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New Lows: Linux Foundation Defrauding Clients

Video download link | md5sum fd7fe7e94bc345e7ec3309bc2b4c942e Linux Foundation Became Elaborate Scam Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The tactics of the so-called 'Linux' Foundation (like selling "tweets" in clear violation of Twitter's rules) have gotten yet worse; the Foundation hops from one scandal to the next while leaning on shallow political stunts to distract from what it is really doing

THE Linux Foundation operates like a for-profit corporation, not the "non-profit" it claims to be (it seems likely the IRS too has realised this by now).

To make matters worse, or to partly hide that nefarious aspect, the Foundation has engaged in privatisation and outsourcing (e.g. Jennifer Cloer and Spamnil for PR/spam) -- a subject we've discussed and researched lately. Readers can find a lot more in a couple of IRC channels, especially logs from the past few days; the above video gives only a short gist with a lot more in IRC logs (including today's, i.e. those to be published tomorrow morning).

As we approach the middle of June it is becoming rather revealing that the IRS doesn't plan to publish any filings more recent than the 2018 report (when the CFO left). Two more weeks are left until year's longest day (or shortest if you're down under) and journalists -- what's left of them anyway -- ought to ask Jim Zemlin et al some tough questions.

One reader and contributor recently joked about creating "the tux foundation", noting that "the linux foundation uses a mac and pretends to care about "linux" [whereas] the tux foundation uses gnu/linux and pretends to care about freedom".

"While this is done by proxy, Google and YouTube won't care."My more urgent concern is about the PR tactics of Jim Zemlin et al, as explained in the video above. The first of the two is that Google's YouTube became a clickbot farm, helping to fake its relevance. But it's problematic that the Linux [sic] Foundation is one of the offenders, scamming quite a few companies at the moment....

While this is done by proxy, Google and YouTube won't care. Spamnil is desperate to seem popular and they will suspend his channel soon if he carries on like this. It's only a matter of time. As noted in the above video, the Linux Foundation has turned from "we support Linux" (2007) to "we don't support Linux" and then to "we help the attack/s on Linux". Then came openwashing services, diploma mills and so on. Now the motto seems to be, "WE DEFRAUD COMPANIES"...

There are also intentional lies; as "matey" noted, TechRadar says in a new article that Torvalds is the "foundation founder and head honcho", but this is clearly not the case (never mind GNU chronology), so he called it "fake news". We've seen the Foundation sending Torvalds to therapists, so we know who's really in charge.

"They falsely claim to have been around since 2000. But the worse thing is how they now use click fraud to sell marketing services.""So that's pretty cool," he said, "linux was founded in the 1980s, 1991, 2000 AND 2007! NO WONDER its so popular [...] but from wikipedia you cant really tell if lf was founded in 2000 (as it says on the lf page) or in 2007 (as it says on the fsg page)..."

I noticed the same thing a few years ago. They falsely claim to have been around since 2000. But the worse thing is how they nowadays use click fraud to sell marketing services. This is explained in the video above; we showed some hard evidence before.

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