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Arrest/Police Report for Microsoft’s Chief Architect of GitHub Copilot, Balabhadra Alex Graveley

Last week: [Teaser] Meet Microsoft’s Chief Architect of GitHub Copilot, Balabhadra (Alex) Graveley (Updated) | Microsoft Corporation is Still Protecting a Violent Criminal Who Assaults Women (Employing Him as Manager, Protecting Him From Arrest, Paying Him a Salary)

Alex Graveley 21-01655 Redacted - Released Infomation - part  1

Alex Graveley 21-01655 Redacted - Released Infomation - part 2

Alex Graveley 21-01655 Redacted - Released Infomation - part 3

Alex Graveley 21-0165 Redacted - Released Infomation - part 4

Alex Graveley 21-01655 Redacted - Released Infomation - part 5

Alex Graveley mugshot

Alex Graveley mugshot index
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Summary: Alex Graveley, who said GitHub's CEO Nat Friedman was his "best friend" (he had long benefited from his connections, which were necessary to become Microsoft’s Chief Architect of GitHub Copilot), was arrested; here's the mugshot; today we release a carefully redacted version of the police report and there's a trial next week (the Arrest Warrant and Affidavit were published earlier this month). Today we got confirmation from the cops that the police report is public record.

The body of this report:

Incident # 21-01655


On Monday, November 29th, 2021 at 8:46AM, I, Officer Alonzo #730 along with Officer Moreno #733 were dispatched to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Travis County, TX xxxxxxxxxx in reference for a warrant service for the following individual


Upon arrival, I made contact with the father and owner of the residence who did not identify himself. Officer Moreno and I, asked the individual whom answered the door if Mr. Graveley was home and if he could ask him to come to the door. The individual advised that Mr. Graveley was home and that he would go call. Mr. Graveley came to the door after a short period of time. Officer Moreno advised Mr. Graveley that there was a warrant of arrest for him and that our purpose for being there was to execute that warrant. I then place Mr. Graveley in handcuffs. The handcuffs were double locked and checked for tightness. Mr. Graveley was then placed into the back of my patrol unit #163. I then advised Lakeway communication to confirm the warrant. I proceeded to transporting Mr. Graveley to Travis County Central Booking in downtown Austin, TX. Upon arrival, Mr. Graveley was properly booked in and turned over to the Travis County Jail Staff. The warrant was out of the Austin Police Department for Assault-Strangulation. The cause # for the warrant is D1DC21301683. Jail staff advised me that mr. Graveley could not keep a debit card because his full name was not on it. The debit card was placed into property. The booking sheet was placed onto the media tab of this report. I then resumed my patrol duties without further incident. The property(debit card) is in locker #11.


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