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Rianne Schestowitz: The Underworld of Brandon/Britney Lozza, the Online Bulldog of Matthew J. Garrett

Hi there! Dear readers and followers of Tux machines and Techrights, I have some great news to tell "gas the jews" DrKnife Matthew J. Garrett. He is very much affected and gutted by my previous article (the fourth blog post). I gave him two strikes bitter pills:

Offensive messages from Matthew J. Garrett

mjg (DrAxe Matthew J. Garrett) and elusive_woman dropping from IRC at the same time.

"gas the jews" DrKnife Matthew J. Garrett a.k.a elusive_woman talking as a first person and referring to the Debian stabbing drama:

Offensive messages from Matthew J. Garrett

There is no way the narcissist and psychopath DrKnife Garrett can refute those revelations, there is nothing to refute here because he's disclosing or exposing himself --- the brain is drained out and no sanity is left.... nada/zero. What an "emotional rollercoaster". This gives him "sadness" and it troubles him a lot like a madman, desperately running out of ideas and tactics. Burnout for "gas the jews" DrAxe Garrett means more trolling and sabotaging:

Offensive messages from Matthew J. Garrett

"kill the jews" DrAxe Garrett's "personal projects" [sic] is to personally attack Roy Schestowitz, the Techrights IRC channel and the Techrights website. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, that "kill the jews" DrAxe Matthew J. Garrett is part of a growing community of non-contributing toxic FOSS participants whose goal is to sabotage and target people of a specific demography while fighting against FOSS goals/people in all of their professional activities. In fact, this trolling and effort at alienating Techrights is not mainly done by the narcissist and psychopath "gas the jews" DrKnife Garrett; this is a collaboration job. Just remember that in my last blog post (fourth blog post) I mentioned apes and, well, guess what? I'm now going to reveal the face, but I'm not gonna say or disclose too much information as I planned to write a separate blog post for this particular persona.

"This gives him "sadness" and it troubles him a lot like a madman, desperately running out of ideas and tactics." This ape (specifically) that I'm talking about is acting like a criminal, he may have been evading the police/authorities in Canada, and hiding behind a community to distract/deny the police from holding him accountable for his unethical behaviour and online crimes. Without further ado, I'm pleased to present Mr. Brandon Lozza a.k.a "reptoidz", "chicksahoy", and "starstreak". You are now a star, starstreak, savour the brief limelight I'm giving you.

Brandon Lozza

Britney Lozza

Brandon (the loser) or Britney Lozza (yes, changes name), possibly using multiple names for the purpose of dodging debt or criminal responsibility, seems to be assuming impunity. If the primary motive is to escape a past identity for legal reasons, it is illegal in the US (I guess he is well aware of this). Lozza was pondering about suing my husband Roy Schestowitz or hoping somebody will do it on his behalf. This was way back, probably last year. The below are examples Lozza talking as "chicksahoy":

chicksahoy: thats why i dont sue roy, i dont care chicksahoy: technically someone could, thats all im saying

The duo ("kill the jews" DrAxe Garrett and Brandon (the loser)) were trying to muddy the water, trying to create some uncertainties in the channel, but of course as usual the tactic doesn't work and won't favour their evil plan... for their vain motivations, as usual, there is nothing to show. The egomaniac "gas the jews" DrAxe Garrett and Mr. Brandon (the loser) were talking and planning to hijack and take over the Techrights domain over Mastodon:

Screenshot from Mastodon: Lozza and DrAxe

You see? This is how desperately evil, psychopathic and sociopathic these people are. Brandon\Britney is unemployed like "gas the jews" DrAxe Garrett - well, it is not a surprise, who is going to hire criminals, serial defamers and serial liars after all? Brandon (the loser) Lozza was dreaming of having a law firm. In his own words:

chicksahoy: if i had my own law firm it would be called "Social Justice Warriors"

Hmmm, I've heard you are learning and studying how to be a paralegal (in that context). Well, since you are unemployed and have free time, that's better--- apart from trolling and sabotaging Techrights IRC channels in partnership with the puppetmaster "kill the jews" DrKnife Matthew J. Garrett. My best bet, since you are likely avoiding the police and since you are possibly running away from crime cases or charges against you, hiring a good lawyer will cost you money, which you can't afford. Well. Good luck! Speaking of grep, I have been using the command-line utility a lot recently (more so since I left Sirius), as hunting down and exploring criminal activities in this underworld of yours is something to be done meticulously and patiently. It's also done by checking the back-end and databases. It takes time, as IRC logs are not good enough for one to pin down perpetrators. In practice it requires a lot of resources and manpower.

"My best bet, since you are likely avoiding the police and since you are possibly running away from crime cases or charges against you, hiring a good lawyer will cost you money, which you can't afford." I want to emphasise and remind everyone that this is not just about a personal grudge to "gas the jews" DrAxe Garrett and to any collaborators of his. This is way beyond that and there are more interesting, deep tie-ins with relations and connections to "gas the jews" DrKnife Garrett pushing and campaigning UEFI Restricted Boot. The likes of Garrett, Lozza, and Isis (likely partner in crime of "kill the jews" DrAxe Garrett) are simply trying to silence discussion of the damage they have helped bring upon society on behalf of their masters/handlers in Redmond (Microsoft). Yes, there is a personal aspect, as after all the hate crimes, abhorrent shaming (using sexual context) etc. I had to endure even unprovoked. These humiliation tactics must be addressed, otherwise this will just go on and never stop. But the larger context is about dealing with a Microsoft tool which damaged computing through getting the courts to stay off of Microsoft about Restricted Boot by providing (or merely relaying) patches which allow the Trojan horse (UEFI) to temporarily allow Linux to run. My blog posts and writings sent an important message, I hope. It is crucial and it is important to stress again and again that this is not a directive happening in isolation and instead part of a larger problem from Microsoft. To reiterate the full context regarding UEFI, Dr. Roy Schestowitz (Techrights) has been covering and writing abundantly about the topic. This is Roy's latest article.

"The trans community must take action and stop them before they can create more sockpuppets and do further damage, which can become irreversible." "kill the jews" DrAxe Matthew J. Garrett's and Brandon (the loser) Lozza's "ultimate goal" is to 'cancel' people or destroy what's hampering or blocking their vicious plan. They are using and hiding behind a community; they pick on people who are not part of a certain demographic group. "kill the jews" DrAxe Matthew J. Garrett and Brandon (the loser) Lozza have repeatedly embarrassed trans people. They don't represent trans people. They neither speak nor stand for anybody except their personal goal and ego. The minority group must know and be aware that these people are destroying the image of trans people. They present a false and shameful image to the general public. The trans community must take action and stop them before they can create more sockpuppets and do further damage, which can become irreversible. "kill the jews" DrKnife Matthew J.Garrett, Brandon (the loser) Lozza and collaborators of theirs are not the last people to undermine FOSS. For sure there will be more coming. To make people and the general public aware that these evil people exist is good enough, as at least next time we will already know and be forewarned. The handlers are using and manipulating these people; when they become a liability and are of no use anymore they will be displaced and replacement be dispatched. This can happen any time soon. DrKnife Matthew J. Garrett and Brandon (the loser) Lozza know that their vengeful actions will come to an end. As the man says right here:

Offensive messages from Matthew J. Garrett

Well said.

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