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Microsoft Stabber Joseph Cantrell’s Drug Diary Part II: Homophobic Nazi “In Defense of Pedophilia” Turned Down by Hundreds of Employers Along the Way

Reprinted with permission from Ryan

THE Microsoft Stabber Joseph Cantrell’s diary contains even more disturbing “thoughts” on pedophilia.

He also admits to Nazi views throughout and confesses that he supports Donald Trump and the Republican Party with these views.

This is the second post about the diary. See Part I.


Honestly, his thought process is so messed up from the drugs, that he starts out like there’s a non-defense defense for it and then he keeps going.

By his second entry, it’s pretty clear he’s extremely homophobic, and by his third post, he’s claiming that Steve Jobs was a pedophile who died of AIDS and that cancer was just a cover story.

In part of the diary I won’t post here, he claimed further that Steve Jobs acquired it from contacts at Disney and “Star Wars” who hooked him up with a 14 year old girl. (I don’t know.)

Then he accuses Tim Cook of being a pedophile and says “There are lots of pedophiles at Apple.”.

When I searched for “pedo” in the diary I got 31 matches.

Honestly, everything in here is so weird that you may find yourself going weird too if you even try to read it. this is sort of why you shouldn’t get too deep into it. The writings of a madman left behind as some sort of manifesto. Like he was going to kill others and himself at some point and wanted to leave this behind.

The impotent Nazi did barricade himself in his apartment, according to the police, but they managed to talk him out and arrest him. It’s relatively easier to live with a lot of depressive and suicidal thoughts than to take action on them.

He left his coworker (that didn’t die) for dead and then had no plan for what to do next. Like all of the hookers he admits he paid, he couldn’t finish.

July 26, 2020: In response to some random anti-pedo shit on my Facebook feed: Why is everyone so obsessed with exposing pedophiles? I get it, you like to protect the children and shit. Some people strike me as the type of people who should work for the FCC. I don't support pedophilia, but the truth is, most of these people are born with an attraction to children much like how most people are born with an attraction to the opposite sex. Also, about 10% of people are attracted to the opposite sex, and other animals are gay too. I'm straight and attracted to intelligent dark-skinned women (especially girls who speak foreign languages like Spanish), but I accept that there are people who are different than me and move on. I mean, you shouldn't let children be harmed, but what's the point in going out of your way just to ruin someone's day? Honestly, I'm sure there's some kind of genetic or drug therapy that could remediate pedophiles to be more in line with the values of general society in the future. Honestly, there are tons of natural remedies for ailments (like DMT for ADHD {don't tell anyone!}), so there may be some plant or fish already out there to fix pedophiles. Maybe a swordfish? Well shit, if there's some cure, then they'll start forcing the gays in China to convert too haha. Lol

August 16, 2020: Meh, I've always been a fan of a rehabilitation first policy for things beyond people's control. Most pedophiles have a disorder in their brain, much like gay folk. Some are merely wicked folk and deserve to be punished with prison.

August 27, 2020: Hillary Clinton conspires with pedophiles. Lock her up! I won't say a thing, but she should be locked up.[...] Steve Jobs got tested positive for HIV on Setember 1, 2004. He was negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Steve Jobs got HIV by being a pedophile with Disney in late 2003. Sombitch. I bet there's more pedophiles at Apple. I bet Tim Apple Cook is a pedophile... Damn son. [...] I saw Steve Jobs in 2004, and he basically admitted to being a pedo on meth. He said, "Most people don't want to watch movies on their PC, and they can stream it to their television." The camera cuts there on the upper part of his trousers as he shakes hands with this fat guy with a big nose. What the fuck yo. Steve Jobs might have been a gay pedo. That's gay. Fuck Tim Apple and fuck Steve Apple.

Like I said, I don’t want to paste everything he put in his diary here.

I trimmed as much of his garbage as I could to give you a sampling of this part of his ideology.

Again, this was all posted on his public Web site, both before and after he was hired at Microsoft, and I found it in under ten minutes.

Along the way, I searched for the word “applied” and there were over 100 hits.

Each hit resulted in multiple listings where he applied that day. He applied at several hundred tech companies before Microsoft hired him (for $165k plus benefits).

Along the way he rambles at length about government conspiracies to knock him off the Internet and make him homeless.

He blames the hiring managers quite frequently for his own mistakes, and he says they have a conspiracy going between them to make sure he remains unemployed.

Interspersed, he talks about all of the amphetamines and other illegal drugs he’s taking.

He’s quite obviously not sleeping if he can put in this many job applications in this short of a time period. But the drugs and lack of sleep appear to be causing him to get sloppy and make the mistakes he blames on the “conspiracy” of hiring managers and the government.

As I mentioned in my last post, he eventually learns that if he says he has a disability, called “Neurodivergence”, he can take advantage of one of Microsoft’s “Social Justice Programs” called “Neurodivergent Hiring Program” and land a job at Microsoft, after at least 200-300 other companies across the United States turned him down.

Microsoft hires a lot of people who have no idea what they’re doing. They’re utterly incompetent.

Joseph Cantrell was rejected by hundreds of top companies before he started working in Microsoft Azure, which has had hundreds of data breaches.

Microsoft hides the incompetence somewhat by having proprietary software you can’t see, and a lot of it runs on computers you don’t control. And when you put your software in these systems, bad things happen. The Pentagon got breached the other day due to Azure.

Microsoft ALWAYS blames their customers in the end. This time they didn’t go straight to that, but they claim there’s an “investigation” and then it all went silent.

Meanwhile, Cantrell and four other people who collectively cost Microsoft over a million dollars a year were asking how to fix a bug on Stack Exchange and laughing about a bogus error message that they had planted in the Azure code (see my first post about the Diary, linked at the beginning of this post).

Stack Exchange was one of the companies he says he had applied at.

October 17, 2021: 7:41 p.m. - I don't trust these Indian run corporations like Google and Microsoft anymore. Look at what their products have become. They're full of glitches and new annoyances that never, ever get fixed. Does Bill Gates even use Windows anymore? Does that Google guy still even use Google?

“I don’t trust these Indian run corporations like Microsoft.”

Gets a job at Microsoft.

Good job, Microsoft.

There’s some mentions of his mother in here. She died in 2016.

October 25, 2016: My mother is in a hospice. There are many more cancerous masses than originally believed, and the number is at least eleven. I'm assuming she has less than six months to live as that's the only way the government will pay for it (and of course there's no other way to afford it). She's still in constant pain and can't get up by herself. She's taking morphine. She's in a comfy hospice with lots of recreational activities and a view of a lake. Well. The hours remain. A Petrichor by Sulphur is soon to come. It just might be true.

October 27, 2016: My mother has 1-2 months to live according to the doctor. He said she will be gone by Christmas, and lucky to make it to Thanksgiving. Well. Fuck. I worked out. That was great. Showered, brushed my teeth, smoked a vape bowl (.3 grams), and took a 200 mcg tab of acid. I didn't set a timer this time for the first time in a while, so I don't know when it will hit me. But I think I can start to feel it; an interesting tingling in my body (although maybe this is from the weed and preworkout). Well, acid will speed up my heart a little, but it's been over five hours since I took the preworkout. I benched 270 for six sets and bent over rowed 227 for 4 sets (I did warmup sets of 245 and 225, respectively). Well, a good day so far. Kinda. My mother wants to go home when she has to die, but the house is fucked up and needs to be fixed. Friends and family are fixing it. That's great. Fuck this situation, I'm going to play Overwatch.

October 28, 2016: Waking up for philosophy sucked. I couldn't fall back asleep, and then it turns out my mother is probably going to die today. I was asked the question of resuscitation and asked for it, but later recanted after speaking with Crystal, Vickie, and the nurse. Damn. I went to Columbus to see her. That was it. She couldnâ€Ã¢â€žÂ¢t speak when I got there. My last moments with my mother and she barely had the strength to open her eyes to see me. She opened her eyes for two seconds, jerked her hands up in excited acknowledgement, and laid back to rest with her eyes closed. My last words were never able to be returned, unfortunately. Whatever.

October 29, 2016: My mother died at 16:26. I left back for Atlanta, smoked some weed and passed out.

Whatever.”? “I smoked some weed and passed out.”?

Really great job, Microsoft. A Nazi that doesn’t even love his own mother.

I think it goes without saying that any normal person would be so disturbed by what’s going on with their mother being in the hospice with cancer that even if they had a rocky relationship, they’d be taking time to grieve. He keeps going to class, playing games, and using illegal drugs, and plays the entire thing off. Very shortly after his mom’s death, he goes right back to writing in the diary as-if nothing happened.

January 18, 2018: I recently got my first dog myself, a fluffy German Shepherd named Breezy. Some people, including my cousin Hayden, were scared of dogs. An aggressive breed can be conditioned. Nonaggressive breeds can be conditioned to synergize for collective benefit. This is why marginal capitalism with a safety net is better than pure communism.

Interesting thoughts on the welfare state.

I wonder which “breed” it is that is “aggressive” and can be “conditioned” that he had in mind.

June 24, 2022: 6:19 p.m. 10:07 p.m.: I don't think I've ever written this down, but given my history with groups of black people, I am a white supremacist. I think white people should maintain the upper echelons of power [...] I think it's dangerous to give a minority group power [...] I think the majority, whites, should retain control of the government, especially the military and prisons, lest the minority groups begin weaponizing those industries like the careless needle that was used by that fat black jailhouse nurse in my tuberculosis test.

November 26, 2022: 11:20 a.m. - It's weird how n*****s celebrate Juneteenth, and then for the next 100 years after Juneteenth, niggers were shuffled from the back of the bus to be lynched from the trees.[...] My mom was a racist and would be about sixty today. That means about 20% of white people are still racist.

January 25, 2023: 12:38 p.m. - Monday when I walked the mile into the office as usual, I threw away a bear with a red sweater reading "Veritas" on it. I also threw away a cheetah with a blue vest saying "FAST" on it. They were there waiting to taunt me, sitting on the windowsill behind my desk at Microsoft. I kept them on my desk until now. On Friday, I left the red bear up on the light so I could remember ask people about it, but then I decided I didn't want to interact with those fucking n*****s and just threw it away. I asked if I could work from home, and after arriving, my manager asked me to stay working from home until I get the doctor stuff sorted out on Valentine's Day.

Which party is he with?

Given limits on immigration, this is a stretch, but the Chinese and more importantly the allegedly "democratic" Indians have four times as many people as the United States such that they could replace our entire population and overrule our democracy if we let them. Unchecked immigration from Mexico and south of Mexico ("south Mexico") can also further this goal of destabilizing the United States. These companies claim the talent pool in the United States is small enough to justify hiring expatriates, but I'm proof these companies are simply not even trying. The United States should further restrict its immigration policy like Japan's difficult naturalization process, and as such I support Donald Trump and the Republicans.

“MicroSSoft” is the company where White Replacement Theory is openly welcomed, I guess.

“What are you going to do about it, whitey? Are you just going to stand there?”

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