for years and the stream of new holes is unending?Apr 30 05:53
DaemonFCand a rootkit is only undetectable after it compromises the systemApr 30 05:53
DaemonFCso you also turned off your antivirusApr 30 05:53
twitterwhat rootkit does not do all of that?Apr 30 05:54
twittersheesh.Apr 30 05:54
DaemonFCso it just made it through three layers of user fuckupsApr 30 05:54
DaemonFCto pwn that systemApr 30 05:54
twitterI give up Daemon.Apr 30 05:55
twitteryou assert without proof and deny the obvious.Apr 30 05:55
DaemonFCwithout proof?Apr 30 05:55
DaemonFCwhy are there security patches for Linux?Apr 30 05:55
twitteryou never proved to me Apple had security problems.Apr 30 05:55
DaemonFChas no Linux server EVER been compromised?Apr 30 05:56
twitteryou just pointed to some CNet troll boardApr 30 05:56
DaemonFCwhy are there security patches for OS X?Apr 30 05:56
DaemonFCif it's perfectApr 30 05:56
DaemonFCno, you ignroed the proofApr 30 05:56
DaemonFCand that's your faultApr 30 05:56
twitterA system does not have to be perfect to be better.Apr 30 05:56
DaemonFCso when OS X is insecure it's OKApr 30 05:56
DaemonFCbut when Windows is, then it's the end of the worldApr 30 05:56
twitterA windows system can be rooted no matter how well it's kept, because the system is deeply flawed.Apr 30 05:56
DaemonFCprove itApr 30 05:57
DaemonFChere you go, infect my system with somethingApr 30 05:57
*DaemonFC waitsApr 30 05:57
twitterI don't want your system Daemon.Apr 30 05:57
twitterthat's not what I doApr 30 05:57
*DaemonFC looks at his watch and yawnsApr 30 05:57
DaemonFCNo, I'm just not a huge fan of Apple, periodApr 30 05:58
twitterWhat checks do you have to know you are not already part of a botnet?Apr 30 05:58
DaemonFCbecause I haven't ran anything that has installed oneApr 30 05:58
DaemonFCthat's the only way it could happenApr 30 05:58
twitterThe only way to really know is to monitor your traffic with another box, preferably another box running something besides Windows.Apr 30 05:59
DaemonFCthat's just ridiculousApr 30 06:00
DaemonFCI don't have any other way it could get in or runApr 30 06:00
twitterThe people at Honeynet do that kind of thing.  They see all sorts of autoroots.  Windows has an average time to ownership of about 4 minutes on any given public network.Apr 30 06:00
DaemonFCthat's XP RTM they did that withApr 30 06:00
DaemonFCwith no firewallApr 30 06:00
DaemonFCor antivirusApr 30 06:00
twitterWindows listens in various insecure ways.Apr 30 06:00
DaemonFCI believe that XP RTM would be taken down that easilyApr 30 06:01
twittera "firewall"?  What's that, another system running something besides Windows?Apr 30 06:01
DaemonFCnot necessarilyApr 30 06:01
twitterHoneynet uses default installs.  Newer versions of XP and Vista are no better than older onesApr 30 06:01
twitterit's all the same old code.Apr 30 06:02
DaemonFCWhy has that all died down with Vista?Apr 30 06:02
DaemonFCor on XP SP2?Apr 30 06:03
twitterthere has been no die down, things are worse than everApr 30 06:03
DaemonFCI mean it went from dead simple to remote attackApr 30 06:03
DaemonFCto nowApr 30 06:03
DaemonFCwhere it's users trying to get porn and keygens on LimewireApr 30 06:03
twitterwhat makes you think anything has changed?Apr 30 06:03
DaemonFCI just don't think it's all that easy to remotely exploit Windows in a reasonable configurationApr 30 06:04
twitterwhy should users be afraid of the network, unless their OS is a subject to auto root?Apr 30 06:04
DaemonFCpeople trying to get porn and keygens are doing most of thisApr 30 06:05
twitterthere is not "reasonable" windows configuration, besides unplugged or deleted.Apr 30 06:05
DaemonFCto themselvesApr 30 06:05
twitterI browse porn, no problems, thanks.Apr 30 06:05
DaemonFCthat Virtumonde virus wasn't even really exploiting WindowsApr 30 06:05
DaemonFCit was exploiting one of the many holes in JAVAApr 30 06:05
twitterM$ java is not java.  Here, go read up 30 06:06
DaemonFCI don't even have JAVAApr 30 06:06
DaemonFCno, Sun JAVAApr 30 06:06
twitterwhy not, it's GPL now.Apr 30 06:06
DaemonFCSun JAVA is just a pile of security bugs waiting for a problem to happenApr 30 06:06
DaemonFCnot even worth havingApr 30 06:06
DaemonFCJAVA and ActiveX controls are both pretty much just as badApr 30 06:07
DaemonFCI'm not a huge fan of either oneApr 30 06:08
DaemonFCJAVA was never wildly popular, but things you did actually need it for are dying offApr 30 06:09
DaemonFCFlash and AJAX have replaced the JAVA applet on just about every websiteApr 30 06:10
DaemonFCof course Sun GPL'd Java, it's worthlessApr 30 06:10
twitterhere's an early write up about how Vista is just as easy to own, perhaps easier, than any previous version 30 06:11
twitterHere's an article about what a mess Vista's IP6 networking is 30 06:12
DaemonFCSun's fate was the same as SGIApr 30 06:12
DaemonFCbut I'm more sad to see SGI goApr 30 06:12
DaemonFCthey had better stuffApr 30 06:13
DaemonFCI turn IPv6 off on any OS I useApr 30 06:13
DaemonFCit's caused more problems in Ubuntu for me than in VistaApr 30 06:13
DaemonFCand they build it into the kernel to take your choice to blacklist it away nowApr 30 06:13
DaemonFCeven though it still causes problemsApr 30 06:14
twitterhere's a relatively recent article about how Windows can get rooted in under 5 minutes, faster than you can download the "patches" like a good little serf, 30 06:14
DaemonFCthey did manage to fix ONE bonhead stupid bug I pointed outApr 30 06:14
DaemonFCat leastApr 30 06:14
DaemonFCfor JauntyApr 30 06:14
DaemonFC*boneheadApr 30 06:15
DaemonFCwhat version of Windows?Apr 30 06:15
twitterthe bugs never end.  Windows is not like free software where things get fixed.Apr 30 06:15
DaemonFCHave they heard about service pack slipstreaming?Apr 30 06:15
twitterread it for yourself, it was from 2008Apr 30 06:16
DaemonFCWindows releases are longer lived than Linux releasesApr 30 06:16
twitterVista is just as bad, even worse.Apr 30 06:17
DaemonFCI slipstreamed Vista SP1Apr 30 06:17
DaemonFCI'll make a new image with SP2 when that's outApr 30 06:17
twitterIf Vista has holes, your slipstream does too.Apr 30 06:17
DaemonFCmost "botnets" are crude and infantileApr 30 06:18
DaemonFCusually just some scripted Mirc clientApr 30 06:18
twitterM$ just does not have the resources or inclination to fix things.  They just claim they fix things and say everyone else sucks and that users are "idiots" and so on and so forth.Apr 30 06:18
DaemonFCthat's hiding out from the userApr 30 06:18
twitterif botnets are so crude, M$ is even cruderApr 30 06:19
twitterit's bad policy to say the enemy that's killing you is incompetent.Apr 30 06:19
DaemonFCno, the user installs themApr 30 06:20
DaemonFCwithout realizing itApr 30 06:20
twitterback to blame the user?Apr 30 06:20
DaemonFCseriously, a lot of these "viruses" are too simple to spread without the user doing the legworkApr 30 06:20
twitterIt's like you did not read at allApr 30 06:20
twitterthere's nothing a user can do.Apr 30 06:21
DaemonFCthey can't do anything til the user deploys themApr 30 06:21
twittertwitter really gives up, good nightApr 30 06:21
*DaemonFC wonders if twitter is aware that Vista lasted longer in PWN to OWNApr 30 06:24
DaemonFCthe Macbook got cracked in under 2 minutesApr 30 06:24
DaemonFCVista lasted nearly 3 daysApr 30 06:24
DaemonFCI found that pretty amusingApr 30 06:26
DaemonFCall this talk of security and Apple is the first to go downApr 30 06:26
DaemonFCand it wasn't even really a flaw in Vista that was exploitedApr 30 06:27
DaemonFCsomeone had installed Adobe FlashApr 30 06:27
DaemonFCthe vulnerability in the Mac was in the Safari browser itselfApr 30 06:27
*DaemonFC has quit ("Leaving")Apr 30 06:44
*DaemonFC ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 30 06:48
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schestowitzKucinich raises questions about attack in Syria < >Apr 30 06:58
DaemonFCthat was last yearApr 30 06:58
DaemonFCand Bush ordered itApr 30 06:58
schestowitzHmmmmmm.... Funny how in the US those who want to really change things get marginalised or can't get to pay for a campiagn. It's the business community that comes together and decideds who will be advertised for "president" post.Apr 30 06:58
schestowitzDaemonFC: yes, watch the anchor pretending Dennis is a nut for suggesting it could be time strategically.Apr 30 06:59
DaemonFCschestowitz: The Communist News Network or the Fixed Noise ChannelApr 30 07:01
DaemonFCwhich do you prefer? :PApr 30 07:01
schestowitzNone, but not much else existApr 30 07:02
schestowitzSome try to make indpendent onesApr 30 07:03
DaemonFCmehApr 30 07:03
DaemonFCit's always "Get the facts first, we can distort them later" reportingApr 30 07:03
schestowitzBut unless you are funded y (to sell out to)  some company like GE, you're f*edApr 30 07:03
schestowitzNews is SOLDApr 30 07:03
schestowitzNot deliv eredApr 30 07:03
schestowitzNews to them is a business.Apr 30 07:03
schestowitzLike so-called anal-ystsApr 30 07:03
DaemonFCof course it isApr 30 07:03
DaemonFCI called into CNN right after Obama won and they were asking for opinionsApr 30 07:04
DaemonFCI said I thought the Republicans would dig in and vote no on everything just to try to thwart ObamaApr 30 07:04
DaemonFCand the reporter kind of chuckled at meApr 30 07:05
DaemonFCand now we know that's what happenedApr 30 07:05
DaemonFC:PApr 30 07:05
schestowitzHold onApr 30 07:05
schestowitzSpeaking of which...Apr 30 07:05
DaemonFCjust about every bill is passing just because there's more DemocratsApr 30 07:05
DaemonFCbut it's all pretty much party line votesApr 30 07:06
schestowitzHere he claimed the repugnicants smeared him: 30 07:07
schestowitzIIRC he said they paid Democrats to smear him tooApr 30 07:07
DaemonFCthe Republicans are panicked and this is a knee jerk reaction that isn't making anyone like them moreApr 30 07:07
DaemonFCthey're becoming a smaller and more radical right wing partyApr 30 07:07
DaemonFCwith long term supporters abandoning themApr 30 07:08
DaemonFCI figure in 2010, it'll be another blood bath for themApr 30 07:08
DaemonFCI figure they'll lose another 10-20 seats in the House, and probably at least 4-6 more in the SenateApr 30 07:09
DaemonFCthe very best they can hope for I think is a break even with where they are nowApr 30 07:09
schestowitzWell, peoople will become more radical tooApr 30 07:11
schestowitzSo they might have a bunch of raving people calling for wars, who knows?Apr 30 07:11
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schestowitzbrbApr 30 07:19
DaemonFC 30 07:48
schestowitzMicrosoft's plan for control of Linux? 30 08:07
DaemonFCschestowitz: Microsoft paid to get IE on the front page of browser listingsApr 30 08:08
DaemonFCon Download.comApr 30 08:08
schestowitzVista7Apr 30 08:08
schestowitzLike VIsta, new wallpaper :-)Apr 30 08:08
DaemonFCand Firefox is still getting 3 downloads to every 1 for IEApr 30 08:08
DaemonFClolApr 30 08:08
DaemonFCand got on the first page by popularityApr 30 08:08
schestowitzDaemonFC: yes, CNET is a MS-oriented siteApr 30 08:09
schestowitzI hate CNETApr 30 08:09
schestowitzI used to read it painfullyApr 30 08:09
DaemonFCI just think that's so funnyApr 30 08:09
DaemonFCMicrosoft can't even BUY Firefox's popularityApr 30 08:09
DaemonFCnah, they have Mac stuff tooApr 30 08:10
DaemonFCthey used to have Linux stuff but killed it off for lack of interestApr 30 08:10
DaemonFCwell, probably more like like of advertising revenueApr 30 08:11
DaemonFC 30 08:11
DaemonFCFormer Microsoft Insider Speaks OutApr 30 08:11
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 30 08:18
*kentma has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Apr 30 08:19
DaemonFCschestowitz: I got a Windows Fundamentals discApr 30 08:22
DaemonFC:PApr 30 08:22
DaemonFC"Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs"Apr 30 08:22
DaemonFCan extremely stripped down XP meant to upgrade older NT4/98 systems that couldn't handle XP very wellApr 30 08:23
DaemonFC 30 08:23
DaemonFCquite interesting systemApr 30 08:23
DaemonFC(fast too!)Apr 30 08:23
schestowitzThe Inquirer seems unreliable to me (well, more than before): 30 08:31
schestowitzDaemonFC: yes, CNET is bought by Apple tooApr 30 08:32
schestowitzThat's what others sayApr 30 08:32
schestowitzSame about DiggApr 30 08:32
schestowitzBut CNET is actually paid for itslayouApr 30 08:32
schestowitz*layoutApr 30 08:32
schestowitzAnd Apple pays too Apr 30 08:32
DaemonFCThe Register is amusingApr 30 08:32
DaemonFCit's usually what I readApr 30 08:32
schestowitzI don't get the reference.. 30 08:34
schestowitzIs this a name of a song or something?Apr 30 08:34
*magentar (n=magentar@ has joined #boycottnovellApr 30 08:35
ushimitsudokiYesApr 30 08:39
ushimitsudokiLyrics from "The End" a Doors songApr 30 08:39
DaemonFCSebastien BacherApr 30 08:41
DaemonFCthere's your problemApr 30 08:42
DaemonFCUbuntu has been kind of a disease like this for a whileApr 30 08:43
DaemonFCthere's a few people that run things and a bunch of people that back them up and a bunch of fanboys that back them upApr 30 08:43
DaemonFCso no matter how wrong those guys on the top of this pyramid are, they're always rightApr 30 08:44
DaemonFCand that's how some of these harebrained blueprints come to fruitionApr 30 08:44
DaemonFCmost distributions are like that to some extentApr 30 08:45
DaemonFCbut Ubuntu and OpenSuse have got to be the most unapproachableApr 30 08:45
DaemonFCI mean I've put stuff in Fedora's Bugzilla and it was fixed or at least confirmed within daysApr 30 08:45
DaemonFCI put stuff in Ubuntu and some asshole comes in and closes it or starts an argument with meApr 30 08:46
DaemonFCBacher is one of those types that would rather argue and force his point of view than listen or even pretend to have listenedApr 30 08:47
DaemonFCUbuntu's development is done in an echo chamber, not with any kind of input from the people that use it day in and outApr 30 08:49
DaemonFCI'm currently dual booting Vista and Fedora 11 BetaApr 30 08:50
DaemonFCI'm not quite sure I really want to go back to Ubuntu after the latest set of spats I've had with Bacher and the restApr 30 08:50
DaemonFC 30 08:53
DaemonFCcoolApr 30 08:54
DaemonFChehApr 30 08:54
DaemonFCI'd like to see them throw Opera in there and see how long it lastsApr 30 08:54
DaemonFCsomething tells me it would last longer than thoseApr 30 08:54
schestowitzYes, for sureApr 30 08:54
schestowitzOpera gets an easy ride from many Linux usersApr 30 08:54
schestowitzEsp. the new onesApr 30 08:54
DaemonFCschestowitz: Safari on Mac was pwned in less than two minutesApr 30 08:55
DaemonFChehApr 30 08:55
DaemonFCthe Mac was the first to lose for the SECOND year in a rowApr 30 08:56
DaemonFCtwitter's claims about the Mac being secure are just sillyApr 30 08:58
DaemonFCany system that big and that complicated will have flawsApr 30 08:58
DaemonFClots of themApr 30 08:58
DaemonFCno operating system under active development will ever have close to all of its flaws found and patchedApr 30 08:59
DaemonFCthat's why it's better to stay current, cause it's all you really can doApr 30 08:59
schestowitzMac are less secure than LinuxApr 30 09:03
schestowitzNot to mention their appsApr 30 09:03
schestowitzExperts are saying soApr 30 09:04
DaemonFCschestowitz: Apple is just setting its users who believe that OS X is immune up to be knocked downApr 30 09:04
DaemonFCby saying it's immune, they are encouraging carelessnessApr 30 09:05
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Apr 30 09:11
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellApr 30 09:12
DaemonFCschestowitz: I noticed some bizarre behavior from CDBurnerXP (a .Net-based CD burning app)Apr 30 09:12
DaemonFCit overran all my 4 gigs of RAM and started hitting the SWAP fileApr 30 09:13
schestowitzMicrosoft slammed for using software patents against interoperability ( ODF ), the OIN responds too late 30 09:21
schestowitz4gb not enud[sic]Apr 30 09:21
schestowitzMeg.Apr 30 09:21
*mib_6c9msu (i=59608ef3@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellApr 30 09:25
*mib_6c9msu has quit (Client Quit)Apr 30 09:26
schestowitzMost-Searched Term on Microsoft’s Live Search Is ... ‘Google' 30 09:41
schestowitz Hacker behind P2P botnet gets no jail timeApr 30 09:44
schestowitzMS fan Tim Anderson (in The Register): "Windows 7 - It's like Vista, only less annoying"Apr 30 09:50
schestowitzNo link.Apr 30 09:50
MinceRhayApr 30 09:56
MinceR(offtopic) (flash) (video) (speech) 30 09:56
schestowitzAnother Adobe Reader vulnerability surfaces here we go againApr 30 10:04
schestowitzThe European Commission still give me no access to documents: 30 10:20
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovellApr 30 10:22
DaemonFCschestowitz: Windows 7 is only revolutionary in one senseApr 30 10:26
DaemonFCIt's the only "upgrade" for Windows I've ever seen that didn't need twice the RAM and three times the processorApr 30 10:26
schestowitzPricing scheme?Apr 30 10:26
schestowitzAh, OKApr 30 10:27
schestowitzWell, Vista7 is not much of a departure from Vista.Apr 30 10:27
DaemonFCnah, it actually runs acceptably well on a system I bought 4 years agoApr 30 10:27
schestowitzIOW, it's SPApr 30 10:27
DaemonFCthat's kind of surprisingApr 30 10:27
DaemonFCit's not exactly a speed demon, but we're talking XP-era hardware and not even top of the line back thenApr 30 10:28
DaemonFCno wait, 5 yearsApr 30 10:28
DaemonFCso yeahApr 30 10:28
oiaohmWindows 7 has better cpu support than vista when it comes to time allocation.Apr 30 10:28
oiaohmWhen it comes to ram usage good performance point has been haved from 4 g to 2g.Apr 30 10:28
DaemonFCit seems more responsive, but it doesn't do much better on synthetic benchmarksApr 30 10:28
DaemonFCwhich makes me think they've improved perceived performance, but not actual performanceApr 30 10:29
oiaohmStill way too much ram for netbooks.Apr 30 10:29
oiaohmDepends on the benchmark DaemonFCApr 30 10:29
DaemonFCmeh, I really should put it on my laptop for shits and gigglesApr 30 10:29
DaemonFC1.7 Ghz Sempron and 1 GB RAMApr 30 10:29
DaemonFC1.8 Ghz that isApr 30 10:29
oiaohmMulti thread benchmark.Apr 30 10:29
DaemonFCmultithreading wouldn't help it much on an Athlon64Apr 30 10:30
oiaohmAlso Vista still has a lot of crap clogging things up.Apr 30 10:30
oiaohmOpps windows 7 not vista there.Apr 30 10:30
DaemonFCVista "feels" a bit heavier but they both have the same benchmark scoresApr 30 10:30
DaemonFCexplain that to me?Apr 30 10:30
DaemonFCI think they rigged the shell to respond fasterApr 30 10:31
DaemonFCVista SP2 suspends and resumes faster and my wifi is immediately availableApr 30 10:32
oiaohmWindows 7 is using video card more to smooth interface.Apr 30 10:32
DaemonFCthat's a big improvementApr 30 10:32
oiaohmPut a poor video card on Windows 7Apr 30 10:32
oiaohmAnd it slips very quickly back to Vista.Apr 30 10:32
DaemonFCDWM should do the same thing in VistaApr 30 10:32
oiaohmThey altered DWM minorally.Apr 30 10:33
oiaohmYes small tweek big difference in feel.Apr 30 10:33
DaemonFCthat won't help you when you launch a gameApr 30 10:33
DaemonFCVista kills compositing when you launch a fullscreen applicationApr 30 10:33
DaemonFCso that it won't affect performanceApr 30 10:34
DaemonFCone of my big gripes about XP after seeing OS X and Compiz Fusion in Linux was that it still used framebuffering/GDI+Apr 30 10:35
DaemonFCXP felt noticeably clunkierApr 30 10:35
DaemonFCso Aero Glass is a big improvement in that respectApr 30 10:36
DaemonFCwindow tearing is not coolApr 30 10:36
oiaohmEven worse once Linux gets accross to DRI2Apr 30 10:36
oiaohmCurrent compizfusion really is running crippled.Apr 30 10:36
DaemonFCCompiz is not idealApr 30 10:36
DaemonFCideal would be built into GNOMEApr 30 10:36
DaemonFClike Kwin does in KDEApr 30 10:37
DaemonFCnot tacked on after the factApr 30 10:37
DaemonFCand including plugins to work around bugs in MetacityApr 30 10:37
DaemonFCbut Compiz is good enough for some geewhizbang stuff if you're showing it off to an XP userApr 30 10:37
oiaohmDRI2 + gem is what is required so those effects work without bring house down.Apr 30 10:38
DaemonFCas far as I know there is no way to get compositing in XPApr 30 10:38
DaemonFCI could be wrongApr 30 10:38
oiaohmThere is a way but its completely evil.Apr 30 10:38
DaemonFC3rd party shareware?Apr 30 10:38
DaemonFCthats evilApr 30 10:38
oiaohmAnd put the system at risk of being screwed in case of update.Apr 30 10:39
oiaohmOne of the reactos developers much around mods.Apr 30 10:39
DaemonFCif I already bought a $400 OS (Vista Ultimate), why should I need to go hunt down freeware codecs and freeware CD burning and freeware antivirus?Apr 30 10:39
DaemonFC:)Apr 30 10:39
DaemonFCthen you need to go hunt down an office suiteApr 30 10:39
DaemonFCand Paint.Net or The GimpApr 30 10:40
oiaohmYep OS cost more than hardware soon.Apr 30 10:40
DaemonFCI've never really liked GimpApr 30 10:40
DaemonFCpersonallyApr 30 10:40
DaemonFCit just feels wrongApr 30 10:40
DaemonFCThere's a "Gimpshop" program that changes the layout to act like Photoshop thoughApr 30 10:41
DaemonFCthat's a bit more tolerableApr 30 10:41
schestowitz "It is inappropriate for LinuxToday to accept money from mIcorsoff to advertise for them by posting pathetic articles like this one. People with a conscience don't make their living by lying. "Apr 30 10:41
DaemonFC???Apr 30 10:42
*_boo_ ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 30 10:42
DaemonFCMiguel De Icaza was porting Paint.Net as Paint-MonoApr 30 10:43
schestowitzBlechApr 30 10:43
DaemonFCI feel guilty about secretly desiring thatApr 30 10:43
DaemonFCyou can run Paint.Net in Wine if you install Mono for Windows inside WineApr 30 10:44
DaemonFCthe good thing about using .Net on Windows is that the app doesn't need to be recompiled to give you a 64-bit versionApr 30 10:45
DaemonFCI say that's a plus because most people that write Windows software need kicked in the nuts due to thatApr 30 10:45
schestowitzOpen Storage Shines as Sun Sets < > Will Oracle keep it?Apr 30 10:48
oiaohmStorage side Oracle wants.Apr 30 10:49
MinceRmost people that write Windows software need kicked in the nuts << the gist ;)Apr 30 10:49
DaemonFC 30 10:49
oiaohmmono does basically kick any Linux user in nuts just they don't see it.Apr 30 10:50
oiaohmMS uses AOT in there .netApr 30 10:50
oiaohmMono uses JIT.Apr 30 10:51
DaemonFC 30 10:54
*DaemonFC facepalmsApr 30 10:54
schestowitzMandriva Linux 2009 Spring is finally released \0/ 30 10:54
*DaemonFC sends schestowitz to port25Apr 30 10:56
DaemonFC:PApr 30 10:56
schestowitz Is it time to leave insecure Adobe behind? < >Apr 30 11:01
schestowitzMicrosoft's Fort 25[sic]?Apr 30 11:02
DaemonFC:)Apr 30 11:11
DaemonFCI might look into Fallout 3 now that Nvidia has optimized their driver for itApr 30 11:16
DaemonFC 30 11:20
DaemonFCpreorder, hehApr 30 11:22
DaemonFCsure, that way they can delay it all they want and you already paidApr 30 11:22
DaemonFC:PApr 30 11:22
schestowitzAnother plane crash, founder of dies. 30 11:23
schestowitzIs there anywhere one can fetch stats on plane crashes over the years?Apr 30 11:23
schestowitztessier might know...?Apr 30 11:24
schestowitzI can't remember which famous singer it was whose plane also crashed a couple of years back.Apr 30 11:28
DaemonFChmmmApr 30 11:28
DaemonFCmusikcube is abandoned?Apr 30 11:28
schestowitzFemaleApr 30 11:29
schestowitzDaemonFC: another dead site?Apr 30 11:29
schestowitzAll those flashy "Web 2.0" things are falling fastApr 30 11:29
DaemonFCAaliyahApr 30 11:29
schestowitzThey thrived in bubbledApr 30 11:29
DaemonFCmusikcube wasn't badApr 30 11:29
schestowitzDaemonFC: probably, if she diedApr 30 11:29
DaemonFC 30 11:30
schestowitz2001!?!Apr 30 11:30
DaemonFCyeahApr 30 11:31
schestowitzSo no.Apr 30 11:31
schestowitzIt's someone else who died laterApr 30 11:31
*benkai ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 30 11:35
schestowitzMovie Critic To Movie Industry: Wake Up, Start Giving Consumers What They Want < >Apr 30 11:36
schestowitz 30 11:36
schestowitzThink for a moment what Google doesApr 30 11:36
schestowitzit produces nothing, just gives snippets of RELEVANT text to people and it's therefore used the mostApr 30 11:37
schestowitzWhy does the copyright cartel refuse to evolve?Apr 30 11:37
oiaohmSome of it is end users are still following the cartel.Apr 30 11:37
oiaohmIf users would move away from the fancy advertising of the cartels and go creative commons and the like they would break quicky.Apr 30 11:38
schestowitzArgh. More silliness with Google Trends: Yeah... "sponge" too might be more popular than <whatever>.Apr 30 11:39
oiaohmIllegal got copies they will just hunt them down.  Boot legging is not new to the cartels.Apr 30 11:39
DaemonFCheh, Walmart wanted $49 for thisApr 30 11:39
oiaohmRemember the tape boot legs of you parents.Apr 30 11:39
DaemonFC 30 11:39
schestowitzoiaohm: the Internet enables changeApr 30 11:39
schestowitzBut P2P is general is now being treated as "criminal"Apr 30 11:40
schestowitzIf artists want to disseminate millions of copies, they must rely on p2pApr 30 11:40
DaemonFCwell, searches obviously don't equal usersApr 30 11:40
DaemonFCbecause XP still has 62 users for every one Linux userApr 30 11:40
DaemonFCand that's rounding Linux UP to 1%Apr 30 11:41
DaemonFCand not counting Windows Vista users, or Windows 2000 users (there's a few)Apr 30 11:41
DaemonFCin fact, Windows 2000 users still outnumber Linux users more than 2-1Apr 30 11:42
DaemonFCI don't know why people point to google searches when tryign to prove a pointApr 30 11:42
DaemonFCdesperation?Apr 30 11:42
DaemonFCor here's a fun oneApr 30 11:43
DaemonFCMac OS X users outnumber Linux users 9-1Apr 30 11:43
DaemonFCXP is still the most widely used operating system by far, even outnumbering Vista users 2-1Apr 30 11:44
DaemonFCMicrosoft is having its hands full trying to kill off XPApr 30 11:44
schestowitzLinux is not what you claim it to be, in terms o0f market shareApr 30 11:45
schestowitzIt's several percept market shareApr 30 11:45
schestowitzMostly in developing nationsApr 30 11:45
DaemonFCLinux is 1% by the very most generous estimatesApr 30 11:45
schestowitzWhose?Apr 30 11:45
DaemonFChold pleaseApr 30 11:45
schestowitzThe Microsoft-funded Net Applications?Apr 30 11:45
schestowitzOr one of their other cronies?Apr 30 11:45
DaemonFC 30 11:46
schestowitzW3schools puts it at around 3-%Apr 30 11:46
schestowitzDaemonFC: my article on this in cited in WikipediaApr 30 11:46
DaemonFCyeah, who goes there?Apr 30 11:46
schestowitzIt's not knownApr 30 11:46
schestowitzBut it can be estimatedApr 30 11:46
DaemonFCthey also overestimate Firefox and OperaApr 30 11:46
schestowitzThere's also the definition of form factorsApr 30 11:46
DaemonFCbecause more technical users go thereApr 30 11:46
DaemonFCW3Schools is not a representative sampleApr 30 11:46
schestowitzRockefeller Looking to Grant Open Source < >Apr 30 11:47
schestowitzDaemonFC: siagreedApr 30 11:47
DaemonFCthat would be like saying you had a rally for Conservatives and 95 out of the 100 people that showed up were RepublicansApr 30 11:47
schestowitzThe sample you think of are all biasedApr 30 11:47
schestowitzBut they neglect privacy-aware sitesApr 30 11:47
schestowitzBN for exampleApr 30 11:48
schestowitzAbout 40$ of our visits are from LinuxApr 30 11:48
schestowitzWindows has lots of zombie trafficApr 30 11:48
DaemonFCwell yeah, the subject matter is something no offense, that most people don't care aboutApr 30 11:48
schestowitz 30 11:48
schestowitzI summarised some points thereApr 30 11:48
schestowitzMade /,'s FPApr 30 11:48
DaemonFCpeople that walk into Walmart and throw a comptuer in the cart don't know what Windows isApr 30 11:49
DaemonFCor MicrosoftApr 30 11:49
schestowitzDaemonFC: people don't need to care about itApr 30 11:49
schestowitzBut ISVs doApr 30 11:49
schestowitzAnd Microsoft deceived manyApr 30 11:49

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