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UPC: Turning Patent Lawyers Into Liars and the Media Into Their Money-Grabbing Megaphone (Platform for Fake News)

Team UPC is inciting to break the law

Miquel Montañá (Clifford Chance): UPC: A reply to those who, with the help of a crystal ball, have questioned the arguments as to why the PPA is not legally in force

Bardehle Pagenberg: IP Quick Tip: How and when can you get a unitary patent? Loaded question; You wish; By who?

Bardehle Pagenberg: IP Quick Tip: How and when can you get a unitary patent?  Loaded question again; Conflict of interest

Georg Anetsberger Bardehle Pagenberg)/ Germany: IP Quick Tip: How And When Can You Get A Unitary Patent? (Podcast)
Marketing; Longtime boosters of software patents

Bardehle Pagenberg - Jan Bösing: Bifurcation at the UPC: Bardehle Pagenberg means conflict of interest; Which Bardehle Pagenberg has lobbies for in vain for many years;  Who developed this???

Opt-out, Unitary Patent, and Validation Strategies for the UPC: This entire Web site is sponsored propaganda

Simmons & Simmons LLP: Evidence, experts and witnesses at the UPC: Prominent UPC lobbyists (who lie, too): JUVE has no journalistic integrity; They show who the real bosses are

Injunctions at the UPC: Here we go again; is this the REAL purpose of the site?

Amy Sandys: Dexcom and Abbott’s fight over glucose monitoring patents intensifies in Europe: Lobbyist or journalist?

Sponsored Content by Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard P.C.: Protecting your inventions in Europe? Unitary patents could prove useful; USA! Paid-for lie, conflict of interest; Profitable for this article's author

Junk By Jakob Pade Frederiksen: Preparing for the Unitary Patent: Marketing junk disguised as 'article'; Familiar face, EPO regime's booster; Based on Team UPC alone? They keep delaying, as usual

Rory O’Neill: UPC special focus: Invalidity risk a bitter pill for pharma to swallow; No, maybe stop repeating what your paymasters tell you to say; Sponsors undisclosed as this is meant to look like an informative news site

Jones Day/Olga Bezzubova, Thomas Bouvet, Andreas Holzwarth-Rochford, Gerd Jaekel, Ping Li , Alastair McCulloch, Christian Paul, Lamberto Schiona and Dorothée Weber-Bruls: European Union: A New Dawn For European Patents: The Unitary Patent And The Unified Patent Court:  Not really; conflict and subjective advice

Jones Day/Olga Bezzubova, Thomas Bouvet, Andreas Holzwarth-Rochford, Gerd Jaekel, Ping Li , Alastair McCulloch, Christian Paul, Lamberto Schiona and Dorothée Weber-Bruls: European Union: A New Dawn For European Patents: The Unitary Patent And The Unified Patent Court: No, it does not even exist yet; Recycling and scattering the same webspam elsewhere; The creation of a new European Unified Patent Court (“UPC”) and a new patent with unitary effect (“Unitary Patent”), in which almost all member states of the European Union participate, is the most important change in the European patent system since the European Patent Convention came into effect in October 1977. It paves the way for a unified approach to patents in Europe and will fundamentally change the international patent litigation landscape.

Jones Day/Olga Bezzubova, Andreas Holzwarth-Rochford  Ping Li and Dorothée Weber-Bruls/United States: The Unitary Patent And The Unified Patent Court: Oh, it's you again??? Another marketing piece? You said this for 8 years already! It never happens

Michelle Davies and Rachel Fetches (HGF Ltd)/UK: Pharmaceutical Licensing Group Webinar: The Unitary Patent And Unified Patent Court; So-called; More like lobbyist than contributor; Patent cartel

AWA - Louise Jonshammar: Are you ready for the Unitary Patent? Not even law and constitutions are ready to allow it; Will or would? Questions as headlines and loaded headlines too

REGIMBEAU - Frédérique Durieux and Stéphanie Celaire: Whether or not to opt out of the competence of the Unified Patent Court: Another issue for European patent owners: Loaded headline again. Not really? It's not legal.

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP: Strategic Considerations for Opting in or out of the Unified Patent Court: We make money from mass litigation, not innovation; There's no UPC and they already talk about opting out of something that does not exist

Maucher Jenkins - James Cross and Hugh Dunlop: Opt out of the UPC and opt back in later - a low-risk choice: Are you high? They keep pushing back the date; they're done this for at least 8 years; Maybe the risk is investing in something that does not exist and isn't legal. No unitary patents exist.

Rebekah Gay, Emma Iles and Sebastian Moore (Herbert Smith Freehills): European Union: Emma And Rebekah Talk IP: Better Together? Europe's New Unified Patent Court: Hypothetical and still illegal; Patents are patents They are not 'IP'

Rebekah Gay, Emma Iles and Sebastian Moore (Herbert Smith Freehills): European Union: Emma And Rebekah Talk IP: Better Together? We're sticking our 'IP' marketing everywhere as if it's information rather than shameless self-promotional advocacy of lies

Gowling WLG - Gordon Harris and Michael Carter: Opting out of the Unified Patent Court? Our guide for patent owners: Marketing and lobbying; There's no opt OUT of something that does NOT EVEN EXIST; There's no arrival as it is illegal and you have been saying this very  same thing for nearly a decade already!

Conference & CLE Calendar: A lot of marketing spam for firms with an agenda, but disguised as 'events' or 'webinars' of 'conferences'

Taylor Wessing - Verena Bertram, Michael Schächinger, Philipp Krusemarck, Jan Phillip Rektorschek and Alina Krukover: Patents: The Unified Patent Court: Pay us 300 euros an hour to lie to you!

Taylor Wessing - Dr Paul England, Dr. Wim Maas and Adrian Toutoungi: Seven steps to UPC readiness: Getting ready for something that the law does not even permit? Could. Team UPC said the same about 2015.

Summary: The above 26 screenshots (with necessary annotation added) hopefully illuminate the degree of deceit, manipulation, bribery and distortion of public discourse (fake news and advocacy of patently unlawful activities)

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[Meme] Never Appease the Occupiers
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Thorny Issues, Violent Response
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