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Links 31/01/2023: GNOME 44 Wallpapers and Alpha

  • GNU/Linux

    • Audiocasts/Shows

      • GNU World Order (Audio Show)GNU World Order 497

        **latte dock** , **layer-shell-qt** , **libgravatar** , **libkcddb** , **libkcompactdisc** , **libkdcraw** , **libkdegames** from the Slackware **kde** package set.

    • Applications

      • Make Tech Easier8 of the Best Video Editors for Linux

        The good thing about Linux video editing software is that they are often free, easy to use and full of professional features. If you’re looking to try video editing on Linux, check out these eight video editing software options.

      • Linux Links5 Best Free and Open Source Font Editors

        Linux users may not have a plethora of fonts, but there are many lovely and usable fonts. Different Linux fonts are supplied with different Linux distros.

        A computer font is implemented as a digital data file containing a set of graphically related glyphs. A computer font is designed and created using a font editor.

        Most computer fonts are in either bitmap or outline data formats. Bitmap fonts consist of a matrix of dots or pixels representing the image of each glyph in each face and size. Outline or vector fonts use Bézier curves, drawing instructions and mathematical formulae to describe each glyph, which make the character outlines scalable to any size.

      • Ubuntu Pit20 Best IRC Clients For Linux Systems

        In computing, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and is widely regarded as the first mainstream text-based communication mechanism. At its peak, IRC chat enjoyed overwhelming popularity and served millions of people before losing ground to modern-day chat services like Facebook.

      • TecMint9 Best Google Drive Clients for Linux in 2023

        One of the best cloud storage contenders to emerge is Google Drive -- the popular cloud storage application that allows you to store data and access it from a Google account securely. Unfortunately, despite

      • CNX SoftwareGreen Metrics Tool helps developers measuring & optimizing software power consumption

        The Green Metrics Tool (GMT) is an open-source framework that allows the measurement, comparison, and optimization of the energy consumption of software with the goal of empowering both software engineers and users to make educated decisions about libraries, code snippets, and software in order to save energy along with carbon emissions.

        While the firmware of battery-powered embedded devices and the OS running on your smartphone are typically optimized for low power consumption in order to extend the battery life, the same can not be said of most software running on SBCs, desktop computers, and servers. But there are still benefits of having power-optimized programs on this type of hardware including lower electricity bills, a lower carbon footprint, and potentially quieter devices since the cooling fan may not have to be turned on as often. The Green Metrics Tool aims to help in that regard.

      • Linux LinksBest Free and Open Source Software – January 2023 Updates

        Here are the latest updates to our compilation of recommended software. Open source software at its finest.

        It’s been a very productive month in January with many new and updated group tests published.

        As always, we love receiving your suggestions for new articles or additional open source software to feature. Let us know in the Comments box below or drop us an email.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • LinuxTechiHow to Install KubeSphere on Linux Step-by-Step

        KubeSphere is an open-source enterprise-grade Kubernetes container platform that provides streamlined DevOps workflows and full-stack automation. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly web interface that helps developers build and monitor feature-rich platforms for enterprise Kubernetes environments.

      • Unix MenHow To Use the Touch Command in Linux: A Simple Guide

        Many Linux users, especially newbies, confuse the touch command for being the one that creates files. While it can do this, the command can do much more.€  For example, if you use VPS hosting on your Linux machine, you can use the command to alter the timestamps of folders and files.

      • Ubuntu HandbookThis Indicator Shows CPU, GPU, Memory Usage on Ubuntu 22.04 Panel

        There are several Gnome Shell extensions to display system resource usage in Ubuntu, but in this tutorial I'm going to introduce an indicator that works in not only GNOME, but also Unity, MATE, and Budgie desktop environments.

      • Trend OceansHow to Test DNS Speed using Two Popular Tools on Windows and Linux

        How do you know which DNS server will offer the best speed? The answer is simple: you need to check and compare the speeds of various DNS servers to find out which one works best for you.

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      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

        • Jakub SteinerGNOME 44 Wallpapers

          As we gear up for the release of GNOME 44, let’s take a moment to reflect on the visual design updates.

          We’ve made big strides in visual consistency with the growing number of apps that have been ported to gtk4 and libadwaita, embracing the modern look. Sam has also given the high-contrast style in GNOME Shell some love, keeping it in line with gtk’s updates last cycle.

        • DebugPointGNOME 44 Alpha is Out, Shaping Up to Be A Moderate Release

          GNOME 44 Alpha has been out for testing, offering the first sneak peek into the latest changes and improvements in this popular desktop environment. The GNOME desktop environment has long been a favourite among popular distributions.

          After I glance through the changes, I must say this release is high on under-the-hood bug fixes and optimizations. A few key native apps get major feature changes. However, GNOME Shell and mutter see moderate enhancements.

          Let's take a look at the key features.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • 9to5LinuxEscuelas Linux 8.0 Educational Distro Celebrates 25 Years of Promoting FOSS


      Escuelas Linux 8.0 is dubbed as the 25th-anniversary edition of the Debian/Ubuntu/Bodhi Linux-derived GNU/Linux distribution and it’s available in two editions.

      The 64-bit edition is based on the upcoming Bodhi Linux 7.0 distribution, which in turn is derived from the well-tested Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) long-term supported operating system series. On the other hand, the 32-bit edition is based on Bodhi Linux 6.0 and its Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” base.

    • Joe BrockmeierJoe Brockmeier: Poking at Distrobox

      I’m probably late to the party, butDistroboxhas to be one of the best open source projects to drop in the past few years.No matter which Linux distro I standardize on, there’s inevitably something I want to run that runs best or only on another distro. Or I just want to dip into a shell for $distro real quick to verify whether a certain package exists, or what the package name is, the default config for an application, etc.

      Or I’d like to run two instances of an application with different profiles, without having to set up a whole virtual machine.

      Distrobox provides an easy answer for many of those use cases. Distrobox lets you run “any Linux distribution inside your terminal.” There’s a slight asterisk next to “any” in the form of “the distribution has to have a ready made Docker container you can pull.” But the number of distros I’d like to run and the number of distros that don’t have an official container are few and far between. The only exception that comes to mind is Slackware, which has a container on Docker Hub but it hasn’t been updated in about 7 years.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

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    • FSF

    • Programming/Development

      • CNX SoftwareMicroBlocks is a visual programming IDE for 32-bit microcontrollers

        Most electronics education platforms have good documentation in English, but it may be more difficult to find details instructions in other languages. The good news is that MicroBlocks also offers a few tutorials in German, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, and Turkish. The source code is available on Bitbucket which includes the Arduino/PlatformIO firmware for each supported board and the IDE written in GP Blocks.

        Another reason MicroBlocks project caught my eyes is that I had seen several people share something about “MicroBlock” (note: no “s”) on Facebook last week. But it happens to be a visual programming IDE for the KidBright32 education board in Thailand, and MicroBlocks and MicroBlock are completely separate open-source projects albeit with a similar use case… You’ll find more details about MicroBlocks on their website.

      • Unix MenReading & Parsing JSON Data with Python: A Simple Tutorial

        JavaScript Object Notation is a standard format mostly used by APIs and websites to store data objects using text. In simple words, JSON supports data structures that can represent objects as text. Also used in contemporary databases such as PostgreSQL, JSON is derived from JavaScript, as you might have already guessed. Though XML and YAML

      • Dirk EddelbuettelDirk Eddelbuettel: #39: Faster Feedback Systems – A Continuous Integration Example

        Today we have a fairly nice illustration of two aspects we have stressed before:

        Fewer dependencies makes for faster installation time (apart from other desirable robustness aspects); andUsing binaries makes for faster installation time as it removes the need for compilations.

  • Leftovers

    • New YorkerDear Pepper: Avert Your Eyes

      You can’t make eye contact when you feel that the world is coming at you through a fire hose.

    • uni StanfordAn invitation to reconsider: The role of the actor

      In the third installment of "An Invitation to Reconsider," Yonatan Laderman reflects on the concept of actor as "malleable vessel." The actor, Laderman writes, must "learn to be faceless" so that they may "become everyone."

    • Stuart Langridge: Ronin

      In 1701, Asano Naganori, a feudal lord in Japan, was summoned to the shogun’s court in Edo, the town now called Tokyo. He was a provincial chieftain, and knew little about court etiquette, and the etiquette master of the court, Kira Kozuke-no-Suke, took offence. It’s not exactly clear why; it’s suggested that Asano didn’t bribe Kira sufficiently or at all, or that Kira felt that Asano should have shown more deference. Whatever the reasoning, Kira ridiculed Asano in the shogun’s presence, and Asano defended his honour by attacking Kira with a€ dagger.

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • This is Bananas!

        So I will have to disagree with Telepta and allegedly also all monkeys (who would possibly indulge with my second objection and more experience cancelling my first).

      • 🔤SpellBinding — AELVSUO Wordo: COWLS
      • A Hopeful January

        It's only Monday night and I'm already exhausted. But in the good way, I'm pretty sure. Figured I should write a quick informal post about the semester so far to help me process and unwind.

        Job searching has kept me busy but I feel like I'm still not quite able to put all the time into it that I'd need to see the results that I'd like. It's tedious but I get some amount of enjoyment out of it and seeing some of the opportunities out there. I'm hoping the little bits of time I've been putting into the search will add up and eventually be enough to get some decent offers by the time I graduate.

        Job searching has also helped me appreciate all the skills I've collected. I feel like I'm in a good spot. It's been great for motivation.

      • Memory vs Reason

        Me and Halo are so evenly matched at Baduk even though we have so opposite strengths and weaknesses that the other’s playstyle looks like magic.

        I’ve got a lot of tesuji and sabaki and proverbs and shape patterns so when he runs into a stone I’ve played five moves earlier he thinks I’m kidding when I say I placed it there for a reason.

        He on the other hand can estimate the score in a way that I just can not. I am always shocked when the scores come in whileche has a pretty good idea.

    • Technical

      • Eulogy for a Beautiful Disaster - Itanium, 2001-2013

        In November 2012, as part of the release of the new "Poulson" Itanium processors, Intel also announced details of Poulson's successor, "Kittson" - and it was exciting. Kittson was supposed to share a socket and uncore with future Xeon-EX processors, and was intended to be built on Intel's shiny new 22nm lithography. Specs were few on the ground, but Intel was making noise about doubling performance generation to generation, as they had with Poulson. Kittson seemed like a perfect fit for the future DragonHawk Superdomes, with a mix of Itanium and Xeon cells, and it seemed like Itanium was getting an extended roadmap and a soft landing, even without an HP-UX port.

      • Inbox Zero

        Since early 2000's I used to manage email with Mozilla Thunderbird. At some point (around 2006, maybe?) a new interesting feature was added, something called now Saved Search[1]. Saved searches looked like folders, but instead of real paths, they stored a query and the results showed up as content. Just exactly as views work on relational databases.

      • Matrix To MMS-Over-Email Bridge: Step 2 — Matrix Over Email

        This step was considerably harder than the last, but the end result turned out to be pretty simple.

      • 2023 Week 3/4: Thoughts and Photos

        I haven't been posting many logs on Gemini recently, but Rob's Capsule has been busy in other ways. I finally posted a beginner-friendly Rubik's Cube solution guide in the "Twisty Puzzles" section of the capsule, as well as an example scramble to follow along with. I plan to continue expanding the puzzle section with solution guides and puzzle information, as well as a few other interactive puzzles.

      • Build a new capsule generator

        Just like almost every body who runs a static website, I have build and rebuild my own generator.

        It is part of the fun, I guess.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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