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Apple Sued (Class Action) for Producing a Defective hypePhone 4

Summary: Apple 'pulled a Toyota' and this is costing it dearly in the battle against Linux

SOME OF THE LATEST charts suggest that hypePhone is losing to Android, which is based on Linux but is not exactly as free as MeeGo. In any event, contributing to Apple's future demise in the phones market will be the fact that it rushed its latest hypePhone and brought it into the market with serious flaws that may not be fixable with a software patch. In other words, Apple has 'pulled a Toyota' [1, 2]. It's no surprise that Apple resorted to suing with software patents. That's what losers do.

Apple Insider speaks about the lawsuits that Apple is facing. "At least three class-action complaints were filed in California, Maryland, and Texas," says the report.

Numerous lawsuits were filed this week against Apple, as a number of consumers hope to take the company to task over reception issues that arise with the new iPhone 4 when the left side of the device is covered with a hand.

At least three class-action complaints were filed in California, Maryland, and Texas. The largest was filed in a U.S. District Court in Oakland, Calif., and has a list of 11 plaintiffs included in the complaint, residing in California and New Jersey. The other two each include one plaintiff.

MobileCrunch says that "Apple’s callous response to iPhone 4 defect matched only by its fanboys’ blind dedication":

What’s more sad: the very fact that the iPhone 4 is completely unusable if you’re left-handed—President Obama is left-handed!— or that Apple fanboys are doing everything in their power to divert attention away from the issue? Check MacRumors. It’s a fine site, yes, and one I read every day, but to call it an “Apple fan site” would be like calling the Sun hot. “Upset that your brand new iPhone 4 doesn’t work? Don’t be: other phones do this, too!” Because that’s what you want to hear: your phone may be a piece of junk, but so is the other guy’s phone, so it all works out. Um, no. It doesn’t work like that.

CrunchGear says that "All-in-one computer sales up 63 percent (but Apple losing out)":

Apple’s all-in-one market share is expected to drop from 50 percent (in 2009) to 38 percent (in 2010). HP, MSI, and Lenovo are expected to gain where Apple has lost.

Now on to some humour, there are many jokes about hypePhone 4 around the Web [1, 1]. There is already a Downfall video titled "Hitler Reacts to the iPhone 4 Antenna Issues". Here it is as Ogg Theora.

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The end recommends a Linux-based phone.

Here is the message titled "What can the Apple iPad be used as?"

*iPad cannot be used as a phone because …..*

….. It cannot make calls. Period

*iPad cannot be used as a replacement for your laptop or netbook because ….. *

….. It does not have a multi-tasking OS ….. It does not have a Drag & Drop file management ….. It does not have a USB port ….. Its storage maxes out at a paltry 64 GB & has no expandable memory slot ….. It does not have a HDMI port

GNU/Linux is making good tablets.

As for Microsoft in the mobile market, this new post from OpenBytes is agreeing with our prediction that Zune may be axed after the "KIN" died.

Not one person involved in the Kin project turned around and said “hang on folks, isn’t this Kin a bit of a pig?” apparently not since it was thrown into the market which was hungry for other products.

It is also rumoured that Zune (the ipod beater that never was) may go the same route, which leads onto another important point.

The important point worth making is that proprietary platforms increasingly fail in the market. Attempts to reinvent the wheel result in inferior products that cost too much to produce.

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