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Links 13/07/2022: Debian 11.4.0 Tour and More

  • GNU/Linux

    • Make Use OfLinux PC Maker System76 Teases Hackable Launch Lite Keyboard

      System76 is using the tagline on its website, "A new keeb is coming," to promote the product. The company also took to Twitter to tease the upcoming keyboard, touting its configurability, small size, and comfort:

      The company has not yet announced a price point for the new keyboard, but the current version is priced at $285.00

    • Server

      • Kubernetes BlogKubernetes Gateway API Graduates to Beta

        We are excited to announce the v0.5.0 release of Gateway API. For the first time, several of our most important Gateway API resources are graduating to beta. Additional, we are starting a new initiative to explore how Gateway API can be used for mesh and introducing new experimental concepts such as URL rewrites. We'll cover all of this and more below.

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • RoseHostingHow to Install Magento 2.4.4 on Ubuntu 22.04 - RoseHosting

        Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP that uses multiple PHP frameworks such as Symfony and Laminas. The platform is flexible and has a large variety of features to build an online store.

        Magento offers a community and enterprise edition. The community edition is available free of charge and is designed primarily for individuals and/or small businesses. The enterprise edition is the paid version of Magento. Compared to the community edition, the enterprise edition has advanced custom features and functionalities and is mainly aimed at medium to large businesses.

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install the Magento 2.4.4 community edition on Ubuntu 22.04 server, which can be done easily if you follow it step by step.

      • Pragmatic LinuxEnable compiler warnings with CMake - PragmaticLinux

        C and C++ compiler toolchains make it possible for us software geeks to build amazing things. Did you know that both GCC and Clang offer build-in functionality that aids us in becoming better developers and creating higher quality software? I’m talking about compiler warnings. This article explains how you can enable compiler warnings, when using CMake to generate the build environment.

      • Make Use OfHow to Set Up a TFTP Server on Linux

        TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) was first described in 1980. It is a fairly old protocol published in June 1981 as TFTP Protocol revision 2 in RFC 783 (Request For Comments) by Karen R. Sollins.

        In the early days, the main goal of TFTP was to send and receive files over a network. In particular, it was used to transfer the files needed during boot to enable systems to boot over a network.

        Here's how you can set up a TFTP server on a Linux machine.

      • Linux Made SimpleHow to install Darktable 4.0 on a Chromebook

        Today we are looking at how to install Darktable 4.0 on a Chromebook. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

      • VideoHow to install Godot game engine on Pop!_OS 22.04 - Invidious

        In this video, we are looking at how to install Godot game engine on Pop!_OS 22.04.

      • LinuxOpSysBash Command Line Chain Operators in Linux with Examples

        Here learn about chain operators in Linux with examples. Linux command chaining is very useful if you want to execute multiple commands at one goal.

      • LinuxOpSysDownload RPM Package Using DNF without Installing it
      • LinuxOpSysHow to Delete History in Linux Easily
      • Linux JournalThe Echo Command | Linux Journal

        In this article, we're going to look at the echo command, which is useful for showing text on the terminal, as well as the contents of variables. Let's get started!

      • MakeTech EasierHow to Use Rm Command in Linux - Make Tech Easier

        There are times when you need to delete files in the Linux terminal. The rm command lets you delete directories, files, symbolic links, and more. This in-depth guide shows you how to use the rm command effortlessly.

      • Make Use OfHow to Install QEMU on Ubuntu to Set Up a Virtual Machine

        Virtualization is a neat way to use both Linux and Windows at once, getting the best of both worlds without having to tackle dual booting and all the issues that come with it.

        VirtualBox and VMware are household names when it comes to the best virtualization solutions. But did you know that there are alternatives as well? QEMU is one such free and open-source alternative for you to try, should you wish to explore.

      • ID RootHow To Install PrestaShop on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install PrestaShop on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, PrestaShop is an e-commerce solution that allows you to create your own online shop easily. It is written in PHP, is highly customizable, supports all the major payment services, is translated into many languages and localized for many countries, has a fully responsive design (both front and back-office), etc.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the PrestaShop e-commerce platform on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Web Browsers

      • Mozilla

        • MozillaReworking our Visual Metrics Processing System – Mozilla Performance

          Our visual metrics processing system used to use two separate machines to produce visual metrics from our pageload tests. In this post, I’ll describe how we moved to a single-machine system that also brought about many other benefits for us.

          Note: If you’ve never heard of visual metrics before, they can be summed up as performance metrics processed from a video recording of a pageload. You can find more information about these from this article titled Improving Firefox Page Load, by Bas Schouten.

        • MozillaMigrating to Browsertime for Performance Testing – Mozilla Performance

          Originally, we used a Web Extension for doing performance testing on Firefox in our Raptor test harness. But, we needed to add new features such as visual metrics, so in this post, I’ll briefly describe the steps we took to migrate Raptor to Browsertime.

          We now have enabled Browsertime by default in our Raptor harness both locally, and in Continuous Integration (CI) but for some time, we needed to use the flag `–browsertime` to enable it. This work started with Nick Alexander, Rob Wood, and Barret Rennie adding the flag in bug 1566171. From there, others on the Performance team (myself included), began testing Browsertime, preparing the Raptor harness, and building up the infrastructure required for running Browsertime tests in CI.

          Our primary motivation for all of this work was obtaining visual metrics. If you’ve never heard of visual metrics before, they can be summed up as performance metrics processed from a video recording of a pageload. You can find more information about these from this article titled Improving Firefox Page Load, by Bas Schouten. Initially, our visual metrics processing system used a two-machine system where one machine would run the test and the other would process the video recordings to obtain the metrics. This worked well for some time until we found some issues with it that were a large point of friction when it came to using our tooling. In Reworking our Visual Metrics Processing System, I describe these issues and how we overcame them. It suffices to say that we now use a single machine in CI, and that those issues were resolved.

  • Leftovers

    • Security

      • Unix Men5 Data Security Issues on Linux

        Every tech enthusiast knows that Linux comes with the freedom that hardly any other OS can offer. We don’t even have to get into the benefits that come with a large community and open source philosophy.

        However, some people (especially Linux newbies) tend to think that Linux can’t be harmed by cyberthreats at all.

        Hackers and scammers are getting ever more creative, so let’s talk about the security issues on Linux that can get you and your data in trouble.

      • The Register servers updated, among many other X11 bits ● The Register has released a bunch of updates, which includes closing two security holes and, yes, this affects Wayland users too.

        A batch of updates to's suite of X11 servers and components just appeared. Among the new features, there were also fixes for two security holes mentioned in an Foundation security advisory, which covers CVE-2022-2319 and CVE-2022-2320.

        Although the X window system is pretty old, it's still everywhere, including on almost every xNix operating system that has a graphical desktop. Wayland users don't get to be smug: they too rely upon XWayland, which is what lets them run most older apps. Together, these mean that version 21.1.4 will be a necessary update for a lot of people, alongside XWayland version 22.1.3.

      • LinuxSecurityHacker's Corner: Complete Guide to Anti-Debugging in Linux - Part 2
  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • of *course* we're time traveler
      • The June Archive and Restoration Project

        I recently have come across the most impressive horror series I've seen in a long time.

        It's best to go into this series as blind as possible, but some context and history will really improve what you get out of it. It's based on the culture around Flipnote Hatena (Flipnote Studio in the US). It was a program for the DSi that allowed anyone to create and share animations with each other. A very unique culture of highly talented people developed there until the service shut down on May 31, 2013 despite being popular.

    • Technical

      • tmux notes
      • I think Mac OS-X is wrong in this case, and Linux is right

        There was apparently a frantic bug-hunt involving “Project: Lumbergh [1]” yesterday that I was not involved in. From the description of the bug, it certainly sounded like it was a manifestation of “undefined behavior” as “Project: Lumbergh” was actinging differently between Linux and Mac OS-X (our testing and development platforms).

      • Programming

        • The Snail Layout

          It started as a thought experiment, but I'm slowly translating it into C.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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